Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 116-119

Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 116-119

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 116


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most Merciful.

Let us give ear to a narration – rivayat from our beloved Prophet reported in al-Jaami‘ as-Sagheer. Let us see: “Qiyamah will not break loose unless my ummah follows the antecedent’s inch by inch, step by step,” he said.


See, Prophet Muhammad stated here that the greatest danger to his ummah is that they imitate non-Muslims, Christians, and Greeks. He said that Qiyamah will not break loose unless his ummah starts following others inch by inch, step by step. This is because it is unthinkable for people who hold fast to Islam to imitate others. An ummah that drifts apart from Islam will surely start imitating others. They follow others.


Islam is the holiest, and an ummah that follows others will have no correlation whatsoever with Islam. This is because all manners of advancement and development is in Islam. If there is something right, beautiful, or beneficial anywhere in the world, then it is from Islam. Therefore, there is no need to imitate anyone, because every truth and every beauty belongs to Islam.


Another narration is about adorning the mosques and that there have been battles with the Turks. Our Prophet informed us about these as well. You can find this rivayat – narration in al-Jaami‘ as-Sagheer. See, these have happened, and Turks become Muslims, and they have provided great services to Islam, and insha ‘Allah, they will always do.


That said, the 214th verse of Surah al-Baqarah says: “Or do you think you will enter Janna before experiencing what happened to those who passed away before you?”


They have been shaken and shattered so hard. They have experienced such hardships, and such disasters that even the Prophets started wondering when will Allah’s help come. That is why Muslims need to hold fast to Islam with a firm perseverance, and they need to attain the kindness (lutf) of Allah. See, this is where blissful life lies.


He said, “As for the greatest danger; is there anyone more deviant under the open sky than he who follows his whim?” This truth is clearly indicated in the 50th verse of Surah al-Qasas [28].

Then again, the times are subject to change but this does not change the documents and proofs of the religion (din), because the religion (din) does not change over time.


The religion (din) is ahead of all ages, and the religion (din) includes all innovations. Islam unfolds brand-new provisions as times come, because it includes them. These are the words of Ibn Qayyim, among Hanafites. He said that the times are subject to change but that does not mean the proofs and documents of the religion also change.


See, knowledge without document is like the parable of the man who gathers wood at night. He who obtains knowledge without source is like he who gathers wood at dark, for he will take horned vipers thinking they are wood, and those vipers will bite him, and poison him.


See, this is the word of Imam al-Shafi’i, rahmatullahi alayh. Everything about Islam is real, and it has all that is new. It is just that you need to understand Islam, because as the times change, as new ages come and state of affairs change Islam unfolds new provisions (hukm) for new state of affairs. There cannot be an innovation that is not present in Islam. Every innovation is present in Islam, it is just that you need to understand Islam.


Time Stamp: 5:45


The religion does not ever change, for it is a divine establishment. The times change, conditions change, and everything may change. Islam brings forth new provisions (hukm) that are already in its structure for the changing state of affairs.


So, what does Islam do with these provisions (hukm)? Islam develops new provisions (hukm) as times change because all times have been folded and wrapped into Islam; it incorporates all times. As their time and place comes, the related sections are unfolded.


That said, in al-Jawharatun-Nayyira and other sources they say it is necessary (wajib) to imitate wise âlims and the four madhabs (schools).


This is the situation for non-mujtahids. Here is what it means: The contents of the four madhabs (schools) are filled with mujtahids. There have been many mujtahids raised in that ecole up to this day, and insha ‘Allah there will always be such mujtahids until Qiyamah. As for us, non-mujtahid people, there is a real need for a mujtahid, but this is for the non-mujtahids.


In other words, the illiterate ones need literate ones, and that is why it is said in al-Jawharatun-Nayyira. The way of Ahlus-Sunnah wa’l-Jama’ah is in progress via the four madhabs (schools).


As for the schools outside these schools, their aspects that suit Ahlus-Sunnah are considered valid, and their ahlul bid’ah and dalalah aspects are considered invalid.


Editor’s note: Ahlul bid’ah means evil innovations or innovators, and dalalah means misguidance.


Now, let us see what Janâb-i Haqq said in the 7th verse of Surah al-Anbiya.


[21:7] “Ask the People of the Reminder if you do not know.”


Those who do not know should ask the ones who know and learn. That is why it is said that to arrive at the world of ulus – the principles are the ultimate union (wuslat) with the Real (al-Haqq). See, mujtahids are usul alims – Islamic scholars of the principles.


The non-mujtahids should in all conscience act in unison with the mujtahids, meaning they shall abide by those who know, the real scholars who know what is right. We need to be careful about those who bring destruction under the label of innovation and revolution! Do you see those who wish to bring destruction under the name of innovation and revolution, whether they are from the east or from the west, we need to be careful about them, for there are people who wish to bring destruction under the name of innovation and revolution. So, be vigilant concerning this matter!


“Sends down a mujaddid (renewal) in every century,” this is a narration by Abū Dāwūd      and Al-Bayhaqi. Islam is always new, and there will always be âlims – Islamic scholars who will preserve that newness and understand it properly. We hear the news that there will be authentic âlims (Islamic scholars) in every century.


That said, the 71st verse of Surah al-Muminun [23] says: “Had the truth followed their desires surely the world and the heavens would have corrupted.”


See, the truth does not conform to anyone, rather everyone has to follow the right and reality – haqq and haqiqa. If you try to attune the truth at your whim, then the world becomes corrupt. See, everyone has to follow the right and reality – haqq and haqiqa.



Time Stamp: 10:03



See, what do people do as they attune the truth to themselves, according to their sweet will? They divert the truth from its purpose and its measure, and attune the truth to at their whim. Therefore, the truth is no longer the truth, and bear this in mind, for everyone has to follow the truth. “Those who attune the truth to themselves are the ones who distort the order in the heavens and in the heart,” he says. They are the ones who cause corruption on earth.


There is also the following matter, about which we need to be careful. Rashad Khalifa, who set out in America claimed he knew the exact date of Qiyamah, and claimed other things by basing it all on the number 19, he was using abjad calculations to predict what will happen. See, that man is interpreting the truth according to his own desires, and he claimed most hadith were lies, and he rejected them. We need to be careful about this! It has been revealed that the ideas of Rashad Khalifa are not based on the principles.


Also, do not forget the following narration: “The stars of dirayat (comprehension) and the seas of riwayat (narration) disagree with them; the alims (scholars) of the first period and the last are the stars of dirayat, and the seas of riwayat.”


That is why no matter how hard people like Rashad Khalifa strive, their ideas that are not based on the authentic sources brought forth by Ahlus-Sunnah wa’l-Jama’ah will never gain authenticity. So, let them think about this.


Time Stamp: 12:18



–          The End        –

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 117


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most Merciful.

Let me give you this as a side note: Ibn Taymiyyah, Ibn Qayyim, and Jahm ibn Safwan have the following view, which they claimed. Their views go against Ahlus-Sunnah.

They say,” Janna and Jahannam are not everlasting.”

Now, this view is against the literal (zahir) of the Quran, and its principles. Their view is both contrary to the Quran, and to the views of Ahlus-Sunnah.

In the sufism – tasawwuf terminology, sources such as Al-Ghazali’s Ma’rifatullah, Al-Awwal, and Al-Āhir contain necessary information on these matters.

The views that do not suit Ahlus-Sunnah should not be credited. The views within Ahlus-Sunnah are truly suitable to the literal – zahir aspect of Islam, along with its meaning and verses.

Islam has a literal (zahir) and esoteric (batin) aspect, and Ahlus-Sunnah has obtained the true understanding of Islam from Prophet Muhammad and the companions (sahabah) and the predecessors (salaf). This understanding has been preserved by the community consensus (ijma al-ummah).

Opinions of a few individuals do not ever reflect the view of the entire Ahlus-Sunnah, and more so when their opinions contradict that of Ahlus-Sunnah; in these cases they are not credited, and the Muslims all around the world have to be vigilant in this matter. They need to show utmost care and effort in order to not deviate to ways of ahlul bid’ah (evil innovators), and dalalah (misguidance).


Time Stamp: 2:21


–          The End        –

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 118


On the 1-10th verses of Surah al-Nisa


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most Merciful.

Dearest and most revered friends,

Almighty Allah, who created men and life, has written the prescription and set it forth. See, our life-giving lectures continue.

Astaizu billah:

[00:40 – 01:08] The hodja is reciting the 1st verse of Surah al-Nisa [4].

[01:08 – 01:24] The hodja is reciting the 2nd verse of Surah al-Nisa [4].

“O, mankind! Fear your Rabb, the One who created you from a single soul, and created from it its mate, and dispersed from both of them many men and women.”

Be mindful of your Rabb’s punishment, and fear your Rabb’s punishment. Allah is the only Being from whom we should fear. Allah is the only Being whom we should love. Others are loved for Allah, and others are feared for Allah.

“Fear Allah through whom you plead each other’s rights, and abstain from cutting the ties of kinship. Indeed, Allah is Ever-Watchful over you.”

“Give the orphans their wealth, and do not exchange the bad with the good. Do not consume their wealth by mixing them with your wealth, for this is a great sin.”

See, this was referred to with the last two words of the 2nd verse: “A great sin.”

[2:52 – 3:13] The hodja is reciting the 3rd verse of Surah al-Nisa [4].

[3:13 – 3:25] The hodja is reciting the 4th verse of Surah al-Nisa [4].

[3:25 – 3:41] The hodja is reciting the 5th verse of Surah al-Nisa [4].

In these verses, Almighty Rabb said:

“If you fear that you will not be able to deal justly with the orphans when you marry them, then marry from the women whom you like up to two, three, or four. If you fear from observing justice, then one, or be content with what your hand possesses. That is more appropriate that you may not diverge from right doings.”

