Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 163-165

Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 163-165

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 163


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Now, after the previous verses of the Quran that we have explained, which are the 162nd to 176th verses of Surah al-Nisa, after their core meanings, we will present you certain discovery notes. We’ll present you information from riwayat (narration) and dirayat (comprehension).

Now, there is a report here. This report is also present in the source of Al-Wahidi. The following is narrated in it: Back then, a Christian committee visited Prophet Muhammad and they said: “Why are you defaming our God?” This is a Christian committee and they asked this to our Prophet. Our Master (asw) Muhammad Mustafa asked them, “Who is your God?” They said, “Our God is Isa, and you are calling him Allah’s servant (qul) and Messenger.” See, that is the truth, Isa is Allah’s servant (qul), and he is also a Messenger. He is the son of Maryam. Prophet Muhammad told them: “Him being a servant (qul) of Allah is not a disgrace,” and then the verses regarding Isa (Jesus) were revealed at that moment. See, these verses were revealed by Janâb-i Haqq while the Christian committee was there. It was revealed to Prophet Muhammad that Isa (Jesus) is Allah’s servant (qul), Maryam’s son, and Allah’s Messenger in those verses. And says, “What will those who refrain from servitude say in the presence?” Allah will gather everyone into Allah’s presence. Isa will not refrain from servitude; he is a Prophet. The angels won’t either, they are servants (qul) of Allah, they take pleasure from worship. But you insist on calling Isa a god. Isa is not a god. He is a servant (qul). He is also a Prophet of Allah. He is Maryam’s son. The verses that say these were revealed at that time.

Now, another report that is narrated by Al-Qurtubi says the following. There are 150 verses in the Psalms, they contain wisdom, and they consist of admonition, they are not verses that give provision or decree. See, Al-Qurtubi said there are no verses of provision in them.

That said, Harun al-Rashid had a doctor. He had a Christian doctor. This is the famous Abbasid Caliph Harun al-Rashid’s doctor. He was a Christian. See, that doctor was saying that there is a verse in Al-Quran Al-Karim that says Isa is a part of Allah. He misunderstood the verse, and he claimed that. He was showing the 171st verse of Surah al-Nisa [4]. The Christian doctor had read the verse that says, “a spirit from Allah.” Imam al-Wakidi was there with him, and al-Wakidi is a great Islamic scholar (âlim). The Christian doctor and Imam al-Wakidi started a discussion, and al-Wakidi recited him the 13th verse of Surah al-Jathiyah [45].

“And whatever is in the heavens and on the earth has been disposed for you, and they all belong to Allah,” he read this verse. Al-Wakidi recited this verse to the Christian doctor. He asked, “Are these fragments of Allah?” “The heavens and the earth are all creations of Allah,” says Allah in the verse.




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That is, they came to existence completely by the creation of Allah, whatever there is in the heavens and on earth, everything. Isa (Jesus) is also among these, and he is a servant (qul) of Allah. Al-Wakidi said to the Christian doctor that Isa (Jesus) is one of the servants (qul) of Allah. After that, upon seeing that verse, the Christian retreated into silence, and became a Muslim.

My dearest brothers!

One can’t simply cherry pick some verses of Al-Quran Al-Karim and then think they have narrated the verses to the world. Al-Quran Al-Karim, from a to z, is a whole. One should understand and comprehend it from start to finish, and then explain it to the world correctly. Al-Quran Al-Karim must be uttered by the asrin idraki. The Quran should speak, and the understanding of modern age must speak it. Only then will the entire world benefit, and everyone will benefit. Everyone will hear and know the Real (al-Haqq), and be saved from the wrongs. There are those who know the Quran, who discover it, and there are those who hide behind the Quran, and those who use the Quran. There are many deviated mindsets that do not know the Quran. Pay attention to this! We have our mujtahids who came through the channel of Ahlus-Sunnah wa’l-Jama’ah. We have great Islamic scholars (âlims) who came through that ecole. Our past is very rich. And we have enough Islamic scholars (âlims) today. The sources are intact. That is why Al-Quran Al-Karim must be made to be spoken by the asrin idraki of the modern age. The Quran must speak.

See, when that Christian doctor became a Muslim, Harun al-Rashid became very happy, and he gave Al-Wakidi many gifts. Now, there is Ebussuud Efendi in the source of this narration. Now, you may ask about the source of what I just narrated to you. It is based on Ebussuud Efendi. And you all know Ebussuud Efendi. He is a distinguished Islamic scholar (âlim), and he is a perfect Islamic scholar (âlim). That said, there are those who can’t see a bird other than the crow, for he considers his own crow, and he does not accept anything beautiful. See, if you ask the crow, he will say that there are no beautiful babies other than his. See, those who have obsessions, and the bigots, cannot see anything other than what they are looking for.  However, there is no end as to what you may see if you look at the universe with the universality of Islam. You will be saved from obsessions and bigotry one by one. You see, there are also narrow-minded people who wrote a little bit, they drew something, and read something, and get acquainted with ink to a small degree, and they do not see anyone other than themselves in the mirror. This is self-centeredness, and a sickness of the Shaitan. O, the man who is a slave to his conceit and pride! Save yourself from that! The man who is a slave to the wrong (bātil), who is a slave to his nafs (soul)! Save yourself from that! See from the perspective of truth, and look universally, and see all ayat (signs/verses) of Al-Quran Al-Karim! You do not possess the power to ostracize the mujtahids, that is one. The words that come out of your mouth, you’re using words that do not suit humanity, and the ones you use are not of knowledge (ilm), that is two. As for the third, you’re building up something at night and demolish them by the day and you don’t even realize this. As for the third, you are among those who burn the house they live in, and you don’t even know. So, what is it that you do know? You are holding a gun and you are shooting yourself, but you don’t know.


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We’re saying these to you because we do not ostracize you. It is you who ostracize people, rather ostracize the wrongs. But do not ostracize Muslims, Ahlus-Sunnah, and Sunnat-i Saniyya. You have not read the hadiths. You have not read the authentic ones, and you have no knowledge whatsoever regarding the hadiths that we are talking about. You do not know the authentic ones, for you have not read the authentic hadiths.

As for the tafsīr or exegesis, you have forgotten about the beginning as you got to the middle, and you forgot about the middle as you read through the last part. You do not even know what you are talking about. You should not have such false courage that you deny the hadith-i sharifs, and this is a pity on your part. Today, there are those who try to discard the hadith-i sharifs through many excuses, they neglect the mujtahids that came from the ecole of Ahlus-Sunnah and the Four Schools. They do not utter a word against ahlul bid’ah. Just take a look and see, who are they serving? Just think for a moment, and check yourself properly. And then, just take a brief look. Imam al-Shafiʽi was a different man in Baghdad. Do you know what happened then? He became a different man once he went to Cairo. Do you know what this means? This is what happens when one advances in knowledge (ilm). So, advance in knowledge (ilm), upgrade yourself, and insha ‘Allah you will renounce from your wrong opinions one day. See, knowledge (ilm) conveys people from one truth to another. However, obsessions will ruin a person. So, give up bigotry, and egocentrism. Stop saying you know everything but others do not. Advance in knowledge, and upgrade your knowledge. Insha ‘Allah you will give up your wrong opinions in the future, this will surely happen. And you will be saved. You see, we may talk in sweet and bitter terms, but we say all that for we love all people. That said, we will also thank whoever says these truths to us, and we will appreciate them. However, one should be able to say the truths along with their documents. You can’t simply disregard everyone and push yourself to the fore, that is wrong. You are calling people to yourself. You say, “Stop standing in between the servant (qul) and Allah, but you place yourself right in between. Stop doing that, this is nothing but deviancy. Bring forth the truth, and only the truth, remove yourself from there. There is the reality of Islam that Allah brought forth out there, so remove yourself from the equation. Those truths are out there, it does not matter if you are out there. That reality of Islam is the truth even if you and I do not exist. Nobody can consider it unrealistic. It is right (haqq) and reality (haqiqa). If you comprehended the truth then spread it to people correctly. However, you can’t simply discard people, those who know, and the entire ulama and push yourself to the fore, that is not good either. If the others fail to do it, and everyone is wrong, then no wrong is good, but you are not good either, so straighten yourself. You see, what is the duty of the ulama? It is not calling people to yourself. It is to know Islam correctly, and to call people toward Allah, and call people toward the Prophet. It is to call people toward the provisions Allah Ta’ala brought forth. And you say there are so many sharias (laws). That is also wrong, there can’t be a lot of sharias (laws). Islam itself is out there, and it brought forth its own provisions. Islam itself is one thing, and the ijtihads of the mujtahids do not make separate sharias (laws). Rather, they are abundance and blessing. So, what is that you do here? You are twisting the matter. You are not speaking the truth. Why? Because you are stuck in the wrong path, that is why. You followed someone’s path and you got stuck. You did not want to step on someone’s toes. You did not speak the truth. This do not suit a Muslim. This does not suit especially those who say they have knowledge (ilm).


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If you will deviate every-time you get stuck, then it will be a pity on your part, and you will make people hate you. Muslims are to love each other, not hate each other. Muslims are friendly towards all people, even though others are not friendly towards them. That is why Janâb-i Haqq says to Muslims, “Do not take them as friends, for the entire world is your friend but they are not friendly towards you.”

Janâb-i Haqq is informing about the friend and the enemy, and this is for the benefit of all people. See, Muslims work for the better good of all humanity, they should work.

Friends, in these verses of the Quran we heard the word “ilham.” Now, let us briefly mention the words farasat and wahy-i ilahi.

Ilham is the idea and comprehensive thought that comes to mind, it has lexical meanings such as -to ask for, but it has other meanings as well. See, ilham is when inspiration comes to the heart. That said, farasat means rapid discernment. It is to look with the nūr (light) of Allah. If you have real faith (iman) and real knowledge (ilm), then you will look with Allah’s nūr (light), and you will become ahlul farasat. There is a farasat nūr (light of discernment) in every righteous Muslim, it should be. For Janâb-i Haqq gave this beautiful quality to the faithful servants (qul) out of Allah’s grace, and made them earn it. That said, nobody should forget the following! Disbelieving in Prophet Muhammad (asw) means disbelieving in all Prophets, and that means disbelieving in Allah because Allah bears witness to the Prophethood of Muhammad. And it is Allah who sent Prophet Muhammad. Those who deny Muhammad actually deny Allah. He is a Messenger but Allah sent him, and it is Allah who sent all Prophets. Those who disbelieve in Muhammad disbelieve in Allah. As for those who deny the other Prophets, they also deny Allah. Nobody should forget this! See, empires send out messengers, and what happens when the messenger visits another empire and gets rejected? The empire who sent him will be rejected. This is just like that; this is a simile. Now, the word wahy means revelation and it comes from the root iha. That is, el-ihaü. It has lexical meanings such as swift signal, and verdict (ilam). Now, let us talk about the original wahy (revelation), the one that is used as a term. Now, the entire Al-Quran Al-Karim is wahy-i ilahi (divine revelation).

However, the essential wahy or revelation, the one that is used as a term in the religion of Islam. It was sent by Allah to Prophet Muhammad. You see, all the commands and provisions that are sent by Allah to Prophet Muhammad are wahy-i ilahi (divine revelation). Now, about their details, we will continue to inform you of these as the occasion arises, insha ‘Allah.

Now, the 11th verse of Surah Maryam points out the term tasbīh (glorification). For example, ilham (inspiration) came to Maryam’s heart, and a signal that they should glorify Allah is given. Then again, another inspiration was given to the mother of Musa (Moses) that said, put Musa (Moses) in a basket and take him to the Nile and leave him. These are inspirations that we call ilham. This is not the same as the wahy or revelation that comes to the Prophets.


