Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 284-287

Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 284-287

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 284


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Dearest and revered listeners, Almighty Allah encompasses all the worlds with mercy (rahmat), which is through the manifestation of Islam. That is why the source of Islam is Al-Quran Al-Karim and Prophet Muhammad. That is, risalat (message) and nubuwwat (messenger). The divine book is Al-Quran Al-Karim. The true religion is not complete without the Book and the message (risalat), that way the reality (haqiqa) won’t be manifested either. Janâb-i Haqq manifested all holy truths with Islam. Islam is the all-encompassing and ever-encompassing mercy (rahmat), forgiveness, saviour (najat), happiness, and true life-style of Allah. That is, the religion of Islam and Al-Quran Al-Karim are embodiments of the life-giving light (nūr). And its alive representative if Prophet Muhammad (asw). We have given the meanings of the verses of Surah al-An’am [7], and our lecture continues with preliminary notes in regards to narration (riwayat) and comprehension (dirayat) in order to further clarify these holy verses. Now, what is the mind’s cognizance of māwarā, which is the other world? The whole of creation is called māwarā because they all have been created by Allah. So, in order for your mind (aql) to comprehend māwarā, and convey it to possible points, you need to acquire the original (asl-i) and true (haqq) meanings from Al-Quran Al-Karim, and endeavour to discover the textual verses and the cosmological signs. The mind (aql) shall continue to comprehend māwarā for eternity via the Quran that contains the textual signs, and the cosmological signs. That is, it will retain its duty. There is no immortality for anyone, but that is allowed by Allah’s leave, creation, and ordainment (taqdeer). That is why this situation between An’am and Anfal is just like purgatory.

Now, let us have a look. To ratiocinate on the whole creation (makhluqat) is only possible by subjecting to Al-Quran Al-Karim and acknowledging that Al-Quran Al-Karim contains everlasting (azali wa abadi) data, and because of that it gives hints to humankind in every field of science. There is a narration that comes from Ibn-i Abbas which says, “Enallahu âlemü.” Almighty Allah says the following in this hadith-i qudsi: “I am Allah. I know the best.” Amenna wa saddaqna. That is, “ve ufassılü”- “I am Allah, I know and I disclose.” See, Almighty Allah personally disclosed Al-Quran Al-Karim and Islam to Prophet Muhammad. Sometimes, this had transpired through agency of Jibril, but it also had happened by direct inspirations that came to our Prophet. That is completely divine revelation (wahy-i ilahi). Allah discloses the revelation (wahy) personally, and states Allah’s will. That is why, for one thing the explanation of Al-Quran Al-Karim belongs to Allah, it is Allah who revealed it to our Prophet. Then, our Prophet explained it to his companions (ashab) and humankind. Let us pay close attention to this because these are not at your whim. We are to preserve the understand of Islam and the Quran that our Prophet brought forth, and that is why the grand mujtahid âlims of the way of Ahlus-Sunnah wa’l-Jama’ah preserved it to this day.


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Then again, Suddī and some others say, “El-Musavviru.” What does it mean? They say it means, “I am the One who explains (tafsir).” That is, “أَلَمْ نَشْرَحْ لَكَ صَدْرَكَ”. This meaning has been given to these as well. Janâb-i Haqq says, “Did we not open your bosom?” As Hz. Muhammad is the Prophet of Murad; his bosom has been opened and filled to the brim with wisdom (hikmat). Janâb-i Haqq filled Hz. Muhammad’s inner world with whatever is needed in the name of Islam and humankind, and said, “أَلَمْ نَشْرَحْ لَكَ صَدْرَكَ – Did we not open your bosom?” Fakhr al-Din al-Razi also made the same explanation in Miftah Al-Ghayb.

Hodja recites the 7th verse of Surah al-A’raf [7]. There are unclear (mutashabih) verses whose gloss is known only by Allah. See, one of these verses is the first verses of Surah al-A’raf [7]. These are unclear (mutashabih) verses.

Hodja recites the 1st verse of Surah al-A’raf [7]. Our rasih âlims and explorer âlims have given such meanings to these verses. However, Almighty Allah knows best in regards to the truth of them. We confess our inability and prostrate (sajdah) in ubudiyah.  Then again, Allah says, “المص” and says, “O my Messenger! Mustafa! Muhammad Mustafa! Sallallahu Ta’ala alayhi wa sallam.” Says, “Through the tinkle of the sound المص that comes to your ears… With this sound that tinkles in your ears, and the manifestations of revelation (wahy) that is whispered to your heart…” Says, “كِتَابٌ أُنزِلَ إِلَيْكَ” – “This book, the glorious Al-Quran Al-Karim has been sent down to you.” “O Muhammad! It has been sent down to you!” We see that this meaning has been given to the verse. The provision (hukm) of Al-Quran Al-Karim encompasses both Muslims and non-Muslims. That is, Al-Quran Al-Karim came for all nations whether they are Muslims or non-Muslims. As for the provision (hukm) of Al-Quran Al-Karim, it encompasses everyone. The believers are incorporated to the extent of their belief, which will be manifested to him for his benefit tomorrow in the great gathering (masher). As for the disbelievers, the circumstance of their disbelief will be realised to the extent of their it. That is why, for one thing, it is necessary to announce Al-Quran Al-Karim to whole of humankind. Because Al-Quran Al-Karim stands upon all people including Muslims and non-Muslims. The provision (hukm) of Al-Quran Al-Karim includes every human being in the world as well as the jinn. That is, either to their benefit, or to their detriment. See the 44th verse of Surah al-A’raf [7].

Hodja recites the 44th verse of Surah al-A’raf [7].


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See, there is no salvation for the wrongdoers (zalimun). Why do you think Allah says, “Allah’s curse is upon the wrongdoers (zalimun).” Now, who is a wrongdoer or zalim? Those who do wrong against themselves and humankind are all wrongdoers or zalimun. So, how does a person do wrong (zulm) to himself and humankind? First and the biggest wrongdoing (zulm) is disbelief (kufr), along with polytheism (shirk), flagrant sinning (fasiq), hypocrisy (nifaq), objection (shigaq). These are the major sins. It is when people do not perform their duty, obedience, and servitude (ūbūdiyyet). That is where wrongdoing (zulm) starts. Those who throw Al-Quran Al-Karim behind without listening or acting upon it have been thrown into its terrifying provision (hukm). A part of the provisions (hukm) of Al-Quran Al-Karim inform us of terrible dangers. See, those who throw Al-Quran Al-Karim behind themselves, who don’t listen to it, who don’t act upon it, have been thrown into the terrifying provisions (hukm) of the glorious Quran. The Quran shall pass judgment on them, and vanquish them. There is no doubt about that. As for the believers (mu’minun), Al-Quran Al-Karim reminds them, and admonishes them non-stop gives advice, and announce good news.

But non-believers are also informed us the truths non-stop; and what shall befall them, which are degradation, danger, and threats are announced to them. That is why everyone needs to get their fair share from Al-Quran Al-Karim in full. See, these are the life-lessons of the truth of the Quran, which is the source of the life-giving light (nūr). That is why they shall hold Al-Quran Al-Karim in their hands for eternity. That is, the believers (mu’minun). They shall keep Al-Quran Al-Karim in their hands and their hearts forever, and they should. The Quran is a Book that should be held in the heart. It has to be conveyed from the hand to heart. The tongue also must utter what is in the heart. The light (nūr) of the Quran shall fill the heart and soul to the brim, and what brims over shall be uttered by the tongue, which shall be the translator. The tongue is the translator of the heart. The treasures of the Quran which are sacred meanings must be taken in by the heart as is due, and the tongue shall be its translator and announce (tabligh) it to the universe, and preach it. A believer shall also prove it through his life-style. The standard is Al-Quran Al-Karim. Do not follow those who are against it. Al-Quran Al-Karim, sunnah, ijma, ummah; this is the understanding of the Quran that Prophet Muhammad brought forth, and it is fulfilled with this book that is the Quran as well as the sunnah, ijma, and qiyas. The explanation of Al-Quran Al-Karim is completed with these. That is why when we say the standard is the Quran, we actually mean that we are to handle the original (asl-i) sources of Islam and all original (asl-i) proofs as a whole so that we may understand Al-Quran Al-Karim thoroughly. The standard is Al-Quran Al-Karim, do not follow those who are against it. Beware! If someone ignores the Quran do not follow him. There is the sunnah (customs) of the Prophet along with hadiths, and there is ijma al-ummah (community consensus). The truths that the mujtahids reach a consensus in this regard, and what mujtahids extracted from the Quran and the sunnah (customs) are real (haqiqi) provisions (hukm), and they constitute the essence (asl) of the religion.


