Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 125-129

Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 125-129

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 125


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most Merciful.

Beloved friends,

Islam commands what is legitimate, and rejects what is bātil. So, what does bātil mean? See, bātil is what is illegitimate. So, be careful about what is legitimate and what is not while earning and spending. Surely, there is treachery in what is illegitimate, and there is extortion, there is also robbery, and there is gamble, and there is usury. See, if there is wastefulness, and safīh – unjust trade, then these are wrong (bātil) one by one. Each and every one of them is wrong (bātil). That is consuming people’s rights through a wrong (bātil) way. Don’t you ever consume anyone’s right through a sinful (haram) or wrong (bātil) way!

As for what is legitimate, for example if you are trading without tricking anyone, without deceiving, and without hiding the faults of the merchandise, then this is a legitimate and honest trade and is allowed.

There is also donation, charity (sadaqa) and cession (tamlik). Now, what does cession (tamlik) mean? It means to transfer a property to someone, and make it legitimate for him, such as inheritance. See, the financial matters that are based on mutual consent are the legitimate ones if they are in concession with the terms of justice.

“Islam commands what is legitimate.”

Now, what does Janâb-i Haqq command in the 275th verse of Surah al-Baqarah [2].

The hodja is reciting an excerpt of the 275th verse of Surah al-Baqarah [2].

The verse says Allah has made trade halal. It says that Allah has made legitimate trade halal, and made riba (usury) haram.

The 188th verse of Surah al-Baqarah [2] says: “Do not eat up your wealth among yourselves wrongfully, nor proffer it to the judges.” Meaning, don’t try to eat up people’s wealth by finding false witnesses and by bribing the judges. So, don’t ever try to infringe upon people’s wealth! See, Almighty Allah will bring all judges to the account, along with all false witnesses, and you too.

Don’t you ever show a tendency towards injustice; don’t try it! People of Taqwa should do trade. People of Taqwa are honest people, they obey the divine measures, they obey Allah, they don’t rebel, and they stay within the boundaries of the sharia (law). See, these are the people who should do trade.

As for putting yourself in jeopardy by not working and calling it zuhd (detachment) and taqwa (piety), and living in poverty and in need, it is said that this is a thing only ignorant Indians would do. See, Qadi Baydawi had said that, and added that it is some kind of suicide. Meaning, in Islam living in poverty and need has no correlation whatsoever with taqwa (piety). He said that this pertains to ignorant Indians. Islam is the above hands (yad al-‚ulya), it is always the giving hand, the powerful hand. Muslim’s hand is always the helping hand.

Islam is never the begging hand, and certainly not the despicable or the servile ones. See, Muslims have to be strong in all matters, and be the people of the above hands (yad al-‚ulya), and not the below hands (yad al-sufla).

Amr ibn al-As had hesitated cold water. See, one day he was trying to perform ghusl with cold water but he couldn’t, and he performed tayammum instead. Then others informed our beloved Prophet (asw) about what he did, and they even complained. However, our Prophet did not comment. Why? Because Islam does not command endangering yourself in an exigency. See, Islam says don’t put yourselves in jeopardy, and commands being health, and commands what is easy.


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See, if it is a cold day and the water is unusable, then it is better to perform tayammum, and you may perform your full ablution (ghusl) or partial ablution (wudu) later. Islam is a religion of ease.

“Don’t kill yourselves and each other.”

This is important, you should not kill yourself, or kill others.

See, in this context, black-marketeering, exploiting humanity, objecting to the measures (taqdir), objecting to wisdom (hikmat), what are these? These are unseen killings, so beware of these actions! For example, black marketeering causes people to into a bind, and they are exploiting humanity. As for objecting to the measures (taqdir), or objecting to wisdom (hikmat), you should beware of these as well. See, each and every one of these things resemble suicide or killing others. Much like a woman wanting to be a man, this is altering the innate nature (fitrah), but they are not aware. See, turning a woman into a man or vice versa means their death. This is what is beautiful is the way the Creator has created.

So work, but be pleased with the measures (taqdir), and ask for help from Allah, but do this while working. That said, inheritance is not considered an acquisition, rather it is a bounty and gift from Allah. It is Almighty Allah’s bounty and gift.

Now, Janâb-i Haqq called men qawwam.

The hodja is reciting an excerpt of the 34th verse of Surah al-Nisa [4].

Says: “Men are qawwam of the women.”

Now, what does qawwam mean? Qawwam is the one who protects women and sets their affairs, and the man who is her hakim (ruler).

The following is a hadith from Fayd al-Qadir and Kashf-ul-Hafā.

“Who is the master of the people?”

Prophet Muhammad (asw) said the following.

The hodja is reciting the original text of this hadith in Arabic.

“The master of people is those who serve them,” he said. See, what does one need to become a master? One needs to provide beneficent services, and always present good things to the Islamic nation and humanity, and always offer beneficent services to become a master.

So, what comes first among these beneficent services? It is to convey Al-Quran Al-Karim and Islam to the world in the correct way, and then comes working for the better good of humanity, and working for peace and conciliation. See, Islam as a whole is the religion of peace and conciliation.

Endeavour to make Islam predominant in the world, and this way you will have worked for the better good of the world. Such a pity that the number of those who do not see and know this truth is no less.

There is a different method of unity and equality in Islam. This is an equality that may not be fully grasped by humans, but there is an admirable equality that people have yet to discover.

This is a different equality, a method of unity. See, family discipline, discipline of the society, and political discipline all complete each other, don’t forget this!

Almighty Allah has taken this different type of equality while making the distribution, and this is a divine equality. And Janâb-i Haqq has ensured this equality. However, those who don’t understand the Islamic law well may not comprehend this different type of equality, but it is a divine equality. Now, let us see the doings of those who could not discover this.


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They try to see other legal systems as if they are more contemporary than Islamic law system. Whereas Islam is ahead of all times, and it is the essential and just legal system that encompasses all times, and they have chosen not to understand it thoroughly, rather they have placed other legal systems in the way of Islamic law, and they have actually distorted equality.

See, in order for you to fully encompass the legal rules Janâb-i Haqq brought forth in a complete sense, the first thing you need is that creative power. You do not have that, but you can at least use reason, and use the abilities and senses given to you and believe that Allah has done right.

Allah’s doing cannot be crooked, nor can it be flawed, nor defective. See, the flaws are in human beings, and only the brains of those who misunderstand are defective. There cannot be any flaws in the distribution, law, or justice of Allah. It is such a pity that rattle-brained ones thought there were flaws in the rules that Allah brought forth. That is, when human beings fail to fully discover the divine and sacred knowledge, (ilm) they need to accept it through their iman (faith), and utilize their abilities to study that knowledge (ilm).

Rather than grasping the right and reality, humanity have always resorted to cheap endeavours, yet even if there are certain truths they could acquire, they are also of Islam. They have acquired them from Islam. Though they don’t say this, all rights belong to Islam. As for all wrongs, they are non-Islamic.

A different equality and unity method, family discipline, societal discipline, and political discipline all complement each other, don’t forget this.

Now, Qadi Baydawi says: “The governors manage the people, and men manage their wives.” Men have an upper hand that women lack, and women have an upper hand that men lack. Both are in need of each other, and this is important! See, this is a social notion, the less strong and gentle needs the other more. Meaning, we see that both are in need of each other but it is said that the weaker sex needs the powerful one more.

Men are stronger in terms of earning, and field of activity. Bear this in mind! Men are stronger in terms of earning, and field of activity. Women are emotional, more refined, more attractive, and gentle and that is why they need protection, and nobody can deny this. Bear this in mind! Women are emotional, more refined, more attractive, and gentle and that is why they need protection. As for men, they are stronger and qawwam, and that is for the benefit of women.