“Give women their dower graciously. But if they remit to you anything of it on their own, then eat it with satisfaction and ease.”

“Do not give from your wealth to which Allah assigned you to the foolish; do feed them out of it, and clothe them, and speak to them words of kindness.”


Time Stamp: 4:55


Dearest friends,

In marriage, women, or rather Islam women are insured the moment marriage ceremony (nikah) is completed, and her dower (mahr) is given. That dower (mahr) belongs only to that woman who has been married. It does not belong to the husband, maternal side, paternal side, or the family of the husband, it belongs only to the woman.

Dower is a woman’s primary capital, and is given to her in marriage (nikah). As for marriage (nikah), it is an excellent insurance for women in Islam. That is why we need to understand Al-Quran Al-Karim correctly, because it is Allah who created life, people, men, and women. See, Allah created a blissful life for both men and women, and everything necessary for their bliss has been commanded to them by Al-Quran Al-Karim.

One simply cannot object to the Quran’s commands without properly listening and understanding the matter of marriage (nikah). One simply cannot object to Allah, for the Quran is the Book of Allah. Neither women, nor men can, nor lords, nor generals can object to the Quran. The Quran is the Book of Allah, and it cannot be opposed.

Those who do not understand the Quran correctly, meaning those who failed in comprehending it, and object to it at the same time, along with those who misrepresent the provisions (hukm) of the Quran on women, are both slandering Allah, and slandering women, and at the same time they are extorting woman rights.

Allah has given women their rights in Al-Quran Al-Karim, and has given rights to men as well. They both constitute the body, and men and women are the most valuable beings in each other’s lives. It is only the Shaitan who come between them.

See, it is the modern shaitans who segregate men by claiming women rights, and those who segregate women by claiming men rights. Al-Quran Al-Karim has given their rights to everyone.

Women have their femininity, principles of womanhood, feminine build, along with their sociological, spiritual, bodily and physical structure are known best by Allah, for it is Allah who personally created women. Allah is All-Knowing. Allah set forth rules so that women may be happy, also placed rules for men for their happiness. They were created from a single wujūd – being. Men and women were created from a single wujūd – being.

Some come in between them and remove womanhood from women and remove manhood from men. They masculinise women and femininize men, but they have their spiritual and physical structure, and what suits men is to be men, and what suits women is to be women. It is important to preserve your innate nature (fitrah), because if you don’t, then think about what will happen to you in the world earth, in the grave, and in the afterlife. Allah, who created life itself has set forth life-giving principles for the happiness of women and men.

So, let us understand Al-Quran Al-Karim correctly, for he who gets life right will get Al-Quran Al-Karim right, and he who gets the Quran right will get life right.

See, it is Allah who created life, created the universe, and sent down Al-Quran Al-Karim for the happiness of the universe; after all the universe is in the service of humans. As for humans, they are created perfectly with its men and women to obey Allah, to worship and believe Allah, and to know Allah and subject themselves to Allah.


Time Stamp: 10:30


Dearest ladies!

Do not listen to anyone, rather listen to Allah. Whatever Allah has said in Al-Quran Al-Karim, along with what our Prophet and his companions said in the sunnah, and ijmā (consensus) have been preserved and brought up to this day by Islamic scholars, mujtahid scholars, and revered figures.

They have understood Islam well, and preserved it to this day. Islam is in safe hands, and we shall raise competent cadres and convey this knowledge to them. We have faithful and heroic women, and men. We shall submit this holy cause to these faithful generations and cadres. We shall preserve what has been entrusted with us, and hand it over to competent hands.

In these verses of the Quran, Janâb-i Haqq has set forth the divine principles regarding the social life of humanity on earth, along with the provisions regarding the social needs of men and women, and what is necessary for the souls and bodies. See, Allah has set forth the divine principles regarding families and marriage, along with the principles with regards to the individual, family, society, nation, and state.

It is necessary to know these and live these correctly. We need to be full of love, and encompass each other with love. That way, your faith shall reflect to others.

Did you believe in Allah? Did you subordinate yourselves to Allah? When you do, an endless and boundless affection towards all the creatures will brim over in your spiritual world, and you shall start loving the things Allah told you to love. So, where does that begin? See, love begins in the family first.

With this marriage between individuals a mutual contract is made with love. This mutual contract is made with the principles of Islam such as faith, love, and morals. When the marriage contract (nikah) is complete, there occurs a love and a small state of faith; and this is how a family is born.

This is how the core of the state is founded. This happens with principles of belief (iman) and Islam. This happens with love of Allah, and devotion to Almighty Allah who has no beginning (azali) and no end (abadi).

Allah starts sending down success (fayiz) and inspiration, and with them you love your family for Allah, and your family loves you back; you start loving your children, and your house becomes a vessel of bliss that is afloat in an ocean of love, and thus you live a blissful life with your family.

In that vessel you sail across life; afloat in the ocean of love. This is how the state is found, by myriad of such vessels whose destination is Allah. That is, families are like vessels.

See, everything is to perish, except love and belief in Allah. It is just that you should not consider false and imitated love true love, because the source of true love is loving Allah, and being loved by Allah.

That is why, “Give women their dower (mahr) graciously.”

That is what Almighty Allah said in the 4th verse of Surah al-Nisa [4].

But if they remit to you anything of it on their own, then eat it with satisfaction and ease. Do not give your wealth which Allah has assigned to you to the feeble-minded. That is, do not give it to the immature, foolish, weak-minded, or underage people.


Time Stamp: 15:07


Rather feed them using that wealth, protect them, look out for them, clothe them, feed them, meet their needs and speak to them words of kindness.

See, the glorious Quran is shedding nūr (light), and giving life:

[15:27 – 15:58] The hodja is reciting the 6th verse of Surah al-Nisa [4].

[16:01 – 16:19] The hodja is reciting the 7th verse of Surah al-Nisa [4].

Now, let us see the contents of these verses:

“Observe and test the orphans until they reach the age of marriage. If you perceive in them mature judgement, then deliver them their wealth. Do not eat it extravagantly and hastily fearing that they will grow up and get hold of their wealth. Whoever is rich should refrain from eating their wealth. Whoever is poor – then let him eat of it in a fair manner. Then, when you deliver their wealth to them, do this by taking witnesses. Allah is sufficient as a Reckoner.”

See, Allah will bring you to the account, so do not do wrong deeds. Do not ever eat off of anyone’s wealth unjustly. Do not even attempt to eat off of an orphan’s wealth, ever. Do not ever forget that if you do, your entire body will be filled with Fire! Do not forget that he who eats off of human rights or of orphan’s wealth shall eat Fire!

“Men have shared in what is left by parents and their close relatives. Women have share in what is left by parents and their close relatives.”

We see here that in Al-Quran Al-Karim, Allah has divided what is left to men and women. Women are inheritors, and men are also inheritors.

“Whether these are little or much – a share that is made obligatory (fard).”

So, give everyone their rights, and divide the inheritance honestly and fairly, and no one should eat off of another’s rights.

[18:39 – 18:53] The hodja is reciting the 8th verse of Surah al-Nisa [4].

[18:53 – 19:07] The hodja is reciting the 9th verse of Surah al-Nisa [4].

[19:07 – 19:22] The hodja is reciting the 10th verse of Surah al-Nisa [4].

There is terrifying news, so please listen closely. Let us see what is said:

“If the relatives, the orphans, and the poor are present (at the time of division), give them something too, and win their hearts by speaking kind words.”

This word is about the relatives who are not inheritors. Otherwise, Allah has already made the proper division with the revelation of the verses on inheritance.


Time Stamp: 20:00


See, everyone has to divide the inheritance in a just manner abiding by these measures.

“Let those who would fear concerning their future had they left behind weak offspring, feel the same fear concerning the orphans.”

Now, think of it like this, Janâb-i Haqq says you should think about the orphans the way you think about your own offspring.

“So, let them fear Allah, and let them speak true words.”

See, a Muslim always speaks the truest of word; his essence and his word is true. A Muslim has faith – iman. He has Islam. That person is a Muslim both inside and outside, and he is honest and above board.

It is our Almighty Rabb who commanded, “So be steadfast as you are commanded,” in the 112nd verse of Surah al-Hud [11].

See, Almighty Rabb observes us, seeing what the servants (qul) are doing. Allah sees you at all times, and you are weak, cannot see Allah, but do not forget that Allah sees you. Do not forget that Allah sustains you, and that it is Allah who gives wealth and property, and every bounty (nimat). Do not forget Allah, and divide the inheritance correctly, and do not be unjust. And do not eat off of anyone’s right.

“Those who consume the wealth of the orphans wrongfully, will have indeed filled their bellies with Fire, and end up in Jahannam.”

See, what did the last verse that I have recited say? Let us see:

[22:04 – 22:10] The hodja is reciting an excerpt from the 10th verse of Surah al-Nisa [4].

Interpretation: “Those who consume the wealth of the orphans only fill their bellies with Fire.”

[22:17 – 22:21] The hodja is reciting an excerpt from the 10th verse of Surah al-Nisa [4].

Interpretation: “They will end up in Jahannam’s Fire; they will enter a blazing Fire,” says Allah.

See, Allah has endless and boundless bounties – nimat in the heavens and in the earth. So do not eat off of peoples’ rights, rather consume what is lawful (halal), for there is remedy in halal, and there is health and peace.

On the contrary, there is calamity and trouble in sinful (haram). See, every haram is like a bomb that shall go off inside, do not forget this. Every haram is like a bomb that goes off inside when eaten.