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Otherwise, the religion (din) not what everyone brings forth. That is why the standard is Al-Quran Al-Karim, and it is said that you should not follow those who are against it. What did the people of Lot (a.s.) do? They did not obey their Prophet, and they acted according to their sweet will. What did Allah do to people of Lot by night? Allah toppled them down, and erased them from the world. Who were they? They were the people of Prophet Lot. Now, this era is the era of Muhammad, it started 14 centuries ago. That is, the moment Prophet Muhammad honoured the world, and until the Hour (Qiyamah), all eras are Muhammad’s eras. That is the era of Islam and the Quran. That is why everyone is to subject to Prophet Muhammad and believe in the sharia (law) of Islam that he brought forth and abide by it. If you don’t, then remember what Allah Ta’ala wa Taqaddas did to People of Lot. Remember what befell People of Noah. Remember what befell People of Hud. Remember what befell People of Salih. Remember what befell People of Semûd. Remember what befell People of Ād. Do you know what befell the Peoples of Shuʿayb and Ibrahim? Why does Al-Quran Al-Karim narrate these to us? That is so that what befell them may not befell us, and that we may derive lessons, and be upright Muslims as is due. People of Shuʿayb were destroyed by day. As for the people of Shuʿayb (a.s.), Allah destroyed it by day. The punishment seized them as they were resting in unwariness, and it was already over. So, it means that if people continue to get spoiled, transgress, and go mad; then there is a respite for them to enjoy, and what shall befall befalls when it comes to an end. What is to happen happens, and everyone gets what they deserved.

That is, nobody gets away with what they have done. That is why the 65th verse of Surah al-Qasas [28] says, “What response did you give to Prophets?” That is, “مَاذَا أَجَبْتُمُ الْمُرْسَلِينَ”. Also, the 109th verse of Surah al-Maidah [5] says, “What was the response to you?” Now, those who did not believe nor abide by the holy values and truth and reality (haqq wa haqiqa) of Islam that came from Allah which the Prophet brought have nothing to say against that question. Besides, what they used to do have been documented against themselves, and they wear their deed books on their necks, and in the great gathering (mahshar) they will be informed of what they used to do. So, they have no chance of salvation even if they could fill the heavens and earth to the brim with lies. The truths are out there in the open. Allah’s justice is unique, has no partners, and it is correct. It has manifested properly, and it shall continue to be manifested throughout eternity. The crimes have been brought forth with all documents, and everyone’s crimes are documented by the honourable scribes called the two kiraman katibin. Allah is also a witness, and there are so many others witnesses such as the animate or inanimate creatures (makhluqat) along with the soil and rocks in the place where you committed the crime. Even your own body shall testify against all of it.


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That is why everyone’s sins and crimes have been known with their documents and they have been recorded. Almighty Rabb says the following in the 109th verse of Surah al-Maidah [5]. “Indeed, You are knower of all that is Unseen.” Almighty Allah knows what is seen and unseen. Allah knows the unseen more than the seen, and vice versa. There is nothing unknown to Allah. That is why the concepts of seen and unseen do not apply, for Allah knows everything. Allah is a Being who is free from time and space.

That said, it is Allah who created times and spaces. Allah’s own creatures have no chance to hinder Allah. That is why humankind should beware! Homeland, government, and livelihood; these must have legitimate grounds. The homeland must be Dar al-Islam (house/abode of Islam). The government must completely be a government of faith (iman), truth and reality (haqq wa haqiqa). You must have a capable structure that practices Islam. That said, in regards to livelihood, nobody should be in need. People should earn in the way of Allah, and spend in the same way. That is why humankind should contemplate on why they were created.

Clay, atom, a drop of water, and sperm. You were like that in order. Janâb-i Haqq says that the man was created on ahsan al-taqwim (best stature as the perfect pattern of creation). Janâb-i Haqq created a human from that to the most superior form. Allah says, “We said to the angels, ‘Bow down, and serve in obedience.’.” The angels, heavens and the earth, everything is serving humankind. So, who should humans serve? They must serve Allah, and be at the command of Allah. We were created for that.

Hodja recites the 56th verse of Surah al-Dhariyat.

Translation: “I did not create the jinn and the humans except that they may worship Me.”

That is why we were created. Everything is serving us. Humans were created in the ultimate form, and were equipped with the ultimate holy values. We were offered and commanded to serve Allah through these values. The offers in Islam, along with all laws, are Allah’s offers to us. As for prostration (sajdah), angels performed a prostration of respect for humankind. They acknowledged the position of successorship (caliphate) and the divine law. So, what they did was they greeted the command of Almighty Allah, in the name of humankind, with a greeting in the form of prostration (sajdah). They greeted the prostration (sajdah) command of Janâb-i Haqq with respect, in the form of a prostration for greeting. All angels prostrated (sajdah). Prostration (sajdah) was not done for the person of Adam; rather it is a privilege and honour for his kind.

Do not forget the ulu’l azm prophets! For example, what did all ulu’l azm prophets do here? They had established the new sharias (laws) that Allah brought forth in the past, and the newest one was sent to humankind by Janâb-i Haqq with Prophet Muhammad.

Hodja recites a section of the 165th verse of Surah al-An’am [6].

Janâb-i Haqq addresses humankind and says, “It is Allah who made you successors (caliphs) on earth.” Creation, formalization, and honouring… See, there is a prostration (sajdah), and the contents of the prostration (sajdah) was not for Adam in person, it was nothing like a worship or something like that.

That is an honour and privilege that belongs to his kind, and the ulu’l azm prophets are included here. That is a creation, formalization, and honouring done by Janâb-i Haqq. Janâb-i Haqq honoured humankind, but with what? Janâb-i Haqq equipped them with Janâb-i Haqq’s own holy values, and gave them the duty of successorship (caliphate).


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As for Iblīs, he stood against the divine command here. Iblīs claimed he is better and superior, and came to the conclusion that the divine command is not reasonable or nice. I have not prostrated (sajdah) before my subordinates. He was not tested before; a command or offer has not been made to him. So, is the God who is obeyed Allah, or one’s own soul (nafs)?

The command of prostration (sajdah) revealed the inner feelings of Iblīs. Iblīs used to look like he was worshipping, but it was revealed that he did not used to worship Allah but himself. Why? Because he objected to the prostration (sajdah) order of Allah. He did not prostrate (sajdah), and he did not acknowledge the command of Allah. He started to quarrel with Adam, and fight with him. He became hostile, and set himself up.

He immediately became hostile towards humankind. The Shaitan became hostile to successorship (caliphate) the moment it was given to the human. That is, he objected with utter hostility. He objected to the command of Allah. He did not prostrate (sajdah). Today in the world, those who do not accept the holy commands and laws of Allah, who disacknowledge the divine provisions (hukm), laws, and order of Allah that has been sent down to Prophet Muhammad; all of them have objected to successorship (caliphate), and Allah. They objected to Muhammad and the Quran, and took their place on the side of the Shaitan.

There are modern shaitans (devils), taghuts (i.e., false deities), and enemies of truth and reality (haqq wa haqiqa) and enemies of Allah in every era. This shall continue until the Hour. That is why we ask, is the God who is obeyed Allah, or one’s own soul (nafs)? See, the command of prostration (sajdah) revealed the inner feelings of Iblīs. It was revealed that Iblīs used to worship his own soul (nafs), and that he never worshipped Allah Ta’ala. That is because he objected to the command of Allah.

See the 6th verse of Surah al-Tahrim [66] on the obedience of angels. So, what happened with Iblīs because his desire (nafs) conflicted with the divine command? Iblīs was about to worship his soul (nafs) because it has conflicted with the command of Allah, and Iblīs sided with his soul (nafs). As for the angels, they sided with obedience to Allah. They did not rebel against Allah, and they prostrated (sajdah).

Why does Janâb-i Haqq narrate these to us through Al-Quran Al-Karim with their various details? See, some side with Allah. Some side with Iblīs. Some side with faith (iman), Islam and the Quran. Some side with Iblīs and the cadres of Iblīs. The world is but a test, everybody shall prove themselves on a side, they have been so far. Everybody has a side.

Actually, humankind and all creation (makhluqat) should have sided with Allah, they should have listened to the command of Allah, they should have submitted to Allah, and entered into the command of Allah. Such a pity that Iblīs and people who sided with Iblīs objected to the order of Allah Ta’ala, and they still continue to object. So, will any of them be saved?

No. The kāfirs (deniers) will all go to jahannam (hell), not even one of them will be saved. The jahannam (hell) will be filled to the brim with hypocrites (munafiq), polytheists (mushrik), shaitans (devil) and Iblīs will be leading them, and they will be with pharaohs and false deities (i.e., taghuts). They will fill jahannam (hell) to the brim altogether. Nobody should ruin himself for one can’t fight with Allah. Iblīs objected to the command of Allah. What did he do? He earned for himself an eternal and special place in the depths of jahannam (hell).


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Obey Allah so that you may earn the eternal mercy (rahmat) and graces (lutf) of Allah, and do not be mistaken, Islam is the manifestation of mercy (rahmat). We continue to endeavour to narrate the truth and reality (haqq wa haqiqa) and the inspiration I take from the Quran as best as possible.

