Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 139-142

Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 139-142

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 139


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Besides, what the religion of Islam suggests, and Islam itself summons good and defies harm. Islam is nothing but benefit, Islam is nothing but mercy. Islam is nothing but rahmat. Islam is nothing but knowledge (ilm), wisdom (irfan), social justice, and it is divine. Islam consists of divine laws. Al-Quran Al-Karim is Allah’s Book. And what is the reason that I repeat this every once in a while? Those who know it already know it but everybody should hear these truths and learn them. This is why political education is necessary, and beware of the loud mouths, but there is no loud-mouthing in Islam. You have to evaluate if what comes out of your mouth is beneficial or harmful. At first, filter out what you are going to say and then speak it, for there is no loud-mouthing in Islam. Rather, there is discernment (farasat) in Islam. So, what is discernment (farasat)? It is seeing with the nūr (light) of Allah, because people of discernment (farasat) see with the nūr (light) of Allah, and they have been enlightened with the nūr (light) of Al-Quran Al-Karim. They have been enlightened (fayiz) with the knowledge of the Quran, and in the end marifat (knowledge) occurred. Islam is the abode of all that is real (haqiqa). Everything about the Islamic sharia (law) is real (haqiqa). And all that is real (haqiqa) is knowledge (marifat), and vice versa. You see, the whole of these are Islam and the Islamic sharia (law).

One day, Umar visited our Prophet and asked him if he had divorced his wives. Umar asked this to our Prophet. And our Prophet said, “No.” Hearing that, Umar immediately got out and visited the masjid and started shouting as if he was the crier of the town. He was shouting that the Messenger of Allah did not divorce his wives. Now, why did he do it? You see, some hypocrites with loud mouths were spreading rumour, and they always look out for things to blab around, and they make false accusations. So, upon hearing this gossip, Umar visited our Prophet and learned about the matter at hand from its very source, and when our Prophet said no, he visited the masjid and started shouting that the Messenger of Allah did not divorce his wives. This way he had stuffed their gullets with dirt. Now, we have encountered the aforementioned news in a hadith-i sharif narrated by Al-Bukhari and Al-Muslim.

That said, it is necessary to follow and obey the competent âlims (Islamic scholars). The word “competent” is the key here. Who is a competent person? Like I’ve said before, this is at least a mujtahid. Now, let’s say you have read something in a book. What you read must be based on either the Quran, or the Sunnah, or the ijmā (consensus), or qiyās (analogical reasoning), meaning it has to be based on a mujtahid. Otherwise, everybody says something and it is not possible for all of them to be a religious decree. In order for something to have a place in the religion, it must be valid in the Quran, the Sunnah, ijmā (consensus), or qiyās (analogical reasoning). This is why it is necessary to follow the competent âlims (Islamic scholars).

Now, all awliya people always say the following. They say that finding the usul âlims is the ultimate union with the truth. You see, the people of usul are the mujtahids. The awliya did not point to themselves by telling people to follow themselves. Rather they pointed towards the mujtahids. Our awliya and walī people are always like this, just like schools of sufism (tasawwuf). The measure of the schools that attend to the disciplining of the soul is the sharia (law) and the mujtahids, and the schools or tariqa that do not follow the sharia (law) are not real schools of tariqa. This is what all our walī people and sufists say.

Editor’s note: The words awliya is the plural of the word walī and they have meanings such as helper, friend, custodian and they indicate an Islamic saint, or more literally a friend of Allah.

No matter where you go, the measure is the measure of the Islamic sharia (law), and the ones who know that measure are the mujtahids.


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Our Prophet had set out to Smaller Badr with seventy horsemen and some of them were reluctant, but because there is the Messenger of Allah among them, and because their faiths or imans were perfect, even the wounded went to the battle in the cause of martyrdom. And the enemy had retreated.

Now, the ijtihads or human efforts of the mujtahids is deduction (istinbāt) and extraction (istikhraj). That is, to draw conclusions from Al-Quran Al-Karim and the Sunnah. It is the mujtahids who draw these provisions. You see, the ijtihads or human efforts of the mujtahids is deduction (istinbāt) and extraction (istikhraj). Now that we have talked about these, the verses we have read also mentioned salaam (greeting). The 86th verse says, “taḥiyya,” which means greeting or salaam.

As you know, the greeting in Islam is, “Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakātuh,” and this is a long greeting. There is also greeting back, which is either “As-Salaam-Alaikum – Peace be upon you,” or “Alaikum Salaam,” these are for greeting back. And a long greeting is, “Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakātuh,” and the ones who receives the greeting says, “Alaikum salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakātuh,” and he may add, “wa maghfiratu,” to the end. This is how you greet or greet back, for this is the salaam (greeting) of Islam.

Now, let us talk about how the Arabs used to greet each other. They were saying “hayyakallah,” but this was before Islam. It means something like may Allah give you a long life.

On the other hand, the meaning of the salaam or greeting of Islam is perfect. What does it mean? Well, “assalamu alaikum,” means, “Peace of the world and the afterlife be upon you.” “Let the peace reign, and may all the peace in the world and afterlife be upon you.” Besides, the word, “As-Salaam” is a name of Allah. This is why the salaam or greeting of Islam is rich in content. Those who know its value should not act negligent towards giving salaam to people, and the salaams or greetings should be made perfectly, and they should be returned perfectly. You see, the salaam or greeting in Islam is always for ensuring the peace. It is the friendship, fraternity, and reign of peace between people. Besides, these are in the spirit of the salaam or greeting.

