Turkish English Fikhi Ekber Lesson 18

Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar – Lesson 18


Elhamdulillahi Rabb’il ālemin. Vessāletü vessalāmû ālā Rasulûna Muhammedin ve ālā ālihi ve sahbihî ecmaîn. Sûbhanekellā îlme lenā illamā āllemtena inneke ente’l āliymûl hakîm. Rabbiş Rahli sadri ve yessîrli emri vehlül ukdeten min lisani yefkāhû kāvli. Rabbî ziknî ilmen ve fehmen ve el hıknî bissalihîn. Bi rahmetikê ya erhamer Rahimîn.


Most valuable and revered friends, our lecture continues with the discovery notes of the knowledge which enlightens the souls, hearts, and the world. Our lecture on the discovery notes Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar continues exclusively. Let’s begin with Al-Imam Al-Azam (rahmatullahi alayh wa alaihim ajmain). Let’s see what Al-Imam Al-Azam (rahmatullahi alayh) said in his Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar: “Kufr (disbelief, or blasphemy) and iman (faith) are both earning of the servant himself.” Allah Ta’ala wa Taqaddas (jalla jalaluhu), created the creation free of belief and disbelief. Then He addressed them with commands and prohibitions. The disbeliever became a blasphemer through his own actions and means by Allah withholding His guidance from them. The believer also believes by his actions, affirmation, and testification. Then Allah assists him and succeeds him in belief. To deny is the punishment of earning blasphemy. What does Almighty Lord do because the person earned blasphemy? He does not assist him for he wanted blasphemy. The disbeliever then becomes a blasphemy by his action, his earning, and his means. What did Allah (jalla jalaluhu) do then? He withheld His assistance from him, thus blasphemy become his own earning, he earned being a blasphemer. On the other hand, the believer also believes by his actions, affirmation, and testification. Then Allah assists him and makes him succeed in belief. This is because Allah is pleased with iman (faith). He is pleased with iman. Allah is not pleased with blasphemy. For that reason, Allah does not assist the people of blasphemy. He gives them the return of their earnings; the blasphemer earns blasphemy while the people of faith believe, so Allah makes them succeed in iman for they have believed. “It is He who created you. Then some of you are faithless and some of you are faithful,” 2nd verse of Surah Al- Taghābun. Allah Ta’ala does not assist the blasphemy of the blasphemer. In other words, does not help him so that he should become a blasphemer, and is not pleased with this either. That is the necessity of Allah’s justice. To not assist blasphemy, and not being pleased with it is the necessity of Allah’s justice.


(Dakika: 4:58)


See what Almighty Allah says, “Indeed Allah does not wrong people in the least; rather it is people who wrong themselves.” This verse of the Qur’an is the 44th verse of Surah Yūnus. This is the transliteration of the verse, “inna llāha lā yaẓlimu n-nāsa shayʾan wa-lākinna n-nāsa ʾanfusahum yaẓlimūn,” commanded our Almighty Lord. Moreover, let’s see what Almighty Lord, exalted above all, says, “Indeed Allah Ta’ala (jalla jalaluhu) is gracious to mankind, but most people do not give thanks,” this is the 243rd verse of Surah Al-Baqarah.


“I created them for Paradise.” They choose faith, good deeds, and obedience. I do not mind, says Almighty Lord. I have created these for the Hell, I do not mind that either. In other words, they have chosen blasphemy, therefore, earned blasphemy. The earned it themselves, they have fallen themselves. “I do not mind this either,” He says.


Dear friends, Abu Dawood narrated this Hadith-i Sharif in a different way. Moreover, there is this Hadith-i Sharif reported by Al-Tirmidhi, “Your Lord completed the creation of the servants. A group among them is in Hell, another group is in Paradise.” This is the transliteration, “I’melû fekûllûn müyesserun bima hulikale.” These Hadith-i Sharifs support this remark of Prophet Muhammad, “You should work, everyone does what they are created for.”


The creation of the offspring of Adam Alayhissalam. The entire humankind who has born, died, will born, or will die, and whosoever more is there, all of them are the offspring of Prophet Adam. Almighty Allah (jalla jalaluhu), Allah Ta’ala brought forth the offspring of Adam Alayhissalam from his loins as particles, and gave them intelligence. Then addressed them gave them commands and prohibitions. Then the servants acknowledged that He is their Lord. This acknowledgement of the servants became iman, which is faith. Hence, all servants are born upon this innate nature of iman. Almighty Allah created all servants upon the innate nature of Islam. That is for all people. You see, after Islam was offered to them, they came to this world. Then they reached puberty, and Islam was offered to them again. When this time comes, there are people who disrupt their innate nature (fitrah) and chose blasphemy (kufr), and there are people who believe.

Dearest friends, “So set your heart on the religion as a people of pure faith, the religion of Allah according to which He originated mankind,” this is the 30th verse of Surah Al- Rūm. This is the transliteration, “fa-ʾaqim wajhaka li-d-dīni ḥanīfan fiṭrata llāhi llatī faṭara n-nāsa ʿalayhā lā tabdīla li-khalqi llāhi dhālika.”