One by one these are the discoveries of the light (nūr) of the glorious Quran, and we are giving the discovery notes of the light (nūr) because our lives may not be enough if we try to convey all of it, even the world’s lifespan may not be enough. We are trying to convey you the essence because we do not have enough time, nor do we have enough space, nor do we have enough of a lifespan. The command of prostration (sajdah) was a test, and it revealed him. The divine command was a test, meaning the command of prostration (sajdah) was a test. That is how the test had begun. It was a divine command, which revealed him. That is, this has been revealed through a test. That is, the circumstance of Iblīs. It was revealed that Iblīs did not worship Allah but his own desires because he was among the angels, and angels thought he was worshipping Allah. That said, the number of people who practice irreligion in the name of religion by worshipping their desires (nafs) is incalculable.

You will see that those who use the religion (din) for themselves or unearned income hiding behind the religion (din) without observing the divine will, and do things for their own benefit are all worshipping their souls (nafs). Be a servant (qul) to Allah only for Allah. You will earn everything, and your soul (nafs) will be saved. You will also be saved. You will be saved in a physical and spiritual manner for eternity. However, you should be a servant (qul) to Allah, not to your soul (nafs). Observe the pleasure (riza) of Allah. Observe the command of Allah.

All beauties and the salvation of your soul (nafs) is in the command of Allah. They are all in the command of Allah. Yet if you are doing it for your own benefit and for your nafs, then you are not serving Allah. You should have nothing that contradicts the pleasure (riza) of Allah and sincerity (ihlas) such as vanity, hypocrisy, apple polishing, or flattering; everything should only be for Allah. That is how servitude to Allah is, and do not forget that you will win everything that way because he who earns the pleasure (riza) of Allah wins everything. As for he lost it, he has lost everything; do not forget that either.

See, Iblīs used to worship his own desire, not Allah. He manifested his denial with arrogance. So, how did Iblīs manifest it? He became arrogant against children of Adam, against humankind. At that time our father Adam was created, and then humankind thrived, reproduced, and filled the earth.


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Many of them went to the afterlife (ākhira), and some are in the world. Tomorrow, they will go to the afterlife (ākhira) as well, everyone will. On a single day everybody will go, and nobody will be left in this world. There won’t be a world left either, everything will turn into the afterlife (ākhira). That is why Iblīs manifested his denial with arrogance. That is, he said he is better than Adam, and did not fulfil the prostration (sajdah) order of Allah Ta’ala, and he disacknowledged the position of successorship (caliphate). He announced his transgression. That is, Iblīs. He declared his transgression. He garnished his personal feeling in the form of knowledge (ilm) in order to rely it upon the Real (al-Haqq). Iblīs brought forth two questions, one is a lie, the other is a truth. Beware! Iblīs brought forth two questions, one is a lie that is based on conceit and disbelief (kufr), and the other was correct. Iblīs may slip in a truth in order to deceive you with his lies on occasion. However, he may only deceive those who are like him, not anyone else. Muslims who have the canonical knowledge (shari ilm) and knowledge (ilm) and learning (irfan) of Islam and the order of Islam, who are equipped with it, who know it, or abide by those who know it cannot be deceived by him. He is unable to deceive them. However, he has easily deceived and used people who are disconnected from Islam and the canonical knowledge (shari ilm). That is why there are two questions that the accursed shaitan brought forth, and he wanted to hide a lie in the truth. Beware! He hid a lie in a truth, and he conducted a corrupted idea in the form of two logical analogies. That is, he is making analogy or qiyas here, and no analogy or qiyas is valid where there is the command of Allah. Iblīs did that. That is an analogy (qiyas) and ijtihad of Iblīs. Analogy (qiyas) is no longer necessary when a clear provision (hukm) of the Quran is present, and when essential proofs are present in the sunnah (customs) and the Quran. Otherwise, you will fall into the situation of Iblīs if you do analogy (qiyas). He defended his personal case that is a lie. The first example of deviltry and evilness (i.e., the situation of Iblīs) in the world, the essence of deviltry have been manifested in this manner. That way it took place on earth. It is possible to understand the lowdown of the Shaitan which are hidden crimes, tricks, and games through ilm-e-adab (knowledge and literature), psychology, inductive reasoning, deduction, logical and hikmat related genesis (taqwin), meaning things like creation, legislative law-making etc. You can understand the lowdown of all deviltry through the Quran, through Islam. See, you have the chance to understand all this deviltry and find protection from them and to be happy and to settle in an environment of trust that is safer than preventative medicine through the discovery notes in these lessons of the life-giving light (nūr). So, understand Al-Quran Al-Karim well. Listen to it well, and sincerely submit to Allah, and continue your duties as a servant (qul).


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To mix wrongs into the truth in order to prevent goodness (khayr). Beware! To mix wrongs into the truth in order to prevent goodness (khayr) is one of the primary attributes (sifāt) of the Shaitan. Do not forget this! Now, let me repeat. To mix wrongs into the truth in order to prevent goodness (khayr) is one of the primary attributes (sifāt) of the Shaitan. Do not be deceived by somebody else’s truths. If there is something crocked next to a truth, then there is a gimmick of the Shaitan therein. Islam is completely true. Al-Quran Al-Karim is completely true. Prophet Muhammad is completely true, and he is the embodiment of truth and reality (haqq wa haqiqa). That is why the truest news is that of Prophet Muhammad, which are the Islamic realities that he brought forth because Islam has been sent down to him by Almighty Allah, it has been revealed (wahy) to him. He portrayed his own personal conceit as if it is an intelligent thought. He portrays his conceit as if it is an intelligent thought is the most despicable situation. The false (batil) istidlal (deduction) of the Iblīs is hidden in this circumstance. Every liberty in Islam is a proof, it is true and real (haqq wa haqiqa). As for the proofs of Iblīs, polytheists (mushrikun), and the deniers (munkirun), and the proofs of disbelief (kufr), polytheism (shirk), and hypocrisy (nifaq) are utterly wrong (batil). If they place a truth in it, then surely it is for deceiving you with it; they have surely placed it to cover the wrongs. There is a gimmick of the Iblīs therein. The wrong istidlal (deduction) of Iblīs is in the form of antithesis and conflict, and it is to disseize the position because he was besotted with it, that is why he objected and made a wrong deduction instead of seeking forgiveness. See, he objected to the command of Allah, and he tried to quarrel with Allah, and he was besotted with disseizing the position. Then, instead of seeking forgiveness by repenting (tawbah), and ask forgiveness for his crime, and adopt faith (iman), repent (tawbah), and seek forgiveness (istighfar); Iblīs insisted on his objecting and wrongdoing. Iblīs made a wrong inference. That is why he lost the chance of salvation for eternity, because he abandoned hope. He abandoned hope from Allah. Iblīs became Iblīs because he abandoned hope from the mercy (rahmat) of Allah. The door of repentance (tawbah) was open to him, but he did not enter the door of repentance (tawbah) and faith (iman), he couldn’t enter. Why? Because he insisted on his denial. He insisted on conflict, and wanted to disseize the position. He insisted on enmity of Adam and children of Adam. He insisted on disacknowledging the successorship (caliphate). He was obstinate against the command of Allah because it wasn’t Adam who gave the command. It was not a human, it was Allah Ta’ala who gave the command. Adam did not burden himself with successorship (caliphate), rather Allah burdened humans with successorship (caliphate). The humankind is obligated with a duty of successorship (caliphate), and when everybody does their duty correctly in the way that Allah has commanded, then it means that everybody is trying to fulfil their duties by abiding the commands, laws, and rules of Allah. Secondarily, what is the secondary istidlal (deduction) of Iblīs? That is nass (canonical text); he tried to perform his own ijtihad while there is an absolute divine command. Nass is the absolute commands of Allah.


Time Stamp: 45:18


That is, nobody can perform an ijtihad while there are clear provisions (hukm) in the verses of the Quran; when a certain and clear (muhkam) provision (hukm) of a verse is present. See, Iblīs tried to perform ijtihad against a clear nass (canonical text). That is the ijtihad of Iblīs. Can one perform ijtihad against the command of Allah? That is when there is a clear command. However, you may try to deduce what is unknown command through the known commands, that is different. Mujtahids endeavour to deduce unknown provisions (hukm) through known ones, and they use every fibre of their being for it. That is the work of brave-fellows who seek the pleasure (riza) of the Real (al-Haqq). So, what did Iblīs do? He neglected the command of Allah, and continued to perform ijtihad. He disacknowledged the command. Thirdly, he said he was superior. Iblīs says, “I am superior than Adam. I am superior than human.” This view of the Iblīs is utter heresy because superiority is not in his own hands. He whom Allah Ta’ala renders superior is superior. The grades in regards to superiority are given by Allah, for Allah is the Creator. Even in Islam, superiority comes with piety (taqwa). It does not come with fame, reputation, chair, position etc., it comes with piety (taqwa). So, what is piety (taqwa)? It is the name of striving to be true servant (qul) to Allah. It is the name of a complete struggle (jihad) in the way of being a true Muslim. You are to endeavour to become a true Muslim, and work for it through obedience, not rebellion. You are to try to fulfil all holy values of Islam one by one, and this is a race of piety (taqwa). Whoever is better in piety (taqwa) is the most superior in the race of piety (taqwa). There is no superiority that comes with fame, display, reputation, chair, position, poverty, or wealth. Superiority is in servitude to Allah and offering benevolent services to creation (makhluqat). Superiority is in the race of piety (taqwa). Iblīs, in his third istidlal (deduction), brought forth an utterly heretic claim, and claimed he is superior. Those who look down others in the world today, who see themselves better should pay attention to this quality of Iblīs, because that is an attribute of Iblīs. Nobody can look down on the servants (qul) of Allah; only faith (iman) is superior than disbelief (kufr), only sawāb is superior than sin and these are different. You should focus on doing good deeds (sawāb), and being a man of faith (ahlul iman). This is how superiority works in the race of piety (taqwa). Do you think you can be in disbelief (kufr), swim in polytheism (shirk), tyrannise over people, and look down on humanity? That is a pathway to the depths of jahannam (hell). That is degradation, a pathway that leads straight to the lowest of the low. They are the rascals of the era. There are rascals in every era who tyrannise over people, who rebel against Allah. As for Islam, you are to serve Allah, and work for the better good of humankind. See the 75th verse of Surah al-Sad [38] in which Allah says, “O Iblis! What keeps you from prostrating (sajdah) before that which I have created with My two hands?”


