Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 148-150

Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 148-150

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 148


On the 114th and 119th verses of Surah al-Nisa [4].


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Dearest friends!

Everybody should know that we’re not saying these under anyone’s command, and we’re not among those who spread others’ teachings as a subcontractor. We are not under the command of a group, and we’re not among those who narrate the teachings of certain groups. Rather, we all need to be under the command of the Real (al-Haqq). We all need to speak the reality (haqiqa).

Then again, we’re not among those who only address a certain class of people. We’re addressing the entire humanity. Our goal is to be able to spread or tabligh what is right and real to the entire humanity. Heavens and the earth! First and foremost, we address the entire humanity! We address them for we are from them and they are from us. We are all servants (qul) of Allah. We’re honourable servants (qul). We enhance our honour with faith (iman), Islam, and the Quran. For Janâb-i Haqq calls us to the highest place in Jannah (Paradise). Says, “Come here!”

It is said that if you don’t raise yourself with Islam, you’ll go down. If you go down, that’ll be a demotion, and you’ll be demoted to a level below that of humans, and then you’ll be demoted to a level even below that of other creatures. For when one lacks belief (iman) and good deeds (amal-e-saleh), and when he does not accept the Quran, Allah, and the Messenger, and when you don’t acknowledge the laws of Allah, you’ll see that there is a demotion here. It is called daraka (degradation). Jahannam (Hell) has levels that gradually go downwards. As for Janna (Paradise), it has levels that gradually rise upwards. You see, Janâb-i Haqq is calling us upwards, for Islam is ascendance. The eras of the world are nothing compared to Islam. The heavens are nothing compared to Islam. See, Islam is the order of Allah. Islam is the beginningless (azali) and endless (abadi) laws of Almighty Allah. Islam is the everlasting laws, and it is an endless uptrend. What eras are you talking about? You may speak about the eras, but it is Allah who created time and space, and they are creatures. Belief (iman) and Islam are beginningless (azali) and endless (abadi) values. As for the creatures, they are doomed to perish.

On the other hand, your Book is beginningless (azali) and endless (abadi), nobody can destroy it. Your iman (belief) is endless (abadi), nobody has a chance to destroy it ever. Do you even know what iman (belief) is? It means to know Allah, and to be with Allah. Who can destroy this? Iman or belief is to be with Allah forever under the command of Allah. I am a servant (qul), and my servitude and honour are indeed superior! As long as Allah accepts me as a servant (qul).

As long as the iman (belief) and the truth (haqq) that Allah sees fit settles in my heart! Is there a greater honour? Weren’t we all created from a drop of water? Was it not Janâb-i Haqq who raised us, upgraded us, and created us?

We have become adults, and then got old. Tomorrow we’ll get older, but Allah promised to admit us into the unageing realm. There is no aging in Janna (Paradise). There is no dying, no old age, no sickness, no sadness or sorrow.

Indescribable things have been created in the name of happiness. Unimaginable happiness and beauties have been prepared in Janna (Paradise). Janâb-i Haqq has prepared the immortal life for the servants (qul), even though the servants (qul) are mortal beings. You see, Janâb-i Haqq treats humans with Janâb-i Haqq’s al-Bāqī (The Infinite) attribute. Janâb-i Haqq makes the humans live forever as if they have the al-Bāqī (The Infinite) attribute. Whereas the servants (qul) are mortals, but Allah sustains them forever. Allah has prepared such a world for the servant (qul) that in it the servants (qul) are immortal and they don’t age.

This world is nothing but a test. So, work well. Work hard in this world, and pass the test. Become the hardest working person of the world. Become the most knowledgeable person. Compete for iman (faith), and become the most faithful person. Compete for knowledge (ilm) and wisdom (irfan). But this competition should be for earning the pleasure (riza) of Allah, for this should be a contest to go to Allah Ta’ala.


Time Stamp: 5:05


We’re not talking about a competition of denying Allah. It is such a pity that some people go down on one’s knees to kiss someone’s hand. Some people go to others to plead. Some cry, some plead, and some shout out. None of these are measures, nor are they valid. You may cry, but cry only to Allah. Don’t cry to anyone else! Rather, go and help others to the extent of your power, and be brave, and be a hero. But cry only to Allah! And cry in solitude, don’t you ever cry in public. That said, never cry in front of the enemy, ever! Know this well! Iman (belief) does not cry in the face of kufr (disbelief).

Let’s say you’re fighting the enemy on the front lines; will you cry while fighting? Iman (belief) is against kufr (disbelief), and ignorance is against knowledge (ilm) and wisdom (irfan). All types of bigotry and fanaticism reside within disbelief (kufr) and ignorance. Also, all types of transgression (zulm) and zealotry resides within it. It does not matter which guise you put on, or whichever robe you put on, what is inside you matters. If there is iman (belief) in you, and if there is Islam, knowledge (ilm) and wisdom (irfan), then it is okay. If you have an enlightened and intellectual brain and mindset that shines and suits the pleasure or riza of Allah Ta’ala, then it is okay. But we’re not talking about the darkness of polytheism (shirk), rather the enlightenment of belief (iman).

You see, some people practise polytheism (shirk), and they worship idols. They consider themselves the most enlightened people of the world. Do you know what this resembles? This is like an ignorant lot coming together and declaring the most ignorant person among them as a hero.

This is like what hyenas do. Do you know what hyenas do when they come together? They elect the bravest hyena as their leader. They appoint it as a leader, and they say it is their leader from then on.

They act without having iman (belief), Islam, knowledge (ilm) and wisdom (irfan), and science; they are doing cruelty (zulm) upon cruelty (zulm). Do you know what especially the evilest of the taghuti powers or false deities who are against iman (belief) and Islam do? They appoint the evilest among them as their leader. You see, this is what is bound to happen in a world that is stripped of true knowledge (ilm) and wisdom (irfan). This is what is bound to happen to the states, and the nations, and the communities, and the families. Think about the troubles a family has to endure if a tyrant seizes them by force.

On the other hand, the Islamic world is an all-encompassing mercy, and it is the rahmat (mercy), knowledge (ilm), and wisdom (irfan) of Allah. So, why are you withholding this from the people? Why are you not giving the correct education to people on Al-Quran Al-Karim and Islam? It would have been better had we given this education to the world. This should be the greatest university of the world that teaches the Quran. There should be such a university that people graduate from. It should also be gradual, and start from the pre-school and elementary school. It should be the University of ʿArsh. In it the classes that come from the University of ʿArsh al-Ala (The Greater Throne) should be taught, and people should graduate from it. Only then will the entire humanity find rest.

Do not fear! Do not fear the rulership of Allah! The Quran and the order of Islam are the rulership of Allah. We work as servants (qul) under Allah’s command. Allah does not order anyone to do evil. Allah does not order anyone to be cruel.

If you call Allah’s will outdated, then Azrael will take you with your outdated ideas and carry you to Allah. You see, those who speak in the name of Islam without knowing Islam and those who exploit people’s rights by hiding behind Islam are as outdated as those who call Allah and the order of Allah outdated.


Time Stamp: 10:10


We’re not going to polish the apple for anyone in the world, and we are obliged to speak the truths for we love everybody. You cannot exploit the religion. You cannot call the Muslims, who work in service to Allah, and those who know Islam outdated. Some may have been exploiting the religion, and acting like vampires, but you are doing something worse than them, remember this! You are doing something worse, and this is how people are polarized. There are two poles that are worse than each other, and the world groans bitterly between them. See, the world groans bitterly between the two poles, but why? If you teach the Quran correctly to the world and humanity, then the superstitions, falsehoods, and evil innovations or bid’ah will be abolished, and the world will be saved, is this not better?

They have been bleeding the world white. They have been procuring unearned income from the backs of the poor and the needy. They are procuring unearned income through the backs of the innocent and the oppressed. Their bellies are becoming potbellies, and then they die from the diseases that occur from their bloating. While the other holds the power and imposes himself upon people, and strikes people. They are tyrannizing the world by shedding blood and beating people up by using something as an excuse. Both have become a thorn in the humanities side.

Use your power and strength for knowledge (ilm) and wisdom (irfan). Enlighten the brains of all humanity! Try to save people from the wrongs, and try to preserve them! Give the right information to people.

You have taken the power in your hand, and armed yourself with weapons, and you’re shooting whomever you want. You are exploiting people however you want! A part of the world cannot even find bread to eat while you have been piling up wealth over wealth with your rentiers! You are no good. One can’t even eat what you cook. One wouldn’t even sit down to a meal with you! You are exploiting humanity! You are not just exploiting a single orphan, or five hundred orphans for that matter! You have been exploiting the rights of all the poor, the oppressed, and the innocent people in the world.

The bounties or nimat of Allah in this world is more than enough for everybody. Why won’t you side with a fair distribution? Where is your sense of justice? Where is your sense of mercy? Where is the thing that you call equality? Is your understanding of equality about distributing the bounties or nimat between a few rich people? Is this your understanding of justice? Is your understanding of justice to make half of the world unable to find bread? Is this your sense of mercy?

O, the world! I say, listen to Allah Ta’ala! Don’t you ever listen to me when I am speaking wrong. Listen to me as long as I speak what is right! Say the truths in response to my wrongs, and I will kiss your hand in gratitude. I will be glad to hear you, and I will kiss your hand in gratitude with pleasure. We are on the side of what is right (haqq) and real (haqiqa). However, we have to determine what is right and what is wrong first. We need to identify the right and wrong. What Allah says is true. What Al-Quran Al-Karim says is true. What Prophet Muhammad (asw) says is also true. There is no doubt or second thoughts about this! Come, and for one thing, let us unite in these truths!


Time Stamp: 14:58


What Isa (Jesus) had said was also right, but it was right at that time, and his duty is on Muhammad today. What Musa (Moses) had said was also right, but the duty of Musa (Moses) is on Muhammad (asw) today.

May Allah’s salaam be upon all of them.

May Allah’s salaat and salaam be upon all of them all the time. What they had said were also right, but some people fabricated lies over in their names. Let us save the world from those lies together. Had they not distorted the Bible, then what the Bible said has always been right. But what did Allah do to the Bible? Allah renewed it with the Quran.

What Torah had said was also right, but what did they do? They betrayed the Torah. Then, Allah renewed the Torah with the Quran. These are Allah’s Books. It is Allah who does the renewals. The innovations in the religion belong to Allah. Allah may renew the previous laws with the next law. See, Allah abrogates the previous sharia laws with the next sharia laws. Allah abrogates the former ones, and renews them.

That said, everything was renewed with Islam, and the Quran, and Prophet Muhammad. There is nothing old in Islam, rather the mindsets and souls of those who don’t know Islam have become old.

