Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 222-226

Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 222-226

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 222


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Dear listeners,

Our life-giving lectures continue. These are lessons on the life-giving light (nūr), and their source is not mortal. The source of these lessons is divine. There is divine revelation (wahy-i ilahi), and Prophet Muhammad (asw) who gave news of it, and Al-Quran Al-Karim, and also our full-fledged Islamic scholars (âlims) who have the highest of degrees. Our lessons of life are presented to all humanity for their benefit by being taken from an authentic source. These are lessons on the life-giving light (nūr).

In today’s lecture, our topic is Mabda-Wa-Maad (Origin and Return). That is, there are laws of coming to the world, which is origin; and there is also the walk from world to the real world, afterlife (ākhira), the everlasting realm, which is the return. The latter is called maad (return). Fundamentally, Janâb-i Haqq says the following in Al-Quran Al-Karim in Surah al-Mu’minun [23]: “مِن سُلَالَةٍ مِّن طِينٍ”. Allah mentions the origin-life laws of mankind. About life law, the world and its people found life by Allah’s creation. Their lives continue as Allah sustains their lives. The prescription of the life-giving light (nūr) that Almighty Allah brought forth is Islam and Al-Quran Al-Karim, and whoever implements it will find health, welfare, and happiness. This is the prescription of the life-giving light (nūr) that that prepares people to a worldly paradise for the world, a paradise for barzakh, and the everlasting life that has been promised, which is Dar es-Salaam (Palace of Peace) and Dar al-Baqa’a (The place of Permanence), which is Janna (Paradise), and the Jamal (Beauty) of Allah. Prepares you to everlasting happiness with laws of creation, laws of life, and laws of returning to permanence. Janâb-i Haqq says, “مِن سُلَالَةٍ مِّن طِينٍ” in the 12th verse of Surah al-Mu’minun [23]. Janâb-i Haqq says, “We created man from a family,” and Allah says, “طِينٍ”. From sperm, clay.  Allah placed the laws of coming to life and the world. There are also laws of return. The name of the law of return is death. However, in the law of Islam that prepares you for life, death prepares you for immortality. Death is a law of entrance, from the world to baqa’a (permanence). But this does not mean you will disappear, rather it is a walk to immortality. See, this is a pathway to immortality, and its law is death, which is also called ajal (specified term). This divine and life-giving light (nūr) is Islam itself, and it prepares you to immortality. For the One who created life from nothing is All-Able (al-Qadir) to make you live as an immortal being. But it all belongs to the One. Nobody can take or give a single breath by themselves without the life Allah gave them.


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That is why nobody dies by themselves. Death is a law of the One. Let us try to understand this, for we will find life as we understand the truth. We will be saved from wrongs and be happy by equipping ourselves with truths. There is no happiness in wrongs, all happiness is in what is right and real, which is Islam and Al-Quran Al-Karim whose pioneer is Prophet Muhammad. Besides, Almighty Allah (c.c.) personally sent down these truths to him. We should know these laws well. Now, if one’s term (ajal) has ended, one’s life has certainly ended no matter how he died. Life in barzakh begins after the life in the world, and then the other immortal life begins. So, what is there in the end? Almighty Rabb (Lord) who created life and death says the following in the 42nd verse of Surah al-Shura [42]. Allah says, “فَرِيقٌ فِي الْجَنَّةِ” – “When all people gather in mahshar, a part of them will be in Paradise.” Says, “وَفَرِيقٌ فِي السَّعِيرِ” – “And a part will be in Hell.” Allah says this is the result.

Now, the word, “فِي السَّعِيرِ” here is a name of Jahannam. Jahannam has layers. Jahannam has names for each layer. One of them is “فِي السَّعِيرِ”. Now, we need to know the real laws as we live in the world. We know this and that law, for example man-made laws, and as you know our jurists’ study western law, eastern law, and etc. We should read the laws of fundamentals of life, the laws of the One who created the universe. See, the laws in Al-Quran Al-Karim are laws of Islam. There are two types of laws, “written, and “cosmological.” See, all of the laws of Almighty Allah are in effect in the universe. It is not important whether other laws exist or not. People may change their laws if they feel like doing it. They will make other laws tomorrow, but these are man-made. However, Islam is the divine law.

Islam is the laws of Allah. Allah has sent down all commands of Islam to Prophet Muhammad in the form of Al-Quran Al-Karim, and these are divine revelations (wahy-i ilahi). All laws in the cosmos, all laws of nature, all laws, cosmological laws, and all other laws are divine laws. The Sun was not manufactured and placed by some people. Divine command, divine creation, and as a necessity of the divine laws the Sun was placed there. The planets were placed into their respective places. The heavens, physical realms have been arranged and created. Spiritual worlds have been created. The world has been created and mankind was placed in it. Nobody helped while they were being created and while these laws were being set. Allah has no partners or equals. Allah does not need anyone because Allah created everyone, and Allah’s laws are in effect.

Some people came forth and accepted their own fabricated law, and imposed it upon people. But they also try to oppose the laws of Allah, and do not want to accept Islam and the Quran. Furthermore, they want to take side against Islam and destroy it.


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O mister! Do not worry! You will either give up this attitude or Azrail (a.s.) will come and take you away. Where?

The hodja recites a part of 7th verse of Surah al-Shura [42].

Those who dislike Islam will certainly go to Jahannam. Allah Ta’ala says that. Says, “وَفَرِيقٌ فِي السَّعِيرِ”. The place of the faithless who don’t accept Islam, Allah, the Prophet, and the Book is: “وَفَرِيقٌ فِي السَّعِيرِ” – “saʿīr – hell.”

As for the question of who will enter Janna, Allah who has placed all laws of life has described the qualities of those who will enter Janna. Allah narrated all terms and conditions. Allah also explained the attributes and qualities of those who will enter Jahannam. The creator of the souls recites the souls to you. Al-Quran Al-Karim reads the soul of mankind. No matter how many wrong, misguided, and distorted souls there are, the Book brings forth the cure, medicine, and prescription, and no matter how many intact souls there are, they will upgrade themselves with it because it is divine. Won’t the creator know of the creature? Who created the souls? Who created the hearts, these organs of ours, our systems, our cells, and our flesh? The creator wrote a prescription for the happiness of the servant (qul), get your mind together! First, read the true prescription! This divine prescription is the prescription of the life-giving light (nūr). That is why Janâb-i Haqq says the following in the 64th verse of Surah al-Ankabut [29]. O he whose term (ajal) has ended. See, his life has ended. His term (ajal) has ended. If your term (ajal) has ended, then your life has certainly ended. If a person’s term (ajal) has come to an end, then his life has certainly ended regardless of the cause of death. You cannot do anything for him after that moment. You may bring all the medicine in the world. You may gather all doctors of the world. You may order all armies of the world to standby. If a person’s term (ajal) ends and his hour has come, then even if thousands of worlds like this one gathered, they would not be able to prevent it. Azrail (a.s.) will come and take him away to the presence of Allah. Do not tire yourself, this is a law of Allah. You will go the way you came; this world is but a test, and you will see the results of the test in the gathering (mahshar). You will see it in Ruz-i Cezâ (the Last Day), the Greater Court. This law is a divine law. If you are such a brave fellow, then come and change it. Say, you won’t come to the world or you will not die. Come, change it. Which brave fellow can object to these laws? Get all your guns and cannons, and all of your atom bombs, and then give all your ultimatums, and say you will not die, and stand against Azrail. Azrail will neither listen to your lord, nor your pasha, nor your general, nor your marshal, nor will he listen to rich, poor, hajji (pilgrim), nor hodja (teacher); he will take you away. If you have faith (iman) and good deeds (amal-e-saleh), then immortal and blissful life is yours. What does Janâb-i Haqq say in the 64th verse of Surah al-Ankabut [29]?

The hodja recites a part of the aforementioned verse.

O my friend! Please understand this verse, and the law of Almighty Allah! Please understand this command, this glorious and unique command, this word, this utterance (kalam), and these holy words. What is being said in this verse of the Quran? See, every verse is sacred, and this sacred verse narrates the following.


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Says, “وَإِنَّ الدَّارَ الْآخِرَةَ,”. There is the abode of afterlife (ākhira), and indeed that other realm called afterlife (ākhira) is “لَهِيَ الْحَيَوَانُ”. See, says that real life is the life in it. You have a worldly life in the world, and the life in barzakh and the ākhira will be different. So, what is said about life in the other realm? Says that it is real life, which is life in Paradise. So, enter Paradise and be happy forever. Right now, you are at Allah’s table of Rahmat-i Rahman, but you should put the main capital to good use. The believers who sit at the table of Rahmat-i Rahim along with those who obey Allah and implement the laws of Allah well and those who accept Allah’s sovereignty will enter Paradise and the immortal life will be theirs.

That is the blissful life, which will bring happiness for you in the world, in the barzakh, meaning in the grave and beyond. Then, you will get up and go to the great gathering (mahshar), and then you will be placed into Janna (Paradise), which is the Jamal (Beauty) of Allah. See, it is Janâb-i Haqq who gives you real life. Says, “لَهِيَ الْحَيَوَانُ” – “The abode of afterlife (ākhira) is the real life.” Now, let’s say you forgot about your heart and soul. That is, we say this to those who forget about them so that they may wake up and remember their true existence. See, your heart is the capital city of your government of body and soul. So, who resides in you’re the capital of the government of your body and soul? Faith (iman) resides in it, and the Quran rules it. Otherwise, do your soul (nafs) and the Iblis (Devil) rule it? Well, see who resides in the capital city of your government of body and soul. If you obey Allah, then faith (iman) and the Quran are predominant in it.

