Turkish English Fikhi Ekber Lesson 33

Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar – Lesson 33


Euzübillahimineşşeytânîrracîm, Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Elhamdülillahi Rabb’il âlemin. Vessâletü vessalâmû âlâ Rasulûna Muhammedin ve âlâ âlihi ve sahbihî ecmaîn. Rabbenağfirli vehâblihi münkel âlem ve ilmihâlin min ba’dihi inneke entel vehhâb. Rabbinağfirli ve edhılni fî rahmetike ve fî fazlike. Bi rahmetike yâ erhamer rahimîn. Bi lutfikel kerim ve ihsanikel kadîm. Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. “Amentü billahi ve melâiketihi, ve kütübihî ve rusülih lâ müferribü beymâ hâdin min rusulih“ (Sadakallahülazîm).


Most valuable and venerable audience, we continue to give you discovery notes from Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar by divine favor, with the permission of God, and the guidance and tawfik of our Lord. Current topic is making fun of those who teach Al-Qur’an Al-Karim, and making fun of the Islamic vaizs along with the madrasah of knowledge. Now, everything of Almighty Islam is valuable and holy. However, some people may try to make fun of it. Or, let’s say that someone is narrating Islam and Al-Qur’an Al-Karim. Some people may try to make fun of the vaizs. So, let’s unveil our lecture regarding those who try to make fun of the schools of knowledge via our discovery notes from Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar. Let’s present to you the discovery notes of it. Now, let’s say that a person wants to make fun of a teacher who teaches Al-Qur’an Al-Karim. If he disguises himself as a teacher and takes a club and starts beating the kids, that person would fall into blasphemy. For representing Islam using a club, or representing Al-Qur’an Al-Karim using a club is a ridicule towards the religion, its sciences, and its teachers. The teachers of Al-Qur’an Al-Karim are from the community of the sharīʿah ālims. They have said that it is blasphemy to make fun of Al-Qur’an Al-Karim, and those who teach Al-Qur’an Al-Karim. Now, just like it is written in our Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar, the same thing was also reported from Necmuddīn al-Kindī.


Friends, let’s say that someone in a community of drinkers sits in an elevated position and pretends to be a vaiz in order to make fun, then he laughs, and makes people around him laugh as well; in that case they all would fall into blasphemy. For you can neither make fun of Al-Qur’an Al-Karim nor the vaiz who preach it. If they do, those who laugh and those who make people laugh would all fall into blasphemy. For there can’t be ridicule in any of the matters regarding the religion. You should be careful regardin such things.


(Dakika: 05:03)


The teachers of Al-Qur’an Al-Karim are from community of the sharīʿah ālims. And sharīʿah (law) are the laws and canons of Allah Ta’ala who is the Law-Maker. You can’t make fun with this.


Valuable friends, for the vaiz is also from the from community of the sharīʿah ālims, and they are amongst the khalifs of the prophets. The people who are able to narrate Islam are the calips of the Prophet. And the entire humankind, the humanity, were created as the khalifs of Allah. So, who are the vaizs? These people are completely from the community of the sharīʿah ālims. You can’t make fun with them, too. Friends, this was also mentioned in the legal opinion (fatwa) of Ẓāhirīyyah just like it was mentioned in Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar.


Furthermore, let’s say that person x came back from a meeting in which Islamic sciences were taught, and person y said, “He has returned from the church,” by referring to him. The person y would fall into blasphemy. For you can’t associate a community of Islamic sciences, or anywhere in which Islam is counted as holy, to a church. For there are more difference between the religion of Islam and a chuch than the difference between the earth and the heavens. So, why is that? The church is based on the cross, and polytheism. Whereas the mosque, and the Islamic sciences are based on monotheism and divine revelation. Now, you can’t associate right and wrong, true and false, haram and halal, or polytheism and monotheism.