Otherwise, there is no benefit in putting men and women against each other and having them fight like chickens and roosters. So, don’t drive a wedge between them, and don’t be devilish, and don’t discriminate! Rather, you should ensure family tranquillity, and happiness.

You see, as in all matters, Islam equated all beauties in different ways.


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However, if you have failed to understand or grasp, then that is something else, but first-degree belief (iman) in the values Allah brought forth is required. See, one needs knowledge (ilm) next to belief (iman). See, knowledge (ilm) invokes belief (iman), and vice versa. They will also bring monotheism (tawhid), and obedience to divine measures.

Knowledge without belief is blind, deaf, and crippled; this will throw people down to wells and kick people off the peaks, and even though people may think they have established justice, they have actually distorted it. They say they have built it, but actually demolished it.

That is why you should pay attention to women’s social, physical, and spiritual structures. Authority given to them is actually for the benefit of women. Bear this in mind! Prophethood, presidency, leadership, governorship, Islamic principles, witnessing the qisas (retaliation), qisas (retaliation), the Namaz-e-Juma (Friday Prayer), azan, khutbah, iʿtikāf, being asaba, diyāt (blood money), rajʽat, free behaviour, and in divorce.

[4:34] “The men are qawwam of women.”

See, in Al-Quran Al-Karim, men have been made qawwam over women in all of the aforementioned matters. Meaning they are hakim or ruler over women, and they have such an innate superiority. This is for the benefit of women, and women’s own superior aspects are for the benefit of men. See, the superiority of men is for the benefit of women.

See, it is against the innate nature (fitrah) to say things like “No! I will be superior to men!” or like “No! I will become a man!” or “I will become a woman.” No, these are not good!

The dowry is also on men, such as mahr and nafaqah. Now, let’s talk about men who don’t give women their rights. Those who don’t give women their dowries (mahr), or nafaqah (alimony), who don’t give her own rights, who have an eye on her wealth, who don’t spend for the family, and who cannot protect the honour and chastity of the family are not considered men. Bear this in mind! It is said that a man who cannot fulfil the aforementioned obligations are not considered men. Because you have to give women their dowries (mahr), and give her rights, and never set your eye on her wealth, and spend for the needs of your family, and do all of these as much as you can afford. And protect the honour and chastity of the family, but if you cannot do this, then you cannot put the high and mighty. And it is said these are not considered men.

Now, it is a different story if a man has an excuse. He may not be that strong, or may have an excuse and that is why he cannot fulfil these; these are beside the point here, so don’t misunderstand.

A man who fulfils his obligations has a right to expect his wife to preserve life, property, chastity, honour, family secrets, and he may expect obedience, and commitment. This is important, please pay attention now. A man who fulfils his obligations, whoever he may be, has a right to expect his wife to preserve life, property, chastity, honour, family secrets, and to expect obedience and commitment if he is doing his obligations against his wife.

This is because he is fulfilling his obligations against his family both financially and morally. See, if he is embracing his family with love and compassion, then a man who encompasses his family with love and compassion may expect these from his wife.


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See, a woman who fulfils her duty expects things from her husband too. Besides, what does Islam say? Islam tells men and women both to fulfil their duties and expect what is necessary from each other, and fulfil what is necessary for a happy home, and Islam is a religion of bliss. Islam came to make all individuals, societies, states, and the whole world happy, and came to give life to all. Islam is the life-giver.

They had asked our Prophet (asw), “Which type of woman is the best?” He said the best woman is… Now, this is an important statement so all our women and our daughters should listen carefully to Prophet Muhammad and pay utmost attention! He said, “When you look at her, you feel happiness.”

Think of a man who has entered his home, and his wife approached him with love, and he looked at her, and the moment he looked at her he encompassed her with love. See, he said that the best type of woman is who makes you happy when you look at her, and obeys when you say the word.

“She protects you in terms of wealth and honour in your absence.” See, he says, “in your absence.” Bear this in mind! He says that the best type of woman is who protects her man’s home, wealth, her own chastity and herself. A woman who preserves her home; this woman is an invaluable woman, and she is the best type of woman.

See, even if you adorn that woman to the teeth with gold, she will not be deceived by a single piece of it. This is the best type of woman.

“He says she is the best type of woman,” said Prophet Muhammad (asw). So be the woman whom Allah praised, whom Muhammad praised. Be the man whom Allah praised, and whom Muhammad praised.

Does it really matter at all if people praised you instead? See, it does not add us a value if other unthankful people praised you or me. It should be Allah and the Prophet who praise us.

See, if Allah praised a servant (qul) then that servant is surely a person of value. But how do we know if Allah praised? Well, if you’re living in concert with the measures of Islam and the Quran, then Allah has praised you. So, you don’t need to look for another proof. The verses of the Quran are the proof, along with the Sunnah, and the principles of the sharia (law). See, if you are obeying the measures of Allah, then you are a servant loved by Allah, praised by Allah, and you are someone praised by Muhammad.

So, don’t seek praise from someone else, nor look for other measures, and don’t try to get a medal from somewhere else because the medals given by others will not make you happy, and they will not add value to you, and their applause is worthless.

Rather say, “Allah Akbar” and send blessings (salawat) and peace (salam) upon the Prophet. Obey the divine measures, and attain the love of Allah. This is where all values ever lie, and earn the love of the Prophet. Earn the love and praise of Allah, for this is where there is real value. See, if you’re seeking others’ applause and other values, then woe to you because they are not real values. The real values are the values that are given by Allah and the Prophet.

Now, some people may gather and give rewards to their own people, or whomever they want. First look at their mindset, and see their principles, ideology, and then compare it to the ideology of whom they rewarded, and you’ll see whom they are rewarding. Let’s say the Shaitans got together in an award ceremony, do you know whom they will give the award? They will give the award to the greatest Shaitan.


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Now, people may give rewards to whom they like when they like it. An easterner may give rewards to whomever they like whenever they like it. Also, westerners may give rewards to whom they share the same ideology. This is a value that is present between them, but the essential value is the value that is from Allah. It is important whether Allah values something or not, and it is also important whether the Prophet praises it or not. But how can you find if they value something? Well, you may study Al-Quran Al-Karim and the provisions (hukm) that Prophet Muhammad brought. If it is said that those values are worth something, then they are of value. If they say it is wrong (bātil), then it is wrong (bātil).

Suppose the whole word says something is not wrong (bātil) but the Quran says it is wrong (bātil), whose word is valid here, is it the world or Allah? That is the point, and I am sure it is understood.

That is why, O, men and women! Gentleman and ladies! Take a look at the values of Allah and increase in value through those values. Your cornerstone, or your values are not somewhere else! So, come to Islamic principles and values. Islam is a religion that has been brought forth with sacred values from a to z. Islam is the laws of Allah. That is why each and every thing that is right, and I am repeating my previous point here, is from Islam, and every wrong is non-Islamic. It does not matter whether it is in the east or the west, if there is something true then it is from Islam. If it suits Islam, then it is Islamic. Otherwise, if it is wrong, then it is wrong. And Islam excludes wrong. So, regardless of where they are found the right address for all that is right is Islam, and Islam is their origin.

Some may have acquired certain rights and truths from Islam but they also insist on not taking others, but Islam is a whole. If you wish to be blissful in this world and the next, then believe in the whole of Islam, and try to live the whole of Islam to the extent of your power.