If you live by obeying yourself, your desires, the shaitans, evil powers, and those who don’t accept the laws of Allah, then your soul and the Iblis (Devil) reside right in the centre of your heart. And that is the capital of your government of body and soul. Your Shaykh al-Islām will be the Iblis (Devil). Do not take legal opinion (fatwa) from yourself or Iblis (Devil), rather take it from Allah, the Quran, and Prophet Muhammad (asw), do not take it from me either. Do not take it from me if I am not speaking the truth! You should take it directly from Al-Quran Al-Karim and Prophet Muhammad. That is, from the Book, sunnah, ijma, qiyas, and fundamental sources. Direct your body and soul to the Quran with faith (iman) and divine justice. Direct your inner and outer worlds to it like that, for this is personal liberty.

This is the future of society and way to eternal freedom and divine mercy. True justice is here! You cannot expect justice from wrongdoers (zalimun) because you cannot expect love, mercy, justice, or truthfulness from disbelief (kufr), polytheism (shirk), corruption (nifaq), tyranny (zulm), and sinners who revolt against Allah. Besides, had they taken pity on themselves, they would not choose disbelief (kufr), and they would not reject faith (iman). Had they taken pity on themselves, they would not choose polytheism (shirk) and worship others while there is Allah.


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That man does not take pity on himself, and he doesn’t know himself at all, do you think he will help you? Do you think he will be fair towards you? That is like waiting for justice in the world of hyenas. A hyena can never be just. That is why the mercy, justice, and love that have been brought forth by Allah is the truth, reality, fundamentals, and original form of justice. See, Islam is a mercy that comes from Allah. Allah has encompassed the universe with mercy and blessing (rahmat), and Prophet Muhammad is a universal Prophet. He is the Prophet of Mercy.

That is why dear friends, we should read the divine laws of life well, know them well, and then we should not deceive people or be deceived. Let us not deceive anyone, but do not let ourselves be deceived. The remedy of that is reading the laws that Almighty Allah brought forth well. That is possible by studying the Quran, sunnah, ijma, and qiyas. That is possible when the knowledge (ilm) of high-scholars (âlims) of Islam emerges with luminous lights. That is why Islam is a religion (din) of knowledge (ilm). It is a religion of science, faith (iman), justice, and mercy. It is a religion that embraces all the worlds, and it is filled to the brim with love. Fabricated love is like a rusty canister, and Islam rejects such things. See, the difference between true love and fabricated love is like the difference between gold and a rust can. If someone loves you for your money, then it will end when money goes away. He or she will use that money for evil too because he or she has no real love. Also, some people love you for your beauty. Love will end the moment your beauty fades away. Others are also like that, but those who love you with love of Allah will love you forever and ever, even if you pass away. They will love you even when you get old. They will embrace you with mercy and love in your oldest, sickest, and worst times because it is a divine love. There is no end to divine love and divine mercy because they are lasting. Everything in Islam has a fundamental and origin, and those who pretend and mock can never take shelter in Islam.

These differences between true Muslims and fake Muslims are manifest like day and night. Sovereignty of faith (iman), the Quran, and love of Allah along with divine mercy and social justice completely encompasses a true Muslim person’s heart, and then you can’t expect anything but goodness from him.

You see, the mentality that wants to destroy this cadre is the one that sucks the blood of the world. They are the cruellest tyrants of the earth, and they are not even like the cannibals who feast on human flesh, but they are butchers who butcher people in masses. The mentality that wants to snatch away mercy, true justice, and love from humanity and turn humans into robots, and try to degrade humanity to a degree even lower than that of other creatures is not friendly to humanity. That is why dearest friends! We should continue to study the divine laws.


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Now, Al-Quran Al-Karim talks about ajal musammā. Ajal musammā is the specified term. Allah (c.c.) gave everyone a lifetime. This is a law; Allah gave everyone a lifetime. As you know, your ajal (term) comes to an end when your lifetime ends. See, ajal musammā is that term that has been decreed. It is the beginning of afterlife (ākhira), and it begins with barzakh.

The afterlife (ākhira) starts when your ajal (term) comes to an end. That is the beginning of afterlife (ākhira), and it starts with barzakh. In the realm of barzakh, some people’s souls get in touch with Paradise, and a paradise-like environment is set up according to that person. As for some faithless people who do not accept Allah and the truths that Allah brought forth, Janâb-i Haqq did something else for them. So, siccin was prepared for their realm of barzakh, and that term is related to dungeons of hell.

That said, people’s worlds should be in relation to Paradise as well. People in the world have connections with Paradise and Hell. How? Well, if your inner world has true faith (iman), true Islam, true love, true justice, knowledge (ilm), wisdom (irfan), and truth and reality has encompassed you, then divine graces (lutf) and success (fayiz) will embrace you in your spiritual life in the world which you are not aware, and this is actually a worldly paradise. This is happiness, but if you have opposite of those such as disbelief (kufr), revolt against Allah, polytheism (shirk), denial, corruption (nifaq), and a distortion that ruins heart and soul, which actually hold your heart captive, and a corrupted and wrong system has been set up in your inner world, then you are painful. You may live in mansions like lords, but your spiritual world will be cold and stormy. Some people’s inner worlds look like a slaughterhouse. Their inner world looks like a place where monsters fight, and there won’t be a hint of peace. If you ask me, “What is the basis of these words?” Then, they are based on these two words, “يَقْبِضُ وَيَبْسُطُ”. When you study the contents of these two words in schools of awliya and tasawwuf, then you will see that according to peoples’ earnings Janâb-i Haqq tightens some people’s inner worlds as requital for their sins, and gives them the requital of their earnings. Janâb-i Haqq also expands and lightens some peoples’ hearts and souls as rewards of their good deeds. Allah says, “يَقْبِضُ وَيَبْسُطُ”. An incursion and expansion are mentioned here. Some people get incursion, depression, and explosion while others get expansion, bliss, peace and tranquillity. These are returns of people’s own earnings. Allah is not cruel upon anyone, and gives the requital of their own earnings. Saying, “Allah is One,” earns you something. Saying, “Subḥānallāh,” earns you something. These have rewards. Saying, “Alhamdulillah” has a reward. Saying “amantu billah,” has a reward. Saying, “I do not accept truth (haqq),” and disbelief (kufr) has a requital. There is a requital of polytheism (shirk). There is a requital of every sin, and a reward for every good (sawāb).


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These are earnings, and the words that come out of your mouth are your earnings. They are either for your benefit or to your detriment. If the deeds you have done are good (sawāb), then they are for your benefit; if they are sins, then they are to your detriment. Benefit comes with good (sawāb), and loss comes with sin. Allah has found the order on benefit, mercy and blessing (rahmat), and happiness. Islam is nothing but benefit, mercy and blessing (rahmat), happiness. Islam itself is peace and tranquillity. Is it possible for a heart to be happy without faith (iman)? Idol worshippers also mention faith, they say they have it but that is nothing but polytheism (shirk), not faith (iman). On the other hand, some people take what serves their purpose and deny the rest, but that is disbelief (kufr). You cannot deny any command of Islam for they are divine commands. Islam is not commands of your father, grandfather, or some ruler. Islam is the laws of Allah.

If you want to take the ones that serve your purpose and throw out the rest then there is no faith (iman) in you but there is disbelief (kufr), and there is a requital for disbelief (kufr). This goes for everybody, your earnings that come as requital for your disbelief (kufr) settle inside you as a bomb. Every sin is like a bomb, and what is worse is that it will explode in you. So, who has earned these bombs and placed them in you? That is your sins.

Would it not be better had we earned rewards (sawāb), have peace and happiness in our inner worlds? Would it not be better had suns raised in the skies of the spirit, and it was encompassed by divine success (fayiz) and divine graces (lutf)? You see, it is our fault. So, let us get our minds together! Let us read these laws and the life-giving prescription. Let us find life with the life-giving nūr (light).

That is why we are talking about laws of Mabda-Wa-Maad (Origin and Return) at the moment. So, let us listen and understand well! Know how much I love you people, and I am striving to shed light on the matter. I am striving for you, for I love you people. Why? Our Rabb (Lord) created all of us, right? Aren’t we servants (qul) of our Rabb (Lord)? I mean, if I feel sadness, it is because I think about you and also because I think about myself. Why should anyone go to Jahannam (Hell) while there is a Janna (Paradise). Why should someone be unhappy where they could be happy? Why should people be hungry while there is enough bounty (nimat) on Allah’s table? Why should they be hungry? Why should they be unhappy? Why should they be poor? Aren’t there enough bounties (nimat) that is enough for everyone in Allah’s table?

You shall say stop to tyrants (zalimun). Only then will everyone benefit from this table equally, and when you take something from the table thousands of things will be created. You will eat one, and billions more will be created. Allah likes to give, but wants justice from the servants (qul). Allah says to the servants (qul): “Be just, implement mercy, implement justice, and Creation belongs to Me.” So, Janâb-i Haqq only wants us to work, and work right. Is it honest work to steal people’s rights?

That is why dear friends! Come! As you see, we work without having any ulterior motive, and we do not point to anyone as a target. See, we only target polytheism (shirk), disbelief (kufr), wrongdoing (zulm), injustice, ignorance, and whoever is hostile towards humanity, and whoever is hostile towards the faith (iman) of all humanity. Our target is those who are hostile towards the truths of Allah, we do not target individuals.


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We do not talk about individuals. Islam is a universal religion and it came to embrace all humanity. It came for everyone’s happiness. If these verses of Al-Quran Al-Karim stay in closed books and shelves inside libraries, and these divine messages are not announced to the world, then you will not have read the letter that came from Allah, and you will not have accepted the message, or you will have been unwary. Read the message that comes from Allah before you read the one that came from your friend.

Al-Quran Al-Karim came from Allah. It was handed to competent hands, it was sent to Prophet Muhammad (asw), and he settles the laws in Islam to the world. He handed us the entrustment and left; walked to his sacred place. So, let us do our duties because we will also go. We do not know whether Azrail (a.s.) will take us today or tomorrow, but it is certain that he will take us, so let us be right. That is why, dearest friends! The heavens and the earth are filled to the brim with miracles. Al-Quran Al-Karim is the greatest miracle. The creation of the universe is a miracle. There is miracle upon miracle all around. Some people still look for miracles here and there.