Islam is calling them to renew them as well! “So, come and let us get deeply acquainted!” “Let us agree!” “I have all that is new,” says the religion of Islam. There cannot be anything old with Allah. Allah does not become old. It is Allah who renewed the Islamic sharia (law) and its order. What does Islam say? Says, “Come and let us get deeply acquainted, let us talk thoroughly, and comprehend the Quran and the Sunnah well.”

If there is something you don’t understand somewhere in the religion, then let us help each other. Islam incorporates all innovations regarding the eternity. Islam is much more advanced than what I am saying, it is newer. For I am a mere human, and I can only explain it as much as I can. Can someone completely describe Allah’s Being if he tried? Can someone afford doing that? That is not possible even if you incorporate all brains. One may only study the attributes (sifāt), names, and works of Allah. You can also study Allah’s Book, and understand it to the extent of your ability. You have to become Allah in order to fully grasp Allah, and nobody has that chance because there is no other deity beside Allah. A creature cannot become a deity. A makhluq (creature) cannot become a Khalq (Creator).

Everybody has to know their place! I am saying these to my own soul (nafs), but we are us, and we are from you and you are from us, this is why we are sharing this righteous cause with you altogether. These are life lessons one by one. All of us deserve to be happy. Let us be happy, and let us help each other. Life has been founded on happiness, but people are trying to turn life into hell.

The man is using the wrong prescription, and the right one is sitting right before him but he refuses to use it. He does not listen to the real doctor, and defies real science, rather he uses what is wrong. Why? Because this serves the purpose of his nafs (self) and his shaitan, and this is why he cannot save himself from troubles. He is in trouble, and earthquakes happen inside him every day. Every day is stressful for him, and he seeks a respite.

Why? For he does not have peace in him, and there are others where there should be iman (belief). There are other things instead of knowledge (ilm) and wisdom (irfan). Will your heart find peace that way? The prescription is manifest.

Some people speak this and that, and then others come and speak some more. Yet what suits the right (haqq) measures is considered right (haqq). So, be careful about what comes out of your mouth! Keep a civil tongue in your head!

Do not spread what others tell you, someone fabricates things and others spread it, this is not good. At first, comprehend the reality (haqiqa) from its source. Some people bring what some people fabricated and wrote and force others to read it. Do you see the situation of such people, who speak without knowing the contents, before and after, and the source?


Time Stamp: 20:20


I wish happiness for the whole of humanity. I wish Allah’s guidance (hidayat) upon everyone. We have never had another goal. For we are servants (qul) of Allah, and we cannot contemplate doing harm to each other. We have never had another goal than goodness, and we should never have another goal.

Now, after saying these in the aforementioned verses of the Quran, Janâb-i Mawla said:

The hodja is reciting the 114th, 115th, and 116th verses of Surah al-Nisa [4].

Dearest and most revered friends!

The sacred verses of our Almighty Rabb continue to present us the reality (haqiqa). They shed light, and give life.

“There is no good in much of their secret talk, except that of those who order charity or kindness, or conciliation between the people.”

You see, there is no good in much of their secret talks.

“Whoever does that seeking the pleasure (riza) of Allah, then soon We will give him a great reward.”

You see, this includes the decisions made in secrecy for the detriment of humanity, and what the illegal organisations do, and Janâb-i Haqq says that there is no good in much of these secret talks except the ones that are for the better good of humanity.

Everything should be for the better good of humanity, not for the vampires and imperialist exploiters! Every endeavour should be for the better good of humanity! The decisions that are made in secret or in public should be for the better good of humanity.

Janâb-i Haqq says:

“Whoever opposes the Messenger after the straight path has become manifest to him, and follows a way other than that of the believers, We shall abandon him in the way he has turned, and make him enter Jahannam (Hell). And it is such an evil destination.”

Friends, we see that Janâb-i Haqq calls the entire world to iman (belief), and to unite in iman (belief). Janâb-i Haqq says we should never abandon the faithful lot. Janâb-i Haqq says if someone follows a way other than that of the faithful, Janâb-i Haqq will abandon him in the way he has turned. “We will leave him in his wrong way,” says Janâb-i Haqq and adds, “We will make him enter the Fire.” Says, “It is an evil destination.”

Allah is the true ruler, and everything Allah says for the servants (qul) is true. Besides, Allah knows the spiritual and physical structures of the servants (qul) whom Allah created. Allah gives command according to their spiritual and physical structure. Allah says all that is good and right. Those who realize will find the truth. As for those who don’t, it is up to them!

“Indeed, Allah does not forgive that any partner should be ascribed to Allah.”

You see, one of the things that Allah does not forgive is ascribing partners to Allah.


Time Stamp: 25:00


Now, people cannot find tawhid or monotheism as long as they don’t understand polytheism (shirk). For once, one cannot enter Janna (Paradise) without having tawhid iman (monotheism). The first condition of entering Janna (Paradise) is having tawhid iman (monotheism). One has to save himself from polytheism (shirk), disbelief (kufr), and corruption (nifaq) at first. As for monotheism or tawhid as we call it, it is to accept that Allah is the sole, absolute, and all-able ruler of all the worlds. It is to accept that the laws that are valid in the heavens and in the earth, and between people, are the laws of Allah. It is to accept that Allah Ta’ala is attributed with perfect attributes (sifāt), and that Allah is free from imperfect attributes (sifāt). It is to accept that Allah is one in terms of everything. You see, we are all under the command of the One, and we obey the One, for the One brought forth the necessities of this.

As long as you put others into Allah’s place, and as long as you say you find the laws of Allah and the laws of Islam outdated, and as long as you say this is why you find other laws more modern and contemporary, and as long as you abandon the commands of Allah Ta’ala, and Allah’s Book, the Quran, and the Messenger, and put others into the place of Allah, it means that you have another deity.

This is what we call polytheism, or shirk as we call it. The heavens and the earth, and everything else belongs to Allah. Al-Quran Al-Karim holds the written laws of Allah. It contains the written laws and it is the constitution. As for the laws of nature and the laws of the universe, they are the cosmological signs or kevni ayat as we call them. These are also Allah’s laws.

That said, it is our duty to discover these laws. It is also our duty to manage humanity in the right manner, and to live correctly, and to find the true life-style, and have all humanity taste happiness. For happiness and salvation is in the divine order. This is where justice, social justice, and divine mercy lies. That is why Janâb-i Haqq does not forgive ascribing partners. In this verse of the Quran [4:116] Janâb-i Haqq says that whoever ascribes partners and dies with polytheism, “I will not forgive him.”

“But Allah forgives anything other than that for whom Allah wills.”

That is, Allah says that those who ascribe partners to Allah, who practice polytheism or shirk, have truly fallen into a deep misguidance. Who says it? Janâb-i Haqq personally says it. What we’ve been narrating in quotes are completely from the verses of the Quran.

The hodja is reciting an excerpt of the 116th verse of Surah al-Nisa [4].

“Whoever ascribes partners to Allah has certainly strayed into far error,” says Allah. They have certainly strayed with a deep misguidance, says Allah. They have fallen into misguidance. As for Islam and Al-Quran Al-Karim, their goal is to save people from misguidance and polytheism (shirk), and to convey them to monotheism (tawhid).

That is, to make people servants (qul) to Allah, and to save them from serving someone who is a servant (qul) himself slavishly.

It is clear that those who don’t accept the laws and commands of Almighty Allah, and those who don’t obey and worship Allah are under the command of someone else, and they will be brought to the gathering (mahshar) with that someone else. Janâb-i Haqq says: “You have obeyed someone else, and did not accept Me, and did not accept My laws, and did not accept My commands, then let the one whom you accepted save you.” Them, and those to whom they served will be given the requital they deserved, for there is no amnesty to polytheism or shirk as we call it.


Time Stamp: 29:55


“They leave Allah and worship only the females, and this way they worship none but the persistent shaitan.”

Do you see what some of those who speak of women rights in the world have turned women into? The women in Islam have the most dignified and honourable rank and position. They are the mothers of humanity. You see, dignity and honour. Men and women incorporate all values as a whole. Janâb-i Haqq has given all the necessary values that the most honourable creature has to have to men and women as a whole.

They have broken off these two, and left no happiness in the family, and left no happiness between the husband and the wife, and tied everything to material and lust, and they have made women miserable. You have stripped women of their motherhood, and children started growing up without their mothers. Janâb-i Haqq created the families this way, and the right of that child was in the bosom of his mother, but you have exploited the right of that child, and you have exploited the right of the mother, you have exploited her as well. You have made them an instrument of exploitation. The exceptions do not break the rule.

It is Al-Quran Al-Karim that addresses people’s innate nature (fitrah) and gives valuable positions to everybody who deserves it. Al-Quran Al-Karim incorporates all needs, such as what is required by the innate nature (fitrah) of people. So, what did Janâb-i Haqq do with Islam? Janâb-i Haqq brought forth what people’s innate nature (fitrah) needs in the best possible manner. Why? Because the Creator knows what the creature needs.

What does a machinist do? A machinist knows how his machine will operate best. That is why the Creator knows what will make the creature happy well, and what did the Creator do according to that? The Creator gave them a prescription, or rather a plan or a project, and said they will be happy forever if they abide by it. You see, this prescription, this plan and project, and these laws and rules are Islam and the Quran. The most valuable and most competent individual who implemented this is Prophet Muhammad (asw). Then, his companions that we call sahabah have studied in his school, and then siddiqs, and faruqs came forth. Then, zinnurayn and murtaza people have come forth. And such brave, gallant, and well-known figures came forth from that school. Such just heads of state have come forth from that school. Many important figures have come forth from that ecole. What have they been doing in the world for fourteen centuries? They have enlightened the world. They have enlightened themselves when they obtained a good light from Al-Quran Al-Karim, and they have shed light on the world. And when they filed to obtain the truth from Al-Quran Al-Karim their light faded and sometimes they were left in darkness.

Today, we see people adorning themselves both inside and outside all the time, but if we look at their spiritual world, nobody is satisfied about anyone, and there is nothing in the name of safety and trust.

You cannot establish peace in the world by the police, by being in an arms race, by shedding blood in the world, or by terrorizing the world. Do you know what those who invent terror in the world say? They say they fight terror. We cannot take precedence over terror and turmoil in the world before we implement a right and real justice, and social justice in the world.

You see, those who invent terror are those who exploit the world.


Time Stamp: 34:57


This is what happens if you leave one side hungry. This is what happens if you treat one side as your own, and treat the other side as in-laws. They are all servants (qul) of Allah. Why won’t you treat people as equals? Because that does not serve your purpose. When a state becomes powerful, how will you say that state is powerful? They teach justice, knowledge (ilm), wisdom (irfan), and humanity to the world. They will first introduce people iman (belief), knowledge (ilm), and wisdom (irfan). You cannot introduce polytheism (shirk) to the people, and you cannot substitute iman (belief) with kufr (disbelief). What you have been doing is obvious, and you are talking about illegal and secret organisations. You are striking from the open. You are clearly illegal. You are openly shedding blood. You are exploiting people openly. Why? Because you trust your tyranny and cruelty.