Besides, Islam does not offer nothing that you can’t afford. Islam itself is what brings forth the real life and makes life easier. It is not an impractical religion, rather it makes life easier, and Islam is a religion that brings forth a blissful life when practiced. See, it is the true lifestyle, and it is Allah who wants this life-style. Allah wants us to live this Islamic life-style, and offers it to us servants (qul), and wants us to live it.

However, if you’re saying you won’t do it to Allah Ta’ala, then it is up to you! Sooner or later we all will appear in the grand court, and everyone will be there regardless of their belief, and everyone will get the returns of their doings.

So, it means that our Prophet said these when they asked him about the best type of woman. Now, the source that reported this hadith is Abū Dāwūd and Ibn Majah.

Then again, the physical, spiritual, and economical traits of men, along with their roles, made natural for men to be the head of the family. Besides, according to the divine command every community needs a leader. So, a family also needs a leader, and that leader in the family is the man. Men have the utmost responsibility in the family, and they are in charge of the family, and this is for lightening the burden on women. Otherwise, this is for the benefit of women. This is not to women’s disadvantage at all.

Increasing the burden on women’s shoulders is not giving them rights, rather it is taking their rights away, but why? See, would you be doing a favour to someone by putting an unbearable burden on them?

This is why the religion of Islam should be understood well. Only then will you realize that the flaws are in those who don’t get it, and that there can be no flaws in Islam.

May Janâb-i Haqq make us among the servants who believe in Islam in the best possible way, those who acquire this knowledge (ilm) and wisdom (irfan), and those who are blissful in both worlds.


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–          The End        –


Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 126

On the 26th – 34th verses of Surah Al-Nisa [4].


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most Merciful.

The hodja is reciting the 26th, 27th, and 28th verses of Surah al-Nisa [4].

“Almighty Allah (c.c.) wishes to explain to you what you do not know, and to show you the ways of those before you, and to accept repentance from you.”

See, the wish of the divine (murad-e-ilahi) is to save you. Allah wants you to worship sincerely, and wants you to ask for forgiveness and repent sincerely. Says: Repent honestly with a firm belief (iman). Says: Repent by fulfilling the conditions of repentance and seek forgiveness. Says: O, my servant! Let me save you!

“Allah is All-Knowing. Allah is possessor of Decree (Hukm) and Wisdom (Hikmat).”

See, the decree (hukm) and sovereignty belong completely to Allah, and everything Allah does brims over with wisdom (hikmat).

“And Allah wants to accept repentance from you.”

See, Janâb-i Haqq is announcing this! Janâb-i Haqq announced this again, so bear this in mind!

“But those who follow their passions wish to lead you from the right path into haram with a great deviation.”

See, Almighty Allah wants to accept your repentance, but others who follow their passion and desire, such as worldly-minded people, or those who are unacquainted with the truth, wish to lead you from the right path into haram with a great deviation. They spend intemperately and wastefully. It is all fun and games for them. They claim the world is all there is to it. They neglect Allah and the sacred laws of Allah, just like they neglect the other world, the real world. That said, some of them think they have faith, but do all types of evil.

So, get your mind together, and do not ever fall into their situation! Those who neglect their hearts and souls who are slaves of their passion and lust are the losers who ruin themselves.

“Allah wants to lighten the heavy burdens on you in terms of religion.”

See, there are no hardships in the religion, and Janâb-i Haqq has lightened everything, and made life easier with Islam, or rather turned life into a Paradise. See, Janâb-i Haqq sent you all life-giving sacred laws to you so that you may find life.

“Because mankind was created weak in terms of patience and endurance.”

Allah knows because Allah created mankind. Whatever is needed to make life easier for people, and to prepare people for the real life is present in Islam.

Janâb-i Haqq has offered mankind the most blissful and easiest life-style with Islam. The purpose here is for the servant (qul) to be happy. There is nothing in Islam that makes life harder, and Islam is a divine order created with the most sacred values. Islam is a completely blissful way of life. See, this is the wish of Allah who is One.

Allah said: [5:3] “I have perfected your religion, and I have chosen Islam as your religion, and I have completed My blessing upon you.”

So, you should obey your Rabb (Lord) from now on. If you don’t that is also your decision.


Time Stamp: 5:50


For we came from Allah and we’ll go to Allah. Islam is a way that comes from Allah, which leads to Allah. As for other ways, they only lead you to the justice, wrath, and anger of Allah. As for obedience, it leads to the rahmat (mercy) of Allah. As for rebelliousness, it leads to the punishment, wrath, anger and justice of Allah. We’re telling you. And we address you by thinking of you from us and us from you. After all we are all children of Adam and Hawwa. We are human, we are sons of Adam. Humans are the most valuable creatures, and the most honourable of all creatures. This honour rises with Islam. As for Islamlessness, it only leads down, and the decision is up to you.

Astaizu billah: The hodja is reciting the 29th, 30th, and 31st verses of Surah al-Nisa [4].

Now, let us see these verses of our Almighty Rabb (Lord) and hear what is said:

“O, you who believe!”

See, Allah is giving commands to the believers here.

“Do not eat up your wealth among yourselves unjustly. However, it is halal for you to eat up through trading among yourselves on mutual consent.”

Naturally, there are rules of trade. It has to be legitimate. There should not be fraud or lies in the trade.

“Do not kill each other. Indeed, Allah is Most-Merciful to you.”

See, Islam is the manifestation of Allah’s mercy, justice, and rahmat. So, get your mind together! Every single command of Islam gives you life and protects you. They protect you in the world, in the grave, and in the gathering (mahshar). Every single command of Islam are divine and sacred laws that protect you. Islam is the protector, and the saviour.

On the other hand, if you rebel, you’ll actually remove yourself from this safe environment and throw yourself into a brutal environment where they will rip you apart.

This way you’ll remove yourself from the environment of trust and salvation, and drift apart from the true life-style. See, it is Allah who created this life and this universe, and what did Allah send us as the best and most blissful life-style? See, Allah presented us this life-style with the contents of Islam. The ultimate decision is up to you. But we should inform people, and keep spreading the truth. And we should  try to fulfil the divine commandment.

“Whoever violates these prohibitions in aggression and injustice, then soon We will cast him into the Fire of Jahannam,” says Allah. And says: “Soon.” So, beware! Death is not far. The grave is not far. Get your mind together. “And casting them into the Fire is easy for Allah.”

There are such crimes that Janâb-i Haqq knows what type of punishment is required for those crimes. Allah is the ruler of the rulers. Allah is the real possessor of justice. Allah knows best which punishments should be given in return of disbelief (kufr), polytheism (shirk), cruelty (zulm), violating the law (fāsiq), and being a sinner by action (faajir).

Al-Quran Al-Karim informs these explicitly. So, listen to the life-giving Quran well, and understand it well. Enter the life-giving climate of the Quran and live it. We’re telling you, and you may either adhere to it or not, that is ultimately up to your own free will to decide. You may do whatever you want, but we need to care for each other, for we are servants (qul) of Allah. We have to give good advice to each other. See, the best people, or rather the most beneficial people to humanity are those who truly know the command of Allah and convey it to people correctly. And then comes the other goods.

Janâb-i Haqq says: “If you avoid major sins that you are forbidden, We will cover your other flaws, and We will admit you to a noble abode.”

See, Allah says avoid major sins and we will forgive your minors sins, and cover them. Such a great chance is given here, but it is up to you to use this chance or not.


Time Stamp: 12.45


Then again, Janâb-i Haqq says: The hodja is reciting the 32nd, 33rd, and 34th verses of Surah al-Nisa [4].

O, my dearest friend!