It will not necessarily go off like a bomb, but it may be like a virus or microbe with which you may get infected. See, there are a myriad of viruses, and there are lots of varieties, and if you get infected with one of them, then those small things that are barely visible through a microscope will grow in you. Do you know how many living things live in a small area like a small dot or tip of a pencil?

Now, say you got infected with one of them, and it spread to your liver, your heart, and infect your cells, and render an organ useless, and then spread to your nervous system; you will be ruined. Say you got cancerous cells growing in your body. Even the doctors may get cancer, and even the doctors are incapable of saving doctors, why? This is because no one can go beyond Allah’s taqdir, or rather divine decree.

See, all people are servants (qul); they are helpless. Their power is only up to some extent, and there is no going beyond. So, live under the command of Allah who is al-Qadir – omnipotent.

Al-Quran Al-Karim is the Book of Life that is set forth by Allah who is al-Qadir, omnipotent. It is the timeless book of bliss that sheds nūr (light) and gives life.

So, live the life of Islam, and abide by the principles of the Quran, for contemporaneity, and to be ahead of all ages, and to rise towards the heavens is possible with Quran, with the love of Allah, and with the pleasure (riza) of Allah, and with working in the way of Allah.

Do you know where people go by worshipping taghuts (i.e. false gods) such as idols? They go downwards. And if they rise upwards, then that is only for their destruction; so that they may be thrown down.


Time Stamp: 25:00


Have you ever seen a polytheist (mushrik) who rises and never falls? They always fall and get torn apart. There were the Pharaohs, why did Janâb-i Haqq elevated them? Janâb-i Haqq had elevated them to destroy them, and they all perished.

Allah gave istidraj (gradual destruction) to some, and then threw them down; being torn to pieces, they all perished. Do you think you can be happy by denying Allah, by practicing polytheism, by rejecting the Quran, and by rejecting the true life? That is nothing but suicide, and self-destruction.

So, you’re saying that we should reject Allah though Allah who created us? See, as Allah created us from nothing, we’ll be brought to Allah’s presence for reckoning; Allah is al-Qadir – All-Powerful over everything.

Every word in Al-Quran Al-Karim says is right, for they are the utterances (kalām) of Allah, and there is no doubt about it.

Now, let us provide discovery notes and explanations on some of the verses of Quran that we’ve recited. Let us give you tafsir – exegetical notes, and discovery notes. This way we’ll understand it better, Insha’Allah Ta’ala.

See, the important thing is to understand every matter and every verse and every word correctly. This is the whole point, because if you simply recite Al-Quran Al-Karim without understanding anything, then you will not have obtained much from the Quran, and this would surely not serve its purpose. Now, what is the purpose of the revelation of the Quran? It is to make you happy forever, and if you ask how you will be happy; then the answer is to understand it well, do what it necessitates, and implement it in your life.

See, your heart shall sip at the everlasting life-giving abundance (fayiz) of the Quran in small swallows. The Quran sheds nūr (light), and gives fayiz over fayiz, and ilm over ilm.

Editor’s note: The word “fayiz” means “success, abundance, inner peace, and spiritual pleasure”. The word “ilm” means “knowledge, science”.

Al-Quran Al-Karim is a sublimity that is above science (ilm), above nature, and above wonders. See, there is so much fayez – lesson in it to be obtained.

There are people who talk too much but give very little information, whereas Al-Quran Al-Karim is vaster than seas and oceans. Why do you talk too much and waste everyone’s time while conveying very little information to the society, or provide distorted information?

Al-Quran Al-Karim is a downright and outright haqq and right knowledge, so why are you talking by distorting the facts? Why won’t you speak honest and aboveboard?

That is why, dearest friends! Al-Quran Al-Karim is indeed the source of the life-giving nūr (light). So, beware of those who hide it from the society. See, there are those who hide it from the society, those who distort it, and those who mistell it, along with those who idle away time, those call to themselves, who advertise themselves; there are people who wish to ostracize the authentic people of science and their history, along with all our valuable mujtahids, and the way of Ahlus-Sunnah. I say, decline them with the back of your hand, for these are the people who should be ostracized.

Whoever ostracizes the way of Ahlus-Sunnah wa’l-Jama’ah, uses it to advertise himself, and call people to himself, cast them out with your own hands. See, when you personally apply to Allah, the Prophet, the Quran, and our principal sources of knowledge (ilm) that are in the way of Ahlus-Sunnah wa’l-Jama’ah, then no one will be able to misguide you.

They will not be able to misguide you using the sharia (law), nor by using the tariqa (school), nor by using the haqiqa (reality), nor by using the philosophy, nor by holding the East or the West as an example, nor by using the moon. Why? Because Islam and the Quran has so many authentic and firm sources that it is impossible to cover the sun; see you cannot cover the sun.


Time Stamp: 30:00


They may only cover themselves, and leave themselves in the dark. Those who ostracize haqiqa (the reality) should realise that they are ostracizing themselves from haqq (the truth). That is why we say we are from you and you are from us. We do not segregate people, the truth shall be with us, and the truth shall reign. Wherever there is a truth it belongs to us, and wherever there is a wrong it is not from us, nor is it from you.

See, you are with me and I am with you, and the entire humanity are servants (qul) of Allah, and we need to be beneficial to all humanity, distribute all the bounties (nimat) of Almighty Allah in a fair manner by observing social justice. We need to truly understand and comprehend the divine distribution law. We need to love each other as we love our own lives. Your life is my life, and vice versa. This is how Islam embraces the humanity.

See, Almighty Allah has created all the worlds with the manifestation of Allah’s mercy (rahmat). Allah did not even discriminate between believers and non-believers, and gave the main capital to everyone. Allah has founded this world of test, and says these to those who win: I have a rahmat al-rahim – blessing of the Most Gracious. I have endless bounties (nimat).

That is as long as you believe, as long as you do good deeds, and as long as you submit to My Messenger Muhammad, and implement the laws and rules of the sharia (law) of Islam. Understand and comprehend the Quran well, and implement it into your lives. Seek life, and attain eternal life, says Janâb-i Haqq, and presents us the everlasting life, the immortal life, and welcomes us servants (qul) to it.

Allah tells us these via Al-Quran Al-Karim and Islam. Allah presented us this immortality and bliss via Prophet Muhammad.

Allah offers it to us, and says that we will be given the immortal life, and that this is why the Janna (Paradise) was created. There is no death in Janna (Paradise). As for Islam, it is the Paradise of this world but in one way or another some people could not understand and comprehend Islam correctly, nor could they believe. And some of them want everyone to be like them.

You should not rise to the bait, nor step on the trap. The Iblīs (the Devil) was expelled from the rahmat (mercy) of Allah, and he shall work to take revenge from humanity until the Day of Judgment. Iblīs has men, has a cadre. The enemies of the Quran, the truth, and the iman (faith). They have always been on the side of disbelief (kufr), and the tyrants (zalim), and those who exploit people’s rights. This cadre is for nothing but exploitation. The labour force of this cadre is nothing but exploitation, polytheism (shirk), and corruption (nifaq). Islam came to save them too, calling them to the faith – iman; calling them to Islam.

Now, after conveying you short and core meanings of the first ten verses of Surah al-Nisa [4], let us now talk about this surah, and its contents, and present you some notes from our life notes with regards to the discovery of these verses.

This is Surah al-Nisa, and the word Nisa means women. It is one of the longer verses of Al-Quran Al-Karim, and it is the fourth magnificent surah of the Quran. Surah al-Nisa comes after al-Fatihah, al-Baqarah, and Imran, as the fourth surah. Nisa means women. So, it is the women surah, which is about women. This is Janâb-i Haqq’s verses on women rights, and the sociological, biological, spiritual, and bodily needs of women. Janâb-i Haqq has written an endless and boundless prescription in the Quran for their happiness.

See, the name of this surah in Al-Quran Al-Karim is Surah al-Nisa [4]. Nisa means women, and it is among the surahs that were revealed in Madinah, meaning this is a Madani surah. It has been accepted that it contains 176 verses by the majority. The number of verses accepted by the majority is 176.


Time Stamp: 35:40


Encompasses women’s juridical and social rights, and the brotherhood of people, along with provisions about women, showing kindness to orphans, protecting, and marrying, and matters of inheritance, commands, decrees (hukm), family education (tarbiya), cleanliness, namāz (prayer), five times of namāz (prayer), jihād (struggle) in the way of Allah, hastening in goodness, and to do your utmost to exalt Islam. Surah al-Nisa [4] also contains commands on top brass, and many other matters such as the creation of Adam.

See, Surah al-Nisa [4] and Surah al-Hajj [22] both start by addressing mankind. Janâb-i Haqq says, “O, mankind!” by starting these surahs, and this is the case in both this surah and Surah al-Hajj [22]. Meaning, the entire humanity is being addressed. Janâb-i Haqq always set forth evidence after addressing the deniers and disbelievers (kāfirs). As for the believers (mu’mins), bounties (nimat) were mentioned. Surely, bounties (nimat) and bliss were presented to the believers after they are addressed by saying, “O, you who have faith.”

On the other hand, Janâb-i Haqq brought forth evidence while addressing the deniers, and all classes of people who disbelieve. So, why did Janâb-i Haqq place evidence? This is for calling them to the faith – iman.

Janâb-i Haqq wants the salvation of all the servants (qul), but the disbelieving servant (qul) insists on disbelief, and thus the blame falls on him.

See, the verses of the Quran, the commands of Islam, and Prophet Muhammad came for the salvation of the entire humanity. However, people try to destroy the mercy that is given to them by their own hands, and they try to escape from it. They are trying to destroy their own happiness by their own hands, is this not a pity.

