Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 23

Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 23

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 23


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most Merciful. Dearest friends! Our lesson continues. Our previous topic was the soul. And in this lesson which is our 23rd lesson, we shall continue with the same topic. Soul is the essence of life. It also incorporates feelings, conscience, intellect, comprehension, and will into its structure. As for phycology, it views soul as conscience. It studies the soul as an action and reaction instance. The soul has certain powers as well. There are, for example, sensual feelings such as pain, pleasure, liking, and hate. As for mental powers, these are comprehension, thought, idea, and contemplation. It has intellectual properties which actuate people, like desires and will. So, it means that all of our powers are within our soul. As for our body, it is like an apparel for our soul. The soul manifests itself in the body, organs, systems, and cells. There is a great affect from soul to body and vice versa. You see, man is made out of soul and body. The meaning of life is enhanced as the soul develops. So, what does enhance and develop the soul? You see, that is all that matters. That is our point of interest. The soul is degraded by means of doing haram and sinful things, polytheism, and nifaq (strife). As for belief (iman), Islam and its principles; these values give life to the soul. These values give life to the body, and thus the soul develops. The soul can be enhanced and developed via Islam, and the Glorious Quran. The soul that encompasses all souls, the grand soul, is the soul of Muhammad. Besides, he is the imam of all prophets. My dearest friends. Dearest audience! So, if you study mankind as of its innate nature, we see here that there is a human innate nature that Islam revealed. Besides, it is Allah who revealed Islam. And it is Allah who created mankind. You see, Islam came in order to enhance mankind. It came to give life to mankind. It came to manifest the perfect human model. So, Janâb-i Haqq created man with an innate nature (fitrah) of Islam. And the advancement of mankind became possible via Islam, Quran, and Prophet Muhammad. Allah made it possible for man to attain advancement by means of Islam. Man, and their souls cannot advance and develop without Islam. It does not matter in which realm the souls compete. The souls without belief (iman) will always go down. And the souls with belief (iman), and good deeds go up. The souls with belief (iman) get ranks and degrees. On the other hand, those who advance in disbelief (kufr) and polytheism (shirk) will only go down. They only go down and receive istidraj (gradual destruction). The former receives karamat (wonders) and the latter receives istidraj (gradual destruction).


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They confuse what is right and what is wrong. They confuse haqq (truth), and batil (wrong). The correct human model is the one that Islam introduced. That is the true life-style. The correct life-style, that Allah Ta’ala wishes is the life-style manifested via Islam. That is why Islam was offered to mankind. That is why people are obliged to this. Allah wants to overwhelm us with rahmat (blessing) in this world and the next. Allah wants wo overwhelm us with endless blessings of Rahmat al-Rahman (blessing of the Most Gracious) and Rahmat al-Rahim (blessing of the Most Merciful), and take us into Janna (Paradise). Yet people retreat and prefer going down. It is not possible to escape from Allah. That is not a possibility. Allah created, and encompassed all worlds. So, the soul can only advance in one way. That way is Islam, and belief (iman). But, which belief (iman)? You see, that is the tawhid belief (monotheistic belief) that Islam, Quran, and Prophet Muhammad introduced. First, know Allah by Allah’s Names and Attributes. Then explore Al-Quran Al-Karim. Then, you will understand what true belief (iman) is. The greatest possible favor to mankind is to tell the truth to people.  As for adulation, that is the greatest evil act that can be done to mankind. Especially when it comes to itiqad (faith), deed (amel), moral, and religious matters. It is the greatest evil act to person himself and mankind to confuse the truth with superstition (batil), and to do adulation. The soul has ranks and degrees. The greatest souls are the souls of the prophets who attained prophethood. Their souls are considered as perfect souls. First and foremost among them comes the soul of Prophet Muhammad. You see, miracles (mujizat) and wahy (revelation) are sciences above comprehension. This is important. You see, miracles (mujizat) and wahy (revelation) are sciences above comprehension. These sciences are above comprehension and intellect. These are supernatural sciences. These came to the Prophet directly from Allah. These are miracles that occured in our Prophet. These are why-i ilahi (divine revelations) that came from Allah to the Prophet. These are the utmost sciences (ilm) one by one. These are the sources of the truth and reality. These give life to all worlds, and mankind. You see, right now we are in the life-giving lesson. We shall continue to get advice from this life-giving order until grave. Also, we will try to find life with them. That is why we have to be helpful to one another. There are people who are conditioned to ordinary. They are conditioned to whatever they got used to. These people act with the lowest possible form of intellect. They have denied miracles (mujizat), and wahy-i ilahi (divine revelation). Thus, their minds have shrunk. Besides, they became prisoners of batil (wrong) things, which is indeed a pity. A sane person cannot deny a matter of intellect and ilm (knowledge). There is an utter bigotry here. Also, when you deny a matter of intellect and ilm (knowledge) you will only find bigotry and ignorance, which are harmful to you and the mankind.