Let us see what our Almighty Rabb (Lord) said to us: “Do not covet the things which Allah has given some of you more than others.”

Meaning, you should mind your own legitimate business, and be pleased with what is given to you as your share in the distribution. But always do legitimate business, and as long as you work legitimately good things and bounties will always come to you. Otherwise, you should not set your eye on someone else’s wealth.

“To men belongs a share of what they have earned, and to women there is a share of what they have earned. Ask Allah’s grace and generosity for your wishes.”


Time Stamp: 15:12


See, ask Allah’s grace and generosity for your wishes. Never serve someone slavishly, who is actually a slave himself. Don’t beg others, but beg from Allah and work but work under the command of Allah. Don’t you ever be in need of others, because being in need of others is the worst and most dangerous thing in the world. You should never fall into that situation.

“Indeed, Allah truly knows everything.”

See, Janâb-i Haqq has given men and women their rights, and made the distribution. With that said, people should not deal unjustly and apply justice.

“We have appointed an heir for everything mother, father, and close relatives leave. As to those whom you made inheritors through oath-sworn covenants, give them their shares. Indeed, Allah is witness over everything.”

So, be meticulous in the matter of heritage, and fulfil the distribution of the heritage in a fair manner immediately. Do not try to deceive each other. Those who eat up people’s shares are bankrupt and insolvent people. So, don’t deal unjustly.


Time Stamp: 16:53


–          The End        –



Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 127

On the 36th – 43rd verses of Surah Al-Nisa [4].


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most Merciful.

Let us hear what our Almighty Rabb (Lord) said. Let us give ear to our Almighty Rabb (Lord), who is the omnipotent ruler of all the worlds. Allah (c.c.) says:

“Men are managers and rulers (hakim) upon women, because Allah created one above the other (in affairs such as jihād, leadership, heritage etc.). And men spend from their wealth for the family members. Good women are obedient and they guard that which Allah orders them to guard in the absence of their husbands.”

We see here that women who are eminently chaste and obedient in times when their husbands are not present are praised.

“As for the women from whom you fear their ill-conduct and discord,” now please pay utmost attention!

“As for the women from whom you fear their ill-conduct and discord, advise them.”

See, this verse of the Quran says give them advice first. This advice should make the woman an educated, cultured woman. And in the end a knowledgeable and wise woman who has been adorned with the Islamic morals and culture should appear. See, educate the woman so that she should raise brave fellows and heroes that shall rule the world one day. So, educate your woman and appreciate her. Islam gives value to women, but some people snatch away these values. See, the education you give her should educate her soul, and make her heart blissful. On the other hand, the education you provide must have a soul, not just content, not just material, but also spirit.

See, do you know what is left when you deprive women of their womanly qualities, and when you deprive men of their manly qualities? So, be cautious regarding this.

“As for those women from whom you fear their ill-conduct and discord, advise them, leave their beds. If these do not work, then ta’dib them. If they obey you, then do not seek other excuses to harm them. Allah is the Most Exalted, the Greatest.”

Now, if we are to study the contents of this verse in biological aspects, we have people like Mazhar Osman who know the sociological, spiritual, and biological structure of women today, and those who know these well have understood this verse of the Quran well. See, we have such sociologists and physiologists who read the spirit of women well.

Now, it is necessary to discipline or ta’dib the woman in whatever way she understands it. See, the word ta’dib was mentioned in the verse and it means to beat without harming, so the word strike or beat is mentioned in the verse. However, this should in a way that is to her benefit.

We’re not saying hurt her and make the situation worse. This is for disciplining her (ta’dib). However, the woman’s psychological status should be observed and treated at first, and one should resort to all other nice and pleasant ways. If you have run out of options, and if it will help, then this disciplining or ta’dib should be used for the benefit of the woman.


Time Stamp: 5:00


See, that is if disciplining and ta’dib will bring in honour for the person, and if it will save her from bigger losses. Now, let’s say you have been infected with a plague that is to spread everywhere and ruin you, what will the doctors do before it spreads to your whole body and your organs? The doctors will remove those infected cells. Just like that, Islam is oriented towards disciplining and benefit. Otherwise, it is not about hitting women and beating them up. This is valid for men as well, and exceptions don’t break the rule.

There are certain types who don’t accept the disciplining (tarbiya) of Islam, who don’t listen to advice, who don’t listen to Allah and the Prophet, who don’t listen to reason, wisdom, and the Book, and they don’t benefit from good advice by no means.

See, whichever disciplining method they seem to accept should be applied for their benefit. Islam is benefit. There is nothing but benefit in Islam. Islam advices what is beneficial.

Now, some say Al-Quran Al-Karim commands beating up wives. It does not command beating up women, rather it commands disciplining or ta’dib, which is for her benefit.

Whatever the Quran commands is for the advantage of everyone, and if beating a person is for their benefit, and it will surely help that person, and it will surely save that person from bigger losses; and if that woman, when she thinks with a healthy mind, says that if it had not been done to her, she could put herself in great danger, then she will take it as a medicine. However, this is on the condition that it will be constructive. Islam is a constructive and reformist medicine of mercy and compassion, and as you know pills may be sweet or bitter. There are certain pills that are hard to swallow. There are sugar-coated pills but they are bitter inside, and there are so many other types. See, life is also like this, and so are the characters of people.

And these are not for every woman. See, all nice and pleasant methods are tried first, but the woman still does not behave, and keeps unsettling the family, and keeps disturbing the peace of the family members. See, a fractious woman is mentioned here, who disturbs the peace. A woman who does not listen to what is good and beneficial is mentioned here, so bear this in mind.

They blatantly say Islam commands beating up women by cherry-picking this section; and they completely disregarding all the mercy (rahmat) of Allah. And they try to look down on Islam. See, this is because their own brains are small, and their mindset is outdated. It is even fair to say their mindset is unworldly. See, there cannot be any flaws or imperfections in Allah’s Book, and we need to understand this right. This is not subject to your whim, or my whim. Allah the Creator has created me, and Allah knows me better than me, and knows you better than you.

Allah created women, and Allah knows women better than themselves. Allah created men, and knows men better than themselves. Does the Creator not know everything?

That is why there cannot be a smallest flaw, a lapse, or an imperfection in Islam. The imperfections are in people, and those who don’t understand Islam correctly.

Then again, you cannot attack these truths at your whim because there is nothing wrong in them. But people rather cherry-pick the verses and say Islam is commanding this and that, and then they start vomiting out their disbelief (kufr), and their enmity of Islam.


Time Stamp: 10:05


Their insides are filled to brim with disbelief (kufr), and their mouths are dripping like that of mad dogs. Theirs is a raving mad mindset that is hostile towards Islam.

Islam is the all-encompassing rahmat (mercy) of Allah. Muhammad is the prophet of rahmat (mercy). Al-Quran Al-Karim is mercy (rahmat) and guidance (hidayat). It is the life-giving Word of Allah (Kalamullah). It is divine, and it is the Word of Allah (Kalamullah). That is why Janâb-i Haqq has brought forth social justice by introducing humanity to the best commands, best methods of treatment, and methods of discipline for Allah knows the psychological structures of everyone, whether it is men or women. See, the commands of Janâb-i Mawla are for the benefit of us servants (qul).

As for divorce, rather than breaking up the family, it is better to utilize such treatment methods and discipline methods.

The hodja is reciting the 36th verse of Surah al-Nisa [4].

Now, let us see what Janâb-i Haqq said in the 35th and 36th sacred verses of the Quran: “If you fear a dissension between man and wife then send them an arbitrator from his family, and an arbitrator from her family. If both the arbitrators truly wish reconciliation, Allah will cause reconciliation between man and wife in substitution for dissension.”