They asked Naqshband, “Will you show us a miracle?” He said, “Isn’t me standing upright enough as a wonder (karamat)?” Standing upright is enough. So, who makes you talk? Is that not a wonder, a miracle? Who made your eyes shine? Who placed these ears to their places? Aren’t these miracles? How can you count all of them?

That is why the 8th verse says the following. Whoever wants a miracle and does not declare faith (iman) upon seeing it will be destroyed right away. So, be wary of that. The person will have prepared his own trap that way. Every ayat (sign/verse) in Al-Quran Al-Karim is a miracle. Every verse is the greatest of miracles. Al-Quran Al-Karim is a unique miracle. As there is no chance for anything to create what has been created in the heavens and in the earth, every creature has been created as a work of miracle by Janâb-i Haqq, and they are all proofs of Allah’s Holy Omnipotence.

That is why the heavens and the earth are miracles. Now, Abu Hayyan says the following with regards to the 6th verse: “If you rebel, you will also be destroyed.” That is, in history, all those who rebelled were destroyed, and every sin exploded in them. Allah has seized every one of them inside and outside due to their sins. That is why Abu Hayyan said that regarding the 6th verse: “If you rebel, you will also be destroyed.” Then again, a narration that comes from Ibn-i Abbas says, “Back then, some people had wanted the Prophet to be an Angel.” Says, “If he was sent down as an Angel, he would have been sent as a man, and they could not look at thes light.”

They would call him human if he was made to look like a human being. That said, angels are created from light (nūr). If he was shown as an angel, then they could not look at his light. Do you know how wrong an attitude people have against their Rabb (Lord)? As for believers, they are lucky people.

That said, Janâb-i Haqq says the following in the 34th verse of Surah al-A’raf [7]. This verse gives a message to all nations and all states in the world. Says, “وَلِكُلِّ أُمَّةٍ أَجَلٌ” – “There is an ajal (term) and death for every ummah (nation).”


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Says, “وَلِكُلِّ أُمَّةٍ أَجَلٌ”. Do not forget, there is a specified term (ajal) for every ummah – nation, and state. There is an hour of death. They will die, and topple over. They will prepare the cause of their own destruction themselves. The causes of death are also prepared by mankind’s hand. But there are so many things they do not know or see. Also, as there is a law of ajal (specified term), death will most certainly happen when that hour comes, and everyone’s life time is preordained. Even how many breaths you will take is specified in your specified term (ajal). Your breaths are counted in your lifetime. Each breath you take and give is a part of your lifetime, it is a part of your life. A stamp is impressed there every time you breathe. You have a particular amount of breaths to take, and after you take them and give them death will come; each breath is a seal because you will die. That is why there is death for states and there is death for nations just like there is death for individuals and communities, and there is also death for the heavens and the earth. The only immortal being is Allah Ta’ala, and the ones whom Allah wised. Allah does not kill whom Allah wishes. Allah makes whom Allah wishes live even during the Last Day (Qiyamah). Allah is All-Able, but do not forget that death is a law, and that it is a journey towards immortality. Janâb-i Haqq passes you, me, and all of us from world to barzakh, and from barzakh to the other world. So, what does Janâb-i Haqq do in the end? Allah makes some live in Paradise forever. As for those who deserve Hell, Allah makes them live there in pain and agony. Allah does not kill them, but punishment upon punishment comes for them. This is the situation. All news says this, there are billions of literal news that inform us about this, but certain commentators have brought other comments on the matter. Or, they brought another view based on weak narrations. Those views only bind themselves because the laws and decrees of Al-Quran Al-Karim are clear. It is not a wise person’s work to pin hopes on weak theories while there are so many manifest laws and decrees. Our valuable friends! Then again, the philosophers and doctors also have an understanding of “ajal – specified term”. Now, there is an understanding of “ajal – specified term” that Islam brought forth. Also, some doctors and philosophers have an understanding of “ajal – specified term”. For example, natural life theory, about which Fakhr al-Din al-Razi stated his opinion. Now, the doctors talk about ajal al-qada‘, ajal al-musamma. Then again, philosophers who brought forth natural life theory, but these have only the following benefit. Just like Fakhr al-Din al-Razi said, their benefit is seeking treatment. Their natural life theory and doctors’ ajal al-qada‘, ajal al-musamma are beneficial but they will neither prolong nor retract time of death. However, they have a contribution to servants (qul) doing their duty. They say, “Take your precautions and get treated,” which is good. Besides, these are also mandatory provisions of Islam. However, an opinion like the following is seen in their views. That is, they say, “You would not have died if you did this or that,” and there are some theories like that.


Time Stamp: 45:00


Now, Islam has given its absolute decree on every matter. Islam says, “Get your treatment.” In order to get your treatment, you should be cautious against accidents, and preventative medicine against all troubles are present in Islam. Islam itself is the fundamental preventative medicine. Now, the religion of Islam incorporates all treatments, preventative medicine, precautions, works, and endeavours. In spite of all that, your lifetime will end, your ajal (term) will end, and death will come to you. Doctors and philosophers also die. Does anyone have the slightest chance to say, “I was going to get treated? I have this and that thing to do so come later,” to Azrail? If it was like that, then the doctors would live forever. If it was like that, meaning if it was like what philosophers say, then they would not die. Even the Prophets who knew these matters perfectly have died. They walked to the Real (al-Haqq). They walked to the Greatest Paradise (illiyin). They walked to high positions. Now, the religion of Islam says take all types of precautions, which is our duty as servants (qul). However, a human is still a human no matter how perfectly he does his duty. He has shortcomings and flaws. A person’s ajal (term) will come and he will die even if he takes all precautions. Do not forget that! Now, also understand the following well! “When we say ‘ajal – term’, we should not understand what is possible, but what has happened.” Please pay attention! “When we say ‘ajal – term’, we should not understand what is possible, but what has happened.” When the thing that happened and killed you happened, you had possibilities. This is important. Before what has happened has happened, there were possibilities and it was a duty for the person to take precautions. The duty of the servant (qul) is to protect himself. But the last part is important. The world of possibilities has ended when what happened has happened. Did death come to you? Then it is final, there are no more possibilities. However, before that he was in the world of possibility. So, you take every precaution and get treated but if death came in spite of all that, and you have died, then it is final. Death has happened, and the world of possibility closed. If you like to work in order to resurrect the dead, then work but nobody could resurrect a dead ever. Prophets raised up the dead as a miracle by Allah’s leave, and they made them talk but they died again because it is Janâb-i Haqq who raised the dead by the hand of Prophets. Allah made them resurrect, not the Prophets. It is Allah who raises the dead, not the servants (qul), but this does not mean that you should not work and carry out scientific studies. Scientific studies must go on to the end. However, not in order to compete with Almighty Allah, for nobody can do that. People should work in order to discover the laws that Allah brought forth, and do that under the command of Allah, not by denying Allah. That is by one surrenders to what has happened. Have you died? Then it is final, it is a law and when it happens you will surrender to it. Your ajal (term) has ended, and death has come no matter the cause. See, death has happened, and ajal (term) has come. The world of possibility has ended when death comes.


Time Stamp: 50:00


Rulership belongs completely to Allah. Creation belongs to Allah, and so does killing and resurrecting as well as sustaining life. See, Allah has no partners nor overseers. Allah has no equals nor helpers. In that case, rulership belongs to Allah unconditionally. The rulership belongs to the One who created nature, and nature itself is not the ruler. Rather, Allah’s decree is predominant over nature. Nature is bound with Allah’s provision. That is why tanzil-i and taqwin-i signs are out there. Now, tanzil-i signs are the verses of Al-Quran Al-Karim. As for taqwin-i signs, they are the ones in the universe, for example Janâb-i Haqq’s creation of the universe, and that Janâb-i Haqq manages it with laws. Janâb-i Haqq says, “أَلاَ لَهُ الْخَلْقُ وَالأَمْرُ“ pay attention. All creation belongs to Allah. All command belongs to Allah. Allah’s commands and laws have always been and will always be valid in the universe because Allah is the real and absolute ruler. Now, another word mentioned is “qarn”. Now, “qarn” is a social community belonging to a certain period of time. That is, it is a community who lived for long years. It is a long period of time.

Then again, our beloved Prophet says the following.

The hodja recites the original text of the hadith.

He says, “The best people are people who lived in my time.” You see, the phrase “hayrul kurûnî” in the hadith refers to time. So, it is a people who belong to a certain period of time, and they are a social community. What does he say?

The hodja recites the original text of hadith.

He says, “The best people are my people who lived in my time.” That is, Prophet Muhammad’s people who lived in his Era of Bliss, the people of that era, the people of that time. He says that the people in his time were the best people. The time-limit of the term “qarn,” is one hundred years. It refers to a hundred-year period. The word “kurûn,” here means centuries. He says that the best people are those who lived in his time.” The time-limit of the term “qarn,” is a century, and as you know it means one hundred years.

They live in homelands like paradise… See some people’s worldly lives. They live in a world of lords in their ivory towers. However, do you know what is possible no matter where they live? Trouble or death may come and take them away. Yes, they are in ivory towers in the world of lords, but Azrail (a.s.) will not give you a respite when your term (ajal) ends and death comes, he will take you away. What is valid is faith (iman) and good deeds (amal-e-saleh), and nothing you have will be of any use. You will reap the benefit of them if you had used your position, chair, rank, property, goods, knowledge, wisdom, profession, and everything in the way of Allah. It is not like that if you lack faith (iman) and good deeds (amal-e-saleh) and you have not accepted Allah. See, you have lived your way, and did not accept the Quran or the Prophet. You have lived your way, and you say what you have done is worship, and you say that is correct.