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That is abode of fundamentalism, conditioning, and lingering on taboos. It is Prophet Muhamad who said, “He whose two days are equal, is at a loss.” It is Islam, and the Prophet of Blessings who said that. You cannot prison all things in empirical sciences. Not everything consist of the experiments people conduct. You can’t prison mankind into experiments. You see, you should avoid overdoing and underdoing. Then, you should go towards new inventions and discoveries. In other words, always advance. The soul is on the side of advancement. You see, when you deny wahy-i ilahi (divine revelation) when you deny ilm (knowledge) when you deny miracles (mujizat) and when you block intellect you stand against advancement and intellect. You should continue conducting experiments. You should continue on researches. You should go towards new inventions and discoveries. But what do you think you’ll achieve by denying Allah, miracles (mujizat) and wahy-i ilahi (divine revelation)? You are only going down. Do not forget about advancement and change. The religion of Islam is on the side of continuous development and advancement. When you block belief (iman) with disbelief (kufr), and absolve belief (iman), degrading begins. Yet you think you are advancing. The Iblīs (devil) roams about in east and west. But he has no chance of going up. That chance is long gone, because he was driven out. He was driven out because he did not acknowledge the divine order and caliphate. Caliphate is rulership of the servants of Allah in this world. That rulership is subject to Allah’s laws. Otherwise, a person coming out and saying he is a caliph, and that he will be the ruler is not caliphate. The caliphate is dominance of Allah’s laws over man. In other words, it is the divine order. Caliphate is when divine laws are in effect. You see, mankind is appointed here. Mankind is commissioned to implement these laws. The Iblīs (devil) objected to this, that is why he was driven out. So, he took the chance of going up from himself. He neither believed nor he did repent. He insisted on evil. He insisted on enmity towards man. His enmity was towards caliphate, which is the divine order. Caliphate does not consist of rulership of a few people either. Caliphate is divine rulership. Man is created to fulfil that purpose. Otherwise even Pharaoh can’t come out, not recognize Allah, and say his will should happen. No one can say what Allah says shall not happen. Or, belittle Allah’s laws. There is a mindset that says Allah’s laws are outdated. How will they save themselves from Allah tomorrow? Neither Allah nor Allah’s laws can be outdated. You see, there is a divine order like Islam and Quran, which is ahead of all ages, and incorporated all ages. So, you are actually trying to stand in the way of belief (iman) when you say such things. You can’t stand in the way of Allah. That way you can only block yourself. You also block the ones you deceive. You would be going down where you could go up. Isn’t that a pity? We are all children of Adam. We are servants of Allah. That way you ruin yourself and the mankind. And you are ruining the ones you deceived. That is work of Iblīs (devil). These are skills of Iblīs (devil). You should abandon Iblīs (devil) and return to Allah.


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You should first acknowledge the rulership of Allah in order to be on Allah’s side. You should acknowledge Allah’s laws. Do not forget that when you die, you’ll rise and be brought to account by Allah. Do you think you’ll escape from this by denying? A criminal may be caught while escaping too. So, what happens when a person loves Allah? He believes with pleasure, and surrender naturally. You can never escape, even if you try. You can’t escape for Allah’s armies have encompassed all worlds. Allah has endless armies. You can’t even escape a single soldier of Azrail Alaihissalam. You may have this or that in the world. It is no good even if all armies of earth is yours. That is, when Azrail Alaihissalam comes. So, come brother! Come, and surrender to Allah by having belief (iman). And enter into the service of Allah. This not subjection to a person. This is subjection to Allah. Prophets and authentic âlims (Islamic scholars) call people to Allah. But the servants of Shaitan (devil) call people to themselves. If an alim (Islamic scholar), or a murshid (guide, teacher) is calling to himself, there is something wrong there. The one who calls to Allah narrates Quran as Quran, without disrupting it. With his discovery of Quran he only deduces what is unknown via known. He conveys the wisdom without abandoning the authentic text when it comes to tafsir (exegesis) and tawil (interpretation) of Quran. You see, following the way of these experts is following the way of the mujtahids, which is the way of Ahlus Sunnah. You should conduct your work without deviating from this way. You should surrender to the commandments of Islam, and Quran. You should affirm (tasdiq) them with your heart so that belief (iman) may settle in. You should avow your belief (iman) so that both Allah and people may know you as a Muslim. If you won’t avow (iqrār) your belief (iman), then you are hiding the truth from the wrong (batil), which is never permissible (jaiz). If you hide your belief (iman), then you will not be treated as a Muslim. It is not permissible (jaiz) to hide it unless there is a danger of death. And even if there is a danger of death it is not a merit. It is only a permission. That is why you should come brother! Dearest audience! Allah has created you in ahsan-i taqwīm (the best form). We call you as dearest for you are created in such a beautiful and decent way. You should never endear disbelief (kufr). You should never endear polytheism (shirk). You should never endear nifaq (strife), you cannot endear a cruel person. Fasiq and faajir (sinner) people cannot be endeared either. Endearing them is an insult to actual well-mannered people. That is completely contrary to the truth. You cannot adulate cruelty. You should walk towards new inventions. Never forget about advancements. Islam is based on ilm (knowledge), intellect, miracle (mujizat) and wahy-i ilahi (divine revelation). You should never forget that. So, what is Islam based on? Islam is based on ilm (knowledge), intellect, miracle (mujizat) and wahy-i ilahi (divine revelation). Islam is a Sun of Love that shines and is fadeless. Islam is compassion from a to z. Islam is rahmat (blessing), truth (haqq), and reality. Islam is divine revelation, and divine laws. What do you think objecting to Islam will bring except ruining yourself forever? It is not possible to achieve success in that. Islam is he order that Allah established. Islam cannot be defeated. Islam cannot be prisoned. Islam cannot become a captive. Because, Islam is the order in the side and presence of Allah.