Yes, it was said as you have read above, and in the source of this report is a valuable book of ours named el-Hulāsa. It is also mentioned in another source as follows: If person x says, “Get up and go to the madrasa,” and person y replies, “Who’s going to do what they say,” now this is important, if person y says, “Who’s going to do what they say,” or “I don’t care about the madrasa,” then he would fall into blasphemy. For the things that scholars are narrating is the orders and commandments of Islam. That madrasa is a school of Islamic commandments. Those are the commandments of Islam. And that school is a school of Islamic commandments. If a Muslim says, “Who cares,” or “Who’s going to do what they say?” then it means that he is depicturing the religion of Islam as something not to be done, or something people can’t afford following. Whereas Islam is the things that Allah Ta’ala had offered to His servants basen on their abilities. And Allah has an offer for every person. Islam is an offer from Allah. In Islam no one is offered something that they can’t bear. Would you disregard these verses?


Yes friends, they have said it like this here. Now let’s say that person x said, “I don’t care about the madrasa.” From that remark some meaning such as the following ones may appear, “It is as if that person has no interest in Islam, or as if Allah hadn’t offered him anything, or as if he is living a life seperated from Allah, or you’re living as if there is no Allah,”  this is a terrible thing and the person falls into blasphemy, they said.


(Dakika: 10:00)


In the source of this resides a source of ours named Ẓāhirīyyah. In the first story it is understood that an unbearable work is offered to the servant by Allah. So, there is a slander to Allah in that story. This is what they refer to and these are all blasphemy. The person who is not in need of sharīʿah and Islam is a non-believer. Can there be imān (faith) in a non-believer? No, there can’t. So, he falls into blasphemy. The Muslims should abstain from such dangers, and protect their imān (faith). Al-Imam Al-Azam and the other Islamic Scholars (ālims) have manifested those dangers so that they can protect themselves from the dangers that lead to blasphemy. They have manifested those dangers, for if they are warned in advance, the humanity and the Nation of Muhammad can be saved.


Valuable friends, “Who can afford doing the things those scholars (ālims) are saying?” Look, the scholars (ālims) won’t tell you anything that is not in Islam. If they do, then they are not a scholar (ālim). We are talking about the real people of knowledge (ālims). Now, the one who says, “Who can afford doing the things those scholars (ālims) are saying?” would fall into blasphemy for no one was offered something they can’t afford in Islam. For that reason we continue to inform you about the dangers. The one who says that would also be saying that the prophets are liers. For in Al-Qur’an Al-Karim Allah never offered unbearable things to the people, nor did the Prophet. Now, there is a situation such as ascribing lie to the prophets, and opposing to the verses of Almighty Allah Ta’ala. These are blasphemy. These are written in our valuable sourcebooks as well.


The person would fall into blasphemy if he says, “Don’t go to the madrasa, if you do your wife will be divorced from you,” or “Your wife would be haram for you.” The madrasa is definitely a commandment of AllahIt is Allah’s definite commandment to worship in mosques. Her camide de ilim kürsüleri, bakın kürsüler, mihraplar, minberler kurulmuştur. These are knowledge one after another, the maxims of the knowledge, they are clear sings of Him. The mosques, are greater faculties than the greatest faculties of the world. For inside them is narrated Al-Qur’an Al-Karim. Al-Qur’an Al-Karim is supernatural, it is the book of Allah.


Moreover, it is said in our valuable sourcebooks that the person would fall into blasphemy if he says, “Why should I learn ilm (knowledge)?” In that he is opposing to the offers of Allah, one of which is “Read”. He is opposing to the commandment, “Read”, and he is opposing to the offers of Allah. Allah had offered Islam to the people. Can these things be without knowledge? I In that case, the person has belittled knowledge, therefore he fell into blasphemy. The most valuable value in Islam is knowledge. There can’t be a world, nor a grave, nor a Hereafter without knowledge. Ilm, ilm, ilm… True science, and real science is what we need. Now, the person would fall into blasphemy had he said, “The meal of Tharid is better than knowledge,” for he also belittled knowledge. You can’t belittle what Allah magnified.


(Dakika: 15:00)


You would become miserable if you try to belittle it. You would fall into abasement after abasement, and shame. Blapshemy will suck you into the depths of Hell. You will not be able to reside anywhere else.


