Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 41-43

Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 41-43

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 41


Ali ibn Abi Talib said, “One of the best blessings and beauties on earth is a sâliha (virtuous) woman,”. That is, having a sâliha (virtuous) wife is one of the best blessings in this world for a man. That is one of the best and foremost blessings. So, that is what Ali ibn Abi Talib said. He was destined for Fātima-tuz-Zahrā by Allah. May all ours women and daughters be like Fātima, Aisha, Khadija and other heroic women of Islam. Islam has women who are perfect by their actions and their spiritual worlds. The women of Islam are indeed perfect. The women of Islam are pure and chaste. As for men, they are indeed brave. You see, what makes these women pure and chaste are the values they learned from Islam. That is also what makes men very brave. What gives them bravery is the values they learned from Islam. That is, all of the life-giving values are the values obtained from Islam. Dearest friends! We praise Islam, but why? Islam is brought forth by Allah. So, what kind of a situation shall we fall into if we do not praise what Allah brought forth, praised, liked, loved, and exalted? Let us think about this. Some people may say that I am praising Islam all the time. We cannot praise Allah no matter how much we praise. That is because Allah is peerless in exaltedness. As for Islam, we cannot praise it properly even if we praise it all the time for it is the order established by Allah. All life-giving values are in Islam. It is not us who says that, but Allah, who is the owner of Al-Quran Al-Karim. Quran is kalam (utterance) of Allah. That is a manifestation of Allah’s knowledge (ilm) and kalam (utterance). That is a manifestation of eternal bliss rahmat (mercy), and happiness. How can we not praise that? Would it not be wrong had we said the Sun is dark. Would it not be wrong if we said there is light in darkness? Islam is an eternal light, an eternal bliss. May Allah make it so that this Islam that is sent upon us be a salvation for us all. We wholeheartedly wish for everyone to take their share of Islam. May everyone be saved. May these beauties be with us all. Islam is enough not just for us but millions of worlds just like us. That is more than enough for many worlds just like ours. Is there an end to the blessings (nimet) of Allah? Even if Janâb-i Haqq gives you billions of blessings, countless more are created after. Allah is al-Qadir (all-Powerful). Come! O, brothers! O, the servants (qul) of Allah! We are all children of Adam! In terms of being human, we are all brothers and sisters. However, Allah wants a brotherhood of belief (iman). Let us be brothers and sisters in belief (iman) as well. “What I want is, ‘innamā l-muʾminūna ʾikhwatun – the brotherhood of belief (iman)’,” says Allah. Allah says that the believers (mu’mins) are brothers. The believers (mu’mins) are those who believe in Allah, and follow the orders. They are those who accept Islam entirely. These are the believers (mu’mins), and Muslims. As for those who do not accept this, they say that they do not accept the brotherhood of believers (mu’mins). They do not accept, so we are not to be blamed here.


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And Islam has no guilt here either. What can we do if they do not accept? It is not like we are going to force them to believe, or hug them and beg. We say that the believers are brothers. We are brothers. As believers, we are the brothers of the believers. And we are all children of Adam. We say that we are brothers in terms of being human. But some may say they are not offspring of Adam either. They may say they are not from the lineage of Adam. And if he also says that he is not a servant (qul) of Allah and he does not accept the brotherhood, then that is up to him. That is up to him. There is salvation, and disappointment. There is Janna (Paradise), and there is Jahannam (Hell). As you see, there are options, people may choose whichever. So, that is why Ali ibn Abi Talib said the following while talking about the greatest blessings and beauties on earth: One of the best blessings and beauties on earth is a sâliha (virtuous) woman,”. That is the most honorable beauty on earth. That is, a sâliha (virtuous women). So, what is the best blessing for a woman? Is it not a perfect man? Is it not an honorable man whose inner and outer world is equipped with Islam? You see, that is a perfect man for a woman. That is one of the foremost beauties and blessings on earth. So, it means that when a man and woman makes a happy marriage both the husband and wife will have the greatest beauties on earth with their belief (iman), and Islam. That way, Islam brings forth a family, which is a happy family. They start talking about sociological and phycological matters saying that this will happen if you do that or that will happen if this happens etc. They say all kinds of things, and when you look at them you will see that they are overwhelmed with stress, and they are bored. So, they go to fortunetellers, and sorcerers, talistmanists etc. They go to people who did not learn anything about science, who are backward minded. They go to people who do fortunetelling of science. People go to fortune-tellers of religion and science. But they should come to the values of Islam, true science and true belief (iman). They should come to the life-giving values, Quran and Muhammad. Take your share of knowledge from Quran. Where do you think the happiness of the soul is? Learn it from Quran, and Allah. Learning from Al-Quran Al-Karim means being personally lectured by Allah the Creator. Allah created the soul and the heart and Allah knows best how they will be happy. Those who cannot create cannot know this like the Creator. That is why, the greatest act for the better good of the humanity is to share these life-giving values and their lessons with the humanity. You see, true goodness, and true charity is in that act. Now, let us give ear to our Prophet: “The best people are those who serve people.” You shall do benevolent services. You see, the best of the humanity, and the master of the humanity is he/she who works most for the better good of the humanity. They are those who work for the better good of the humanity. It is Prophet Muhammad who said that. The Prophet of the entire mankind said that. Prophet Muhammad is the Prophet of the entire humanity. Whether they accept this or not, he is a rahmat (mercy) upon all worlds. It does not matter if they take their share of this rahmat (mercy), or escape.


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He is the Prophet of Mercy (Rahmat) upon the worlds. He was sent for the better good of everyone. That is why, dearest friends! Let us be beneficial to one another. Where there are all these splendorous and perfect divine values you should not pass your lifetime with a house of cards. In Islam, not one breath goes to waste. [26:20] “man kāna yurīdu ḥartha l-ʾākhirati nazid lahū fī ḥarthihī ” That was from the 20th verse of Surah ash-Shura. Allah says, “Whoever wants the harvest of the afterlife (ākhira) we shall enhance it for him and whoever wants the harvest of the world, we shall give to him from it.” However Allah says that for the disbelievers. there is no share in the afterlife (ākhira). For the situation of those who do not believe in the afterlife (ākhira) who say all they have is in this world, is indeed a grave danger Those who do not believe in the afterlife (ākhira) do not believe in Allah either. A person does not die with belief (iman) when he does not believe in Islam and all verses of Quran, whether he has believed partly or as a whole. The verses of Allah are a whole. The Messengers of Allah are a whole. And the books are a whole, one must believe in all of them. One also must believe in all contents of the afterlife (ākhira). The utterances (kâl) and the body language of ahlul haqq (people of truth) is laḏḏa (flavor). Go after all this kindness and do not ever be depressed. Please listen carefully. The utterances (kâl) and the body language of ahlul haqq (people of truth) is laḏḏa (flavor). So, what is kâl? It means utterance; their utterances are good, and gives life. The utterances (kâl) and the body language of them is ladda (flavor). Do go after such kindness and do not ever be depressed. That is why dearest friends, Islam wants happiness for everyone. We are all servants (qul) of Allah. We are all offspring of Adam and Hawwa. Loving one another is an essential here. As for hate, it is an innovation, and fabrication. People went ahead and fabricated evil which is such us a pity for belief (iman) is essential. Disbelief (kufr) is earned by people; people have earned disbelief (kufr) on their own. They have done so wrong, which is indeed a pity. That is why our lecture here continues with the matter of Hajj (pilgrimage). Ayyam malumat (the understood days), are the first ten days of Dhu al-Hijjah or the Nahr, which is the 11st and 12nd days. Now, about ayyam ma’dudat (known days). That is to do takbir in the end of every fard (of namaz) from the morning of Arahaf to the evening of the fourth day. What is more, hajji (pilgrim) means ahlul taqwa (people of piety). So, is a Muslim is a hajji (pilgrim), he has to be an ahlul taqwa (people of piety). The word Jahannam is derived from the root “chm” and means obnoxious, sullen, deep pit. It is a feminine, and a munsarif word. That is in the dictionary. But of course, there is another aspect which is in the context of Islam. As for the meaning of Jahannam (Hell) in Al-Quran Al-Karim, and Islam: Jahannam (Hell) is the House of Punishment that the disbelievers, deniers (munkir), hypocrites (munafiq) and those who do not obey to Allah but rebel shall enter.