The world shall unite, and people of sound intellect (aql-e-saleem) shall come together against them. Great minds run in the same channel but when? That is when they unite in what is right. If one by one that great minds have become prisoners to others, then they have deviated and divided. You see, one great mind is subject to lust, while the other is under the command of iman (belief). One great mind has submitted to knowledge (ilm) and wisdom (irfan), while the other is under the command of ignorance.

Do you think you can reveal the way of sound intellect (aql-e-saleem) this way? You need to unite the great minds in the truth or haqiqa as we call it. The way of sound intellect (aql-e-saleem) is sirat al-mustaqim (the straight path). The way of sound intellect (aql-e-saleem), and that is sirat al-mustaqim (the straight path). It is the way drawn by Allah, and all beautiful things are there! This is the way that comes from Allah and goes to Allah. The entire plan and project of this way is in Al-Quran Al-Karim and in the leadership of Prophet Muhammad. Don’t you neglect these, and don’t you ignore Allah, for otherwise, when you act upon your raging feelings, your pride and your conceit, know that conceit is an attribute of the Iblis (Shaitan).

Conceit and pride are different things, but people confuse these.

This is why, our beloved friends! Janâb-i Haqq keeps shedding nūr (light) on the world. Do not run away from the nūr (light), rather move towards it. Come to the real life-giving values, and let us all unite in them.

Now, let us see what Janâb-i Haqq says to us in this verse of the Quran: The hodja is reciting the 119th verse of Surah al-Nisa [4].

“Allah cursed the Shaitan. And he said: ‘I will surely take a portion from Your servants (qul). And I will surely lead them astray, and surely arouse desires in them, and surely, I will order them so they will cut off the ears of the animals, and surely I will order them so they will surely change the creation of Allah.”

“And whoever takes the Shaitan as a friend by leaving Allah, then surely he has certainly incurred a manifest loss.”


Time Stamp: 39:42


–          The End        –

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 149


On the 118th and 126th verses of Surah al-Nisa [4].


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

The hodja is reciting the 118th and 119th verse of Surah al-Nisa [4].

Dearest friends!

These verses of the Quran narrate to us what the Evil Shaitan wants to make people do. The Iblis or the Shaitan is among those who try to change the innate nature (fitrah) most. You see, the Shaitan wants to change the character of people, and their inner world, even that of the animals, and even the ecosystem itself. The Shaitan has his own cadre for distorting everything.

This is a disruptive and seductive cadre that belongs to the Shaitan. The Shaitan says he will order people to distort everything. He orders misguidance to people, and he has a cadre for this in the world, can we deny this? The Shaitan has a staff that he has these jobs done. Their only job is to distort things, and destroy things, they have no other goal. They work for destroying and distorting everything, and some of them think what they do is right, the Shaitan has such cadres. These verses of the Quran are about this.

The hodja is reciting the 120th, 121st, 122nd, and 123rd verses of Surah al-Nisa [4].

We see here that Janâb-i Mawla says, “The Shaitan promises them, and gives them false hopes.”

You see, everything about the Shaitan is deception, for he adorns things, makes them look good and polishes things in order to deceive people.

“Whereas the Shaitan does not promise them anything other than delusion,” says Janâb-i Haqq.

“The refuge of such shall be Jahannam (Hell), and they will not find any escape from it.”

You see, they have become completely absorbed by the Shaitan. They have given him their hearts, and their souls, and they are now in a state that they can do everything for him. That said, all wrongs of the Shaitan, and all bad habits of him have settled in and around him. They have completely become the Shaitan’s men.

Janâb-i Haqq sent Islam so that the people who have fallen into this situation may be saved, if they can use their intellect and will in the slightest degree. Islam saves everyone, and Allah has written the best prescription for everyone. On the other hand, such a pity that some people abandon the real doctor, and go to fortune-tellers or hodja of jinn.

You see, they stop going to the real doctor, and consider the actors as doctors, and then look at the turban and jubbah of those who do not have knowledge (ilm) and wisdom (irfan).

If one’s beard is long, and his turban is big, and his jubbah sweeps the floors, then they consider that person an erudite and well-learned hodja and âlim. We need to cleanse ourselves from this ignorance.

The abode of knowledge (ilm) and wisdom (irfan) is the heart. As for the tongue, it is the interpreter. This is first and foremost, but what does humanity do afterwards? A person’s appearance and outer look is looked after, but one’s inner world should be prepared first.


Time Stamp: 5:40


If you don’t adorn your spiritual world with what is right and real, then someone will find it empty and fill other things inside! Is this not a pity? So, establish the state of iman (belief) in your heart. Your heart should work in a state of iman (belief) that obeys Allah Ta’ala. Your heart should take the command from Allah. That said, you should take the Iblis under your command, or rather dismiss him completely. Then, make your nafs (self) obey Allah, and don’t be a servant (qul) to your slave.

Do not let your nafs (self) ride you, rather you ride your nafs (self), and make it run towards Allah, and to the command of Allah. So, use your nafs (self) for what Allah commands.

There are an endless number of halals, but the nafs (self) wants the haram, and the Iblis wants haram. There are so many halal things, then why should you go to harams? Why would you go to polytheism (shirk) where there is belief (iman)? Why would you go to godlessness, idols, false deities, or polytheism (shirk) while there is Allah? There is Allah. Why would you go to ignorance where there are the commands and laws of Allah? Be occupied with beneficial science, and the discovery of the verses of the Book, and the cosmological signs (kevni ayat).

Become a discoverer with the right knowledge, and become a true thinker. Advance on the way of thought, and obtain the right information, so that your thoughts may be nourished by right things. For if your thoughts are nourished by wrong (batil) things, then there is surely istidraj (gradual destruction) in the wrong (batil) things.

However, if you contemplate on the right cause, then you’ll find beneficial things, and you’ll deduce the unknown from the known. You’ll contemplate, and make discoveries, and then more discoveries will come forth. This way you’ll make greater discoveries.

Islam was born in the world, and then science advanced. However, because the divine justice has not been fully manifested in the world yet. The world is in agony today because from time-to-time humanity fails in implementing this divine justice themselves. On top of that, people are doing their utmost in order to prevent the implementation of this divine justice. This is a war declared against Allah. Do you think anyone can win a war that is against Allah?

Why do you think Nimrod threw Ibrahim (a.s.) into the fire? A single fly with broken wings overcame Nimrod, who ruled the world. A single fly brought the destruction of Nimrod. It entered his head through his nose, and he started bashing his head. You see, Nimrod was the Nimrod who ruled the world.

He threw Ibrahim into the fire, but why? This was because Nimrod did not accept the Real (al-Haqq), he did not accept the truth. He was the embodiment of polytheism (shirk) and idolatry. He was a complete Pharaoh, and enemy of Ibrahim.

He was an enemy of Ibrahim at that time, and the one before him was hostile to Nūh (Noah). The one before him was hostile to Musa (Moses), and Isa (Jesus). Today, they are hostile to Muhammad. They are hostile to the Quran and Islam. You see, the Iblis strengthens his cadre or his side in every era, then he launches attacks on the believers. The batil (wrongs) attacks the haqq (rights). Who is at the helm of the truth? It is Allah the Almighty. That said, from where does the batil (wrongs) draw its strength? Did the batil (wrongs) create themselves? The day Allah takes back the powers Allah has given the batil (wrongs), they will be done. Iman (belief) is bound to rise, and the batil (wrongs) are bound to perish, and they will disappear. What the truth or haqq deserves is to be dominant at all times.


Time Stamp: 10:15


Can one win a victory over Allah? Is that even thinkable? Can Allah be defeated? Allah is beginningless (azali) and eternal (abadi), the al-Haqim (Ever-Wise), al-Aziz (The Almighty). Allah is al-Aziz (The Exalted in Might and Power), there is no end of Allah’s omnipotence (qudrah). There is no end to Allah’s omnipotence (qudrah), and one cannot stand against the will of Allah. We’re saying, and you may believe or not, we cannot force you to believe. Our only goal is to know the facts, to live them, and to spread (tabligh) them. This is the command of Al-Quran Al-Karim.


Now, let’s see what Janâb-i Haqq said after announcing these. See, Janâb-i Haqq gave the good news. So, what does Janâb-i Haqq say in the good news? Says, “Those who have faith (iman) and do good deeds, We will admit them into gardens (jannah) with streams running from under them. They shall remain therein forever.”


The reward of faith (iman) and good deeds is Janna (Paradise), forever. The life there is immortal, and there is no old age, there is no sickness, no sadness or sorrow, rather there is nothing but eternal bliss, and they shall abide there forever.


“A true promise of Allah, and who is truer than Allah in speech?”


Janâb-i Mawla is the entity who says the truest of everything.


Then again, Janâb-i Haqq says:


The hodja is reciting the 124th, 125th, and 126th verses of Surah al-Nisa [4].


Let us see what Janâb-i Haqq says in these verses that shed light. Says, “It (the matter) is not by your desire, and not by the desire of the People of the Book.” You see, Janâb-i Haqq is warning the Muslims, as well as the Christians and the Jews here. Says, “This not a matter of your desire.” Says, “Whoever does evil will be punished due to his evil. He will not find for himself neither a friend nor a helper from besides Allah.”

We see that the Christians, the Jews, and the Muslims are being warned here. Says, “Know Allah’s Book well, and believe in it well, only then will you be saved.”

You see, you cannot be saved by desires, vain hopes, nationalism, fascism, racism, or by being a selfish person who claims what he says is right. You can only be saved by what is right (haqq) and real (haqiqa), and what is this? This is to understand Al-Quran Al-Karim correctly. The real Isa (Jesus) is in the Quran. The real Musa (Moses) is in the Quran. The real Ibrahim, Nūh (Noah), Suleiman, Adam, Hud, Ya’qub (Jacop), Yūsuf (Joseph), and all the prophets are accurately present in the Quran and in the fundamentals (amantu) of Islam. And all holy books are in the Quran. Janâb-i haqq renewed all of them with the Quran. That is why Al-Quran Al-Karim is the book of the entire humanity. Muslims will fall into the same mistake the Christians and the Jews have fallen into unless they understand Al-Quran Al-Karim right. Meaning, the wrong Muslims are wrong, also everyone who does wrong is wrong. The righteous Muslim is right, and if someone else is righteous, then all truths are truths. However, the source of the truths is Islam. For Prophet Muhammad and the Quran is the witness of all past values and the history. The documents and proofs of the future are all in Al-Quran Al-Karim.