Time Stamp: 50:02


What does Janâb-i Haqq do to the physical and spiritual structure of humans? Janâb-i Haqq informs them of the holy omnipotence (qudrah), and says the following.

Hodja recites the 29th verse of Surah al-Hijr [15].

Janâb-i Haqq created humans in the most superior form by Janâb-i Haqq’s holy omnipotence (qudrah). Humans should know their value and be equipped with faith (iman) and the Quran, and raise with those, and strongly avoid any disbelief (kufr), polytheism (shirk), and hypocrisy (nifaq).

Hodja recites a part of the 30th verse of Surah al-Baqarah [2].

Janâb-i Haqq says, “Indeed, I am going to create a successor (caliph) on the earth.” See, that is what Allah says in the 30th verse of Surah al-Baqarah [2]. Allah gave humans the most superior form, and obligated them with the holiest obligations, rendered them liable. Almighty Allah offered the holiest commands. It is such a value to be liable with the commands of the Holy One, all values are here. The commands of the Holy One are holy, and being at the command of the Holy One is a sultanate. You become a sultan where you were a servant (qul), that is possible with faith (iman), Islam, and the Quran. O men who possess intellect! Do you believe you can raise by standing against Allah? Don’t you know that all ranks are in the possession of Allah Ta’ala? It is Allah who may give the rank, or throw you down to the lowest place! Is it possible to raise by rebelling against Allah? Allah is offering Islam, the Quran, and the sunnah to us all, to the entire humankind. Accept it with pleasure, and also confess: “My Allah! I accept with every fibre of my being, with all my power, but I am still helpless, unwary, and ignorant. I am unable to serve you as is due. Please, forgive me the things I can’t afford, which I can’t do. Accept my worship as true worship,” beg by saying this. Submit and beg. Prostrate (sajdah) and beg because all Prophets have confessed that they are unable to worship the Holy One as is due. The siddiqs (the trustworthy) have confessed along with the martyrs, and the salehs (the pious). You, me, and others; won’t we confess our helplessness? We are to be true servants (qul) to Allah with every fibre of our being, and submit by confessing our inability. We submit. We are honest, and we stand upright, but we are always humble before our Rabb. We hold our hearts like a beggar’s bowl, and we extend our heart to Allah at Allah’s door of mercy, and we beg. We are in eternal need of Allah, and we appreciate Allah. That is why Allah has manifested to us at the beginning of Al-Quran Al-Karim with the names Al-Rahman and Al-Rahim. And the immediate answer given is, “All praise belongs to Allah, Rabb of all the worlds.” Allah brought forth the praise (hamd) as well. True faith (iman) is a prerequisite of true praise. You need to have true worship to praise. You need to have true servitude to Allah. Your heart, soul, body, tongue, and every fibre of your being shall manifest servitude to Allah, and you are to fulfil every physical and spiritual worship along with obligations (fards), necessities (wajib), customs (sunnah). That is how one truly praises (hamd). Hamd or praise is the name of true servitude (qulship) to Allah.


Time Stamp: 55:00


It is the praise of the tongue when only the tongue recites it. Rather, your heart, all your organs and all your systems have an obligation to serve Allah. We shall obey Allah’s command with every fibre of our being, and fulfil the commands in obedience, only then will we praise, only then will we thank, and only then will we worship Allah. All faiths (iman) in the world shall worship by saying, “we” in a united fashion. All faiths (iman) in the world shall worship by saying, “we.” That is what is wanted because Allah says, “نَعْبُدُ”. Why did Allah say, “نَعْبُدُ” but not something else? What did Allah say, “نَسْتَع۪”? Why did Allah say “نَسْتَع۪” but not something else? Islam wants all faiths (iman) in the universe and all of Ummat-i Muhammad to be united and be one. Here, the faiths (iman), truth and justice is united. The real divine sovereignty is that of Allah. So, everyone who is a believer or a non-believer has to accept Allah’s laws and sovereignty. Only then will there be a unity in the world, because Janâb-i Haqq is the Rabb of all the worlds. The Quran is the universal book. Islam is the religion (din) of all the worlds and all nations. This is how we can establish a unity, coalescence, peace, tranquillity, and brotherhood; this is how we can ensure peace and unity because Al-Quran Al-Karim is the book of all humankind, and Hz. Muhammad is the Prophet of all humankind. As for Iblīs, he esteemed material and element. That is, he saw superiority in material. See whether those who claim they are scholars (âlims) are oriented only at material have the qualities of the character of Iblīs or not? See those who assume they are âlims who only esteem material possessions without taking Allah, the commands of Allah, and the holy values that Allah brought forth into the account. See whether their character aligns with the character of Iblīs or not? That is the profession of Iblīs, that is to esteem material possession and to neglect meaning. It is to feed the stomach without knowing he has a heart and soul. It is to see the world without seeing the afterlife (ākhira). It is to see the material without seeing the meaning. It is to never digest the meaning in the Quran but to read what is in the Quran. It is to avoid the meaning; these are actions that align with the character of Iblīs. That is why the essential (asl-i) being of the humans is their spiritual aspect. The body may rot in the grave, but the soul will not. Allah will not kill the soul, and it is a creature (makhluq). However, your soul is your true being in comparison with your body. Your body may get old, but your soul has been offered faith (iman) and Islam by Janâb-i Haqq to polish them and raise them. That is why the soul has been offered the Quran, so that you may enlighten your souls, hearts, and minds with it, and raise. The heart becomes pure and the soul ascends to Allah by faith (iman), Islam, and the Quran. Otherwise, the soul will become corrupt, and go down. It will not be in a shape to enter janna (paradise), nor will it be accepted to janna (paradise). When disbelief (kufr), polytheism (shirk), and hypocrisy (nifaq) enters your heart and soul, and when ignorance enters your heart and soul by leaving no place for faith (iman), Islam, and the Quran, it means that you have bankrupted yourself, which is indeed a pity. Those who acquire knowledge not from the Real (al-Haqq) but from their desires (nafs)… You are to acquire knowledge from the Real (al-Haqq), from the Quran, and you are to discover the cosmological signs (kevni ayat) in the universe well.


Time Stamp: 1:00:20


To acquire from the truth (haqq) means to acquire from the Quran, and to discover cosmological signs (kevni ayat). We are referring to real knowledge (haqiqi ilm) here, we are talking about true knowledge. We are talking about real discovery and real knowledge. What do those who acquire knowledge not from the truth (haqq) but from their desires (nafs) do? They only wish their own pleasure and enjoyment. They no dot care whether something is legitimate, illegitimate, halal, haram, and they do what suits their desires. For example, Iblīs does not accept the sharia (law). He does not accept Islam, Allah, the Prophet, or the command. The Shaitan Iblīs wants that, so what does your heart and soul want? It wants you to acquire knowledge from Allah, from the Real (al-Haqq), from the Quran, from Islam; it wans true science. That is why those who acquire knowledge not from the truth (haqq) but from their desires (nafs) keep swimming in wrongs, and they dive deeper and deeper, which is a pity. He is not only against Adam. Iblīs is not only against Adam, he has also objected to the divine command and question. He objected to the divine command, which is the command of Allah, and he also objected to the question Allah asked. That is why he became Iblīs. Don’t you ever object to any command of Islam and the Quran, Allah and the Prophet, ever. You may object to me because I am a servant (qul) of Allah, but do not ever object to any one of the holy commands and provisions (hukm) that come from Allah and the Messenger, Allah and Muhammad; do not object to Al-Quran AL-Karim or our Prophet. Otherwise, you will ruin yourself. Iblīs’s character will settle in you, and you will become Iblīs. Your faith (iman) will go and disbelief (kufr) will settle. Monotheism (tawhid) will go and polytheism (shirk) will come. Faithfulness will go and hypocrisy will come, which will be a pity. Honesty will go and a crookedness worse than that of a snake will come, and bliss will disappear for eternity. The wrath, rage, and calamities of Allah will befall you for eternity. Do not do it. Do not throw yourself into danger, we are telling you!