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There is a punishment in Jahannam (Hell) for every crime. Hypocrite (munafiq) is he who begs and swears, saying that he is a Muslim. The hypocrites (munafiq) who dare all sorts of evil after that are mentioned as well. The following is a narration from Al-Akhnas ibn Shurayq. They asked, who is a hypocrite (munafiq)? They try to convince you, taking oaths, saying they are Muslims. And after that, they dare all kinds of evil. In other words, they do all kinds of evil. They say all that with their tongues, but do all kinds of evil afterwards. You see, the people who do not have belief (iman) in their inner worlds but look like Muslims from the outside are hypocrite (munafiq). Allah says for them, [2:204] “wa-huwa ʾaladdu l-khiṣām”. They are the fierce enemies of Allah, Islam, and Muslims. They look like Muslims, but they are fierce enemies. In other words, they dare all types of evil ways plots, and try to set all sorts of traps. They are the mindset that that works in the secret services spreading fitnah (strife) fasād (corruption). They are in whatever brings harm to humanity. That is a mindset that works to harm the humanity, and they are the foremost enemies of Islam. But, being an enemy of Islam is being an enemy of Allah. The one who is hostile towards Allah is his own enemy. He does not need to look for another enemy. There are also happy elated people who sell themselves to Allah. We have elated people who do not hesitate but take pleasure in sacrificing his life or wealth to Allah Ta’ala. Those people will give their world, and their lives for the riza-i ilahi (approval of the Divine). They would be purchasing themselves, freeing themselves. For these people are happy to give their lives and wealth. And in return, they want to earn Janna (Paradise) and the jamal (beauty) of Allah Ta’ala. They are those who rendered his own will immortal in the Will and riza (approval) of Allah destroying their nafs (self). These are people who have attained the highest degree which is called Nafs Al-Mardiyah (Gratified Self). As for those who are against the sharīʿah, which is he laws and rules of Islam they do not want to die in the way of Allah. So, who are they? They are those who stand for and live the opposite of the sharīʿah (law). These people do not want to die in the way of Allah but they may easily commit suicide. They become the reasons of their own death in various low roads. And they commit suicide. Do you see the result of being against Islam? Those who are against Islam do not want to die in the way of Allah but they may easily commit suicide; or they may easily cause their own death in low roads. Now, we are all going to die sooner or later, for we have short lives. Would it be bad had we passed our lives with worship to Allah and die in the way of Allah? Would it be bad had we all earned the immortal life from life-giving Allah by reaching Allah’s riza (approval). Would it be bad had we followed and usul âlims (scholars of logic) and achieved vuslat (ultimate union)? That is if we do not know the knowledge (ilm).


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What is meant here is to act together with those who know the knowledge (ilm). They had Suhayb ibn Sinan (al-Rumi) was tortured. This is a narration from Ibn Abbas. He had given all his wealth, and bought tawhid. We see here that he bought his religion. He had given all of his wealth. He is none other than Suhayb ibn Sinan (al-Rumi). For he was an old man. He was caught by polytheists (musrikun) who are the unruly enemies of Islamic sharīʿah. This mubarak (blessed) man was traveling (hijra) from Mecca to Medina, they stopped him, and caught him. And he gave up everything he had, and bought tawhid instead. So, what is tawhid here? That is, “La ilaha illallah muhammadur rasulullah,”. This individual, who wholeheartedly accepted the prophethood of Muhammad and the sharīʿah (law) brought forth by him via Allah buys his belief (iman) here. He only takes the tawhid, but gives up his goods, properties, and wealth. He even instructs the enemy to take whatever is in his home and whatever possessions he had. He buys his religion (din), and migrated (hijra) from Mecca to Medina. Then, the verses were revealed (wahy) before he made it to Medina. A verse from Allah came saying that Suhayb ibn Sinan (al-Rumi) made the best trade. And good tidings came. Rewards came to him, the reward of eternal saadat (blessing). “Al-amr bi-l-maʿrūf wa-n-nahy ʿani-l-munkar.” “To bid what is right and forbid what is wrong,” my dearest friends! Those who bid what is right (al-amr bi-l-maʿrūf) are the ones who earn the eternal saadat (blessing). So, what exactly is al-amr bi-l-maʿrūf wa-n-nahy ʿani-l-munkar? That is to bid the life-giving commandments of Islam one by one to people. And make people keep clear of what is wrong. There are âmir decrees of Allah that give command. There are also decrees of Allah named nahy (negation), that forbid wrong things so that we may not do those things. Al-amr bi-l-maʿrūf wa-n-nahy ʿani-l-munkar is to know Islam properly, and bid Islam properly. And those who do this take the first step of eternal saadat (blessing). Ali ibn Abi Talib was sleeping in the bed of our Prophet in the night of Hijra. Let us see the 207th verse of Surah al-Baqarah. Ali ibn Abi Talib is one of the figures encompassed by this verse, praised by Allah and attained salvation and happiness. He was a kid back when our Prophet’s house was surrounded by the enemy. Ali ibn Abi Talib was a boy sleeping on that bed. There laid a lion on that bad, brave and heroic with a heart filled to brim with belief (iman). Ali ibn Abi Talib, karramallahu wajhah. He who crippled disbelief (kufr), breaking its back, paving the way of belief (iman). Ali ibn Abi Talib (r.a.), one of the undefeated heroes who performed jihad (struggle) next to Prophet Muhammad with a sword on his hand and belief (iman) in his heart. You see, he was referred in these verses as well as the others. The entire life of Ali ibn Abi Talib was about abiding by the Islamic sharīʿah (law), defending Islam and performing jihad (struggle) for iʻlā‐i kalimatullah (to exalt the religion of Allah). Ali ibn Abi Talib was an exceptionally grand hero and an exceptional âlim (Islamic scholar)


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He was also a grand mujahid, and a grand Caliph. He was son-in-law of Prophet Muhammad, and his cousin. He was also son of Abu Talib who could not recite Kalima Shadada in his life. Dearest friends! There is no end of the guidance (hidayat) of Allah. And it is Allah who knows best to guide whomever Allah wants. Shaitan (Satan): “A ruinous, eloquent, big, and clear enemy.” This is important in terms of being another description of Shaitan (Satan): “A ruinous, eloquent, big, and clear enemy.” That is, Shaitan (Satan) works with every fiber of his being for enmity. However, against belief (iman), and monotheism (tawhid) against Al-Quran Al-Karim and against true Muslims, he is completely null and void. It is important to have this belief (iman). We have heard the word “silm-peace” mentioned in the 208th verse. We have said that Islam is a peace from a to z. Peace, and salamat (safety). A peace from a to z, eternal in its entirety everlasting saadat (blessing) and salamat (safety). The meaning of silm is to bow down to Allah and enter peace and salamat (safety). That is to bow down to Allah, and enter peace and salamat (safety). There is no peace before surrendering to Allah. Peace cannot be established in the world, hearts, or souls before the acknowledgement of the principles of Allah. Peace without these principles is like the peace in the world of wolves and hyenas. They tear a portion of the people apart and share their possessions among themselves. And they jump at each other’s throats, and then eat the remains. Then, they go to sleep as if nothing has happened. You see, such a peace that is made by rebelling against Allah and declaring Islam enemy is a peace of monsters. These people share their economical rents with one another, and exploit the world. And there are people who have a hard time finding bread to eat. That is, of course billions of people while the other side lives as a happy minority. And they call that peace. They rain down bombs from the sky, tearing people to pieces. And they say they do that due to this or that reason, and they call that peace. Such a peace does not exist even in the world of hyenas. We are all invited to the perfection of Islam. Dearest friends! Almighty Allah invites all servants (qul) to the perfection of Islam. Allah tells us to come to the eternal rahmat (mercy). True peace is the peace of Islam, which means to take a seat in the eternal feast of rahmat given by Allah. That is Janna (Paradise), to achieve Jamal-i Ilahi (the divine beauty). Moreover whoever submits him/her self to Allah with goodness and sincerity (ihlas). Whoever submits him/her self to Allah with goodness and sincerity (ihlas). This is how people are invited to the perfection of Islam. Allah tells us all to have ikhlas (sincerity), and submit ourselves to Allah. Let us see the 112nd verse of Surah al-Baqarah. Janâb-i Haqq says to the muhsin (virtuous) people: [2:112] “man ʾaslama wajhahū li-llāhi wa-huwa muḥsinun” “They shall have no fear,” says Allah.