Now, let’s talk about the greetings of the Christians. Theirs is something like placing your hand in front of your mouth. As for the Jewish greeting, they point with fingers, and they bow their heads and twist their hips, and that is the Jewish greeting. The greeting of the Majūs (Zoroastrians) is only leaning.

Now, about greeting the emperors, they greet the emperors by saying something like “an’im sabahên,” but the real greeting among all these is only the salaam or greeting of Islam. This is just like that the religion with Allah is Islam. The true salaam or greeting is that of Islam. Muslims cannot greet each other in any other way than the salaam of Islam.

You are not a Christian, so don’t use their greeting. You are not Jewish, so don’t use their greeting. And you are most certainly not amongst the Arabs of the Jahiliyyah Period, so don’t use their greeting. You are a Muslim, and everything about you must be Islamic, and according to the rules of Islam. Besides, Islam encompasses all that is beautiful and new. The contents of Islam are unprecedented and modern realities, and this is why the salaam or greeting of Islam is excellent as it is.


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That said, As-Salaam is a name of Allah, and it is a custom (sunnah) to greet people or greet back when they greet you. You see, greeting back becomes a collective obligation (fard al-kifayah) when one person in a community greets back, but if none of them greet back, then all of them would have abandoned a religious obligation (fard). It has been pointed out by our mufassirs that Allah greets the believers 12 times in Al-Quran Al-Karim.

With that said, there are certain places where you cannot greet people. For example, during the khutbah (sermon), while reciting Al-Quran Al-Karim, while worshipping, while narrating hadiths, during recitations and studies, and during the recitation of adhan and kamat. In such times you cannot answer a greeting, that is out of the question because you are busy with another ibadat or worship at that time. Now, you cannot give salaam or greeting in the following cases: If people are playing games, singing songs, singing folk songs, in the toilet, or in the bathhouse and they are naked. In these cases, and in other cases where salaam or greeting does not seem suitable, you cannot greet people, but if it is a setting where it is suitable to greet people, then you may greet some people among them.

A walking person has to greet a sitting person. For example, let’s say someone is walking and passing by a person who is sitting, the walking person needs to greet the sitting one, and if someone is in a vehicle, he needs to greet the person who walks, and the minors have to greet the elders, and the groups that are fewer in numbers have to greet more crowded groups, these are customs or sunnah one by one. You see, Al-Quran Al-Karim has touched every matter from before our creation to eternity, and it constitutes a complete concord, and mind you that it is sound and consistent. Al-Quran Al-Karim touches every matter from before the creation to eternity. It constitutes a complete harmony, and it is completely sound and consistent. That is, you don’t need to ask whether something in Islam is still valid because centuries have passed, for all centuries and all times are present in Islam. Islam has newer things than all that is new.

You see, what does Janâb-i Haqq say about the vehicles people use back then? Says, “You are using these vehicles at this time, but I will create many vehicles that you do not know.” Allah said that they don’t know, and pointed to today’s transport of land, sea, and air fourteen years ago. There is nothing missing in the Quran, and if you don’t know the Quran then it is your fault, and it is also my fault that you don’t know, but the Quran cannot be blamed, and Islam cannot be blamed, for there are no flaws in Islam. The imperfections and the blame are on mankind. This is why we say, “May Janâb-i Haqq make it possible for all Muslims to understand Islam well, and may Janâb-i Haqq guide all humanity.”


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Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 40


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Dearest friends!

Janâb-i Haqq reads us people the souls of other people in the best possible manner so that we may find life. Janâb-i Haqq offers people the remedy of their souls as well, for Janâb-i Haqq wants them to find life.

Another group amongst the spiritually bankrupt people is the hypocrites (munafiqun). The hypocrites are spiritually bankrupt people. They always portray themselves as Muslims, but they have no endeavour other than blaming Muslims. Moreover, they even go so far as to blame the Prophets and blame Islam but they portray themselves as Muslims. These people are nothing but infectious microbes that reside in Islam. This is why the first thing these hypocrites will blame when they lose something is Islam and Prophet Muhammad. Yet if they gain something, they say it is from Allah, but if they lose something, they say this is due to Islam and Prophet Muhammad. If they don’t say this, then surely, they will blame a true Muslim. Besides, the Muslims on the wrong path are the inmates and close friends of these hypocrites, and the hypocrites blame the righteous Muslims and our Prophet. If they don’t blame Islam or the Prophet, then surely, they wish to blame a righteous and valuable Muslim. You see, Almighty Allah who sent the Universal Prophet with Islam says the following in the 30th verse of Surah al-Shura: “Whatever affliction may visit you is because of what your hands have earned.” Everyone needs to contemplate on this including Muslims and non-Muslims. This is how the souls are read in general. You see, there is nobody other than the Creator who can read the souls in the best possible manner. The Creator reads, and explains this to people through the Quran. This is why it is said that whatever affliction may visit you is because of what your hands have earned. You see, this situation develops because people earn sins themselves, and you may say that there are valuable and revered Muslims and sinless people who are also visited by afflictions, and what about them? I say the worldly life is but a test. Those valuable people pass that test, and receive high and praised degrees in return, and this is their situation. As for the Prophets, they are sinless people but they suffer the most distress. Why? Because they are assigned to saving people through the sacred values of Almighty Allah. Islam is but a saviour, and the Prophets, along with the righteous people and true Muslims, they are the pioneers of this thing. This is why they receive high and praised degrees. For example, this is like when martyrs attain high degrees when they are martyred.