Furthermore, we also know this from our valuable books. Let’s say that someone had explained a provision of the sharīʿah, and his enemy said, “That makes you an ālim,” or “Don’t masquerade as an ālim, these provisions do not valid for me,” as reply, he would fall into blasphemy for the commandments of Allah are valid for everyone everywhere. Now, Allah Himself manifested the sharīʿah, therefore He is the Law-Maker. The sharīʿah consists of the laws and rules of Islam. So, when he says, “Don’t masquerade as an ālim,” or when he says, “These provisions can’t be applied to me,” or, “Allah’s commandment does not apply to me, it is not valid,” he would fall into blasphemy and become a kāfir, they said. In the sources of these reports are Ẓāhirīyyah, Fatāwā al-Sughra, al-Jawahir, and el-Hulāsa.


Furthermore, let’s say someone who says, “What use the madrasa has for me?” casts fown the legal opinion (fatwa) in order to insult it, or if he says, “What value does the sharīʿah have?,” or strikes an attitude that would express the same opinion, then this is defamation. That is insult to the divine values brought forth by Allah.  It is also insult to the Islam, and the sharīʿah itself, and its values. You see, whoever commits that blashpemy is a kāfir. Friends, whoever has blasphemy is a kāfir. May Allah render all of us far from blasphemy, polytheism, discord, şigag, and bad morals.


Our Prophet used to recite this prayer often, we have remembered it many times in our previous lectures: “Allahümme inni eûzü bike mineş-şirki, veş-şekki, ven-küfrî, ven-nifâki veş-şikâk ve sûil-ahlâki ve sûil-mânzari fil-ehli vel-mâli vel-veled,” our Prophet would recite prayers such as this one quite often. He would seek refuge in Allah. He had also took refuge in Allah from blasphemy, polytheism, and discord by saying, “allahümme innî eûzu bike minel-küfrî vel-fakrî ve min azâbil-kabri ve min fitneti’l decal ve cünudih.” There is also this, the imān (faith) of Prophets are under guarantee. They are innocent. We should seek more refuge and beg as well. Our need for the protection of Allah is eternal. We are eternally in need of Allah. Our first need is to live with imān (faith), and stay away from blasphemy.


Now, our topic is the remarks regarding divorce and ālims. So, let’s say that someone said, “I don’t recognize any talaq.” The talaq you are not recognizing is the absolute and definite commandment of Allah’s Al-Qur’an Al-Karim. Who are you not recignizing? Now, if he utters remarks such as, “I don’t recognize any talaq. The mother of the child should stay in home,” that person would fall into blasphemy whether talaq vaki olmak or not. For he didn’t recognize the commandment of Allah which was about talaq. They said that he would fall into blasphemy and becomes a kāfir. These are amongst the definite commandments of Islam. You can neither belittle any of the verses of Al-Qur’an Al-Karim, nor can you disdain them, nor can you deny them, nor can you refute them, nor can you make fun of them.


(Dakika: 20:05)


The one who does one of these falls into blasphemy and becomes a kāfir. Valuable friends, the woman who says, “My Allah’s wrath be upon my ālim husband,” immediately becomes a kāfir. For Allah Ta’ala praises the ālim and his knowledge in Al-Qur’an Al-Karim. You see, ālim (scholar) people are the superior individuals in the world after the prophets. You see that may not be suitable with some people’s nafs (self), their demons, and desires. However, all of the commandments of Allah Ta’ala are holy, and one of the holiest commandments of his is the matter of knowledge (ilm) and ālim (scholar). So, if a woman says, “My Allah’s wrath be upon my ālim husband,” that woman becomes a kāfir. That women is called as a kāfir. For he insulted the sharīʿah (law). What we mean by scholar, or ālim, here are the Islamic sciences, and the sciences of the sharīʿah. The person who insults these abandon the religion and imān (faith). He or she would fall into blasphemy and become a kāfir. This was mentioned in a valuable book called Al-Muhit.


Moreover, if someone names a real Islamic scholar (ālim) by deriving another word from it which would mean insult, he would become a kāfir as well. We see here that Allah praised knowledge (ilm), but that person is trying to belittle and undervalue it, and insult it. You can’t belittle what Allah exalted. You will only make yourself miserable in that way.