If a person burns the house he is in, or cuts the branch he’s on, would you call him smart? Islam is the beginningless (azali) and eternal (abadi) mercy (rahmat) that your Creator presented to you so that you may be happy forever; it is a manifestation of mercy, and you do not accept it. You are destroying yourself, and others.

Then again, dearest friends! See mankind along with its men and women, and see the beginning of this verse that says Adam was created from nothing, and see that Hawwa (Eve) was created from the body of Adam; do you see that they were created as a couple, and one was created from the life of the other.

That is, the humanity with its men and women were created from a single wujūd (being). Hawwa (Eve) was created from the body of Adam.

Now, some ascribe feminine singular indefinite noun in 4:1:8 to Hawwa (Eve) whereas it is just that the first created “nafs” is a feminine noun.


Time Stamp: 40:00


The word “nafs” is not masculine but feminine, and because it is a feminine noun some people ascribed it to Hawwa (Eve), and they say Adam was created from Hawwa, but this is contrary to the truth, the view of the majority, the public, and the understanding of Ahlus-Sunnah.

Let me explain this now, it was Adam (a.s.) who was created from nothing, and from his body was created our mother Hawwa (eve). See, women and men are of a single wujūd (being) and a single body. They are like two halves of an apple.

Do not separate them from one another, because if you separate them or exclude one, then you would be splitting humanity into two, which will ruin humanity, and nothing will remain in the name of happiness.

The best of the creatures on earth for women is men and vice versa. This is the essence of this worldly creature, this is where beauty lies, where love lies, and that is where the best and perfect bounty (nimat) of the world happens.

If you break the relationship between men and women, you reap humanity and cut half the happiness away, and if the person who is left is deprived of the other half of happiness, he will be in permanent frustration, which is such a pity.

On the other hand, as Islam adorned both genders, and addressed them as a whole. This is especially seen when two faithful people marry. See, when a faithful couple comes together in marriage, they establish a small family state, which is the core of the state; and that is where true happiness lies.

It is just that they both should have the same belief and share the same joy. Because if one of them says one thing and the other claims the contrary, and vice versa, then clearly, they are not sharing the same faith, same joy, and same concern. If these are not present then you think about the rest!

This is why a Muslim woman cannot marry men from non-Muslim nations. There is a superiority in Islam, and an elevated person cannot enter into the service of anyone; especially when it comes to non-Muslims, polytheism (shirk), disbelief (kufr), and corruption (nifaq). Iman cannot partake in polytheism, nor enter into its service.

Islam is the sovereignty of Allah. Do you think you can take it and subject it to the command of those who disbelieve in Allah, disbelieve in the Quran, disbelieve in Islam, disbelieve in the holy values? You cannot simply make Islam a prisoner in chains. That is why a Muslim, a faithful woman cannot marry anyone except other faithful men. Speak the truth, for this is the command of Islam.

Now, as for men, if a man believes he will establish the dominance of Islam and iman – faith, then it is makruh (disliked) but jaiz (permissible) for him to marry the women of the people of the book.

With that said, with regards to the ulama’s comprehension of the verses we have scholarly people and sahâba who claim that this provision is only about the periods Islam was predominant.

See, iman – faith, Islam, and the right and reality cannot ever be subject to the command of misguidance (dalalah), nor can it be imprisoned.

Men should also be wary concerning this because what is most virtuous for men is to marry free and chaste Muslims women.


Time Stamp: 45:06


There are permissible (jaiz) things, and there are disliked (makruh) things but there are great dangers in them, and you may not see them. See, the religion of Islam has calculated the problems that shall occur in the future which will cause you to lose virtue (fazilat). That is why this situation is not a violation of anyone’s right, rather it is a necessity of the divine measures.

Islam is universal, and it is friendly towards all people. Islam is peace, and belief – iman. Islam is reality – haqiqa. But some people are not like this towards Islam, and if you ask me where do I know all this, I will say Almighty Allah who created us has already set forth the measures regarding these, and we need to pay attention to them.

See, you need to know how the Creator created men and women, and what sort of beings they both are. You can get to know men and women by knowing Al-Quran Al-Karim well. You cannot study humans by just studying biology and anatomy. You may get to know human flesh, bone, blood, and physical structure. The essence of man is the soul and the heart, it is the contents of the heart and the soul. The values that make the heart and the soul happy are all in Al-Quran Al-Karim and neither the sociologists nor the psychologists, nor the biologists, nor the others know about them. These values are set forth by Allah via the Messenger, and Al-Quran Al-Karim which is the Book of Allah. Remember that if the world has made any progress it is only to the extent that humanity understands Al-Quran Al-Karim, and had they known it better they would have made more progress, but there is good news in Al-Quran Al-Karim with regards to this matter.

Such as 41:53 that says: We will manifest our signs in the horizons (anfusi) and in themselves (afaqi) and the disbelievers will believe.

Insha Allah those who do not accept the reality (haqiqa) of Islam will one day accept it, and the disbelievers will also start believing. See, Islam is friendly towards the universe, and it is its saviour, and it is the source of beginningless (azali) and endless (abadi) bliss.

Islam is a reality (haqiqa), and it is not possible to deny it. Those who deny are actually destroying themselves and they are not aware. Allah will not cease to exist just because they deny. The Quran will not cease to exist just because they deny.

The sun will continue to shine even if the whole world starts shouting that it does not exist. Islam has enlightened the world for fourteen centuries, and it will continue to do so.

See the 36th verse of Surah Ya-Sin. Let us see what Janâb-i Haqq said:

[48:47 – 48:55] The hodja is reciting an excerpt from the 36th verse of Surah Ya-Sin [36].

Allah says that it is the Subhan (Immaculate) who created all in pairs. See, Allah is the Subhan (Immaculate), and that Subhan (Immaculate) has created all in pairs, says the Quran.

See, Allah has created all in pairs. All creatures were created in pairs. Even the electricity has its positive and negative, and they call one masculine and the other feminine.

Allah has created all in pairs, but Allah is a Being who is single. Allah is a unique Being; the Everlasting Being.

That is why Al-Imam Al-Azam used the following words by praising and glorifying (tasbih) Almighty Allah. See, he praised Allah by saying: SubhananAl’ Abadiyyil Abad – Glorified be Allah, who is Infinite, Eternal.


Time Stamp: 50:00


He glorifies Allah by saying Allah is the Infinite, Eternal, Subhan (Immaculate), free from all imperfect attributes (sifāt). He said all that is pure and holy is with Allah. He said that everything in the universe, living and inanimate, glorifies (tasbih) the Subhan (Immaculate). He says that Allah is Subhan (Immaculate), and is Infinite and Eternal.

He said, “subhanel vahidi’l ehad,” meaning Allah is One in Being, and Allah is the Subhan who is One in the attributes (sifāt).

Everything about Janâb-i Haqq is unique. Allah is both wahid and ahad – the Absolute, the One. Allah is also, “subhanel ferdis-samed,” he said. Meaning everything is in need of Allah, and that Allah is such a Being who is As-Samad – the Perfect One, and everyone needs Allah and Allah does not need anyone.

This is how Al-Imam Al-Azam supplicated and kept glorifying Allah.

See, if you open Al-Quran Al-Karim and study its verses well, you’ll get to know Almighty Allah quite well. That is, of course you’ll get to know Allah to the extent of your humbleness, ignorance, and unwariness.

In fact, Almighty Allah is as Allah describes Allah. If you could unite the languages, intellects, and knowledge of all creatures and praise Allah, we would not be praised the way Allah deserves. Allah is, just like Allah says, unique and exalted.

We only know Allah to the extent of our ability, as best as we can but we are unable. All creations (makhluqat) are powerless in the face of Allah’s omnipotence (qudrah).

That is why dearest friends. Valuable and revered creatures and servants (qul) of Allah! Let us understand the glorious Quran, the enlightening Al-Quran Al-Karim well so that we may find life! Internal and external peace is in Islam. Do you want peace and safety in your inner world? Then, you shall obtain what you need from Islam and the Quran. Do you want external peace and safety? Then you shall implement the measures and precautions set forth by Al-Quran al-Karim. What is necessary for safety, and measures against the enemy are all present in the Quran.

See, the hypocrites (munafiqs) in the Islamic world and humanity are dangerous, they are the seed of evil.

See, everything has a seed in it, and what does that seed do? It develops, and reproduces, and increases in number, and the hypocrites (munafiq) are the seed of evil, and they are no good for anything else.

It is hard for a hypocrite (munafiq) to adopt faith and repent. So, we say: May Allah bestow upon the true tawhid iman – monotheistic faith to all hypocrites (munafiq), along with the polytheists (mushrik), and the deniers (munkir), and the sinners such as faajir and fāsiq people. This is what we strive for but be careful about the hypocrites (munafiq) because they are the seed of evil, and are like vicious vermin. They cause the humanity to brim over with unrest (fitnah) and corruption (fasād), and it is said that we should be cautious of them.

Now, all the creations that you see, including man, and whatever there is in the universe and nature are all works of Allah. They are not creations of nature, rather nature itself with its every fibre, a work of Allah.

See, this is a knowledge that the philosophies of today’s world and the books people read in classes do not possess: in all the universities and in all the schools, people should start their work by having faith (iman) and by reciting basmala. The entirety of all the worlds, and all creations, foremost mankind, and nature itself are all works of Allah.


Time Stamp: 55:12


They were all created for men, and men were created to be under Allah’s command, to be servants (qul), and to do good deeds that we call amal-e-saleh. Unfortunately, this is what humanity lacks most in today’s world.

Some people are endeavouring to teach people naturism, and the naturists are divinising nature, while the animists are trying to divinize the spirits, and another group denies all of it, and yet another approaches everything with suspicion.

