Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 19-20

Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 19-20

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 19


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most Merciful. Dearest and most venerable audience! Our lessons continue. We continue with our 19th lesson. It is narrated personally by Wehib that national liabilities are a necessity of caliphate. There are liabilities of every person who say he is a servant of Allah. It is necessary for all of these liabilities to come together. It is a necessity of caliphate that these liabilities must propound a national liability. Ummah (nation), and congregation (jama’ah) concepts are in question when it comes to common duties. These subject matters should be understood well especially by ummah (nation) of Muhammad. National liabilities are a necessity of caliphate. Ummah (nation), and congregation (jama’ah) concepts are in question when it comes to common duties. For these liabilities concern the entire ummah (nation). In collective obligations (fard al-kifayah) people are responsible collectively. The successors are vicegerents of the predecessors. The opinions, views and hearts advance when people advance. We should also pay attention to this. When people advance their opinions and hearts also rise. They rise above and beyond what is seen by their intellect. They attain an unheard and unseen happiness. Their intellect fades when they descent and sink to the bottom. Their hearts become blunt. They will not believe things they do not see. They will not believe unless a disaster comes, walk all over them, and destroy them. These attributes do not suit those who say they are Muslims. For these are not in the path they follow. A person who does not believe unless sees with his own eyes who does not believe unless a disaster comes and destroys them has been ruined. Also, it means that he ruins people. They are like blind people who cannot walk without a white cane. They consider spirituality a hallucination. They look for idols to worship. They make idols. They seek aid from an idol. At the very least they look for a cow. They view things with a jaundiced eye. They view things with a jaundiced eye all the time. If only you could see these defamations done to true Muslims. Also, if only you could see the situations of the unwary Muslims. Then, you could have seen all this. Their eyes cannot bear to see the truth (haqq), and reality. Disbelief (kufr) has entered their hearts and it cannot escape. As for belief (iman), it cannot enter. For there has to be a space for it to enter. There is no space for belief (iman) in there. There is no space for Quran in there. A primitive darkness has encompassed their mindsets and souls. They are blind, deaf, and mute. However, our duty was to declare belief (iman), and completely believe.


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Can the eyes bear to see the truth (haqq)? Even if you see, that truth (haqq) cannot be encompassed. Dearest friends! Can the eyes bear to see the truth (haqq)? Even if you see, that truth (haqq) cannot be encompassed. However, you may believe in the truth (haqq). You see, what Allah Ta’ala introduced are the truth (haqq), and reality. You see, the duty of a Muslims is to believe in this haqq (truth), and reality. That means to stand against fallacies. Whatever Al-Quran Al-Karim said is a fallacy, is a fallacy. That is why we say that the life-giving values are the truth (haqq), and reality. The following part is about the 58th verse of Surah al-Baqarah. We said, say ‘hittah – we seek forgiveness.’ But they altered the word. We said, ‘eat freely from wherever you please’ but they did show ingratitude. [2:59] “So We sent down upon those who wronged a punishment from the sky.” But We saved them from that as well. They should have shown respect, and ask for forgiveness. They got preoccupied with worldly things, and a rijz (punishment) caught them. There are upcoming lessons about the matter of rijz (punishment). Dearest friends! Janâb-i Haqq said, “We said, say ‘hittah – we seek forgiveness.’” “We said, ‘be steadfast, and ask for forgiveness.’” “We said, ‘ask for a favor, mercy and grace’ but they did the opposite.” Hittah is also the name of Ramadan al-Sharif. [5:24] “fa-dhhab ʾanta wa-rabbuka fa-qātilā ʾinnā hāhunā qāʿidūn” So, what did they say to Musa (Moses) Alaihissalam? [5:24] “Go ahead, you and your Rabb (Lord), and fight! We will be sitting right here.’” So, we see that Janâb-i Haqq narrates the souls of the Israelites. But why did Janâb-i Haqq announce this to the world? O, Muslim! O, humanity! We are presenting the theater of warnings right before your eyes. So that you may pull yourself together and do not fall into such situations. Janâb-i Haqq tells you that you should not disrupt your character, morals, and belief. You should believe in the truth (haqq), and reality. You see, Islam consists completely of the truth (haqq), and reality. Islam is the fadeless and eternal sun that gives light. Islam is the radiance of that light. The eternal values that shall give life are the values of Islam. Janâb-i Haqq calls you here. [21:105] “wa-la-qad katabnā fī z-zabūri min baʿdi dh-dhikri ʾanna l-ʾarḍa yarithuhā ʿibādiya ṣ-ṣāliḥūn” Do not you ever forget this. [21:105] “And We have already written in the book [of Psalms] after the [previous] mention that kurra-e-arz (terrestrial globe) is inherited by My righteous servants. These are the saleh (pious) servants. Janâb-i Haqq says that the saleh (pious) servants become inheritors of kurra-e-arz (terrestrial globe). In other words, ahlul kufr (people of disbelief) are not the inheritors of this world, and they will not manage this world. This world is bequeathed by Janâb-i Haqq only for the saleh (pious) servants. The saleh (pious) people are inheritors of this world. It is the saleh (pious) people who shall manage this world. Janâb-i Haqq continues to mention the blessings given to Bani Isra’il in the 60th verse of Surah al-Baqarah. There is the blessing of twelve springs.