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The revelation (wahy) that comes to the Prophets come via an angel. The Prophet sees the angel, and talks with it. Sometimes, Janâb-i Haqq may convey the divine revelation (wahy) directly to Prophet Muhammad without there being any means. Now, we must not confuse the divine revelation (wahy-i ilahi) that comes to the Prophets with the inspiration (ilham). These are different things. We need to study them separately, and understand them correctly.

For example, the 121st verse of Surah al-An’am says, “whisperings – inspirations.” Now, the Shaitans have inculcation, they whisper things to people and we refer to this as waswasa. The Shaitans inculcate. “And if you obey them, you will indeed be polytheists.” You see, the Shaitan will whisper and inculcate. If you consider whatever comes from the Shaitan as an inspiration (ilham), then you will be ruined. How will you know? Well, you will look into the commands of the sharia (law), and if the inspiration suits them, then it is ilham. If not, then know that it comes from the Shaitan, and it is a waswasa, a whispering of the Shaitan.

Do you know what is said in Surah al-Nas?

The hodja is reciting an excerpt of the 5th verse of Surah al-Nas [114].

Temptation or waswas is being put into people’s hearts. The word, yuwaswisu – temptation is used. Bear that in mind! One should be able to distinguish between what comes from the Shaitan, and what comes from Janâb-i Haqq, and what comes from the Angel, and what comes from his nafs (soul). The Muslims who know Islam distinguish between them. As for those who do not know Islam, they confuse these, and they fulfil the command that comes from the Shaitan as if it is a command of the sharia (law). Never, never in ever! He does not listen to what is right either, he fell prey to the wrong. It is possible to encounter this type of people.

Now, the 193rd and 194th verses of Surah al-Shu’ara say: “Ruh al-Amin brought down upon your heart,” which is Al-Quran Al-Karim. See, Jibril (a.s.) brought it down upon Prophet Muhammad’s heart, and placed it into his heart. Actually, the abode of Al-Quran Al-Karim in the world is not dusty shelves, rather its abode is the hearts. Al-Quran Al-Karim must be placed into the hearts with its original text and meaning. It came from Allah. Would you not read a letter that came from Allah? You read the one that came from your friend, and how can you not read the one that came from Allah? Friends, we cannot say anything against those who can’t read. But for those who can read it: Al-Quran Al-Karim has a pure tawhid (monotheism) which should be placed into the hearts. Al-Quran Al-Karim, that shines with tawhid iman (monotheism) should be placed into the hearts. The abode of Al-Quran Al-Karim is the heart. See, Allah brought down Al-Quran Al-Karim upon Prophet Muhammad’s heart, and we are Muhammad’s ummah (people), and we are servants (qul) of Allah. We are believers (mu’minun), and we are Muslims.

Alhamdulillah, sümme sümme alhamdulillah.

Friends, the 51st verse of Surah al-Shura says, “Allah speaks through revelation (wahy) or behind a curtain, or sends a messenger.” There is a variety of revelation (wahy) to our Prophet. The revelation (wahy) that comes, comes in a variety of ways. So, in this verse the ways of revelation (wahy) are announced. Then again, there is the following narration in Kashf-ul-Hafā. Prophet Muhammad (asw) says the following.

The hodja is reciting the original text of the hadith.

Says, “Ruh al-Qudus (The Holy Spirit) whispered it to my heart.” You see, Ruh al-Qudus (The Holy Spirit) is Jibril (a.s.). We see here that Jibril brought the divine revelation (wahy-i ilahi) to his heart.


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What is being said here? Says, “Jibril (a.s.) whispered it to my heart.” That is, he says that Jibril (a.s.) brought the divine revelation (wahy-i ilahi), and placed it into his heart. Then again, in the 7th verse of Surah al-Qasas [28], Janâb-i Haqq says: “We sent inspiration (ilham) to Musa’s mother.” Let me read the original text.

The hodja is reciting a part of the aforementioned verse.

Then again, in Surah al-Nahl [16], Allah says, “We revealed to the honey bee.” This is revelation in terms of enhancement, meaning the innate nature (fitrah) of the bee was placed, and the ability to make honey is placed in them. Let us see what is said here. “We revealed to the honey bee.” This means that Allah enhanced the honey bee, and made it bow down. That is, we should not think of this in the same meaning as the divine revelation (wahy-i ilahi) that comes to the Prophets, and we need to try to get this right. See, all worlds that are known and unknown have submitted to Allah.

Now, even if people don’t hear it, they feel it. This feeling is a necessity of faith (iman). All the worlds have submitted to Allah. There can’t be anything in any of the worlds that refuse to obey Allah. For example, the Sun obeys Allah, and that is why it moves in its orbit. It moves by obeying the divine laws. It rises from the east and sets in the west. The stars, galaxies, the things that grow on earth, the oceans, and all laws of nature have submitted to Allah. The laws of Janâb-i Haqq are in effect. The command and creation come from Allah. Allah gave free-will only to humans, and some of them obey and some of them revolt. There are believers and there are rioters. See, this is where the problem lies, the rioters among humanity are those who use their free-will for evil, and they are the ones who deprave the world. Those who wish to use their free-will for evil do just that, and they don’t obey Allah, rather they rebel against Allah. They do not acknowledge the Prophet or the Quran, they are bringing shame upon themselves.

Now, about the correct dreams, we have authentic reports regarding this matter as well. We will try to convey information to you on many subjects. A real dream is a way of transmitting revelation (wahy), it is an enlightenment beyond doubt. This is what we see when we read the 163rd verse. Let us see what is said. Revelation (wahy) is a way of communication, and it is an enlightenment beyond doubt. You see, there is news that came from Allah. The following hadith-i sharif is present in Bukhari and Muslim, the two very valuable sources, and also in Kutub al-Sittah. Prophet Muhammad (asw) says:

The hodja is reciting the original text of the hadith.

“The revelation (wahy) has been cut,” says, “The revelation (wahy) has been surceased.”

The hodja is reciting the original text of the hadith.

Says, “As for the bringing of good news, it remains eternal.” So, what is the brining of good news?

The hodja is reciting the original text of the hadith.

Says, “That is the dream of the believer.” See, the revelation discontinued and only the good signs remain, and that is the dream of the believer. That is fine, but can a new command about the sharia (law) be given in a dream of a believer? No, it can’t be given, because the sharia (law) has been completed. Islam has been perfected. Neither the awliya nor some other believer can receive a new provision in their dreams, and if they are seeing a dream that is against the sharia (law), then it is from the Shaitan. That said, dreams that give glad tidings to explain the sharia (law) may come, and dreams that give warnings may come.


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One may receive dreams that say obey the sharia (law), otherwise, if you are seeing something that does not comply with the sharia (law) in your dream, then it is from the Shaitan. You see, Iblis gives you waswas in your dreams in order to draw you away from Allah’s command. He whispers you his own evil and gives you waswas. So, get your mind together! Do not confuse real dreams and the waswas (whispering) of the Shaitan. The real dreams are mubessirat, which means bringer of good news. They come to say, “Obey the sharia (law),” and they come as good news. A dream that is against the sharia (law) is not a real dream. Dreams may come to warn you or give you good news. However, one cannot receive a new command of sharia (law). Because the sharia (law) has been completed, and Islam has been perfected. So, get your head straight. Be careful about this aspect of the false darwīshes. Our real darwīshes already know about this well, they have to know. As for the false darwīshes, they take what they obtained from the Shaitan and put it before the sharia (law). They fulfil the commands of the Shaitan. They implement the sharia (law) of the Shaitan. This is just like what other imposers do, there are lots of laws in the world right now, and whose are they? Everyone has their own law which they impose upon people, and they force people to abide by their law. You see, they impose their own law upon people. Is there a Law-Maker other than Allah? No, there is not. Is there someone who can pass judgment and give a ruling other than Allah? No, there is not. That is why the weak Muslims, the ignorant Muslims, and the false darwīshes should take lessons from real darwīshes and those who know the truth and Islam. They need to study the life-giving lecture. The life-giving lesson will make you happy, and remove the wrongs. That is possible in the way of Ahlus-Sunnah wa’l-Jama’ah. That is the understanding of religion which is made by the consensus of the real ulama. That is, by without deviating to ahlul bid’ah, and by following the path of knowledge (ilm) and wisdom (irfan), and by acting in unison with science. That is why the following is said in the 93rd verse of Surah al-An’am: “Who is a greater wrongdoer than he who fabricates a lie, and says it has been revealed to me as well.” See, he claims he received revelation (wahy), and false prophets, false sheikhs, and false darwīshes came forth. They established false schools (tariqa), they founded illegal underground mafias, and all that has been done in the name of religion, and they were established by those who claim they receive revelation (wahy). These are the evilest people of the world. The gates of prophethood have been closed with Prophet Muhammad. You see, Prophet Muhammad is the last Prophet. The world will not see another Prophet until the Last Day. There will not be a new sharia (law), there will not be another holy book. Islam is the brand-new sharia (law), and Al-Quran Al-Karim is a brand-new holy book and it is the last one. Also, the sharia (law) of Islam that Prophet Muhammad implemented is the embodiment of the holy values that renew the past and bear witness to the future. That is why false prophets came forth throughout history, and they are still some today, and there will be some in the future. The entire humanity should be cautious regarding them. They should understand Al-Quran Al-Karim right, for the world that understands Prophet Muhammad well will not be trapped by the liars. Nobody can deceive them, or betray them. If you don’t know Al-Quran Al-Karim, Islam, Prophet Muhammad, Sunnah, ijmā (consensus), and qiyās (analogical reasoning), then some people may deceive you easily. May Janâb-i Haqq make us all cautious regarding this matter as well.


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Then again, go and check the 112th and 121st verses of Surah al-An’am and see what is said. Says, “the Shaitans whisper,” to whom? To their friends. The devils have friends among people, there are human devils, and it is said that the Shaitan whispers them. And what do they say after that? They say, “We receive revelation (wahy), and we are Prophets.” This is how all that evil and wrong occurs such as false darwīshhood, false prophethood, and etc. However, real sufism (tasawwuf), and real knowledge (ilm) and wisdom (irfan) that is obtained from Islam’s own source and knowing these correctly will not give them a chance. That is, by Allah’s grace, generosity, guidance, and companionship. Divine revelation (wahy-i ilahi) is above human sciences, don’t forget this! The knowledge (ilm) of Al-Quran Al-Karim is above the human sciences, and it is supernatural. It came all the way from al-Lawh al-Mahfuz (the Sacred Tablet). It is the Last Book that came from Almighty Allah. It is above men, above nature, and above all knowledge (ilm). You see, Al-Quran Al-Karim is a science above all others, for it is divine revelation (wahy-i ilahi). It is Allah’s utterance (kalam), and it is Allah’s book, bear this in mind! There is as much difference between the sciences (ilm) of the Quran and other sciences as there is difference between the servant (qul) and Allah. See, the source of all right and real sciences is Al-Quran Al-Karim. Believe it or not, this is the truth. This truth is truer than every other truth. It is a reality that is more real than reality itself. The knowledge (ilm) about which there is no doubt, it is a manifestation of divine knowledge that inspires. That is, Al-Quran Al-Karim is a divine revelation (wahy-i ilahi) that is above and beyond all human sciences, and there is no doubt about it. It is a divine manifestation that promotes science (ilm), and it is a scholarly manifestation. You see, all true sciences have been manifested to the universe through Islam. People will advance as long as they work well, and they will make discoveries as well. Then again, when we see the 193rd and 194th verses of Surah al-Shu’ara [26] we see that Jibril (a.s.) brought it down upon his heart. What is it? The verses say that Jibril (a.s.) brought down Al-Quran Al-Karim upon our Prophet’s heart.

Now, Al-Quran Al-Karim has been revealed as needed for 23 years. There is an inzal and tanzil aspect of the Quran. Inzal means revelation of the whole thing at once. As for tanzil, it is the following. The Quran was revealed in 23 years as needed, as situations demanded. It was revealed surah by surah and verse by verse as needed. This is how Al-Quran Al-Karim was revealed. As for the Psalms, it was not revealed with one revelation. However, the Torah was revealed to Musa (Moses) with one revelation.