Furthermore, let’s see what else they said: Let’s say that someone said, “You’ve left your saw here and departed,” to a religious scholar (ālim) by referring that he left his book. Friends, that person is associating a book to a saw. He also likens the ālims to someone who cuts people with a saw. That is an utter insult to the book, to the ālim, and to Islam. Such people have immediately fallen into blasphemy. Therefore, the situations of those people who insult to Islam, the Islamic values, the ālim and his knowledge and his book, is blasphemy, and they themselves are apostate (murtad). The punishment of the apostate (murtad) is severe, too. For he humiliated the sharīʿah as well. And no one has the right to humiliate the sharīʿah. For no one forces you to become a Muslim. You can’t be forcved to become a Muslim. No one would say, “believe” to you as well. Allah does not need your imān ever. However, you and I are in need of imān and obeying to Allah, and we need Islam. We are in need, eternally. You should get your mind together. You should also not forget that you are doing evil acts only to you. Don’t forget you’re doing all the bad things to yourself. The one who insults Islam is doing all the bad things to himself. You can never escape from the justice, the suffering, and the wrath of Allah.


Furthermore valuable friends, someone said, “A master carpenter cuts wood with saw, whereas you are cutting the throts of people using books.” Look, the situations of such people who has similar opinion of the ālims, of the knowledge (ilm), and of Islam are terrible. Then an ālim reported this situation to Imam al-Muhammad ibn Fadl. He reported a shop owner who uttered the above remark. Then Imam al-Fadl wanted for that shop owner to be punishmed immediately, for it is the punishment of a apostate (murtad)..


(Dakika: 25:02)


He has fallen into blashphemy for he made fun of the sharīʿah. Friends, they said that if someone insults to sharīʿah, or to the important subjects in the sharīʿah which can’t be seperated from it, or if he belittles these, he would fall into blasphemy and become a kāfir. In the source of this report resides Tetimme.


Moreover, let’s say that someone laughed at a person performing tayammum. Look, tayammum is a definite commandment of Allah. Almighty Allah had commanded tayammum in places where water is scarce. So, someone is laughing at a person performing tayammum. He is belittling him, and the commandment of Allah. So, he would fall into blasphemy if he is laughing in order to make fun of him.


Furthermore, if a person says, “I don’t recognize any haram nor halal,” he immediately becomes a kāfir as well. No one can manifest what is haram or what is halal. What is halal are the things that Allah said they are lawful; what is haram are the things that Allah said they are sinful. You should know that you are not recognizing Allah when you are not recognize these. So, how do we name the one who don’t recognize Allah. As a kāfir.

Valuable friends, let’s say that an ālim was narrating an authentic hadith which speaks of a scholarly subject, and someone said to this religious scholar, “This is nothing,” he would fall into blasphemy for he insulted the Prophet and his remarks. Look, we are saying the Hadith-i Sharifs are authentic. The person can’t insult an hadith. In fact, you can’t insult it even if it is a weak hadith. You’ll accept a weak hadith as weak but you don’t insult to it.


Friends, for this reason, we are conveying you these dangers up front. And Almighty Islam has been reporting the dangers to the humanity for more than fourteen centuries. Everyone should live having imān (faith), no one should die without imān. For that the glorious Islam, and the glorious Qur’an informs you. And the scholars (ālims) of Islam have done excellent studies upon that, and they are doing studies now as well. May Allah, have mercy on all of the scholars (ālims) of Islam very much, and may He forgive and bless them.


Look, there is also this regarding the same subject. So, lets say he insulted the Hadith-i Sharifs as above. Then if he shows an attitude such as, “We need money for today reputation comes with money. We don’t need neither imān (faith) nor religion.” So, what would these remarks of them bring to them? They said that the person saying that he needs money rather than religion falls into blasphemy for he has belittled and insulted the values of Almighty Islam, and for he valued money above the holy values. In the sources of these reports resides valuable books such as Al-Muhid and its similars. Astaizubillah. “wa-li-llāhi l-ʿizzatu wa-li-rasūlihī wa-li-l-muʾminīn,” – “Yet all might belongs to Allah and His Apostle,and the faithful.” This is the 8th verse of Surah al-Munafiqun. The aforementioned person opposes the above verse and this one saying, “wa-kalimatu llāhi hiya l-ʿulyā,” – “and the word of Allah is the highest [most exalted].” The latter verse is the 40th verse of Surah At-Tawbah. The aforementioned person opposes to these verses. In other words, “those who object to the commandments of the religion such as these verses, or their similars, fall into blasphemy for their objection,” they have said.