Time Stamp: 15:40


This is what Almighty Allah says in Al-Quran Al-Karim which Allah revealed as the last book. I mean, we’re not saying these due to a fanaticism. These are the facts that Al-Quran Al-Karim brought forth with its documents. I mean, it is not like we’re putting forward Al-Quran Al-Karim and Islam due to a fanaticism because we’re Muslims. We’re not among them, and we don’t have a chance to do that because this is the truth or haqiqa as we call it, and it is Al-Quran Al-Karim who says these. Now, let me repeat my previous point, if I say these, then do not accept. But these are the facts of Al-Quran Al-Karim, these are the epitomes of the right (haqq) and reality (haqiqa).


“Whether male or female, whoever believes and does good deeds,” pay attention now! Look, “Whether male or female, whoever believes and does good deeds, they will enter Janna (Paradise).


Both men and women need iman (belief) and amal-e-saleh (good deeds), and that is done by believing Islam as a whole. When you believe in Islam as a whole, you’ll see that all past prophets are in it, and all the holy books of the past are in it. All values and documents regarding the future are in it, and you’ll not lose anything here, because Islam has never discriminated or excluded anyone, Islam has only excluded the wrongs. Islam calls men and women here! But others ostracise Islam. Go and ask this to those who ostracise Islam. Go and ask this to those who misunderstand Isa (Jesus), those who think wrong about Musa (Moses), and those who think wrong about Muhammad. The Quran brings forth the truth about everything. The real iman (belief) that is valid in the fundamentals or amantu as we call it, is the one that Islam and the Quran brought forth. For others also acknowledge Allah. How? However they like; they acknowledge Allah by associating Allah with idols or other things or people. As for Al-Quran Al-Karim, it contains Allah’s own words that introduce Allah. You see, Allah introduces Allah to you, not somebody else. Allah introduces Allah personally in Al-Quran Al-Karim. It is what it is, Al-Quran consists of Allah Ta’ala’s own utterances and words.


That is why it is said that the faithful men and faithful women who do good deeds enter Janna (Paradise).

“They will not be wronged so much as the speck on a date-stone.”


For there is no cruelty or zulm, rather there is justice. Allah implements justice, and Allah’s grace and generosity are endless and boundless. Allah has limitless bounties when Allah wills. The believers do good deeds and submit themselves to Allah. They do good deeds and submit themselves to Allah. Islam means submission to Allah.


“And who is better in religion than the one who submits himself to Allah, and he is a good-doer, and follows the religion of Ibrahim, the upright.”


Do you know what is meant by the religion of Ibrahim? He says there is one Allah. Ibrahim (a.s.) had believed in Allah’s oneness, and this was the case with all Prophets.


This is also the cause of the fight between Nimrod and Ibrahim. This is the cause of the fight between the Prophets and the deviants and deniers of their periods. Janâb-i Haqq shows Ibrahim as an example here, and says that the religion of Ibrahim, the ḥanīf (upright) religion is Islam. Says that all Prophets are Muslims. Says, “Who can be better than him in religion?” Ibrahim (a.s.) was thrown in fire for he said Allah is One. He told Nimrod that he is a servant (qul) of Allah, and that he cannot be a deity! Nobody can become a deity, not even the Prophets. That is why Nimrod did what he did to Ibrahim (a.s.), for he said, “You acknowledge Allah, and Allah’s Oneness, but you don’t accept me as a deity,” and he threw him into the fire.


The fire did not hurt Ibrahim, but Nimrod had gotten struck, and he perished.


Time Stamp: 20:30



“Allah took Ibrahim as a friend.”


Do you know why Allah took Ibrahim as a friend? Because he had fully believed in Allah Ta’ala, and he fully accepted Allah’s Oneness, and he fulfilled the commands of Allah, which was his duty as a Prophet. Moreover, Ibrahim (a.s.) is the father of Ismail (Ishmael), and grandfather of Muhammad. He is also the father of Ishak (Isaac), and grandfather of Isa (Jesus) and Musa (Moses). He is the original root of all Prophets. This family tree goes from us to Adam, and from Adam to us, and there are two great branches of this prophethood tree that started with Ibrahim (a.s.). Ismail (Ishmael), and Muhammad (a.s.) comes from one branch, and from the other branch comes Ishak (Isaac), Ya’qub (Jacop), and those who come from their lineage. That said, the Last Prophethood is also given to Prophet Muhammad who was from the family tree of Ibrahim.


So, why are you discriminating between people? Why are you segregating people? The origin and root of Zionism is based on the Shaitan. It is not based on Musa (Moses). It is not based on Isa (Jesus). It is not based on Muhammad. It is not based on any Prophet.


The origin of racism says you should destroy a part of humanity. For their mindset suggests that there are no other humans besides them, and they consider other people slaves. Do you think Musa (Moses), Isa (Jesus), or Muhammad had such a mindset? This is nothing but slander. They are grand figures. There is no racism, there is only reality. The whole of people who are members of the haqq (rights) are valuable! As for the members of the batil (wrongs), their worthlessness is in proportion with the worthlessness of the batil (wrongs).


A person’s degree is in proportion with how far he strayed into the wrong or batil way. As for the others, their value is as high as the distance they travelled in the right way. You see, discrimination should not be made between people, but between right and wrong, and between haqq and batil, and between benefit and harm, for there cannot be any distinction elsewhere. However, there is a distinction between kufr (disbelief) and iman (belief).


However, the believers are all venerable people, and the disbelievers are in a loss, whoever they may be. You see, faithlessness is a loss and leads to destruction, and disbelievers are at a loss.


So, what is our goal? Our goal is to save everyone from the loss, and we don’t have any other goal. Islam came to save humanity. That is why, don’t ever forget that the iman (belief) of all Prophets is tawhid iman (monotheistic belief)! Each and every Prophet is a Muslim. In the heavens and in the earth, everything belongs to Allah, and Allah is All-Encompassing.


Let us see what Allah says:


The hodja is reciting the 126th verse of Surah al-Nisa [4].


“Allah is the sole and absolute ruler of all the worlds. It is Allah who encompasses all things, and rules the worlds.”


If you are to know Allah, then you will know Allah right. For we all need to know Allah right, and for that we shall look into the facts of Al-Quran Al-Karim.



Time Stamp: 24:34


–          The End        –


Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 150


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Dearest and revered friends!

We have given you the core meanings of the sacred verses of Surah al-Nisa [4], and our lecture shall continue with them. We have come up to the 105th verse and subsequent verses, and our current Surah is Surah al-Nisa [4]. We have been studying the verses of Al-Quran Al-Karim one by one from the start. We’re trying to convey you the entire Al-Quran Al-Karim the Glorious along with its life-giving holy values, and we’ve been trying to convey you the essence of the sacred meanings of the verses. Now, we will present you certain notes regarding the contents of those verses.

Now, one of the holy commands that we understand from the verses of the Quran is that one should judge by what Allah has shown. Allah says, whichever commands and whichever provisions Allah has shown, then judge according to Islam by those commands and provisions. You see, the duty of a judge is to pursue the truth, not personal opinion (ra’y) or ijtihad. Ilmi Suhudi means the knowledge (ilm) that is based on visuality. Janâb-i Haqq says, “with what Allah has shown you,” in the 4:105th verse of Al-Quran Al-Karim. As for Umar, he says, “Don’t say you have judged with your personal opinion (ra’y).”

The hodja is reciting an excerpt of the 105th verse of Surah al-Nisa [4].

Says, “You’ll say you have judged by what Allah has shown you, and you will judge that way.” As for opinion, it is based on assumption, and you cannot judge by it, for opinion is not knowledge (ilm). That is why in the Islamic jurisprudence, the judges of Islam have to judge according to the Islamic law. Those who want to be judges, and judges, judge by Ilmi Suhudi (visual evidence). Ilmi Suhudi is based on a type of evidence that is personally seen and is concrete. Nobody can punish a person if the judgement is not based on concrete evidence, by judging them with personal opinion (ra’y) and assumption. That is why the justice of Islam has primary and fundamental rules, and they perform perfectly. That said, we need to apply these rules in the best possible manner. This is what we deduce from the 105th verse of Surah al-Nisa [4].

That said, Janâb-i Haqq says the following to us in these verses. Says, “Do not be an advocate for the traitors.” That is, do not defend the traitors, the wrongdoers or zalim, and do not aid them. If you defend the traitor and the wrongdoer (zalimun), then you’ll also be devouring the rights of the innocent, and thus you’ll become a wrongdoer (zalim) as well. For he who sides with wrongdoers (zalim) is also a wrongdoer (zalim), and those who side with traitors are also traitors. The religion of Islam has given the necessary command and edict regarding the subject.

Then again, Janâb-i Haqq says, “Why have you become two parties concerning the hypocrites? Allah casted them. You can never guide someone Allah has led astray to the right path; you will never find any way for them.”

The abode of hypocrites is the lowest part of Jahannam (Hell).

The hodja is reciting an excerpt of the 5th verse of the 95th Surah al-Tin.

Jahannam’s deepest point is called, “the lowest of the low.” The lowest section is where the hypocrites are.

The expression, “they are the ones who go downhill,” is uttered by Janâb-i Haqq on the matter of hypocrites.


Time Stamp: 5:08


We clearly understand these from the 82nd verse of Surah al-Nisa. That said, Janâb-i Haqq says: “You can never guide whom Allah has led astray to the right path, and you will never find any way for them.”

Who are they that Allah has led astray? Now, let’s say a person decided to disbelieve (kufr) and decided to become a hypocrite (munafiq), and decided to transgress (zulm), and he started using his free-will and all his abilities on evil, thus he earns evil. Then, Allah gives him the returns of his earnings. Otherwise, had Allah not given the returns of what Allah’s servants (qul) earn with their own free-will, then there would be a compulsion and enforcement. Then, when a servant (qul) wants to do something and he cannot do it, then there would be no freedom and liberty. That is why Janâb-i Haqq knows best whom to let astray and whom to lead to misguidance. Allah gives the returns of everybody’s earnings.

See, if someone wants to be astray, then Allah lets him astray. He earns, and Allah creates. As for those who are on the right and luminous path, who have good faith (iman) and good deeds (amal-e-saleh), they receive their rewards for their goal is to earn the reward. Their reward is guidance or hidayat which is given as a divine grace. Otherwise, what does Janâb-i Haqq wish for every person in the world? Allah wants to bestow rahmat (mercy) upon them, and asks for faith (iman) and good deeds (amal-e-saleh) in return. Allah offered this, and wanted good deeds (amal-e-saleh) in return. Yet people did the opposite of this, and used the freedom and powers they were given for evil. They have earned what is evil, and what they have earned have been given to them.

Back then a person named Tume bin Ubeyrık had stolen a piece of armour by hiding it in a flour sack from Qatada ibn Numan in Madinah. This thief had placed the armour in a flour sack. Then, the flour had poured out, and he entrusted the armour to a Jew named Zayd ibn Semin, this happened in Madinah.

They had found him by following the traces of flour he left on his way. This was because he had placed the armour in a flour sack, and the flour kept pouring out all the way from its sack. This way they had found where the thief went.