Time Stamp: 55:10


You will not see their benefits as long as they go against Allah’s commands and as long as they do not benefit humanity and as long as they do not have faith (iman), sincerity (ihlas), and good deeds (amal-e-saleh) that Allah wanted in their basis. I do not polish the apple, know this! So, what is said in Al-Quran Al-Karim? It says, “faith (iman) and good deeds (amal-e-saleh)”. Not every faith is iman. The faith that Islam brought forth is iman. For one thing, you need to know Allah by Allah’s names, attributes (sifāt), laws, and the Book. You will not object to the contents of the Book. Now, should I polish the apple for you? That is, should I say that your faith will be iman even if you do not accept the Quran? Never! Never in ever! Who will save me then? What did Janâb-i Haqq say even to Prophet Muhammad? Said, “If you did not narrate Al-Quran Al-Karim correctly and placed other things into it, then I would have ripped the veins of your heart.” Allah said that even to the most beloved servant (qul). So, let us give correct messages. Let us understand correctly, and not deceive anyone. There cannot be neither faith (iman) nor good deeds (amal-e-saleh) without abiding by Allah’s requests. If that was the case, then the faith of an idolater would also be valid. See, if something was valid without accepting Allah’s commands, then the faiths of every idolater would have been iman. There would not have been things like polytheism (shirk), disbelief (kufr), corruption (nifaq), and they would all be okay. Everything would be fine, but there is no such thing. Allah Ta’ala wa Taqaddas has placed the truth (haqq) against the wrongs (batil). This world is but a test field. Allah has placed harams against halals. There are only a handful of harams against thousands of halals. Allah has placed disbelief (kufr) against belief (iman). Allah has placed polytheism (shirk) against monotheism (tawhid). Allah has placed false Muslims, hypocrites, and corruption (nifaq) against honest Muslims. This life is but a test, and nobody can get away after scrambling up rights and wrongs. Do not mix rights and wrongs. Do not mix wrongs and rights! What is right is right as right, and wrongs are wrongs. You will ruin yourself when you mix them together. Do not do that! You have to draw the line between rights and wrongs. That is why examples of those who mixed rights and wrongs are being given. What does Ibn Umayya say to Prophet Muhammad? Also, those like Nadr ibn Haris and Nevfel bin Halid? They are the polytheists and idolaters of that era, and of course, every era has its people like Ibn Umayya. Every era has its modern versions of people like Umayya, Nevfel, and Nadr. Every era has its modern version of friends of Abu Jahl, Pharaohs, and Nimrods. They represent modern and contemporary tyranny (zulm). They are pioneers of polytheism (shirk). They cannot be pioneers of faith (iman) or true science. They cannot be pioneers of rights and justice. Why? Because they do not give up their polytheism (shirk) and disbelief (kufr). What did they, the polytheists of that period, say to Prophet Muhammad? “I would still not believe if you raised up to heavens and brought a book.”


Time Stamp: 1:00:00


So, where did they all go? They went towards the depths of Hell. They were slain by Allah’s sword. Azrail (a.s.) chained them and took them away. Is there anyone left from that century to this century? They are all gone. Do you think anyone in this century will see other centuries? They all will go. Who will take them? Allah’s armies, Azrail and the armies that are under his command. Nobody has the ability to count all of Allah’s armies. Azrail is one of them, and he has armies of death. There are also countless other armies.

Says, “مَا يَعْلَمُ جُنُودَ رَبِّكَ إِلَّا هُوَ”. “Only your Rabb (Lord) knows the armies, nobody else knows.”

Jibril has armies. Israfil has armies. Michael has armies. Azrail (a.s.) has armies. There are Hamalat al-‚Arsh (throne-bearers). There are armies in the heavens and the earth. There are countless and endless armies around Arsh (the Throne). People cannot finish them by counting them, but Allah knows.

So, what did the faithless do? They said the following: “We would still not believe you if you had raised to the heavens and brought a book other than the Quran.” They said, “We do not think we will believe.” They had said, “Let the four angels bring us a letter, and let them witness you.” Jibril (a.s.) would come and go. See, it was Jibril (a.s.) who brought Al-Quran Al-Karim to Prophet Muhammad, and sometimes he would bring a single surah with 50.000 angels by his side, and there are also narrations that say he brought it with countless angels. Jibril has countless armies under his command. See, Al-Quran Al-Karim came from Almighty Allah in a completely safe environment and was placed into the chest of Prophet Muhammad with its text and meaning. You see, Al-Quran Al-Karim is in Arabic, but even the Arabs had learned its special meanings from Prophet Muhammad (asw). There is murad al-ilahi (will of the divine) in Al-Quran Al-Karim, and only the Prophet will explain it because Allah, who has sent down the Quran to him has explained it to him. The way has been preserved by the way of Ahlus-Sunnah wa’l-Jama’ah in narration and comprehension. It is not according to people’s sweet will. It is said that a country would topple down if Jibril (a.s.) had shouted. Your eyes are not able to see Jibril in his own form because his two wings fill the East and the West. There are narrations that say our Prophet saw him with six hundred wings. You see, as his two wings are enough to fill the East and the West, and as they shed so many jewels, then the power of this world is not enough to stand against a single soldier of Allah. Get your mind together. Know your Rabb (Lord). Then again, in the 17th verse of Surah Maryam, Jibril (a.s.) was seen by our mother Maryam. He had come to herald Isa to her. What did he do back then? He showed himself in a man’s form to our mother Maryam. Jibril (a.s.) also showed himself to Ibrahim (a.s.) and Lot (a.s.) as well. But how did Jibril (a.s.) show himself? At those times Jibril (a.s.) had his friends with him, and they are angel friends. They looked like guests to Ibrahim (a.s.) and Lot (a.s.).


Time Stamp: 1:05:00


There was a handsome Muslim called Dıhyetü’l-Kelbî who was among the friends (ashab) of our Prophet, and Jibril (a.s.) would sometimes come to Muhammad in human form by taking his shape. See, the following is said in a hadith-i sharif narrated by Bukhari Sharif.

The hodja recites the original text of the hadith-i sharif.

Says, “Sometimes, the Angel would look like a man to me.” See, Jibril (a.s.) would be in the shape of a man sometimes, and he would mostly come in the shape of a person called Dıhyetü’l-Kelbî.

That is why, dearest friends! Transition from known to unknown, from mabda (origin) to maad (return). The genesis and the return… Everyone who came to the world will return. You see, mabda (origin) is the beginning, and maad (return) is the result. Maad (return) is the journey towards the end. That is, the one who came from Allah returns back to Allah. Now, the law of genesis is mabda (origin), as for maad (return) it is the journey back to the Real (al-Haqq). Rahmat is beginningless, and Allah created creatures with rahmat (mercy/blessing). The universe and all creatures are manifestations of Allah’s rahmat (mercy/blessing).

The decrees about anger are a necessity of drawing away from divine morals. Why does Allah become angry with people? Actually, rahmat (mercy/blessing) is beginningless and endless, as for wrath, it is a result of drawing away from divine morals. It is a result of drawing away. See, if Allah is angry with people, it is because they drew away from divine morals, but this is not a primary but secondary thing. If the servant (qul) had not deviated from divine morals, then Allah would not have been angry with them, and Allah’s rahmat (mercy/blessing) would continue because rahmat (mercy/blessing) is beginningless and endless. However, people misused this rahmat (mercy/blessing). If people did not use rahmat (mercy/blessing) for evil, had they not opposed Allah, had they not distorted their innate nature (fitrah), and had they upgraded it with Islam, and had they upgraded their obedience, then Allah would not have been angry with them, and Allah would not have implemented the decrees of anger. That is why Allah gave the bounty of freedom to mankind, and they misused it. Allah gave them so many bounties (nimat), and they misused them. See, those who turn away and alter their innate nature (fitrah) have incurred Allah’s wrath and decrees of anger and they will continue to because justice will be manifested. You see, those who draw away from signs and verses… Allah has shown a well-lit path but some people refuse to go that way. Allah has brought forth the laws but they say they will not accept. Yet they eat and drink in Janâb-i Haqq’s kingdom (mulk) and rahmat. So, if you do not obey Allah and accept Allah’s laws, then do not eat Allah’s bounties (nimat), and get out of Allah’s kingdom (mulk), as if there is somewhere you can go. Seeing that you are in Allah’s kingdom (mulk), eating Allah’s blessings (rahmat), living in Allah’s bounty (nimat), you should obey Allah, but some people do not. So, what happens to them? Allah implements decrees of anger, and justice is manifested with that. That is due to mankind’s misuse of the main capital.


Time Stamp: 1:10:00


What is the main capital? Allah gave you body and soul, blessings (nimat), intellect (aql), freedom and liberty, and set up an endless and boundless table of rahmat, but you misused all that. Allah said, “believe” but you do not. Allah says, “become a Muslim,” but you don’t. Okay, but you will answer to your Rabb (Lord). We all will. That is why those who turn away are those who change their innate nature (fitrah). Allah had created you with an innate nature (fitrah) of Islam but you distorted it. You turned it towards another direction. Allah had sent you the ayat (sign/verse) but you got away from them. Allah had placed signs, but you did not accept the divine signs. You did the opposite of what Allah wanted.

In this case the provisions on anger shall be manifested, and it has been manifested, and it will continue to be manifested until Ruz-i Cezâ (the Last Day). Allah knows what is beyond that, we do not know what is beyond. The respite is not endless. A fixed period of time, and a respite is given to people. Allah gives a lifetime, but what is it? The lifetime is but a respite. Actually, it is the duration of the test in the world. Besides, no test period is endless. The test will come to an end, and so will people’s respite. In the end, a person is given rewards of his earnings or he has lost, and whatever he earned will be given according to the results of the test. He either passes or loses the test. All of those who obey Allah with faith (iman) and good deeds (amal-e-saleh) are winners. As for the losers, they are those who don’t accept Allah. Allah’s mercy and blessing (rahmat) is eternal. Islam is Allah’s merciful order and it is eternal. It is still eternal even if nobody accepts it. Islam is not hurt when people reject it. Allah is not hurt. Also, even if all people became Muslims, it would do no good to Allah. Everyone will benefit personally. Some of you know this matter correctly.