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There is the blessing that the staff was made of myrtus tree of the Jannah (Paradise). It is narrated that it was ten arşin (yards) long, and has a fork head. It is also narrated that Musa (Moses) received the staff from Shuʿayb. But Almighty Allah knows best. The twelve springs, the staff, and the miracle of al-Yad al-Bayda‘ are among Prophet Musa’s miracles. The matter about the staff and Shuʿayb are not ameli (action related) matters there are no nass (canonical text) about these either. [2:60] “We said, ‘Strike the rock with your staff,’ and twelve springs gushed forth from it.” Istisqa (prayer to ask for rain) occurred. Almighty Allah made fountains flow between dry rocks. [2:60] ‘Eat and drink of Allah’s provision and do not act wickedly on the earth, causing corruption.’ One must sincerely pray from the heart. The fruits of this are spiritual advancements. One should know to benefit from gracious inspirations. As for the grand discoveries in the field of science, they are work of a divine inspiration that strikes the hearts of people like a thunderbolt. Some use that for good, and some use that for bad. There were also the instances of ingratitude to the blessings and that they murdered the prophets. They were prophet killers. [2:61] They said: “Musa (Moses), we are sick of eating single food like manna and birds.” Bani Isra’il (sons of Israel) said this to Musa (Moses). They said: “So, pray for us to your Rabb (Lord),” thus they overstepped. They did not say, “pray to our Rabb (Lord)”. They returned to misery, and slavery. They were losing their prosperity and freedom. In the end they were belittled. Defamation, high taxes, poverty befallen upon them. Their states collapsed. They got scattered. They became miserable. It was not like Musa (Moses) Alaihissalam would always be with them. He was also a servant of Allah. He shall pass away when his duty comes to an end. As a matter of fact, he did. In the end, they did go astray. They overstepped the mark. They martyred prophets such as Şa’ya, Zakariya (Zachariah) and Yahyā (John). These people are prophet killers. The exceptions do not break the rule. Every society has good people in it. But that is how Janâb-i Haqq narrated their situation. Insisting on minor sins will lead to major sins. And insisting on major sins will lead to disbelief (kufr). As for disbelief (kufr) it leads to all kinds of wrongdoings. You should get your mind together and try to abandon all wrongdoings, all major and minor sins. You should repent for all of that. Nábi is the name of the prophets who bring revelations from Allah. Now, as a separate subject, they had tried to assassinate Prophet Muhammad (asw). This mindset that killed other prophets wanted to kill Prophet Muhammad as well. However, no one is strong enough against the one who is on the side of Allah. Even if that person dies, he becomes a martyr. And attains the highest possible degree. They were obliged to believe in the greatest prophet according to the decree of Torah and Bible, and that is Prophet Muhammad (asw).


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Now, please listen to this part carefully. According to the decree of Torah and Bible, they were obliged to believe the greatest prophet, which is Prophet Muhammad (asw). That is what Torah and Bible decreed, and commanded. [2:40] “wa-ʾawfū bi-ʿahdī” What does Janâb-i Haqq say here in the 40th verse of Surah al-Baqarah. Janâb-i Haqq tells them to fulfill the promise they have given. Says, “fulfill My covenant”. Is it possible to deny the prophethood of Muhammad? Can you acknowledge some of the stars in the sky, but deny the Sun? Prophet Muhammad is the greatest sun compared to other stars. Muhammad cannot be denied. Al-Quran Al-Karim cannot be denied. Islam cannot be denied. That means you acknowledge the stars but deny the Sun. That is due to nothing but your blindness. That is due to nothing but your misfortune. This means that you will be devoid of the rahmat (blessing) of the Prophet of Blessings who is sent upon all worlds as a rahmat (blessing). This means that you will be devoid of the light, belief (iman) and guidance of Islam which will convey you to Janna (Paradise). This means that you will roll down into Jahannam (Hell), and nothing else. Prophet Muhammad cannot be denied. Those who deny cannot have a correct belief (iman). For it is Allah who orders us to believe in Prophet Muhammad. Allah ordered that in Torah and Bible, and now in Al-Quran Al-Karim. Also, Almighty Allah says that Allah witnesses his prophethood. So, that means you deny the witnessing of Allah, and the book of Allah. Then you claim that you had believed in Musa (Moses), who are you trying to deceive? Muhammad and Musa (Moses) were prophets of the same religion. Alaihimusselam. Can you acknowledge a prophet sent by Allah and deny the other? Can you accept an order of Allah but reject the other? In Islamic belief (iman) and Islamic amantu (creed) all prophets and divine books are present. Islamic sharīʿah (canonical law) incorporates the entire past. Islam removed the necessary ones. And renewed all rulings that needs to be renewed. This brand-new religion of Islam continues until the Last Day (Qiyamah) with Prophet Muhammad. The salvation of the Jew, the Christian, and Sabaeans depend on Al-Quran Al-Karim and the belief (iman) and amel-i salih (good actions/deeds) Al-Quran Al-Karim wants. It is clear that we are all children of Adam. We are all brothers. Our mother is Hawwa (Eve), and our father is Adam. We are brothers, so let us tell each other the truth. Dearest friends! The salvation of the Jew, the Christian, and Sabaeans and all other nations depends on Al-Quran Al-Karim and the belief (iman) and amel-i salih (good actions/deeds) that Al-Quran Al-Karim wants. The salvation is here. The calling of Islam is universal. In other words, Islam calls the entire mankind and the djinn to itself. In Islam, there is freedom to every nation with a political agreement. Islam means freedom for all nations. Islam means social justice, and universal spirit.