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Allah says that whoever submitted himself with every fiber of his being to Allah is a muhsin (virtuous). There is no fear for muhsins (virtuous), nor shall they greive. For they have been encompassed by happiness, and rahmat (mercy). Now, let us talk about compliance to moral and jural laws. It is necessary to comply with the laws of Allah. No one’s right should be violated. There should be justice. We should pay attention to Allah’s distribution. We should surrender to the justice and division of Allah Ta’ala completely, and implement them. We should not leave the field empty for corruption. There are no quarters for corruption in Islam. Otherwise rocks and fire will befall on us instead of rain. A disaster may visit them in a moment they least expected. That is for those who have no desire except the world, and worldly things. They should not forget that they will get what they deserve when rocks and fire will begin pouring down instead of rain. They should not bring disaster upon themselves nor the humanity. The earth is shaking. Cities and towns are affected constantly. The seas are becoming rough, and they are becoming turbid. And we see mass-death and disasters. Tsunamis, hurricanes such as Rita Marmara earthquake, and the others; these do not happen by themselves for it is Allah Ta’ala who is the owner of the universe. The absolute and all-Able ruler of this property is Allah. All creation, and order is from Allah on the heavens and earth. Allah has the command and the creation. [7:54] “a-lā lahu l-khalqu wa-l-ʾamru tabāraka llāhu rabbu l-ʿālamīn” And do not this verse. And do not forget any command of Allah; try not to forget. Why do you think Allah gave you your intellect, ideas memory, contemplation, and consideration? Did Allah give them to you so that you may invent other things and deny Allah? Or did Allah give it to you so that you deny the verses? Or did Allah Ta’ala give them to you to introduce Allah and the verses. Let us contemplate on these dearest friends; let us think. Let us be equipped with the life-giving true life, and its values. Let us find the true life, and be happy. Allah wants our happiness. Allah is ar-Rahman and ar-Rahim. As for those who do not accept this rahmat (mercy), there is “adhābun alīmun”, which means a severe punishment, wrath. Allah has Janna (Paradise) and Jahannam (Hell), blessing and justice. Allah is free and away from cruelty. Allah is not cruel to anyone. But, Allah give the adequate punishment to those who deserved. Janâb-i Haqq said: [6:158] “hal yanẓurūna ʾillā ʾan taʾtiyahumu l-malāʾikatu ʾaw yaʾtiya rabbuka…” The verse continues, that was a quote from the verse. Now, let us see what Janâb-i Haqq meant. “Do they wait for something other than angels, or the signs of Allah?” So, what does coming of angels or the command of Allah mean? Should Allah send punishment for you to believe? Should Allah sent armies that will implement the punishment? Or, should Allah send the signs that will ruin you, are you waiting for that?


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Come, into the rahmat (mercy). Come, into the peace and serenity. Do not ask for disasters. Do not work to summon disasters, but for your salvation. A sahabah named Habbâb Bin Eret (r.a.) this person came to our Prophet and share his grief. For they had tyrannized the first Muslims. On that day, rights and freedoms of many people were taken away in many places only because they were truly Muslim. That was the situation back then, and the same in today and will be tomorrow. Islam is the rulership of Allah, and the laws of Islam. All people will have their rights and freedoms once this is established. But, when that is not established, some people say the following. They tell us to believe as much as they believe and do what they say, imposing that upon us. But Islam did not impose anything upon anyone. You see, on that day, the idolaters imposed their ideas upon Habbâb Bin Eret. They would tell him to abandon his religion. They had laid people on fire, killing some of them, torturing the others. And they laid some of them on hot sand; and dragging the others around by tying a rope around their necks. They made some starve, there were various types of torture on their arsenal. Our Prophet said he following, which is a message to the entire humanity. The first Muslims were thrown into pits. The pharaohs, and tyrants of that age used to torture the first Muslims. They used to throw them into pits, saw them in half with saws. They used to use iron combs to separate flesh from bones. So, what did they with iron combs leaving in them nothing related with humanity. They even separated their nerves via iron combs. They separated the nerves, tearing their bodies apart. But why? That was to make them abandon their religion; so that they may not be Muslims. Dearest friends! Our Prophet had given the best tidings in the most troublesome days. He said that people should not be worried for those who die will become martyrs and go to Janna (Heaven). You shall be in safety. You shall have no fear except the fear of Allah, from Sana to Hadramut. He gave glad tidings by saying that all people will become Muslims and the divine justice shall be manifested.


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–          The End        –


Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 42


In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most Merciful. Dersimiz 43’üncü, 44’üncü derslerle hayat veren derslerimiz devam etmektedir Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. [2:213] “kāna n-nāsu ʾummatan wāḥidatan fa-baʿatha llāhu n-nabiyyīna mubashshirīna wa-mundhirīna wa-ʾanzala maʿahumu l-kitāba bi-l-ḥaqqi li-yaḥkuma bayna n-nāsi fī-mā khtalafū fīhi wa-mā khtalafa fīhi ʾillā lladhīna ʾūtūhu min baʿdi mā jāʾathumu l-bayyinātu baghyan baynahum fa-hadā llāhu lladhīna ʾāmanū li-mā khtalafū fīhi mina l-ḥaqqi bi-ʾidhnihī wa-llāhu yahdī man yashāʾu ʾilā ṣirāṭin mustaqīm” [2:214] “ʾam ḥasibtum ʾan tadkhulū l-jannata wa-lammā yaʾtikum mathalu lladhīna khalaw min qablikum massathumu l-baʾsāʾu wa-ḍ-ḍarrāʾu wa-zulzilū ḥattā yaqūla r-rasūlu wa-lladhīna ʾāmanū maʿahū matā naṣru llāhi a-lā ʾinna naṣra llāhi qarīb” Sadaqa Allah al-‚Azeem (Allah Almighty has spoken the truth). Dearest friends! Janâb-i Haqq (Allah) said: [2:213] “Mankind used to be a single nation. Upon their separation Allah sent down Prophets as heralders of Allah’s mercy and warner’s of Allah’s punishment. And with them sent down a book about the truth (haqq) to be a judge in what people disputed among themselves. In that, only those who were given the Book after all these proofs were revealed to them fell into dispute due to the envy and greed between them.” So, who are they? They are the Jews and the Christians. [2:213] “Then Allah, by His leave guided those who believed to the truth (haqq) regarding which they fell into disputes. And Allah guides whomsoever Allah wants to the straight path.” You see, the laws that have the true decrees are in Islam. And the laws in Islam are the laws of Allah. These contain all truths of the future and the past. These laws are witnesses of the past. Acknowledger of truth (musadiq) and its guardian (muhaymin). What is more, all documents regarding the future are present in them. [2:214] “Or did you think you will enter Janna (Paradise) without being visited by what (disasters) befell on those who were before you? They were afflicted with such poverty and hardships and they were so shaken that even the Prophet and those who believed with him said ‘When (will) the help of Allah (come),’. You see! The help of Allah is indeed near.” Life is a trial. And what is essential in life is to live the truth (haqq) and object to the wrong (batil). Muslims cannot make concessions to the truth (haqq) even if they die thousands of times. You see, what did our beloved Prophet say? “They used to throw them (first Muslims) into pits of fire. They used to saw them in half with saws. They used to comb their flesh with iron combs until they reached the bones. That is while telling them to abandon their religion. Yet they did not abandon their religion still. They defended their beliefs (iman), the truth (haqq), and Islam bravely. Such is the Muslim of that day, today, and tomorrow. It is the Muslims who will be the successors on earth.


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In other words, they are the men of Haqq (Allah) and haqiqa (truth). You will see that when the world is run by transgressors, wrongdoers, polytheists, and deniers they will first target Muslims and inflict cruelty upon them. Muslims have gone through many trials in the past. And they are still tested today, and they will be tested tomorrow. For that is the duty of Muslim, to win the trials. To live with belief (iman), and die with it. To live with Islam, and die with it. To accept Allah’s rulership, and be under the command of Allah. Do not you ever live under someone else’s rule, and die under their rule. Whoever obeys Allah, you should be with them. But, if you cooperate with those who do not obey Allah, who do not recognize Allah’s order you would be doing wrong to all people of earth and you would be helping the wrongdoers. You should consent to dying rather than siding with disbelief (kufr). Now, there are countless points of discovery shining through these verses and we shall explain and understand them. They were a single nation, with a single religion, in tawhid (monotheism). That is, the entire humanity. Adam and Hawwa (Eve) used to say, “la ilaha illallah”. They were also informed that Muhammad will become the Prophet in the future. They knew, even when they were in Janna (Paradise). In many places on Janna (Paradise) the words “ were written. This was even written on ars-i âlâ (the ninth heaven), and lavh al-mahfuz. That is why tawhid (monotheism) is integrated in the prophethood of all prophets. In tawhid (monotheism), they were a single nation with a single religion. The entire humanity was like that. They ruined mankind, and they are still ruin it. Tawhid (monotheism) is the base rule, but disbelief (kufr), dispute and dissensus are out of the ordinary. Tawhid (monotheism) was the base rule. It was a necessity of our innate nature (fitrah). Tawhid (monotheism) is a necessity of our creation. What is out of the ordinary is disbelief (kufr) and polytheism (shirk). Those who are divided and separated are out of the ordinary. As for unity and tawhid (monotheism), they are essentials. Now, tawhid (monotheism) is Oneness of Allah. And also the Prophethood of Muhammad. Today’s tawhid (monotheism) is this, and it is valid until Qiyamah. So, what was the tawhid before Muhammad? Allah’s Oneness; and Isa (Jesus) was a servant (qul), and Messenger (Rasul). And what was the tawhid before Isa (Jesus)? Allah’s Oneness, and Musa (Moses) was a servant (qul), and Messenger (Rasul). The same goes for the tawhids before them as well. So, what did Allah do with the Prophets and their laws. When the sharīʿah of a Prophet is distorted Allah renewed it with a second Prophet. And at last, Allah brought forth a brand new sharīʿah with Muhammad and it shall be valid until Qiyamah. The last, and universal Prophet is Muhammad. Unity is essential. Disputes, separation, and partitions are out of the ordinary. Polytheism is out of the ordinary. Disbelief (kufr) is out of the ordinary. On the other hand, tawhid iman (monotheistic belief) is an essential. Every child is born with innate nature (fitrah) of Islam. Allah creates all children with innate nature (fitrah) of Islam regardless of their nationality.