That said, a narration reported by Al-Bukhari, Al-Muslim, and Al-Tirmidhī say, “What happened to you. You have become two groups regarding the hypocrites (munafiqun),” said Janâb-i Haqq, and warned the Muslims and told them to recognize the hypocrites because they will divide you, tear you apart and divide you into groups, and they will tear the Muslims into pieces and bring them into the fold.

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Says beware of this, and our Prophet (asw) says the following about the 88th verse of the Quran regarding this topic: “This verse, along with the glorious Quran is something pure that removes evil just like fire removes rust from iron.” That is, Al-Quran Al-Karim will show you the hypocrites and non-hypocrites like the day and night. It reads the soul of the hypocrite, but this is if you can understand it and listen to Al-Quran Al-Karim. It reads the souls of the believers as well, the way it reads the souls of the deniers, the fāsiq and faajir people who violate the laws and commit sin through action. It also reads the souls of the immoral people. It places the souls before you, and shows you the pure ones. You see, a man has filled his heart to brim with wine and shouts out that his heart is pure, and if you talk to him, you’ll see him as a reasonable and logical person but his actions are completely contrary to reason, logic, right (haqq), or reality (haqiqa). This is why the hypocrites always act against what they say. All their fingers swarm with germs and microbes but they say that they are the purest human beings.


Back then, Khalid ibn Yazid was one of the fiercest enemies of our Prophet. He was on his way to Madinah to convert to Islam, and on the way, he encountered Ayyash ibn Abi Rabiah. He was extremely hostile to the Prophet, and back then the two sides were at war. Ayyash ibn Abi Rabiah killed him when he encountered him. He did not know he was going to Madinah to convert to Islam. Later, a verse of the Quran revealed, saying do not ever kill a person if you see signs of Islam, even if a state of war is in effect. Such verses saying this were revealed. We’ll continue in a moment.


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Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 141


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

The hodja is reciting the 88th verse of Surah al-Nisa [4].

“Why should you be two groups concerning the hypocrites, while Allah has made them relapse because of their deeds? Do you desire to guide someone Allah has led astray? Whomever Allah leads astray; you will never find any way for him.”


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–          The End        –


Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 142


On the 88th – 93rd verses of Surah al-Nisa [4].


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

The hodja is reciting the 88th and 89th verses of Surah al-Nisa [4].

“Then,” says Janâb-i Haqq, “why have you become two parties concerning the hypocrites? Do you wish to guide whom is let astray by Allah, while Allah casted them back for the sin they have earned? Whoever is let astray by Allah, you’ll never find a way out for him.”

Dearest friends!

A person’s disbelief (kufr) is the reason for his deviation. As for the requital of disbelief (kufr), it is of course a punishment he deserves. You see, the requital of hypocrisy is nothing but a complete deviation, and the requital for that is a punishment. This is why every sin makes the heart sink, and leads the person astray, and these are people’s own earnings.

So, what is the requital of people’s own earnings? The requital for that is deviation and misguidance so Janâb-i Haqq gives the servant (qul) his own earnings. The servant (qul) earns deviation himself, and then Allah lets him astray. That is, Allah does not constrict his freedom. This goes for good deeds (sawāb) as well, if you do a good deed, then there is an earning or rather a reward for the heart in return of the goodness. The soul has earnings as well, and it receives them. There is a requital for every good, and this has an effect on the heart and the soul. They have an effect on the soul and the body. Just like that, each evil deed has an evil effect on the soul and the body.

“They wish that you should disbelieve as they disbelieve and then you’ll all be just like them.”

See, a man has deviated and wants you to deviate just like him. He has committed disbelief (kufr), and wants you to do the same. This is why it is said, “So, do not take allies from them, until they emigrate (hijra) in the way of Allah.”

So, what does hijra or emigration mean? It means to abandon wrongdoings, to abandon the wrongs (batil), and to go to Allah and the Messenger, and to attain the sacred values. This is the essential meaning of hijra or emigration, it means to seek places where you can live Islam. That is, emigrating from where you cannot live it, to a place where you can live it.

“If they turn back, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them.”

You see, Janâb-i Haqq says there are some who are to be killed, and divine justice must be fulfilled in order to save humanity from their evil. This cannot be fulfilled by random people either, all truths must be known as the day, and this should be done by thoroughly examining the principles of justice. Otherwise, there are no random actions in Islam.

“And do not take any friend from them, and not any helper.”

You see, if someone is imposing disbelief and polytheism on you, and if he is imposing corruption (nifaq) on you, then Janâb-i Haqq informs us about what shall be done. Says, “Do not ever take any friends or helpers from them.”


Time Stamp: 4:55


That is why dearest friends, Janâb-i Haqq says:

The hodja is reciting the 90th verse of Surah al-Nisa [4].

But don’t touch those who join a group between whom and you there is a treaty, or who come to you with their hearts feeling discomfort in fighting either against you or against their own people. If Allah had so willed, Allah would have given them power over you, and they would have fought you. So, if they stay away from you, and do not fight you and offer you peace, then Allah has not given you any authority against them.”