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Islamic spirit is the universal spirit and the divine order that shall incorporate all hearts. Islam has accommodated all hearts in its structure. The word ‘Jewish – Yehudah – Judah’ or means -to repent. Due to the matter of calf and other killings, Judah (Yehudah) is the senior son of Ya’qub (Jacop). Yehud means tribe, and Yehudi means member of tribe. What we said previously was the lexical meaning. It is such a pity. Look at that name. Now, this repentance was necessary for they used to worship the calf. This was a necessity so that they may abandon polytheism (shirk) and come to the tawhid iman (monotheistic belief). That is why the word ‘Yahudi’ means ‘-to repent’, and ‘who repents’. Also, had they repented. Had they repented all at the same time the situation today would not have occurred. So many things befallen on them in the history. These would not have occurred had they repented. Nāsira is the plural of Nasrani (Christian). This has a relation to the Nazareth town that Isa came to. When Isa (Jesus) Alaihissalam said: “manʾanṣārī ʾilā llāhi – who will be my helpers toward Allah?”. The Disciples said: “naḥnu ʾanṣāru llāhi – we will be helpers of Allah.” The Europeans call him as ‘Christ’. There is a relation with ‘Christos’ as well. The meaning of ‘Christos’ is messiah. As for the Sabians, they are the ones out of Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. They worship angels and stars. They respect the stars and appoint them as qiblah. They say that it is the angels that manage goodness and evil on earth. They say Allah created stars for that purpose. They worship the stars by saying they are the Rabb (Lord) of the world is the stars. They say stars are like middleman. The Gildani people are among those who say that. Abraham Alaihissalam came for denying them. Starcraft, or astromancy came from these people. We are talking about fortune-telling via reading stars. That is why Janâb-i Haqq introduces us the Jews and Christians. Janâb-i Haqq reads their spirits. Janâb-i Haqq calls them to belief (iman), Islam, Quran, and Muhammad. Allah tells them to fulfill the promise they have given. For the Yehud violated Sabbath (Saturday) as well. What did they turn into as a result of their conceit and pride? You see, they were turned into apes. They did not treat Torah fairly. They deviated from the true Islamic tawhid (monotheism) that Musa (Moses) introduced. They did not do their duties properly. There is the matter of raising the mountain in the 63rd verse of Surah al-Baqarah. Also, they did return from their promise. And the voilation of the Sabbath made them turn into apes. As a result of their transgressions they become miserable and destitute apes who are devoid of ilm (knowledge), skill, and intelligence.