Now, al-Qurtubi says the following about the Psalms. “There are no provisions in the Psalms, but there are admonitions, and glorification, and hikmat (wisdom).” That is, he says there are no decrees in the Psalms. Al-Qurtubi says it is a book of admonition. That said, the majority of our authors (mufassirs) say the following: For the first time the religious decrees were turned into laws through the Nuh’s speech. It is also said that the first people who were destroyed are the Nuh’s ummah who do not believe Nuh’s sharia (law) and who don’t implement it. See, the first people to be destroyed is Noah’s lot. That is, People of Nuh (a.s.). See, this is the opinion of the majority of our exegetes.


Time Stamp: 39:55


Some Prophets were sent from muqaddas (sanctified), meaning from Palestine or somewhere near it. They ask why? Why were they sent to these places? This is a necessity of the special selection in creation. Janâb-i Haqq willed to send them there due to the conditions of that day, and that way the necessity of special selection in creation was manifested that way. For example, the philosophers, discoverers, and conquerors, they are quite few in terms of numbers, right? Why aren’t there more of them? There are less people like them, there are few philosophers. As for the number of real philosophers, they are really few in numbers. There are few discoverers, and few conquerors. Why aren’t there more? Why did today’s Europe become the centre of stem fields, civilization, and politicians? Why is it that in today’s conditions Europe is the centre for those? Why was everything not created in the same manner? Why didn’t Janâb-i Haqq make everyone a Prophet? Why weren’t people created equally in terms of intellect (aql), brilliance, and power? Why are there limited people of great people in every society? You see, the answer to these questions is in the 33rd verse of Surah Ali Imran [3]. The divine will knows everything best. Do you know what the divine will, and law of selection does? Shows these, for there is a law of selection in effect. This is the reason that Prophet Muhammad was given the name Mustafa, which means chosen. This comes from the law of selection, and he is the chosen. This is the law of divine and sacred selection, for so willed Janâb-i Haqq. You see, it is filled to the brim with hikmat (wisdom).

Now, there is a narration that says the number of the prophets is 124.000. There are also other narrations that say the number is 1.424.000. There are other narrations (riwayat) like these as well. Now, let us see what Almighty Allah (c.c.) said in Al-Quran Al-Karim.

The hodja is reciting the 164th verse of Surah al-Nisa [4].

“There are many Messengers (rasul) and Prophets (nabi) that We have not recounted to you,” this is what Janâb-i Haqq commands. Many were not recounted, and had all of them were recounted, then would they fit inside a book? That said, if there was not al-īmān al-ijmalī (faith in general), wouldn’t people have a really hard time trying to believe in all of them. Janâb-i Haqq made everything easier for us servants (qul) by a divine grace. That said, Islam is nothing but ease, peace, and happiness in life type of religion. It is a complete religion that gives life, bear this in mind. What does the verse say? “There are many Messengers (rasul) that We have not recounted to you.” And in Islam faith in all of them in general is a must. Your faith (iman) is valid once you say, “I have believed in all Prophets.” You have to confirm your faith (iman) by saying you have believed in them. You have to affirm all verses of Al-Quran Al-Karim with your tongue. It is not valid if you don’t say you have believed unless there is a life-threatening situation. Taqiyyah (prudence) is valid in the face of a great exigence such as a life-threatening situation. Otherwise, you can’t simply utilize taqiyyah for everything. And you cannot conceal the reality (haqiqa). People fear this and that, but actually you need to feel shame in the face of Allah, for the real fear is fear of Allah. Fear nobody, but fear Allah. Love Allah, and do not do wrong or evil to others for Allah. You see, this is the foundation of the fear, it is fear of Allah. It will prevent you from doing evil to nobody.


Time Stamp: 45:07


You will love Allah with every fibre of your being, and what will this love do to you? It will make you love all creatures for Allah. You will become a drop of love in an ocean. You will be nourished by the ocean that is love. You will become a person who lives in love. You will live a life that is in love. Love Allah with every fibre of your being. And fear nobody but Allah. Fly towards Allah with these two wings. If you look at the balances in the heavens and the earth, you will see how perfect the balance Islam set forth here is. For example, look at the schools of awliya, the spirit of the sharia (law) is being studied there. We have such great schools of sufism (tasawwuf). The schools of awliya, what do they do? Do you know what sharia (law) does between khawf (hope) and raja (fear)? Bayna’l Khawf Ve’r Raja – Between Hope and Fear. It is said here that a person lives between hope and fear. The sharia (law) set forth this measure, and the awliya says: “You will wear these two wings, one of which is fear and the other is love,” and, “you will strengthen them with qabd (contraction), bast (openness), inqibaz (constriction), and inbisat (happiness). And from there, you will strengthen these two wings more with solemnity and üls, and you will fly towards the Real (al-Haqq) with tawali (sequential) vech (intention) and wujud (being).

You will be under the command of the Real (al-Haqq), and you will be filled to brim with love. Do not lose that love. And do not ever lose that fear. You will never lose that fear, and that is the fear of losing that love. That is why these two wings lift you higher and higher. They teach you how to fly towards Allah Ta’ala. The meaning of this flight becomes real when you hold fast to Al-Quran Al-Karim and the commands of Islam. It is a broad street. If you act in unison with Muhammad and his crew, then they know these roads well.

The hodja is reciting a prayer (dua) for their souls.

Now, if you act in unison with his crew, then they know those roads well. They know the way of Islam well. If you set out with those who know the road then you will not fall into pits. However, if you set out with blind and ignorant people, then many dragons and bandits will cut you off and tear you apart. They will show you the sand as if it is water, and they will deceive you. Don’t you ever set out with those who do not know, rather abide by those who know.

Do you know what Al-Quran Al-Karim says?

Says, “Seek for means,” and what is meant here is the real people of knowledge (ilm). A real murshid (guide, teacher) is the one who knows the truths. That is, real knowledge (ilm), and true knowledge (ilm). Bear these in mind! Then again, had we tried to count all the Prophets, could we count them all? We could not, for there are narrations that suggest there are over one million Prophets. There would have been a hardship here. This is why al-īmān al-ijmalī (faith in general) is a special grace of Allah, bear this in mind!

There is a narration that says the Torah was revealed to Musa (Moses) with one revelation. That said, the 134th verse of Surah Ta Ha [20] says: “We sent the Prophets lest they said, ‘Why did You not send us a Messenger,” and so that they have no more excuses.” Janâb-i Haqq says, “We have announced the truth (haqiqa), and spread it so that nobody can say anything in the gathering (mahshar).” Al-Quran Al-Karim has been on earth for 14 centuries. Can you say that Al-Quran Al-Karim was not sent down, and neither was Prophet Muhammad?


Time Stamp: 50:00


Can you say that in this era of communication? At least in the previous eras, messengers and heraldists would spread the news, but today we are in an era of communication, and people can easily find knowledge by Allah’s bounty, generosity, and guidance. They may or can strive for achieving what they seek. Nobody has the chance to say they have not heard the sound of Islam, and they don’t know it. Al-Quran Al-Karim has eloquent mysteries, and sacred lights, and holy truths, wisdom (hikmat) and beauty, happiness, a right firman, a right firman. See, Al-Quran Al-Karim is a deep miracle, bear these in mind! Al-Quran Al-Karim is filled to the brim with mysteries of eloquence, and it spreads sacred lights, and incorporates holy truths, and spreads wisdom upon wisdom, and it is such a deep mystery. That is, Al-Quran Al-Karim, which is Allah’s Book. It is more than what we can narrate, for we can only narrate to the extent of our ability, we are narrating it humbly. Al-Quran Al-Karim is much holier than what we narrate.

Now, Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (asw) and Al-Quran Al-Karim… Please pay attention to this part now. Al-Quran Al-Karim is a manifestation of the Real (al-Haqq) to Prophet Muhammad. Al-Quran Al-Karim has manifested to Prophet Muhammad, and it was placed into his heart, and from there it shone across the universe.

Know that you have no chance of separating Prophet Muhammad from the Quran or vice versa. The former is the living Quran, and the other is the Book that is the Quran, which was placed into his heart. You see, al-Insān al-Kāmil (the complete person) is the greatest Prophet, he is Prophet Muhammad. He is the imam (leader) of all Prophets. He is the pioneer, and he is the crown jewel of all awliya, bear this in mind!

You see, Janâb-i Haqq chose him and sent him upon all the worlds as a mercy (rahmat). He is not a Prophet who was sent to a tribe. He is not a Prophet who was sent to a state. He is a universal Prophet of all nations until the Last Day. He is the Prophet of all eras. He is the Prophet of all nations, whether you believe or not.

This is the reality (haqiqa), and it is more real than what I narrate. “The witnessing of Allah is the greatest.” See, the 19th verse of Surah al-An’am. Allah bears witness to the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad. Allah bears witness that the Quran is the real (haqq) book. Allah bears witness that Islam is the real (haqq) religion, and that Islamic sharia (law) is the last sharia (law). Whether you believe it or not, that is up to you. However, if you believe you will always gain, and we will be happy altogether. I am from you, and you are from us. We are us. We are all servants (qul) of Allah. We do not make distinction! It is those who disbelieve in Allah Ta’ala, those who don’t believe in Islam who make distinction. Reactionism is with them. Segregation is with them. They are the ones who attack Islam. Theirs is bigotry. Bear this in mind! We are not attacking anyone, for we cannot. For we narrate Allah’s Messenger whom Allah sent upon all the worlds as a mercy (rahmat), and we are narrating the Book that sheds light as a guide. We are not anyone’s servant. We are servants (qul) of Allah, and we have to be.

Now, in the following verse the Christians are addressed. See the 170th verse, and then the 173rd verse of Surah al-Nisa [4].


Time Stamp: 55:00


Do you know what Janâb-i Haqq said to the Christians? Said, “Renounce from the wrongs, and come to the rights.” The truths are truths no matter where they are found. And we need to correct the wrongs. The Jews had said illegitimate child to Isa (Jesus). They called him a child born out of wedlock, which is incannu. Thus, they slandered Isa (Jesus). Islam and the Quran denies this slander of the Jews. Isa is pure, and he is the son of Maryam. He is a pure Prophet. He is a pure servant (qul) of Allah. Al-Quran Al-Karim rejects their claims. It is not about the Jews either, even if the entire world shouted out their claims Al-Quran Al-Karim will still reject. The Quran does not let anyone speak ill about Isa, Musa, or any Prophet. They are in our fundamentals (amantu). How can I speak ill about them? I can’t talk bad about them, and I have to know them right. One can’t simply call a servant (qul) of Allah a god. This is where the Christians are wrong. He is a servant (qul) and a Prophet of Allah. He is also the son of Maryam. That is why we say it is the religion of Islam and Al-Quran Al-Karim that eliminate the wrongs, and it is the Quran and Prophet Muhammad that bring forth all truths.

Now, about what they did. There is tafrit and ifrat here. Now, tafrit means laying waste to the truth. And what does ifrat mean? It means to go beyond the limit. The Jews have tafrit, and the Christians have ifrat. That is, the former lays waste to the truth, and the other goes beyond their limit. For the Christians worship Isa (Jesus), claiming he is Allah. This is an utter ifrat, and they overstep the limit. This is utterly polytheism (shirk).

Now, let us see the 45th verse of Surah Ali Imran [3]. Isa (a.s.) is a word (kalimah) from Allah, who is created with the command kun (كن). That is, it is said that if Janâb-i Haqq wants something to be, then Janâb-i Haqq says kun (كن), and that thing is created. Just like the way other creatures are created with kun (كن), Allah said kun (كن) and created Isa. And it all happened with the command kun (كن).