Holy positions belong to people of obedience and modesty who know their bounds. So, who possesses the holy positions? They are obedient and modest people who know their bounds. See, Allah raises the servants (qul) who know their bounds to these holy positions, who are obedient and modest. So, what does taat – obedience mean? It is servitude to Allah, and obedience, along with fulfilling the requirements of worship and servitude, and to properly implement the rules, and to follow the rules. Do not suit the rules to yourself, rather you follow the divine rules, that is obedience. As for modesty, one does not stand against Allah or the commands of Allah. One is to love Allah with every fibre of his being, and obey, and we need to show respect to Allah forever, with our deepest respect. Allah is closer to us than ourselves, because we belong to Allah. How can we stand against Allah? Arrogance is ignominy. The Shaitan was also arrogant, and he saw himself bigger than the commands of Allah, and got arrogant by objecting to the command, by objecting to the successorship (caliphate) of Adam. See, arrogance is ignominy.


Time Stamp: 1:05:00


We should know the definition of arrogance well. It is to be arrogant against the commands of Allah Ta’ala. If someone is being arrogant against the commands of the sunnah and the Quran, then there is arrogance and ignominy with him because Allah’s commands necessitate accepting them with pleasure, and acknowledging them (tasdiq) and confessing (iqrar) them.

That is why arrogance is ignominy. Iblīs became arrogant against Adam, he was himself superior, and he was arrogant against the commands of Allah. Then, Almighty Allah immediately removed him from his position and threw him down to the depths. So, what did Allah do to Iblīs? Almighty Allah said, “Get down from there,” and dismissed Iblīs; dismissed him for eternity. Allah threw him down. Now, Iblīs was driven out from among angels, and he was thrown down to the lowest point. He came to the world, and from the world he will be thrown down to the depths of jahannam (hell). He will have a special place in the deepest point of jahannam (hell), and his human followers who followed him along with whoever followed him from the jinn are together with him.

That is, “That is, “ʾaʿūẕü bi-l-lāhi mine eş-şeyṭāni er-racīm, Bismillahirrahmanirrahim”.

That is why Almighty Allah says you should say, “I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan.” Seeking shelter in Allah is to ask Allah for protection, and to be under Allah’s protection. The evil of human shaitans are much worse than that of jinn shaitans. It is worse, and much more effective. Why? Because human shaitans come directly whereas others come in secret and only whisper (waswas) to you, and they can’t do anything else. If you be a good Muslim then you will be the one who smites upon the jinn, you will smite upon the shaitans, and they will not be able to smite upon you. Be a good Muslim, equip yourself with the Quran well, and seek shelter in Allah, and be under Allah’s protection.

Islam means submission to Allah. It means to be happy forever and ever under the protection of Allah. Can the one who is under the protection of Allah have a loss? Just think for a second, let’s say you have two bodyguards keeping you safe, you have bodyguards, but the bodyguards are humans, the game will be spoiled when someone stronger than them comes. The game is spoiled when a bigger army comes to fight against a smaller one. That said, if the bigger army faces an even bigger army, then the game is spoiled again.

However, if you are under the protection of Allah which is Islam, then there is no power that can spoil this game for eternity, nor is there a brave fellow who can. Dearest listeners have we come to an agreement? Dearest audience, is that right or wrong? That is the embodiment of truth; come my brother! I am addressing all humanity here! All people are children of my mother Hawwa. All people are children of my father Adam. All people are servants (qul) of my Rabb, Almighty Allah. You are from us, and we are from you. There is no segregation or separation. Who brings about this segregation?

That is, those who disbelieve (kufr), those who fall into polytheism (shirk), who swim in hypocrisy (nifaq), and those who are unjust to humankind are those who do the greatest evil against humankind. That is, those who impose upon people, who do not accept truth and reality (haqq wa haqiqa). Those who do not accept Allah, the Prophet, the Book, and the law! They caused segregation, separation, division, bigotry, and backwardness in humankind. Islam has a book that says read from the cradle to the grave. As for the Islamic Prophet, he is the Prophet of all humankind! Prophet Muhammad says you should read from the cradle to the grave.

The first verse of Al-Quran Al-Karim that revealed (wahy) was ikra (اقْرَأْ) which means read. The verse says “read.” Make your soul (nafs) read, and convey the meaning to your soul (nafs). Read the knowledge (ilm) of truth and reality (haqq wa haqiqa) to your nafs, spirit, heart, teach them first and make them read. That is what the verse says.


Time Stamp: 1:10:27


You are to teach yourself. Have you read yourself? Have you taught yourself? Then you can teach others as well. See, Rububiyyah (Lordship) belongs to Allah Ta’ala, who created people with discipline (tarbiya) of education and training. That is why Almighty Rabb says, “Read, read, and read,” to everyone. Be educated, and fill yourself to the brim with true sciences (haqq ilm), and then start teaching others, and work for the better good of humankind. The two essential (asl-i) duties of the servants (qul) is to obey Allah and work for the better good of humankind. You can’t do without these two duties. You are to mobilize for these duties’ day and night.

That is why, beloved friends, arrogance is ignominy. Allah immediately dismissed him from his position, threw him down to the deepest hole because one can’t criticize holy commands. Iblīs criticized the command of Allah. Can one criticize the command of Allah? Never! But you can try to understand the command of Allah in the best possible manner. You have to be a second Allah in order to criticize.

Look at the foolishness, rascality, and devilry of Iblīs here. Nobody has the power to criticize Al-Quran Al-Karim. Nobody can criticize it. The tongues of those who speak ill about Al-Quran Al-Karim stretch down to the depths of jahannam (hell). One can’t speak ill about Al-Quran Al-Karim. One can’t speak ill about Allah. One can’t speak ill about the Prophet. Besides, it is even forbidden to gossip about people, and it is said that he who gossips is as though he ate the flesh of his dead brother. How can you speak ill about Allah while people can’t gossip to each other -especially the believers- about other people? That is, even people are forbidden from gossiping about each other? How can you speak ill about the commands of Allah while it is for certain that Al-Quran Al-Karim is Allah’s book? then you should try to understand the hadith-i sharifs which are authentic narrations along with the understanding of religion (din) that Ahlus Sunnah who explains the Quran that Prophet Muhammad brought.

There are fabricated narrations, we are not talking about them because fabrications do not suit the Quran. They do not suit science, or truth and reality (haqq wa haqiqa). They have been sorted out and cleaned already. Everything about Islam is solid, and if there is a defect somewhere, then it is with the ignorance of humankind. There is a defect because they don’t know it, let us thoroughly understand and discover Al-Quran Al-Karim. See, let us try to understand and comprehend these lessons of the life-giving light (nūr). Let us be helpful to each other, and understand Al-Quran Al-Karim in the best possible manner no matter where we are in the world.

Let us discover Islam well. Grand figures like Al-Imam Al-Azam, Imam al-Malik, those great philosophers, those great jurists, those great mujtahids, the grand âlims in their ecoles, figures like Shafi’i and Hanbali, along with the high-ulama who have high-ranks who came from that ecole have understood Islam well.

Do not ever let go of the essential (asl-i) sources and treasures they brought forth, take them from the history and walk towards the future. Understand history according to history, and future according to future because Al-Quran Al-Karim encompasses all eras.

Our mujtahids have narrated the truths of the era that is 1000 years before according to the conditions of that era. They have shed light to that era and the next eras, but Al-Quran Al-Karim encompasses all eras. You need to understand Al-Quran Al-Karim well in every era, and explore the era. Al-Quran Al-Karim discovers the conditions of every era. You cannot read the era well without exploring Al-Quran Al-Karim.


Time Stamp: 1:15:30


You can’t bring solution to the problems of the era either. Then people will stretch it to left and right. As for Al-Quran Al-Karim, it pulls you towards Allah. It leads you to Allah, and makes you ascend to the ninth heaven (arsh), to janna (paradise), to jamal (beauty). Al-Quran Al-Karim will not pull you to left or right, it leads you to Allah. It came from Allah and leads you to Allah. Other paths are not trustworthy paths, they are not the right path.

As for all sciences, the hints, essence (asl), and moves of all beneficial science and knowledge is shown to you by Al-Quran Al-Karim. If you do not understand, and you don’t want to understand, then there is nothing I can do for you. I can’t force anyone, nobody can force anyone to believe, there is no such authority.

That is why beloved friends, the disbelief (kufr) of Iblīs was to deny his liability in regards to the command. He also argued; and denied that he has to fulfil the duty. That is, he denies the command, liability, and the necessity of fulfilling the duty. He denied the command. He denied the command of Allah. He did not accept the command of prostration (sajdah). He was liable too, and he was obliged to worship and obey Allah, but he did not do it. He denied that obligation as well. Iblīs denied the necessity of fulfilling the duty.