Time Stamp: 1:12:52


–          The End        –

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 223


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Dear friends!

That is the response of Mahzuf Kasem about the 12th verse. Now, the word “fatir” is mentioned in these verses, and it means, “to create.” It is the second juzʼ of the meaning of “to create,” and it is about it. We see that the word, “to create” in our language has a relation with the word “fatir.” So, what is it? It is the second juzʼ of second creating. Therefore, what is said here by Janâb-i Haqq?

The hodja recites the 30th verse of Surah al-Anbiya [21].

Says, “Indeed, the heavens and the earth were interwoven.” Says, “كَانَتَا رَتْقًا” and adds, “and We unravelled them.” Says, “فَفَتَقْنَا”.

Says, “The heavens and the earth were interwoven, and We unravelled them. This is one of the verses that shed light on the scientists of the world. This verse says that the earth, all planets in space, and all things in the heavens were interwoven and then they were unravelled. So, what does Janâb-i Haqq do with them. Allah says they were interwoven, “Indeed, the heavens and the earth were interwoven, and We unravelled them.” The words “khalq – to create,” and “hilkat – creation,” and “fatir – originator,” are synonyms of the word fitrah. So, when you study the words fatir, khalq, and fitrah, and when you look at the situation between them, so many scientific hints are given by them. That is, Al-Quran Al-Karim has given all the hints in the matter of scientific studies in cosmos. It has laid the foundation, and gave the command of first move, and placed dynamism, and had set studies in motion. Humanity should work honestly and correctly.

Time Stamp: 3:12


–          The End        –



Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 224


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

It is said that first moments of creation, their origin, and the moment of existence of creatures is called fatir. It is said that fatir is their moment of existence. So is creation from nothing. For example, grass comes out from seed. However, what does out from a cell? Well, another cell. So, what is this called? Well, this is called innate nature (fitrah). An inner harmony inside fitrah is called nature, pay attention to these matters. There is a creation, “khalq – خلق – creation,” there is also “fitrah or innate nature,” and internal harmony. That fitrah or internal harmony is actually nature. These are all creations of the Creator. Allah places a person’s fitrah (innate nature) in him as well. Allah creates from nothing, and gives fitrah, and places innate nature in people. So, what was the fitrah (innate nature) of mankind? It was fitrah (innate nature) of Islam. There was a harmony in accord with the innate nature (fitrah) of Islam. What did people do with that harmony later? They distorted it themselves. You see, that fitrah is an inner harmony and an innate nature, which is a person’s satellite. See, his innate nature according to his existence is called fitrah. Fitrah comes before nature. Nature is the continuation of the state of fitrah, which is a person’s satellite. There are scholarly hints here, but making beneficial discoveries in the universe without discovering Al-Quran Al-Karim means being a little late. So, mankind should at first discover, the meaning that discovers the souls, in Al-Quran Al-Karim in order not to be late. They should also continue making discoveries in the cosmos. Almighty Allah wants us to follow and obey the laws and commands. Allah says, “Follow My commands, My decrees, and surrender to Me,” to the servants (qul). Says, “I am an overwhelming al-Qadir (All-Able) who is always victorious.” That is, whoever opposes Janâb-i Haqq will be vanquished himself because Allah is al-Qahhar (The Subduer). Then again, we should also discover Prophet Muhammad well. We should know his Prophethood from a to z. We should also understand and believe in the Islam, which he brought and implemented well. That is why Allah says to our Prophet, “Say, ‘Allah is enough for a witness between me and you.”


Time Stamp: 4:10


–          The End        –


Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 225


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Now, the real witness between all humanity and Prophet Muhammad is Allah. Allah sent down Muhammad as a Prophet upon all the worlds, all humanity, all nations, and all eras. The Prophet of all nations until the Last Day is Prophet Muhammad (asw). Allah personally bears witness to this, and so is the Quran. Besides, the believers are also witnesses, and that is why they recite the shahada (declaration of faith). The essence of Islam is in the contents of shadada and kalimat al-tawheed. While you recite the shadada, Allah, the Messenger, the Prophethood of Muhammad, and all of Islam that was sent down to Muhammad must go through the confirmation of your heart. You must believe in Allah, the Messenger who is Muhammad, and all of Islam that was sent down to Muhammad. What is in it? Entire history and future are in it. True faith (iman) and the sharia (law) of Allah the Shari Ta’ala is in it. Allah’s witnessing is manifest with absolute knowledge (ilm), which is in the heart. For example, for one thing Allah’s knowledge (ilm) which is in Allah’s Being (Dhat) is a witness. We are talking about Allah’s all-encompassing knowledge (ilm). The witnessing in our Prophet’s (asw) heart is also certain because Al-Quran Al-Karim was placed into Prophet Muhammad’s heart. Also, every verse of Al-Quran Al-Karim bears witness. Allah bears witness, but to what? Allah bears witness to the Prophethood of Muhammad, that is certain. Ebussuud Efendi also says this regarding the 21st verse: “Those who say yes to what Allah says no and vice versa are those who have been struck by Allah’s decrees of anger.”

Moreover, what does Janâb-i Haqq say to Christians and Jews in the 146th verse of Surah al-Baqarah? Says, “They knew Prophet Muhammad as they knew their own sons.” That is, in the Torah and in the Bible. Allah says that Isa (a.s.) and Musa (a.s.) had heralded him, and yet some people claim the opposite. They say no to what Allah says yes, and vice versa. Okay, you may say that but you will go to Allah and answer. Caetani who is an Italian historian says the following about Muhammad (asw): “He was such a Prophet, such a person, and such an individual that no hardship would stop him.” “Muhammad was a person who was undaunted by any hardship, he would never fall into any kind of despair, and he was unshaken. He passed away with many secrets.” The Italian historian said these about Prophet Muhammad. You see, his bravery comes from true faith (iman) and Prophethood. He perceived the superhuman miracles that were given to him, but of course if he could look at it from the perspective of divine revelation, he would be more amazed by it and then he would shout out his faith (iman) to the world. He should have shouted out, saying he is a Muslim. But he could only see this much.


Time Stamp: 5:10


Caetani says that Muhammad is undaunted and steadfast, and he passed away from the world filled to the brim with secrets. These qualities which make him undaunted, steadfast, and not fall into any despair ever, come from? They come from trust in Allah. Prophet Muhammad truly trusts and believes in Allah. He is the greatest Prophet of Allah, that’s where those qualities come from. These are mysteries of trusting in the truth. Prophet Muhammad has never trusted his own self, but he trusted and believed Allah with every fibre of his being, and he was under Allah’s command. Whatever commands he received, he received them from Allah. Besides, doesn’t Al-Quran Al-Karim say, “Prophets do not speak out of their own desires, they reveal the divine revelation (wahy).”

The hodja now recites the 3rd and 4th verses of Surah al-Najm [53].

The 14th and 19th verses of Surah al-An’am [6] says, “Should I trust anyone other than Allah.” See what Prophet Muhammad says, “Should I trust anyone other than Allah.” He says that he was commanded to be the first Muslim. He also says, “Allah is a witness between us.”

O, my friend! He is a Prophet who has believed, trust, and submitted to Allah. He is a Prophet under Allah’s protection. He is the possessor of the praised station (al-maqam al-mahmud). What does he say? Allah says, “Allah held every being by its forelock.” All worlds are in Allah’s power (qudrah), and they are all in Allah’s palms. Then again, these words are not even an atom compared to Allah’s omnipotence (qudrah). These worlds are nothing compared to Allah’s grandeur.

That is why it is said, “Allah has held every being by its forelock.” Where? See the 57th verse of Surah al-Hud [11]. Then again, the 44th verse of Surah al-Mu’minun say that revered figures who trust Allah and surrender to Allah, foremost Prophets such as Prophet Muhammad, Musa (Moses), Isa (Jesus) and others like Ibrahim (Abraham) and other Prophets are:

The hodja recites a part of the 57th verse of Surah al-Hud [11].

What do they say?

They say the following.

The hodja recites a part of the 57th verse of Surah al-Hud [11].

“I have surrendered to Allah, and submitted all my works to Allah. Allah is All-Seeing over the servants (qul).”

You see, these are grand figures who say they are under Allah’s close protection, and that Allah sees and protects them at all times. They have believed that Allah protected them. See, every person of faith should have that belief.

After that, let us see how our Prophet begs with a prayer (dua) in a hadith-i sharif narrated by Ahmad ibn Hanbali, rahmatullahi alaih: “Allah! Do not leave me to myself.” “Do not leave me to myself because my nafs (self) will draw me close to evil, and draw me away from good.”

Do you know what he said to his daughter Fatimah?

The hodja recites the original text of the narration.


Time Stamp: 10:00


He says, “My daughter, continue this prayer (dua).” The Prophet said that to his daughter, radeyallāhu anhā. Salaat and salaam be upon that glorious Prophet Muhammad! May Allah bestow upon abundant rahmat (mercy/blessing) to our mother who is his daughter. May Allah be pleased with her, our beloved mother, our mother Fatimah.

Says, “My Allah! Amend my deeds.”

Says, “Do not leave me, not even for a moment!”

That is why this is a prayer (dua) of complete submission. This is the prayer (dua) of those who certainly believe in Allah.

That is why, my beloved friend! The lovers of the Real (al-Haqq) drink from the wine of love. They drink the wine of Allah’s love. They drink so much that they get drunk with Allah’s love. They live with Allah’s happiness, and they always long for Allah’s Beauty (Jamal). Besides, those who know the Real (al-Haqq) do not become obsessed with creation for they have already known the Real (al-Haqq). May Janâb-i Haqq make us among those who know, and make us love the One with every fibre of being, and may Allah love us as well.