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It is the order that Allah established. Can anyone afford standing against Allah? A Muslim may be martyred for death is inevitable. Martyrdom is the greatest rank. You may kill Muslims, or prison them. You may sentence them to severest punishments. The souls of a Muslim shall roam in prison free. That soul shall rise in rank rapidly, and he will say the word Allah. It is impossible to stand in the way of a heart. It is impossible to stand in the way of a soul. A Muslim shall say Allah as long as he lives. And when he dies his soul shall start ascending towards Allah. A Muslim strain every nerve in order to attain the favor of Allah Ta’ala. That is what a Muslim is, my dearest brother. Tales, romans, nonsense, superstion, and made-up things have no place in Islam. Islam is the Sun of Reality that is brighter than the Sun. That is why all beauties are in Islam. Everything about Islam is based on beauties, rahmat (blessing), mercy and justice. Islam desires the happiness of man. For the contexture of Islam is mankind, and their happiness. There is no segregation or marginalization. It is not the Muslims who call forth marginalization in Islam. Those are the people of disbelief (kufr) who stand against belief (iman). You see, belief (iman) is a reality, and an essential. Now, disbelief (kufr) attacks belief (iman), and says they are separatists. O, disbeliever (kafir), who has disbelief (kufr)! Islam, and belief (iman) are realities. You oppose to it, and segregate it. In that case, won’t Islam defend itself Batil (wrong) defends itself, but do you think the truth (haqq) will not? Do you think Allah will surrender to you in chains? Islam is the order of Allah. Renounce this rascality, and come to your senses. Renounce from what is wrong, you are slandering. A Muslim says he is a Muslim and fulfils the obligations of Islam. That is an absolute commandment of Allah. You are the seperatist when you segregate the Muslims. You are the reactionist, and the bigot. Freedom of religion is written in every constitution. But you only apply it when you like. On the other hand you try to punish the Muslim folk. You ignore the freedom of religion, and the constitution which you are head of. But, of course, we do not have a word against those sided with the truth (haqq) and justice. Our words are for the mindset that stands against the truth (haqq). Our words are against the mindset that objects to the reality. Islam is social justice. Islam is the compassion and mercy that embrace all people. You slandering bigot! Acknowledge Islam! O, the rascal who thinks he put out the Sun by blowing on it. I speak to you for I pity you. Come, renounce that attitude, and come to belief (iman) and Islam. Become a Muslim, and enter into the service of Allah. Islamic laws are divine laws. When you say you do not acknowledge these laws, you’ll be no good for other than being servants to a Pharaoh. If you do not, you will continue causing segregation in the world. If you do not, you will continue to worship idols and taboos. Islam had destroyed the idols. And Islam invites man to the eternal and real trip to freedom. Islam is a way to eternal freedom. Islam is subjection to Allah. Muslims are free from everything except Allah. There are people who think nothing of religion and ilm (knowledge). Yet, they go after miracles (mujizat).


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They think theirs are new ideas and new opinions. They can’t go beyond being primitive, ignorant, deviant, irregular. The laws within Al-Quran Al-Karim universal laws. You do not even know the Quran. You are reading the book of someone else. Why don’t you go ahead and discover a verse from Quran? Each and every verse of Al-Quran Al-Karim is a divine law. As for the doors of ijtihad (reasoning), they are open until the Last Day. You acknowledge someone else’s laws, and perform ijtihad via those laws. You should study Al-Quran Al-Karim and perform ijtihad (reasoning) through it. You will find the best and most contemporary answers to all ages in Al-Quran Al-Karim. The miracle (mujizat) of Quran is the universal laws. As for the divine aid, that is for the prophets. And it is the souls that carry these morals. You see, a person who is sided with Quran, and the Prophet is sided with Allah. Therefore, he is in under the protection of Allah. You see, the advancement of the souls are bound to this. The souls that carry these morals are the ones that ascent. The humanity shall advance when you stop blocking Islam. The entire mankind shall advance when you teach Islam to people in a proper manner. You should teach Al-Quran Al-Karim to the world in the best possible way. You should not restrict it. Freedom shall come to the entire world when you teach Islam to people nicely. The world will experience a complete justice. Yet, if you restrict Islam, disbelief (kufr) and ignorance will come. Then, you will see that the tyrants have a free hand in where ignorance is present. Just take a look at this small minority that exploit 82 million people for years, who are they? Then, take a glance at the imperialists who devour the world and exploit the rights of seven billion people with this or that excuse. And look at the Zionists. Also, you should check out their annual activity reports on countries. You will see how the nations, the poor, the destitute, the orphans and needy are being exploited. You will see how humanity is brutally murdered. You should make Islam dominant over the world. And implement the divine justice, which is the mercy of Allah. Then, you’ll not see even an ant getting hurt. Man is the most noble creature. It is the religion of Islam that does not let anyone speak ill about man. Islam is what attaches value to man. For it is Allah who revealed Islam, and it is Allah who created us. Allah presented Islam to mankind. We are talking about this true Islam. There are ill-suited ascriptions to the prophets in Torah and Bible. I advise you to open Torah and look, it slanders the prophets. Same goes for Bible too. These are actually slandering to the actual Torah that belongs to Allah. The false and fabricated Torah is slandering the authentic Torah. The false and fabricated Bible is slandering the real Bible. The prophets are all grand figures. The prophets and all divine books are incorporated into Islamic amantu (creed). Islam does not let anyone speak ill about any divine book. Yet, there are fabricated books that use Torah’s name. There are false books written under the name of Bible. You see, they rain down slanders upon prophets. These unsuitable ascriptions to the prophets are a result of this distortion. So, why did this happen? Torah was distorted and manipulated, same goes for Bible too.