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They may be children of Muslims or not, it does not matter. They may be children of the Jews or Christians. They may be children of idolaters, or someone else. Every child is born with an innate nature (fitrah) of Islam. Allah creates them with that innate nature (fitrah). Then, the child advances and develops that innate nature (fitrah) with Islam. The evil matters are learned later. People may distort their Islamic innate nature (fitrah). That is, if you teach yourself evil rather than goodness you would distort your innate nature (fitrah). Your innate nature (fitrah) in your creation was Islam. That innate nature (fitrah) is advanced and developed with Quran and values of Islam. And in the end, reaches the Janna (Paradise), and jamal (beauty) of Allah. And his worldly life also attains perfection (kemal) via this innate nature (fitrah). The humanity will advance towards perfection (kemal). In the 19th verse of Surah Yunus it is said that mankind was a single nation, then they differed. Wāḥidatan fa-khtalafū – they differed. Also, in the 120th verse of Surah al-Nahl it is said that Ibrahim (Abraham) Alaihissalam was hanīf. In other words, he only had tawhid belief. As for Adam and Hawwa (eve), the souls of the entire mankind in the loin of Adam were a single nation. This is important. As for Adam and Hawwa (eve) the souls of the entire mankind in the loin of Adam were a single nation. There is only one God they all know. None of them said there were two Gods. So, what happened after? People got stuck in non-essential, non-realistic and exceptional deviations, and false beliefs (batil). The period between Adam and Noah is about ten centuries. Alaihimusselam. The thought of unity, and feeling it. Allah made these essential innate features. So, the idea of unity in people is an essential. And it is a necessity to feel it. That is a feeling, and Allah made this an essential, a necessity. For Janâb-i Haqq (Allah) created people with this innate nature (fitrah). That is innate. The actions of people, and the advancement is people’s own choice. You see, actions and advancement of this unity is up to people themselves. People have chosen wrong. Some of them have chosen duality or trinity instead of tawhid (monotheism). Some others denied Allah, and the sharīʿah laws of Allah. They did not acknowledge the Prophets. In other words, that is a choice people can make, and what did they choose? So, what happened? In the end disputes and disunity occurred. They invented what is exceptional. What is essential and innate was tawhid iman, or rather the Oneness of Allah. So, what did Janâb-i Haqq (Allah) say in the 172nd verse of Surah al-A’raf?1 [2:172] “wa-ʾidh ʾakhadha rabbuka min banī ʾādama min ẓuhūrihim dhurriyyatahum” So, after Allah said, “Do not go near what is forbidden in Janna or you shall be one of the transgressors,” in the aforementioned verse of Quran Janâb-i Haqq (Allah) says the following:


Time Stamp: 15:04


Now, this is the verse that I have recited: “Allah took from their loins their descendants and made them bear witness over themselves. ‘Am I not your Rabb (Lord),’ Allah said. They all replied, ‘qālu balā – yes You are our Rabb (Lord),’.” They knew their Rabb (Lord) as a single nation, with tawhid belief. You see, that is the innate nature (fitrah) that we all have. Tawhid (monotheism) is our innate nature (fitrah). That is on the base of the Islamic innate nature (fitrah). So, after Janâb-i Haqq (Allah) took that covenant from the mankind Allah gave a warning to Adam Alaihissalam. You will become transgressors if you eat from the tree, said Allah. You see, Janâb-i Haqq (Allah) permitted endless blessings, but forbid a single one. And that was a test. That was made for a test. Allah told him not to get close to that one thing, or he will be a transgressor. That was the prohibition of Allah. Thus, Adam Alaihissalam due to certain reasons become unwary of that prohibition of Janâb-i Haqq (Allah). He was deceived due to the waswas (whisper) of Shaitan (Satan). Now, in the end, there is a class of people who are on the truth and belief (iman) and there are many classes of people who are out of this correct belief. In the end, all people became two nations which are belief (iman) and disbelief (kufr). A person is either a believer (mu’min) or not. Prophethood is a divine power; it is wahy-i ilahi (divine revelation). Prophets receive wahy (revelation) from Allah, which is a divine power. Prophets are under the command of Allah, supported by Allah. Prophets cannot move contrary to the command of Allah. That is why prophets are innocent. They are ascribed with attribute of ismah, they cannot commit crimes. There may only trivial lapses (zelle), which are smaller than the smallest atom. Otherwise, minor or major, there cannot be a sin on the prophets. The words of those who ascribe wrong things to the prophets and those who speak ill about them belong only to themselves. All of the prophets are immaculate. They are all grand figures, and their ranks may differ. There are certain prophets whose virtue is superior than the others. However, in the end they are all prophets. As for the matter of deviancy, that is using the intellect in the way of desires. Deviancy occurs when a person uses his intellect in the way of his desires. Obscenity, and shameful deeds and actions these are the basis of all that is sin and haram (sinful). When an intellect enters the command of desires obscenity and deviancy begins. Almighty Allah strictly prohibits obscenity, and non-acceptable (munkar) things. Allah tells us to do not do these things ever. So, in the 68th verse of Surah al-Nahl, Allah says: [16:68] “wa-ʾawḥā rabbuka ʾilā n-naḥli” So, what does Janâb-i Haqq (Allah) say here? Make your home, take from every flower and every fruit, and research. There comes from its belly a honey in various hues.


Time Stamp: 20:00


There is an object lesson here for those who contemplate. [16:69] “fīhi shifāʾun li-n-nāsi” “There is a cure for people in it,” says Allah. It is Janâb-i Haqq (Allah) who taught the bees how to make honey. And created it via Rububiyyah (Allah’s Lordship) with the art of making honey. It is said in the verse that Allah revealed how to that. In that, the command about its innate nature (fitrah) is given. The order, which explains its innate nature (fitrah), and why it was created is given. Then, the creature obeys that command, standing in its boundaries. The duty of the bee is created as making honey. It was created with that art. No matter why all creatures are created they always have their purpose in their innate nature (fitrah). And they perform their duties. In this ecosystem, even worms and bugs have their duties. That goes for the microbes as well. Living or lifeless, all things were created to serve a purpose. They are all based on a hikmat (hidden cause). Allah has given a duty to each and every one of them. Everyone does their duties. However, the deniers try to do the opposite of it. The deniers are the ones who have fallen from the most virtuous rank to the worst rank. So, what are they denying? They are denying Allah, and the order and laws of Allah. And these are absolutely Islam, and the laws of Islam. The rulership of Allah Ta’ala on earth is the laws of Islam. The rulership in all worlds only belongs to Allah. And if people did not have dissensus there would be no need for judges, or punishment. There would not have been various nations. This is important. What divides people, and tears them apart is dissensus. If people had consensus, they would not need judges, decrees, or punishment. There would not have been a variety of nations. Various armies, gendarme, of police forces would not need to patrol in the world. They are for protecting people from criminals. They are for getting hold of the unlawful criminals and those who do not acknowledge the law. These concepts came to be due to reasons such as establishing security, and implementing justice. However, true security is inside people, as belief (iman) and consciousness. Islam’s decrees are love of Allah and fear of Allah, and obeying Allah. If you do not establish these in people and if you do not give them the life-giving lessons and values then you will have to hire more police forces to oversee the police. You will have to hire more gendarme in order to supervise the gendarme. And then what? Are you doing to put a general to check a general? You will have to put another general in order to check the previous one as well. You will have to put a judge over a judge in order to check him. And you will need another judge on top of that, and there is no end. You will not get any results, there will not be serenity. But until when? That is until the truth (haqq) becomes predominant in the hearts and souls. Allah is the ruler of the heart therefore at first hearts much know Allah, their Creator. It is not Allah who gave you heart and soul? Do you think you will be safe and sound in the world without knowing Allah? And do you think justice in the world can be established without knowing Allah? One cannot deny Allah while living the life given by Allah, on the property of Allah.