Editor’s note: The word kun (كن) actually means, “be”.

All creatures are servants (qul) and creations of Allah. There is no god but Allah. Prophet Muhammad is the greatest servant (qul) of Allah, and he is the greatest Prophet. But he is also a servant (qul). Isa (a.s.) is also a servant (qul), a Prophet, a word (kalimah) and a soul. Don’t forget that he is a servant (qul)! He is also the son of Maryam. You see, this is the Isa (Jesus) that Al-Quran Al-Karim introduces.



Then again, the proof is mentioned. See the 174th and 175th verses of Surah al-Nisa [4]. Who has the greatest proof? The greatest miracle is the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad. That is the greatest and most sacred proof. That is the greatest miracle. His Prophethood is an especially great miracle. Now, what does Nūr al-Mubīn (distinguishing light) mean? It is Al-Quran Al-Karim, it is a clear light. What does sirat al-mustaqim (the straight path) mean? It is the sharia (law) of Islam. That is sirat al-mustaqim (the straight path). It is the path that comes from Allah and leads to Allah. May Allah grant us faith (iman), a real faith (iman). This is the way. May Allah not let us astray from the straight path. We are working for the better good of humanity. What is why, the greatest miracle is Prophet Muhammad (asw), and again the greatest miracle is Al-Quran Al-Karim. Do not ever forget this!

Now, insha ‘Allah I will give you some notes about kalāla in the next lesson. May Janâb-i Mawla make us find life from the life-giving lessons, and make us happy. This is our goal, to make all humanity happy. Otherwise, we do not have any other goal, for we shall die, and will answer to Allah. This is all there is to it.


 Time Stamp: 1:00:37


–          The End        –


Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 164


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Dearest friends!

As you know, the last verse of Surah al-Nisa [4], which is the 176th verse is known as the kalāla verse. Now that we gave you the core meaning of the verse, let us try to convey you, certain information regarding certain narrations about kalāla. Now, the word kalāla refers to those who have no children and no father. The following narration is reported by Jabir ibn Abdullah (r.a.).

Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa went to Jabir at a time when Jabir was sick. Jabir says: “O, Rasulullah! I am kalāla. Who will be my inheritor?” He asked our Prophet who will inherit his legacy.

It is narrated that this verse of the Quran was revealed at that time. Al-Quran Al-Karim responds to all conditions of life, and gives life, and it is a Kitab al-Karim that solves all problems with regards to life. Al-Quran Al-Karim is Nūr al-Mubīn (distinguishing light). Al-Quran Al-Karim responds to all matters. If someone is unable to solve a problem, then know that he does not know Al-Quran Al-Karim. If someone speaks about contemporaneity, and has no idea what contemporaneity is, then know that he does not know Al-Quran Al-Karim. It sits atop the modern civilizations, and it is above and beyond all eras. The Nūr al-Mubīn (distinguishing light), or Allah’s Book that incorporates the past and the future into its structure is Al-Quran Al-Karim. That is why we say it solves all problems regarding life, and responds to every question, for it came to give life.

If you wish to be happy, and restore the rightful place of the truth, and get rid of the wrongs, then try to understand Al-Quran Al-Karim and the religion of Islam the way Prophet Muhammad narrated. Sahabah al-Gûzin (distinguished companions) and our mujtahid âlims have understood this way really well. This way is a clear way. It has nothing concealed either. There is no good in secret endeavours. Islam is brighter and clearer than the Sun. That is, when you know Islam and the Quran well. The eyes of those who don’t are always closed. Their brains are close to the reality. Their hearts and souls are closed to the truths. Some of them are like kids, some of them are like lunatics. And some are like the blind and deaf people for they don’t have any knowledge. As for Al-Quran Al-Karim, it came to enlighten the souls, make the eyes glow, and make the ears hear in real terms, and it came to give life to the entire humanity. If a person wishes to shine both inside and outside, then he has to enter into the nūr (light) of Islam. This is where the problem lies, humanity is escaping from their own light, and their own happiness, and they seek truth in wrong, which they will never find. They are doing wrong, which is such a pity. Now, let us go back to the matter of kalāla. If a single sister becomes and inheritor, who has the same father and mother, or has the same father, then it is said that half of the legacy is her right as an obligation (fard).


Time Stamp: 5:00


It is said that as an obligation (fard), the sister deserves half of the legacy. On the other than, if there is not an aswabah (heir) from the paternal side, it is said that the sister will receive the entire legacy. That is, the legacy of the kalāla will be given entirely to the sister who shares the same father and mother with him. This way she has a right to take the entire legacy. You see, this is the explanation of kalāla. If a father is found, then the siblings lose right. Even though Umar showed hesitation, this is how sunnah (tradition) occurred, and there is unanimity in this. This is the understanding of Abu Bakr, and there has been unanimity in this. It is narrated that Umar showed hesitation here. There is a dispute in the matter of kalāla, but there is also unanimity. Now, there is a unanimity in this matter. Now, Abu Bakr (r.a.) says the following regarding the verses of inheritance in Surah al-Nisa. “At first the child or the father, and secondarily the husband, wife, and the siblings who have the same mother, and the third is about the siblings who have the same mother and father, or those who have the same father. He said regarding the matter of inheritance in Surah al-Nisa [4]. Now, in the faraiz ilm (knowledge of inheritance), the brothers with the son, the son of the son with the father, and according to Abu Hanifa, they also lose right of inheritance with the grandfather. That is, the brothers cannot receive inheritance. Then again, in the 171st verse of the Quran, Janâb-i Haqq brings forth the tawhid iman (monotheism). And in the basis of all beginningless (azali) and endless (abadi) realities and in the basis of Islam, tawhid iman (monotheism) comes first. That is why, against the Christians, and against all that is wrong in the world, against Judaism, and against atheism, and against those who fail to manifest divine justice, the necessary lesson is given by Al-Quran Al-Karim. The law of Islam brought forth the truth about divine distribution.

You see, the Christians say the following: “All three of the trinity are complete deities.” That is, they say Allah, or the God is a trinity. There are those who say all three are separate gods, and some say the trinity is a single god. There are many contradictions here. These have no correlation whatsoever with the understanding of Islam that Isa (Jesus) and the Bible brought. These have no correlation whatsoever with Isa (Jesus), Musa (Moses), the Torah, the Bible, or the Quran. Meaning, this is a wrong belief. The faith that Isa (Jesus) brought is the tawhid iman (monotheism), and it is right. The faith that Musa (Moses), Muhammad, and all other Prophets (a.s.) brought forth is nothing but tawhid iman (monotheism). That is, Allah’s unity. Now that we have underlined this, we need to build our knowledge on this foundation from now on. As for those who have laid weak foundation, not even the truths they built on it are not safe.

Now, it is said that if the heir is a woman, then the sister becomes an aswabah as well. If the heir is a woman, then the sister becomes an aswabah. There is a narration from our Beloved Prophet that say, “Make sisters and girls aswabah,” as reported by Bukhari Sharif and Darimi. Now, if a son is found, then the sisters lose right, and the right of girls and boys is implemented instead. See, aswabah is the name of the heirs that are from the paternal side.


Time Stamp: 10:10


Friends, we finally arrived at the end of Surah al-Nisa. We started from the beginning of Al-Quran Al-Karim until the end of this surah. Insha ‘Allah our lectures will go on with Surah al-Maidah, and we’ll continue to convey the entire Al-Quran Al-Karim to you with essential preliminary notes, and notes about the far ends, with the riwayat (narration) and dirayat (comprehension) that are present in trusted sources. We will continue to announce the Glorious Quran to you, and we’ll continue to find life through it. Insha ‘Allah.

They said to Musa (Moses), “Go ahead, you and your Rabb, and fight.” That is, Bani Isra’il. They gave an ultimatum to Musa (Moses). See, Muhammad’s ummah or anyone who is a believer and has logic could not ever say something like that to their Prophet.  We see this when we read the 24th and 30th verses of Surah al-Maidah [5].

What a pitiful situation on their part. They said to Musa (Moses): “Go ahead, you and your Rabb, and fight. We will not go; we will be sitting right here.” These are conveyed to that we may derive lessons. There is also the matter of Cain and Abel. See, Cain killed Abel and became a murderer. Both were children of Adam. The first murderer is Cain. He committed a crime, and he choose a wrong path. He became the first cadre of the Iblis on earth, and he ruined himself. Those who take Cain’s path are those who insist on wrong. That said, nobody should forget that in the 116th verse of the Quran, “There is a day ahead of man, on that day the hairs will go grey, and the souls shall fear, that is the Day of Judgment. Everyone should prepare for death and the Last Day. As you know, that is to prepare for the grave, and after that we’ll be raised and brought to the Gathering and the Greater Court, and we have to prepare for that as well. These are rights (haqq) and realities (haqiqa). See, Janâb-i Haqq clearly says that we will be brought to the book, as clear as the creation of the universe out of nothing. Janâb-i Haqq says that the world is nothing but a test.

Then again, there is a narration from Abdullah ibn Amr bin As. He says that the mount could not bear the weight while this verse was being revealed. He says that our Prophet dismounted. And this shows us the unbearable weight of divine revelation (wahy-i ilahi). See, the revelation mentioned in the narration is Surah al-Maidah [5]. It is said that our Prophet was riding the mount when the revelation came, and the mount could not bear the weight, and our Prophet dismounted. Now, if you consider the weight of the revelation, then we need to think about how our Prophet could bear it? It is not possible without grace and ad of Allah. See, the revelation is divine utterance (kalam), and divine revelation (wahy-i ilahi). As you know, when Musa (Moses) said to Janâb-i Haqq, “Let me see you,” Janâb-i Haqq sad, “You’ll see Me if that mountain can bear this, and Janâb-i Haqq manifested Oneself to a degree. The mountain collapsed. And had Allah fully manifested, then neither the heavens nor the earth could bear this. Allah’s omnipotence (qudrah) is endless and boundless. It all happens with bounty and generosity of Allah, otherwise nobody can afford doing anything.


Time Stamp: 15:00


So, as we understand from Surah al-Maidah, the word Maidah means a table that adorned and filled with blessings. That is where this Surah get its name. Islam is an eternal feast. Islam is the feast of Allah.

Whoever sits at the table of Islam and becomes a good Muslim, then he will surely have a share from the everlasting blessings of Allah. You see, the original divine feast is Islam. On the other hand, there is another matter about Isa (a.s.) and insha ‘Allah we will explain the matter about that table when the occasion arises.

Then again, in the contents of this Surah there are 18 divine commands that are obligatory (fard) which are not present in other Surahs. Surah al-Maidah consists of 120 verses of the Quran. It has 120 verses. As for its number, it is the fifth verse, and as for its juzʼ (part) it is listed under the 6th juzʼ (part).

That said, insha ‘Allah we’ll continue to convey you some information regarding this Surah.

We’ll find many divine commands in this Surah, such as the covenant of Allah, corporation, trade, nikah (marriage contract), oath and covenant, any many others. Now, the following is commanded in a hadith-i sharif narrated by Al-Tirmidhi and Ahmad ibn Hanbali. Now, it is narrated from Prophet Muhammad (asw) that he said the following.

The hodja is reciting the original text of the hadith.

Surah al-Maidah is among the last revealed Surahs in terms of revelation order. It is one of the last Surahs. Our Prophet al- Zeeshan says, “Accept what it says halal as halal, and accept what it says haram as halal.” There are also narrations that say a part of this surah was revealed in the victory day of the Conquest of Mecca, and that the rest was revealed during the Last Sermon.