(Dakika: 30:05)


It is possible to find these in the valuable works of Al-Imam Al-Azam and also in Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar. Now, the remarks regarding abandoning hope from the mercy of Almighty Allah (jalla jalaluhu). It is the kāfirs who abandon hope from the mercy of Allah, not the Muslims. The Muslims never abandon hope from the mercy of Allah.


Now, look, in another report it is said that the if the person who says things like, “Why should I obtain knowledge (ilm)?” or “Why should I recognize Allah?” also says, “I have pushed myself into the Hell,” or “I have left myself to the Hell,” then these people would immediately become kāfirs. For such things are done by the ones who abandon hope from the mercy of Allah. For that person have humiliated the sharīʿah, or he has abandoned hope from the mercy of Allah. They said that both of these things are blasphemy. We can also see these when we look into Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar of Al-Imam Al-Azam. You can also see these in the 8th verse of Surah al-Munafiqun and the 40th verse of Surah At-Tawbah which I have recited.


Valuable friends, our topic is the words of blasphemy regarding the sharīʿah. So, let’s say that someone said, “I will not be busy with knowledge (ilm) until the end of my life, for knowledge (ilm) starts from the crib and ends in the grave, and I am not going to learn that,” that person would fall into blasphemy for he objected to the divine commandment and the Prophet. May Allah not admit us amid those who fall into that situation. Moreover, they said that the one who utters that remark becomes a kāfir for he denied all knowledge that belong to the sharīʿah. If someone says, “I wouldn’t face towards it even if it was the qiblah,” he would fall into blasphemy as well. For a person can’t appoint the direction of the qiblah. Allah appointed that. It is not in the hands of this or that person. The qiblah is whereever Allah wanted it to be. What Allah said is true. That is the place of the qiblah. For the moment, Bayt Allāh, Kaaba al-Sharif is the qiblah of the world of Islam. Bunu şuna, buna mal etme şansın yok. What is absolute is the commandment of Allah. For whatever Almighty Allah said is a fact.


Such people are like the Iblis. This is because he has fallen into the situation of the Iblis. So, what did Iblis say to Adam? Iblis became a kāfir for he didn’t want to prostrate. Whereas Adam didn’t order prostration, Allah was ordering it. He didn’t accept Allah’s order, and the caliphate of Adam. Ve Adem kiblegâh şeklinde hilâfet makamına saygı secdesiydi. And prostrations of worship is only done to Allah. And the servant fulfils the order of Allah, this is certain. That prostration was ordered by Allah. So, what did Iblis do by using Adam as an excuse? He didn’t prostrate. He objected to the commandment of Allah. Today, some people may use someone as an excuse and say, “I won’t do this, I won’t do that.” The ones who object to the commandments of Allah are the ones who fall into the situtaion of Iblis. They have also said that if someone says, “Encountering you for me is like encountering a pig,” to one of the good servants of Allah, it is feared that person may fall into blasphemy.


(Dakika: 35:08)


Furthermore, if someone said, “Let’s consult to the sharīʿah,” and the other one said, “I won’t go, I don’t consult to the sharīʿah,” then he would fall into blasphemy because the sharīʿah is the commandment of Allah, and he is denying that sharīʿah. When you deny the sharīʿah you are also denying Allah and His commandments. You should know. If you do that you fall into blasphemy. And the one who falls into blasphemy becomes a kāfir. He would also fall into blasphemy if he said, “The sharīʿah and similar authorities have no use to me. The ruling of the sharīʿah is not valid.” For the sharīʿah is an everlasting commandment of Allah. The Islamic sharīʿah of Muhammad had renewed the past. Ebediyyû’l ebed, dünyanın sonuna kadar, mahşerde de büyük mahkemede de geçerli olan İslam şeriatıdır. You should get your mind together. Hz. Muhammed dünyaya geldikten sonra kıyamete kadar insan ve cinlerin tamamı İslam şeriatından mahşerde, Allah’ın mahkemesinde yargılanacaktır.


That includes all of the statespeople, all marshalls, all rich people, and all poor people, the jinn, the fake thelogists, the real thelogists and whosoever else ther are will be standing trial about the Islamic sharīʿah in the court of Allah, that goes for the entire humanity. Doesn’t matter if you are from the east or the west, the laws of the Islamic sharīʿah which are Allah’s laws are obligation upon all humanity without exception.