(Dakika: 9:54)


Friends, in a Hadith-i Sharif reported in Sahih Muslim, our beloved Prophet said, “Every child is born with true Islamic origination (fitrah), and his parents convert him to Judaism or Christianity or Magianism. So long as he expresses himself with his tongue.” In other words, upon reaching puberty he can say, “I am Jewish,” or “I am Christian.” He can say “I am a Magianist,” or he can say something else. “He will either be amongst the grateful ones or the blasphemers.” You see, the innate nature (fitrah) is Islamic fitrah but then, what does the father, the mother, the ambience of the system of education, and schools do to people? The child disrupts his Islamic innate nature by education of something contrary to his innate nature, then deviates to somewhere other than Islam. Or they make him deviate. Then he affirms that himself when he reaches puberty. Today, some people are naturists, some people are animists. The false materialist philosophies have also emerged. Nevertheless, Almighty Allah created people upon the Islamic innate nature (fitrah). Then to this innate nature Almighty Allah offered Islam by sending down books, and prophets. Almighty Allah offered Islam to the will of the people. Hence the test begins here. “We have shown him the way to be either grateful or ungrateful.” He will bear the consequences. This was the 3rd verse of Surah Al-Insān, and this is the transliteration, “ʾinnā hadaynāhu s-sabīla ʾimmā shākiran wa-ʾimmā kafūran,” commanded Almighty Lord. “Recall when your Lord brought forth their progeny from the loins of the children of ’Ādam, and made them testify about themselves, by asking them, ‘Am I not your Lord.’ They said, ‘Of course, You are. We testify,’.” This is the 172nd verse of Surah Al-A’raf. What was done to the innate nature of humanity with Islamic innate nature in that day? Almighty Lord asked them in a way they could understand and answer. He asked, in Qalu Bala, “Am I not your Lord?” Everyone said, “Yes, You are our Lord.” That is what the humankind said. This is the transliteration of the verse, “wa-ʾidh ʾakhadha rabbuka min banī ʾādama min ẓuhūrihim dhurriyyatahum wa-ʾashhadahum ʿalā ʾanfusihim ʾa-lastu bi-rabbikum qālū balā.” Friends, when we look at this verse, which is the 172nd verse of Surah Al-A’raf, it is seen that all humans have promised Almighty Allah Ta’ala in Qalu Bala. This is an Ahd-i Misak, roughly translates as, “the trusted covenant.” The humanity, in that time, in Bazm-e-Alam promised by saying to Allah Ta’ala, “You are Our Lord.” Allah asked, the slaves replied. “ʾa-lastu bi-rabbikum,” – “Am I not your Lord?” said Almighty Lord. Then all of the souls of the humankind in there, in Qalu Bala, said, “Yes, O Lord! You are our Lord!” they said, or we all have said. May Allah not admit us amongst those who go back on their promise. To go back on your promise to Allah.


(Dakika: 15:01)


Now, there have been people who go back on this promise. This moment in the world, there are disbelievers who do not believe in Allah and Islam that He put forth; His prophets, His books, and all of the laws and rulings of Islam. They are the ones who go back on their promise. Whoever blasphemes by going back on his promise to Allah after having faith has changed his faith which is his innate nature. You see, people are created upon the Islamic innate nature (fitrah). The man then disrupts that innate nature (fitrah), too. Then changes his innate nature (fitrah) after sinking in denial. He removes Islam from his fitrah. They alter their innate nature of faith in a faithless state. Who expresses his faith and affirms that explanation by heart becomes steadfast upon Islamic religion and goes on. You see, these are people who come to this world, and accept Islam after they are offered. They became steadfast in Islamic religion and go on. Islam has eternally been the religion of humankind, and everlastingly be. There has never been another religion, nor will be. Allah is One. His religion which He placed in our innate nature is also one, and it is Islam. Those who alter their innate nature, or deny it are the ones who go back on their promise which they gave to Allah. Then they do not acknowledge Allah’s offer. Even today… Islam has lived for four-teen centuries since Prophet Muhammad. The religion of the world is Islam. Prior to Muhammad comes Isā, and before him comes Mūsā, and between these two comes other prophets, and until Abraham, again, is with Islam. The entire humankind came with Islam from Abraham to Noah, and from Noah to Adam. All prophets are the prophets of Islam which is the religion of fitrah; all prophets are Muslims, and they are believers. This is certain. As for the faith of the prophets, they are guaranteed.


Dear friends, al-Qunawi says that there are two remarks of the interpretation of the verse of Misak. Friends, when they asked to Umar about this verse, he said that he had heard this from Rasulullah, sallā Allāhu ʿalayhi wa-sallam, “When Almighty Allah created Adam Alayhissalam, then passed His right hand over his back, and brought forth from it his progeny. About that progeny Allah said, ‘I have these for Paradise and these will do the deeds of those who go to Paradise. Then He passed His hand over his back again, and brought forth another progeny. He said about them, ‘I have created these for Hell, and they will do the deeds of those who go to Hell.’ A man asked, ‘What is the good of doing anything, Messenger of Allah?’ Upon that The Messenger of Allah, sallā Allāhu ʿalayhi wa-sallam, said, ‘Without a doubt when Allah creates a servant for Paradise, He employs him in doing the deeds of those who will go to Paradise, so that his final action before death is one of the deeds of those who go to Paradise, for which He will bring him into Paradise. But when He creates a servant for Hell, He employs him in doing the deeds of those who will go to Hell, so that his final action before death is one of the deeds of those who go to Hell, for which He will bring him into Hell.”