That is, Allah says prefer peace. Besides, Islam itself is nothing but peace and tranquillity regarding these matters. Janâb-i Haqq is announcing the most sacred decree and advice here. You shall of course fight when you have to but what the essential purpose of all wars in Islam is peace. They are for destroying the tyrants and abolishing impositions.

The hodja is reciting the 91st verse of Surah al-Nisa [4].

Janâb-i Haqq said the following in this verse of the Quran.

“You will also find another group of people, wishing that they are secure from you, and that they are secure from their people. Every time they are called back to mischief (fitnah), they are plunged into it.”

Do you see? There is a grave danger here!

“So, if they do not withdraw from you and offer you peace, then seize them and kill them wherever you find them. We have given you a clear authority against them.”

You see, there has always been a mindset that plays one side against the other, causing hostility between people, who cause war. They don’t accept peace by no means. It is said that there are types of people who come to you, who are plunged deep into mischief (fitnah). They want to cause hostility and war, distort the peace, distort the tranquillity. Says, “There is a mindset that strives to destroy the peace, so destroy them, and this is what is done for peace.” I will repeat the verse, so please listen carefully!

“You will also find another group of people, wishing that they are secure from you, and they are secure from their people. Every time they are called back to mischief (fitnah), they are plunged into it,” pay close attention to this part! They are the people of mischief (fitnah).

“And if they don’t withdraw from you, and offer to you peace, then know that a war has broken out.”


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Seize them and kill them wherever you find them, we have given for you a clear authority against them.”

The religion of Islam has taken all necessary measures against those who seek to disturb the peace, tranquillity, and justice, and Islam has given the command. The whole point of Islam is to establish belief (iman), knowledge (ilm), wisdom (irfan), divine justice, mercy, love, peace, and social justice in the world, and ensure that they will continue forever. Those who are against this are straight-up against Islam. That said, people who have duties here are foremost the Muslims, because the Muslims are friends of the entire world. The courage that shall stand against evil, and the real justice is in Islam, and it should also be in the Muslims.

The hodja is reciting the 92nd and 93rd verses of Surah al-Nisa [4].

“A believer may not kill another believer unless by mistake.”

For one thing, in Islam murder is the greatest evil, and it is amongst the greatest sins. Another verse of the Quran [5:32] says: “Whoever kills a person is as though he had killed all mankind.”

You see, nobody can kill anybody unless the divine justice necessitates it.

“And whoever kills a believer by mistake,” you see it is not done intentionally, but by mistake, “then he needs to free a believing slave and pay blood money (diyāt) to the family of the one who died,” or he may pay it to his heirs.

You see, that person has to free a slave, and we see that Islam is a religion of freedom, and this is why Islam placed freeing slaves amongst the greatest good deeds (sawāb).

Then again, Islam has placed freeing slaves at the beginning of atonement (kefaret), and this is for offering humanity a complete freedom. This is for abolishing slavery, captivity, and contempt (zillat).

The religion of Islam has established a completely free and just order, this is why wherever there is a slave, or wherever there is a jariya (slave-girl), it is amongst the greatest good deeds (sawāb) to free them. That is, to give them their freedom.

So, what is said here as well is that if someone is killed by mistake, meaning let’s say a believer has killed another believer by mistake and it was not intentional but it happened by mistake. If something like that happened, and a person has died because of another; then the one who caused this has to free a slave, and he must give blood money (diyāt) to the family of the one who died, or he may give the blood money (diyāt) to the heirs of the one who died.


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As for the blood money (diyāt), it is one hundred camels. One will either give one hundred camels or pay the average value of one hundred camels, so bear this in mind! A believer will receive this punishment even if he kills another believer unintentionally, and by mistake. This is because he had to be careful, and Islam is a religion of precaution, and diligence. Even though that man has killed someone by mistake and it was unintentional, he should have taken precautions. You see, did he take all measures or not? This is very important. Now, let’s say that you went hunting, and you are hunting animals. Then, you took a shot, thinking it was an animal but you did not see it and you did not listen to it. You just assumed there was game over there, and you shot a person instead. Why didn’t you look if it was game or a person? There was a person over there, and you thought it was game, and you shot it because you were careless. You were hunting, but you shot a person instead. There is carelessness here, and you have to pay blood money (diyāt) for it, which is the equivalent of one hundred camels. This is the punishment of your carelessness. Or, you have to free a slave, but there is more to this so let’s see.

“Except that the family of the deceased remit it as charity.”

You see, it is said that if a situation develops where the heirs say they don’t accept it from you, saying they will not take blood money (diyāt), or they say they don’t want you to free a slave because they don’t consider it necessary, then this situation is an exception.

“If the deceased belongs to a people that are hostile towards you but is a believer, then he has to free a believing slave. And if he was from a people with whom you have a treaty, then he has to give blood money (diyāt) to the family of the deceased and set free a believing slave.”

You see, Islam broadens the scope of the punishment so that the murderer may be punished.

Then again, “He who cannot afford these must fast two successive months as a penance from Allah, and Allah is All-Knowing (al-Alim), All-Wise (al-Hakim).

This is because if there are criminals and you don’t punish them dissuasively, then you’ll turn the world into a world of criminals, and you’ll be the ones who protect the criminals, and you’ll be the ones who advocate crime, and you’ll be assisting cruelty and zulm. This is no way of prevailing justice; you cannot not ensure justice that way.