Now, let us see what is said in a narration that comes from Hasan al-Basri and Sabuni. “Do not overstep the boundaries of the decrees.” He says, “These decrees are Allah’s provisions,” so be wary of them. That is what both Al-Quran Al-Karim and our Prophet says. For this is a reality (haqiqa). You see, those who overstep the bounds of the divine provisions are those who completely overstep the reality (haqq). Islam excludes them, and this means that he will be left out of the mercy (rahmat). Let nobody fall into that situation. Some people are excluded by Islam in terms of itiqad (faith), and some are excluded due to his doings, and some are excluded in terms of morality. See, when your itiqad (faith), your deeds, your morality, and all your life is along the lines of Islam, then Islam will preserve you forever in its bosom. Don’t you ever be on the wrong track, and do not overstep the boundaries of Islam. Pay attention to the divine boundaries! Then again, another narration that comes from Ibn-i Kathīr on the authority of Asma bint Yazid (r.a.) says that a man named Akba said, “I was holding the bridle of our Prophet’s camel. Then, the entire Surah revealed to him. The Camel sat down for its legs were about to break.


Time Stamp: 20:00


That is, when this Surah al-Maidah revealed. So, there is also that narration. Then again, Janâb-i Haqq says in this Surah al-Maidah that Islam has been perfected completely, and that the blessing is complete, and Allah has chosen Islam as religion (din). Also, in the 85th verse of Surah Ali Imran [3]: “I will not accept any religion other than Islam,” says Janâb-i Haqq. Allah is One. There is only one religion, and that is Islam. That said, the religion of all Prophets is Islam. Nobody should forget this! Insha ‘Allah, we will give you more information on Surah al-Maidah next to these, and our life-giving lectures that shed light on matters will continue. Insha ‘Allah we’ll try to study our lectures together.

May Allah not withhold Allah’s guidance (hidayat), mercy (rahmat), grace (marifat), bounty and grace, companionship, reward (an’am) and ihsan (benevolence) from us.


Time Stamp: 21:21


–          The End        –

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 165


On the 1st to 3rd verses of Surah al-Maidah [5].


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Alhamdulillahi Rabbil ‘alamin wassalatu wassalamu ala-rasulûna muhammedin wa ‘alâ alihi wa sahbihî Ajma ‘in.


The hodja is reciting the 32nd verse of Surah al-Baqarah [2].

The hodja is reciting the 1st, and 2ndverses of Surah al-Maidah [5].

“O you who believe!”

Almighty Rabb addresses those who have the Islamic faith (iman) shining in their hearts, and says: “O, you who believe! Fulfil the contracts.” Now please pay attention to this! Allah says, “the contracts.” You see, we gave a covenant to Allah before the beginning (azal), in the realm of spirits (bezm-i alam), qālū balā. Allah says beware of the promises we gave to Allah, and the promises we gave to the Messenger, and that we said we believe in Islam and Al-Quran Al-Karim, and all the words we gave to all commands of Islam, and the ones that we gave to each other, and then fulfil them one by one.

“Certain animals have been made halal for you on the condition that you don’t consider hunting while in iḥrām halal, except what is about to be announced to you that they are haram. Indeed, Allah ordains what Allah wills.”

“O, you who believe! Do not disrespect Allah’s rites, nor the sacred month, nor the sacrificial gifts, nor the garlanded, nor those who are proceeding to the Kaaba, seeking grace (lutf) and good pleasure (riza) from their Rabb. You may hunt when you are out of iḥrām. Do not let the hate against a people for they prevent you from Al-Masjid-ul-Harām cause you to assault.” That is, do not ever deviate from the measures of justice, and observe the divine measures at all times. “Help each other in righteousness and piety (taqwa), and do not help another towards sin and enmity. Fear Allah.” Fear Allah with every fibre of your being. Fear from being struck by the punishment of Allah. Love Allah with every fibre of your being. Fear from losing the love of Allah, for Allah’s punishment is severe.


Time Stamp: 4:55


The hodja is reciting the 3rd verse of Surah al-Maidah [5].

Just like you do with every verse of our Almighty Rabb, you should give ear to these verses of the Quran wholeheartedly. Give yourself to the verses of Allah. Listen well, and understand well. Let us see what our Almighty Rabb tells us in these sacred and life-giving verses: Says, “The following have been made haram for you.” Let us see what they are. “The dead animals, blood, and flesh of the swine. And what has been slaughtered by being dedicated to other than Allah. And what which is strangled to death, that which is beaten to death, that which dies by falling, that which is gored by horns, that which is killed by a wild animal, that which you did not slaughter when alive; that which is sacrificed on the stone altars (idols), and that you seek division by divining arrows.”

These things that are counted are fully haram for you. Pay attention! “All that is transgression.” That is, whoever does this haram is a flagrant sinner (fāsiq), and he has deviated from the way of Allah. “Today, the deniers (kāfirs) have despaired from your religion. Do not fear them, rather fear Me,” says Almighty Allah. Says, “Do not fear anyone, only fear Me.” This is a necessity of faith (iman) of Islam, for you will give up all types of wrongdoing by fear of Allah, and through love of Allah you will see all creatures with love, and embrace them with love, and you will also abide by the measures.

“Today, I have perfected your religion for you, and I have completed My blessing on you.” And this religion of Islam! “I have fully perfected this religion for you, and I have completed My blessing. I have approved Islam as your religion, and I am pleased with it.”

Do not seek any other religion, for the religion is Islam, just like the religion of all Prophets were Islam.

Allah is One. Since the creation of earth, the religion of Islam is one. All Prophets are Prophets who are commissioned in Islam. The last duty was given to Prophet Muhammad. You see, Islam, which is the sharia (law) of Muhammad renewed all past sharia laws before it. The only religion is Islam.

The hodja is reciting a part of the 19th verse of Surah Ali Imran [3].

Do not forget this! The religion with Allah is Islam. Janâb-i Haqq says should anyone seek a religion other than Islam; it will never be accepted of him.

“Whoever is compelled by hunger and has to eat from these, without inclining to sin, then there is no sin on him. Allah is forgiving, merciful.”

Now, we will try to give you our discovery notes on these verses of the Quran. May Janâb-i Haqq make us among those who understand the entire message of Al-Quran Al-Karim and Islam in the best possible way, and among those who believe, have faith (iman), and act upon it. May Janâb-i Haqq make us among the servants (qul) who find a complete life, and be happy forever. For Islam came to give life. Al-Quran Al-Karim is but a complete book of life.


Time Stamp: 10:25


In order to be happy in life, and in order to be happy forever, the book of life and the religion of life is Islam. That said, each and every word of Al-Quran Al-Karim that you see gives life. That is why let’s discover Al-Quran Al-Karim, and understand it well. Let us thoroughly discover the Universal Book, and get it right! When we look at the universe with the Quran, and with the discoveries made regarding the universe, we see that they are all divine ayat (signs/verses). The ones that are in Al-Quran Al-Karim are the ayat (signs/verses) of the book, as for the ones in cosmos, they are the cosmological ayat (signs/verses). Let us discover these. One can’t simply reside in Allah’s kingdom while denying Allah, and keep continue to eat from the bounties of Allah. If you have found yourself another creator besides Allah, then you are tumbling down a wrong path. Where? You are going towards Jahannam (Hell). One can’t deny Allah while living in the kingdom of Allah. There is Islam, the Quran, and a Prophet of Mercy who was sent upon all worlds as a mercy (rahmat), which is Prophet Muhammad. Can one turn a deaf ear to these? Can one shut his eyes to these? Can one be that deaf and mute? Is this suitable for a person who claims he has reason? That is why you need to read the 85th verse of Surah Ali Imran [3]. Let us see what is said: “I will not accept a religion other than Islam,” says Janâb-i Haqq. The only religion is Islam. Whatever contradicts the faith of Islam that Prophet Muhammad brought, in terms of itiqad (belief), in deeds, in morality, and in law, they are all made-up by people themselves. Those are all human-made things. If you abandon what is divine, what is right and real, and be obsessed and stuck with human-made and fabricated things, then you will have ruined yourself, and you will find nothing but frustration. Let us find life, and be happy. That is only possible with the reality of Islam. That is only possible with the enlightening and everlasting verses of Al-Quran Al-Karim which are nūr al-mubīn (distinguishing lights), and with understanding the Quran well. Let us help each other, enlighten each other.

Now, let us elaborate a little bit more on the 3rd verse of Surah al-Maidah, the meaning of which I have given to you.

The hodja is reciting an excerpt of the 3rd verse.

Do you know what Janâb-i Haqq says here? “Today, I have perfected your religion for you.” There are no flaws in the religion of Islam. Allah says, “I have completed, and perfected it for you.” Those who don’t understand Islam have flaws in their brains. The brains of the people who don’t understand Islam are outdated if they attack Islam. As for Al-Quran Al-Karim and Islam, it is divine, and it is the divine order. Allah encompasses all realities without a beginning and an end. The verses that Almighty Allah brought forth encompasses all the worlds. Seeking flaws and imperfections in Islam is like seeking those in Allah. Flaws, imperfections, and sins are on people, and especially on those who don’t understand Islam correctly. Some people don’t listen, nor they understand, but they always attack. This is where the source of bigotry and terror lies. There is disbelief (kufr), polytheism (shirk), corruption (nifaq), and tyranny (zulm). You see, Islam is but a social justice, and the universal peace of the world.


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Islam is the peace of the souls, and their holiday. Islam is the peace of the hearts, and their holiday. Islam is a complete divine justice. Love and mercy. Islam is a religion that embraces the entire universe with that mercy (rahmat). How can you speak ill about it? You cannot speak ill about Allah’s Messenger and Allah’s Book. If you do, then your tongue will stretch down below your feet, and you will find Jahannam (Hell). Do not be like Balam. Balam was wrong, and he ruined himself.

There are people like Balam today, they are like the modern version of him. There has always been and will always be people like Balam. However, you should side with what is right and real. That is why Almighty Allah says, “I have perfected your religion for you. Today, the religion is complete, and that is the religion of all eras, all nations, and all times.” For it is the last religion, and the last book. There won’t be another Prophet, and when Isa (Jesus) comes, he will be under Muhammad’s command. He will be under the command of the soul of Muhammad. He will come to implement the sharia (law) of Islam. A new sharia (law) will not come forever. Allah has renewed everything. Can one Allah look for flaws and backwardness in Allah? Never! You need to look for backwardness in your own mind, and in your own backward mindset, and in your dark brain that doesn’t understand the Quran. Your brain will be enlightened when you understand Al-Quran Al-Karim.

We are not calling people to anyone. We are only calling to Allah, the Quran, Islam, and the sirat al-mustaqim (the straight path) leader of which is Prophet Muhammad. We are not among those who call to themselves. Let us all go to Allah with what is right and real. Let us all be servants (qul) under Allah’s command, this is what we have been telling.

You see, one person defames another, and the other does the same thing. We have no such case. We do not defame anyone, nor make them famous. We only bring forth the reality, and whoever lives the reality is sinless, and he is clear, and he will have a happy life. The truth is out in the open. Now, let us see what Janâb-i Haqq say about the bounty of Islam. Now, the name of the current surah is al-Maidah. Now, Maidah means table, and it is the table Islam and all the worlds. All nations should unite and come to the table of feast and happiness of Allah. You see, if a person wants a seat on Allah’s feast table, then the way is Islam. These are bounties of Islam. Janâb-i Haqq calls everyone to this divine feast that is made out of the bounty of Islam. Says, “I have Rahmat al-Rahman. I have endless bounties. I have Janna (Paradise), come there,” says Janâb-i Haqq. The entirety of all bounties of earth belongs to Allah. Then, Allah calls you to the Janna (Paradise) in the other world. Says, “This is My everlasting bounty.” The eternity continues with Rahmat al-Rahman and then Rahmat al-Rahim. This Islamic table, and these Islamic blessings, what do they do? It takes you from the table of rahmat al-rahman, and prepares you for the table of rahmat al-rahim. That is, it takes you from the Islamic Janna (Paradise) that is the world, and prepares you for the Dar es-Salaam (Palace of Peace), which is the Janna (Paradise) in the afterlife.