Let us see the following poem written by a person filled with love.

The hodja reads the Ussak Song written by Hacı Arif Bey.

My beloved friend! Love Janâb-i Haqq with every fibre of your being, and be bound to Allah with full enthusiasm, and all of your love should be to Allah.


Time Stamp: 15:10


Muhabbatullah and Ma’rifatullah. See, love what Allah loves, and criticize what Allah criticizes, and love Allah’s greatest and most beloved Prophet, Muhammad. Love all the things that Allah loves. Allah has called Muhammad, “My beloved.” Allah has called Musa (Moses), “My kareem.” Allah has called Ibrahim (Abraham), “My safiyullah, khalilullah.” Allah has also called Adam, “safiyullah”. That said, Allah has called Isa (Jesus), “ruhullah”. Allah has loved all of them one by one, and gave them beautiful positions for they all have loved, believed, and submitted to Allah.

Allah has loved them as well, and gave every one of them positions, and Allah has made Prophet Muhammad a leader (imam) over all of them. Prophet Muhammad is the leader of all Prophets, and crown jewel and guide of all Awliya.

That is why every Prophet’s degree is high but there are certain degrees that are higher than others. The highest degree, which is the praised station (al-maqam al-mahmud) has been given to Prophet Muhammad. The degrees of every Prophet have been shown in miʿraj (the night journey), some are in the 1st level, some are in the 2nd, and there are also 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th levels where others reside.

Ibrahim (a.s.) has been seen on the 7th level. Musa (Moses) has been seen on the 6th floor. Harun (Aaron) has been seen on the 5th level, and Isa (Jesus) has been seen on the 2nd or 3rd level. Yusuf (Joseph) and Idris have been seen on the 4th or 3rd level. When we look at this, it is seen that Adam (a.s.) was seen on the 1st level. Prophet Muhammad went beyond seven layers of heavens, and then he went past the sidrat, and he has reached qāba qawsayn in the plains of the Throne (Arsh). He went to endless and boundless degrees. He went to places even Jibril (a.s.) could not go. You see, Jibril (a.s.) could not go beyond the sidrat, but we see that Prophet Muhammad has past that and reached qāba qawsayn. That is why every Prophet’s degree is high, and peace be upon them all.

Now, about distrust. If you do not trust Allah, and not love Allah with every fibre of being, then you will have ruined yourself, nothing else. So, what does distrust bring? It brings misery, doubt, and illness in the heart. It brings major disasters. Trusting in self (nafs) is even worse, for a person will be destroyed if he trusts his self (nafs). In that case nothing but conceit and stupidity will come. Think of a person who does not trust Allah but trusts in his own vain dreams and pride. These are stupidity and evil against oneself. You cannot trust those. You are a person who has to breathe in order to live, how can you trust yourself?


Time Stamp: 20:00


You have taken a breath, when you give it and cannot take another your life ends. Will you not trust Allah who bestows life to you with each breath? Will you trust your nafs (self) while you are in need of Allah in each breath? Do not be deceived! Do you know what Janâb-i Haqq does? Janâb-i Haqq informs you of these truths via a servant (qul).

Don’t you ever forget that the entire universe cries out the Real (al-Haqq). Those who cry out the Real (al-Haqq) in the universe, and those who call to the truth are all true, but the fundamental truth is Al-Quran Al-Karim. Whatever Al-Quran Al-Karim has called true is completely true. Whatever Muhammad Mustafa called true is completely true. Don’t you ever leave neither source. Trust in the Real (al-Haqq) and also be trustworthy!

Islam is right and real. Islam is a manifestation of the Real (al-Haqq). Islam is the laws of the Real (al-Haqq). That is why you should trust, and be trustworthy. Trust and give confidence, be trustworthy. Don’t you ever be a shifty snake and expect confidence from others, but be steadfast, and be a trustworthy individual. That is a duty of us all.

To trust in the Real (al-Haqq) and to be trustworthy to others and to give confidence are duties of us all, it is an obligation for us. It is also a need, for it topples down nafs (self). That said, the mind (aql) should certainly have a principle. It cannot know anything without a principle, the principle of mind (aql) should be under command of revelation (wahy) and Allah. It shall earn Allah’s pleasure (riza), and serve to Allah. See, to understand, comprehend, and obey the Real (al-Haqq) is everybody’s duty. That is also a duty of the mind (aql) for it has to hold fast to Allah’s cord for which there is no breaking. That is true confidence in Allah. Now, let’s see.

The hodja recites the 256th verse of Surah al-Baqarah [2].

See, to “hold fast to firmest handle for which there is no breaking,” starts with faith (iman) in Allah and denying the false gods. So, deny the false gods and believe (iman) in Allah, only then will you have held fast to the firmest handle. Otherwise, you will have deceived yourself. Confidence in Allah starts with those. Think about those who have lost the ability to have faith (iman), they have ruined themselves badly. There are so many people created with innate nature (fitrah) of Islam who have lost their ability to have faith (iman), and their hearts have been sealed.

May Allah not make us among them! Let us beg day and night. Let us say, “O Allah! Make our faiths (imans) perfect and lasting, and make our deeds good, and protect us from polytheism (shirk), disbelief (kufr), corruption (nifaq), and hostility. Protect us from bad morals (akhlaq)” Let us pray (dua) to Janâb-i Haqq with all types of true, divine, and ready prayers (duas) from our Prophet and Al-Quran Al-Karim.

Then again, there is a narration that comes from Ibn-i Abbas on the 23rd verse: “Allah forgives sincere believers, and forgives their sins.”


Time Stamp: 25:00


We should be honest believer Muslims. As for the polytheists (mushrikun), what will they do? They will deny, but denial will be of no use in the gathering (mahshar). Can one escape from Allah in the world or in the gathering (mahshar)? Can one get anywhere by lying? The polytheists will say that they were not polytheists, but this time their mouths will be sealed by Allah, and their hands will witness, their hands and feet will start talking. You see, these are present in Yaseen Sharif and other similar verses. The following is a narration that comes from Al-Qurtubi, and it is narrated on the authority of Ibn Abbas. See, Al-Qurtubi himself narrates the following from this source. Now, Al-Qurtubi says, “The reckoning will be swift, and that is why the word ‘hour’ was used.” Allah’s reckoning is indeed swift, and Allah can bring billions of people to book in a moment. Allah has encompassed all directions, and everything. That is why the omnipotence (qudrah) of Allah the Almighty is complete, and has encompassed everything. That is why the reckoning is swift.

Ibn Juzayy says, “The deeds of the disbeliever get on his back in an ugly shape.” Pay attention! It is said that the deeds of a disbeliever get on his back and it is ugly. As for believers, his deeds are in the best shape. The believers’ own deeds become a mount for him, and he will ride it.

This is a narration that comes from Ibn Juzayy and it is based on the source Tehsil.

There are other sources as well. Abu Jahl used to say to our Prophet, “O Muhammad! You are right,” and they would know him as “Muhammad Al-Amin”. “O, Muhammad,” he says. Abu Jahl said it, and he had the mentality of a heretic. He said, “You are right, we only deny the Book.” See, this narration is present in al-Bahrul-Muhît.

See, he accepts Prophet Muhammad but refuses the Quran. That is a heretic mentality, whereas Muhammad’s prophethood comes with the Quran, with the Real (al-Haqq), with divine revelation (wahy) because he is a Messenger of Allah. See, even if a heretic sees one truth, he still cannot see so many other truths that are elsewhere. They cannot see the truths; therefore, they cannot declare faith.

Abu Jahl was also the leader and pioneer of the ignorant in that era. He was the pioneer of disbelief (kufr) and polytheism (shirk). He was a man of the era he lived in. There are modern people like him even today. There are modern leaders of disbelief (kufr) and polytheism (shirk).

Now, a narration that comes from Ibn Abbas says, “What is referred to by ‘kalimah’ are the promises of Allah.” See, whatever Allah has promised in Al-Quran Al-Karim, Allah does not break a promise. That is why Allah’s promises will come true.

See, Janâb-i Haqq warns the servants (qul) all the way. It is said that Fakhr al-Din al-Razi said the following about the 27th verse: Janâb-i Haqq also threatens in order to warn the servants (qul). That is, Allah forewarns the servants (qul) in the form of threat, and does that so that the warning may influence the servant (qul) better.

May Janâb-i Haqq make us among the servants (qul) who see all truths in the physical and spiritual world, and among those who believe in the Rabb (Lord) with every fibre of their being.


Time Stamp: 30:30



–          The End        –

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 226


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Dear friends,

This life-giving light (nūr) that sheds the truth over universe, spreads it, and gives people’s hearts and souls, physical and spiritual beings happiness, the lights of life, the real light that gives life have been shined out from the heart of Prophet Muhammad by Janâb-i Haqq; and then, this life-giving light (nūr) has been manifested to the universe.

That is why, humanity needs to make discoveries on three things so that they may understand and comprehend the life-giving light (nūr), true happiness, and all truths and realities. First, it has to discover Al-Quran Al-Karim, then the personality of Muhammad, his Prophethood, him being al-Insān al-Kāmil (the complete person), and him being the universal Prophet, and that Almighty Allah has sent him upon all the worlds as a rahmat (mercy/blessing). It has to discover this life-giving light (nūr) without ever forgetting that Allah’s rahmat has manifested to the worlds with Muhammad, the Quran, and Islam. Third, Janâb-i Haqq personally created this universe, and personally manages it. So, humanity needs to discover cosmological signs (kevni ayat). Humanity is too far behind with regards to scientific studies. It is far behind Islam and Al-Quran Al-Karim. It is not for the world to reach Islam even if it they acted as fast as the speed of light. Islam has embraced all humanity with a great compassion and mercy, and said, “Let’s go to salvation, safety, to safety. Islam embraced all humanity and called it to safety. Some people are lazy and are in bed all the time, and they do not make concessions to their pleasure. Some people work to some extent. Some do not work at all, and they regress. Islam has embraced the universe like a mother with a few children in her arms, and some of those children have to have positive or negative behaviours, just like that, those who deny Islam are still in the arms of rahmat (mercy/blessing), but the deniers behave the way they do. As for those who obey, they act obediently, and others do the things they do. Yet there is a reality – haqiqa. This reality is the substructure of all humanity, and it is its superstructure as well. That said, Janâb-i Haqq faultlessly brought forth whatever is needed for the structure along with the entire happiness with Islam. Janâb-i Haqq shone it all from the heart of Prophet Muhammad with Islam and Al-Quran Al-Karim. That is why you should know Prophet Muhammad well. See what a person who slightly knows Prophet Muhammad says. With love, and because Prophet Muhammad is Allah’s beloved. Those whom Allah loves should be loved for Allah. Prophet Muhammad is foremost in this context.