Meaning, Allah will ensure peace in the family. As long as the husband and wife are sincere, and as long as the arbitrators from both sides do their obligations sincerely.

“Indeed, Allah is truly knowing, is well aware of everything.”

Editor’s note: That is, All-Knowing, All-Aware.

See, people always try to prove themselves right in their hearts, but bear this in mind! No matter how hard you try to see yourself right, it is Allah Ta’ala who knows who is right and who is wrong. Allah sees your hearts, sees yourself, and knows you better than you. So, don’t deceive yourself or others but be sincerer and obey the divine rules, and this way you’ll neither discomfort yourself nor leave your family and children under the debris, and don’t make things so difficult that you have to divorce, rather obey the divine measures and be happy.

On the other hand, if there is nothing left to do other than separation, and divorce is the only possible solution, then don’t break people’s hearts, and separate kindly. And never separate badly!

There is no cruelty (zulm) in Islam, rather there are measures and equitable principles. All of the sacred and civil rules are present in Islam. So, don’t hurt people, and neither discomfort yourself nor others.

See, if divorce is the only complete solution, and there is nothing else you can do, then separate kindly.

With that said, our Almighty Rabb (Lord) says the following in the 36th verse: “Worship Allah. And do not associate with Allah anything.”

For one thing, there must be monotheistic faith (tawhid iman) in a Muslim’s or a person’s heart. If the person’s heart and soul lacks tawhid iman, then there won’t be peace in that heart and soul, that is not possible because the reality is that Allah has no partners or peers but that person has polytheism and idolatry inside him.


Time Stamp: 15:15


What does he do? He lives under the command of taghuts (i.e., false gods). Now, Allah has no partners, no equals, no rivals. Allah is One in Allah’s Being, and Allah is One in Allah’s attributes (sifāt) and doings (af’al). Janâb-i Haqq has no partners or rivals in any matter.

So, whether it is a man or a woman, a person cannot find bliss without placing the monotheistic faith (tawhid iman) into his heart. So, in order to attain tawhid iman you need to accept Allah, The Absolute Ruler of the Worlds, and the laws of Allah. Then, obey the laws, obey the commands, and don’t rebel. Bear this in mind! This verse of the Quran says what? Says: “Do not associate with Allah anything.” That is, do not practice polytheism, and only worship Allah. Because servitude is only for Allah. See, slaves cannot be served, that is out of the question! See, there is no obedience to people in places where people rebel against Allah. And what does Allah laws include? See, the laws have incorporated justice, love, and brotherhood. After all, when divine justice is applied, there won’t be any problem left in the world.

It is because the divine justice and Allah’s laws are not recognized that you’re seeing the law enforcements all throughout the world, just look at their reports, just look at the military police and the funds the countries of the world have been spending for national defence and war industry. Where do all that come from? Do you see the armament race in the world?

They are not investing in the inner worlds of people. Why won’t they invest in people’s hearts and souls? See, it does not matter how much weaponry you have, and it does not how much you increase your military force, police or constabulary. What will you do, assign a general for every single general? Will you assign an officer for every police officer? Will you assign a judge for every judge? Is that even possible? Why won’t you invest in people’s hearts, souls, and minds and shine the monotheistic faith (tawhid iman)? See, when you put humanity under Allah’s order, people’s own consciences will suffice where there are no soldiers, no judges, no police officers, and no generals. For themselves they will do more than the duties of these titles. Because they are under Allah’s command, they cannot do evil.

See, if you snatch faith away from people and distort their morals, then you won’t find peace in the world! You are the source of terror if you are trying to destroy the iman (faith) of Islam, the morals of Islam, its social justice, its mercy, and its aspects that encompass the universe with love. If you snatch these values away from people, then you are making people turn into savages, and you are destroying humanity, you are distorting humanity. After this you may increase your police force all you want; it will not work anyway. You may increase your military police. You may increase your military power, or be in the arms race, it does not matter. Do you think you will be able to overcome this by making people kill each other?

[5:32] “Whoever kills a soul is as though he had killed all mankind,” says Al-Quran Al-Karim. And adds, “Whoever saves a life is as though he had saved all mankind.” Raise humanity in the right way! There has to be faithful people in science, in state, and in nation. If the important chairs and positions are given to a cadre of people whose hearts brim over with love of Allah, then the whole world will find peace.


Time Stamp: 20:08


This is because they will say stop to injustice. This way justice will be applied, and mercy will encompass all humanity. As for evil it will either disappear or hit rock bottom, meaning it will at least be on the minimum level. It will turn from maximum to minimum. That is why Janâb-i Haqq informs us servants of these life-giving commands that shed light.

Then, “Be good to parents, the relatives, the orphans, the needy, the neighbours that are relatives, near neighbours, the companion at your side, the stranded traveller, and the slaves you possess.”

Would you look at this command of Allah, do you see the social mercy and social compassion? Do you see the love? See, the love of Islam encompasses all. The compassion in Islam encompasses all.

“Indeed, Allah does not like those who are arrogant and boastful.”

What are you bragging about? If you are a servant of Allah so is the other. Besides, the servants of Allah are all equal in terms of being servants of Allah. But how do you get the upper hand? See, that is possible by piety (taqwa), and vie for goodness. So, always vie for goodness, and always do more good deeds, and then you will receive great gifts from Janâb-i Haqq.

Otherwise, don’t act arrogantly and don’t act superior to anyone because no one has that right. See, you can only promote through your good deeds, but pride and conceit can only degrade you. Shaitan also got arrogant and boastful, and he became of the deniers (kāfir).

Why? See, he objected to the command of Allah Ta’ala. He belittled Adam. He belittled Allah’s viceroy (caliph). Human is Allah’s viceroy (caliph) and he belittled human, and the laws of caliphate, which are Allah’s own laws and the duty of the viceroy (caliph) is to implement them but Shaitan objected to this.

The hodja is reciting an excerpt of the 34th verse of Surah al-Baqarah [2].

He acted arrogantly, and acted superior, and he was one of the disbelievers (kāfir). Besides, he was already worshipping himself but he portrayed himself as a Muslim among angels, whereas actually he was a kāfir. How? See, he was worshipping himself, but the angels would see him worshipping and they thought he was worshipping Allah. It was through this test that his inner face manifested. As for you, your deeds, affairs, thoughts, views, and actions reflect what is in you. A person’s look reflects his personality. That is why dearest friends, Allah called people to worship Allah, and said do not ascribe partners to Allah and right after that Allah said be good to parents.

In another verse 17:23, “Don’t say to them so much as an “uff”.

Editor’s note: this “pff” is an expression of disapproval or irritation.

Says, don’t even pull a face at them; and don’t scowl at them.

Just look at what is happening to mothers and fathers of today! Many parents who have grown children are out there in need, just look at their living conditions! Look what they have done to people! What is responsible for this is the soulless education that deals with dead corpses and neglects the soul, neglects the heart, neglects iman (belief), and morals. Look what the mindset that declared war on Islam has done to parents!


Time Stamp: 24:57


Those children whom you reared by pressing against your bosom has become a person who does not even call you on holidays. See, if you snatch the sacred values from people, then you’ll bring up a generation like this, and that is bound to happen if you educate people wrong by giving them a soulless education, and turn humanity into this! See, current education system has material but lacks soul. Today’s education is blind, deaf, and crippled. It has no soul. Why did you not teach people about Islam, its iman (belief), its morals, along with the divine justice? This is exactly why Allah sent down upon you these divine laws because they are essential. This is why Allah sent you Al-Quran Al-Karim.