Janâb-i Haqq says:

The hodja is reciting a part of the 3rd verse of Surah al-Maidah [5].

Says, “I have completed My blessing on you.”


Time Stamp: 20:00


Now, that is why you need to pay attention! “I have chosen Islam as your religion, and I am pleased with it,” says Allah. Just as we said before, it is clear that this Surah contains 18 obligations (fards) that are not present in others. In the meantime, let me give you a side note because there may be questions. Nobody could write another book like Al-Quran Al-Karim, and that will not happen in the future as well. Al-Kindi was the first Arabic philosopher, and his disciples had asked him something. They said, “Why won’t you just make something similar to that Quran.” See, Al-Kindi was a philosopher. Let us see what he said: “Have been endeavouring for days,” in the end he says, “Nobody can afford doing this.” You see, it is a philosopher who says that. He says that the Mawla, Almighty Allah squeezed so many meanings into two lines. Al-Kindi said they couldn’t explain it all even if they had written many volumes. That philosopher humbly confessed his inadequacy. The Quran is an unprecedented and holy miracle. It is a miracle, and people are helpless in the face of it. You may deny, and reject it but it does not lose any of its miracles and holiness, rather it is you who lose things. You lose your faith (iman), and you lose eternal life. You ruin your blissful life. You lead yourself to everlasting frustration, and turn yourself to the severe punishment of Allah. You are ruining yourself; we are telling you.

Now, in the first verse, the word ʿuqūd (contract) was mentioned by Janâb-i Haqq. So, what is an ʿuqūd (contract)? It means to fulfil the given promise in full. It means consolidation, the word ʿuqūd is used as the plural of the world aqid (promise). It is an agreement that is bound with a document. That is, a contract. Now, what is the document here? The greatest document is Prophet Muhammad and Al-Quran Al-Karim. You see, all divine commands that are present in Islam are included in this aqid (promise). Its document is Prophet Muhammad and Al-Quran Al-Karim.

Fulfil your promise, and do your duty as a servant of Allah. For once, submit to Allah by doing your duty, with your faith (iman) and your good deeds (amal-e-saleh). Supplicate, pray, and then you will be given your eternal needs. This is not possible by denying and rebelling.

Aqid is to observe. The documents that are deemed necessary. Then again, the word aqid is used here as observing and it is the name of all documents that are deemed necessary.

Now, about wafa (loyalty), it means to carry out the promise, and to fulfil the promise. This is the fulfilment of the promise. If you show loyalty to your promise, then know that Janâb-i Haqq wants fulfilment of promises. Says, “Fulfil the contracts.” Janâb-i Haqq says, “Fulfil your promise.”

Now, a person who lacks faith (iman) may say, “When did I give a promise?” You have it the moment you were created, your creation reflects this promise, and we all gave it. Where? In qālū balā. In the Realm of the Spirits (Bezm ālam) we all gave a promise. On that day we were created, and there are people who remember the promise as well.


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Why? Because faith (iman) is always fresh. Faith (iman) is the full confirmation of the truths, and it is the confirmation of right (haqq) and reality (haqiqa). That said, when you have faith (iman), you remember when you gave a promise to Allah. That said, when you say lā ʾilāha ʾillallāh, Muḥammad rasūlu llāh, you renew the promise you gave before the beginning (azal) today, and you say that you are keeping your word. This is your way of saying you will fulfil whatever promise you gave to Almighty Allah, and you renew the promise by saying so. That said, with each kalima shahada (declaration of faith), and kalimat al-tawheed (lit. word of divine unity), and every time you recite Surah al-Fatihah, and every time you recite Al-Quran Al-Karim, you are saying that you have not returned from your promise, and you are keeping your word. The day you announced that you were a Muslim you renewed the promise you gave on the day before the beginning (azal). Now, the pilgrims go to al-Hajar al-Aswad and perform istilam. Do you know what that means? It is said that inside al-Hajar al-Aswad is the document of the covenant given to Allah, and the promise given in qālū balā resides. This is a narration that comes from Ali (r.a.).

Now, about Allah’s offers, you should pay attention to this! Now, all offers of Allah Ta’ala are considered as ʿuqūd (contract) and aqid (promise). That said, the provisions that you are to fulfil in order to be loyal to your promise are the provisions that Allah offered.

This is a faith (iman) and a promise (aqid) about these provisions, wows, oaths, entrustments, and dealings, and all types of promises (aqid), including the people of war, and people of dhimma. The promises (aqid) are contracts done with Allah, and they are binding. You see, all the promises you gave to Allah, and all divine offers that are included in Islam are all contents of the contract that we call ʿuqūd (contract). Islam is the embodiment of this ʿuqūd (contract), and its contents.

This is the promise we gave. We said we will be righteous Muslims. We said we will be good Muslims inside and outside. We said we will fulfil the rules of Islam. We said we will obey and worship. We said we will fulfil the piety (taqwa) wholeheartedly. We said we will live piously. What did we do? We made a promise. Once you fulfil this promise, then you will be loyal to your word. Let me remind you of this due to its importance. All offers and decrees of Allah, and the wows, oaths, entrustments, dealings, all types of promises (aqid), people of war, and dhimmi people. Now, who are the dhimmi people?

That is, the non-Muslims being protected by Muslims. Muslims have been protecting their lives the same way they protect their lives. These are faith (iman) and promise (aqid). You will live faithfully, and die faithfully. This is what resides at the basis of the promise (aqid). The contracts done with Allah are all promises (aqid). As for the plural form of the word, it is ʿuqūd.

There is a promise (aqid) here, and one must be loyal to his promise. The given promises must be fulfilled one by one. You see, promises or ʿuqūd are binding. Now, what do we read in the spirit of this? We see a complete divine justice here. There is a complete covenant or contract between the servant (qul) and Allah.


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Almighty Allah founded the social state in the world with Islam. See, Islam is a social state, a divine state, and a social justice. Islam is a compassion and mercy that embraces all people and the universe. It is the manifestation of Allah’s mercy (rahmat). The contemporary states have legality and sociologicality. But to what degree? We’ll have to see that. The aspects of their systems that suits what is right and real is only as much as they obtained from Islam. As for the ones they could not obtain, they are that much flawed.

Another word that is mentioned is bahīma. The animals that lack aql (intellect), have four legs, that live on land or in seas whose meats are edible. This is again, a grace of Allah to us servants (qul). These are also present among the bounties. For Janâb-i Haqq said: “We have created the earth, the heavens, and what is in them for mankind. We have created Islam for man, and for having faith (iman) in Allah and worship. We created them as servants (qul) in Allah’s command.” The method of how we should worship was brought forth with Islam. There is information about these in the 142nd, 143rd, and 144th verse of Surah al-An’am [6].

The animals that carry load have certain benefits, and there are those from whose wool we make beds. We also benefit from the flesh, milk, and leather of some. What does Janâb-i Haqq say about these? Says, “Eat, drink, and benefit from them,” and Janâb-i Haqq designated how we should eat, drink, or benefit from them. One should know how to eat and drink. Islam has prescribed the method of life-giving nourishment that is balanced. Janâb-i Haqq created the universe as if it is a pharmacy for us servants (qul). Allah explained how to eat and drink, and how to be clean both inside and outside. Allah determined how we should protect ourselves from microbes in the prescription of Islam. Let me give this as an example. There are five times of namāz (prayer), and we perform wudu (ablution) five times a day. Do you see how this wudu (ablution) benefits a person’s body and soul, inner world and outer world and what kinds of fayiz they make people earn! Mankind can’t count all the benefits, for Islam is the peace of the world. This goes for each and every command. This goes for partial ablution (wudu) and full ablution (ghusl). That said, its namāz (prayer), fasting, pilgrimage (hajj), alms (zakat), struggle (jihad) and everything about it including its understanding of knowledge (ilm) and wisdom (irfan), is the source of all happiness. It is the source of happiness, and it gives life. That is when Islam is understood and discovered, and then you will start living all that is beautiful in your soul, and you will want everyone to be happy. Besides, this is what Islam is. Islam is to be happy, and work for everyone’s happiness. Then again, Janâb-i Haqq says that these bounties were created in pairs. Janâb-i Haqq created camels, sheep, lambs, and all types of other blessings. Janâb-i Haqq created all types of herbs, and then looked at the marine products, and the things that grow on earth. Then, see the animals that roam around, and Islam brought forth which of them we should eat and which of them we should not. The number of prohibited ones is only a few, and they are totally harmful. Islam is a religion that protects a person from all dangers.


Time Stamp: 35:10


Preventative medicine is actually fully present in Islam. Islam has put the entirety of all life under protection, and it is a divine order that is founded on happiness. However, when you interpret it at your whim, and try to evaluate it according to your narrow-mind, then you will pour out all that is wrong in your head, because you misunderstand. We are saying these to those who misunderstand. We don’t have any words against those who get it right, rather we appreciate them. Islam is a holy religion that has no flaws in all its aspects. Islam is filled to brim with all its bounties. Islam invites mankind to the table of feast, and it is Allah who personally established this order. You see, the laws in the heavens and the laws of nature are all rules set by Allah. As for the religion of Islam, Janâb-i Haqq had set these rules forth so that people may be happy between themselves in the world. Janâb-i Haqq brought forth all rules of peace in terms of faith, deed, morality, individuality, state, society, and the world. That is, whatever is required for peace, for happiness, for finding life, and to give life has been put in Islam. I am not praising my leader or my ancestors. I am not talking about leaders, ancestors, sheikhs, darwīshes, or philosophers. I am talking about Allah, the Messenger, and the Quran. If everybody wended their way towards their ancestors, pioneers, and leaders and be of service to them, then there would be so many deities and gods in the world, and this is actually the source of all unrest in the world. That is, to deny Allah, and to divinize the servants (qul) whom Allah created. If so, then there will be a war of gods, and the souls will become like pharaohs, and a war of pharaohs will emerge. This will bleed humanity dry. This is the bane of mankind’s life. Allah brought peace, brotherhood, and social justice for all hearts and souls in the world with Islam. Janâb-i Haqq manifested to universe starting with souls with Islam. If you abandon this, and divinize others, then do you know what happened when others also go after other gods? See, the idols in the world increased. The world is swimming and struggling in polytheism (shirk), people’s blood is being shed, and there are murders over murders, tyranny over tyranny, exploitation over exploitation. The strong ones were oppressing the weak ones in the Period of Jahiliyyah and Idolatry. They were exploiting the weak. As for today, the powerful ones are collecting all the wealth while one side started growing pale due to avitaminosis. Their heads are down, and they could not get their nourishment. Why? Because they have been exploited by the vampires of this era. Islam does not allow these. Islam makes equal distribution by true justice. For Islam is Allah’s justice. It is Allah who personally made the distribution. For example, it all becomes clear if you study the times where Islam was implemented well. Just go and study our Caliphs who would blow out one candle and light up another.


Time Stamp: 40:00


Do you see the understanding of justice that does not even light the candle of the state for his own personal work? Then, see the Caliphate of Umar who was a ruler said he will only eat what the poorest folk eat, and he ruled a state thirty times bigger than Turkey. Then, see the caliphates of Abu Bakr, Umar, and Uthman. Then, see the situation about the real states people and heads of state who implement the Islamic justice well. Who is to blame if you don’t implement Islam? If false caliphs, and wrong rulers came forth, then should you blame Islam? Allah can’t be blamed. Islam can’t be blamed. There can’t be any mistakes in the Quran or Islam. The fault is of those who don’t know Islam, who don’t implement it, and who attack it. Seek all the wrongs there. Islam is a complete social justice, knowledge (ilm), and wisdom (irfan). Islam came to remove 3 things from the face of the earth. First one is ignorance, second one is illnesses, and third one is poverty. What is left to remove? Is there something other than happiness left? Other than peace, justice, and trust? You see, what is left is a peaceful setting. Islam came to remove 3 things from the face of the earth.