See, there are misconceptions regarding the understanding of justice in the world right now, and they have no correlation whatsoever with Islam. The murderers are being protected. They are not being chastened. Dissuasive measures are not taken, and crime has been promoted. They are giving countenance to crime, and the number of criminals is on the rise. Peace is broken, and safety and trust will disappear this way.


Time Stamp: 19:58


You see, if you feel pity for the cancerous cells, you’ll have to surrender your whole body to it eventually. The misconceptions of today are somewhat like this, there are similar situations. For example, a criminal is like a cancerous cell that ruins the whole body. The crime is obvious, you have to see it, and then cut out the crime so that the whole body may be saved. Meaning, you have to remove the cancerous cells from the tissue so that the body may be saved. But you are feeling pity for the criminal, and you’re not touching the cancerous cells, and you are applying a wrong method. You are leaving the body alone and neglecting what will happen. See, today there are differences of opinion in the world regarding justice, and you mask ask me what is the right thing to do here. I say, we need to discover Al-Quran Al-Karim well. We need to understand it well, for the justice of Allah is the right one. It has no flaws or imperfections, rather they are in those who look for flaws or imperfections.

In the next verse Janâb-i Haqq says: “Whoever kills a believer intentionally, his punishment is Jahannam (Hell), wherein he shall abide forever.”

You see, this is how Allah’s punishment and justice are, and there is Jahannam (Hell) for murder.

You see, this is the punishment given by Allah. This is the justice of Allah, and we see that there is Jahannam (Hell) as requital for murder.

“Allah’s wrath has fallen on him. Allah has cursed him, and prepared for him a great punishment.”

Editor’s note: Now, the hodja will recite certain excerpts of the 93rd verse of Surah al-Nisa and give their interpretations. The original text is of the excerpts are not written.

The 93rd verse of Surah al-Nisa [4] says, “Whoever kills a believer intentionally, his punishment is Jahannam (Hell), and in the Jahannam (Hell) he stays forever. Allah’s wrath has fallen on him. Allah has cursed him. And prepared them,” what did Allah prepare? “Prepared them a great punishment,” says Allah.

This is why dearest friends! There is only one legal system in that can save the world from murderers, hellraisers, flagrant sinners (fāsiq), wicked evil-doers (faajir), and establish a complete environment of trust in the world, and that is the divine order established by Allah, which is Islam. So, explain Islam to people in the correct way, and understand it correctly. That said, you should also be mindful of those who speak out-of-spite without thoroughly understanding Al-Quran Al-Karim, Prophet Muhammad, the Book, the Sunnah, ijmā (consensus) and qiyās (analogical reasoning)! They are not doing any favours to the religion, rather they are portraying what’s in their heads as religion. They are setting forth what they have in their small brains, without considering the endless and boundless mercy and grace of Islam.

Now, let me share a narration (riwayat) that comes from Bukhari Shareef with you. It is said that they killed someone who gave salaam to a group of Muslims. They killed him, assuming he was not a Muslim. Then the verse came. Janâb-i Haqq said the following regarding that greeting or salaam is a sign of faith.

Editor’s note: To give salaam means greeting, and the word itself means peace. In Islam we greet people by saying peace be upon you, which is called salaam.

Allah said, “Do not say, ‘You are not a believer,’ to someone who offers you a greeting of peace.” Allah said you cannot say that to the one who gives you salaam. You see, salaam is a sign of faith, you may look it up.

Allah said, “The one who offers you a greeting of peace (salaam),” this is important! Upon that the 94th verse that said, “Don’t say, ‘You are not a believer,’ to the one who gives salaam,” came.

Now, the hypocrites come to the Muslims and say, ‘We have believed.’.”

Time Stamp: 25:00


Then, they would portray themselves as disbelievers when they went near them, research these as well, and don’t do anything without researching first. The one who unintentionally kills someone has to give atonement, and pay blood money (diyāt). He has to set free a believing slave for atonement. This is for abolishing slavery, as for the blood money (diyāt), it is the equivalent of one hundred camels, or it is one hundred camels.

That said, a narration from Bukhari Shareef says: Those who strive to be in battle with true intentions and those whose hearts are with the mujahideen (warriors), are as though they are fighting alongside the mujahideen (warriors).

You see, their hearts are with the mujahideen (warriors), but they cannot go to the front due to their excuses, but they are heroes in spirit and in heart. There are such heroic servants of Islam. They cannot go to the front due to their excuses, but their hearts are with the mujahideen (warriors) in the front. It is said that they are like the mujahideen (warriors). It is also said that Allah will grant them what they deserve as regards to their hearts.

“They are only held back by their excuses,” he said. Our Prophet said these by taking inspiration from the spirit of the Glorious Quran. We see that it is clearly stated that there are praised stations for the mujahideen (warriors). The Muslims are mujahideen (warriors), and heroes. This goes for every Muslim. The mujahideen and their heroism are for the benefit of all humanity. This is because Islam saves the universe, and shields humanity from wrongs, tyrants, and cruelty (zulm). Islam came to save, and it is the peace of all the souls. Islam is the peace of the hearts.

You see, there cannot be a true peace in the world before peace, brotherhood, faith or iman and its principles are settled into the hearts. The things you claim are peace in the world are made by encircling the monsters and wolves with a wire fence, and then they say they have ensured peace, this is just like that.

They are still wolves and monsters. You may have encircled them with a wire fence, but that would not save them from being monsters.