Time Stamp: 25:10


Dearest and most venerable friends! The struggle between the right (haqq) and wrong (batil) emerged from that. One side accepts the truth (haqq), and the other side does not. One side knows Allah, and the principles of Allah while the others do not accept Allah, but accept other principles. Everyone has their own principles, leaders, and rulers. Now, we see that division and segregation occurs when there are too many leaders and when everyone submits to the principles of their own leader. And then what happens? Then, the fight between leaders, sultans, and gods begin. The fight of selves (nafs), and economical rent begins. Segregation, separating you and me these things make the Shaitan (Satan) laugh to the situation of the world while sitting in his mansion. He says, “Look at the situation the Children of Adam are in,”. He says that he has driven our father and mother out of Janna (Paradise) but that they acted wisely and that they repented and asked for forgiveness and returned to Janna (Paradise). But he says, “Look what have I done to the Children of Adam,”. Those who make gods out of leaders and endats have divinized the servant (qul). Shaitan says that people are under the command of endats (leaders) and they do not know Allah. They do not know the laws of Allah. The shaitans laugh out loud and throw feasts by looking at the situation of Children of Adam. O, humanity! O, servants (qul) of Allah! One cannot do that to Allah. One cannot do that to Allah. You cannot do that to anyone, but especially not Allah. Know Allah. If you have done wrong, then repent immediately. You may have followed wrong ways, then repent and ask for forgiveness. Then, affirm (tasdiq) all values of Islam, accept, believe; and utter (iqrār) your belief. If you are at loss, return from it, no matter how deep you are. And be a Muslim in the real sense. Not like how I or someone else says so. Be a Muslim the way Allah, the Prophet, Quran, and Islam says so. No one has the right to say, “Be a Muslim like I say so,”. However, one may act in unison with those who know Al-Quran Al-Karim best. One may act in unison with those who know Islam best. And they are our murshids (teachers), and mujtahids at first. That is, people of knowledge (ilm) and belief (iman). They have the license and ability to protect these divine values. Islam calls to the truth (haqq). Islam calls to the life-giving values and the eternally blissful life, for Islam gives life. Islam calls to the truth (haqq). Does Allah not have everything? Islam calls to Allah. Islam does not call you to leaders, rules, idols, endats, tyrants, and people. As for true Islamic âlims (scholars) they do not call people to themselves either, they call to Allah. That is why Islam calls to the truth (haqq), for it is Allah who gives life. It is Allah Ta’ala (c.c.) who brought forth Islam. It is the greatest Prophet, Muhammad (asw) who implemented it. He taught Islam to humanity. The values of Islam are in a safe environment with its title deeds, and documents (sanad). It came to us via a complete tawatur (chain of truth), and will go on until Qiyamah. In other words, there is no chance of distortion for Islam. That is for it is the last religion, and last sharīʿah.


Time Stamp: 30:04


Islam is the first and the last religion. But sharīʿah laws came by changing. The current sharīʿah (law) of Islam is the last one, and it is brand-new. What is old is the outdated mindsets that cannot comprehend this. Islam is a complete enlightenment. Those who escape from the enlightenment of Islam are dark mindsets. They are outdated, do not be deceived. A Muslim, a person may do wrong. Their wrongs may be corrected. And it is our duty to fix those aspects. It is not our duty to criticize him and spread his wrongdoings. To chasten is the duty of Muslims. Islam is the chastener, and savior. Islam came to save the sick from disease, and the troubled from trouble. Islam came to save the poor from poverty, and the oppressed from oppression. Islam came to save the mistreated from whatever befallen on him. Islam is the utter savior. Commenting on people by spreading their faults mistakes or imperfections is not valid in Islam. Islam is chastener. That is why when a person becomes a Muslim, all of his past sins will be forgiven. Islam is that kind of a religion. When someone becomes a Muslim all of his past crimes are erased. From then on, that person lives true Islam. He shall travel from Dar al-Islam to Dar es-Salaam and then to Jannah(Paradise), by which he shall reach the jamal (beauty) of Allah. That is why Islam calls to the truth (haqq). Islam does not call people to the rulership of random people. Islam calls all of us to Allah, the truth (haqq We are all servants (qul) of Allah. That is why you should give ear to this call. And beware of those who call to themselves, saying what they say is the correct way. Beware of those who say no one is correct except them. Those who say “I” are the servants of the Shaitan (Satan). There is no “I” in Muslims. Muslims say “us”, and they say Allah, and call to Allah. They do not use their own words in order to call people to Allah. There is a way of calling to Haqq (Allah), and that is the words of Haqq (Allah). The word of Haqq (Allah) should be known. You shall know it from a to z. You shall know the Quran. You shall call the humanity to Haqq (Allah), via the word of Haqq (Allah). You cannot call someone to Haqq (Allah) with someone else’s words. You cannot say that your leader or master said this or that. You cannot say this or that person said this or that. It is not acceptable to call people to Haqq (Allah) that way. One may only call people to Haqq (Allah) with the word of Haqq (Allah). Haqq (Allah) can only be known via the words of Haqq (Allah). Haqq (Allah) is praised; praised with the words of Haqq (Allah). Haqq (Allah) is worshipped; worshipped with the words of Haqq (Allah). You cannot do servitude to Haqq (Allah) with words of others. You cannot call people to Haqq (Allah) that way either. Those who call people to Haqq has to have correct knowledge of Al-Quran Al-Karim, Muhammad, sunnah, ijma, and qiyas. People should announce their correct knowledge regarding these matters to the best of their knowledge. They should call to Haqq and be in a contest to learn what they do not know. Education of ilm from cradle to grave is a religious obligation (fard) in Islam. For people need to update themselves nonstop. Islam orders continuous development. And two days of a person should not be the same. Islam orders continuous advancement. If you have one million units of knowledge (ilm) today you have to support that knowledge with twofold of it at the least.


Time Stamp: 35:02


If your knowledge consists of more than that, you still need advance it. If you have two million knowledge, make it three. If you have billions of knowledges, then multiply it. But you should always earn. You should read, read, and read from cradle to the grave; study the truth (haqq). And study the life-giving true (haqq) values. And find life, and invite people to these life-giving values. Let us find life together, and be happy, which is the point. The mindset of the people who throw a feast while watching people die and enjoy their deaths is worse than hyenas. They are remorseless, merciless, and wrongdoers. Today, people are being torn apart, and there is a mindset that enjoys this. That is worse than the world of hyenas. The hyenas do not do what they do. They are not people, but hyenas. Can a human do what they do? Or what they do not do? Who brought the humanity into this situation? That is those who have made people devoid of life-giving values. And those who are devoid try to block other people from learning these life-giving values. There is the law of ittirat (sequentiality) as you know. That is, the condition of the events being sequential. We call that the law of ittirat (sequentiality). In other words, as the necessity occurs, certain events will be faced. You see, as there is a law of sequentiality certain situations will be faced as they become necessary, due to this law. So, what happened? Hijra (migration) happened. And asr-i saadet (age of bliss) happened. And then the rest happened. Firqa Najiyah occurred. So, what is Firqa Najiyah? That is the people who know Islam well. People who have studied in the ecole (school) of Prophet Muhammad. People who are in the way of Muhammad and the sahabah (companions). People with a firm understanding of Islam the way Allah taught Al-Quran Al-Karim to Prophet Muhammad; and the way Muhammad taught it to the sahabah (companions). You see, such a firm understanding knowledge, and life-style of Islam have been established. You see, that is Firqa Najiyah. That is, to be able to understand and know Islam correctly. And to be able to become a traveler of Ahlus-Sunnah wa’l-Jama’ah. We are not talking about an Islam shaped by people. That is the way Allah taught and explained Islam to Prophet Muhammad. And the way Prophet Muhammad manifested it, and lived it personally. That is the Islam lived by Muhammad and his sahabah (companions). The Quran that is understood. You see, the Ahlus Sunnah, and our mujtahids have protected this knowledge up to this day. Then, ahlul bidah (deviant innovators), and various perversions had occurred. They are those who understand Islam wrong, but they are Muslims as well. But they have wrongs. They have certain aspects that are not in accord with Ahlus-Sunnah wa’l-Jama’ah. You see, the Four Madhabs (Schools) were accepted as Ahlus-Sunnah wa’l-Jama’ah. In itiqad (faith), al-Maturidi and Ash’arism were accepted as Ahlus-Sunnah. These are the Firqa Najiyah. The Four Madhabs (Schools), in practice are the Hanafi, Shafi’i, Maliki, and Hanbali Schools. There are those who are close to these as well. The ones that are in Ahlus-Sunnah are completely Firqa Najiyah. In other words, they are those who understood Islam correctly. People who are close to the rank of mujtahid should be imitated. Otherwise, other people should not be imitated. That may be a mufti who gives fatwa (legal opinion), or a an âlim. In other words, a scholar of Islam, who knows Islam well.