He denied so many things by not fulfilling the prostration (sajdah) command. He argued. He tried to argue with Allah. Iblīs denied neither Allah nor the afterlife (ākhira). What Iblīs did wasn’t denying Allah. Iblīs did not deny the afterlife (ākhira) either. However, he denied the necessity of fulfilling the command, his duty, and his liability.

Now, pay attention to the disbelief (kufr) of Iblīs! Iblīs did not deny the afterlife (ākhira), nor did he deny Allah. Iblīs’s kufr was to deny his liability in the command of Allah, and the necessity of fulfilling the duty, and he tried to argue. That is the disbelief (kufr) of Iblīs. Otherwise, he did not directly deny Allah. He would even address Janâb-i Haqq by saying, “My Rabb.”

So, Iblīs denied the command of Allah. Iblīs denied that command and did not prostrate (sajdah), and he fell into that situation. Think about the circumstances of those who do not accept many commands of Islam and the Quran today. Think about those who believe in a part of Islam and the Quran but do not accept other parts. Their situation is worse than that of Iblīs. They are right up there with Iblīs, not below or higher than Iblīs. They are going downwards along with Iblīs.

That is why it is said that the second trumpet will be blown in the 68th verse of Surah al-Zumar [39], and he wanted a respite by preferring life over death. Also, in the 6th verse of Surah al-Mutaffifin [83], everybody will stand before Allah. They all stand humbly therein. As for Iblīs, he wanted a respite until the second trumpet was blown, but he was granted a respite until the first trumpet was blown.

This had happened for a test; in the world, Iblīs is against humankind. The test continues with good against evil. See the 87th verse of Surah al-Naml [27]. “On the Hour, everyone is terrified except those whom Allah may wish.” There are servants (qul) whom are not terrified by Allah, whom Allah made safe from fear. It is said that everyone is terrified on the Hour except for them. Iblīs was let go, and do not forget that this is a certain test for humankind.


Time Stamp: 1:20:40


As for Adam (a.s.), he immediately repented (tawbah) and sought forgiveness (istighfar), but Iblīs never thought of that. He made a prayer (dua) in abasement; bound to greed for life. See, the Iblīs also prayed (dua), but what kind of a prayer (dua) was it? He made a prayer (dua) in abasement; bound to greed for life. Look at these two prayers (duas) and see the difference. Iblīs also prayed (dua), but what kind of a prayer (dua)? In the world, the faithless have prayers (duas) as well, which are like that of Iblīs. It has to be prayer (dua) of a believer (mu’min). It has to be a prayer (dua) of iman (faith), Islam, and the Quran. Iblīs says he will block the way of faith (iman) and Islam, and set an ambush. See, that is his prayer (dua), he says that he will block the way of faith (iman) and Islam and set an ambush. He says he will come at humankind from their front and from their rear, and from their right and their left, and he will deviate them from the way of Islam, deceive them, and turn them into faithless and irreligion. This is one of the prayers (duas) of Iblīs. Those who follow Iblīs are from him, they are his satellites.

Do not follow Iblīs ever. That is, do not subject to him nor obey him. If you subject to Iblīs and follow him, and side with him, then you will be his satellite, and you will be doomed to his fate. What a pity! You will be doomed to Iblīs’s fate, you will be like him, you will fall where he will fall, and enter jahannam (hell) with him. Is it not a pity? Iblīs had resolved upon eternal evil when he was given a respite, and this is his second prayer (dua).

See, he was given a respite, and that was for misguiding servants (qul) by leading them astray. He wanted a respite for that purpose. See his prayer (dua). He was given a respite, and he had resolved upon evil for eternity at that time. Iblīs is doomed to eternal punishment along with everybody who followed him. We see that those who act like Iblīs and side with him have all been doomed to eternal punishment. Al-Quran Al-Karim is informing us of everything beforehand so that everybody may get their heads straight and tread lightly.

Allah admitted those who followed Iblīs to the path of Iblīs. The consequence of following his temperament and partnering with his doomed end will indeed be dire. It will indeed be very painful. May Allah save all humankind and Ummat-i Muhammad from the evil of Iblīs, disbelief (kufr), polytheism (shirk), hypocrisy (nifaq), and all evil; may Allah lead them to the faith (iman) of Islam.

We strive for the salvation of all humanity so that nobody may earn disbelief (kufr), because you can’t harvest faith (iman) by planting disbelief (kufr). Get your mind straight! You can’t enter janna (paradise) by living in the world with the Shaitan (Devil). The Shaitan (Devil)’s abode is jahannam (hell) for eternity, and you cannot enter janna (paradise) by following the Shaitan’s word and rebelling against Allah; that way you can’t escape jahannam (hell) ever.


Time Stamp: 1:25:02


He bullied and attacked the divine command only because it does not suit his will. Now, if there is something in Islam and the Quran that does not suit your nafs (desire), then woe to you if you do what your nafs (desire) by disacknowledging the command of Allah just because it does not suit your nafs (desire). Iblīs did just that, the command of Allah did not suit his nafs (desire). It did not suit his nafs. So, what did he do? He objected, and became Iblīs. Now, regarding humankind today, if your desires (nafs) resist to a certain command that comes from Islam and Al-Quran Al-Karim, and you are at the command of your desires (nafs), and you are not at the command of Allah, then think about your own end. I am trying to make a speech in a way that everybody can understand so that it may be understood easily, otherwise my heart will hurt if I shallowly speak these truths and continue because there may be people who do not understand. We are trying to make it more understandable because there may be people do not understand, we are exploring a discovery to make it more understandable, we are trying to make something open more open.

Conceit and pride. The conceit and pride that Iblīs feels is like that. Woe to those who are conceited! Woe to those who are arrogant! Woe to those who have that feeling! Iblīs, who wanted to be free from Allah is being tested with people. See, people may be free from everything, but they have no chance to say, “I won’t listen to Allah,” against Allah. Iblīs has done that as well.

See the state of those who talk about liberty and freedom without acknowledging the truth and reality (haqq wa haqiqa). They do not accept the truth and reality (haqq wa haqiqa), and they consider themselves free whereas those who do not acknowledge the truth (haqq) are slaves of the wrongs (batil), and they are captives. Are they aware of this or not? Those who acknowledge the truth and reality (haqq wa haqiqa) are only subject to Allah, and they are free from everything else, and they are free for eternity. Islam is liberty.


Time Stamp: 1:28:02


–          The End        –

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 285


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

That is why Iblīs is being tested with human. That said, people who wish a liberty like that of Iblīs are tested with Iblīs. Pay attention! Iblīs is being tested with human, and human is being tested with Iblīs. People who wish a liberty like that of Iblīs are being tested with Iblīs. See, this is because no matter how free people are, they are to be free at the command of the Real (al-Haqq), by acknowledging the law. Liberty begins there. Freedom emerges in accord with the fundamental of the predominance and sovereignty of truth and justice. Some want freedom without acknowledging truth and justice. No matter how much freedom you seek, you are to do your utmost for other people in the way of truth and justice to be free just as much as you. That is, freedom is not given more to some and less to others, everybody shall be free. Islam is the way of eternal freedom. That is why Islam embraces all of humankind. Some people do not accept it, and they are depriving themselves of it. See how Allah is the Rabb of all the worlds, but some people do not accept Allah. So, will they be saved from the justice and omnipotence (qudrah) of Allah when they disacknowledge? Will they be safe from Allah’s punishment and wrath? They will never be saved. That is what denying of Islam means.

Islam is the justice and mercy (rahmat) of Allah that embraces everybody, but you don’t accept it. Okay, you may not. You will only deprive yourself. Why? Because you will be depriving yourself of the mercy (rahmat) of Allah, faith (iman), the Quran, and Islam. So, what did Iblīs do? He ruined himself. He abandoned hope from the mercy (rahmat) of Allah, and he was dismissed from the mercy (rahmat), and he got stoned (recm).

Now, what does recm mean? It means to be stoned. He was expelled. O humankind! That is why you should not follow the way of Iblīs. Do not have any attribute of Iblīs. Do not have any of the attributes of Iblīs! Iblīs was driven out from janna (paradise), but you should keep staying in janna (paradise). O humankind! Do good deeds of janna (paradise) in order to stay in janna (paradise). Be careful, and stay there. Stay there in janna (paradise). You need to stay right at the centre of Islam in the world in order for you to stay in janna (paradise). You need to fulfil all commands that Allah has offered to you in regards to creed (itiqad), deed (amal), morals (akhlaq), and law (huquq). To stay in Islam in the world is to stay in janna (paradise) in the afterlife (ākhira) for eternity. That is because Islam prepares humans to janna (paradise). As for jahannam (hell), it is what is outside of Islam. Janna (paradise) is the inside of Islam. What is outside Islam? That is disbelief (kufr), polytheism (shirk), hypocrisy (nifaq), and wrongdoing (zulm). As for Islam, it is with all of its contents and itself is faith (iman), the Quran, the mercy (rahmat) of Allah, and the justice of Allah, is faith (iman), the Quran, the mercy (rahmat) of Allah, and the justice of Allah, as well as the endless and boundless bounty (nimat) of Allah. See the 35th verse of Surah al-Baqarah [2] where we see these truths. We have expounded on them in our previous lectures, and we are giving cues right here.