(Dakika: 20:06)


Friends, we have to understand this correctly. According to our previous lectures, the one who chooses the Hell is the servant himself. For that Allah gives the return of his earning due to His justice. The people of faith earn in iman, for which Almighty Lord gives the reward of faith due to His grace and generosity. He also gives the return of blasphemy for the blasphemer. It is mentioned in our previous lectures that this is a necessity of His justice. There are people who cannot understand this matter correctly. You see, one of those who cannot understand this are the Jabriyya School. The Jabriyya School thinks that people are made disbelievers by force. They misunderstood and deviated whereas people chose faith or disbelief solely on their own free will. They either earn faith or blasphemy, do not forget this. This is where the test is. The Islamic scholars, or ālims, of Ahlus-Sunnah wa’l-Jama’ah said, “The prophets become prophets after they receive revelation. The Iblis also become a blasphemer later. This view is not contrary to Iblis becoming a blasphemer before Allah due to occurrence of the knowledge regarding that he will become a disbeliever due to his own actions.” Now, Almighty Allah created all people upon Islamic fitrah but knows if the people will later follow the path to blasphemy or faith. The fact that Allah Ta’ala knows everything before they happen does not force anyone to faith or blasphemy. Everyone chooses with their free will, and Allah knows it all. That is the case for Iblis, too. The side of the Iblis which reflected to the outer world came to light when his disbelief became known. Nevertheless, the former situation of Iblis, and the fact that he was a disbeliever was clearly known in Allah’s knowledge. Nothing stays hidden from Allah’s knowledge. There is no enforcement here. The Iblis chose his path, and became the Iblis. The blasphemer choose blasphemy, so became a blasphemer. The believer chose to believe and became a mu’min. Then Allah gave everyone the return of their earnings, and He keeps giving. There would not be a test if He did not. The justice would be fulfilled. Is it possible to say, “Here is faith for you,” to the disbeliever who earned blasphemy? The mu’min believed. The believer has believed. Can you say to him, “Here is the punishment of the disbeliever, for you.” You cannot say those. Allah’s grace is for those who believe and do good deeds while His justice is for the disbelievers who chose blasphemy, and the cruel, the hypocrites, and the polytheists. Many of those who did not understand these correctly have deviated from the path of Ahl al-Sunnah. The reason and wisdom in our endeavour to announce Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar to the world is that the world can understand the creed of Ahl al-Sunnah by Allah’s grace and generosity. That is so that they could benefit from the knowledge of Al-Imam Al-Azam who enlightens the humankind by being a star of knowledge. The entire humanity has benefited from him, they still are, and they will benefit from him until the Hour. We have many Islamic scholars (ālims) who understand and convey Islam correctly. May Allah have mercy on them all, may He forgive their sins, may He have mercy over them.


(Dakika: 24:57)


May He treat them with his kindness and generosity. The ālims lighten the heavens, they enlighten the humanity because the knowledge is the blaze of the hearts and souls. There cannot be true iman without there being true knowledge and true science; no one can become a Muslim without true iman either, so they can’t enter Paradise. May Almighty Lord admit them amongst the servants who own true knowledge, who has owned faith by Allah’s kindness, generosity, granting of agency, and guidance. Friends, the servant is free. You should remember this. The servant is free. He has freedom, will, and intellect. The authority to obey or revolt is given to the humanity. The people have that authority. The abilities and powers that are given to people can either obey or revolt using the same abilities and powers. You see that people are given this authority. They have this authority. Some people use this authority in faith and obeying to Allah. The other uses it for blasphemy and revolt. The authority is given to everyone in same degree. Some uses for this and some uses it for that. This is a world of test, some misunderstand the questions, and answer wrong; the other understands them correctly and gives answers right. This is a place of test. The duration of the test is the same with human lifespan. The world is a hall of test. Get your mind together. The changing conditions of life flow through the hearts of people similar to flowing rivers, and bearing this is the hardships of the test. The situation may not always be a bed of roses. You should obey to Allah in all environments and against all conditions; with patience, faith, obedience, and jihad. You see, the person is free, and no one enforces them by saying to them, “You will in any case obey, or revolt.” In other words, people are not constrained. The Jabriyya School is a false madhab. They did not understand Islam correctly. The Jabriyya School misunderstood, and others are mistaken in other ways. Those who follow the way of Ahlus-Sunnah wa’l-Jama’ah and Prophet Muhammad are the ones who understand the truths truly by the way of Ahl al-Sunnah. They are the ones who follow the path of our Prophet. They are the ones who follow the path of the companions, and the Tabi’un. You see, they are they are the travellers of the path of that path just like Al-Imam Al-Azam. There are many Islamic scholars (ālims), and valuable Muslims in that way. And the Ummah of Muhammad continues on that path. The creed of even the most ignorant Muslim in the world is the creed of Ahl al-Sunnah. He may not know; may have short-comings, or imperfections, but the 99% of the world’s Muslims are in the creed of Ahl al-Sunnah. The talks of the ignorant people who do not know does not alter the situation. For that those who snatch Muslims from Islam, and those who wish to leave Muslims ignorant are the ones who do the biggest treachery to the Muslims. Because, the one lacking faith does not ever wish for anyone to be faithful. The one without Islam and the book does not wish this community to be faithful, virtuous, and honourable. They do not want them to hold the book either. You can’t expect chastity, or honour from the dishonest. You can’t expect faith from the non-believer.


(Dakika: 30:00)


You cannot expect honesty from the dishonest. You cannot expect from the traitor to be steadfast. For that reason, the Muslims of the world shall firmly embrace the sciences of Almighty Islam. They should not lead the fox to the butcher. Won’t the fox say, “Look at my face, how many pounds of meat can you extract from me?” For that reason, expecting faith from the disbeliever, or expecting mercy from the merciless, or expecting justice from the cruel is worse than pursuing dreams. These are void illusions and ignorance.