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The opinion of the mujtahids of our time are in this direction. Many other mufassirs have said that they change in mindset, thus they become like monkeys. For there is a difference of intellect, logic, morals and character between apes and humans rather than a difference of tail and hair. The talent of the monkey is imitation. Build a fire in front of it. Show it how to get yourself warm. Then take it with you to a rural area and place a match, firewood and coal in front of it. It will not be able to build a fire when it gets cold. People whose spiritual worlds are like those of monkeys cannot do anything except blind imitation. If the spiritual world of a person becomes like those of a money, he will wend his way to imitation. Thus, all of his skills and successes are nothing but imitation. A monkey may eat a hazelnut but it cannot plant a hazelnut tree. He cannot think that. In the 179th verse of Surah al-A’raf, Janâb-i Haqq mentions these people. Certainly there are people who abandon Islam and imitate others, who think they are Muslims. They consider themselves Muslim but there are many Muslim groups who object to the principles of Quran. There are many Muslim types like that, they are counted in this class. [7:179] “bal hum ʾaḍallu ʾulāʾika humu l-ghāfilūn”. What does Janâb-i Haqq say in the 179th verse of Surah al-A’raf. [7:179] “wa-la-qad dharaʾnā li-jahannama kathīran” “mina l-jinni wa-l-ʾinsi lahum qulūbun lā yafqahūna bihā” The verse continues (ila ahir-i ayet). [ 7:179] “ʾulāʾika ka-l-ʾanʿām, – they are like cattle,“.  Dearest friends! May Allah not allow anyone fall into that situation. Al-Quran Al-Karim wants to save those who have fallen into that situation. And Al-Quran Al-Karim warns people about these dangers so that they may never fall. Al-Quran Al-Karim tells you to not fall into such situations. There are people who do not narrate Al-Quran Al-Karim correctly to the world. These are the people who prohibit Allah’s rahmat (blessings) to the world. If you are a friend of humanity, then know that explaining Al-Quran Al-Karim correctly to people means being friendly towards them. Al-Quran Al-Karim is Allah’s eternal and everlasting rahmat (blessing) and it is the life-giving light, and the divine truth and explaining it to people in a correct manner is being friendly to the mankind. For tomorrow, in the  Great Gathering (Mahshar) Allah will ask. Allah will ask you why did you not narrate the Quran to those who did not know. And Allah will ask the others why did they not listen and understand. Allah will bring us to the account. [25:44] “Do you suppose that most of them listen or apply reason?” [25:44] “They are just like cattle; rather they are further astray from the way.” [25:44] “ka-l-ʾanʿāmi bal hum ʾaḍallu sabīla” If you go and read the 44th verse of Surah al-Furqan you shall see these truths. Now, let us talk about the matter of qurban (sacrificial offering) in Surah al-Baqarah. The word ‘baqarah’ means male or female cattle. If you are referring to a male cattle, you may say ‘baqur’. The word ‘baqur’ means – to rip open. It also means plow the earth, and dig into earth. The Egyptians used to worship cattle named Apis. It was their greatest deity and also the deity of the tribe of pharaoh. That is why they had difficulty in qurban (sacrificial offering).


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In other words, they were worshipping cattle. That is why sacrificing the qurban (sacrificial) cattle was like sacrificing their own god for them. There was a religious, and saleh (pious) man. He also had a son. He trusted his son with Allah. His son was young, and he died. They had cattle on a mountain. Then the child grew, and some people bought the cattle and paid the child as much gold as the skin of the cattle can carry. You see, this is Janâb-i Haqq’s favor upon an orphan child of a saleh (pious) servant. The other, or the second one is the murder incident. There was an old and rich man, the nephews of the rich man who wanted to become the inheritors killed the old man’s son. They placed the body near the door and started screaming and screeching. They blamed other people for the killing. In the 73rd verse, it is said that when they hit the body with a piece from the qurban (sacrificial) animal the dead man was revived. Then the dead man informs them about the killers. An incomprehensible sort of miracle occurs here. It is foolishness to not believe in the truth and assume the otherwise. This world is filled to brim with miracles. Even if certain people deny the obvious truths like the Sun, they cannot make anyone but themselves believe in this. It doesn’t matter if they scream, screech, burst into fury, or go mad. They cannot make people believe even if they deny the truth altogether. That would only reveal their foolishness. That would only reveal their lack of belief (iman). Dearest friends! We see that Janâb-i Haqq gives lessons of wisdom over and over again. Janâb-i Haqq gives object lessons over and over again. The Yehuḏ (Jew) said the life of this world is seven thousand years. They said they shall suffer one day for each thousand years. That is the Jewish mindset. But of course, we exclude the people who think correctly. They are exceptions. This wrong mindset belongs to the Jews but it would be same if some other people had this mindset. They also say there is a 40-year walk from one side of Jahannam (Hell) to Zaqqum. They walk one-years walk in a day. Then, they complete the path in forty days. Also, it would be denying the divine justice to fantasize that people without belief (iman) shall not stay in Hell forever. They have such beliefs. These are not present in Torah, Bible or Quran. These are nothing but fallacies. The divine books reject these fallacies. For those without belief (iman) shall stay in Jahannam (Hell) eternally. That person would be a Muslim, a Jew, or a Christian. It doesn’t matter who he is, he might be someone else too. You have to declare belief (iman) in Islam. You see, Islam is the only religion of the world. It is eternal and everlasting. This shall be like this from period of Muhammad to the Last Day (Qiyamah). It was also like this before the period of Muhammad, in the period of Isa (Jesus). And it was the same in the period of Musa (Moses) before Isa (Jesus). Besides, this was the situation before Musa (Moses), until Abraham and Adam. The belief (iman) that Islam introduced has never changed, and shall never change. This is a tawhid iman (monotheistic belief). You see, Prophet Muhammad introduced us the true concept of belief (iman), and Al-Quran Al-Karim. Prophet Muhammad introduced us the truth (haqq) and reality with the tawhid iman (monotheistic belief). Islam is the embodiment of the rules of this belief (iman).