See, Almighty Allah sent down to you a Book from al-Lawh al-Mahfuz, from near Allah. This way Allah renewed the past, and made it the witness of the past, and placed endless evidence and proof regarding the future in it. As for you, you have abandoned belief (iman), and replaced your belief (iman) with disbelief (kufr). You have brought shame to yourself and others, so renounce this wrong! Do you know where all prescriptions that will nourish your heart and soul and establish peace and satisfaction? See, all the medication, nourishment, and remedies are within Al-Quran Al-Karim and Islam. They are all present in the sacred values that Muhammad applicated.

That is why be good to your mothers and fathers and look after them. Be good to the relatives. Be good to the orphans and the needy. Be good to neighbouring relatives, near neighbours and other neighbours, and the friend at your side, and the stranded traveller, and the slaves, workers, and servants. See, be good to them, do right by them, abolish slavery, and give them full freedom. Islam is a complete path of liberty that leads to Allah, and the guarantor of liberty is Allah Ta’ala. As for other liberties, they are fake and fabricated. The guarantor of real liberty is none other than Allah. See, Islam is liberty from a to z. If liberty and free will was not given to man, then this world would not have been a test. See, the world is nothing but a test. See, Allah does not like anyone who is a swaggering braggart. Don’t be conceited, better yet don’t be arrogant even to the smallest extent. Especially if you get arrogant towards the commands of Islam, and if you get arrogant towards the Quran, the Sunnah, and the sacred commands of Islam, then think about where you will find yourself! Do you know which punishment Allah will give you? With that said, don’t brag about yourself, rather try to be among those whom Allah praises. Besides, what would be your worth if Allah doesn’t praise you? Let’s say the whole world praised you but Allah didn’t, what would be your worth?

Or, let’s say Allah praised you bad the whole world dispraised you, will you lose anything? No, you will not lose anything. See, true praise belongs to Allah, and true denigration belongs to Allah. Whom Allah praised cannot find salvation ever. Whom Allah praised will not be harmed, and they are the eternally blissful ones. So, what should you do to earn Allah’s praise? See, you need to hold fast to the commands of Allah in the Quran, abide by the measures, and obey Allah.


Time Stamp: 30:00


Not as the whim takes you, rather you shall try to be upright the way Allah commanded. Therefore, don’t try to adapt the Quran, Sunnah, and Islam to your whim, but subject to them. Only then will you gain advantage, and you’ll not lose anything because you will be among those who are praised. You’ll become one of those whom Allah praised, otherwise it doesn’t matter if others applaud you. See, even the applause of the whole world is useless if Allah dislikes you or is not pleased with you.

See, Azrail (a.s.) will come by order of Allah, and take your life according to your good deeds (amal-e-saleh) and belief (iman). Azrail (a.s.) takes certain lives are taken with suffering, and certain lives will be taken with ease.


[79:1] “By those who snatch violently.”

[79:2] “By those who remove gently.”

Do you see these verses?

Do you think Azrail (a.s.) will give a little tolerance just because certain people applauded them, or for they were given awards all around the world? He will consider your deeds and iman (belief). Did you obey Allah, or not? Did you practice polytheism (shirk) or not? Did you obey the divine measures, or not? He will consider these. And we are to calibrate ourselves to excel in good deeds (amal-e-saleh), faith (iman), and the best possible deeds and services. That is, one needs to begin his work with true knowledge (ilm), wisdom (irfan), faith (iman), and good deeds (amal-e-saleh).

This is why, dearest friends! We continue to announce you sacred laws and commands and words of our Almighty Rabb (Lord).

The hodja is reciting the 37th and 38th verses of Surah al-Nisa [4].

Get your mind together!

Now, let us see what our Rabb says in these verses of the Quran:

Dearest and revered friend!

“They envy, and be stingy.”

Don’t you ever be stingy, and do not begrudge ever. You should also not envy, and do not be stingy either!

“Those who envy and be stingy, and they advise being stingy to everyone, and hide the bounty that Allah has given them as a grace. We have prepared a humiliating punishment for the disbelievers (kāfirs),” says Janâb-i Haqq.

So, get your mind together, but of course, I am saying this to my own self. However, as humanity is from me and I am from them, we are sharing these together, and that is why we’re trying to convey the message given in the sacred command.

Actually, all my words are for myself. I am saying these to myself but as I consider you from me, and accept myself from you, and as the divine command says so, and as we’re all servants of Allah, we have to share these truths together.

“They spend their wealth to make a show of it to people though they believe neither in Allah nor the Last Day. And whoever the Shaitan befriends, then how evil is such a friend.”

See, one may not realize but the Shaitan does not leave his side.


Time Stamp: 35:00


The Shaitan haunts him with waswasa, and keeps fanning the flames with bellows. They also have friends outside who share the same desires with the Shaitan; they are the buddies of the Shaitan. That person will not be left alone by the human shaitans around him and the other shaitan inside him, and he is under this siege. Why? This is because he did not believe in Allah, the Last Day, the Quran, and Islam. See, punishment of every crime is ready right that second. As for the punishment of remaining separate from the Quran and turning your back to it, and remaining separate from Islam, a shaitan will haunt you right away, and it will never leave your side. It does not want you to draw near Al-Quran Al-Karim either. Its greatest endeavour is to keep you away from Al-Quran Al-Karim, Islam, and faith (iman). So, get your mind together!

O, people! Do not throw yourselves into Fire, and obey Allah.

That is why it is said: “What harm would have come to them had they believed in Allah and the Last Day, and spent out of the wealth and sustenance (rizq) Allah has given them without showing off and hypocrisy?”

They would have done good deeds, and they would have been graciously rewarded by Allah, and be given more sustenance (rizq). Friends, the wealth of the generous do not reduce wealth, and there is no good in the wealth of the stingy people.

[4:38] “And whoever the Shaitan befriends, then how evil is such a friend.”

[4:39] “Allah is All-Knowing of their words and affairs.”

As you see friends, we need to be generous. Islam is generous. It is the religion of generosity. It is the religion of compassion. Islam is the giving hand not the receiving hand. Islam is the giving hand (yad al-‚ulya), and wishes to save all humanity from being the receiving hand (yad al-sufla).

[4:40] “Surely, Allah does not wrong anyone as much as an atom’s weight, but if there is a good deed then Allah will give its reward by multiplying it many times. And gives a great reward from near Allah.”

Besides, Allah Ta’ala has offered these commands to the servants in order to bestow upon them abundant rewards. See, every command of Allah is to make the servant earn things, and to save them from loss. That is, if people are wise to understand this right.

Now, let us see what Janâb-i Haqq said after saying these:

The hodja is reciting the 39th, 40th, 41st, and 42nd verses of Surah al-Nisa [4].

My dearest friend! Let us understand our Rabb well. Let us listen to our Rabb well. Let us obey the command of our Rabb. Let us be happy and find life.

The 40th verse said, “Surely, Allah does not wrong anyone as much as an atom’s weight,” and now the 41st verse says, “So how will the kāfirs (disbelievers) be when We bring a witness from every ummah (nation), and We bring you as a witness upon them!”

See, Janâb-i Haqq says, “We bring a witness from every ummah (nation).” Where? That is, on the Day of Judgement. And shall bring Muhammad as a witness over them all.


Time Stamp: 40:05


See, “So how will the kāfirs (disbelievers) be at that time.” Allah is informing us already. So, everyone should use their heads, and endeavour to live faithful and Islamic lives!