A narration from Ibn-i Abbas. Radeyallahu anhum wa ardahum ajmain. It says, “They were in Jannat al-Adn, not Jannat Al-Huld.” Now, this narration says that the name of the janna (garden) that Adam (a.s.) and our mother Hawwa were in is Jannat al-Adn. It is said that this Jannat al-Adn is the garden of genesis. That is, Jannat al-Adn is the garden of genesis. Now we are on the names of various jannat (gardens) such as Jannat ‚Adn and Jannat al-Ma’va. There are names like Jannat ‚Adn, Jannat al-Ma’va, Jannat an-Na’im, Jannat al-Firdaus, Dar es-Salaam, Jannat al-Huld, and Jannat al-Waseelah. And there is the most superior station is Māqam-i Mahmud. As you know Jannat al-Huld… The first janna (garden) is Jannat ‚Adn.



Time Stamp: 6:24


–          The End        –

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 286


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

That is, the first janna (garden) is Jannat ‚Adn at the pass of Jannat Al-Huld. Adam’s garden of creation is Jannat ‚Adn, which is not infinite freedom because the forbidden tree was the limit.


Time Stamp: 0:27


–          The End        –

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 287


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

It wasn’t infinite freedom. That is, the Jannat ‚Adn that Adam and Hawwa entered did not have infinite freedom. The limit therein was the forbidden tree. There was a single prohibition therein, which was that forbidden tree. As you know, tree is a landmark in ʿurf (customs of society). As for its fruit, it is the limit of behaviour. A person’s deeds are like the fruits of a tree. That is why you should be wary of the prohibitions in the world. Be wary of the limit. Do not overstep the bounds of the sharia (law) ever!

“He who falls from the sharia (law) falls to jahannam (hell).”

Sharia (law) is the embodiment of janna (paradise). That is, the sharia (law) of Islam and the Quran. The order of Islam is the embodiment of janna (paradise), and it takes you with your Islamic livelihood, and convey you to Dar es-Salaam. It prepares you to the other janna (paradise) which is the abode of peace. That is why the immediate area of the tree is a test field. That is, in that field there is a test of prohibitions and freedom. As for the duration of testing, it is one’s own lifespan.

See, their shameful parts were covered in janna (paradise). They did not see or know their shameful parts therein. Their shameful parts were covered by light (nūr). There was a veiling made out of light (nūr) over them. That said, some narrations say they were covered with a kind of hoof. Ahsan al-Taqwim (ultimate pattern of creation), and Asfal al-Sāfilīn (lowest of the low). The Shaitan’s will and decision is to directed him to a downfall while the divine commands raise you up. What did the Shaitan do? His will and decision led him to a downfall. Pay attention! Divine commands raise one up. However, a devilish livelihood will always carry one downwards, direct him to a downfall, and causes him to fall towards the endless and boundless dungeons of jahannam (hell). Waswas is the name of a hidden voice such as a whisper, rustle, and crackle. That is, it is a hidden voice. A repetitive hidden inculcation that comes one after another is called waswas. Dropping hidden words into the soul (nafs) is also called giving a waswas. The evil whispers that come to your heart and soul that are not in accord with the pleasure (riza) of Allah and the commands and laws of the sharia (law) are, one by one, waswas. If the whispers are against the sharia (law), and your soul (nafs) nudges you in pursuit of evil desires and wants, then there is a waswas about. There is a trick. These come both from one’s own soul (nafs) and Iblīs. That is, one’s own soul (nafs) and Iblīs are in accord. They do this to topple down the empire of faith (iman) within you, and their aggression is nothing but removing the empire of iman and become predominant in the heart and spirit. It is for establishing the system of Shaitan in you,, and turn you into a devil. Rather, build the empire of faith (iman) and Islam in your inner world. Besides, those who fail to build an empire of faith (iman), Islam, and the Quran cannot build it outside either. How can they build it when it is not in him?


Time Stamp: 5:03


The waswas of Shaitan to Adam and Hawwa was as follows. Our pathfinder âlims have analysed it as follows. Hasan al-Basri, rahmatullahi alaih, says it happened with a communication from ground-to-heavens by Allah’s wish. As for ḥayya, the expression of snake, it was a figure of speech due to its venom. It means it is a evil though is worse than venom. The waswas of the Shaitan is worse than venom, and the expression of snake was used as a figure of speech due to its venom. See, the waswas of the Shaitan through which he deceived Adam and Hawwa was likened to venom of a snake. Secondarily, in a narration brought forth by Abu Muslim and Al-Isfahani, the phrase “paradise on earth”, which does not suit the question. Certain authors claim that Iblīs used to look for an opportunity when they drew near the gate of paradise, and he used to come close and give waswas.

Hodja recites the 117th verse of Surah Ta Ha [20].

Almighty Allah informed our father Adam and our mother Hawwa of this beforehand by saying, “This is indeed an enemy of yours and your mate’s.” The verse says, “O Adam! Iblīs is indeed an enemy of yours and your mate’s.” See, the Shaitan revealed his hostility the moment he did not prostrate (sajdah) and the moment he disacknowledged the chair of successorship (caliphate). Almighty Allah knew that, but still tested him so that everyone may know. Then, Iblīs revealed himself.

Also in the 37th verse of Surah al-Baqarah [2], it is said that Adam received words from his Rabb, and repented (tawbah), and Almighty Allah accepted his repentance (tawbah). Adam was mistaken, but Iblīs whispered (waswas) to him, and he was deceived. However, Adam (a.s.) repented (tawbah), and sought forgiveness from Allah. Allah accepted his repentance (tawbah). He was driven out from janna (paradise), but he shall enter again.

Compare the temperament of Adam and the inner face of Iblīs. The inner faces of Iblīs and Adam are opposites to one another. Adam was deceived, tricked, but he immediately embraced repentance (tawbah). He repented (tawbah) for his entire life for a single mistake he made. It is said that he cried for 300 years. Yet the price was heavy because they were driven out of janna (paradise), and the clothing made out of light (nūr) was taken from them. They started seeing their shameful parts. They came to the world. See, they started covering themselves with the leaves of paradise. Adam (a.s.) confessed his crime, and he regretted. He scolded his nafs as well. He said, “O my nafs! You rebelled against Allah.” He immediately realised that his duty was to repent (tawbah) and repented (tawbah). He never abandoned hope from the mercy (rahmat) of Allah. He never did. Faithful Muslims do not abandon hope from the mercy (rahmat) of Allah ever, nor do they ever feel completely safe from the punishment of Allah.


Time Stamp: 10:05


So, what happened? He repented, blamed himself, and his repentance was accepted. Adam (a.s.) became happy again, but he paid heavy prices. As for Iblīs, he did not accept his sin. Pay attention! The hearts of those who commit every sin and evil, who rebel and do not follow the commands of Allah, and say their hearts are pure, are like that of Iblīs. See, he does every evil, does not follow the command of Allah, rebels, and claim his heart is pure. Iblīs also said that, but there is nobody worse or eviller than Iblīs. He straight-up earned the depths of jahannam. That is why you should obey Allah, believe in Allah, and hasten into the race of sawāb. Allah Ta’ala will decide whether your heart is pure or not. Your heart is pure if Allah Ta’ala says, “The heart of my servant (qul) is pure.” Otherwise, nobody has a chance to claim his heart is pure.

Hodja recites the original text of the following hadith-i sharif.

“My Allah! Clean my soul (nafs).”

Hodja recites the original text of the following hadith-i sharif.

What does he say? He says, “My Allah! Clean my heart from hypocrisy (nifaq), and make it immaculate.” The immaculate Prophet. The innocent immaculate. The Prophet who possessed the ultimate degree prays (dua) like that while some people fill themselves to the brim with harams and claim their heart is immaculate. Fill a vessel with harams, and shout out, “This vessel is immaculate,” and even the crows feeding on carrion will laugh at you. One should not be that ignorant. The sin of Iblīs was not forgiven for he did not regret. I say to those who claim their hearts are immaculate: Start repenting (tawbah) and seek forgiveness (istighfar) with faith (iman). Perform worship, obey Allah. Follow the way of Islam in order not to commit a single crime or haram. Day and night, ask Allah to purify your heart, and hasten into good deeds. Only then will you save yourself from being deceived. That is why Iblīs did not accuse himself. Every person must accuse himself, and their souls (nafs). That is called Self-Accusing Soul (Nafs-e-Lawwama). The transgression of Iblīs skyrocketed. He increased his transgression much more, and what did he do? He blamed his transgression on Allah. Never! He tried to blame his transgression to Allah, and abandoned hope from mercy (rahmat). May nobody ever fall into the situation of Iblīs!