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That is why we say that the belief (iman) Islam introduced was the belief (iman) that all prophets had introduced. It is not possible for a person who rejected Islam to have believed in Musa (Moses) Alaihissalam and Torah. It is not possible for such a person to believe in Bible, and Isa (Jesus) Alaihissalam. . Moreover, they say it takes forty years to walk from one side of Jahannam (Hell) to Zaqqum. That is nothing but a fallacy. There is also this, ‘telvin-i hitab’ is art of rhetoric. The word ‘emānі’ is the plural of ‘umniyye’ which means false (batil) ideals or illusions. It means fabrications, visions, and vain hopes. That is the idealism of the Europeans. They adopted this as regards to moral matters. So, it means vain hopes and illusions. That is the idealism of the Europeans, and they adopted it when it in moral matters. The word ‘ülkü’ in Lughāt al-Turk means ‘feyman’. And that word ‘feyman’ is actually ‘peyman’ in Persian. As for ‘peyman’ it means, prequisite, ahd (promise), and misaq (covenant). The word ‘ülkü’ does not mean ‘ideal’. If there is a slightest particle of goodness and belief (iman) in a person’s nafs (self). I mean, if there is slightest light of goodness and belief (iman) in a person we say Insha ’Allah the exaltedness of the divine rahmat (blessing) may not leave him in the Fire eternally. That is why we have to understand the meaning of the concept of ‘ülkü’ well. We should study the understanding of ‘ülkü’ in Islam. We should also deeply study the views of our mufassirs who are the discoverers of Al-Quran Al-Karim. We should understand the concept of ‘ülkü’ well. We should also understand the illusions and false visions well. Al-Quran Al-Karim must be discovered well. All of the divine values that shall give life are within Al-Quran Al-Karim. Quran, sunnah (customs), ijma (consensus) and qiyas (reasoning) are the essentials of this endeavor. The essential of all that is Al-Quran Al-Karim and Prophet Muhammad. That is why you should not forget that ‘ülkü’ means prequisite, (ahd) promise, and misaq (covenant). So, ‘ülkü’ is the prequisite, promise and covenant of what? You should pay attention to these too. The promise given to Allah is valid. You see, only then the ülkü (ideal) finds its true meaning here. Only then you will make all Islamic commandments and laws reign over you. And only then you will not return from your promise. You see, only then the true ülkü (ideal) comes forward. Otherwise, it will stay as a dream. But there is are no dreams, illusions, and racism in Islam. Only the members of the truth (haqq) are loved, for Allah loved them. Everyone loves their own nation due to their belief (iman), and Islam. The Islamic nation in the world is a single nation. As for the non-Muslims, they are also a single nation. The entire mankind is a single nation in terms of being children of Adam. But they are divided when it comes to belief. They are divided when it comes to haqq (truth), and batil (wrong). Now, there are ten covenants. We see that Janâb-i Haqq obtained ten more promises regarding ten matters from Bani Isra’il.


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The first covenant is this; You shall only worship Allah. You shall not worship anyone except Allah. The second one is to bestow upon your mother and father. These were written in Torah, Bible, and they are written in Quran. You shall be good towards relatives. You shall look after the poor people among your relatives. If they are in need, you shall meet them. You shall be careful when it comes to Sıla-i Rahim (being good towards relatives). You must show great care to the orphans. You shall be good towards the poor, and bestow upon them. You shall speak eloquently to people. These are the promises that Allah obtained from the Jews. Let us see the other promises. You shall perform your namāz (prayer), and give zakat (alms-giving). You shall not spill the blood of one another. You see, in the past they had killed the prophets. They had killed grand, and righteous alims. And they are still spilling blood today. We have never spoken a word about the good and righteous people amid them. [2:84] Janâb-i Haqq said that a pledge was obtained from them about not expelling their own folks from their homes. Another promise they had given was to declare belief (iman) in Muhammad, Quran, and Torah. You see, which of these promises are being fulfilled by them right now? They are doing the opposite of the promise they had given to Allah. Especially the promise to believe in Prophet Muhammad. They are doing the opposite of their own promise regarding this matter. They continue to spill Muslim blood while they should have believed in Quran. They have chosen the utter perversion of philosophy of Zion as principle for themselves. Dearest friends! Janâb-i Haqq counted these, and said: [2:83] “We took a pledge from the Children of Israel.” That pledge is what we call Ahd-i Misaq. There are ten covenants that they made with Almighty Allah. These promises were given via Torah and Musa (Moses) Alaihissalam. Yet they distorted the decrees of Torah and Bible. They also broke the agreement made with Prophet Muhammad. We are only talking about the ones who broke that agreement. Bani Qurayza experienced a disaster for they were massacred. And Bani Nadîr experienced a disaster for they were driven from their homes. This happened in the era of bliss. These happened in the time of our Prophet. So, what did they do? Agreements were made with our Prophet. But they always violated the agreements. You see, one of them was Bani Qurayza and the other was Bani Nadîr. Janâb-i Haqq told them [2:40] ‘wa-ʾawfū bi-ʿahdī’ for they should become Muslims. Janâb-i Haqq said: [2:40] “fulfill the covenant you have given to me” . But they still insist on being enemies of the religion that they shall believe. They insist on shedding blood. If they won’t abandon this action, they won’t be able to save themselves from Allah’s severe punishment, wrath, and rage. They are ruining themselves. That is why on that day our Prophet managed to make do with them. As they violated the covenants our Prophet managed to make do.