“On that day, those who denied Allah and disobeyed the Messenger will wish that the earth be levelled with them.”

Meaning they will wish that the earth would shatter and they would fall into it and cease to be.

[78:40] “The faithless will say, ‘O, I wish! I was dust!”

However, nobody has the chance to cease to be. You will either go to Janna (Paradise) through your belief (iman) and good deeds (amel-e-saleh), or in return of your disbelief (kufr), polytheism (shirk), and corruption (nifaq) you will certainly go to Jahannam (Hell).

“Nobody can conceal a word from Allah.”

Allah knows the souls, and the hearts, and the good deeds, and the sins. Even though Janâb-i Haqq personally knows it all, still makes the kiraman katibin (honourable scribes) write it nonstop, and they are also written in the books on al-Lawh al-Mahfuz. See, all your good deeds and sins are written on your deed book over your shoulders.

See, there is no difference whatsoever between what is written in eternity and the things you do today, or rather your deed book. See, would Allah do anything wrong? Is that possible? This is why do not ever forget that what you see in this physical and spiritual world disappears, they are all under control, under record, being written; and do not ever forget that all these are being witnessed personally by Allah Ta’ala (c.c.), and brings many others as witnesses. Don’t you ever forget that, and bear this in mind!

Now, after informing you of these verses of the Quran, insha ‘Allah we’ll present you certain discovery notes and exegetical notes regarding these verses, so that you’ll understand these matters more clearly.

The hodja is reciting the 43rd verse of Surah al-Nisa [4].

“O, you who believe! Do not approach namāz (prayer) while you are intoxicated until you know what you are saying.”

This was the status before the verses on alcoholic drinks came, and when the decree that made alcoholic drinks and intoxicating substances haram came, Janâb-i Haqq gave the final verdict, and made the intoxicating substances haram. Allah says do not drink and do not perform namāz (prayer) while you are intoxicated. See, every intoxicating substance has been forbidden both in and out of namāz (prayer).

“When you are junub (impure) do not perform namāz (prayer) until you take ghusl (full ablution), except when you are travelling. If you are sick or on a journey, or in case any of you comes from the privy, or have had coitus, and you cannot find water, then to tayammum with clean earth. Make an intention and wipe it to your hands and faces. Surely, Allah is Most-Pardoning, Most-Forgiving.”

See, if you’re in a place where there is no water, then do tayammum with clean earth.


Time Stamp: 45:07


See this is a permit or ruhsat given to those who cannot find water, and we see that Islam is ease again. Janâb-i Haqq has commanded the ease of tayammum. Allah says, “Do tayammum.” Islam is the religion of ease, and a person can perform his namāz (prayer) by doing tayammum when he can’t find water. If he is junub (impure), then he may do a tayammum for full ablution (ghusl) until he finds water, and do a second tayammum for partial ablution (wudu). This way he can perform his namāz (prayer) with tayammum, until he can find water.

Dear and venerable friends!

The Glorious Quran continues to enlighten us with its life-giving lessons. See, all our light and all our bliss come from Almighty Allah’s endless and boundless grace, and Allah’s beginningless and endless manifestation of mercy (rahmat) upon the worlds. These are the glorious Quran, blissful Islam, and Prophet Muhammad (asw). Let us settle Islam into our minds, hearts, and souls in order feel this happiness in our hearts and our souls, and to attain the true life-style and live it and be blissful forever. Let us drink plentiful amounts of bliss from the fountain of the Quran. Let our heart eat and drink from the paradise-like garden of the Quran. Let our souls eat and drink from it. The contents of the Quran bring more bliss to you than a garden of paradise. The life-style that will give you bliss in in Islam and the Quran. Islam prepares the Janna (Paradise), not the other way around. Islam is the religion that prepares the Janna (Paradise). It is the religion that places paradise into your soul. It is the religion that places paradise into your heart. Do you know where the abode of endless bliss and pleasure is? That is in the love of Allah, and bound to whether Allah is pleased with you or not. If you are pleased with Allah, and Allah is pleased with you, then your life is the life of paradise. See, this is what Islam prepares you for. So, don’t run away from Islam, rather hasten into Islam, and embrace the Quran, and become a drop of water in its endless ocean. See, nourish yourself from Islam just like a drop of water nourishes from the ocean. This way your soul will attain its eternal sustenance, and find life.

May Allah’s rahmat (mercy), Allah’s salamat (peace), and the eternal bliss be upon all believers, and as for the others, may Allah give them guidance (hidayat).


Time Stamp: 48:36


–          The End        –


Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 128


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most Merciful.

Our current topic is the happiness of humanity, family bliss, and the attachment between men and women. We continue to present you information based on the authentic sources of Islam, our beloved Prophet, and the glorious Quran on these topics. Actually, this is an information sharing between ourselves, and these are life lessons.

Now, Saʽad ibn ar-Rabiʽ is a revered figure among the companions. His wife Habiba had revolted. Meaning, her wife Habiba revolted against her husband Saʽad ibn ar-Rabi, and then he slapped her. Her father took her and brought her to our Prophet Muhammad to complain. Now, bear this in mind because it was 14 or 15 century ago and a woman was able to make a complaint about her husband to the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad. She could seek justice freely. So, bear this in mind!

When they made a complaint to him, our Prophet (asw) said:

The hodja is reciting the original text of the hadith.

He said: “We will take retaliation from him.” That is, our Prophet said her husband will be punished the same way he hit her. He had slapped his wife once, and our Prophet said that he will be punished with the same manner, and after this a verse came. A verse in Al-Quran Al-Karim was sent down from Janâb-i Haqq at that time.

When the verse came, our Prophet (asw) said: We wanted to do something. We said let’s punish your husband with retaliation in kind, but Allah willed another thing.

See, what did Janâb-i Haqq say here? Allah said to our Prophet that the husband was right in this case. Surely, goodness is in what Allah wills. Our Prophet said: Yes, I wished to take retaliation in kind but this is what Allah Ta’ala commanded, and our Prophet added that whatever Almighty Allah wills is what is real and what is truer. He said: Surely, there is good in what Allah wills.

Do you see dearest friends! We see that Islam is right and reality. Islam sides with the righteous. Now, the interpretation of the Quran also says: “It is imperative for the one who obeys and the one who is obeyed to follow the divine commandment.” So, the commandment binds the Prophet, the men, and the women. That is, the commands of Allah. They bind everyone. Whatever Allah says shall happen. The opposite of this is unadvocatable.

There is also the word “nushūz” mentioned in the verse. What does “nushūz” mean? Nushūz is when a woman rises against her husband. This is used when a woman revolts, becomes obstinate, rebels, and does not answer to her husband’s legitimate requests. In this case the woman changes her demeanour, and does not do what her husband wants, causing distaste on the husband’s part. See, if these actions are all based on righteous reasons, then what those righteous reasons necessitates will be done.


Time Stamp: 5:04


–          The End        –


Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 129


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most Merciful.

So, if is not based on righteous reasons, the woman will have to abide by the truth (or provision) here. This was a narration that came from Ibn-i Abbas, Ata, and Abu Mansur on the topic of nushūz. As you know, Ibn-i Abbas was our Prophet’s uncle’s son. He was one of the greatest Islamic scholars (âlim) of the companions (sahabah). As for Ata, he was a great mufassir, and Abu Mansur was also just like them.

Now, Ziya Pasha had said the following but this is only for mind exercise, and this quote was said by Ziya Pasha. Otherwise, the binding decree is the decree of Allah, not anybody else’s. So, Ziya Pasha had said: “Raise a woman who degraded herself through revolt with a few slaps. Instate her womanliness, honour, and discipline (tarbiya), and give her lesson,” he said.