There was Isa’s sharīʿah before Muhammad’s, and before Isa was Musa’s sharīʿah, and before him was Ibrahims sharīʿah, and before Ibrahim was the sharīʿah of Noah. The people will be asked of the sharīʿah (law) and the book that was sent by Allah in their time, and that goes until Prophet Adam. So, you should get your mind together. It is Allah who sends the prophets. It is Allah who sends down the books. The sharīʿah will not be harmed when you oppose to it. However, you would be ruining yourself. If you say, “The ruling of the sharīʿah is invalid,” then you’ll be revealing your situation. The ruling of the sharīʿah is eternally valid. It is valid in this world, in the grave, and in Hereafter. Your lack of faith does not chance any truth, but your lack of faith and blasphemy, and your enmity towards the sharīʿah will ruin you, it does not do anything to anyone else. Moreover, if I fall into blasphemy I would be destroying myself. For that reason, o the people! The servants of Allah, and the children of Adam and Hawwa! You should beware! We are all servants of Allah. This age and all ages are the ages of Prophet Muhammad. In all ages, all times, spaces, places, heavens and also in Hereafter and beyond, we are living the ages of Muhammad. There won’t be any more prophets after the arrival of Prophet Muhammad. He is the last prophet, he is khatam al-anbiya. Âhir zaman peygamberidir. And with him the doors of prophethood was sealed. You can either believe or not. We are only telling the truths. We are striving to fulfil the commandment of Allah via our humbleness so that we may be of help to humanity. There is no insisting in our remarks. You can believe them or not. Senin ağa keyfin, paşa keyfin bilir. We are telling the truths, but believing and being happy is in your favor. However, denying and objecting weighs against you.


(Dakika: 40:02)


The receipt of that denial in this world will be hanging from your neck in the grave and in the Hereafter. You will come to Hereafter with with your deed book. You may try to say, “I won’t.” You may stand against the armies of Azrael Alaihissalam. You may try to say, “I won’t die, I will not die!” There have never been such a brave fellow, and there won’t be. You should get your head together. I am telling these to myself but I want you to hear it too so that we can listen to it together. For I consider my life venerable, and I consider your life venerable as well. Kendime lâyık görmediğim hiçbir şeyi kimseye lâyık görmüyorum. I am doing the things that I find helpful for me for the humanity so that they may benefit from it. Benim bunları bütün insanlığın faydasına bir gönül beslemem benim dinimin emri, peygamberimin emri bu, kesin, Allah’ın emri. The Prophet wouldn’t have commanded it had it hadn’t been the commandments of Allah. We should pull ourselves together.


Friends, let’s say someone spoke about the sharīʿah, and some other person objected to these remarks, or he made an ugly noise in order to insult the sharīʿah, much like what they are chanting today by saying, “Damn the sharīʿah!” There are such devestated people. These people are already ruined. The people who say, “Damn the sharīʿah!” are the devestated people who are drowning in blasphemy. Islam came to save such people. The Islamic sharīʿah came to save them as well. You know those drowned people who are deep in blasphemy, who got stuck in blasphemy, who stay in the darkness of blasphemy; their souls and brains are charred. You know these black souls, and charred brains, they are the ones who attack to Islam and its sharīʿah, yet what they don’t know is that Almighty Islam came to save them. The Islamic mercy has eternally embraced the earth and the heavens. Prophet Muhammad was sent as the prophet of mercy for all worlds, all nations, and all ages. They should be pitying themsevles. O, the ones who say, “Damn the sharīʿah!” you should be pitying yourselves. You are bringing shame upon yourselves. The sharīʿah will never be damned, it will rule over you. You are eternally the prisoner, and it is eternally the judge. You are damned right now. No one can save you from that state, except for the Islamic sharīʿah. Allah’s infinite compassion will save you. Islam comes from Allah, and the Islamic sharīʿah is the manifestation of Allah’s infinite compassion, it is the manifestation of His justice, His mercy, the knowledge (ilm), the wisdom, it is the manifestation of univesal peace. And you are trying to destroy the peace. Islam is eternally and everlastingly the universal peace. So, what do you intend to bring upon the earth when you say “Damn with Islam!”? Do you think that you were created as a wanderer in the property of Allah, in spite of Allah? Azrael Alaihissalam is breathing down your neck, he will take your life. You should never forget that. The one who takes the lives of the awliya, the prophets, the bandits, the tyrants, the cruels, the modern kāfirs, will take your life as well. You should be prepared for death. You should prepare yourself by means of having faith, good deeds, and good morals. Then you should be finding the Jannah. What are you even going to Hell for? The Paradise of Allah is ready for you now. The Hell is ready as well. We are not telling these to the non-believers, and whose hearts are sealed and will not have imān. We are telling them for the ones with intellect, comprehension, conscience, and intelligence, and who are granted guidance. The hearts of many are sealed. Allah knows about them, yet we don’t.