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True Musa and Isa that true Bible narrates is different. The true Musa and Isa that Torah narrated was different. They are honored servants of Allah, they are prophets. Isa (Jesus) Alaihissalam is son of Maryam. He is fatherless, he has a mother. Adam Alaihissalam was created out of nothing, without a father or mother. Is Allah not powerful (qadīr) to create in all sorts of ways? Is it not Allah who knows all manners of creating. Is it not Allah who created these worlds? Then, show us another creator? That is, if you do not acknowledge these facts. If you do not acknowledge Allah Quran, Muhammad, prophethood, divine books and wahy-i ilahi (divine revelation), then show us another creator. There can’t be another creator. The only creator is Allah Ta’ala, and there is no other divinity. Allah is subhān (glorified). Allah is wa Ta’ala wa Taqaddas (almighty and free from imperfections). Allah is Tabāraka and Ta’ala. Allah is Al-Quddus (the Holy) and Al-Subbuh (Praised, Glorified). Allah is attributed with perfect (kamal) sifāts (attributes). And Allah is free from imperfect sifāts (attributes). Jibrīl was called as Ruh al-Qudus (The Holy Spirit) so that he may be glorified. That is why Gabriel Alaihissalam was called as Ruh al-Qudus (The Holy Spirit). The 17th verse of Surah Maryam narrates Jibrīl’s coming to Maryam in human form and heralding of Isa (Jesus) Alaihissalam. You see, Jibrīl Alaihissalam came and heralded Isa Alaihissalam to our mother Maryam. The Jews had slandered Isa (Jesus) Alaihissalam, and Maryam. Janâb-i Haqq heralded Isa Alaihissalam to Maryam via Ruh al-Qudus (The Holy Spirit). Islam has protected both Isa (Jesus) Alaihissalam and our mother Maryam from the slanders of the Jews. Against those slanders, right now, Isa and Maryam are shielded in the amantu (creed) of Islam, and Al-Quran Al-Karim. Those slanders only suit the Zion Jews themselves. Those are their fabrications. Maryam was a chaste woman. As for Isa (Jesus), he was not a bastard, but son of Maryam. He is a servant of Allah, and a Prophet. He came to herald the coming of Prophet Muhammad. The Bible was sent down to him. He is the Prophet of his own period. Such a pity that they did not give him a respite. They wanted to crucify him. Then, Allah saved him from their hands. Now, let us talk about the 102nd verse of Surah al-Nahl, and Prophet Muhammad (saw). It is narrated in the verse that Al-Quran Al-Karim came down with Jibrīl, or rather Ruh al-Qudus (The Holy Spirit). They martyred Zakariya (Zachariah) and Yahyā (John). And they wanted to crucify Isa (Jesus). So, they have done all these things to kill him. They did the same things in order to kill Prophet Muhammad as well. Abū Jahl had agreed with the polytheists in Mecca. They wanted to assassinate him with all kinds of methods. Yet, Allah never gave them a chance. For Allah does not put out the candle Allah has lit. It is Allah who lit the light of Islam. Allah made Islam shine. And Islam shall continue to shine until the eternity. Can they blow upon the Sun and put it out, even if all disbelievers (kāfirs) of the world gathered. Can be sun be put out by blowing upon it? Can you get rid of the Sun by closing your eyes, and denying its existence? You become blind when you close your eyes, and there is nothing more.


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You may not see it but the Sun continues to shine Yet, we do not want you to become miserable. Come and get your share of this sun of belief (iman) and Islam. May belief (iman) shine through your heart! May Quran give life to you! You see, Al-Quran Al-Karim is the life-giving book. Every word of it is kalam (speech) of Allah. There is a minimum of ten rewards (thawābs) for you if you recite a single letter of it. That reward (thawāb) and light gives you life. Quran gives you life. It gives life to your belief, soul, heart and life-style. It gives order and regularity to your world. Islam designs a complete life, a peerless, perfect, and modern life-style for you. Allah has brought and established this order. And we need brave fellows to believe and live in this Palace of Islam. We need brave fellows who have belief (iman). You see, all believers are in that Palace. Also, everyone will get as much reward as they work. What is more is that they shall attain the favor of Allah. We will see the beauty of Islam if Muslims perform their duties properly. Now, another must of discovering Islam and Quran is that the Muslims of the world must know Islam and display the beauties in Islam. The last fourteen centuries, and this glorious history is the proof. The sun of Islam has enlightened the world for fourteen centuries. Why should it not enlighten us today, and tomorrow? Do Muslims perform their duties properly? No, they do not. You know about the state of affairs Bani Isra’il was in against Torah and Musa (Moses) in history. That is the same as the relaxedness, carelessness of Muslims. for the last century. The Muslims have drifted apart from Quran and the light of Islam. The Muslims drifted away from the life-giving life-style of Islam. These are the reasons if Muslims are in misery today. Muslims have to embrace this divine order, and the glorious Quran again. That is salvation for both them and mankind. The savior is Allah, and the holy values Allah introduced. The life-giver is the values of Islam. Islam consist of values from a to z. These are all divine values. Islam does not consist of man-made values. Islam is divine. [16:102] “qul nazzalahū rūḥu l-qudusi min rabbika bi-l-ḥaqqi li-yuthabbita lladhīna ʾāmanū wa-hudan wa-bushrā li-l-muslimīn” You see, dearest friends! [16:102] “Say, ‘This has been brought down by Ruh al-Qudus (The Holy Spirit) from your Rabb (Lord) rightly (as due).’” That is, Al-Quran Al-Karim. [16:102] “To give good tidings to those who believe and those who are guided.” You see! “li-l-muslimīn” There are good news here for the Muslims. For Janâb-i Haqq makes firm and gives good news to the ones who have belief (iman), and who are rightly guided. And says that is why Allah sent down Al-Quran Al-Karim. To reveal who believes and who don’t. The Muslims, the true Muslims shall be given good news. That is, for those who believe. Now, this is important.