Now, they are all harming humanity, and they are all working to destroy humanity. It is the true belief (iman) that is brought forth by Islam that will save the humanity along with the life lessons which are the verses of Al-Quran Al-Karim, Prophet Muhammad, the hadith-i sharifs, ijmā (consensus) and qiyās (analogical reasoning); and then comes the auxiliary (far’i) evidence.

Dearest friends, let us pay attention to this! Let us not forget that everything is by Allah’s creating, and that everything is a work of Allah. See, the world and nature, along with everything in them and every law of nature are managed personally by Allah Ta’ala.

Nature operates according to the laws and rules of Allah. Otherwise, neither people nor nature can create even a single fly. Janâb-i Haqq personally placed the laws of reproduction into nature, and created all of it from nothing, and created the laws regarding reproduction, and placed them into nature.

Today you see a man and woman come together and bring a human child into the world, but what you actually need to see is how Adam was created, and how Hawwa (eve) was created. Then think: The heavens and the earth, the climates, the Sun, the Moon, and the planets, is it possible that they have created themselves from nothing without there being a Creator?

Some will accept this but ask about our opinion regarding Allah Ta’ala. Allah’s existence is necessary, and it is a necessity of Allah’s own Being. For one thing, bear in mind that the creator is uncreated. Allah is the wajib al-wūjūd (necessary existent) Being. Allah’s non-existence is unthinkable, for Allah’s existence is necessary, and Allah’s existence is a necessity of Allah’s Being. Allah is a unique and peerless Being.

What you call nature consists of created things; everything in nature has been created. Is it wise to divinise them? That is why it is everyone’s innate obligation to know Allah. This is a necessity of our innate nature (fitrah), and our creation.

Belief (iman) is essential, but disbelief (kufr) is man-made, it was fabricated later. Meaning people fabricated it themselves, and then earned it. Therefore, disbelief is not essential, rather it is people’s own fabrication. On the other hand, belief (iman) is essential. As for Allah’s Being, that is beginningless (azali), endless (abadi), and necessary, for Allah is wajib al-wūjūd (necessary existent).

There is no need for disbelief (kufr) anywhere in the universe, nor there is a potential. That said, there is also no need for polytheism (shirk). People made these up themselves, and that is why they deserved Jahannam, and ruined themselves. This is actually unbelievable.

May Allah preserve us all from polytheism (shirk), disbelief (kufr), corruption (nifaq), being rebellious, and bad morals. May Allah bestow upon us an eternal life with good deeds (amal-e-saleh) and a perfect iman. May Allah make us shine with iman.


Time Stamp: 1:00:04


Do you see yourself? Do you see how you were created? For example, your head, who placed it there? There is also a nervous system in it! Who gave you eyes and made you see? Who gave you ears and made you hear? Who gave you intellect (aql), and made you talk and think? Do you see your fingers? Do you see your arms, and your shoulders that are perfectly placed? Your body has been created perfectly.

Do you see your organs or systems? Is nature able to create it? Nature itself is a creature, and a creature cannot create. There is only one creator, and that is Allah Ta’ala. So, get your mind together!

That said, there are people who say they narrate the Quran, who are really shallow when it comes to the Quran. So, be careful about the mindset that presents their own distorted ideas saying it is from the Quran.

See, their qualities are different, and their duties are mutually complementary, and they are a couple with different nature. That is, men and women. Their qualities are different, for example women have their own characteristics and men have their own characteristics. They are different but created perfectly.

They are a couple whose nature is different from each other, but their duties are mutually complementary.

See, Janâb-i Haqq created one, and then created his pair from him. See, Janâb-i Haqq created a person, and then created his wife from him. Then, the entire world reproduced from a single person. They are being bred and raised, but why? This is because it is a law; Janâb-i Haqq creates the laws of reproduction as well. Allah creates the laws of reproduction the way Allah created a man from nothing. The other creatures are also subject to this law but they have their duties in nature.

Allah created them to assign them duties in the ecosystem, and they all work for humanity, they serve humanity. All creatures (makhluqat) serve people, and people shall bow down to Allah, and live under Allah’s command.

They shall become complete Muslims so that they may show gratitude for the everlasting bounties and endless blessings given to them, because you cannot show your true gratitude for the blessings and bounties without becoming a complete Muslim. Only when you fulfil your obligation will Allah accept your gratitude.

Otherwise, being powerless, you will not be able to show gratitude for anything. For example, your eyes have seen once, so in order to pay your gratitude you have to create that eye and place it into that eye socket yourself. You cannot do this, or anything for that matter.

Then, let us fulfil our obligations as servants so that Allah, by Allah’s grace, may accept us among those who have given thanks. That said, Allah gives us the Janna (Paradise) by Allah’s grace. Besides, Allah has already given us the main capital, and wants to give us servants (qul) the endless capital. Allah only wants belief (iman) and good deeds (amal-e-saleh) in return.

Allah wants us to be good Muslims and give thanks. Allah says that Al-Quran Al-Karim is Allah’s constitution, and laws, and commands us to implement them one by one.

So, do not make much of other laws and do not ever live in guise of the laws of others. See, there are people that you cannot draw near due to their arrogance and pride, who do not accept the divine laws, who do not accept Allah or the Messenger, and who try to punish those who accept them in the harshest way. They reject freedom and liberty, and they slaughter people’s freedoms with their own hands, just take a look at that mindset.

Then they speak about contemporaneity, and human rights. They speak about sociology, and modern civilisation. They are the most uncivilised people of this age.


Time Stamp: 1:05:00


They are the mindset that deny Allah. They say they are modern, but they are against Allah. If modernity comes by opposing Allah, neglecting the laws, and punishing the believers, then Azrail will come tomorrow, and just like he took the lives of the people of the past, he will come and take the lives of the people of this day one by one.

It does not matter in whose guise you are in, and your chair and position will not matter either. It does not matter if it is me or you, Azrail will come and collect the souls. The faithful souls will go towards Allah with pleasure, while the unfaithful souls will move heaven and earth in order to escape. Why won’t you run away from Azrail? You cannot; no one can.

Go and unite all the armies of the world, they will not even look as strong as a dove next to the armies of Azrail. See, what will happen to all the generals, states-people, and the rich bigshots in the face of the armies of Azrail? They will be more helpless than a butterfly whose wings are taken.

Their hands will be powerless while Azrail comes and takes their lives. Their hands will not even be as powerful a weak spider web. See, not even as powerful as a weak spider web. So, get your mind together! We are all children of Adam. This is us, we’re all a single heart. We are from you and you are from us. Everyone has to get their heads straight.

We need to come before Allah with faith (iman), with the Quran, and with the values of Islam that Muhammad brought and implemented, we should be able to go to Allah having these, for the true salvation lies here, and this is the way to pass the test. This way you will have won the matriculation of the University of ʿArsh (the Throne). As you know there are gardens (jannah) beneath the ninth heaven (arsh-i ala). There are endless and boundless gardens (jannah).

When you win the matriculation of the University of ʿArsh (the Throne) you will be placed into the gardens beneath the ʿArsh (the Throne) one by one.

See, this world is what we call dunyā and it means an-adna which means lowest. As for Janna (Paradise) it is up high, and above it there is the Throne, and above it there is the ninth heaven (arsh-i ala). And what is beyond it? There are endless and boundless palaces and places. The ‚Alam al Lahut (The Realm of the Divinity) has encompassed all places from the inside and outside; there is a holy qudrah (omnipotence) that encompass all things from the smallest atom to all the worlds. See, there is Allah (c.c.).

See, with our humbleness we are obliged to speak the truths to people. This is what we are working for, for we are obliged. We cannot betray anyone. It is treason to conceal the truth. As for disbelief (kufr) it is slander to Allah, and denial, and betrayal. Polytheism is also slander to Allah. Nifaq is also slander to Allah, and denial.

As you know, Janâb-i Haqq made mention of marriage contract (nikah) in these verses. There is a hadith that goes:

The hodja is reciting the original text of the following hadith-i sharif in Arabic.

What does he say?

“Get married, and reproduce, because even if you miscarry, I will take pride in you as opposed to other nations,” see Prophet Muhammad wants to rejoice his faithful ummah in the great gathering (mahshar), he wants to take pride in them. That is why he says, “get married and reproduce.”

There is population planning nowadays, just think for a second, what does population planning mean?


Time Stamp: 1:10:00


The rich big-shots say do not make too many children, because they have collected all the wealth and there will not be enough for you. How will you feed them, they say. But what does Allah say? Allah says, “I have created all the sustenance (rizq) of the worlds, and all the sustenance (rizq) if from Me. In the heavens and in the earth, all sustenance (rizq) is from Me.”

Allah says Allah has created more than enough bounties (nimat) for the people of the world, and instructs us to distribute it fairly among ourselves, and wants us to establish social justice.

This is what Allah said, so what does the rich big-shots who exploit humanity say? They say make population plans because your children will starve. The Shaitans say the same thing, he says, “Do not give to charity for you’ll become poor.”

They say, “What are all these kids, how will you feed them?”

Then why won’t you implement divine justice? There are enough bounties (nimat) in the world, in the east, in the west, in the north, and in the south, for everyone. Almighty Allah has filled the globe with bounties (nimat). But you have to implement justice. There is work and food for everyone, there is more than enough, but people should not exploit, they should renounce exploiting the world like vampires, and they should ensure justice. Population planning serves their purpose.

See, we have heard what our Prophet said. As for Almighty Allah, Allah says that sustenance (rizq) is from Allah, and that Allah is the Creator. Tells us to work, and do our jobs right. A Muslim is the world’s hardest working man, and he is also the most upright, for he has to be. If he does not work, then it is his own laziness and disgrace. Nevertheless, Islam still implements its justice, and does not give up social justice and mercy ever.