In the end, the entourages of both sides were protecting their own by swearing, and the Jew’s people were defending him. As for the thief Tume, he was a man who portrayed himself as a Muslim. You see, this is the case with the people who seem like a Muslim, but lack Islam and iman (faith) in them.

However, nobody has the right to blame the Muslims or blame Islam after seeing them. This thief portrayed himself as a Muslim. He escapes when the judgment is to his detriment, thus becoming a murtadd. As you know, murtadd are those who turn their back on religion. In the end, a wall falls onto this thief while he is escaping, and he dies there.

You see, whoever opposes the Prophet, and whoever deviates from the way of the believers, “we will leave him there,” says Janâb-i Haqq.


Time Stamp: 10:00


We’ll leave him in his wrong path, and we’ll make him enter the Fire of Jahannam (Hell). So, it seems that objecting to the Prophet, deviating from the path of the believers means misguidance (dalalah), and in the end it leads to the Fire. So, one can’t object to the Prophet. For the Prophet implements the news that he received from Allah, and spreads (tabligh) it. As for the believers, they are those who follow the way of the Prophet, and that is most certainly the way of Allah. The Prophet has shown people the way of Allah. That said, Al-Quran Al-Karim and Prophet Muhammad are the most precious and infallible sources that show us the way of Allah. That is why Janâb-i Haqq says that if one deviates from the path of the believers, then he’ll be left alone, and will be admitted into Fire.

The believers have to be one and united. The believers cannot be divided or segregated, for all the values they believe in are the values brought forth by Allah, those are the commands of Allah the One.

That said, the destination of thieves like Tume has been destruction in the end.

Now, these verses mention the worlds “tebyit,” and “bayt – beytute”. These words mean, fabricating lies and wrong things in secret. So, it seems that there is no good in things that are done in secret except some. Those who have secret affairs do not fear Allah, but they hide it for they fear people. This is why they try to pursue their affairs in secret. This shows they are on the side of the traitors, and that they have taken up a position on the side of the traitors, and that they have committed treason themselves as well. Also, those who advocate for the traitors are those who betray themselves.

Then again, minor and major sins are also mentioned. The word, “hatie” means minor sins. The minor sins that are committed by a person only affect that person, and nobody else, this is what it is generally. The sin is on him, and does not affect others. These are also sinning, that should not be committed. However, there are also major sins that are called “ism,” the s is recited lispily, and has three dots. Now, the major sins the ones that affect other people. For example, cruelty or zulm is one of them, also manslaughter. These are sins that are committed on purpose, and slander is among them. Just like it is with the minor sins, you should repent and ask for forgiveness with every fibre of your being for the major sins, and you need to pay your dues and get your rights.

That said, one has to fulfil all the conditions of the repentance. Each sin has its own type of repentance, which are different. There are certain conditions of repentance. For example, if there is a sin regarding rightful dues, then those dues must be paid. For there is no amnesty for rightful dues. You have to pay your dues and get your rights, there is no other way around it.

The Book is a proof that is above all other proofs. Al-Quran Al-Karim is a right source, which is above all other things, for it is holy. Because it is Allah’s book, and it contains Allah’s utterances, and the laws of Allah.



Time Stamp: 15:10


Then again, hikmat or wisdom is mentioned. Hikmat or wisdom, as you know, leads to knowledge (ilm), and leads to the truth, right, and sawāb (reward) when practiced. One of the greatest traits that always lead to the truth, and is always accurate, is hikmat or wisdom. You see, ilm-i ledun is a divine blessing from Allah. Ilm-i ledun (positive sciences) is also considered among this hikmat or wisdom. Now, it is a divine blessing, but what does it make with a person? It is the name of the rahmat (mercy) that protects one from mistake and loss. So, let us all get this right! It is a divine blessing that protects one from mistake and loss, and this blessing is called hikmat (wisdom).

Ayn-ul-yaqeen is the visible knowledge, and it also shows what is beyond what is seen. That said, there is also Ayn-e-yaqeen which is among the contents of hikmat (wisdom), it is the knowledge that shows what is beyond visible knowledge. Therefore, ayn-e-yaqeen is considered among the contents of hikmat (wisdom). Then again, good deeds are also considered among the contents of hikmat (wisdom).

Good deeds, charities, generous acts are considered among it. Also, disbursements in Allah’s way on the condition that zakat (poor-dues) are in the first place are considered among it. After that comes bidding what is right. You see, all right and good things are among the contents of hikmat (wisdom), along with the education of the brains, and conveying correct knowledge to humanity, and working for the disciplining and education of humanity. All these are considered among the good or khayr as we call it, and the condition for this is that they are all done only for Allah. Now, there is a condition for all of these good deeds, it is to do them solely for Allah and do them with absolute sincerity.

Now, Al-Tabari has said that all good deeds are considered among maʿrūf (what is right). What is more, there is also shiqāq mentioned in these verses of the Quran. It means separation, and objection, opposition. See, one cannot object to the Prophet. One cannot object to Al-Quran Al-Karim. You cannot draw away from the truth, and you cannot draw away from the community in the right way.

You see, Janâb-i Haqq has said the destination of those who draw away from the believers. Allah said that those who object to the Prophet, and draw away from the community of believers will be left alone in their misguided path, and then they will enter Jahannam (Hell). So, the shiqāq (separation) means – to make opposition.

One cannot oppose Allah, the Messenger, Al-Quran Al-Karim and the believers who are on the right path. Opposition is only valid when one knows the truth and wants to stand against the wrong. There are also the disputes and objections among the mujtahids, but these objections are not done in a misguided manner, rather they are blessings.

For there is a scholarly abundance in their disputes, and what is unknown is deduced from the things that are known. Theirs is a scholarly contest, which is a right the mujtahids are entitled to, and their disputes are great blessings for humanity, and they are affluence.

The way of the believers is the safe and sound way of Islam. Now, when we say “believer,” we’re referring to those who believe in all values of Islam who follow the Islamic way, those are called believers (mu’min).


Time Stamp: 20:00


How is the way of the believer? It is safe and sound. It is the way of Islam. It has no other meanings either. It is the way of obeying Allah, the Messenger, and ulū al-amr (lit. those vested with authority). You see, it is obedience to Allah, the Messenger, and ulū al-amr (lit. those vested with authority). We see that the Muslims are mistaken about the concept of ulū al-amr (lit. those vested with authority), except some.

It is said that ulū al-amr are those among you, who always bid what is right, and who implement social justice. Those are the ulū al-amr (lit. those vested with authority). Otherwise, the transgressors and tyrants (zalim) are not considered ulū al-amr (lit. those vested with authority). It is never necessary (wajib) to obey the tyrants (zalimun). Another concept that is mentioned is deduction (istinbāt), about which we had conveyed brief information. Istinbāt is the provisions the mujtahids and ālims deduce from Al-Quran Al-Karim, and the Sunnah. We need to pay close attention to this! The provisions that our mujtahids and ālims deduce from Al-Quran Al-Karim and the Sunnah Sharif meaning Hadith-i Sharifs are called istinbāt. Istinbāt is done through ijtihad, and this is what an ālim who is a mujtahid is to do. Not everyone can do ijtihad according to their whim, without having full knowledge of the Quran, without knowing the Sunnah and Islam, and without knowing the sources and proofs.

Deviating from the path of the believers means opposing the Messenger. If you’re not following the path of the believers, and you go astray, then you are opposing the Messenger. It is an obligation (fard) to follow the community consensus (ijmā al-ummah). Obeying the community consensus (ijmā al-ummah) is an ittiba, meaning it is an obligation (fard).

This is the decree that the ālims of Ahlus-Sunnah have decided. Now, about the document of ijmā. They said that the 83rd verse of Surah al-Nisa [4] and similar verses are the document and proof of ijmā (consensus).

That said, the spirit of ijmā (consensus) is the shura (consultative council). That is why community consensus (ijmā al-ummah) is the third source of the religion of Islam. After the Book and Sunnah comes community consensus (ijmā al-ummah). Now, you may ask about the meaning of ijmā al-ummah. Ijmā al-ummah is a whole community consensus of our mujtahids in a certain matter, when they accept it altogether.

Now, there are also words that are used wrongly in society. For example, there is ghurūr (delusion) and there is gurur (pride). Their meanings are different. Gurur means having an open eye, and a bright eye. As for ghurūr it means deception. It is an attribute of the Shaitan. The one who deceives and is deceived most is the accursed Shaitan as it is an attribute of his, for he is mal’un (cursed) and mardood (flagitious). This is why the Muslims should not use the word ghurūr instead of gurur. They should be able to understand the difference between ghurūr and gurur. Now, the attributes of the Shaitan are mārid (rebellious), and ghurūr (delusion). They mean obstinate and cruel. The Shaitan is obstinate and cruel. This is called as “meret” in Turkish language, and it has no correlation whatsoever with khayr or good. It also means elusive, glittering, and encompasses the following meanings as well. This name and meaning have been given to sandy places where grass doesn’t grow, along with unhaired women. Naked trees are also called that, and they were given meanings similar to murāda.


Time Stamp: 25:10


Now, we see that in the 44th verse of Surah al-Naml [27], the following meaning is given to it. “A palace paved with crystal,” says Allah. This means crystal palaces, and a transparent floor made of crystal.

It has other meanings that are used in different situations, but we need to pay attention to the word ghurūr (delusion), for it is an attribute of the Shaitan. As for gurur (pride) it is different.

Delusion, vain dreams, meaning illusions that come from ghurūr (delusion), vain hopes, false desires, and wrong (bātil) thoughts are considered in this fiction. That is why ghurūr (delusion), deception, and deceit has become established in the spiritual worlds of the idolaters.

The fallacies and fabrications, lies, fictions, and the wrongs (bātil), no matter how numerous they are, the Shaitan has a role in all of them. The Shaitan has an effect on them that arises from the attribute of ghurūr.

The Shaitan works really hard for this, and deceives people with vain hopes. The Shaitan has many baits and traps. Insha ‘Allah, we’ll continue to announce these to you as the occasion arises.

Let us see what is said about the Prophet of the Book, those who misunderstand the Bible, those who misunderstand the Torah, those who distort these books and twist their meanings, those who don’t believe in Al-Quran Al-Karim, those who distort the words of Isa (Jesus), Musa (Moses), and other Prophets.

People of the Book and others are in deviancy and slander against Allah. As science (ilm) advances, their deviancy and transgressions advance as well, for they will have more means of slander. Unless a person comes to the truth, there is no chance for him to find truth in wrongs. For the number of means increase, and this time the evil people increase their evil deeds as the number of the means to do evil increase. This is because the number of means they can use for slander increase, and then they continue with their slanders.