Time Stamp: 40:02


That may be a hodja. But that person has to know Al-Quran Al-Karim or he has to be able to at least present the knowledge of a mujtahid who have that knowledge. Besides, the knowledge of those who do not have that degree of knowledge are not based on the essence. But we have ilm-i hal (basic teachings) books that are written in a correct manner. And everyone is obliged to obtain the requisite and prior knowledge from those books which is another matter. But we should learn the true (haqq) information only from those who know Islam well. The person from whom we shall learn these has to be at least a mujtahid. You see, the Four Madhabs (Schools) are filled to brim with mujtahids. These are ecoles of mujtahids. And madhabs (schools) sprout out from them. Madhabs (Schools) are religious understanding brought forth by mujtahids who know Islam well. Or else, they did not bring forth a religion from the top of their heads. Then, in various environments various ijtihads (analogical reasoning) is made, and as the conditions change the ijtihads also change. That is because Islam is newer than all innovations. And Islam gives an answer to everything that is new. And mujtahids are on the job here, they have to be on the job. They sacrifice their nafs (self), and their wealth in order to earn the riza (approval) of Allah. Allah (c.c.) is the most-Clement to the servants (qul). [2:207] “wa-llāhu raʾūfun bi-l-ʿibād” These are, “man yashrī nafsahu” people who submit themselves to the way of Allah. Islam is the name of general peace. And as you know, that general peace is Islam itself. The religion of Islam was born on earth as a complete peace. But those who wanted to destroy that peace objected to Islam. In the narration of Bukhari Muslim it is said that the time truly returned to the way Allah created the heavens and earth. The age of Prophet Muhammad had become a beginning to all measures. And the foundations of modern ages were laid. This is important. The age of Prophet Muhammad became the beginning of all true (haqq) measures and the foundations of modern ages were laid. The hints and moves of the modern sciences (ilms) were manifested. So, the foundations of the modern ages and modern civilizations were manifested in that age. You see, the entirety of modern ages were wrapped into Islam. And they are incorporated into its structure. The age that is wrapped in Islam is unfold as we live it. Islam encompasses the ages, and gives answers. Islam is newer than the newest. You need to know Allah in order to know Islam. Can the concepts of old or new used for Allah? No, such concepts are not valid for Allah. Is Allah attributed with all divine attributes (sifat)? Yes, Allah is attributed with perfect attributes (sifat). Is Allah free and away from all imperfect attributes (sifat)? Yes, Allah is devoid of those. It is Allah who brought forth Islam. That is why ages, places, and times are all wrapped within Islam incorporated into its structure and they will be revealed as their times come.


Time Stamp: 44:35


–          The End        –


Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 43


In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most Merciful. Our life-giving lessons, continue with the 43rd lesson. Astaizu Billah: [2:208] “yā-ʾayyuhā lladhīna ʾāmanū dkhulū fī s-silmi kāffatan” “O, believers! Enter into peace, all of you. And come to Islam.” [2:208] “wa-lā tattabiʿū khuṭuwāti sh-shayṭān” “Do not follow the footsteps of Shaitan (Satan). Do not subject to Shaitan (Satan).” [2:208] “innahū lakum ʿaduwwun mubīn” That Shaitan (Satan) is an evident enemy of you.” Almighty Allah, who said the aforementioned verse, calls the entire humanity to complete peace. Dearest friends! We see here that the religion of Islam consists completely of peace. And that it embraces the entire humanity. Allah calls the entire humanity into the eternal bliss of Islam. Islam is the manifestation of the life-giving values, haqq and haqiqa (truth), and the divine values that call all people to Allah. Our beloved Prophet said the following while describing Muslims: “El-müslimü men selimel-müslimûne min lisânihî ve yedihî.” In this verse he described the Muslims: “What is done by the hand of Muslims, and what is uttered by their tongue is safety (salamat),” he said. In other words, Muslim’s actions or words do not bring harm to anyone. They are people who contest in goodness. Their two days are not the same. They contest in goodness. They contest in the better good of humanity. And they serve the humanity. The Muslim, who have achieved the rank of gentlemen in the aforementioned matters is described here. Islam is a divine order for the better good of everyone, and it is the incorporation of all divine laws. As for Muslims, they are presenting these life-giving, enlightening, and beneficent values of Almighty Allah to the entire humanity, thus they serve to the better good of the humanity, and contest in goodness. General peace is nothing but Islam. So, what did Islam bring when it was born? It had brought peace. There are people on earth who will stay enemies even if the entire world turned into gold, their hearts nurture enmity, and they have been fighting for years, they tear one another apart, and Islam has turned such nations into brothers. For example, the tribes of Banu Aws, and Khazraj, who were the fiercest enemies of one another, had fought and destroyed one another for years. And Janâb-i Haqq made them friends, they became the Ansar, they became brothers. That is because Islam, belief (iman), Quran, and a Prophet of Mercy (Rahmat) like Muhammad entered their hearts. In the narration of Bukhari Muslim, our Master, Prophet Muhammad (asw) said:


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“Indeed the time has returned its shape on the day Allah created the heavens and earth.” The age of Prophet Muhammad became the beginning of measures. The foundations of the modern age had laid. After that, the people of the world continued advancements and discoveries. For that matter, that age prepared the renaissance and reform in the west. But such a pity that belief (iman) is a matter of guidance (hidayat). Belief (iman) could not enter into hearts everywhere. However, the east and the west took their share of the knowledge (ilm), wisdom (irfan), the revolution Islam brought to the world, and the entirety of the values whose foundations were laid by Islam. For the foundations of the modern ages were laid by Prophet Muhammad (asw). “The history is filled with transgression, violation, and segregation.” We can see when we take a look into history that it is filled with transgression, violation, and segregation. The history is filled to brim with wars. Whereas Islam does jihad (struggle) to stop the wars, transgressions, and disbelief (kufr) on earth. That is why warfare is a religious obligation (fard), and a debt on Muslims. But why? That is because it is fard al-‚ayn to establish peace. Islam is the peace of haqq and haqiqa (truth). Islam is the truly the peace on earth bestowed by Allah. You see, warfare in Islam happened only for establishing this peace. All nations were entitled their rights and freedoms. And sometimes that is adequate. Jihad (struggle) surely continues until peace is established. That is why, dearest friends! Two months before the Battle of Badr, a party of 8 people were sent under the command of Abd-Allah ibn Jahsh. Our Prophet (asw) told him to walk for two days, and then open the latter. He was told to walk towards Batn-ı Nahle which is between Mecca and Ta’if. He was told to spy on Quraysh. These were precautions taken against the idolaters whose mindset was fixed on destroying this peace. He told them not to force his friends. It was one day before the month of Rajab. They did what they had to. And they took some transgressors prisoners. Thus, they tried to fulfill their duty the way our Prophet instructed them. That is why the religion of Islam is a religion that gives life with peace. Islam is the set of divine rules that prepare us to the eternal life. Astaizu Billah, Janâb-i Haqq said: [2:215] “yasʾalūnaka mādhā yunfiqūna qul mā ʾanfaqtum min khayrin fa-li-l-wālidayni wa-l-ʾaqrabīna wa-l-yatāmā wa-l-masākīni wa-bni s-sabīli wa-mā tafʿalū min khayrin fa-ʾinna llāha bihī ʿalīm” [2:216] “kutiba ʿalaykumu l-qitālu wa-huwa kurhun lakum wa-ʿasā ʾan takrahū shayʾan wa-huwa khayrun lakum wa-ʿasā ʾan tuḥibbū shayʾan wa-huwa sharrun lakum wa-llāhu yaʿlamu wa-ʾantum lā taʿlamūn” [2:217] “yasʾalūnaka ʿani sh-shahri l-ḥarāmi qitālin fīhi qul qitālun fīhi kabīrun wa-ṣaddun ʿan sabīli llāhi wa-kufrun bihī wa-l-masjidi l-ḥarāmi wa-ʾikhrāju ʾahlihī minhu ʾakbaru ʿinda llāhi wa-l-fitnatu ʾakbaru mina l-qatli wa-lā yazālūna yuqātilūnakum ḥattā yaruddūkum ʿan dīnikum ʾini staṭāʿū wa-man yartadid minkum ʿan dīnihī fa-yamut wa-huwa kāfirun fa-ʾulāʾika ḥabiṭat ʾaʿmāluhum fī d-dunyā wa-l-ʾākhirati wa-ʾulāʾika ʾaṣḥābu n-nāri hum fīhā khālidūn”


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[2:218] “ʾinna lladhīna ʾāmanū wa-lladhīna hājarū wa-jāhadū fī sabīli llāhi ʾulāʾika yarjūna raḥmata llāhi wa-llāhu ghafūrun raḥīm” “O, Muhammad!” says Janâb-i Haqq. Let us continue to convey the core meanings of these verses, and their discovery. [2:215] “They are asking you to where to infāq (spend). ‘Say: The nafaqa you give for goodness, is for mother, father, kinsfolk, orphans, the poor, and the stranded. Whatever else you do for charity, is indeed well known by Allah (c.c.),’.” [2:216] “Warfare has been made a fard (religious obligation) for you, though it is disliked by you. And it may be that you do not like something, whereas that thing is good for you. And also it may be that you like something whereas it is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know.” Look for what is good and bad, in the command of Allah. Whatever Allah called good is good. Whatever Allah called bad is bad. You should look into the measures of Allah in order to distinguish between right and wrong, good and bad, despised and adorned. You see, Al-Quran Al-Karim, sunnah, ijma, and qiyas are the measures of the truth (haqq) until Qiyamah. These are the true (haqq) proofs and documents. Edille-i Ser’iyye (sources of Islamic decrees) are these. All life-giving values are in them. [2:217] “O, Muhammad (asw)! They ask you about the sacred month and fighting in it. Say, ‘It is a major sin to fight on that month. However, preventing [people] from following the way of Allah, to deny Allah, to prevent people from accessing Al-Masjid-ul-Harām, and to drive out its people, are bigger sins in the eyes of Allah. And fitnah is a greater sin than killing.’ They will never hold back from fighting you to turn you away from your religion if they can afford. And whoever of you turns away from religion and dies as a disbeliever (kafir), all of their good deeds will go in vain in the world and in the afterlife (ākhira). And they are deserving of Jahannam (Hell). They shall stay there forever.” [2:218] “Without a doubt, those who believed, migrated and performed jihad in the way of Allah, hope for the rahmat (mercy) of Allah. Allah is most-Forgiving, and most-Merciful.” Dearest friends! Islam is a manifestation of Allah’s rahmat (blessing) and mercy upon the earth, all worlds, and the humanity. That manifestation occurred with Islam. That is why whatever Almighty Allah commanded in Islam, is filled with goodness and life. And whatever Allah prohibited protects you, and prevents loss. And you know that there as aspects of Islam that protect people from loss.