(Dakika: 45:01)


We don’t have anything against them, they are red kāfirs, they wll die as kāfirs, and they will swarm the Hell. May Allah not admit us amid them. Islam came to save everyone but there are some who don’t want to be saved. There is no enforcement in Islam, but there is freedom. İslam, ezelî-ebedî Allah’ın hürriyet yoludur. For the guarantor of freedom is Allah. And the name of the order that Allah founded is Islam. The others, whatever name they may have, are human-made systems in which slaves vouch for each other. They are not free anyway. However, some people came forth and they are talking about freedom by denying Allah. This is like the slaves and prisoners guaranteeing each others freedom. None of them are free. Who is guaranteeing who? Islam is the way of freedom which is guaranteed by Allah Ta’ala. Allah guarantor of freedom, and Islam.


Yet the person has entered into the blasphemy’s service, and he is not acknowledging freedom, and Islam. He thinks the illusion that comes with blasphemy is freedom. However, there is no other freedom than the one Allah has guaranteed. And that is under guarantee of Allah through Islam. That is guaranteed by imān and Islam. For that person is not believing in Allah. We are telling these to the non-believers. The ones who say, “down with Islam!,” or “Down with its sharīʿah,” have already been doomed with captivity, they are ruined people. It is Islam and Allah (jalla jalaluhu) who will grant freedom to those people. For that reason, Islam is universal freedom and justice. It won’t let anyone cheat anyone of their rights. Islam is even more holy and beautiful than what I am narrating. I am narrating what is beautiful but the most beautiful is like what Allah says. We are human, we are servants, there is no doubt that we are narrating it beautifuly but the perfection is what Allah manifested. The human can only understand and narrate as much as they can.


Friends, one day, Timur was really upset, and he answered to none of the questions people asked. In the meantime, one of his humorists came into his presence and told Timur a joke in order to make him laugh. So, let’s see what he says: That humorist says, “I have came into the presence of the qadi (chief judge) of the country. Hâkime dedim ki: “Falanca Ramazan-ı Şerif orucunu yedi. Benim şahitlerim vardır”. Kadı da şöyle cevap verdi: “Keşke namazı yese de ondan kurtulsak”. Against that joke the humorist told to make Timur laugh, he told him, “Couldn’t you find anything else to make me laugh other than a religious matter?, and then he ordered them to behead him. He acted too harsh in that matter, and went too extreme.



Look, you can’t make fun of the religion. If he’s trying to be humorous, then couldn’t he find anything other than the religion and the religious commandments to make Timur laugh?


Friends, Timur couldn’t handle that humorist making fun of the religion, and there have occured a really extreme situation. Friends, insha’Allah we will continue to convey you informations about clear and hidden remarks of blasphemy as well.


(Dakika: 50:01)


May Almighty Lord render us away and secure from all kinds of blasphemy, polytheism, discord, and all of the evil which may be hidden, open, minor, or major. May He render our faiths perfect and everlasting. May He render all of our deeds/actions good. Our entire purpose is the salvation of the humanity. For that reason, it is our duty to convey (tabligh). This is a definite commandment of Allah Ta’ala. Emr-i bi’l-ma’rûf, nehy-i anil münker yapmayanın duasının bile kabul edilmeyeceğine dair haberler bulunmaktadır. Everyone is in a contest in order to be helpful to each other. We should be competing in chairty, being helpful, and drawing attention to what is beneficial. We should also endeavour to keep harm at bay. And that we should do only for Allah (jalla jalaluhu).


(Dakika: 51:05)kā

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