It means that when the means are overtaken by righteous and honest people, those means gain value and they are used for good. Otherwise, whichever means you hand over to the evil people, they will have enhanced their evil even further because they use the means for evil. Science (ilm) has advanced today, but belief (iman) did not. People have not drifted to Al-Quran Al-Karim, they have not taken inspiration from the Quran, and they have not presented the Quran to the understanding of the century. These have not been done adequately, and because of this as science advances, and as the means brought by it get into the wrong hands, they keep using them for evil.

You see, this is how contemporary sins emerge. The technology is used for evil. If only they had used it for good. But of course, we have no words against those who use it for good because what is desired is that.

On the other hand, when the evil people get hold of the world, and when they also get hold of the means, they try to use all means of the era for evil. The good people can’t get hold of the authority, and they should get hold of the authority so that the entire world may find peace.


Time Stamp: 30:02


The People of the Book opposed when knowledge (ilm) revealed. You see, they are going backward. They could have found the truth when the knowledge (ilm) was revealed, but they opposed it. They have deviated further into the wrong. Before the knowledge (ilm) came, they were looking for the news about Muhammad. Then, he came and they started opposing. Do you know who says this? It is Allah Ta’ala who says it. Where? In Al-Quran Al-Karim. You’ll find this if you go and read the 19th verse of Surah Ali Imran [3].

Now, akhlaq (morality) is one of the indispensable values of humans, every person needs to have it. You see, all good traits people need are in good akhlaq (morality). Now, what is good akhlaq (morality) and how can one obtain it? Beneficial knowledge (ilm) and belief (iman) are required, along with a firm will which is based on what is right and real, and expertise.

So, there can’t be a good akhlaq (morality) without knowledge (ilm), faith (iman), will, and expertise. All of these must be based on the values that Almighty Allah claimed to be good akhlaq (morality). Those values are the akhlaq (morality) of Prophet Muhammad and Al-Quran Al-Karim. Or rather if we need to sum it up, they are the Islamic akhlaq (morality), which is Almighty Allah’s own akhlaq (morality).

What does Allah say? “I have commanded good attributes to my servant (qul), and have given the documents, information (ilm), and wisdom (irfan) of all elements of good akhlaq (morality) them in the contents of Islam, and I have offered it to him.”

There is nothing missing in Islam, and all beauties are in Islam. It is just that we need to discover it, and get to know it.

Do you think education on its own is enough? Is knowledge on its own enough? Look, about that, this is not only about education and knowledge. Now, people already know certain things. For example, there are countless people who lie knowingly. There are countless people who cheat people on purpose. Don’t you think that the enormities of those who are smarter and more educated are worse? There have been lots of smart and educated people who have knowingly used their intellect and their education on evil. We see that the enormities of such people are greater.

For example, was it the shepherd who lived in the mountains who robbed the state? Or was it the people who had knowledge? Or was it people with titles? We have no words against the exceptions, the righteous people. Now, who robbed the state? Who siphoned off the banks? That said, there are those who support and applaud tyranny (zulm), those who stand by the tyrants (zalim), who stand by the imposers; who are they? Just have a look!

Now, education is not just about knowledge. What is important is the akhlaq (morality) that is lived, not that which is known. As for Islam, it gives you the information on the akhlaq that is lived, and wants from you to live the akhlaq. Let me explain to you what good akhlaq or morality is: Your words are good, your gazes are good, and there is a goodness in your behaviour, action, hand and feet. This is what we call the akhlaq or morality that is lived.

You’ll see the akhlaq that is lived in Prophet Muhammad. You can find all true information in the Quran. You’ll see in Prophet Muhammad that the entire truth can be lived. One is the alive Islam, and the other is the Islam that consists of the divine laws in the Book. You see, it is Prophet Muhammad who shows the practical implementations of Islam. Allah Ta’ala presented him to the entire humanity as an example, until the Last Day. It is among Allah’s greatest blessings that Prophet Muhammad was sent upon all the worlds as a rahmat (mercy).


Time Stamp: 35:00


Islam is an eternal grace of Allah. Those who have a share in it forever, are those who believe and obey Allah. Those who don’t accept Allah, Islam, the Quran, and Prophet Muhammad are those who deprive themselves. They have ruined themselves. Now, about the matter of Iblis, Janâb-i Haqq says that the leader of the shaitans is Iblis. That is Iblis who shall live until the Last Day. He has the jinn shaitans, human shaitans, and other creatures such as animal shaitans under his command. They all work under the command of Iblis.

Iblis is their leader. Iblis is the source of evil. It is Iblis who revolted against Allah for the first time, and there are many instruments of Iblis. One of these instruments is lust. Iblis uses lust as a bait to lure people in and deceive and misguide them. That said, those who call to lust are the women who are not bound to the sharia (law) and Allah. For it is those women who invite to lust.

You see, the Shaitan uses lust as a bait, but those women personally generate desire in themselves and call people to themselves; they are the type of women who don’t abide by the divine measures, Islam, the Islamic akhlaq (morality). Except our esteemed and valuable women and men.

Besides, men who don’t act like men are all considered among this type of women. Not every male is a man. Just like not every female is a woman, not every male is a man. The men who abide by the divine and holy values, and right measures are men, and the same goes for women as well. They are both heroes, valuable figures, and they help others develop character and upgrade themselves.

There are those who fall into the trap of the Shaitan, such as the types of women who are used as a means of lust. That is why you should be careful! Just like you will not hand over your wallet to a random individual who passes by, you will not hand over your invaluable and sacred values to just anyone.

Every command of Islam is sacred. Every command of Allah is an eternally valid law for us. However, Allah may personally abrogate the law, and abolish it. See, Allah has abrogated the past with Islam, and renewed the past. All of the new laws, which are called the laws of Islam are above and beyond all ears, for they are divine commands.

You see, if you ask a random person whether or not he will hand over his wallet to anyone who passes by, he will say no right away. So, think, and do not hand over your woman to just anyone who passes by. Women are valuable beings. So, reside the woman in a safe home, and keep her in an environment of trust, and keep her in safe hands, competent hands. Do not ever hand over the woman to people like the Iblis, and do not ever let such people play with their honour and dignity! Does women worth less than money, come to your senses!


Time Stamp: 40:00


The heavens and the earth are for humans, and men and women are one. Islam has given true value to humans. As all worlds are subservient to humans, they also have this value. Everything has its own value, but those values are all created for humans, for they are subservient to humans.

“The love of lust that comes from women have been made very attractive for people,” this is the 14th verse of Surah Ali Imran [3].

“The love of lust that comes from women have been made very attractive for people,” this is actually a test. So, block the ways that lead to zinā (unlawful sexual relation), and leave the ways that lead to halals open. For the number of halal things are endless and boundless, but haram things have a defined number, and they are few. When a person goes to haram things, he neglects those numerous halal things. Whereas the number of harams is defined, but if you try to count the halal things you will not be able to finish counting ever. You cannot simply count them, only Allah knows their number. One simply does not leave all these halal things and go to harams. One does not do zinā (unlawful sexual relation) where there is marriage.

Get married the halal way, and a religious marriage ceremony is not a formality that is all about hodjas and hajjis. The religious marriage ceremony is Allah’s laws.

You see, marriage is abidance to the divine laws; man and woman are tied with love in marriage. Marriage means to bind man and woman with love, the nikah is the knot, it is a knot of love that cannot be untied. Marriage binds people with Islam, with belief (iman) and with the divine laws. You see, marriage makes up the core of a nation, for the families are like the core of the state. Families make up nations, and nations make up states.

That is why you need to keep the family firm and intact, for the abode of bliss is the family. Then, the happy families will bring about a happy nation, which will establish a happy state. Individuals who are to rule the states and the world will emerge from the happy families. Many generations of people, valuable states-people, scientists, true heroes, female heroes and male heroes will come about.

If you destroy the family, then people will have identity issues, and the new generation will be ruined, and the lineage will be ruined. Another thing that Islam values is to protect the lineage. Do you think the psychological status of children who are born out of wedlock and those who are born in wedlock who are raised by their parents, and the children who have nobody who are raised as orphans are the same? Those who ruined new generations assumed this was freedom, liberty, and equality, but they were wrong.

Then again, the following example sheds light onto the subject. Majority of the idols were shaped as females, and were given female names. Why do you think the idolaters named their own idols feminine names? For they use their gods, and they make their gods serve themselves. That is why they used to give feminine names to their idols.

Was it not the self-righteous traitors with titles who used the ignorant lot, deceived them and misguided them? Do you know what they did in history with those idols that they gave feminine names? They both worshipped them, and made them serve themselves.


Time Stamp: 45:00


That is why they gave their idols feminine names, for example El-Lat. El-Lah is also a name used for idols. El-Uzza is also an idol’s name. El-Aziz is another idol’s name. Idolatry was common in the world before Islam, it was present in the East and the West, both in the Arabic and non-Arabic people. It is also known that Greeks and others also give feminine names to idols. You may ask why, so let me remind you.

Now, why do they have female names? The gods of the polytheists are always female. They make their gods obey themselves. That is why they seek female idols, and they look for god in females. This wrong opinion is still on the basis of the soul and essence of the mindset that ruins women. The mindset that took women away from womanhood and safety, and used women for at its whim is actually a leftover mindset from that era. The idols are symbols that represent the female god.

Now, the source of these views and words are Ibn al-Jawzi, and Al-Tabari.

According to those types, women who are not beautiful are worthless. As for the religion of Islam, it seeks beauty in the soul, and in what is right and real. If a woman’s words and her mindset is in order, then her physical structure may be beautiful or not, that woman is still beautiful and valuable as long as her words and her mindset suit the truth. This goes for men, and women.

Those who bear these values are considered valuable by Islam, and they are indeed valuable. A person’s value is in their faith (iman), good deeds, and their aid to humanity; in their dignity and honour. All those who live the truth, and do righteous deeds are valuable. That is why women who are not beautiful are looked down on by the group of people who seem to advocate women’s rights. If you notice their claim, women are everything to them, but if you notice the application, it seems that they place women in a position that is even lower than that of toys. It is clear that they have been ruining women.

They say they give women their rights, but they have taken the rights of women instead. They have thrown women into a burden they cannot bear whereas they should reside in a safe and peaceful environment as their own biology, spiritual structure, sociological and social structure, and spiritual and bodily structure necessitates it. They have placed with women’s honour and dignity. That is why honest women always feel disturbed by their presence.

Do not forget this, ever!

There is no sound of a slap of truth!

Once it strikes, there is no remedy for it!

One simply does not play with the beautiful innate nature (fitrah) Allah has created. Allah has created both men and women beautifully. So, my friend, don’t go about ruining this innate nature (fitrah).


Time Stamp: 50:00


If you do, then you’ll be smacked. You’ll be smacked by the Real (al-Haqq). I am telling you, for I bear the news, and I spread them, you may believe or not, that is up to you. We do not transgress beyond anyone’s freedom. However, Almighty Allah tells us to speak the truths. You see, one of the essential duties of the Messengers is to spread the truth. We are servants (qul) of Allah. We are the ummah of Prophet Muhammad, and this is our duty, to the extent of our ability.