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Quran is a complete guidance and good news for those who believe. And that is completely for the Muslims. Islam, and belief (iman); one is the inner the other is the outer world for a Muslim. Belief (iman) shines in your inner world. As for Islam, it shines radiantly in your outer and inner world. That is, when you live the true Islam. Inside your head a mindset that shines with the light of Quran shall occur. As for your heart, it will shine radiantly with the belief (iman) of Quran. That is Allah created man with an innate nature of Islam. That is why Allah introduced us this human model as an exemplary leader. Prophet Muhammad is an example of Islam, and he is a pioneer figure. He is he figure that shall be taken as an example until the eternity. He is the exemplary figure that should be imitated. The individual that is our leader is Prophet Muhammad. He is al-Insān al-Kāmil (the complete person). He is the imam of the prophets. He is the utmost Awliya (Islamic Saint). He is Rasul-u Kibriyā (the glorified prophet). He is the chief of Ruz-i Cezâ (the Last Day). In the authentic Torah, Prophet Muhammad was described as follows. Torah said he had a beautiful face, his hair was nice, middle-height, and has white skin. Torah narrated his other attributes correct as well. Yet in the distorted Torah he was narrated as tall and with normal hard. Please, pay attention to this part. The disrupted Torah said he had blue eyes. So, why did they distort Torah? They changed the verses in Torah that describe Prophet Muhammad. They did this so that people may not become Muslims. Why did they distort it? They feared they may lose the chairmanship so they distorted Torah. They did it due to fear of position and chair. These are people of world. They are only interested in this world. The world has entered their brains. Their privilege in the afterlife (ākhira) has been cut off. Then, they drifted apart from Allah and aligned themselves with Iblis. After the victory in Battle of Khaybar, they offered poisoned lamb meat to our Prophet. They wanted to poison and kill our Prophet. Dearest friends! No one has a chance of killing someone if Allah wants him to live. If Allah Ta’ala destined him to live, be victor and succeed, no one can get in the way. Everything has its own designated corner stone and there is a measure for everything. In every setting, what is deserved is given by Allah right there. Allah said that Prophet Muhammad was sent as a rahmat (blessing) to all worlds. Allah said that, and Allah commissioned him. This trickery of yours may only destroy you. You could not do anything to Prophet Muhammad. That was not possible. He was risen in rank. He was risen in rank continuously. As for you, your disbelief (kufr) has risen continuously. You kept descending down. By that you only ruined yourself. Maybe if you did not, many people would have become Muslims. You blocked that. That is the situation in past, in today, and it will be the same tomorrow. Also, in the 24th verse of Surah Muhammad, the word “qulb” is mentioned. The word “qulb – قُلفُ” mean “covered, sealed, hard-hearted, obstinate, cursed, having a curtain over the heart and running from guidance”. Torah said them they will be saved by the End Time Prophet.


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You see, that was written in Torah al-Sharif (the glorious Torah). Torah al-Sharif (the glorious Torah) said that. What was written in it? Torah said them they will be saved by the End Time Prophet. They were waiting for him. They were praying to show him respect. So, what did they do then? These are prophet-killers. They wanted to murder Prophet Muhammad just like they murdered other prophets. What about what Torah said? What about what you said? What did you do in the end? Now, our words are not for who became Muslims, who has seen the truth (haqq),and who has been bound to the real Torah. They betrayed their own Torah. They betrayed their own Prophet. Then, they contemplated the same infidelity for Prophet Muhammad. They have been shedding blook in Palestine for years. And there are people who side with this bloodbath. They are implementing genocide, what does this got to do with Torah? What does this got to do with Musa (Moses)? These people are servants of Zionists and Imperialists. Torah does not order that. But the Torah that they made up says so. They had lost the blessings given to them. They had lost their land. They were living under captivity. Their last hope was Prophet Muhammad. But they denied him for he was an Arab. They denied him and became hostile to him. You see, Zionism and racism showed itself in them as well. They objected to Prophet Muhammad for he came as an Arab. However, what is the root of Israel? Their root is Ishak (Isaac) Alaihissalam. So, who is Ishak (Isaac) Alaihissalam? Is he not the brother of Ishmael? Prophet Muhammad is a descendant of Ishmael. So, what is the root of Bani Isra’il? They come from Ishak (Isaac). They come from the lineage of Ya’qub (Jacop). These are both brothers in terms of lineage. There is an utter fascist and Zionist mindset even between their own lineage, and two brothers. They discriminate between two brothers. They denied to Prophet Muhammad for he came from the lineage of Ishmael who is son of Abraham. Why on earth did they do that? They have done these things. They said they would have accepted him had he came from the lineage of Ishak (Isaac), within Bani Isra’il. Should Allah have consulted you before sending Muhammad as a Prophet? Does Allah answer to you? You should renounce this ill thought. You did not renounce yesterday. We are telling this to those who did not renounce. Renounce today and become Muslims. Islam is the religion of all worlds, and all nations. Prophet Muhammad is the Prophet of all nations. That is just like Allah is the Rabb (Lord) of all worlds. Allah gave this duty to Muhammad. And Allah sent Al-Quran Al-Karim. And Allah manifested the religion of Islam. This has no other meaning. That is just like what Iblis did to Adam. Iblis, and all shaitans under the command of Iblis have been enemies of our father Adam from the beginning. When Janâb-i Haqq introduced them the caliphate (successorship) of man, Iblis objected right from the beginning. That is just like what Iblis had done to Adam. They disgraced themselves. These bāzirgāns were struck by Allah’s wrath and fury again. Of course, they will be struck. There is no waging war against Allah. You cannot fight with Allah and win.