Don’t place savagery into people. Don’t give them false education. Islam incorporates faith (iman), brotherhood, civilisation, friendship, mercy, social justice, loving each other, and all things regarding education and learning are present in Islam itself, so give these to people. Remove the obstacles before Islam. You want to place enormous obstacles before Islam so that Islam may not enter the hearts and minds. You are actually doing the greatest evil to yourself and Islam. Those who stand against Allah cannot gain anything, and they will be destroyed.

Then again, a narration from An-Nasai says there are one hundred degrees prepared for the mujahedeen (warriors) in Janna (Paradise). The extent of each degree is as vast as the extent between the heavens and the earth. This is for “في سَبيلِ اللَّهِ” the mujahedeen or warriors who do jihād in the way of Allah. That said, the following is from the narration or riwayat of Ibn-i Majah. “If a person helps the murderer even as much as half a word, then it is written on the middle of his forehead. It is written on the middle of his two eyes: “The one who abandons hope from the rahmat of Allah.”


Time Stamp: 30:00


Do not aid a murderer even as much as half a word, and don’t ever be on the side of the murderer! The entire endeavour and goal of Islam is peace, social justice, and mercy, as well as exalting the religion of Allah (iʻlā‐i kalimatullah), and to establish the divine laws. And that is for the benefit of all humanity. It is said that that man will be brought to the Day of Judgment with that inscribed on his forehead. It is written between his two eyes that he is the one who abandoned hope from the rahmat (mercy) of Allah, and he says that is how he will be brought to the great gathering (mahshar). Then again, the narration of Al-Bayhaqi says: “The earth being destroyed is more digestible than a believer being killed.” Do you see how Islam values man? See, the world is for man, not the other way around. So, get your mind together. The Janna (Paradise) is for man, not the other way around. The earth and the heavens are for man, but man is not for these things. The earth and the heavens may be sacrificed for man, but not even a single person can be sacrificed for the earth and the heavens. This is with regards to a person who did not deserve it, who doesn’t have a crime in the eyes of Allah’s justice, who is blameless and innocent being killed. This is the value Islam gives to man. Otherwise, we’re not talking about people who lost their humanity, who do nothing but harm to other people. In that case, what should you do in order to shield yourself from their evil, or to shield themselves from their evil, and save them as well? You need to remove the cancerous cell, and that can only be done after going through all the principles of divine justice. There are many ways and methods of doing this, and this is work of the jurists who know Islam well. This narration came from Ibn-i Abbas. The narration that came from Ibn-i Abbas says that the repentance of murderers is not accepted. It is also said that saving a person from slavery is like resurrecting him. You see, Islam sees saving a person from slavery as his resurrection. Sees it as though a dead man is being resurrected. Islam sees slavery as being dead, and accepts freedom as being alive, and wants all humanity to be free, peaceful, and blissful. This is what Islam is. It is the rights and freedoms and happiness of all humanity. On the other hand, do you know what the enemies of Islam are doing? They are saying that Muslims are fighting, but they don’t say for what. They say Muslims are hanging people, but they don’t know why or they don’t tell you why. Why? For this does not serve their purpose. Islam is actually against the vampires like him who impose and patronize, but he does not say this, do you know why? For they are already bleeding people white! That is why they are against Islam. But know this, even if you tie the hands of the Muslims, Allah’s hands or arms cannot be tied, and Islam is the order established by Allah. The real possessor of Islam is Allah. Since the Muslims established Islam in the world 14 centuries ago, an unprecedented and bright period emerged, and when the religion of Islam was well understood and practiced during this Islamic period, the world felt at ease and developed.


Time Stamp: 35:00


Now, let’s say you see Muslims are growing weak, do you think Islam will cease to exist just because Muslims are weakened? The possessor of Islam is Allah Ta’ala, can you block Allah from doing something? Can you afford standing against the armies of Allah? If Allah wills, Allah can make your brain explode, or make your soul explode. Allah is closer to us than ourselves, and it is Allah who gave us our souls and our hearts. Allah knows how to explode them, for Allah created them. Allah knows how to make your brain explode. O, wrongdoer or zalim! Stop becoming hostile towards Islam, or there will be earthquakes within you. These bombs are due to nothing other than your evil-doings, these bombs are your transgressions. Your polytheism (shirk) is like an atom bomb, it will destroy you. Your disbelief (kufr) and tyranny (zulm) are also like bombs, which will surely destroy you. They will destroy you and those whom you deceived, those whom you cheated, and people like you. I am begging you to stop, but do you know why? For we are all people, so let us help each other. Why are you standing against Allah? You will be ruined, and destroyed. Your world is in ruins at the moment, and your soul unsettled, for you are already terrorizing your soul.

Do you know what faithless hearts and souls are like? There cannot be any peace in them, for peace is in belief (iman) and contentment (itmina).

It is Allah who created the hearts and the souls and Allah offered the recipe of bliss to your heart, so what is it? It is the belief or iman of Islam and good deeds that we call amal-e-saleh. You need to take Islam as nourishment and medicine, and you will find health and enjoyment in the contents of the Quran, and you’ll find its remedies, cures, and enjoyments in yourself and you’ll be happy. The Creator has written this prescription, and the other prescriptions are human-made ones. If there are certain truths in the human-made ones, then they must have adopted what is already in Islam, but the human-made ones are not completely right, they have wrongs and rights. As long as the wrongs are there none of those prescriptions will be able to treat you. Do you know why? Because next to the cure and remedy itself, there are also wrongs that will ruin you, but people cannot see that. Had people known what they cannot see, had they known what they cannot afford to see, then they would have applied the prescription written by Allah, and draw conclusions from it (istinbāt), and they would have advanced science.