They worship the Moon, the Sun, and the angels. They even envision these as females. Bear this in mind! They worship the Moon, the Sun, and the angels. Some of them are naturists, some are animists, and some worship the Sun, and some are shamanists, and there are others as well, but they even envision these things as female. They sacrifice what is right and real to illusions. What is right and real is what the Real (al-Haqq) brought forth. The Real (al-Haqq) is Allah Ta’ala, and what Allah brought forth is Islam.

They wish to make life very miserable for real women. They want to turn life into a misery for realistic, truthful, chaste, dignified, and honourable women. However, they will all be smacked by the Real (al-Haqq). They have been smacked so far, and they will be smacked in the future as well. Allah’s smite is ready for those who do not respect rights and remedies in every era, and this shall be ready up until the Last Day. That said, they will be truly smacked in the Greater Court (Mahkeme-i Kubra).

So, you want to make life miserable for the chaste people, along with the faithful and the faithless. You want to turn life into a misery for them, don’t you? You want to play with people’s dignity and honour, right? You want to side with the rascals, and then exploit people’s rights and remedies, and then you’ll walk away free, right? That has never happened, and will never happen, there is no doubt about it.

The hodja is reciting an excerpt of the 47th verse of Surah Ibrahim [14].

“Allah is the Owner of Retribution.”

Do not ever forget that! You may not believe in Allah due your blindness, deafness, lack of faith, and because you have lost your mind, but this is only due to your faithlessness. For example, let’s say the Sun is up and it gives light upon the world, and you come forth screaming that the Sun does not exist. In that event people will call you either crazy, or blind.

As for those who deny Allah, they think they’ll walk away free with what they have done. No, mister! No, mam! No, mister! Nobody has ever walked away free, and will never walk away free.

Now, their fear gods have been selected among male figures, and of course they have female gods. These are another type of idolaters. Hubel and Zulhuleysa are among their gods. These are male gods; they seek refuge in one from the evil of the other.

As for now, those who can’t seem to worship Almighty Allah, meaning those who don’t accept the true or haqq commands that Janâb-i Haqq brought forth have gods. They may not have names, it is not a prerequisite to name them such as Hubel or Zulhuleysa anyway, because people worship many unnamed gods.


Time Stamp: 55:00


You’re not worshipping Allah, but to whom do you worship? Ask yourself, who is your god? You’re clearly not worshipping Allah, but to whom do you worship? If you say nobody, then you’re worshipping yourself. You’re worshipping yourself and this is what the Iblis did at first. He was among the angels, praying, and saying he was worshipping Allah but he had worshipped himself. When Allah gave the command, he objected to Allah, and it was revealed that he used to worship himself.

The hodja is reciting an excerpt of the 34th verse of Surah al-Baqarah [2].

He used Adam as an excuse. You see, Janâb-i Haqq gave a duty to Adam. Said, “You will applicate My laws on earth. Allah gave him the duty of viceroy. Iblis objected to him. Iblis, who had been worshipping for so many years had objected to the command. It was revealed that he had been worshipping himself, for he did not accept the divine command and divine laws. Those who don’t worship Allah have to ask themselves. Who do they worship? I understand you do not worship Allah, but to whom do you worship?

Allah has shown how worship must be done to Allah. Allah informed humanity. Said this is how namāz (prayer) is done, this is how worship is done, this is how zakat (poor-dues) is given, this is how you fast, this is how you do pilgrimage; and brought forth all laws and rules regarding the divine commands. Our Prophet implemented them, and as for the companions or sahabah along with the faqih ālims who are experts in fiqh had committed these measures to paper. The way continues with firm and intact sources. Islam has been practiced by Muslims to this day, and it has scholarly sources. Islam has been lived by Muslims.

There is a basis and essence of the Islamic life-styles of the Muslims today. There is an Islam that has been practiced, that came to this day in a scientific manner. There is also a traditional aspect of it. If and when the traditional aspect has certain wrongs in it, then the scientific aspect steps in. The Quran, and the Islam that our Prophet lived and explained will step in. The wrongs will be abolished, and they will not be able to reside therein anymore. Islam does not accept anything wrong. The wrongs cannot enter into Islam, nor can they reside in it.

Just like darkness cannot reside in the Sun, and it disappears the moment it enters the Sun. There is no darkness inside the Sun. Just like that, wrongs cannot reside in Islam, for Islam is nothing but a complete embodiment of the truth. That is why we should not sacrifice rights and remedies for illusions. We should not be having vain dreams, and we need to worship the Creator, not the idols.

You see, they seek refuge in other gods from the evil of certain gods. They are seeking refuge in a god from another god. So, what do they do? They are seeking refuge with one god from the evil of another god. They flatter and adulate false gods. As for Islam, in Islam people only praise Allah Ta’ala. All praise belongs to Allah. We praise Allah for Allah is the owner of all praise. We also strive to earn the pleasure (riza) of Allah so that Allah may love us and praise us. We do not polish the apple for anyone, for there is no such thing in Islam. If someone is flattering and adulating, and he calls himself a Muslim, they he is far from having an Islamic character, and he is only at the beginning of the process of having one. Or, he needs more education and learning. He needs guidance and tutoring, education and learning; and he needs to learn the Islamic doctrine and akhlaq (morality) that is practiced. Islamic character is an exceptional character.


Time Stamp: 1:00:15


Janâb-i Haqq is informing us about the life-giving and light-shedding commandments one by one. If you look at those who flatter, adulate, and who can’t seem to leave their idols, they are like a female who is more feminine; actually, there is another expression for that here, they use another name. They are that, and it is them who made themselves fall into that situation.

Prophet Muhammad (asw) says the following in a hadith-i sharif that is narrated in Kashf-ul-Hafā.

The hodja is reciting the original text of the hadith.

Says, “The women on the low road are cobwebs of the shaitans.” As you know, the fishermen cast a net in order to hunt fish and collect them in massive numbers. Just like that, all the women who are on the low road, who don’t obey Allah and the Messenger are like cobwebs of the shaitans, meaning they are the baits used by the shaitans. The shaitans use them. This is Prophet Muhammad’s own saying. Islam came to save both men and women, whom who? From the reach of the evil powers, so let us help one another, and narrate the truths to each other. The truths may be bitter, but the most curative medicine is also bitter. It may be sugar coated, but bitter inside, and a medicine may be the most curative one, but it may be bitter like poison. So, let us tell each other the truths, whether they are bitter or not. Let’s do that so that we may find a cure and find life.

Dearest friends!

It is the Shaitan who bid all evil to people, who deceive people or seek to deceive them up until now. That said, all evil things are at the same time a command of the Shaitan. Allah has forbidden some things, but the Shaitan bids what Allah forbade. He uses a person’s soul (nafs), for he has a special shaitan for each person, and he uses them. He uses the world, and makes other traps. His goal is to revolt humanity against Allah. He is doing his utmost to prevent people from following Allah’s command.

Says that you should not follow the sharia (law) and commit a sin, no matter what it is. That way he’ll be happy in the least. The Shaitan will be pleased if he could prevent you from fulfilling one of the commands of the Islamic sharia (law). He will start the music, hop around and dance, play and dance. He will take his choir and start. The Shaitan has choirs as well, they play and sign for him. He has musical choirs, and there are those who are just perfect at playing instruments. He has a cadre that is quite advanced in music. He uses them, and tries every other way as well.

Now, the following is based on a personal view of a Wali.

Now, an awliya says, “One day, the Iblis prepared his orchestra, and told them to start. They performed such a great performance that he was truly mesmerised by it.”

You see, we’re talking about an awliya here! What would have happened if it was someone else?

“Then, Iblis told them to dance, and they started dancing. Then, Iblis came up to me and said, ‘This is the most powerful weapon we have against you’.”

But these are the unethical and immoral parts of the matter.


Time Stamp: 1:05:00


We have no words against the ways that do not go rampant on lust and are suitable to akhlaq (morality). We’re not talking about the ways that satisfy sexual desires in a legitimate manner. As for the bad ways that harm people and make them cut the ties with Allah’s love, those ways overwhelm people with sexual desire, and make them a slave to it, that is what is mentioned here. Otherwise, the entire universe is filled to the brim with the sounds and music that enhance love of Allah and the obedience to Allah. For example, the singing of a bird. The wind blows, and streams run along with nice sounds, and every sound that you can and cannot hear in the heavens and the earth are actually sounds that praise Allah. You see, these are all actual and essential music. They all praise and glorify Allah. There is nobody in the earth and in the heavens that do not praise and glorify Allah. The wives in Janna (Paradise), or rather the houris for example, they will say “Subḥānallāh” in Janna (Paradise) in such a manner that you have surely never heard such a lovely sound that it is utterly incomprehensible.

For once thing, read Al-Quran Al-Karim with love, do dhikr or remembrance of Allah with love, and utter Allah’s name with all your heart. Properly read Al-Quran Al-Karim at least once, and speak with people using eloquent speech, and use legitimate words, and make legitimate sounds, for these are things that nourishes the souls. However, we need to make distinction between what is legitimate and illegitimate because the latter animalises people and makes them slaves to their sexual desire and the Shaitan. That is why we say that Iblis has a variety of baits and traps, and you must not fall into them. Misgivings, fathomless endeavours, vain hopes, false love, and wrong (bātil) thoughts. These are the traps of the Shaitan one by one.

Do not fall into polytheism, and do not ever want anything from anyone, things that Allah will give, only ask for Allah for the things that Allah will give. It is a sign of polytheism to ask for things from other people whereas Allah can give you, so bear this in mind!

Now, about the creatures, alterations in the shape and properties of living beings mean altering their innate nature (fitrah). So, do not ever try to change what Allah created. Don’t change the innate nature (fitrah) that Allah created, and don’t distort the balance of nature, don’t use the technology for evil, and do not distort the ecosystem! Everything has been created properly, and Allah created men and women perfectly. Allah created the heavens and the earth perfectly, and created the other creatures in a beautiful manner with their own species and types. Allah has given the duties of nature, the ecosystem, and everything else, and everybody is on duty. As a necessity of the innate nature (fitrah), everyone does their work. It is just that us humans need to fulfil their obligation against Allah. Everybody does theirs, from the ants to the camels, from the earth to the heavens, the stars, and the galaxies, everything does whatever the divine laws require and necessitate. They all receive every command from Allah.

The hodja is reciting the 54th verse of Surah al-A’raf [7].

This verse explains this, says beware!


Time Stamp: 1:10:00


Creation belongs to Allah. Command belongs to Allah. Allah is Tabāraka wa Ta’ala. The sole Rabb of all the worlds, and the sole ruler. Do you think someone who cannot keep the worlds at his command can be the Absolute Rabb and Ruler of the Worlds? Allah created all the worlds, and placed them under Allah’s command, and managed them. See, all worlds are in need of Allah, but Allah is not in need of anything.