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You will definitely be struck by Allah’s and wrath and fury. But Islam tells you to come to the rahmat (blessing). Islam tells you to not go and incur Allah’s wrath. Allah’s rahmat (blessing) ahead of Allah’s wrath. But you choose to go for the wrath. [2:40] “Remember My blessing which I bestowed upon you, and fulfill My covenant.” Now, who says that? [2:40] “yā-banī ʾisrāʾīla dhkurū niʿmatiya llatī…” Ilâ ahiri’l ayeh (the verse continues). Janâb-i Haqq addresses Bani Isra’il in this verse and similar verses. [2:40] “So that I may fulfill My promise.” [2:41] “And believe in Quran, and do not be among the first disbelievers (kāfirs), and be wary of Me [alone], and do not sell My signs (verses) for a paltry gain.” And do not distort Torah, fearing you may lose your chairmanship. [2:41] “wa-ʾāminū bi-mā ʾanzaltu…” Ilâ ahiri’l ayeh (the verse continues). Allah says, „believe in that which I have sent down.“ In other words, „believe in the Quran that I have sent down,“ says Allah. Such a pity that some people have lost this chance. And some people grasped this chance. The Jewish scholars who read the true Torah became Muslims. Yet some people were servants of this world. They said they may lose the chairmanship. They feared they may lose their rank and position. That is why they could not become Muslims. That situation, the same thing had occurred in Christendom as well, which was a pity. Dar al-Islam is the place in which you may live peacefully. So, what does „Dar“ mean? Dar means, the place in which you may live peacefully, and the complete phrase is Dar al-Islam. Islam is the religion that granted all rights and freedoms of mankind. In other words, Allah’s justice is manifested via Islam. No one has a right to speak ill about Islam after seeing those who do not implement Islam correctly. For is a person is not implementing Islam correctly, then he is to blame. Islam cannot be blamed in that event. There is the word “baṣīr” in 40:20. It means All-Seeing. It means knowing all secrets and having a complete grasp of all things. You see, Janâb-i Haqq is the All-Seeing. And it is Allah who gives the ability to see to all creatures that can see. The Yahud (Jews) believe that they will establish a state in Bayt al-Maqdis‘ due to their tawil (allegorical interpretation) of the belief of afterlife. They say they will establish a state in what they call promised lands, which is Bayt al-Maqdis‘. They say they will invade the word, and become the sole ruler of world and others will perish. This is their belief of afterlife (ākhira), and their ideal. These are fabricated lies and slanders that are completely unrelated to Torah. Their idea and Musa (Moses) are completely dissimilar. These are fabricated lies. That is an utter lie fabricated by udder Zionism. For there is no such thing in the principles introduced by Torah and Bible. That would be a slander to Torah and Musa (Moses). Musa (Moses) is a grand Prophet. And Torah is a divine book. In their own books that they have fabricated many false articles. They have placed the most treacherous articles in it, such as this one or similar ones, and these are done against the mankind.