He read the following poem: “One who don’t come around by advice shall be scolded, and one who don’t come around by scolding deserves beating.” That is, as the last resort.

The hodja is reciting an excerpt of the 34th verse of Surah al-Nisa.

What does Al-Quran Al-Karim say here?

Let’s say you have made every effort, and the woman does not have a righteous reason to be rebellious, what will you do with that woman in that event? You will do what is for her benefit. See, the mystery of this verse that says, “as the last resort, strike them,” is revealed when you see that this is surely beneficial for the woman, because each and every command of Allah is beneficial. See, both men and women should know this well. This is why the divine commands must be fulfilled.

See, the Europeans object to this because they think Islam orders beating up wives. No! Islam is saving the women.

French court had rejected a woman who was beaten. She was beaten very badly by her husband in France. The court said that the woman cannot even file for divorce. This is the French court. “You have made your husband like this,” they said to the woman. See, the court said to her that it was her who made him like this.

Do you see how hypocritical those who attack Al-Quran Al-Karim are? There cannot be any flaws in Al-Quran Al-Karim. Allah knows how to discipline whom Allah created better than billions of earthlings or others. This is why one part of the religion requires knowledge (ilm) and wisdom (irfan) while other side of it requires essentials and faith (iman). See, neither man, nor women can understand the life-giving lessons of Al-Quran Al-Karim thoroughly without having faith (iman), knowledge (ilm), and wisdom (irfan).

The right to choose the arbitrators for reconciliation belongs to the man and wife. Now, regarding the question of whom they should pick as arbitrators for reconciliation, it is said that one arbitrator should be selected from the woman’s family and one from the man’s family. The qadi (judge) says that man and women should choose the arbitrators. See, right to choose the arbitrators for reconciliation belongs to the husband and wife.

A narration that came from Ali says the following. Radeyallahu anhum wa ardahum ajmain. “The arbitrators may separate them with talaq-ul-bain (irrevocable divorce).” As for Hasan, he said they cannot do that. And Al-Imam Al-Azam said the arbitrators who are chosen for reconciliation are not chosen for separating the couple, rather uniting them and establishing peace and tranquillity.


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See, the narration that came from Hasan and Al-Imam Al-Azam suggests that the verse came for peace and reconciliation. They say the verse of the Quran suggests peace. As for the meritorious view of Ali, he was of course right about certain families. Meaning, Ali’s opinion was true for families who need to be broken up.

With that said, if the man is to blame, then the situation is stated in the 128th verse of Surah al-Nisa [4]. If the man is to blame, then the woman may seek justice and if there is no other way than divorce, she may seek justice because she knows the situation of the husband well. So, according to the 128th verse of Surah al-Nisa [4] and the rights and remedies in Islam, or rather the rights and freedoms given to people by Islam suggest that woman can apply for divorce.

Moreover, you should pay attention to these ten obligations. See, these ten obligations are the primary obligations of individuals. First one is worship and faith (iman) without polytheism (shirk). See, men and women must not have polytheism (shirk), but have a true tawhid iman (monotheistic faith), along with sincerity (ihlas), and good deeds (amal-e-saleh). The obligations of the servant must be fulfilled properly, and people must show utmost respect to the parents. They must meet their needs if they are in need. They must be good and cheerful to the parents in the highest degree. One should always show utmost kindness to parents and be cheerful to them, and always help them and always do them a favour. A Muslims has to get on with the orphans, the needy, the near neighbours who are relatives, close relatives, far neighbours, and non-Muslim neighbours, and also do them favours. These are to be done by obeying the divine rules, for the measure is the divine rules.

Out Master, Prophet Muhammad (asw) says the following about neighborship. Those who are neighbours, relatives, and Islam have three rights upon you. See, some neighbours have three rights upon you. The first is neighborship, the second is kinship or being relatives, and the third is the right of Islam. Another neighbour has two rights, which are neighbourhood being Muslim. Also says that there is another neighbour who has a right, but who is it? See, he says that non-Muslims have the right of neighborship, for they are your neighbours and they are people.

These narrations are present in Kanz al-Ummal and Al-Manawi.

There is also being good to friends. Now, it does not matter if you’ve been friends for two days or two years, it is a must to be good to friends and do them favours, this is valid for all types of friends. Also, being good towards guests, slaves, servants, workers, and slave girls is a must in Islam. See, Islam has established all balances regarding all workers and employees. Islam has established the balance of justice. Islam neither allows hostility towards labour, nor allows hostility towards capital.

Islam says, give the pay of the worker his dues before his sweat has dried up. But it doesn’t allow hostility towards capital either, says be fair against it as well.

See, certain Jews had advised the ansar (helpers) to not help the muhajireen (fighters) because they were concerned, they will become poor. Meaning, they were saying, “Why are you helping the muhajireen (fighters)? Don’t help them because we’re concerned you will become poor.”


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This is an evil doing! They were Islamophobes who could not stand Muslims helping each other. They were present back then, they are present today, and they will continue to be present tomorrow. We see that Almighty Allah commands helping people, and this is a binding commandment. This is the command that makes you earn; a divine command. See, the commands of the Jews, the Christians, the Arabs, the Turks, or others are not valid, only the commands of Allah are valid.

There are also those who hide their wealth and their knowledge (ilm). Now, some people have wealth but they hide it, they don’t do charity or good with it, and some have knowledge (ilm) and wisdom (irfan) but they hide it. It is said that the mouths of those who hide their wealth and their knowledge (ilm) and those who show off to people using these will be sealed and their hands and feet will talk.

You may go and read the second last page of Yaseen Shareef. You may read the second last page of Yaseen Shareef. It is said that people should attach importance to cleanliness, namāz (prayer), and jihād (struggle). Always be exceptionally clean, and properly perform your namāz (prayer), and always do good deeds and jihād (struggle), and if you have to go to battle, then hasten towards the battle with pleasure. It is said that this is for the salvation of humanity, ensuring the peace, and to abolish cruelty (zulm).

Now, let us talk about full ablution (ghusl). It is said that one should pay utmost care for full ablution (ghusl). So, immediately and properly perform your full ablution (ghusl) when it is necessary. You should properly perform full ablution (ghusl), and your partial ablution (wudu) which is necessary form namāz (prayer).

Now, as an intoxicated person’s mind is perplexed, and he does not know what he is doing, people around them should be cautious against their destructive and negative behaviour.

That said, touching women breaks the ablution (wudu) according to Zahiri and Shafi’i. This is the opinion of the Zahiri and Shafi’i madhabs (schools). Then again, in the Shafi’i the ablution (wudu) of both is broken, but in the Zahiri only the ablution (wudu) of the one who touched will be broken, and in the Hanafi ablution (wudu) does not break.

In tayammum, making intention is a prerequisite. Meaning, a person must make intention while performing tayammum, because in Islam both inner and outer cleanliness are requisite. See, a person has to show an act of respect towards Almighty Allah in a sincere manner by performing tayammum when he cannot find any water. In that event, tayammum is a preparation for worship instead of performing ablution (wudu).

“What cannot be accomplished completely should not be abandoned completely.”

This is from Kashf-ul-Hafā, so pay attention! Let’s you cannot fully accomplish something, but it is okay if you can accomplish it partially. So, try to accomplish that part of it. See, you cannot abandon something completely just because you cannot fully accomplish it, so do not forget this ever! It is also said that people must be careful regarding the matters of tayammum, permit (ruhsat), being junub (impure), and being intoxicated.


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