Even if he who objected to commands and prohibitions have been forgiven… Now, pay attention to this! He who objects to the commands and prohibitions… That is the command of Allah. Even if he who objected to commands and prohibitions have been forgiven it will still lead to his degradation. That is, even if he was forgiven of his objection his ranks will be taken away and he will be degraded. He may strive to go up again by find a way to be a true servant (qul), and endeavour for that. If you want an example, Hz. Adam was sent down from janna (paradise) even though his repentance (tawbah) was accepted, and he stayed on earth. His descendants thrived on earth, and what did he do through servitude?

He obeyed and lived in the world for 1000 years without rebelling, according to narrations. He did good deeds, never rebelled against Allah, and repented throughout his life. He cried, and went to janna (paradise) again by doing good deeds of paradise. He earned it only this way.


Time Stamp: 15:13


He was wrong once, how many times were you wrong? See, which command of Allah you did not fulfil? Check your faith (iman). Do you have the faith (iman) that Allah wanted from you in Islam and Quran and the sunnah? We should see this. Do we have the good deeds, good morals, truth and reality, justice, understanding of law and justice? Let us check ourselves for a second and act accordingly.

In order to acquit ourselves we need to see the education, learning, and practiced morals (akhlaq) of Islam in ourselves. We are not talking about written morals, not textual or visual chants, rather we should check ourselves whether we have the morals that are practiced, and the maxim of the faith (iman) of Islam that is practiced. Let us have a look at ourselves first

Let us not deceive ourselves! That is why, beloved friends! The servants (qul) of Allah whom were created in the ultimate form! Allah has offered us the holy values that shall increase us in value, and told us that through certain things our value will increase for eternity. See, all of them are incorporated into Islam, Al-Quran Al-Karim, and its leader and pioneer Hz. Muhammad (asw). We need to praise Almighty Allah a lot.

Hodja recites the original text of the following praise.

“O Allah! All praise of every kind is to You. “O Allah! The kingdom (mulk) belongs completely to You.”

Hodja recites the original text of the second sentence of aforementioned praise.

This surah explains us monotheism, resurrection, revelation, and prophethood. It informs us that Al-Quran Al-Karim is an eternal miracle.

Islam and Al-Quran Al-Karim are a grace (lutf) upon all of humankind. The bounty (nimat) of Islam belongs to the whole of humankind. Friend and enemy, the struggle between right and wrong, hostility of Iblīs, and all four addresses that goes, “O sons of Adam,” are what draws our attention in this surah.

Iblīs, through his waswas (satanic whisper) caused the shameful parts of our mother and father to be revealed. Today, Iblīs and his cadres are trying something to have the shirt off people’s back, what is it? They are trying to make people reveal their inappropriate parts, they are the cadres of Iblīs.

See, Iblīs caused the inappropriate parts of our father Adam and our mother Hawwa to be revealed. Iblīs caused them to be expelled from janna (paradise). He took of their clothes in order to reveal their inappropriate parts. If you follow the word of Iblīs, then he will make you undress yourself every day, undresses you and reveals your inappropriate parts. That is a gimmick of Iblīs, and it was Iblīs who caused these.

As for today, these gimmicks still continue in the test field. This surah makes mention of people of a’raf. A holy sound of punishment fluctuates. Allah’s holy punishment fluctuates over dark faces. That is, over dark faces and dark hearts that do not accept faith (iman), that do not accept Islam, that do not accept truth and reality (haqq wa haqiqa) or justice. A holy punishment of Allah fluctuates over the top of the mentality that do not accept Allah, the Prophet, and the Quran.


Time Stamp: 20:16


Because everywhere is encompassed by Allah.

Hodja recites the 12th verse of Surah al-Buruj [85].

“Indeed, your Rabb’s striking is severe.”

There hasn’t been any place which Allah has not seized, or will not seize. Some faces will shine on that day. Pay attention! There so happy, white and bright faces who have been encompassed by the mercy (rahmat) of Allah. Mercy fluctuates over them. Islam is but mercy (rahmat). As for denial, obstinance, and turning away; stop that. Stop denying, stop being obstinate. Stop turning away from the truth and reality (haqq wa haqiqa). The glorious Quran is narrating these to you. It talks about calamities, objection, safety, bounty, and prosperity. So many have been transformed to apes and swine. So many crimes have been committed, and Allah turned them into apes and swine; these are mentioned. That is why this surah, which is Surah al-A’raf is given as an example for evil âlims and says evil âlims are like a dog that lolls out its tongue wallows in mud. That is an ugly parable for worldly people. That is a sin, and abasement. One should be a good âlim who obeys Allah and works for the better good of humankind, who has knowledge (ilm) of truth and reality (haqq wa haqiqa), who uses that knowledge in beneficial science and scholarship. A’raf is a wall between janna and jahannam.

There is a narration from Ibn-i Jarir and Hudhayfah that says, “They are those whose sins and sawābs are even.” There is this narration from Al-Tabari. There are other narrations as well. Protect yourself from sin and the Shaitan with an outfit made out of piety (taqwa). Says, “Shield yourself from sin and the Shaitan with an apparel of piety (taqwa). What is an apparel of piety (taqwa)? There should be obedience to Allah without rebellion. Divine commands and the divine offers are to be fulfilled. The apparel of piety (taqwa) is to preserve virtue (namus). Being virtuous (namus) is present in piety (taqwa). Piety (taqwa), decency (haya), sense of shame, fear of Allah; these are possible through faith (iman) and wisdom (irfan). Piety (taqwa), decency (haya), sense of shame, fear of Allah, and love of Allah are possible through faith (iman) and wisdom (irfan), not any other way. They are flamboyant with lust, conceit, and pride. They are slaves of lust; flamboyant with lust, conceit, and pride. They even reveal their worst parts. They show impertinence. These are meta of pride for them. See, they feel proud as well. Why? Because they have lust, conceit, and pride. They are flamboyant, they have been adorned with lust, adorned with conceit and pride. They take pleasure in showing off their worst parts. Why? Because they don’t have an apparel of piety (taqwa), they have no shame. They have no feeling of shame. They have no fear of Allah. They have no love of Allah. If these were present, then those evil-doings would not be present either. These are things that are possible through the faith (iman) and wisdom (irfan) that Islam and the Quran wants, which are brought forth by Allah; if these were present then those evil-doings would not have been present.


Time Stamp: 25:27


Or, if he has faith (iman) but he can’t stop these evil-doings, then it will not save that person from jahannam. That is why, beloved friends.

Hodja recites the 83rd verse of Surah Maryam [19].

Let us see what our Almighty Rabb, Almighty Allah (c.c.) says in the 83rd verse of Surah Maryam [19]: “We unleash the devils upon the faithless.” And says, “تَؤُزُّهُمْ أَزًّا” – “To urge them sin.” See, devils impose themselves on their hearts, and they like deviltry. They became thrilled by deviltry. That is, do you think only the Satanists worship Shaitan? Those who become thrilled by deviltry, who are they? They like deviltry, they are thrilled by it. They elect the vilest marauders as their chairman. The vilest marauder among them become their chairman. They consider waswas divine command, and they practice irreligion through religion. They profess religiousness by doing the opposite of the religion. Polytheism, disunity, and crookedness are satanic whispers (waswas) of the Shaitan. And it is not knowledge or inspiration. That said, what happens happens; he who was created out of nothing shall be resurrected. Everybody was created, and everyone will be resurrected once they die. They will answer to Allah. Everybody will be standing in the presence of Allah with their sins and sawābs; everybody will go to the greater court (mahkamah al-kubra) on the Last Day (Ruz-i Ceza).

That is, these are closer than today or tomorrow by Allah’s wish. The entire universe is unable to give its life to anyone else. See, nobody can give his life to anyone else, that goes for the entire universe. See the 258th verse of Surah al-Baqarah [2]. Says, “I am the One who gives life and brings death.” What does Allah say? Says, “I am the One gives life and brings death.” Janâb-i Haqq says that the only Creator is Allah, and the One who resurrects is Allah. That said, it is Almighty Allah who creates the means in this regard. Janâb-i Haqq has manifested miracles in the person of the Prophets. It is Allah who manifested those miracles. That is why we say the only Creator is Allah.

Nimrod claimed he could kill and give life, but he couldn’t save himself from a single fly. See, Nimrod has a powerful state which was infested by flies and it was eradicated completely. The entire armies of the world together are powerless against even a fly of Allah. They are powerless in the face of a single fly of Allah. That is why Allah Ta’ala didn’t even send other soldiers in order to humiliate Nimrod and render him low and vile. Allah refused to send other soldiers, and sent flies instead. Allah reduced the state of Nimrod to rubble via flies.

Beloved friends, the lessons of the life-giving light (nūr) continues. Insha ‘Allah, we will get back together in our upcoming lesson. Insha ‘Allah, we will endeavour to discover the true power of life altogether, and continue to convey to you the whole of Al-Quran Al-Karim. We will all find an eternal and blissful life by the grace (lutf) and generosity (karam) of Allah. See, these are lessons of a blissful life! These lessons are lessons of the glorious Quran. These are lessons of Islam. We are only trying to translate it.


Time Stamp: 30:59


–          The End        –

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