See, real science is beneficial, and do you know what it does not do? It does not contradict, but today one thinker says something and the other claims the opposite. This is not science, rather this is trivial, and they are only putting forward ideas.

Science is tangible and abstract rights and remedies, and unearthed truths. Islam is nothing but science, and science itself arises from Islam, because the source of all that is right is Islam. Islam is the source of all beauties. Islam belongs to us all, not one of us, whether you accept it or not. Islam belongs to us all, for Allah created us all, right? It is Allah who brought forth Islam; and Al-Quran Al-Karim is for us all, whether you believe or not! It is Allah who sent Al-Quran Al-Karim. It is Allah who created this universe. Both cosmological (kevni) signs, and the signs (verses) in the Book both belong to Allah. Come, let us agree. Those who cannot make peace with Islam should make peace. They should make peace with peace. O, the enemies of peace! Come to peace, for Islam is nothing but peace. Make peace with Islam. Make peace with felicity. Make peace with the reality. Make peace with happiness, science, true justice, and the reality (haqiqa) of everything! Islam is the reality (haqiqa) of everything!


Time Stamp: 40:06


I am just humbly expressing these, then again Janâb-i Haqq says in the 71st verse of Surah al-Nahl [16] that unless the rich give the poor their shares, there won’t be equality or justice. It is Islam who says this, it has said it for 14 centuries and it will continue to say it until the Day of Judgment. You may or may not have heard, that is not my problem. Don’t turn a deaf ear to it then, you’re reading even the simplest things, then why won’t you read what is most sacred? You’re reading the letters from your friends, why don’t you read the letter that came from Allah? Besides, we are all servants (qul) of Allah. Allah sent Islam to us all, and to everyone who say they are human. Allah told Prophet Muhammad to explain these well to the world, and he did explain these thoroughly and established these well, implemented these, and fulfilled his obligation. Then, we walker towards Allah, the Real (al-Haqq). Today, the obligation is upon us all. Everybody who says they are human has this duty. You may be a landowner or a general, but these titles are only valid until Azrael (a.s.) comes. Will you say you have land or armies when Azrael (a.s.) comes?

What Allah says will happen, it does not matter what you say or what I say. What Allah says will happen, and the justice of Allah will be manifested. Allah’s constitution is valid, yours or mine are not valid. Nobody’s constitution is valid, for there is no second god.

As for the constitution of Allah, it is Al-Quran Al-Karim and the principles of Islam which are divine. Now, you’re imposing your own rules, saying yours is valid and you don’t accept Allah. I am speaking to those who say this, and Allah says: “I have no partners, no peers, and my constitution is valid.” This is just like when the Pharaoh standing against Allah, or when Nimrod objecting to Allah, or when Abu Jahl fought Prophet Muhammad. This is no different than these, and there is no other way of saying this. Abu Jahl fought Prophet Muhammad. He had an advanced army compared to the conditions of that day. Abu Jahl had an excellent army with regards to that day’s terms, he had power and strength. Byzantium was powerful, and so was the Sassanid Empire was powerful, these two were worlds two superstates. Yet they all bowed down before the Real (al-Haqq). O, he who does not accept divine justice, who thinks tyranny is justice! Tomorrow, you will bow down to Azrael (a.s.), and he will take you to Allah by plucking out your life. He will take you, and he will take me as well. I have believed in the principles that Allah brought forth, and I am confessing my weakness, I am also confessing my ignorance and heedlessness. I have believed, and I have been doing what I can to, and I will go on. And if some people have denied, then they will go with their denial. Those who objected to it, and declared war on Islam will be brought to Allah as an enemy, for everyone will be brought to Allah the way they position themselves right now. Those who are devoid of belief (iman) and good deeds (amal-e-saleh) will not be saved. This is what I understand from the Quran. If you understand differently, then come and tell me, and I will gladly listen to you. But talk about the Quran, read the words and verses one by one and say this verse says this and that, tell me. And If you know better than me, then I will thank you, and I will show my appreciation as well, for we are on the side of correct knowledge, meaning we side with the truth (haqq). We side with knowledge (ilm), justice, and belief (iman). We side with fully obeying the divine commands, for we are all servants (qul) of Allah, and we cannot serve anybody else.