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The religion of Islam is the utter protector. It consists completely of rahmat (mercy). Islam embraces the poor, the needy, and the orphans, Islam welcomes them with open arms. Islam covers them with wings of mercy. Islam takes from the rich and gives to the poor. Janâb-i Haqq conveys the blessings (nimet) to the poor with the hand of the rich, that is the commandment. As for divine justice, it is established on earth via the laws of Islam. In Islam, wrong or harmful things are not permitted. That is for the better good of the humanity. Now, Janâb-i Haqq has forbidden the following. Let us see what is forbidden, and study the hidden cause (hikmat), and the contents. Astaizu Billah: [2:219] “yasʾalūnaka ʿani l-khamri wa-l-maysiri qul fīhimā ʾithmun kabīrun wa-manāfiʿu li-n-nāsi wa-ʾithmuhumā ʾakbaru min nafʿihimā wa-yasʾalūnaka mādhā yunfiqūna quli l-ʿafwa ka-dhālika yubayyinu llāhu lakumu l-ʾāyāti laʿallakum tatafakkarūn” [2:220] “fī d-dunyā wa-l-ʾākhirati wa-yasʾalūnaka ʿani l-yatāmā qul ʾiṣlāḥun lahum khayrun wa-ʾin tukhāliṭūhum fa-ʾikhwānukum wa-llāhu yaʿlamu l-mufsida mina l-muṣliḥi wa-law shāʾa llāhu la-ʾaʿnatakum ʾinna llāha ʿazīzun ḥakīm” O, Muhammad (asw)! Janâb-i Haqq says these to the beloved Prophet. Allah spoke to him, but announced the commands and laws to the entire humanity. [2:219-220] ‘They ask you about wine and gambling.’ Say, ‘In both there is a major sin, and some benefits for people. But the sins are greater than the benefits.’ Again, they ask you about what to spend (infaq). Say, ‘Spend the surplus.’ This is how Allah explains the verses to you. It is hoped that you will contemplate about the world and afterlife (ākhira). And they ask you about the orphans. Say, ‘An islah (correction) you will do for their good is better than not interfering. And if you interfere them, and work for their islah (correction), [protect and look out for them] they are your brothers. (My servants are your brothers.) Allah knows the doer of islah, and the doer of mischief, and distinguishes between them. Had Allah willed, Allah would have put you in difficulty. Indeed Allah is all-Powerful. Allah is al-Azīz, the Eternal Winner, who has never lost. The entirety of all izzah (power) and grandeur belongs to Allah. Allah is the owner of Decree and Hikmat. You see, we see here in the entirety of the divine commandments that if Janâb-i Haqq prohibited something for humanity, then know that it is for protecting the humanity, and all creatures from harm. Otherwise, Janâb-i Haqq has never forbidden anything that benefits the servants (qul). All prohibitions are for the benefit of people. For Islam is the life-giver, and losses takes life. That is why Janâb-i Haqq has presented the life-giving values to all people with the eternal rahmat (mercy) of Allah.


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Now, the ignorant, lazy, and coward folk consider gambling a profit. And they consider wine strength. They are not. Allah Ta’ala has forbidden these. Khamr (intoxication) is the name of intoxicating drink. The name of that in Al-Quran Al-Karim is khamr (intoxication). Its lexical meaning is -to cover, – get smoked, -to be intoxicated, and more. Intoxicating substances such as grape wine are all considered khamr (intoxication). That is, they are prohibited. Foremost of these are grape, wheat, barley, and maize wine. People used to make wine with these back then. In Kutub al-Sittah, it is narrated by Imam al-Malik (r.a.) that people used honey to make wine. In the Shafi’i Ecole (School), not even a drop of these is considered permissible (jaiz). Not even a drop is permissible (jaiz). Now, Janâb-i Haqq clearly states the following in the 90th verse of Surah al-Maidah. Astaizu Billah: [5:90] “yā-ʾayyuhā lladhīna ʾāmanū” “O, you who have faith!” [5:90] “innamā l-khamru” “All types of alcohol and intoxicating substances.” [5:90] “wa-l-maysiru” – “All types of gambling.” [5:90] “wa-l-ʾanṣābu” “Those fortune-telling arrows, rocks, idols.” [5:90] “wa-l-ʾazlāmu rijsun min ʿamali sh-shayṭān” “Those dice used for telling fortune.” “These are rijs, and among the deeds of Shaitan (Satan),” says Janâb-i Haqq. Rijs means a dirty trick of Shaitan (Satan). [5:90] “fa-jtanibūhu” – “Avoid them as best as you can.” “These have been made haram (sinful).” [5:90] “laʿallakum tufliḥūn” “It is hoped that will attain salvation, and be saved.” Now, dearest friends! These are the truths that are above all other truths, which are manifested by Almighty Allah, with the knowledge (ilm), kalam (speech), command, and decree of Allah. That is a divine truth that is above all other truths, for it is divine. Science has studied the effects of these as well, and established their harms. Their chemistry have been researched by scientists, and these facts have been established by science today. On the other hand, many centuries have passed until science established these facts. What would have become of people until then? You see, Janâb-i Haqq manifested the life-giving values to the humanity via divine books, and the prophethood, and wahy (revelation). That way Allah protected humanity from loss. And scientific studies shall also continue until the Qiyamah. But can you ever say that science is better than Allah? No, you cannot. Can you say it knows better than the Prophet? No, you cannot. People shall continue on their beneficial studies. But the divine and unique decrees manifested by Allah shall be observed as well.


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People cannot find life by abandoning the Life-Giver, and making their own ways because some people may be partly true or partly wrong, some may be completely wrong, and others may be partly true. People cannot find life with such ways. The complete truth is the ones that are divine truths. And the verses in Al-Quran Al-Karim are completely divine. The divine laws Prophet Muhammad implemented, the divine sharīʿah, and all Islamic values are divine. You see, these are supernatural values. Besides, the laws of nature are present in Al-Quran Al-Karim. The universe will be discovered well if Al-Quran Al-Karim is discovered well. And Al-Quran Al-Karim will be understood well if the universe is studied well. Al-Imam Al-Azam, the majority of the sahabah (companions), and many faqih âlims have said grape wine is al-harām li-dātihi. They said denial of this fact is kufr-ü mucib. In other words, whoever denies this, and whoever says that wine is halal (lawful) will become a disbeliever (kafir). Even a drop of wine is haram (sinful). They also said that purchasing or selling of wine is haram (sinful) as well. As for whether the others are haram, their intoxicating properties are haram, but in order to be able to use them for things other than drinking, or making trade, these were clearly expressed. Special meaning express certainty. But general meanings do no express certainty. Although it is said that drinks other than wine may be drank in small amounts, in Fath al-Qadir the Three Madhabs (Schools), and the Hanafi Madhab (School) preferred that even small amounts of intoxicating substances are haram (sinful). The afore information is present in Kutub al-Sittah. Chemistry affirms this opinion as well. In other words, even small amounts of a drink is haram (sinful) if it is intoxicating. So, even small amounts were made haram (sinful) if they are intoxicating. That is a hadith-i sharif, and it is present in Kutub al-Sittah. They said that small amounts of intoxicating drinks are also haram (sinful). They also said that every intoxicating substance is haram (sinful). Külli müskirin haram. If wine, raki, champagne, or brandy spills over a clothing, it should be washed. For example let us say that someone spilled some wine, raki, champagne, or brandy on his apparel; in that case the apparel should be washed. As for things like beer, and ethyl alcohol which are things that are not made like grape wine, they may not be washed because they are volatile but it is better if they are washed. Now, let us see what Janâb-i Haqq said in the 173rd verse of Surah al-Baqarah. [2:173] “ʾinnamā ḥarrama ʿalaykumu l-maytata wa-d-dama wa-l-laḥma l-khinzīri wa-mā ʾuhilla bihī li-ghayri llāh,” said Allah. In this verse Allah says that the following are made haram (sinful) to us. One of these is carrion, dead meat, blood, and flesh of swine. And that which is sacrificed for other than Allah. Those animals are sacrificed in the name of someone other than Allah. They are not sacrificed in the name of Allah, but someone else.