Dear friends, our Almighty Lord says, “yā-ʾayyuhā lladhīna ʾāmanū ʾāminū bi-llāhi wa-rasūlihī.” Almighty Lord commanded in the 136th verse of Surah Al- Nisā, “O you who have faith! Have faith in Allah and His Apostle,” He says. Had the servants been believers in past-eternity, then Allah Ta’ala would not command them to believe. And Almighty Allah would not address the servants in past-eternity by saying, “ʾa-lastu bi-rabbikum” – “Am I not your Lord?” and they would not answer, “Yes”. Sa’īd bin Jubayr narrated on the authority of ibn Abbas that the Prophet, sallā Allāhu ʿalayhi wa-sallam, said this regarding the interpretation of the 172nd verse of Surah Al-A’rāf, “Allah Ta’ala obtained a promise from the back of Adam Alayhissalam. He brought forth his progeny from his back and spread them all in front, He have them form, and intellect so that they can know everything due to their intellect; gave them language so that they may speak. Then Allah Ta’ala addressed them in front of Adam’s eyes, “Am I not your Lord?” They said, “Yes, You are our Lord, we testify.” Friends, the world is the house of test. Let us remember this one more time so that no one forgets. “He will inform them about what they have done. Allah has kept account of it, while they forgot it,” 6th verse of Surah Al-Mujadilah.


Friends, humanity may forget what they did yesterday, but Allah is free and away from forgetting. Allah does not forget anything and the angels of kiraman katibin are writing the sins and thawabs of everyone. They write it the moment the person utters. No utterance goes void. We have talked about the Surah Qaf. We have given you the entire Al-Qur’an Al-Karim to you as discovery notes. You should never miss nay of our lectures. That is Al-Qur’an Al-Karim itself. That is the proofs of knowledge, and Islam itself. Another one of the mistaken ones is the Mu’tazila. Their fundamental creed is preferring the mind over what is written. You see, another one of the subjects the Mu’tazila deviated is the following. For their fundamental belief prefers mind over what is written, the Mu’tazila have deviated. Can you prefer mind over what is written? The mind should be in service of the revelation, in the service of Allah, yet see what they have done. There is a Hadith-i Sharif that says Allah Ta’ala created the souls five thousand years prior to bodies. And when they die, the people will be resurrected together with their souls and their bodies.


(Dakika: 35:10)


There is no doubt in that. Allah does not force servants to blasphemy. Does Allah ever force His servant to become a blasphemer. Does He ever enforce? Allah is not pleased with blasphemy. Allah does not wish for anyone to be blasphemer. That is because Allah is not pleased with blasphemy. However, what does the humanity do in this field of test? They choose blasphemy themselves. They earn it. They are destroying themselves. Almighty Allah (jalla jalaluhu), Allah Ta’ala has never forced any one of His creatures upon belief or disbelief. He does not force anyone to have faith either. Having faith by force is not acceptable. Everyone shall become Muslim by their own free will, they shall have faith, and choose faith, then that faith is acceptable. Allah Ta’ala (jalla jalaluhu) does not create obedience or evil in the heart of the servant by force. In other words, He does not enforce His servants. There cannot be compulsion in the field of test. He may create these two according to the wish in the heart of the servant and his earnings, and work. This is important. What does Allah do with obedience and evil? He creates them in the heart of the servant according to their wish and earnings. He creates the return of whatever the servant is earning and working towards. When someone obeys Allah, He gives them the equivalent of his earning; and when someone disbelieves, He gives him the equivalent of that. Their earnings are created in this way. The servant earns, so Allah creates. He creates as long as the servant wants, and works. Everyone should work towards the good, and wish for the good.


“Each faction is happy with their creed,” 53rd verse of Surah Mu’minun. Allah Ta’ala put forth the truth as Islam. But the people divided. Everyone thinks that their way is the true way. You see what Almighty Allah says. These groups have become shattered into dribs and drabs. There are too many owners of false beliefs in the divided world. Each of them thinking they are right. That is not the case. The truths which Allah put forth are true. What is true are the things brought forth by Allah. That is Islam, its book, and prophet.


Dear friends, Allah Ta’ala wa Taqaddas (jalla jalaluhu wa jalla şānuhû azza wa jalla) does not force any of the servants to become a believer or a blasphemer, and just like this He did not create them by forcing them to become a believer or a blasphemer. Know that Allah created His servants as individuals. Belief and disbelief are the servant’s own works. This is important. Belief and disbelief are the servant’s own works. Allah Ta’ala knows the disbeliever as disbeliever in the state of disbelief. Allah knows everything. After his disbelief is established if he returns to faith then He knows him as a believer in the state of belief without there being any alterations in His knowledge and attributes. He knows everything. His knowledge encompassed everything. The man was just a disbeliever, but Allah knows he will become a Muslim moments later. There cannot be anything not encompassed by His knowledge. There cannot be alterations in Allah’s knowledge either. The people may know some things, and may not know others. That goes for the entire humanity, and all creatures.


(Dakika: 40:03)