At first, removes ignorance, but what does it place in its place? Islam places knowledge (ilm), wisdom (irfan), and complete science. Then removes all illnesses, for Islam is a preventative medicine. It protects man from all microbes at first. It also protects the balance of nature, and does not let anyone distort the balance of nature. Then what happens? When you are protected from microbes, and illnesses, what is left? Only health and serenity are left. So, what is left when you remove poverty from the face of the earth? What happens when a fully just distribution and social justice is implemented and poverty is removed? Everyone becomes rich, and everyone becomes happy. Islam came for these. As for those who portray Islam as something else, they either don’t know Islam or they attack Islam with malicious intent. What does it mean to attack Islam? It is like burning the house you live in, or cutting the branch you sit on. It is nothing other than suicide, actually it is worse than suicide. Why? Because if the person who committed suicide had faith (iman), and he committed suicide as a sinner but he could preserve his faith (iman); or let us say he died without faith (iman) he will have ruined himself only. But what does those who attack Islam do? They ruin themselves, and the peace of the entire mankind! This way personal loss becomes a national loss or even universal loss and those who attack Islam are ruining themselves and the entire world of humanity. Islam has incorporated all values of the past and bears witness to them. The Quran bears witness to all values of the past. You cannot know Isa (Jesus), Musa (Moses), Ibrahim (Abraham), Nūh (Noah), and Adam as much as Al-Quran Al-Karim. You cannot know the Bible, the Torah, the Psalms as much as Al-Quran Al-Karim. It is the witness of the past, and all documents regarding the future are also present in Al-Quran Al-Karim and Islam. That is why we say Islam encompasses the past, encompasses the future, and embraces all people with its mercy because Islam is the manifestation of Allah’s mercy (rahmat).


Time Stamp: 45:00


If you portray Islam in another way, then what happens to mankind? You are portraying what is white as black, and you are slandering the truth here, which is such a pity. You are ruining things here. Janâb-i Haqq explained the situation here to us, and states the animals whose flesh we can eat and those we cannot. For example, among the bounties there are creatures whose flesh we can eat and those we cannot eat. These animals range from four legged ones to two legged ones, those that fly and etc. About these, our grand âlims have studied these verses very well.

Editor’s note: The word “âlim” means Islamic scholar.

They studied the authentic hadiths that go back to our Prophet, and they discovered the verses of Al-Quran Al-Karim and other signs, and brought the truths to light. There is nothing concealed or hidden in Islam. As long as you discover Islam you will understand the reality.

There are animals with claws, and other ahl animals such as camels, oxen, and sheep. There are animals with claws as well, and Equidae, hafir is not included in these. As for an’am, they are the animals that are soft, the type of an’am. Then again, among them there are animals created so that we can ride them and as adornment, such as horses and other Equidae. What did Janâb-i Haqq do here? Janâb-i Haqq created these for your benefit and presented them to so that you may use them.

See, Janâb-i Haqq created whatever is needed by mankind on earth, even the trained hunting animals. Then, gave us aql (intellect) and reason so that we may deduce what is unknown through what is known. One side advances on the way of karamat (good) while the others advance on the way of istidraj (gradual destruction). That is, the wrongdoers have also the chance to advance. They advance through istidraj (gradual destruction), but their advancement is one that leads downwards. As for the advancement of a faithful person, it is upwards. That is why both sides have been given something, daraja (rank/class) for those who go upward, and daraka (degradation) for those who go down.

That said, Janâb-i Haqq says something about the means of transport other than the ones that were used in the past. See the 8th verse of Surah al-Nahl [16].

The hodja is reciting the 8th verse of Surah al-Nahl [16].

Says, “Janâb-i Haqq will create what you don’t know,” and has been creating. This is a verse that was revealed 14 centuries ago. After counting the transports of that day, Janâb-i Haqq said that. What does this mean? This means that the verse gave a sign and paved the way for new means of transport for air, land, and sea travel. You see, this 8th verse of Surah al-Nahl [16] is a sign of all means of transport for air, land, sea travel, along with space shuttles and submarines etc. This verse of the Quran is a sign of all of them along with other verses. These were indicated back then. Islam is continuous advancement. Islam is about continuous discovery and advancement. Prophet Muhammad said, “He whose two days are equal is a loser.” There is continuous advancement in Islam.


Time Stamp: 50:00


That is, to advance in science and knowledge, not loss. Islam says stop to loss, and bids what is beneficial, and rejects loss. Islam is benefit. Islam is nothing but benefit. That is why, our dearest friends! If we altogether understand Islam correctly, then it will surely better for us. This is the religion of the entire humanity, whether they accept it or not. Allah is the Rabb of all the worlds, and just like this, Islam is the only religion of the worlds. Prophet Muhammad is the only and last Prophet of all the worlds. Allah manifested whatever is needed for all worlds, all nations, and all eras along with all that is beneficial, and spread mercy all around. Just take a look at all blessings on earth, and the living creatures, and see the ecosystem. See the creatures in the seas, and various vegetables and fruits. They are colourful yet they all grow in the same earth with the same water. They have different colours and different tastes, just look at them. That said, you have taste buds in your tongue, who created them as such? Who gave you your eyes that open a window to the universe? Who gave your hearing device, and placed inside you a soul, and gave you your organs, your systems, your tissue, and your cells? Who created them in an orderly fashion? Is it even possible to think someone other than Allah? That is why dearest friends! The religion of Islam set forth all rules and measures about everything, including hunting, along with whatever is needed in life. Janâb-i Haqq gave mankind the essence, the basis, and the measure, and what did Janâb-i Haqq allow as the conditions of time change? Janâb-i Haqq gave us the possibility of deducing the unknown from known, and what did Janâb-i Haqq do to those who know, such as the ulama, mujtahids, and scholars? Janâb-i Haqq enhanced their abilities and skills, and made it possible to deduce what is known through what is unknown.

See, Allah advances the brains as well, and the rate of success will increase as people worship Allah in a sincere manner and study science. There will be more peace. That said, there is no science by denying Allah, and the science of the deniers is of no use. However, the faithful may turn that loss into gain, that is something else; that is another grace of Allah.

Now, in the 30th verse of Surah al-Hajj [22]: The ones other than what will be recited to you have been made halal for you.” See, the number of haram things is few. As for the halals of the heavens and the earth, they are endless and boundless. There are incalculable amounts of halal bounties. That is why it is said that the grazing livestock is the ones whose flesh is halal. Their signs are also given, it is said that the ones without canine teeth are halal. Hunting animals is also pointed out. For there are certain game meat that is halal to eat, and some are halal to eat. We will try to explain these to you one by one as the occasion arises. Here, there are the ones that are likened to, meaning there are some that can be understood by indication. All of these contain holy wisdom (hikmat). That is, all commands in Islam are filled to brim with wisdom (hikmat).


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When you know Allah (c.c.), when you know Allah’s Book, and Allah’s Messenger well, then you will start to comprehend the multi-layered, endless, and boundless bounties that are filled with infinite benefits to the extent of your ability. Janâb-i Haqq will bestow that to you. Allah will make you comprehend this wisdom (hikmat). And gives you shares to the extent of your ability. That is according to your effort and ability. Your effort and patience are only as strong as your faith (iman). Now, from where does faith (iman) get its power? It takes it from knowledge (ilm), wisdom (irfan), and the glorious Quran. If you nourish your faith (iman) with wrong things, then it will become thinner, and your mind will become barren if you feed it in wrong places. Abu Jahl had aql (intellect) as well, but what did he do? He used it for disbelief (kufr), and it was of no use. The Pharaoh and Nimrod also had aql (intellect), but they used it for evil. Use your aql (intellect) and the abilities and values Allah gave you for good. Don’t use them for denying Allah. Don’t use them for rebellion, or evil. If you use them the way Islam commands, then both you yourself, and all creation, foremost humanity will benefit. The source of every beauty is Almighty Allah. Allah is unique in beauty, and it is Allah who creates beauties. Do not forget, the source of all beauties is Allah. For Allah is unique in beauty, and has no partners or equals. It is Allah who creates all beauties. That is a necessity of decree, wisdom, law, sharia, and divine will. Pay attention. That is a necessity of decree, wisdom, law, sharia, and divine will. All wisdom (hikmat) belongs to Allah. That is why all that is halal and haram is the work of Allah’s will. If Allah called something haram, then it is haram. If Allah did not call something haram, then it cannot ever be haram. If Allah did not call them haram, then they are all halal. Besides, the number of haram things is defined, and they are haram because they are harmful. They were made haram in order to protect us servants (qul) from harm’s way, and to save us. They are also made haram for test, there is a test here to see who follows Allah’s word and who does not. You see, you are passing the test, and you are saving yourself from harm, and you are obeying and worshipping Allah. When you don’t listen to Allah… Now, let’s say you did not listen to Almighty Rabb, and you did not obey the commands of Islam and the Quran, do you know what will happen then? You will lose the test, and find yourself in loss, and ruin yourself. Every haram is but a loss, and a rebellion against Allah, and they cause you to fail the test.

Learn a few things from our father Adam and our mother Hawwa (Eve). Allah placed them in Janna (Paradise) first, and made all bounties free for them, except one. They forgot about it, they fell into carelessness, and they were deceived. They ate the single forbidden thing, and they were driven out of Janna (Paradise). They did repent and ask for forgiveness after all. They did their duties as servants to their utmost by repenting and asking for forgiveness to be able to enter the Janna (Paradise) of Allah Almighty, and they will enter Janna (Paradise) again. However, so many things happened to them that they ate the single forbidden thing. You see, we are all their children. Only one tree was forbidden to them, and they ate from it, and they were driven out of Janna (Paradise). Janâb-i Haqq, “Go down,” and brought them to the world.


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The world is but a test. See, we could not pass one test back then. Through repentance and asking for forgiveness, there are more tests now. You will be ruined by rebelling, and it will become harder as you rebel. That said, hardships will be removed as you obey. Obey Allah. We are telling you, but I am actually telling these to myself and I consider you from me and I consider myself from you. Why? Is Allah not the Rabb of us all? That is why. Is Adam not the father of us all? That is why. I am from you, and you are from me. There is no distinction between us. Let us be helpful to each other. This is the point! Let us speak the truth, and shout out the Real (al-Haqq) to each other. Let us speak the truth whether it is sweet or bitter, that is the whole point.

That said, another concept that is mentioned in these verses is the shaʿāʾir (sacraments). Now, the shaʿāʾir (sacraments) are the following. The commands about pilgrimage (hajj), places, dates and hours, and the rules of pilgrimage (hajj). Or rather, Manasik of Hajj. The rules of pilgrimage (hajj). Those who come to visit Mecca from outside in the sacred months such as Rajab, Dhul-Qa’dah, Dhu’l-Hijjah, and Muharram should not enter without iḥrām. Hunting in sacred months is not permissible for those who wear iḥrām and those who don’t. In Al-Masjid-ul-Harām there is a sacred boundary whose centre is Kaaba Sharif. It is said that hunting in that area is forbidden for both those who wear iḥrām and those who don’t. That said, what does Janâb-i Haqq say in the 194th verse of Surah al-Baqarah? Says, “All sanctities require retribution,” do not forget this either! A reward has been prepared for every good deed, and a punishment for every bad deed, except the forgiveness and amnesty of Allah, for there is no end of Allah’s grace and generosity. That said, as the retribution of evil is evil, then stay away from evil, and endeavour to race in goodness. And study Islam and Al-Quran Al-Karim to find out what is good and what is evil. Study the Islamic sharia (law) of Prophet Muhammad. Study its commands and rules. For nobody can determine whether something is good or evil; it is Allah Ta’ala who has determined that. As for aql (intellect), it was given to us so that we may comprehend these facts.