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And in the end, he did what was necessary. Sorulacak! Sorulacak! These are explained in Al-Quran Al-Karim. We announce it as a note. Moreover, we convey the discoveries of our discoverers regarding some matters. Let us see what is said regarding the hearts of the disbelievers (kafir). The disbelievers (kāfirs) have such a heart that belief (iman) cannot find an entry, and disbelief (kufr) cannot find an exit. There are no signs of good in their heats. May Allah never allow us fall into that situation. Also, if their hearts are not sealed may Allah guide those who fall into that situation. But of course, Allah knows the best regarding all things. A muttaqi (pious) person avoids polytheism (shirk), and haram (sinful) acts. They fulfil the religious obligations (fards). They are the ones who obey Allah (c.c.). Every Muslim must be a muttaqi (pious) servant. Namāz (prayer) is Allah’s right. Namāz (prayer) is saying Allah is One. It is respect and glorification done for Allah. There are obligatory (fard) namāzs (prayers) but there are also wajib and sunnah namāzs. There are also nafl (optional) namāzs (prayers). Namāz (prayer) and jihad (struggle) are foremost duties of every Muslim and everyone who say they are a servant of Allah. Infāq (sadaqa) is a right of people. That is a favor of Allah to servant. For Janâb-i Haqq may bestow upon a servant via another servant. Janâb-i Haqq bestows the blessings in that way. That is why every Muslim, and every person is obliged to be generous. They should give what is given to them by Allah to charity in the name of Allah. People should give to the poor and needy. There is also this, people should generously spend in the way of Allah, and in the way of i’lâ-yi kelimetullah. Fesâd (corruption) is the name of deviating from the truth. Sehif means narrow-minded, and ignorant. Ameh means astonishment, and being surprised. Yaktaf, and hatif means ‘- to catch swiftly’. Huttaf means swallow bird. Haqq, or truth came as one. However, batil, or wrong things came as plural. Halk means – to create without there being a prior specimen. Hijāra means sulphur stone, and fuel of hell which smells worse than a corpse. Misaq, means to give a promise, take an oath, and sign a covenant, and to guarantee. ‘Iz’ particle turns present tense into past tense. And the particle ‘Iza’ turns present tense into future tense. Caliph is the one who implements the divine commands on earth. Caliph (successor) means the one who rules on earth with decrees of Allah. In other words, a caliph is a deputy of Allah. You see, every person is created for that purpose. The djinn had caused corruption on earth, and the angels had killed them. The shaitan also had a wife. The Iblis is not amongst the angels. The Prophet was a mortal, and that was a divine favor. For if the Prophet was not a human it would be hard for people to meet him and understand him.


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It would be a lot harder for people to understand the Prophet. That is why we say that it is favor of Allah that the Prophet was a human and a mortal. The concept of consultation was taught to Adam. As for the sajdah (prostration) of angels, it was for greeting and showing respect. It was a sajdah (prostration) of tazim (exaltation). It was certainly not a sajdah (prostration) done for worshipping. We have to understand this well. For those who narrate this sajdah (prostration) does not make mention of these matters. The sajdah (prostration) of Yaqub (Jacob) and his sons performed for Yūsuf (Joseph) was same kind of sajdah. It was a sajdah (prostration) of greeting. It was done due to show respect, and tazim (exaltation). It was never a sajdah (prostration) of worship. An enlightened person said that a crime committed later by a person who is a recipient of the divine favor, shall not affect him. Please pay attention to the emphasis on, ‘a person who is a recipient of the divine favor’. To be recipient of the divine favor means receiving Allah’s favors and entering into the rahmat (blessing), and protection of Allah. The reason he said that person shall not be affected is because Janâb-i Haqq accepts the repentance of the servants whom Janâb-i Haqq likes right away. The servants of blessings are many. However, the servants of the One who bestows the blessings are few. Shafa’ah (intercession) means taking somebody under one’s protection. Pharaoh is the name of kings of Amâlika. ‘Keferâne’ is said when a person becomes like a pharaoh. The wali (closer) servants become friends of whosoever shows patience for the sake of Allah. You should not forget that. We had mentioned rijz (punishment) in our previous lesson. Another one of the things that Israel experienced was rijz (punishment). It means punishment, black death, fire, and lightning. It is narrated that in one hour seventy thousand Israelites had died. These are all real incidents that took place in the past. Bani Qurayza, Bani Nadîr were allies of the two Jewish tribes which are Banu Aus and Banu Khazraj. Now, let us talk about the rights. There are rights of Allah, rights of mothers and fathers. There are also rights of relatives, and rights of orphans and the poor. There is also right of eloquent speech. These are counted amongst the rights one by one. To speak ill words while there are good words is like breaking the law. Breaking a single heart is indeed worse than demolishing the Kaaba. For we can find an architect to rebuild the Kaaba but an architect of a heart cannot be found. That is why our dearest friends we say do not hurt anyone, and compete in goodness. Islam is like the embodiment of real, and true (haqq) beauties. Islam is the embodiment of the life-giving values. May Janâb-i Mevlâ look and see the entire humanity and make them understand Islam and Quran which are Allah’s eternal rahmat (blessing), the eternal serenity and the life-giving order, the truth (haqq) and reality. May Janâb-i Haqq help the entire humanity understand Islam and declare belief (iman), and do righteous deeds; so that they may have Jannah (Paradise) in their future.