Time Stamp: 55:06


They fabricated these articles themselves, and placed them in their fabricated book. They did write and distort it. The Jews incurred Allah’s wrath due to their ill will, violation of ahd (covenant), denying the Prophethood of Prophet Muhammad, enmity towards friends of Allah, and Jibrīl Alaihissalam, disloyalty, blindfolding, deviancy, not accepting the verses in Torah that herald Prophet Muhammad (asw) and many other reasons. The Jews incurred Allah’s wrath due to all these things. The Jews had asked many questions to our Prophet. Let us hear some of them. How can a child look like the mother even though nuṭfatan (semen) is from the father? Our Prophet answered by saying the child will look like the one whose water predominates the other. Another question of the Jews is this: They asked about the meal that Israel rendered haram (sinful) for themselves. Our Prophet answered by quoting Yaqub (Jacob) Alaihissalam. He said, „If I get better from this sickness, I will not eat camel meat and I will not drink its milk.“ That is how our Prophet answered. In short, he said camel meat and camel milk. They come from the lineage of Yaqub (Jacob) Alaihissalam. Besides, they consider themselves as descendants of Yaqub (Jacob) and Ishak (Isaac). Yet they neither follow the way of Yaqub (Jacob) nor the ways of Ishak (Isaac), Abraham, Musa, Isa, Torah, or others. They waged war against Bible. They wanted to crucify Isa (Jesus). They murdered holy Prophets. We are speaking about these murdering traitors. Otherwise, we are not hostile towards and Jew or Israel who has true belief. We talk about those who are enemies of truth (haqq). We are addressing whosoever Al-Quran Al-Karim addresses. That is why, my dear friends, good people are always exempted. Another one of their question was the following one. They asked our Prophet. They asked, „Which angel brings you wahy (revelation).“ Let us see what they said when our Prophet said Jibrīl Alaihissalam. They said Jibrīl is their enemy. Those men are hostile towards Jibrīl. And they did not declare belief (iman). Jibrīl is an angel under the command of Allah. Besides, who is hostile towards Jibrīl is hostile towards Allah. You see, they did not declare belief (iman). Yet, they said Muhammad answered all their questions. Our Prophet gave the best answers to their questions. They still did not believe. You see, they confessed that Muhammad gave the right answers to all of their questions. They said that but they still did not believe. Umar used to visit the synagogues and classes of the Yahud (Jews) from time to time. He asked them about the roots of their enmity towards Jibrīl. That is what Umar asked the Jews in the synagogue at that time. They said that Israel wanted to find and kill Buhtnassar while he was still a boy. This is important. Israel wanted to find and kill Buhtnassar while he was still a boy. They wanted to kill But Nassar as a child. They said he shall burn us and destroy us. Jibrīl Alaihissalam said if that is predestined then you won’t be able to kill him. And if you succeed, know that you killed the wrong child.


Time Stamp: 1:00:12


Jibrīl had spoken the truth. But they do not accept the truth. They assumed that Jibrīl protected Buhtnassar. That is why they became hostile towards Jibrīl Alaihissalam. They did not look for guilt in themselves. But they are guilty here. Jibrīl had spoken the truth but they do not accept the truth. They did not look for blame in themselves but in Allah because Allah gave the task to Jibrīl. Umar had asked them and he had given an oath. He said, „In the name of Rahman who revealed Torah to Musa in Mount Sinai.“ Which is the greatest Jewish oath. Umar said, „Speak the truth! Do you see Muhammad (asw) in Torah? They retreated into silence first. Then, they said they see Muhammad (asw) in Torah. Please listen closely. Then they said, „Yet, it is Jibrīl who brought wahy (revelation) to him.“ „Jibrīl is our enemy,“ they said. Umar took another oath and asked about Jibrīl’s position in the presence of Allah. They said, „Jibrīl is on Allah’s right, and Michael is on Allah’s left.“ Umar said that if they are hostile to the one on Allah’s right, they are hostile towards the one on Allah’s left as well. You see, dearest friends! Umar said, those who are hostile towards both are also hostile towards Allah. There is nothing more to say. Jibrīl Alaihissalam came to our Prophet (asw). And Jibrīl Alaihissalam had brought these verses with him. You see, our Prophet (saw) would recite these verses. They said, Jibrīl Alaihissalam was supposed to bring prophethood to us. You heard right. They said that Jibrīl was supposed to bring prophethood to them. They said he brought it to Muhammad instead. Those who did not believe used this kind of excuses. Why? They used another form of disbelief (kufr) to excuse their disbelief (kufr). Jibrīl Alaihissalam fulfilled Allah’s command. Prophethood came for Muhammad. If the prophethood was for someone else he would have taken it to him. Jibrīl is a servant of Allah who is subject to command. He is subject to fulfill what Allah orders. Jibrīl Alaihissalam did what he was ordered. As for Ibn Saba, he said that Jibrīl was supposed to reveal prophethood to Ali but he revealed it to Muhammad. You see, Ibn Saba is also a Jew from Sanaʽa. He is son of a black woman. His mother is a black woman, and his father is a Jew. You see, Ibn Saba did exactly what the Zion Jews did. He did what the Jews who betrayed Torah did. He did exactly as the Jews. What did Ibn Saba say? He said that Jibrīl Alaihissalam revealed prophethood to Muhammad whereas he was ordered to reveal it to Ali. What did they do by saying that? They tried to cause segregation within Islam. Thus, they paved the way for Ahlul Bid’ah. Today, there is a group who divinizes Ali and calls him as god. You see, Ibn Saba is the root cause of this.