Islam consists completely of Allah’s rahmat, mercy, and justice. That is why he religion of Islam was sent down to the world by Janâb-i Haqq in order to establish a peaceful order, and thus Allah assigned Muhammad to implement Allah’s own laws and rules, and said that the ummah should implement this on earth up until the Day of Judgment.

That is why the 59th verse of Surah Ali Imran says: “Allah created him from dust, and said, “كُن – be”. See, Allah created man from earth, and angels from light, and the Shaitan from the blazing fire. This means that Janâb-i Haqq knows all manners of creating, and creates whom Allah wills the way Allah wills.

Then, Allah gave man his soul, pay attention, Allah said, “كُن – be” and gave his soul, and thus Allah created the soul. The soul is also a creature (makhluq). Janâb-i Haqq gives life to it as long as Allah keeps the soul in the body. Janâb-i Haqq creates life in that soul as long as it resides in the body.

The creator knows the true nature of the soul, along with its how/modality. You cannot find a better authority that can give more substantial knowledge regarding the soul than Islam and the Quran, for these are the news that came from Allah, they are the life-giving lessons, the lessons that came down from the ninth heaven (arsh-i ala). Islam on earth is the lectures of the supernatural university of al-Lawh al-Mahfuz (the Sacred Tablet), and lectures of the ninth heaven (arsh-i ala). Islam is above nature. Islam is above humans, and above intellect (aql). See, the intellects (aql) were created to comprehend this Divinity. The intellect (aql) is amongst the first creations.

See, Janâb-i Haqq first created the nūr (light) of Muhammad, and Aql-i Evvel (First Intelligence), and the Pen. But why? This is so that people may understand and comprehend these holy lectures, and that they may worship Allah, and that they may be happy forever. Because Allah gives life, and Allah created life, and we live in the kingdom (mulk) of Allah, eating off of bounties (nimat) of Allah. Do you think you can both reside in the kingdom (mulk) of Allah and deny the laws of Allah, and reject Islam and the Quran?


Time Stamp: 1:15:37


What will you say tomorrow in the gathering (mahshar)? So, prepare for that day. The rewards of belief (iman) and good deeds (amal-e-saleh) are ready, so is the punishment of bad deeds and disbelief (kufr). Prepare for the reckoning, or the receipt of your doings.

The following narration is from our beloved Prophet, in a hadith-i sharif that was also narrated by Ibn Majah: Our mother Hawwa (Eve) was created from a rib bone of Adam (a.s.). There is also a narration that says this bone is a curved bone.

See, if you try to straighten it, it will break, because it has an innate nature, and it is what it is. If its innate nature (fitrah) is to be curved, then it should be left that way, so do not try to straighten it too much, nor try to curve it more, rather preserve its nature. This is the way of protecting women.

Islam is a preventative medicine at the same time, and it protects against all microbes such as wrongs and fallacies; it is the protection of the right against the wrong. If you seek protection and salvation, then you have to obey and conform to the commands of Allah.

You do not accept the command of Allah, and wonder why you are not being protected. Then you wonder why all that is happening to you. See, there cannot be obedience by rebellion. So, what should you do? You should stop rebelling, and obey. Then you will see that you are being protected, and preserved. You will start being happy in the mercy, grace, and generosity. So, stop rebelling, and obey, and taste Islam!

This is why we say if you try to straighten the curved bone, it will break. So, what does it mean? It means that marriage will end up in divorce. See, masculinization of women is like breaking them and tossing them to the side. If you use women for a man’s job, or use men for a woman’s job, then you are actually breaking them. Women have their innate nature (fitrah), and they have their own values, and women have their own settings, so what should you do? You need to prepare a blissful setting, a just setting, a free setting for women that suits their qualities, because women are mothers of humanity.

See, being a mother in the world is harder than being a philosopher. People say they are thinkers and philosophers the moment they start thinking, but the obligations of a real mother is much harder than that of a philosopher, for they manage humanity, and shed light upon humanity, for it is the mother, the women who raise people.

You cannot waste this talent here and there, you just can’t. Besides, you cannot overburden them with things they cannot do. You say you give women rights but you’re actually being cruel to them. You are making women do such hard work, and you do not even pay them as much as you pay men, even though the poor thing cannot afford doing that work. Justice is but a name these days.

The real social justice and the fundamentals of mercy is in Islam, and in Al-Quran Al-Karim, meaning it is with Allah, and in the values that Allah brought forth.


Time Stamp: 1:20:07


That is why turning women into men and vice versa will break them and cast them aside. We’re not referring to states of necessity, or problems about people’s health. Those are exceptions and they do not break the rule. We’re not talking about exceptional situations here, rather we’re talking about women in general sense, we’re talking about men in the general sense. Women and men may have their own particular problems, those are another thing. And in those cases, able hands step in. The competent people will step in for their health and innate nature (fitrah), and treat them. But they must be competent, otherwise incompetent hands are not allowed to touch them. This is an article of the preventative medicine in Islam: Give a work to he who is competent. The competent hands, and real experts have to be at work.

And if you give these holy values and relics to the hands that shall betray it, then woe to the world. Today, it became simpler to just kill a man than to kill chicken or a chicklet. They have taken the mercy out from humanity, along with the moral compass. They took their values from people, and then started talking about human rights. They have been killing people in masses.

Islam has given the greatest value to men, and Allah said that Allah has created all the worlds for people, including Janna (Paradise). See, it is ready at the moment, standing there for people. It is Islam and Al-Quran Al-Karim that gives people their true rights, liberties, and freedoms, this goes for both men and women.

Now, let us see what Janâb-i Haqq said in the 35th verse of Surah al-Baqarah [2]: “Dwell in the Paradise,” said Allah to our father Adam and our mother Hawwa (Eve). Then they stumbled, forgot, and did something wrong, thus they were driven out from the Janna (Paradise), and brought to the world of test.

Right now, we’re in the world of tests, and we need to pay attention to the test so that we may pass it and enter Janna (Paradise). See, they only had one trial, one thing was forbidden. Janâb-i Haqq had told them not to draw near that tree, but they forgot, and they were deceived by the whispering (waswas) of the Shaitan. They were driven out from the Janna (Paradise) and sent down on earth, and there is a demotion here. Now, we have to repent, ask for forgiveness, win the test, and enter Janna (Paradise) again.

Just read the 19th verse of Surah al-A’raf, and you’ll see these truths one by one.

[7:19] “O Adam, dwell with your mate in Janna, and eat thereof whence you wish; but do not approach this tree, lest you should be among the wrongdoers.”

See, the Shaitan whispered this waswas to our father Adam and our mother Hawwa (Eve) who resided in the Janna (Paradise), but today the shaitan is whispering to us every day. Allah tells us to not listen to the Quran, and not understand the Quran, and says such things are outdated. Allah does not want the Quran, the religion, or belief (iman).

There is the Shaitan and his armies, and his staff made out of men. See, there are people whose mindset is the same as the Shaitan, beware of them!

Back then, the Shaitan found a way and whispered to Adam and Hawwa, but today he is always whispering to us.

In the face of these whisperings (waswas) there is Allah, the Messenger, the Quran, the knowledge (ilm) and understanding (irfan), and the angels. In our hearts, there is an angel that helps us, tells us to not be deceived by the Shaitan, it resides in the centre of the heart, in the throne of the heart, it preaches and recites the Quran. The light of the right and real (haqq and haqiqa) have been shining in your heart.

And from the Quran to your heart’s pool flows grace (fayiz), reality (haqiqa), knowledge (ilm), and understanding (irfan), along with the nūr (light), and kindness (fayiz). So, nourish your heart with the Quran, for this is what you have to do to prevail over the Shaitan, otherwise you’ll start denying and saying that you’ll enjoy yourself and you’ll live your life.


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If you refuse to listen to Islam and the Quran then you’ll be left alone with yourself, and you’ll live head to head with your devil. Then, you’ll wake up tomorrow while Azrail (a.s.) is taking your life. Then you’ll realize, but would it not be a pity?

The creation began with the father, this is important! It was our father Adam who was created from nothing for the first time. Meaning, a man. So, the creation starts from the father, but why aren’t all offspring male?

See, everything happens by a divine decree (taqdeer). Then the female was created from the male, and this is also important! Our mother Hawwa (Eve) was created from the body of our father Adam. We have announced this to you in the aforementioned hadith-i sharif.

Now, the life, the creation starts from the father, and not all offspring are males. As for the female, she was created from the male, and the reproduction starts with the male first. Now, what does this mean? This is actually a necessity of the supernatural and divine qudrah – omnipotence.

This is a wonder beyond nature and beyond intellect (aql), and as Allah Ta’ala knows all manners of creating, this is how Allah chose to create men, and started from the male.

This way the man is saved from loneliness and infertility, and a great blessing (nimat) is given to the man. See, the best bounty on earth for men is a woman and for a woman it is a man. Do not forget this, because men and women who do not know each other’s values do not know the Quran. They do not know about life, and they could not know Allah enough. They could not understand the commands of Allah enough, and they were not acquainted with the food of the soul. Is this not a pity then?

They are hiding these lessons from humanity. Al-Quran Al-Karim came for humanity, and it is not exclusive to the Arabs or the Turks, rather it came for all people. As for Muhammad, he is the Prophet of all humanity. Islam is the religion of all people, and Al-Quran Al-Karim is the mankind’s book. But why do they withhold it?

Lectures on the Quran should be given in the best classes of the universities, it should be studied in all universities of the world. They should acknowledge Allah, and start their studies with the Quran. If you don’t then it is your decision. We only say, and it is up to everyone’s free will to keep our words or not. We do not impose, unlike the tyrants who forbid reciting the Quran; the tyrants have been forcing you so that you may not live the way your religion commands you. They say you must live the way they say. There are such imposers, who steal people’s peace.