Time Stamp: 05:15


Sheikh Galib says,

Your khutbah is recited in the minbar of the world of infinity.

Your decree is valid in the court of the Day of Reckoning.

You are praised in the presence of Allah.

Your blessed name is remembered in the heavens and earth.

You are Ahmad, Mahmud, and Muhammad!

You are the chosen sultan sent down to us by Allah.

You are Ahmad, Mahmud, and Muhammad!

You are the chosen sultan sent down to us by Allah.

After the poem, hodja prays in Arabic.


Time Stamp: 11:42


My beloved friends! What is said here? “Your khutbah is recited in the minbar of the world of infinity.” Do you know what the word baqa‘ means?

See, Janâb-i Haqq’s infinite rahmat has manifested with rahmat-i rahman, and all the worlds have been created with rahmat-i rahman. This rahmat comes from eternity in the past (azal). Prophet Muhammad constitutes the essence of this rahmat. That is, Janâb-i Haqq has ordained the greatest rahmat upon the universe in the eternity in the past (azal) with Islam and Muhammad. Thus, Allah has bestowed rahmat upon all the worlds.

“Your decree is valid in the court of the Day of Reckoning,” says the poet, meaning Prophet Muhammad has such a validity on the Last Day. That is the greater court (mahkamah al-kubra), and next to Prophet Muhammad and Al-Quran Al-Karim, the witnessing of all other Prophets and the suggestions they make are valid. That is because Janâb-i Haqq gave him authority, and called him, “My Messenger (Rasul), My Beloved,” and Janâb-i Haqq mentioned Beloved Muhammad next to Allah’s own name. Allah considered obeying Allah as obeying Muhammad and vice versa because Muhammad spreads the command of Allah. He serves Allah. He fulfils the command of Allah. He calls all humanity to serve Allah.

“You are praised in the presence of Allah.”

After his most troublesome days, Prophet Muhammad was invited to the ninth heaven (arsh) by Janâb-i Haqq. He transcended beyond seven layers of heavens and went to miʿraj. He reached qāba qawsayn in the plains of the ninth heaven, palace, and place. Janâb-i Haqq revealed the revelation (wahy) to him, inspired him, revealed to him, and talked with him. That is why it is said, “You are praised in the presence of Allah.”

That is, it is said in the poem that Muhammad’s footsteps are present in the ninth heaven (arsh-i âlâ). But of course, those who love Allah with every fibre of their beings and loved by Allah know that the measure of this is to follow the measures of Islam and the sharia (law) of Islam. That is the measure of loving Allah in faith, in practice, in morals, and in jurisprudence.


Time Stamp: 15:52


To know Islam is to follow those measures, fulfil their necessities, obey, and not rebel.

The poet says, “Your blessed name is remembered in the heavens and earth.”

Prophet Muhammad has been introduced to all creation, places, and heavens in the eternity in the past (azal). People of janna (paradise) and the angels of the ninth heaven (arsh) know Prophet Muhammad. All Prophets knew him and heralded him to their peoples. That is why Prophet Muhammad has been known in heavens and earth for he is Allah’s most beloved servant (qul). Allah has many beloved servants (qul), and Muhammad is the leader and pioneer of all of them because he has been sent as a rahmat upon all the worlds. Also, he was sent to all nations and eras as a Prophet. The majority of mankind do not want to know this. There are those who are unaware, those who want to know. See, they do not know, but there are also those who do not want to know, and this is one of the greatest problems.

The poet also says, “O, Muhammad! You are Ahmad,” and “O, Muhammad! You are Mahmud,” and “You are Muhammad,” and through this name he points to other names. Ahmad, Mahmud, and Muhammad. These names have been praised by Allah. Muhammad is a servant (qul) who has been praised by Allah because the meaning of mahmud is praised. Muhammad means he who praises and is praised. Ahmad also means to praise and to be praised. See, he is a servant (qul) whom Allah praised, and that is why the name of the praised station is al-maqam al-mahmud. The praised station or al-maqam al-mahmud is in the centre of the ninth heaven (arsh-i âlâ) and it is the highest position in the Janna (Paradise), and it is Prophet Muhammad’s station. Janâb-i Haqq loved him and praised him. He is Allah’s beloved and he is praised by Allah. Muhammad is also a Murad Prophet at the same time. Janâb-i Haqq made him a completely Murad Prophet before, and that is Allah’s own wish. That is how Allah decreed and willed. That is why Prophet Muhammad is a completely Murad Prophet. Janâb-i Haqq has chosen him, and rendered him Murad. The essence of all jawhar is Muhammad. That is, Muhammad’s light. There is Muhammad’s light in the centre of all lights. Prophet Muhammad is the essence and essential substance (jawhar) of all universe and all creation. First creations are the light (nūr) of Muhammad, the Pen, and the Aql (reason). The very first things created were the Pen, the Aql, and the light (nūr) of Muhammad. That is why all humanity needs to discover Prophet Muhammad. Those who did should continue to discover him and also make others benefit from their discoveries.


Time Stamp: 20:39


Al-Quran Al-Karim should be discovered first. Universities of the ninth heaven (arsh) should be found all around the world and spread Al-Quran Al-Karim to the universe. It is the Book that embraces all humanity. It embraces people’s hearts. It embraces people’s souls. It encompasses people’s aql (reason), and gathers them in a centre of aql-e-saleem (pure intellect). It gathers faiths in the centre, which is monotheism. See, Allah’s mercy has manifested to the universe with Islam. It is not possible to narrate this rahmat and embrace mankind without Muhammad and the Quran. That is why they are ruining humanity. They ostracize Al-Quran Al-Karim. They try to ostracize Muhammad. People bring their own idols to the fore and neglect Muhammad, the Quran, and Allah. They are ruining themselves, and they are also trying to ruin other people. Now, let me give you an example. There are people who consider themselves contemporary and modern, and they claim they follow the way of Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha, but they follow other -isms, and they do not see anything other than their own leader, but they assume they have discovered heavens and the earth even though they can’t even see their own way. They are so wrong, but they do not know that because they assume they know everything. That is what is terrible, and they assume they follow his way. See, those people of -isms do not even properly know the people they follow. Let me give you an example of it.

Now, we see Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha preach a khutbah in Balıkesir. Anadolu Agency had leaked this to the press. Matbuat Umum Müdürlüğü directly issued it in the 93rd page of the book, “Gazi Paşa İzmir Yollarında.” İstihbarat Matbaası, Ankara.

Now, I will directly convey to you the khutbah of Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha. Those who say they follow the way of Ghazi Pasha should see this khutbah. Those who follow his way and claim to be on his way should pay attention to this khutbah. Whether you are on one side or another, let us not make any distinction, and listen to this khutbah and go after the truth. That said, we are not talking about all people of -isms. We are talking about those who do wrong.


Time Stamp: 25:15


As for those who do right, what is right is always right. The right things are for the benefit of all humanity. As for wrongs, no matter who does them, they are always harmful to its doer and humanity. The goal is to always seek what is right, real, and beneficial; and it has to be for the better good of humanity. It is necessary to ensure what is beneficial and good. That is, to bid what is right and repel loss, and for that we need to do what is for the benefit of humanity. That is contemporaneity and modernity. The purpose of science is also to acquire benefits. Its purpose is to achieve progress, development, and advancement. Otherwise, every era has a harmful, bad, and evil course of events, there will be harmful progress and advancement in loss and evil.  So, what about the tyrants who impose the wrongs and evil aspects of the era to people under the name of contemporaneity? They are the calamities of the era. Aren’t they the arch enemies of humanity? The purpose of science is benefit and progress, and the purpose of contemporaneity is to work for the better good of humanity, peace, and happiness. Allah, who created humans, knows what happiness is better than everyone. Al-Quran Al-Karim is the prescription of life and happiness. Allah Ta’ala has a right to impose it for Allah has the authority but Allah does not impose. Allah only tells us to spread the Book, and we are trying to do that.

Now, let me give you the example of the khutbah of Ghazi Pasha.

“People! Allah is One.” Do you know who says that? It is Ghazi Pasha. “Allah is exalted in glory. Allah is One, and exalted in glory. May Allah’s peace and grace and goodness be upon you. His majesty, Prophet Muhammad has been made the Messenger (Rasul) by Janâb-i Haqq, and his duty is to spread the truth to humanity. As all of you know, the basic law (kanun-i esasi or constitution) is the canon in the Glorious Quran. Our religion which gives spiritual happiness to people is the last religion. It is the perfect religion because our religion corresponds with reason, logic, and reality. If it did not correspond with logic, then it would have contradicted other divine laws of nature. That is because it is Janâb-i Haqq who made all laws of nature.”

Just compare these words to what is being done today.