Time Stamp: 45:20


A hadith-i sharif reported by Ibn-i Majah, and also reported by Ahmad ibn Hanbali say that our Beloved Prophet, Prophet Muhammad (asw), our Master said, “Hold fast to namāz (prayer),” at the moment of death. See, our Prophet says, “Hold fast to namāz (prayer),” even when passing away and at the moment of death, and adds, “Don’t overburden a slave with what they can’t bear.” You see, even while passing away the wings of mercy of Prophet Muhammad (asw) embraces the wretched and the poor, and his last will is to protecting them. What does he say? He says, at first free all the slaves, and give them their freedom, and do not ever overburden them with what they can’t bear. This is mercy and justice. Now, what did those who consider themselves contemporary do? Did they not kill people as though shredding meat in machines? Study the inequitable wars and genocides that are done throughout history. See what happened to the black people. See what they have done to black people and humanity! See those who enslaved free people while abolishing slavery! Do you see? They have abolished slavery but also enslaved the free people. See this mindset, and see those who make other nations dependent on themselves and enslave them under the name of development and aid. See the mindset that abolishes the understanding of honour (namus) and chastity (iffat) and diminishes the status of the people even below that of the animals. They are fake and deceptive. These are all done under the cloak of civilisation. See the fake and deceptive civilisation and then see the Islamic justice, and Islamic civilisation and liberty. The divine understanding of justice, liberty, and freedom of Islam is great compared to this false understanding of civilisation. That is, see how advanced Islamic civilisation is, for Islam is the name of the civilisation and order Allah established. How exalted is a work of Allah! Allah is the Most Exalted and the Unique, and the order Allah brought forth as Islam is also superior and sacred forever. Humans can only achieve what they can but the methods of Allah are unequalled. Islam is the order established by Allah; it is not human made. Not even the Prophets came up with it, rather Allah made them establish it, and settled this order. It is Allah who assigned the Prophets, and it is Allah who sent Al-Quran Al-Karim to the Prophet. There is no doubt about it, if you have faith (iman).

If some don’t believe, then it is up to them for there are no impositions to those who choose not to believe. They may believe or not, it is up to them. This world is but a test, whether you believe or not, but the sun will continue to rise.


Time Stamp: 50:00


The sun will not stop rising for some people who want to avoid it. Islam is a sun of bliss that rise forever on the hearts and souls. Islam is a sun of happiness. That is, the sun will not stop rising for someone denies it, and the faithful hearts, souls, and brains that have iman will be illuminated. See, what people need to do is to find happiness in this source, and find life. Allah is the only life-giver, along with Islam which Allah brought forth. See, the sacred and life-giving verses of the Quran is nothing but the manifestation of happiness and health. Islam gives health, and happiness, for it is the most blissful life-style there. They say they want to live their lives! Which life is it? Is it the one that distorts the innate nature (fitrah)? Allah created you with a beautiful innate nature (firth). Will you distort that innate nature (fitrah)? If you don’t implement the divine prescription then your system will break and run backwards, and the gears won’t turn. This time you’ll be under stress, and you’ll experience difficulties. Your pockets may be full but there will be distress in your soul, and it is filled with storms, why? Because you don’t implement the divine prescription, and I am not even telling you to use my prescription. I cannot say that anyway. We are all servants (qul) of Allah, and we will implement the prescription brought forth by Allah (c.c.) so that we may find health and life. Every word of Al-Quran Al-Karim gives life. Don’t you ever forget this! Every word of it gives life. I will repeat this part so that you may understand and comprehend it better. Get this right, for this is the main point. Allah Ta’ala taught it to Prophet Muhammad. Allah taught him, and taught him well, and taught him right. Then, he taught Islam to the people. He implemented it correctly. He introduced it correctly. He spread (tabligh) it correctly. Prophet Muhammad and the sahabah or the companions established the divine order correctly. From then on, Muslims have always been successful throughout 14 centuries when they implemented it right. It is when they fell into unwariness, and started neglecting it that right now they have fallen behind. They have advanced when they implemented it well, and when they have fallen behind when they didn’t. So, in the end what is the situation today? Muslims are razed and driven from pillar to post, they have crumbled, why? Because they let go of the cord Allah extended to us, and then everybody collapsed, only those who hold fast to it are still standing. It doesn’t matter if you are one man, a congregation, or a state. What state or what individual are you talking about? Those who can hold fast to it stand, and all those who can’t hold fast to it are wallowing in the dirt. Besides, this wallowing is not only material either. There is a material aspect of wallowing around, but that is a different type of this wallowing. Besides, all material, spiritual, bodily, and spiritual happiness are all present in Islam. Whichever of these you have let go, then you’ll wallow around in it. Even those who live in ivory towers wallow around in the dirt. If you wonder how, then go and see their hearts and souls. The exceptions do not break the rule here. If your soul does not take the good health of the divine prescription which is belief (iman) and good deeds (amal-e-saleh), and if your beautiful heart and soul cannot get the principles and values that it is desperately in need of from the Quran and Islam, then it does not matter if you a luxurious life or owning the biggest bank in the world does not necessarily mean that you will be happy.


Time Stamp: 55:05


You see, the happiness of the heart and soul of a person is linked to the belief (iman) in his heart and soul. One may eat the best dishes in the world and have trouble digesting, while the other is eating onion and bread and be incredibly happy. This is a material matter. We need to be happy both materially and spiritually. See, both materially and spiritually, but how will this happen? Just don’t feed your soul poorly, and feed your heart well. Feed your body well, and then feed your nation and your state in a balanced manner, for such nations and states are exhilarant and are happy and they live in prosperity.

Otherwise, let’s say a man lives in a mansion and is the head of the state, if he is not happy, then every inch of the chair he sits is covered with nails pointing upwards, and it stings. That person is not happy. But another man may live in a barn and be happy. But everyone should live in mansions, and everyone should be able to afford luxury. We should ensure luxurious lives for everybody, and be happy, for this is what Islam wants. Islam does not say you should live in a barn, rather it tells you to be happy. Be happy in every respect, says Islam. Islam wants you to advance, but know who makes you advance, and advance through the values that make you advance.


Time Stamp: 56:49


–          The End        –




















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