No one can know everything, except Allah. For that pay attention to these parts. You should listen these lectures of ours until they penetrate your heart and you learn the lesson. You should not listen once or twice and leave it. You should graduate from this school. Imprint these lessons onto your heart. This is the science of iman (faith). You should pay attention. The servant is not the creator of his actions. You see, this is another one of the issues where humanity is mistaken. There is a deviant opinion which suggest that the servant creates his own actions. This does not suit Ahl al-Sunnah. The whole of the works of the servant such as to move or to stop are truly are works that are fruits of their earnings; as for Allah Ta’ala, He is the Creator of those actions. You see, the servant earns, so Allah creates. The servant does not create. The servant earns, works, resolves upon, and uses his power in that action while Allah creates those works. There are no creators other than Allah. The Creator is Allah Ta’ala. Let’s remember this one more time. The entire works of the servants such as moving and stopping are actions that are truly the fruits of their own earnings; as for Allah Ta’ala, He is the Creator of those actions. You see, the servant does work but Allah creates that work. The servant does the work, so he earns. Those who could not understand this raised the number of the creator by saying the servant is also a creator. Never, never in ever! There is no creator except Allah. The other may earns but they are not creators. The Creator, creates without needing ne means, and no assistant. The people who earn use many tools, they endeavour to do the work, and earn them by means of those tools. They say, “We have created this, or that.” Firstly, you can gather all of the sociologists, biologists, doctors, and scientist and see if they can create a single living ant. Random conversations, conversations without knowing what they are doing. They are not using it correctly even if they are using the words of to work and to earn in a metaphorical sense. They are using a work that does not suit the servant.  There cannot be a creator out of a servant, it is Allah who is the Creator. The servant earns, works, comes through, and succeeds. The creation of all of these, as a whole, belongs to Allah Ta’ala because there is no other creator except Allah. The servant is not the creator of his own works such as to beat, to curse, or similar arbitrary works like the Mu’tazila likes to believe. There cannot be a creator out of a servant, Allah is the creator. You see, the Jabriyya School likes to believe so, too. This belief of them is not correct either. So, what did they do wrong here? In short, the Mu’tazila and the Jabriyya did not understand any matter correctly. Almighty Lord creates the earnings of the servants; the servant earns, he works for his earnings. If you earn good things, then good things are being created. If you earn enormity, then enormities are being created for you. Your actions are created in return of your earnings. You are the one who implements the action, and the creator of that action is Allah Ta’ala.


(Dakika: 45:08)


“ʾiyyāka naʿbudu wa-ʾiyyāka nastaʿīn” – “You alone do we worship, and to You alone do we turn for help.” You see, there is a difference in the servant earning his action, and creating it himself. That difference is this. You should understand these subjects well dear friends, gentlemen, ladies, understand this well. Al-Imam Al-Azam narrates perfectly. We are making his interpretation; we are trying to give discovery notes from him. You see, to earn, in other words working to do a job. This is the duty of the servant. Allah gave these powers to the servant; the power to earn is to work to complete a task. That is not a job in which the worker has liberty. On the other hand, to create is a work that is solely for the creator. You see, to earn and to work, what are these? The servant’s use of these powers which are given to him is not his creating. But to create is a work solely for the creator. Everyone can study and succeed in a work but no one can create. This is because the sole creator is Allah. According to another view, the work that takes place by the help of a tool is called earning, and the work that takes place without needing a tool is called creating. Almighty Allah does not need any tools but the servant needs everything. It is Allah who created those needs, too. For that the servant either uses his hand or his tongue for a tool. You see, these all given to the servant by Allah. The servant may use his power, but these are all gifts from Allah. “The servant cannot work without tools; and the work that is done by means of tools is work, not creating,” says some of our elders. To create without tools, without requiring assistance of somebody, without matter, without comparables is called creating. The Creator is Allah Ta’ala. Allah Ta’ala creates the works of the servants in accordance with their will. Allah creates whatever the servant has earned, and whatever work he has done. This would not be a test if it was not like that. “Allāhu khāliqu kulli shayʾin,” just have a look at this verse. Then see the false notion of the Mu’tazila. You should first take a look at the deviant innovators (ahlul bid’ah), then look at this verse. This is the 62nd verse of Surah Az-Zumar. There are verses in Al-Qur’an Al-Karim that are similar to this verse. “Allāhu khāliqu kulli shayʾin.” – Let’s see what our Almighty Lord commands, “Allah is creator of all things.” He says, “all things.” There is no exception in between. He is the creator of all things without exception. For that reason, friends, it is polytheism to attributing someone other than Allah with the attribute of creating.


Everyone should strongly avoid that. “Then is He who creates equal to one who does not create?” He commands. This is the 17th verse of Surah Al-Nahl.


(Dakika: 50:07)


“Khalaqakum wa-mā taʿmalūn,” you should also see this Qur’anic verse. This is the 96th verse of Surah Al-Sāffāt. Let’s see what Almighty Lord says, “Khalaqakum wa-mā taʿmalūn,” – “Allah has created you and whatever you make.” He is creating; He is the creator. You see, He says ,”You and your deeds.” This is important. Allah creates whatever you work for and whatever you earn. Your actions are your earnings but they are created by Allah. Allah creates them as you earn, work, and strive; and as you use your power for that work with determination. May Almighty Allah admit us amongst the servants who understands correct, who talks correct, who speaks correct, and whose every word is true and splendid. Friends, most blissful, and most happy person is who reaches the summit of all ranks by understanding the truth correctly, believing correctly, and follow the footprints of Prophet Muhammad on that straight path (Sirat al-Mustaqim). The



“Münamün aleyhim”. There are servants of Allah to whom He gave “an’am”. “En’ām” olunmuş. You see, they are the ones who follow the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad. Prophet Muhammad, his entourage, and those who follow his path. They are the wayfarers of the straight path (Sirat al-Mustaqim). They are the “Münamün aleyhim”, and “Sirat al-Mustaqim”. Beyond them are the ones who deviated from this path. “ghayri l-maghḍūbi ʿalayhim wa-lā ḍ-ḍāllīn.” – The ones who have incurred Allah’s wrath. Those who incurred wrath. They are the ones who have incurred Allah’s wrath. Those who are in heresy, who have deviated or gone astray. You see, this is the situation of those who stay out of the straight path (Sirat al-Mustaqim). May Allah admit us amongst the servants who follow the straight path (Sirat al-Mustaqim).