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Allah says that these were made haram (sinful). The flesh of these animals should not be eaten. As for the matter of necessity, eating enough without exceeding the limit is forgiven. The alcoholic drinks were prohibited gradually. In the 67th verse of Surah al-Nahl, Allah said: “You obtain drinks and good provisions from date-palm and grape like fruits. Surely there are lessons for those who use reason.” And let us see what Janâb-i Haqq said in another verse: [4:43] “yā-ʾayyuhā lladhīna ʾāmanū lā taqrabū ṣ-ṣalāta wa-ʾantum sukārā,” says Allah. The afore verse was the 43rd verse of Surah al-Nisa. [4:43] “O, believers! Do not approach namaz (prayer) when you are intoxicated,” says Allah. Moreover, Al-Qurtubi says that there are some intoxicated people who play with their filth, and they may smear it on their faces. They were seen doing prayer and repentance in that situation. A dog may lick its own face. And that intoxicated person may start praying for the dog, for he has lost his mind. Nothing is left when one’s mind is gone. Now, let us what Janâb-i Haqq said gradually in other verses, which are 90th and 91st verses of Surah al-Maidah. “Shaitan (Satan) wants to cause enmity between you via intoxicants and gamble. Shaitan (Satan) wants to prevent you from performing namaz (prayer), and remembrance of Allah. You abstained from these from now on, right?” says Allah. [5:91] “fa-hal ʾantum muntahūn” Umar was there when this verse was revealed. Let us see the reaction of Umar (r.a.) to the verse. The moment the verse was revealed, the moment Almighty Allah announced these harams, Umar said: “Intehheyna ya Rabbi.” “We renounce! O, Rabb! We renounce O, Rabb!” He immediately announced that he submitted to the command of Janâb-i Haqq by saying that. That way he had acknowledged (iqrār). Now, let us see what Ali said about raki and wine. “Had a drop of wine dropped into a well, and dries, and on top of it a mosque was built, I would not call the adhan. Had a drop of wine spilled on a sea, and the sea dried up, and grass sprout up, I would not have fed my sheep or animals with that grass. For one thing, look at the obedience of the sahabah (companions) to the prohibitions of Allah. Moreover, Ibn Umar said this: “Had my finger got into wine I would have cut it, and throw it away.” Ashab-i Gûzin (r.a.). They were attached to the divine commandment to the utmost degree, and we should contemplate on this. The Ashab consisted of venerable figures who were completely obedient to Allah and the commands of Allah. May Allah be pleased with all of them. Radiy-Allâhu ’anhum wa ardahum ajmain wa anhunna. Maysir means gambling.


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It has meanings such as -to multiply -to be multiplied. Nerd (ﻧﺮﺩ) means backgammon. Shatranj, the Arabs would call it shatranj. The shatranj in Arabs is equivalent of lottery in Europeans. Azlām is the name of the arrows. They have 10 arrows. Their names are these: fezz, tev’em, rakib, hils, nafis, müsbil, mualla, me-nih, sefih, and vağd. When one pulls me-nih, sefih or vağd, someone else would have a share. They used to slaughter camels for lottery. In those days lottery was done in this way. They would divide the camel into 28 shares. They would pick arrows from the rebabe pouch. Those with empty ones would pay for the camel. As for the winners, they would give their shares to the poor. Listen closely, this is a lesser evil (ehven-i ser). And Islam denied lesser evil (ehven-i ser) as well. By doing this lottery, and gamble, they would give to the poor. So, if your goal is to give to the poor, then why are they doing charity by gambling? Do charity for the riza (approval) of Allah instead. Why are you giving to the poor by means of lottery? You are changing the halal status of that camel into haram by doing lottery. You turn it into a haram, and distribute it to the poor. In Islam, generosity is only done for Allah. You may give the blessings (nimet) that are given to you by Allah to the poor and needy only for Allah. That is an absolute command of Allah. By doing so one may earn fazeelat (virtue), and great rewards (thawāb). That way one ensures greater barakat (blessing), and greater profit. But Allah has no riza (approval) in gambling. Allah is not pleased with harams. Those who think they aid the poor via gambling, are doing charity after turning something halal into something vile. That is why they said that the games of children that include gambling are maysir (gambling). They asked Ali one day. He said that it is gambling if one person challenged another to eat certain amount of eggs to win a reward. Wine and gambling are mentioned together by Janâb-i Haqq. Lottery that is gone for charity is haram, and the rest is obvious. All types of gamble were prohibited. And all types of intoxicating drinks were prohibited. For Islam gives life, and at the same time protects the life it has given. The greatest preventive medicine is Islam itself. Islam is preventive medicine at the same time. And the universe is a pharmacy. And Almighty Allah is the Creator of these. There is a value in every creature in this universe. And in some of them there are valuable sustenance, medicine, and cures. As for the forbidden things, they are the harmful ones.


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In Islam, there is a loss or harm wherever there is a haram. Islam gives life, but also put these life-giving values under protection against the things that may bring loss and harm. Besides, Islam is the protection of Allah, which is a complete environment of trust. The complete environment of trust is Islam itself. A person is protected as long as he/she obeys All And makes loss as long as he/she revolts. That way one will drift apart from the protection of Allah. There are countless harms of these. If Janâb-i Haqq called something haram, then neither science nor anyone are powerful enough. to make a complete list of its harmful aspects. Its harms may only be known by its Creator. And that is why Allah called it haram, in order to protect the servants (qul) from it. One profit, thousand loss. Now, he who gambles may thing he has made a profit. But he does not think that he has made loss thousands of times. Allah knows everything, which is why Allah placed life-giving laws and rules beforehand. The Law-Maker is Allah. Allah knows the benefits and harms of everything Allah creates. Apart from that, no matter what people do on earth, they may not know more than what Allah conveyed them. For example, let us have a look into the 10th verse of Surah al-Nisa. [4:10] “ʾinnamā yaʾkulūna fī buṭūnihim nāran wa-sa-yaṣlawna saʿīran” So, what did those who unjustly eat the wealth of orphans do? Allah said that they filled their bellies with fire. Allah also says that they will enter the punishment of fire, and lean against fire. That person who consumed the wealth of the orphan thought that was profit. That person thought he was making a profit, whereas he filled his belly with fire. He made himself enter Jahannam (Hell), and ruined himself. And to fire, Allah says. He shall enter the saʿīr (blazing) fire, and lean against it. [49:10] “innamā l-muʾminūna ʾikhwatun” O, believers! Surely, the believers are brothers. They are those who protect the brotherhood. Though they are all descendants of Adam and Hawwa (Eve), and servants (qul) of Allah. Though they are all descendants of Adam and Hawwa (Eve), only the believers are brothers, says Allah. But who are the believers? They are those who obey the command of Allah. As for the others, they rebelled against Allah. And they divided the humanity. They distorted the brotherhood. Islam was in their innate nature (fitrah), which they distorted. That is why Janâb-i Haqq says that those who did not distort their innate nature (fitrah), and those who obey Allah, are believers (mu’mins) and they are brothers. [49:10] “innamā l-muʾminūna ʾikhwatun fa-ʾaṣliḥū bayna ʾakhawaykum.” Make peace between your brothers, and establish peace. [49:10] “wa-ttaqū llāha – fear Allah as you should”. Fear and love Allah with every fiber of your being. [49:10] “laʿallakum turḥamūn” It is hoped that you may receive mercy, and be submerged in rahmat (mercy). Moreover, Al-Qurtubi, that grand âlim (Islamic scholar) narrated: “The ninth heaven (arş) trembles due to orphans’ cry,” says our Prophet.


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That is a hadith narrated by Al-Qurtubi. Please listen carefully. “The ninth heaven (arş) trembles due to orphans’ cry,” says our Prophet. O, wrongdoers! The ninth heaven trembles as long as there are innocent people you oppressed. Allah becomes wrathful, and what does Janâb-i Haqq do to take revenge from the wrongdoers? Allah immediately takes revenge when it’s time. Again, in a hadith narration in Bukhari Shareef, our Prophet says, “We are together in Jannah (Paradise) with he who looks after orphan.” Those who look after orphans, the poor, the needy, and the helpless, are forever close to Prophet Muhammad as neighbors. That is why our Prophet said: “We are together in Janna (Paradise) .with he who looks after an orphan.” Have a look at this glad tiding. That is why in the narration of Al-Qurtub, our Prophet said the following. Yehtezyül arşu min bukail yetim. Such is the mercy of Janâb-i Haqq. Allah, Islam, and Muslims do not want anyone to be treated bad. Islam is a manifestation of Allah’s rahmat (mercy), compassion, generosity, favor, and justice. So, who implements that on earth? Well, it is the Muslims who implement that. May Janâb-i Haqq bestow everyone who say they are Muslims to be real Muslims.


Time Stamp: 47:17


–          The End        –


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