Then again, in the 17th and 28th verses of Surah at-Tawbah, “the polytheists could not maintain the masjids.” That is a work of faithful people, and the qualities of faithful people were listed here. That said, “The polytheists are unclean, do not let them approach Al-Masjid-ul-Harām. Janâb-i Haqq says here that polytheism (shirk) is dirty. O, mankind! Save yourself from it. Allah says, “I have no partners, no custodians, no peers. I am one in everything. Do not ascribe partners to Me. Polytheism (shirk) is slander to Me.” See, polytheism (shirk) is a slander against Allah, for Allah is One. Islam that Allah brought forth is the laws and rules of Allah. You cannot deny this, and you have no chance of saying you don’t like what is brought forth, and you will replace it with something else. The moment you say that you will be objecting to Allah, and when you try to place something else in Allah’s place you will fall into polytheism (shirk), and there is no second god. As for polytheism (shirk), it is said that it is dirty. It is also slander against Allah. Can something dirty enter Janna (Paradise)? Janna (Paradise) is a place where faith (iman) and all beauties reside. It is the tawhid iman (monotheism) of Islam that prepares people to Janna (Paradise).


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Islam prepares people to Janna (Paradise) in the world, in the grave, and in the afterlife. As for polytheism (shirk), disbelief (kufr), and corruption (nifaq), they are nothing but dirt, and they can’t get close to Janna (Paradise). They prepare people to Jahannam (Hell). Whoever has polytheism (shirk), disbelief (kufr), and corruption (nifaq) will have ruined himself. It is not possible for him to enter Janna (Paradise). He has to renounce polytheism (shirk), disbelief (kufr), and corruption (nifaq), and repent, come to faith (iman), and then tawhid iman (monotheism) will shine through his heart. Then he will have fulfilled the first condition of entering Janna (Paradise). As for the second condition, you have to do good deeds (amal-e-saleh), and obey. You will not rebel. You are human, so always repent for your sins. The gates of repentance are open until the Last Day. Until you see a sign of death, which is Azrail. Until the signs of your demise become apparent. The gates of repentance and faith (iman) are open until you reach sakarat al-mawt (unconsciousness). Do not postpone it up to that time. Do not miss the opportunity. Come to faith (iman) right away, repent and ask for forgiveness. You may not have the opportunity when Azrail comes to take your life. That is something very dangerous, for the lives are taken by force. You may not have the chance to declare faith (iman) at that time. That is why you should live a faithful life for good measure, become a Muslim. Declare faith (iman), and live Islam. Do not be deceived by narratives that say you will declare faith (iman) later! That is why you should take a good measure, and try to live a faithful life with Islam from now on. Janâb-i Haqq gives harsh messages in Al-Quran Al-Karim so that the entire mankind may be saved from disbelief (kufr), polytheism (shirk), corruption (nifaq), and cruelty (zulm). In the 9th year of hijra, the public was forbidden from entry and it was reserved for Muslim pilgrims (hajji). That said, Kaaba Sharif is Allah’s house that Muslims visit. It is Baitullah. That is why those who ascribe partners to Allah and those who deny don’t visit it. That said, their visitation is not considered valid unless they declare faith (iman). They need to declare faith (iman) and renounce polytheism (shirk) and disbelief (kufr), and if they try to visit it with their polytheism (shirk), then they will not be permitted.

However, dearest friends! There are all types of polytheism (shirk) such as concealed or open, seen or unseen. We need to abstain from all types of polytheism, and we need to ask Allah for help. The following prayer (dua) is one that Prophet Muhammad would recite often.

The hodja is reciting the original text of the prayer (dua).

This is one of the duas that our Prophet would recite often. What did he say first? Said, “My Allah! I seek refuge in you from polytheism. I seek refuge in you from disbelief (kufr), corruption (nifaq), and opposition (shiqāq).” Now, Allah Ta’ala has no partners, comparables, or peers. Islam is also unique, and it is divine. You have to say Allah is One in every matter. Allah is One in Allah’s Being in every matter. Allah is also One in Allah’s attributes (sifāt). Allah is One in Doings (af’al). Allah is One in Allah’s laws. Allah is One in terms of bringing forth Islam.


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Allah is not a duality; Allah is a unity in all aspects. All the laws belong to Allah. They are Allah’s laws. Allah is a unity in that aspect as well. Allah is also a unity while creating the universe, for there is no second creator. Allah personally manages this universe. Allah has no helpers, no overseers, and no peers, and Allah is One in terms of being the Creator of all things. Allah’s unity must settle in your heart in all matters. Don’t you ever become one of those who ascribe partners to Allah and claim Allah is a duality, and hold other things equal to Allah. Don’t you ever claim there is an overseer of Allah, or a partner because Allah has no partners or comparables. Let me give you another example. A doctor may diagnose your illness well, and give you a medicine, but it is Allah who creates the cure of the medicine. For all that is created is under Allah’s command. The doctor will do his duty, but he is not a creator; the creator is Allah. The medicine may only cure you due to the command it took from Allah. The command of all creatures belongs to Allah, it is Allah who gives the command. It is Allah who creates and gives the command. When you say the doctor cured your illness, do not remember which doctor you are referring to. Allah will heal you with the hand of a doctor when Allah wants to heal you. You see, your doctor is the one through whom Allah healed you. But the one who healed you is no one but Allah. It is Allah who creates the means. It is Allah who creates the reasons. It is Allah who makes you prosper, or may not. Allah does whatever you deserve. However, Allah does not inflict cruelty, but gives exactly what you deserve.

That said, you may figure out the rest. Nobody will explain these to you in such detail. But those who consider what is best for you will mention fine points such as these, and we are obliged to whatever we can in order to prevent you from falling into polytheism (shirk). If others don’t, then know that they can’t think what is best for them either. Besides, the one who can’t think what is best for himself certainly can’t think what is best for you. How can one who can’t save himself from polytheism (shirk), disbelief (kufr), ignorance, corruption (nifaq), opposition (shiqāq), and bad morality save you? Just take a look, some have their political agenda. Some people speak by polishing the apple for their leader. Some people follow the path of their leader. And others are speaking for Allah knows what. The things that are spoken by being bound to authorities are not religion. Get to know the Quran thoroughly. Be on the side of Allah, the Messenger, and the Quran. If you are able to live your religion without being influenced by anyone, then that is considered religion and worship. If you can narrate your religion freely by being on the side of Allah, then yours is an objective statement, guidance (irshad), and knowledge (ilm). Otherwise, there is a lesser chance for people who act upon someone’s bidding to speak the truth. Why? Because faith (iman) does not abide by someone’s command. Knowledge (ilm) does not abide by someone’s command. If they did, then know that they are not real faith (iman) or real knowledge (ilm). Faith (iman) is under Allah’s command. It belongs to Allah. For faith (iman) is to know Allah Ta’ala with Allah’s perfect attributes (sifāt). It starts by knowing and acknowledging all commands of Allah. That does not happen when you are under someone’s command. There is no worship under someone’s command. There is no real understanding of right knowledge (ilm) and reality (haqiqa) under someone’s command.


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Right (haqq) knowledge is the one that is under the command of the Real (al-Haqq). Don’t think about what people will say to you. You may think if you are in a certain group that if you don’t obey the views of that group and don’t reflect their opinions, they will cast you out, but don’t. You cannot narrate the truth (haqiqa) that way. Muslims don’t fit into any group; they don’t fit inside the world. Muslims are all under the command of the Real (al-Haqq). Faith (iman) is an everlasting value of such a freedom and such a liberty that it is not possible to detain faith (iman). Groups can’t imprison faith (iman), and if they can, then know that it is not real faith (iman); know that it is not real knowledge (ilm) or wisdom (irfan). For faith (iman) is about the principles of Islam, which are principles of Allah. They are not principles of some random person. But when all people try to do their proper service to Allah Ta’ala, then the whole of those who believe by having untrammelled faith (iman), and the whole of those who have an understanding of what is right (haqq) and real (haqiqa); do you know what we call them we these people unite in the world? You see, they are called Ummah al-Muhammad. This is the real ummah community. This is the cadre that shall work for the better good of humanity. This is the cadre that will ensure peace and tranquillity in the world for they themselves are free people. Islam does not want anyone to become a captive or a slave. This universal faith (iman) that embraces all people is a union of all free faiths (imans). It is such a free understanding of knowledge (ilm), which is Islam. These faiths (imans) become a real cadre when faithful men and women come together, and they work for the better good of humanity. They will not leave anyone in chains. They will not exploit anyone. They side with equal distribution of rights, freedom, social justice, and all bounties on earth to everyone, and every nation in the world. The faith (iman) of Islam is a free faith (iman), and it does not ever accept captivity. That is why the world’s real freedom, peace, and justice is the faith (iman). We are talking about a real faith (iman) that shall take over the world with this understanding of faith (iman) knowledge (ilm), and justice. This is a universal spirit, which consists of union of all souls, and union of free souls, and union of free faiths (imans), and this is the way of implementing a fully social justice. Since the day I humbly started to know Islam to this day, this is how I knew Islam. Do not forget that Islam is much greater than what I narrate! I can only narrate it to the extent of my ability.

That said, let us see what Janâb-i Haqq says in these 191st verse of Surah al-Baqarah. It was abrogated, the opinion of the majority is that offensive wars are forbidden in sacred months. Now, there are of course certain situations where this decree is abrogated. They said it is forbidden to launch an offensive attack in the sacred months. Besides, the religion of Islam is normally a religion that endeavours to ensure peace in the world. The provision chances when certain justifications arise. What kind of justifications? Well, let’s say someone launched an attack on Kaaba in a sacred month. We are in a sacred month, but you can’t just watch them attack, you will do what is necessary. That is why the religion of Islam is a religion of public interest (maslahah). It is a religion that bids what is beneficial, and defies what is harmful. The justifications have been set forth.



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The excuses and justifications are valid, but only the ones that are valid. The legal opinions (fatwa) that are given in certain troublesome times are not same as the ones that are given in normal circumstances. Islam does not advice a sick person what it advises a healthy person. Islam considers everyone’s situation, and then prepares a peaceful system according to it. The system of peace will prepare a suitable setting for the sick as well. That is why there are these hidden causes (hikmat) in the matters of abrogation (nasih and mensuh). Abrogation (nasih and mensuh) belongs to Allah. Allah may personally renew a previous command, and abrogate it with the next command. Nobody else has the authority for abrogation (nasih and mensuh). Then again, some said there is no abrogated (nasih) verse in Surah al-Maidah [5]. According to the narrations that come from Hasan and Meysere, there are no abrogations other than the second verse, and they claim there is unanimity in this. They said that all exegetes have unanimity in this matter. The disbelievers (kāfir) were not allowed near the Last Sermon, and there is unanimity in this narration. That is, the mindset that objects to Islam and favours polytheism (shirk), disbelief (kufr), and corruption (nifaq) was not allowed near Kaaba Sharif. It is said that they were not allowed near it. This is also about public interest (maslahah). There is a benefit for the deniers as well, for they were protected from being harmed, and the sacred places of Islam were not harmed. We see that there is a public interest (maslahah) here, and there are also many unknown hidden causes that we call hikmat. Then again, it is said that the Bara’ah Verse was a firm statement about the polytheists. It is said that the notes about the sacred months were removed here. That is, it was said, “today.” And everything has a value and worth. However, such a moment may come that if you don’t do what you should do in the sacred months, then the sacred values may be harmed. Such exceptional occurrences and situations are excluded. Then again, everything including the ecosystem itself must protect some value in its way. Islam protects the universe; won’t it protect its Baitullah? Won’t it protect its Kaaba? Won’t it protect its sacred months? Surely, it will.

Now, about the matter of the animals whose flesh is haram to eat, insha ‘Allah we will try to convey information to you about that in our next lecture.


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