“İnnallāhessānihu külli sānihın ve sanatihi” – “Allah Ta’ala (jalla jalaluhu) is the creator of every art and every artist.”


“qāla ʾa-taʿbudūna mā tanḥitūn,” –“He said, ‘Do you worship what you have yourselves carved?’.” This is another verse of the Qur’an. It is the 95th verse of Surah Al-Sāffāt. Let’s see what Almighty Lord, says to the idolaters who make idols and then worship them in the time of Abraham Alayhissalam, “He said, ‘Do you worship what you have yourselves carved?’.” This is the transliteration, “ʾa-lā yaʿlamu man khalaqa”. Ali, Kerremallâhü Veche, had also said this in this subject, “I have acknowledged Allah by dissolving determination.” You see, “I have acknowledged Allah by dissolving determination.”


The Mu’tazila ascribed the verse which means, “Allah is the creator of all things,” to the meaning of Allah’s attribute and said, “Allah’s speech (kalam) is created,” and befallen into a strange opinion. The Mu’tazila attributed the meaning „Allah’s attribute“ to the verse which means, “Allah is the creator of all things.” Therefore, they have befallen into a strange thought.


You see what happens when Allah makes the servant deviate. See, the man deviated here, again. Allah Ta’ala Himself is Wajib Al-Wujud. Will Allah’s attributes be created? The man has deviated. You see, what did Mu’tazila do here? They said, “Allah’s kalam (speech) is created.” They said, “The Qur’an is created.”


(Dakika: 55:01)


They deviated again. Al-Qur’an Al-Karim is the ever-existent speech (kalam) of Allah. Allah’s speech (kalam) is ever-existent. Al-Qur’an Al-Karim is Allah’s speech (kalam). You see, they got stuck into the opinion that it is not. They have befallen into a strange thought like that. “wa-mā ramayta ʾidh ramayta wa-lākinna llāha ramā” – “You did not throw arrows to the disbelievers in Badr, but Allah did throw,” this is the 17th verse of Surah Al-Anfal. This is also an assistance and grace from Almighty Allah to His servants. Our Prophet throws a handful of sand towards the enemy, and it hits the entire enemy. What is Allah not capable of doing? “wa-llāhu l-ghaniyyu wa-ʾantumu l-fuqarā” – “Allah is rich, and is free of need, while you are the needy,” this is the 38th verse of Surah Muhammad. The servant’s power and will in the moment of a work are both created. Look, this part is important. The servant’s power and will that be in the moment of a work are both created. They are not created prior to the action; they are created along with it. This is important. This is a relatively thin point. They are not created prior to the action; they are created along with it. We are talking about the power and will of the servant in the moment of action. In other words, when the servant is performing an action, his will and power are both created while the action takes place. They are not created prior to the action; they are created along with it. You see, friends, it is Almighty Lord who created all things ever existed. “lā ḥawla wa lā quwwata illā billāh,” – “There is no might nor power except in Allah.”


Hadith-i Sharif: “There is no power in anyone in being shielded from evil except there being protection from Allah. There is no might or power in anyone also in obeying Allah Ta’ala except there being His assistance.” The entirety of all might and power is from Allah. Almighty Allah grants them to His servants.


”Allahüllezi hālāgāküm sümme razakāküm sümme yümitiküm sümme yuhyiküm.” – “Allah (jalla jalaluhu) is so exalted that He has created you first, then gave you sustenance, then He will make you die, and then He shall indeed bring you to life.” He will raise you from your graves and bring you to Hereafter for questioning.


They said the community consists of three class: “The believer who has sincerity in his belief. The hypocrite and the blasphemer who have persistence in disbelief.” Allah Ta’ala made it obligatory for the believer to deal good deeds, and to believe to the disbeliever, and for the hypocrite He made it obligatory to be sincere. This is important. What did Almighty Allah do for the believer? He made it obligatory for him to deal good deeds. He made it obligatory for the disbeliever to believe, and He made it obligatory for the hypocrite to be sincere. The disbeliever abandoned Allah’s order and offers; he revolted and chosen the blasphemy. Allah made it obligatory for the disbeliever to believe. Yet the man does not, he is persistent. He is devoid of faith, book, religion, and he is persisting in blasphemy. Allah said to the hypocrite, “Be sincere.” Yet he abandoned sincerity, therefore it was made obligatory for him. They stayed as hypocrites. Moreover, what did Allah said to the believer? He said, “deal good deeds.” Every believer should deal their good deeds. How happy is the believers who deal good deeds.


(Dakika: 1:00:02)