Time Stamp: 54:22


–          The End        –



Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 20


So, it means that the soul is the life, strength or action, comprehension, source of life and actual existence, embodiment of life source and minor and major point of comprehension and the starting point of perception, and a work of life. You see, all creatures that have life is a living creature. Comprehension, willpower, and action are linked to consciousness. The intellect is the outlook of soul. There are certain wills that bound to intellect. There are also intellects that are bound to lusts and desires. Please, pay attention to this part. The intellect is the outlook of the soul and there are wills that are bound to intellect. And just like that there are intellects that are bound to lusts and desires. You see, there are many people who cannot have belief (iman) in no way. They cannot use their intellect for the good. Their minds are bound to their lusts, desires, fancy and their evil wishes and pleasures. That is why we say that soul is jawhar (essence) of life. It also incorporates feelings, consciousness, intellect, comprehension, and will. These are within the contexture of the soul. Psychology addresses the soul as consciousness. There are also the abilities of the soul. The sensory ones are heartache, endearment, enjoyment, and hate. The intellectual ones are comprehension, thought, intention, and imagination. There are also intellectual ones like wanting and will, which motivate people. As for the intellectual ones. They are abilities like wanting and will, which evoke a motivation. The meaning of life rises as soul develops. Now, what advances the soul? You see, as long as the soul does not get its food from the life-giving source it will go down, and become like an animal, and enters a vegetative state. Then this descend will continue. Allah, who created and advanced the souls also introduced the ways of advancing the soul. Allah created the true nourishment that gives life to the soul. Also, Allah created the life-giving source of whatever values are needed to advance the soul. This was the innate nature (fitrah) of Islam that was in the creation of the soul. The souls, bodies, and hearts are created with an innate nature (fitrah) of Islam. Besides, what advances this innate nature is Islam’s own values, and Al-Quran Al-Karim comes first. You see, the commandments of Islam give life to the soul and advance it. The soul is the owner of life, action, and comprehension. There is life in the soul, and it is the owner of action and comprehension. Janâb-i Haqq gave these traits to the soul. Now, let us talk about the levels of the soul. The greatest level belongs to the soul of the prophets who attain caliphate (successorship). You see, the greatest souls are the souls of the prophets. And it is reported that the souls had a contest in the world of tawhid. In some of the reports that came to us from awliya and wali people it is said that prophets had a contest in the world of tawhid. The souls had raced. It is said that the soul of Muhammad had won the first place. All prophets are grand figures. However, they are different in terms of rank. There are prophets with higher ranks. The greatest rank belongs to Prophet Muhammad. For he is the universal Prophet who was sent upon all worlds.