That said, the idolaters had many fabricated traditions and customs. Islam abolished them entirely, and removed them from the world entirely. Islam brought forth whatever suits faith (iman), right (haqq), reality (haqiqa), science, and aql-e-saleem (sound understanding). Islam renewed everything, for Islam is renovation. You cannot find anything contrary to science in Islam, for science arises from Islam. The source of the truths is Islam. Aql-e-saleem (sound understanding) advanced with Islam. For Islam is wahy-i ilahi (divine revelation). Allah created aql (intellect). Allah gave humans aql or intellect so that they may comprehend Allah’s own commands though it. Aql or intellect is one of the first creations. One is aql or intellect, another is the Pen, and the other is the Light of Muhammad, Jawhar-i Muhammad. Light of Muhammad and the Pen, what are they? These are called Aql-i Evvel (First Intelligence), and they were created first. For they are very important. How will you understand and comprehend the commands of Almighty Allah Ta’ala without an aql (intellect)? Janâb-i Haqq placed a nūr (light) into your heart so that you may understand. The intellect is a nūr (light) in the heart for us. It is a means of understanding the divine revelation (wahy-i ilahi), and a means of understanding and comprehending the commands of Allah. It was given to us so that we may distinguish between right and wrong, haqq and bātil.

As for the Pen, it represents knowledge (ilm). One of the first creations is the Pen. There can’t be a religion without there being knowledge (ilm) wisdom (irfan). Janâb-i Haqq gave the greatest rank through knowledge (ilm). The greatest of all ranks is knowledge (ilm), for the first command is iqraʾ which means read.

That said, superstition, fabrications, and evil innovations (bid’ah) have no place in Islam. For example, the idolaters would call the fifth offspring of a camel male and pierce its ear once it is born, and they won’t touch it. They say it is haram to benefit from this animal from then on, and they do this at their whim.

They would cut the ears of the victims of the idols, and inscribe their mark. See, distorting the shape of the creation, turning men into women and vice versa, and using them in bad ways, and to pluck off the moustache and facial hair, and dying their faces. This means distorting the innate nature (fitrah), meaning distorting the fitrah or harming it means altering the innate nature (fitrah). You have to preserve the innate nature (fitrah), not distort it. The treatments and required surgical operations are legitimate. You have to preserve the innate nature (fitrah) for that is your duty.

The Creator says: “Preserve the innate nature (fitrah) as I created, and do not distort it.” The innate nature (fitrah) of women is obvious, and the same goes for men too. Men have to preserve their manly innate nature (fitrah), and women need to preserve their womanly innate nature (fitrah). A woman cannot become a man, and vice versa. Women are perfect as they are, and men are perfect as they are. Changing the religion into disbelief (kufr) and rebellion is among the baits and traps of the Shaitan. The Shaitan uses the disbelievers and faithless. Those who say religion is like opium in order to slander the religion have clearly had too much opium that it affects their brains, for their brains are filled to the brim with that stuff.


Time Stamp: 1:15:10


On the contrary, irreligiousness is opium. Denying Allah is worse than opium. “They will change their appearance and guise.” See the 118th and 119th verses of Surah al-Nisa [4]. One of the foremost duties of the Iblis is to make people alter the innate nature (fitrah), and make them change their appearance and guise, and make them misuse their organs beyond their creation. Iblis even wants castration, to make people castrated. Iblis prefers zinā instead of marriage, wants haram instead of haram, wants dirt instead of cleanliness, wants evil tricks instead of legitimate things, wants joy and nefarious entertainment. He wants what is crooked and foolish, and wants to make people choose it as well.

He wants to call what is right wrong, and vice versa. He wants to do and make people do the opposite of the innate nature (fitrah). See, throughout 14 centuries Al-Quran Al-Karim says the following to all misguided people of this era: “Renounce from the wrongs, and come to rights.”

Says, “They run towards the wrongs.”

Now, the source of these are the verses of the Quran, and these views are also present in the sources of grand people such as Ibn-i Abbas, Dahhak, Mujahid, and Tabari.

May Janâb-i Haqq be pleased with all companions (sahabah). May Allah bestow upon all our âlims abundant rahmat (mercy).

Then again, the 30th verse of Surah al-Rum [30] says: “They do not accept that there is no altering Allah’s creation,” meaning they don’t accept the innate nature (fitrah) at all. Whereas the innate nature (fitrah) which is Allah’s creation cannot be changed, but they don’t accept the innate nature (fitrah). The cadre of the Iblis does not accept the innate nature (fitrah).

They know nothing except destruction either. They put on a false paint, and distort the innate nature (fitrah). They harm the health of humanity and the ecosystem, and they hurt other people. As for Islam, it preserves humanity and the nature.

Shaitan makes their mouth water. The cadre that Shaitan uses makes people distort their innate nature (fitrah), and polishes and adorns doing that so well that it makes people’s mouth water. Then, they will not be able to see the beauty of the essence, and be deceived by the adornment outside, and be mesmerised by the fabricated paint.

They don’t see the essential colour that Allah applied, rather they see the exterior of things, and have no idea about what is inside, it is like they are monkeys and chimpanzees, they are not even aware of themselves.

People should develop their innate nature (fitrah), not distort it. That is done with knowledge (ilm) and science. As for the correct sciences, Islam is an embodiment of them.

You see, there is ghurūr on the basis of all these things, it means deception, to deceive and to be deceived. This is what we call ghurūr, it means deception. It is an attribute of Shaitan, and we had mentioned it earlier.

Janâb-i Haqq informs us about the servants to whom Janâb-i Haqq gave bounty. Janâb-i Haqq says they are recipients of endless bounty, boundless bounty, and fadeless light of eye. In the 69th verse of Surah al-Nisa [4], Janâb-i Haqq says: “They are the prophets (nabi), the messengers (rasul), the truthful (siddiq), the martyrs, and the righteous (saleh).” So, you have to become one of these but you cannot become a Prophet, however you can be one of the others.


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You may become a truthful or siddiq person. You may be a martyr. You may also become a righteous or saleh person. See, you need to be among the righteous or saleh people in the least, for this is the minimum title you need to have. This is the divine protocol, the prophets, the truthful or siddiqs, the martyrs, and the righteous or salehs. Now, the truthful or siddiq people have darn closer to Prophethood, but they cannot become Prophets, nobody can. Prophets are chosen by Allah. See, the truthful or siddiq people are honest in their words and actions, and they are truly loyal to Allah Ta’ala in every aspect. You already know about the martyrs; they are those who give their lives in the way of Allah. As for the righteous or saleh people, they always side with peace, goodness, tranquillity, beauty, and good deeds. They have fully believed in Islam, and they are hastening in goodness to the extent of their ability. These are the righteous or saleh people, and you need to enter the protocol and the minimum title that allows this is that of the saleh people. Otherwise, you’ll be left out.

Now, our Prophet says the following in hadith-i sharif narrated by Muslim Sharif. It is our Beloved Prophet who gave the news: “Allah Ta’ala (c.c.) said to Adam (a.s.): ‘O, Adam! Send the share of Jahannam (Hell).’ Adam (a.s.) asked, ‘What is the share of Jahannam (Hell)?’.”

Friends, this is also a hadith-i qudsi at the same time.

“Janâb-i Haqq said, ‘The share of Jahannam (Hell), send 999 people out of 1000, and send one to Janna (Paradise).’.”

Pay close attention because Janâb-i Haqq wants the share of Jahannam (Hell). So, only one person out of one thousand tried to fulfil his obligations against Allah. So, what is this? This shows us the general structure of humans, along with his spiritual structure, behaviour, inner world, how he believers, how he disbelievers, how he rebels, and how he disobeys. This shows us that only 1 in 1000 does it right. Now, compare it to the number of all people who ever lived and who will ever live. Everyone will gather on Day of Judgment and Great Gathering, and the share of Janna (Paradise) will be 1 out of 1000, and the share of Jahannam (Hell) will be 999 out of 1000. Whether you believe or not! So, what is the source of this hadith? It comes from Sahih Muslim. This is a hadith-i qudsi that comes from our Prophet. It comes from a really strong source.

That said, you should look at today’s structure of humanity, and observe their words and behaviours. How many people are correctly and properly fulfilling Allah’s commands, the way Allah explained in the Quran, in the Sunnah, and in the Islam? So, what do you think the number is, bring forth your own opinion? What is right is what the Prophet said, and what Sahih-i Muslim reported.

That said, use your mind and see whether you will be able to find this truth. Whether you find it or not, you have to accept it, and we have to acknowledge this fact and be grateful. Your mind may not encompass this, but will you deny the things that you can’t encompass? Can you see your soul? Will you say you have no soul? Can you see your mind? Will you say that your mind does not exist? Wouldn’t people call you crazy if you do that? That is why Janâb-i Haqq said, “Khaleel, my Khaleel,” to Ibrahim. Do you know what Khaleel means? It means friend, a friendship that fills the heart to the brim, a beloved.


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Allah said, “I am making you the leader,” and tested him before making him the leader. Ibrahim (a.s.) had passed the tests, and Allah showed him Alam al-Malakut (the Invisible Realm). Do you know about the trials Ibrahim (a.s.) passed before he was made the leader? He was thrown into fire for he broke the idols that belong to Nimrod, and Nimrod’s state, and revolted against his tyranny. He consented to be thrown into fire, and he did not make any concessions to the truth and the reality. He did not leave Allah’s side. They wanted to give him high positions, and he showed them the back of his hand, rejecting all of them. Is anything worth anything next to the command of Allah? Allah made Ibrahim the leader, and taught him the secrets of giving life. How? Well, we’ve talked about these in our past lectures, about how Allah taught Ibrahim to resurrect the death. So, what did Janâb-i Haqq do? Said, “O, Ibrahim! Take four of the birds, cut them into pieces, mingle them, and place a part of them in every mountain, then call them,” and the birds came flying towards him. Allah showed him how Allah resurrected the dead. Allah showed him the unseen realm, and showed him the invisible realm of the heavens and the earth. What did he do? He objected to taghuts, or false deities. He was thrown into fire, but did not even flinch. He made no concessions to what is right and real. He did not make a compromise from monotheism (tawhid) in the name of polytheism (shirk). Allah will surely give thousands of lives if Allah takes one. What does Nimrod give? He can only die and be thrown into Jahannam (Hell). What does the Pharaohs give? They can only die and be thrown into Jahannam (Hell).

On the other hand, a faithful person who gives his life in the way of Allah will receive thousands of lives in return, an immortal and blissful life will be given to him, and this is the situation about the martyrs, along with everybody who are in the way of Allah, even if they die while sleeping in their beds. Ibrahim who objected to the false deities was thrown into fire, and he did not even hesitate when he was commanded sacrifice his son.


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