Almighty Lord says, “O, people, worship your Lord who created you and those before you.” This is the 21st verse of Surah Al-Baqarah, and this is the transliteration, “yā-ʾayyuhā n-nāsu ʿbudū rabbakumu lladhī khalaqakum wa-lladhīna min qablikum laʿallakum tattaqūn” commanded our Almighty Lord. “O mankind! Worship your Lord.” O, disbelievers! Worship Allah. O hypocrites, be sincere! You see how Allah addressed His servants. He offers these to His servants. The ones who have accepted, have accepted. The ones who have not, have not. The one who decides on that the servants create their own actions become not amongst the monotheists but polytheists. Thusly, the words of the Qadariyah group who are the Zoroastrians of this ummah (nation) point to this. The Qadariyah group believe that this universe has two creators. Never, never in ever! They think that one of them is Allah Ta’ala, who is the creator of the good and the other is Satan who is the creator of bad things. You see, due to this reason why the ālims of Transoxiana said exaggeratingly that the Mu’tazila is heretic. They said, “The Mu’tazila is uglier and more awful than the Zoroastrians.” Friends, there are no creator except Allah. The Mu’tazila appear similar to the Zoroastrians. Now, the creed of the Zoroastrians, some of them said that Allah creates the good and Satan creates the evil. Never! They have granted the attribute of creating to Satan. People who say, “The servant creates his own actions,” have come about on one side. These are the deviated. The creator is Allah, and the earner is the servant. The ālims who research has ruled that the Mu’tazila is amongst the Islamic group but they have faults, and they have heretic aspects. The Mu’tazila says, “Allah Ta’ala personally creates; as for the servant, he creates by means of tools and reasons which Allah has created,” and by saying that they say they do not assign partners to Allah. However, the attribute of creating does not reside in the servants. The servant does not create anything even by means of tools. He works and earns but these have nothing to do with creating. Almighty Lord is the creator of things like working, earning and success, too. We tried to demonstrate what Al-Imam Al-Azam and Ahl al-Sunnah said in this regard by means of verses and authentic hadiths. “fa-tabāraka llāhu ʾaḥsanu l-khāliqīn” – “So glorious is Allah, the Best of the creators,” this is the 14th verse of Surah Al-Mu’minun. And the following is the 110th verse of Surah Al-Mā’idah, “wa-ʾidh takhluqu mina ṭ-ṭīni ka-hayʾati ṭ-ṭayri” – “You created from clay something in the shape of a bird, then you blew on it, and it became a bird by My leave.” You see, the creator in here is again, Allah Ta’ala. Yes friends, this is the power of creating, and the other is under the power of earning.  Now, the creator is Allah. The other is the power to earn which Allah granted to the servant. The creator of all of these is again, the Almighty Lord. That is the servant’s intention of doing a job even if it is obedience or evil.


(Dakika: 1:05:01)


This is important. That is the servant’s arbitrament in a deed by a definite decision whether the deed may be good or bad. The servant intends by a definite decision to perform a work whether that work may be good or bad.


That is the servant’s intention of doing a job even if it is obedience or evil. In other words, after the freedom and will are created, the ruling of the offer is explained like this. “Your Lord creates what He wills and chooses. Choice is not theirs but Allah’s. Exalted is Allah and high above imperfect attributes. Allah Ta’ala is free and away from their ascribing of partners to Him.” This is the transliteration of the above verse which is the 68th verse of Surah Qasas: “wa-rabbuka yakhluqu mā yashāʾu wa-yakhtāru mā kāna lahumu l-khiyaratu subḥāna llāhi wa-taʿālā ʿammā yushrikūn,” commanded Allah in the 68th verse of Surah Qasas. Valuable and revered listeners, the sciences of the Glorious Islam continue by the discovery notes of Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar. Allah wills both the good and the bad. The works and actions of the servants come about by Allah’s will, knowledge, ruling and decree. The whole of what Allah likes, and the worships are all become steadfast by Allah’s command, affection, pleasing, knowledge, wish, ruling and decree. And all of the malignancies happen by Allah’s knowledge, ruling, granting of agency, and wish. However, Allah Ta’ala is not pleased with any of these malignancies. He does not want these kinds of affairs. He creates them only because the servant wants them. You should remember these remarks. You should listen again and again so that you may understand. The servant’s deeds are all come to be by Allah’s wishing, knowledge, ruling and decree, and the entirety of all worship and the things Allah likes become the absolute truth by Allah’s command, affection, pleasure, knowledge, and wishing, and ruling and decree. You see that good things are at the same time Allah’s commands. His affection, pleasure, knowledge, and wish are all there. It also becomes the absolute truth by His ruling and decree. However, all of the evil is within the knowledge Allah. They take place by His ruling, decree and wish but Allah Ta’ala is not pleased with any of these. He has no affection towards any of them. He does not like or want these actions. The servants earn them for he has freedom, he earns and then Allah creates. Let’s see what our Lord says, “ʾaṭīʿū llāha wa-rasūlahū” – “Obey Allah and His Apostle,” this is the first verse of Surah Al- Anfāl. “Allah likes who fear Him.” “Allah likes who are wary of Him.” “Allah loves who do good,” 195th verse of Surah Al-Baqarah. “Allah loves the penitent and those who keep clean,” 222nd verse of Surah Al-Baqarah. “Indeed, Allah does not like the disbelievers,” 32nd verse of Surah Ali ‘Imran. “Allah is never pleased with disbelief.” “Allah does not like tyrants,” – “Allah is free and away from cruelty,” 57th verse of Surah Ali ‘Imran. “wa-lā yarḍā li-ʿibādihi l-kufra,” – “Allah is not pleased with the disbelief of His servants,” 7th verse of Surah Az-Zumar. Allah Ta’ala is not pleased with any of the misdeeds and does not order them. Allah orders with justice and goodness. This is the verse that is recited in the end of all khutbah of the Friday prayers. Which verse is that, you ask? This is the 90th verse of Surah Al-Nahl, “ʾinna llāha yaʾmuru bi-l-ʿadli wa-l-ʾiḥsāni wa-ʾītāʾi dhī l-qurbā wa-yanhā ʿani l-faḥshāʾi wa-l-munkari wa-l-baghyi yaʿiẓukum laʿallakum tadhakkarūn,” Allah commanded.