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Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 119


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most Merciful.

They are the source of terror because this is the source of segregation and separatism, for it occurs as people are discriminated against and repressed. Do you think I will renounce my faith, or the values that I’ve believed even if I die, and get torn to pieces? Do you think I will go back from my faith even if you break me into pieces?

You don’t give up your idols, and do you expect me to give up Allah? Do you seriously expect me to give up the Book, the Quran, and the Prophet, Muhammad, and my holy values? Do you really think the believers will renounce from their faith?

They will not renounce even if you break them to pieces, because you don’t give up your idols, you don’t give up your false gods, and you have divinized your desires, and you have divinized the money that goes into your pocket, and you are a servant of unearned income.

I say to you, renounce all that and become a servant (qul) of Allah. Allah’s bounty (nimat) is more than enough for all of us, so let us be brothers! We are all children of Adam, so why should we turn against each other? Let us be brothers instead, for we are all servants (qul) of Allah. The religion (din) of Islam says that the believers are brothers. Let us believe in Allah and the holy values that Allah set forth, and let us be brothers! But if you don’t believe then at least do not impose on the believers, and let everyone live freely.

See, women were created from men, and the reproduction commences with men. This way men are saved from loneliness and infertility. Such a great bounty is a man for a woman, and vice versa, do not forget this!

That said, our beloved Prophet, Muhammad (asw) came as a manifestation of mercy upon all humanity. Now, let us see what the glorious Prophet (asw) whom Allah sent upon all the worlds as a mercy say:

“The world is a meta,” he said, by referring to the entities in the world. “The best of it is a sâliha (good) woman,” he added. Bear this in mind!

He said that among all the things on earth the best thing for men is women, and for women it is men.

Now, about the word “arhām” in 4:1. It means womb and kinship, and encompasses compassion, mercy, and blood ties. See, Allah wants people to fulfil the divine decrees (hukm) regarding this matter. Sila Rahmi (Ties of Kinship) is very important in Islam. So, we have briefly talked about the meanings of the word arhām.


Now, let us see our beloved Prophet’s words in regards to arhām and Sila Rahmi (Ties of Kinship).


The hodja is reciting the original text of the mentioned hadith in Arabic.


“Our Prophet (asw) said the following in this hadith-i sharif that is reported by Muslim: Rahim (i.e., ties of kinship) has embraced the Throne (ʿArsh) and say the following.


See, he said that it has embraced the ninth heaven (arsh-i ala) and said the following: “O

Rabb!” it said. “Observe he who observes me,” meaning he wanted Allah to observe the ones who observe it. “And may Allah abandon who abandons me.” See, it said this by embracing the Throne (ʿArsh).


See, he said that the sawāb (reward) of observing kinship is given fast, the reward of observing Sila Rahmi (Ties of Kinship) is given fast. Besides, remember what the hadith-i sharif said! What did he say? “May Allah observe he who observes me, and may Allah abandon he who abandons me,” he said. This is what Rahim said by embracing the Throne (ʿArsh).


With that said, it is very important to understand and comprehend Sila Rahmi (Ties of Kinship) well. The punishment of the one who commits unlawful sex (zinā) and lying oaths are given fast, and this goes for breaking the ties of kinship as well.


He who commits zinā or takes a lying oath will not die without seeing its punishment. As for those who break the ties of kinship by rebelling their parents, they will not die before suffering from disasters.


Allah Ta’ala says, “I am the Most Gracious (ar-Rahman), and the Most Merciful (ar-Rahim). I have derived a name for him from My name. I will bestow ihsan upon him who does good.” This is important actually because Allah said Allah will grant ihsan upon those who do good. “I will make those who break the ties of kinship deprived,” meaning he who abandons Sila Rahim will be deprived.


Now, sadaqa – alms and Sila Rahim (Ties of Kinship) prolong the lifespan. See, sadaqa – alms and observing the ties of kinship prolongs the lifespan.


Doing these wards off bad death, and wards off undesirable and detestable things as well. So, lend ear to these glad tidings.


The hodja is reciting the original text of the following hadith in Arabic:


He says, “The virtuous sadaqah (charity) is the one that is given to a hostile relative,” he said. Meaning even if your relative is hostile towards you, you should still give sadaqah to him/her and do kindness to him/her.


So, in this hadith highlights the importance of ties of kinship.


This is because he/she may renounce his/her hostility and enmity with the help of the kindness you have done to him/her. Even if he/she does not renounce, at least you will have fulfilled your obligation.


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This should not be forgotten. Now, let us see the 4 what is said in the 4th verse of Surah al-Ahzab [33].


The hodja is reciting an excerpt of the 4th verse of Surah al-Ahzab [33].


Interpretation: “These are mere utterances of your mouths.”


See, in Islam the words have to be right and real because what is spoken has to contain what is truly felt, and vice versa. Otherwise, one should not speak random things that one does not believe, and people should be able to give utterance to the word that is right and real.


Some want to marry the orphans who are rich and beautiful without giving dower (mahr), and they also prevent them from getting married. Now, lend ear to this. Now, some want to marry the orphans who are rich and beautiful. He wants both rich and beautiful, and on top of that he does not want to give dower (mahr). He wants to consume the wealth of the orphan. Let us see what is said against them. There are some who prevent such orphans from getting married with other people. See, let us see what the 10th verse of Surah al-Nisa said: “Those who consume the wealth of orphans only ingest fire into their bellies.”


Beware! So, protect the property of the orphans and their rights in justice. You may marry an orphan if you want but preserve her rights, and do not ever do wrong! Do not forget that she has rights and freedoms.


The word “yatāmā – orphan” is used for alone people, fatherless, helpless, weak-minded, unable, these are called orphans. Widows are also called orphans. The women are called yatāmā – orphans because their strength is limited. Especially the widow women were called yatāmā – orphan due to their weakness of strength, and Islam took them under protection.


That said, women have freedom as well. A widow woman cannot be forced to marry by her father involuntarily. This has to happen by her own leave, in a way that suits the divine laws. So, she has to agree to marry with her own free will, and you cannot simply force her to marry because you wanted. The religion (din) of Islam is a free path, and it is the religion of freedom. It is strongly against imposition. In Islam, the divine measures and the divine justice are in implemented.


This hadith-i sharif is one that is reported by Abu Dawood, Al-Tirmidhi, An-Nasai, and Ahmad ibn Hanbali. “These two are weak,” says our Prophet about the orphans and women. “Regarding these you should fear Allah more,” he said. See, fear Allah regarding every matter but fear Allah more regarding women and orphans because the situation of the orphans is obvious and women are weaker and innately more kind. “They need to be protected, and not betrayed. They should not be looked at in an unpleasant way.” One should abide by the divine measures.


This is clear in the hadith-i sharif reported by al-Manawi, Fayd al-Qadir, and Kanzul Ummal.

The hodja is reciting the original text of the hadith in Arabic.

See, I have recited the original text of this hadith-i sharif.

There is no orphanhood after ihtilam (wet dream) or puberty.

The hodja is reciting the original text of the hadith.

Now, if an orphan has acquired a legally significant age, and if he has his or her legal rights from then on, then what should you do about them? You have to give them their personal rights in full. You will not violate their personal rights. You will never forget that he or she is a person now.

You cannot perceive him or her as a child and act like his or her personal rights do not exist. Al-Imam Al-Azam is extremely careful in this matter. Al-Imam Al-Azam says that orphans should be given complete freedom, authority, right to property, and all other rights when they are wise enough to take care of themselves, and advocated that even if the child is a weak-minded one, he should be given his rights even when his/her mind becomes a little stronger.

See, even the weak-minded should be given their personal rights when their mind becomes a little stronger. They should be given their rights and freedoms, property and liberties, and says people should not restrict them, or treat them in any other way.

That said, Al-Suyuti’s report is about women: “Be mindful of Allah, and marry them accordingly,” he said. For example, a permit is given to marry up to four women in these verses of the Quran on the condition that there is a need, there is an exigency, and that justice must be observed. This is present in the verse of the Quran [4:3] that says “mathnā wa-thulātha wa-rubāʿa.” Now, what does it say? This verse gives a permit for marrying up to four women.


However, justice must be observed, do not forget this! If you fear that you may not deal justly, then marry only one. Now, why would a man need a secondary marriage anyway? Well, there are lots of reasons behind this, for example there are social reasons, biological and spiritual reasons. There are also physical reasons, and you’re not acting in a modern manner when you restrict this completely and pave the way for unlawful sexual relations (zinā).


Is having unlawful sexual relations (zinā) contemporaneity? Is it modernity? Is there a benefit in zinā? See, if the second marriage will prevent zinā, and if there is a danger of zinā, and if there is a real need, and if the principles of justice will be observed duly, then there is clearly a need. It is said that we should fear zinā, so if such a secondary marriage is necessary according to the need, then get married but do not ever be unfair! If you fear you may not deal justly, then marry one.


See, as women raise children, as they produce human beings, they are the mothers of humanity. This is why their value must be protected at all times, and this is imperative. This does not change, whether you marry one, three, or four women. All rights of women that are the principles of justice must be protected. Women’s value must be retained, because they are the mothers of humanity.



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This is a permit given depending on the terms of justice. That is, a second marriage is a permit given depending on the terms of justice. Ta’addud al-zawjat – to cut the ways that lead to zinā (unlawful sexual relation). This is primarily to shun unlawful relations (zinā). Secondarily, the husband may be healthy but the wife may have become weaker. The wife may have lost her desire, and become weaker. Another reason might be to have children. Also, the number of men may decline, and there may be lots of women, meaning there may be a shortage of men while there are many women. There may be causes such as war etc., it is said that when there are such reasons the second marriage can be made, but these are mandatory reasons.