Time Stamp: 5:00


Muhammad is not the Prophet of a state, tribe, or a city. Now, let us talk about the grades of the soul. The greatest level of soul is the soul of the prophets who attain the caliphate (successorship). Miracles (mujizat) and wahy-i ilahi (divine revelation) are sciences (ilm) above human comprehension. Now, please listen to this part carefully. Miracles (mujizat) and wahy-i ilahi (divine revelation) are sciences (ilm) above human comprehension. There are those who are conditioned to the ordinary. They act with the lowest possible measure of the intellect. They have denied the miracles (mujizat) and wahy-i ilahi (divine revelation). You see, that is the limit of the intellects that got conditioned to the ordinary. You see, actually the real backward mindedness and lower-ranking, and descend lies here. They are in those who are conditioned to the ordinary. They act with the lowest possible measure of the intellect. They have denied the miracles (mujizat) and wahy-i ilahi (divine revelation). This is also the beginning of disbelief (kufr). For wahy-i ilahi (divine revelation) are the books of Allah. As for miracles (mujizat), they occur in prophets. All miracles (mujizat), and commands that come to the prophets are wahy (revelation) from Allah. You see, they had denied the miracles (mujizat) and wahy-i ilahi (divine revelation). You see, they are the ones who are conditioned to the ordinary. They act with the lowest possible measure of the intellect. They had denied the miracles (mujizat) and wahy-i ilahi (divine revelation). A matter of intellect, and ilm (knowledge) cannot be denied. Beware of this bigotry. The deepest type of bigotry, ignorance, and outdatedness is with them. For a matter of intellect, and ilm (knowledge) cannot be denied. You cannot limit this to empirical sciences. Some people do not see an ilm (science) except empirical science. They cannot see. You have a soul, and an intellect? Why don’t you carry out a test? Why don’t you hold your soul and intellect with your hand? You see, these people have lost themselves to the point that they say they have no intellect and no soul. You cannot limit ilm (knowledge) to the empirical sciences. You should avoid going too far, and falling behind and set sail to new discoveries and inventions. Do not stop when it comes to advancement and change. Islam is based on ilm (knowledge), intellect, miracles (mujizat) and wahy-i ilahi (divine revelation). I will repeat this part due to its importance. Now, what is Islam based on? Islam is based on ilm (knowledge), intellect, miracles (mujizat) and wahy-i ilahi (divine revelation). Islam is the shining, and fadeless sun of love. Islam nourishes and grows your entire being in this love. Islam consists completely out of love. That is the love of Allah. That is why my dearest friends Islam is based on a belief (iman) that consists of love of Allah. And a heart that is filled to brim with love of Allah. And a soul that is filled to brim with love of Allah. Then, that love penetrates the body. The body is nourished by the soul via this love, and vice versa. The hearts and minds are filled with love. And there is the light of Islam and belief (iman) that shines through them. You see, these are the sources and basis of Islam. That is why you should never forget what Islam is based on. Also, do not forget that all of these rely on Allah.


Time Stamp: 10:03


Janâb-i Haqq had created the Aql-i Evvel (First Intelligence) first and foremost. And Janâb-i Haqq created ilm (knowledge). Also, Janâb-i Haqq gave the sifāt (attribute) of ilm (knowledge) to mankind. That is Allah’s own sifāt (attribute). What did Janâb-i Haqq give to the mankind? Janâb-i Haqq gave the mankind their share of Allah’s own ilm (knowledge). Janâb-i Haqq also gave miracles (mujizat) to the mankind. Janâb-i Haqq bestowed miracles (mujizat) upon the prophets. Allah had also sent an almighty and divine book such as Quran to mankind as a book of guidance (hidayat). Then a light shined. That light is within the heart and soul of man. It is the fadeless sun of love. It is the light of compassion. Besides, Janâb-i Haqq already created all worlds with love and affection. Love is the essence of life, and the eye of the heart. That is why the word ‘muhabbat (love)’ comes from ‘hub’ which means ‘love’. That is the essence of life. The core of life starts there with love. This love develops with Quran. Then, your entire being shall be coated by love. Thus, you become a drop of water in an ocean of love. From then on, that drop of water shall be nursed by the ocean. You see, the hearts that love Allah that are nourished by Allah’s rahmat (blessing) and affection are like this. Islam brings a person to the state of being a servant who loves Allah, who is loved by Allah. You see, that is the life-giving light. Almighty Allah who is Eternal and Everlasting, favors the servant who lives with this love, belief (iman), and Islam. Rahmat al-Rahman (blessing of the Most Gracious) is the eternal blessings of Allah. Allah makes that servant live in that rahmat (blessing) with everlasting favors bestowed upon the servant. O, fool! Allah is Rahman (most Gracious), and Rahim (most Merciful). There are no bounds of Allah’s rahmat (blessing). Allah encompassed all things with Allah’s rahmat (blessing). Allah is over all things with Allah’s qudrah (power). Allah’s qudrah (power) has no limits. Nothing can surpass the Will of Allah. You think you can abandon Allah and Al-Quran Al-Karim, and the glorious Islam and leave? Where do you think you are going? Are you not ruining yourself? There are no other deities, where will you go? There cannot be a divinity among the creatures of Allah. Those who disregard the religion and ilm (knowledge) and those who also go after wonders who think they are after new ideas and opinions cannot go further than being primitive, ignorant, deviant, and undisciplined people. This is important. Those who disregard the religion and ilm (knowledge) and those who also go after wonders who think they are after new ideas and opinions cannot go further than being primitive, ignorant, deviant, and undisciplined people. For the souls of people may develop and advance. Moreover, whatever is needed for that soul to advance is given to mankind as a favor from Allah Ta’ala. The greatest divine favor that encompass all worlds and the favor of rahmat (blessing) came to the earth in the form of Islam.


Time Stamp: 14:35


–          The End        –



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