(Dakika: 1:09:52)


This is the translation of the afore verse, “Indeed Allah enjoins justice and kindness and generosity towards relatives, and He forbids indecency, wrong, and aggression.” Almighty Allah is pleased with whatever is there in the name of goodness, He likes them. He is not pleased with misdeeds, does not like them. However, the servant earns them, they perform them; the servant practices his free will in there. The people should be cautious. “Meişet is in the rank of şuhûdiyet (seen and known) therefore it is eternal.” Irada (will) is the involvement of meşiet in the moment of the existence of the job. Yes friends, you see that Al-Imam Al-Azam attracted attention in here by explaining will and meşiet. “Meşiet is in the rank of şuhûdiyet, therefore it is eternal.” Irada (will) is the involvement of meşiet in the moment of the existence of the job.

Yes, valuable and revered listeners, when paid attention to these remarks you see how well our Islamic âlims have worked and how well they have understood the subjects. We believe in al-Lawh al-Mahfuz (The Sacred Tablet) and the Pen. We believe in all of the inscriptions that reside in al-Lawh al-Mahfuz (The Sacred Tablet). Yes, Allah did not order the sins. The people has fabricated and earned them themselves. Moreover, Allah forbids the sins. However, that is by His meşiet, not affection. That is by His ruling, not by His pleasure. That is by His ordainment, and His creating not by His granting of success. Allah renders the servant successful by means of writing it in al-Lawh al-Mahfuz (The Sacred Tablet). There are sentences in it which are most blessed and wise. Everything is encompassed by the knowledge of Almighty Allah. The remark, “Allah’s meşiet, affection, pleasing, ruling (qada), ordaining success, the servant becoming successful, His creating, will, decree, and knowledge is by His inscription in al-Lawh al-Mahfuz (The Sacred Tablet)” it is included in the concept of this remark.



We believe in al-Lawh al-Mahfuz (The Sacred Tablet), and the Pen, and all of the inscriptions that reside in al-Lawh al-Mahfuz (The Sacred Tablet).



We believe in all of the inscriptions that reside in al-Lawh al-Mahfuz (The Sacred Tablet). The sin is not by Allah’s command but by His meşiet, rather than His affection. That is by His ruling, not by His pleasure. That is by His ordainment, and His creating not by His granting of success. Allah renders the servant successful by means of writing it in al-Lawh al-Mahfuz (The Sacred Tablet). “So, whomsoever Allah wills to guide, He makes his heart wide open for Islam, and whomsoever He wills to let go astray, He makes his heart strait and constricted, (and he feels embracing Islam as difficult) as if he were climbing to the sky.” That is the 125th verse of Surah Al-An’am. This is the transliteration, “fa-man yuridi llāhu ʾan yahdiyahū yashraḥ ṣadrahū li-l-ʾislāmi,” He commanded. “And if Allah had so willed, He would have led everybody to his right path (by force),” this is the 13th verse of Surah Al-Sajdah. Then that would be by force, everyone would become Muslim by force.


(Dakika: 1:15:03)


So, that would not be a test. Compulsory faith and Islam are not acceptable. The verse after the following is the 30th verse of Surah Al-Insan. “Had We wished We would have given every soul its guidance,” says Almighty Lord. “And you will not so wish unless Allah so wills.” Allah decides on what He wills. Allah is not responsible for His doings but the servants are. The evil things do not take place by approval of Allah. Allah is not pleased with evil things, however, they still come about by means of His ruling and will. This is because Almighty Lord had commanded, “Allah does not like for His servants to be disbelievers.” – “wa-lā yarḍā li-ʿibādihi l-kufra,” this is the 7th verse of Surah Al-Zumar. Will, meşiet, and taqdir are all related with the deeds and actions of the servants. However, approval, affection, and command are only involved in the good deeds. O the world of Islam, you should understand these well, O Ummah of Muhammad! These are not related with wicked deeds. What are not? As we have mentioned above, approval, affection, and command of Allah are only involved in the good deeds, they do not involve in the wicked deeds. Allah Ta’ala knows some of the servants will become disbelievers but He ordered them to come to faith anyway. This is because Allah is pleased with faith. He granted the servants the powers which are able of faith. He knows he will become a disbeliever but ordered, and offered faith to him anyway. If the servant does not believe then he loses the test himself, earns disbelief. That is up to him. He uses the granted powers upon disbelief. “lā yukallifu llāhu nafsan ʾillā wusʿahā,” – “Allah does not task any soul beyond its capacity.” Almighty Islam is offered to every soul in the world. So, this means that everyone has capacity for it. The servant cannot make an apology for his deeds within his own power by ascribing them to the ruling (qada) and the fate (qadar). This is because you cannot have the chance to say, “I was not powerful enough,” for a deed you clearly were able. Abu Jahl were not foolish, Islam was offered to him, too. The man was persistent on disbelief due to his obstinacy. So, he took his leave to the Hell as a disbeliever. It is not impossible for the disbelievers to come to faith. In other words, the innate nature, and the ability that is able of faith were granted to him. So, it is not impossible for the disbeliever to become a believer. It is not impossible for him to become a Muslim. However, if he insists on disbelief, then it is his decision. “While to Him alone submit all those in the heavens and the earth, willingly or unwilling, and to Him they shall be returned.” – “ wa-lahū ʾaslama man fī s-samāwāti wa-l-ʾarḍi ṭawʿan wa-karhan.” This is what our Almighty Lord commanded in the 83rd verse of Surah Ali ‘Imran. “Say, ‘Then, Allah’s is the conclusive proof. So, had He willed, He would have brought all of you on the right path.’.” This is the 149th verse of Surah Al-An’am. However, he placed us in a field of test. Yes, dear friends, may Allah admit us amongst the servants who win the test thoroughly. May He admit us amongst the servants all of whose deeds are good, and whose faith is perfect and everlasting.


(Dakika: 1:19:59)



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