Time Stamp: 1:05:03


Ahlul Bayt and Ali are ours. Hassan, Hussain, Fatimah are ours. Khadijah is our mother! Radeyallāhu ′anhum wa ardhaum ajmain. They do not belong to Ibn Saba who is a Zion Jew, or those who follow him. That is such a pity. You see, Ali is son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad. He is also the 4th Islamic Caliph. He is such a grand hero, and a grand âlim (Islamic scholar). Ali was a complete Muslim, and Ibn Saba made a group deviate from the way of Ali, and Islam. And for that he used the name of Ali. He said, „anta rabbikum ul-âla“ to Ali’s face. He said you are our grand Lord. Ali had slayed them with his sword, and exiled a portion of them. There are even narrations that say he had strike them with fire. There are narrations that say Al-Abbas came and asked about why he did strike him with fire. According to the narrations Ali said he did not know what he did due to his temper. Today, they do not follow the way of Ahlus Sunnah. Rather, they follow the way of Ibn Saba. Ibn Saba wanted to make an utter fitnah (strife) within Islam. So, Ibn Saba conducted this treason, and collected its fruits. That wrong path is still present and active. The twelve imams, and Ja’far al-Sadiqs are ours. The Jews do not belong to Ibn Saba. Ibn Saba did what Christians did. You know how Christians divinized Isa (Jesus), and they deviated from the way of Isa (Jesus). They divinized Ali in order to make a group drift apart from Islamic path. Ali is a revered servant of Allah. Yet, no one can be a divinity except Allah. Therefore, Ali is not a divinity either. Muhammad was not a divinity as well. Isa and Musa were not divinities either. No one may become a divine entity. There is no divinity other than Allah anyway. That is why, my dearest friends! There is no following way of Ali or Muhammad without Quran. You can’t disregard sunnah (customs), Islamic fiqh (jurisprudence), and hadith al-sharifs. You can’t become a Muslim by denying the Islamic understanding of Ahlus-Sunnah wa’l-Jama’ah. A group among them did this. That is the group of Ibn Saba. The other groups did this differently. Ahlul Bid’ah schools have emerged, which are deviant innovators out of Ahlus Sunnah. Muslims should be aware as regards to this. No one should drift apart from the Islamic understanding of ijma al-ummah (community consensus), which consist of the mujtahids of Ahlus-Sunnah wa’l-Jama’ah. May Janâb-i Mevlâ never make us devoid of guidance. We wish for Allah’s guidance, favor, and generosity for us all. We wish for Allah’s company. We wish for aid of Allah. These are games of the Zion. We do not have a word against just people who side with the true Torah. We do not have a word against the Jews sided with real Musa (Moses). We do not have any word against Jews who do not deviate from the truth. Al-Quran Al-Karim says the same things to the Muslims who do the same wrongdoings. Al-Quran Al-Karim sometimes indicate what is meant directly. And sometimes, the meaning is denoted, that way you are guided to the meaning. Al-Quran Al-Karim indicates all things that are wrong. And when indicating the truth, Quran indicates every truth. That is why we say it does not matter who has wrongdoings.


Time Stamp: 1:10:01

What is wrong is wrong. Sometimes, Janâb-i Haqq’s words are about an individual. But what Allah actually speaks about is the public. And sometimes, Janâb-i Haqq’s words are about the public. But what Allah actually narrates is about an individual. So, it means that Allah may point to the public, while talking about an individual. That is like when our elders say, „My daughter, I am telling you but my daughter-in-law, my other children, my family you should all give ear to what I say.“ So, may Janâb-i Haqq make us all servants who understand the glorious Quran best. Gabriel means Abd Allah – Servant of Allah. That is the meaning of Gabriel’s name. Gabriel is an angel who fulfils what Allah commands the way Allah commands it. Gabriel Alaihissalam is a powerful and esteemed angel in Allah’s presence. The phycology of the Yahudi (Jews) are narrated. The phycology of the Jews, in other words, the Jews that are hostile to Gabriel have psychological disorders. The word, “tiliv” has meanings such as “to follow, pursue, to read line-by-line”. There are shaitans (devils) of man and jinn. You see, there are shaitans (devils) among man and jinn. There are architects or builders, divers, and others. There are also tricksters and artists among them. In other words, all of the above are included when we say shaitan (devil). There are shaitans (devils) among people and the jinn. There are architects or builders and divers and others in them. There are also tricksters among the shaitans (devils). There are even artists among them. These shaitans, with their lies and dirty tricks, are in cooperation with oracles. These oracles mess around with summoning jinn, seduction, tripping people up, and magic. They continue on their exploitation by showing a single truth. They mix a truth in their lies; and try to show falsehoods are truth. You see, they had caused corruption (fitnah) on earth. One-time Suleiman Alaihissalam had lost his reign. Then, he got the upper hand by Allah’s leave. He subordinated all of them, and buried their magic books in a cave. So, after the death of Suleiman Alaihissalam a shaitan (devil) in the form of a human came and said Suleiman Alaihissalam was not a prophet but a magician. He said he used to bewitch jinn and shaitans (devils) and the wind with magic. You see, that is what that shaitan (devil) said. Then, he showed the place of the magic books that were buried in the cave. Lies and slanders has been spread. They forged the signature of Asaf ibn Berhiya and used it. They published books about magic. You see, dear friends! They did all that by means of lies, fraud, and cheat. Cheat and fraud had become widespread. They were doing political or social plots by means of magic and illusionist. As for Prophet Muhammad (saw), „he was informed about whatever they do by Jibrīl,“ they said. In other words, they wanted to do what they did to Suleiman and those who came after, to Prophet Muhammad. That is another reason of their hostility to Gabriel. They said Jibrīl informs Muhammad of whatsoever they do.


Time Stamp: 1:15:01


Then, they became hostile to Jibrīl. My dearest friends! If a person loses his belief (iman), and his intellect he will not see that hostility to Gabriel is hostility to Allah. He will not understand that enmity to Quran is enmity to Allah. He will not know that being an enemy of Muhammad is being an enemy of Allah. Why, you may ask. For disbelief (kufr) and batil (wrong) mindset has settled in his inner world. He has chosen what is wrong rather than what is right. May Allah never let us fall into that situation. Also, may Allah guide them so that they may find the truth via the life-giving holy values and guidance of Quran. But of course, guidance (hidayat) is only from Allah. Our lesson will insha ’Allah continue with the topic of magic. The verses about Suleiman Alaihissalam mention magic. We will continue with the discovery of those verses in our upcoming lessons insha ’Allah.


Time Stamp: 1:16:25


–          The End        –


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