Time Stamp: 30:00


“Friends! Janâb-i Prophet had owned two houses in his work. One was his own house, and the other was Allah’s house,” he refers to the mosque, “He would do the people’s work in Allah’s house. In this minute, we are in this sacred place, in the presence of Allah with the purpose of matters regarding our nation and our nation’s today and future by following the blessed ways of our Prophet. Those who graced me with this honour are Balıkesir’s pious and heroic people. I am very pleased for this reason. Friends! The mosques were not built so that we may sit about without looking at each other’s faces. The mosques were built to listen and worship, as well as to think about what needs to be done for religion and the world. Every person’s mind has to engage in nation affairs independently. So, let us reveal what we are thinking for religion and the world, our future, and especially for our sovereignty here. I do not wish to only say my own thoughts. I wish to understand what you are all thinking. National goals and sovereignty of the nation does not consist of what one individual thinks, rather it consists of unification of the desires and goals of every individual in the nation. Therefore, you are welcome to freely ask whatever you wish to learn from me.”

After the khutbah, he walked down the minbar, and listened to twenty adversary questions asked by various people, and answered the questions.

Now, let us analyse this khutbah for a second. Friends! This khutbah is an excellent khutbah! This khutbah is a perfect khutbah. Today, you have heard all these about Almighty Allah, the Messenger, Al-Quran Al-Karim, and that the Quran is the constitution, from the mouth of Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha. And the real message is given here. What kind of modern person benefits from snatching the Quran away from this nation, and turning this nation into an irreligious and faithless lot? Who will benefit from destroying morals (akhlaq), destroying Islamic morals (akhlaq), throwing mankind into immorality, and crumbling the morals of humanity? You cannot suppress Islam that contains morals (akhlaq), faith (iman), and honesty in its core, and it is the truth.


Time Stamp: 35:05


Everyone talks about integrity, but they have no root. Islam relies directly on Allah because it is divine. If you destroy it in the name of someone else, then someone else will destroy that and etc. However, if you destroy the truth, reality, true knowledge (ilm) and true faith (iman), then what is left? Then, did you work for the better good of humanity, or to the detriment and loss of humanity? Then, I will say this. Let everyone discover Ghazi Pasha correctly. Let everyone discover Al-Quran Al-Karim correctly. Let everyone discover Prophet Muhammad correctly. Let everyone discover their leaders and pioneers well. See, those who discovered Ghazi Mustafa Kemal Pasha should discover him by taking this khutbah into consideration.

If you take one word of Ghazi Pasha and neglect the other… If you take one aspect of Ghazi Pasha and neglect the other, then you will have destroyed Ghazi Pasha by your own hands, and you will not be doing any good. This goes for every matter. The whole has principles, and you should look at the principles of the whole. A whole is a whole with all its contents. If you neglect some important aspects of that whole, then it won’t be a whole, it will be ignored.

See, those who say they follow the way of Ghazi Pasha today; which aspect of Ghazi Pasha did they get and which aspect they did not, and which aspect did they put into the shades; they could not see, nor could they discover. If people have keen vision, then they should look at this matter with keen vision as well, and discover the truth and reality. Then, it will be possible to bring about many people like Ghazi Pasha from these sacred values. If you destroy the sacred values, then you will prevent the emergence of valuable figures, and you will have inflicted the greatest act of evil. Just have a look! Have a look at the 14 or 15 centuries of history of Islam! Those people of science, statespeople, heroes, brave fellows, and heroes that bring glory to the world who came in the history of Islam. They emerged from Islam’s bosom and the Islamic nation throughout 14 to 15 centuries. If you misrepresent the figures and elders who came from the heart of Islam and try to pull them right or left according to your own ideology, -ism, and philosophy, and pull them to the centre, below, or up; then you will not be doing any good. They will not be known correctly either. You have to consider things in detail, where have all grand figures been raised throughout history? For example, Umar. See the Umar before Islam, and see the Umar after Islam, when he became a Muslim. See how Islam raises, enhances, and changes a person.


Time Stamp: 40:00


See Siddiq and Aliyyul Murtadha. See people like Umar ibn-i Abdulaziz. See people like Alp Arslan, and Malik-Shah, and Osman Ghazi, and Tughril Beg, and Mehmet the II, and Suleiman the Lawgiver, and then look at today. Islam came to unfailingly elevate humanity, and to embrace and save all humanity. I will say this, “You should neither betray your own nation and become a traitor, nor betray other nations. Islam is a reality, and it came to embrace and save all humanity. Islam wipes off all falsehoods. Those who call Islam falsehood are completely benighted people whose spiritual worlds have been corrupted. Islam is not noncontemporary. Those who claim that are travelling towards the dungeon in the deepest place of Jahannam (Hell). One cannot insult Allah. Islam is a divine order. The Quran is a divine Book. Muhammad is Allah’s Messenger. We have famous state people, well-known heroes, and valuable soldiers who have been raised in this way. There has never been anyone in the world who established world dominance other than Muslims. Such a glorious history has not been bestowed upon any nation other than Muslims. A few years of brilliant periods are nothing compared to that. Just take a look at the world. It is mandatory to establish word dominance, justice in the world, true secularism, and accept secularism as a domain of freedoms. Secularism is a domain of freedoms, and justice is implemented in that domain, and superiority of law is there. If you try to murder true secularism in the name of false secularism, then you would be doing the greatest evil act against secularism. If you try to push the religion into narrow corners, and say the field of religion only consists of what is in your small brain, then know that it is actually beginningless and endless, and you would be doing the greatest evil against the religion. If you want to be enlightened in the everlasting light of the religion, then all minds and souls will be enlightened there. Religion is not in a single mind, all minds are enlightened in the religion. Religion is an utterly beginningless and endless comprehension. The religion is not an establishment, system, or order that can be confined to mosques. The religion is the name of the beginningless and endless order that Allah established. The religion is a sacred term that encompasses the world, heavens, eternity past, and eternity future. It consists of Allah’s laws. Can you say that Allah has no laws on the earth? Can you say Allah has no laws in the heavens? Can you say that Allah has no laws in eternity past and eternity future? The religion of Islam encompasses laws of eternity past and eternity future. If you could not understand Al-Quran Al-Karim, then it is not to blame. You are to blame. I am to blame if I did not understand it. So, let us try to understand Al-Quran Al-Karim. Let us embrace each other. Allah’s rahmat is vast. Allah’s mercy is vast. There are two beginningless and endless tables that Allah set up.


Time Stamp: 45:05


One of them is the table of rahmat-i rahman, and Allah created the universe with it, and placed all humans into this rahmat. That includes believers and disbelievers, and all creatures sit at this table and eat. There is also a second table, at which only those who obey Allah, only those who believe and obey, only those who implement the sharia (law) of Islam can sit. What is that table? That is Allah’s table of Jamal (Beauty) in Janna (Paradise). Faith (iman) and good deeds (amal-e-saleh) are prerequisites of sitting at that table for eternity because once you sit at that table, it is a table as a reward of the test in the world, it is an everlasting table of pleasure. There is no work, no sickness, no death. A life that has been set to youth and everlasting happiness forever and ever. A life that suits Janna (Paradise). Janâb-i Haqq manifested the religion of Islam to with Muhammad and the Quran in order to prepare the most blissful life in this world and the next, and presented the life-giving light (nūr). Allah wanted all humanity to be happy. Islam is not an order established by Arabs or Turks. Islam is the order of Allah which has been offered to all servants (qul), and Prophet Muhammad is the Prophet of all nations and all eras. He is not the Prophet of Arabs or Prophet of non-Arabs. He is the Prophet of humanity. If Arabs and Turks have believed, then they fulfilled their duties in the best possible manner. Also, if one has not believed and the other followed him, then they ruined themselves. Islam does not impose, but also makes no concessions to the truth. See, there is death in the way of the Real (al-Haqq), but there is no going back. You may be torn to pieces in the way of the Real (al-Haqq), but you may not make concessions to the faith (iman) of Islam. That is, a Muslim cannot prefer disbelief (kufr). He may die and be torn to pieces but he will not give up his faith (iman). He will not abandon the truth and reality because he will be given a greater rank when he dies. That is, he will reach Janna (Paradise); he will reach a daraja (degree) that martyrs reach, and become a martyr. That is true martyrdom, it is to be in the way of Allah. If your wealth, property, position, chair, homeland, nation is in the way of Allah, and if you obey Allah as a society, as a nation, as a state, individually and as a whole… And when you establish a national spirit that obeys Almighty Allah, then true power, state, victory, salvation is here, and that is also the remedy of ensuring peace in the world because Islam is nothing but peace. Islam does not leave the field open for tyrants. Islam does not give a chance to tyranny and injustice. Islam does not give a chance to disbelief (kufr) or polytheism (shirk). However, it gives freedom to all nations under its sovereignty on condition that the Real (al-Haqq) is predominant. See, all nations can live freely on condition that they recognize Allah’s sovereignty and justice. There won’t be peace or justice by destroying the truth. For one thing, those who fail earth fail mostly due to that.


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They search for peace elsewhere and can’t find it. Why? Because they destroy peace, and they think they work for it. Peace itself is in the religion of Islam which embraces the universe with rahmat and mercy of Allah. Is there something better than Islam that embraces humanity with rahmat, mercy, love, rights and remedies? Is there another such divine establishment in the world other than Islam? This philosophy says this and that philosophy says that. They have rights and wrongs, but Allah has no wrongs. Allah is free and away from wrongs, imperfections, and faults. Allah is Subḥān. Allah is As-Subbuh (Glorified) and Al-Quddūs (The Most Holy). That is why, you cannot discover without knowing Allah, without knowing Allah’s book, without knowing Allah’s laws, without knowing Allah’s laws in the heavens and in the earth, without knowing the written laws, without discovering these, without seeing how beautifully they embrace humanity with arms of mercy, without seeing how it embraces with love, and encompasses with justice. When will you know all that? You will know when you truly discover Islam and Al-Quran Al-Karim. People are happy to the extent of the work they do for good. They will be unhappy and miserable when they work for fallacy. I am using this language so that everyone may understand.


Time Stamp: 52:25


–          The End        –


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