Besides, everyone has a right to marry, and even more so when the number of honest men is in decline. Now, let’s assume that there are few honest men left and there are lots of men who do not value women. What will the women do then? There is no harm in a second marriage, if she finds and marries an upright man who will treat her right, as long as the terms of justice are observed and there is such a need. In that event, they should marry.


Our men and women need to understand this matter and this section of Al-Quran Al-Karim well, and do not ever oppose the Quran!


Do you know what will happen if they oppose the Quran? They will ruin themselves, and the Quran does not accept defiance. Neither you, nor I, nor anyone knows this better than Allah. Allah knows best.


You cannot disregard the needs of people, social needs, spiritual structure, bodily structure, and the ever-changing conditions of time, these are the variables, and when you heedlessly oppose second marriage, and say it is not right, this means that you neglect all social needs in the world.


Islam is a religion (din) that answers all needs, and you should never oppose the command of the Quran! If you do, then you will ruin yourself, and you will ruin your iman (faith). Can one have faith (iman) by opposing the Quran? No. And the Quran gave this permit to people, and set forth the terms of justice, and commanded you to pay regard to the social needs, and indispensable needs and conditions. Didn’t the Quran say to block the way of zinā?


You are fine with engaging in unlawful relations (zinā) with three, five, or more women but you want to prohibit people who need a second marriage and are ready to fulfil the terms of justice. What you do leads to unlawful relations (zinā). This shuts the gates for those who wish to live chaste lives who do not want to engage in unlawful relations (zinā).


There may come such a moment when second marriage becomes inevitable; such an exigence may occur.


With that said, if a woman does not accept the second marriage, then she may apply to the judge. Does she have a right to divorce her husband? Yes, she has that right in Islam. The wife may apply to the judge and say she wants to divorce. She may file for divorce, and this is her right.


And when does this happen? Let me tell this to you, if the terms of justice are not observed, and if one of the women is dealt unjustly, and if her rights are not given, then she may demand justice.


See, women have the right to demand justice, just like men. The terms of justice are imperative here. The measure here is the social needs, and you cannot neglect one when you bring in the other. They are all valuable. No one is worthless. Your left arm is as valuable as your right arm. Your left eye is as valuable as your right eye. Your liver is as valuable as your lungs. These are the human beings we’re talking about; they are all valuable. Women are valuable, whether you married one or two, and everyone should be appreciated.



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See, marriage is a right, and it is an incumbency, formality, and worship. Let’s hear the views of the Hanafites, or rather the Hanafi mujtahids who are the grand Islamic scholars who came from the Hanafi ecole. With that said, all of our mujtahids are revered figures. This is important because they say marriage is a right, an obligation, a formality, and worship, meaning marriage is a worship. This is the view of the Hanafi mujtahids, they said marriage is a worship. Because if the number of men who can deal justly decreases, problems may arise for women. They will not be able to find trustworthy men with whom they can marry. They have a right to marry a man whom they trust.


Now, about the orphans, not fearing from doing injustice is kufr, remember this! This is because Al-Quran Al-Karim strictly             lays weight on this matter.


There are certain times when marriage becomes an obligation upon the individual (farḍ al-‚ayn). In such cases you have to get married. It may also become necessary (wajib) or sunnah, this has been separated into sections.


Some say it can become a collective obligation (fard al-kifayah) or something disliked (makruh), but these are for the ummah.

Now, let us look at our sources. Let us give ear to our beloved Prophet: The hodja is reciting the original text of the following hadith in Arabic.

Our beloved Prophet said: “Nikah is my sunnah, and those who turn away from it are not of me,” he said.

This hadith-i sharif is one that has been narrated by Al-Bukhari, Al-Muslim, and the others. Marriage in Islam is a necessity of our innate nature (fitrah), and our Prophet said this is his sunnah, but it is also a sunnah of our innate nature (fitrah).


A person should absolutely get married if a need arises, this may be a man or a woman, and no one should be able to prevent them from getting married. Besides, the requirements of marriage have been defined in Islam. These requirements and rules must be observed. The first requirement is that marriage should take place between a faithful man and a faithful woman, and they need to be well-matched. See, as long as they are well-matched and there is no disbelief (kufr), the rest is easy.


A barn will feel like a palace even if they only have onions and bread to eat, as long as they have a lovely iman (faith). They should both have a perfect iman (belief), and there will be nothing but bliss in their house as long as their hearts brim over with love of Allah.


Provision for the individuals: Let us give ear to our Prophet for he tells us to help those who want to get married, and assist them in their affairs, because making things difficult for marriage paves the way for zinā (unlawful sexual relation). See, if you prevent people from getting married then this will pave the way for zinā.


“Marriage is better than nafl (supererogatory) worship,” said the Hanafi mujtahids. See, a mujtahid would never utilize ijtihad at his whim, they never express a random opinion. He weighs the ayat (signs/verses) and filters out the hadith-i sharifs well, and after going through these documents he will come forth and express his opinion. Being a mujtahid is no easy task, it is an important position.


They say, “Marriage is better than nafl (supererogatory) worship.” See, the Hanafi mujtahids said it, but Al-Shafiʽi said it is only permitted (mubah), and this is his understanding and conclusion.



Time Stamp: 25:23



This also prevents women from being deprived of motherhood when the number of women radically increases. There may be times when the number of women increase rapidly.  Another aspect is to prevent zinā, and let me give you an example. In Germany, for example, after World War II, the number of women was three times higher than men. People started thinking that it is permissible to sleep with lots of women, and some even got happy seeing their daughters with their lovers, and these were unlawful relationships, bear this in mind! Those who accept relationships without marriage, under the veil of friendship, started kicking women out whenever they wanted. Their relationships were unlike that of married couples with families, rather they were only physical. This is important, they were doing all that, and after they are done, they would kick that woman out. See, this has nothing to do with marriage or being a couple. They were not valuing women; they were only using them physically.


See, they use women and kick them out whenever they want. See, they forbid halal  marriages but give a free passage to haram. And what does this mean for women? This degrades women to the level of the animals. You cannot simply play with an honourable woman. You cannot use her the way you want and kick her out the door! You must respect her rights and freedoms like an upright man! You must deal justly. Besides, the religion (din) of Islam does not simply say take this one too and have two women. At first, Islam guarantees all their rights and freedoms, an in marriage, iman and love comes first, then comes justice, and financial and sentimental competence comes next.


See, he who cannot fulfil a woman’s financial and sentimental needs cannot take a second wife. This does not come cheap, but look at the state the world is in! Do you see all the divorces, and the reasons behind them? Do you see the unhappy families? People are going crazy due to stress! How did this happen?


They ruined the souls. They neglected the soul and the heart, rather they fed their bellies, and desires (nafs). As for the happiness of the souls, it is possible through faith (iman) and through the Quran, because there is eternal happiness in the love of Allah, but they took this from people. They took this from humanity, and the ones who still have that continue to live blissfully.


Ta’addud al-zawjat; it is disliked or makruh if the women are dealt unjustly. This is important. The second marriage is disliked or makruh if it will lead to injustice. Second marriage may become a preferable (mandub) or necessary (wajib) in certain cases. For example, if there is a danger of falling into unlawful sexual relations (zinā), then in certain cases it is preferable (mandub) and sometimes it is necessary (wajib) but if there is injustice, then it will become disliked (makruh).


The Zahiris say you can marry up to nine women. There are some opinions out of Ahlus-Sunnah say it is nine, and they disacknowledge producing ideas or ijmā (consensus). That is the view of the Zahiris. As for Rafidhis and some of the Shafi’ites did not set a limit.


Wal-`iyadhu billah! We seek refuge in Allah from evil! They have completely strayed from the measures of Islam and the Quran. Besides, they are out of Ahlus-Sunnah.



Time Stamp: 30:05


See, the Islamic measures are divine measures, and it is Allah who created life itself and Allah sent us Islam and the Quran for everyone’s happiness. Al-Quran Al-Karim is the prescription for happiness, but we need to understand it correctly, and implement it correctly!


Now, let us see what the Awliyā said about dower (mahr).


Now, the dower (mahr) belongs completely to the wife, neither the husband, nor her relatives, nor anyone else can have any say or interfere with it. That said, the Awliyā said the following regarding the matter of dower (mahr). They say whether it is the man’s family or the woman’s family, they should deliver it to the woman because that dower (mahr) is her right.


The word “safīh” in 4:5 refers to feeble-minded or underage people, and the Quran says do not leave public property or private property to safīh people. Why? This is because national wealth is important, and whether it is personal wealth or national wealth, Islam does not want any wealth to go to waste.


That said, Al-Imam Al-Azam said, “Give people their wealth when they become mature adults (bāligh al-‚aql).” See, give their wealth when they become mature adults (bāligh al-‚aql), whether they are orphans or someone else.


He says, “If the wealth is theirs, deliver it to them right away.”


We see here that right to freedom and right to property are essential in Islam. According to Al-Imam Al-Azam, the waiting period until one reaches maturity (rushd) is 25. Meaning, the waiting people who are immature in terms of religion is 25 according to Al-Imam Al-Azam.


There are also widely accepted opinions of our mujtahids that suggest it is between 12-15 or 9-15 in normal people. That said, the lowest limit according to Al-Imam Al-Azam is 18.


As for the situation of those who consume the wealth of the orphans, we have mentioned this in the previous verses, but these matters are mentioned in many other verses as well.



Time Stamp: 32:38


–          The End        –


















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