Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 79-82

Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 79-82

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 79


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most Merciful.



The verses of Quran mentioned in this lecture,


[3:52] “fa-lammā ʾaḥassa ʿīsā minhumu l-kufra qāla man ʾanṣārī ʾilā llāhi qāla l-ḥawāriyyūna naḥnu ʾanṣāru llāhi ʾāmannā bi-llāhi wa-shhad bi-ʾannā muslimūn.”

[3:53] “rabbanā ʾāmannā bi-mā ʾanzalta wa-ttabaʿnā r-rasūla fa-ktubnā maʿa sh-shāhidīn.”

[3:54] “wa-makarū wa-makara llāhu wa-llāhu khayru l-mākirīn.”

[3:55] “ʾidh qāla llāhu yā-ʿīsā ʾinnī mutawaffīka wa-rāfiʿuka ʾilayya wa-muṭahhiruka mina lladhīna kafarū wa-jāʿilu lladhīna ttabaʿūka fawqa lladhīna kafarū ʾilā yawmi l-qiyāmati thumma ʾilayya marjiʿukum fa-ʾaḥkumu baynakum fī-mā kuntum fīhi takhtalifūn.”

[3:56] “fa-ʾammā lladhīna kafarū fa-ʾuʿadhdhibuhum ʿadhāban shadīdan fī d-dunyā wa-l-ʾākhirati wa-mā lahum min nāṣirīn.”

[3:57] “wa-ʾammā lladhīna ʾāmanū wa-ʿamilū ṣ-ṣāliḥāti fa-yuwaffīhim ʾujūrahum wa-llāhu lā yuḥibbu ẓ-ẓālimīn.”



[3:52] “When Isa (a.s.) sensed their denial, he asked: ‘Who are my helpers in the way of Allah?’ Al-Hawâriyyûn (the Disciples) said: ‘We are helpers in the way of Allah. We have believed in Allah; so, witness that we are indeed Muslims.’.”

Clearly, you should pay attention to all verses of Quran, but pay extra attention to this one. We see here that the Disciples of Isa (a.s.) say they are Muslims. This is because the religion (din) of Isa (a.s.) was Islam. The religion (din) of Musa was Islam. Actually, the religion (din) of all prophets were Islam. As for Muhammad (asw), he is the last prophet of Islam, and that is why the only one religion (din) in the world, and that is Islam. The religions (din) other than Islam, that do not suit Al-Quran Al-Karim, that do not suit Torah, that do not suit Bible, that do not suit the religion (din) the prophets have brought forth; it does not matter how many religions in the world there are, they are all man-made, and fabricated religions.

It is Janâb-i Haqq who continuously renews Islam. Allah continuously renewed Islam as the ages passed by, and as the times and conditions changed. Every prophets’ sharīʿah (law) was renewed by the next prophet. As for Islam, Prophet Muhammad, and Al-Quran Al-Karim, they renewed the entirety of the past laws, therefore, Islam is the religion (din) until the Last Day (Qiyamah). Islam is the religion (din) that brought all laws and rules and all reforms. It is the religion (din) of Islam that brought all reforms that are far ahead of all times, and it is Allah Ta’ala who renews. The incumbent ones are the prophets, and the last incumbent one is Prophet Muhammad.

Now, after the Disciples said they were Muslims, they said: [3:53] “O, our Rabb! We have believed in what you sent down, and followed that Prophet as well. So, record us with those who bear witness.” [3:54] “They devised a plot, And Allah nullified their plot. Allah is the best of those who nullify plots.” [3:55] At that time Allah (c.c.) said: “O, Isa, surely I will kill you, I shall raise you to Me, and I will cleanse you of the deniers, and I shall keep those who follow you above those who disbelieve until the Last Day (Qiyamah).


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Then, your return is to Me, whereupon I shall judge between you in the matters over which you have differed.” [3:56] “As for those who disbelieve, I will torment them in a severe manner both in the world and in the afterlife; and for them there will be no helpers.” [3:57] “As for those who believe and do good deeds, Allah will give their rewards in full. Allah does not like the wrongdoers (zalimun).”

You may want to pay extra attention to these verses. Those who accept Islam have the upper hand until the Qiyamah. Islam and Muslims have the upper hand. The religion (din) of Isa, Musa, and Muhammad is Islam.

Now, let’s talk briefly about the religions other than Islam. Islam has renewed the sharīʿah (law) of all past prophets with Al-Quran Al-Karim, and it is the last sharīʿah (law). Islam that is brought forth by Prophet Muhammad is a brand-new and fresh religion. It is Allah who renewed Islam with the last sharīʿah (law). So, those who do not accept the laws of Islam, or rather those who do not accept Islam itself; what will they do until Qiyamah? They shall keep tumbling up and down in disbelief (kufr).

Iman (belief) has the upper hand. So, do not ever forget that the religion (din) of Isa, Musa, Muhammad, Ibrahim, and Nūh, and all others is Islam. Those who do not accept Islam are the deniers of Isa. They are the deniers of Bible and Torah. They are the deniers of Musa and Ibrahim as well. In the fundamentals (amantu) of Islam, all prophets and all divine books are present. The world needs to know this.

Isa (a.s.) did not come to the world to instruct people to worship him, saying he is son of Allah. He did not bring forth such a religion (din). There are no such writings neither in the Bible, nor in the Torah, nor in any of the Scriptures, and even if there are such writings in some, they are certainly fabrications of someone. Such things are not in the real Torah, nor in the real Bible. That which Quran does not confirm cannot be true either, for the witness of the past is Al-Quran Al-Karim; and all evidence regarding the future is in Al-Quran Al-Karim.

Janâb-i Haqq says, [3:58] “dhālika natlūhu ʿalayka mina l-ʾāyāti wa-dh-dhikri l-ḥakīm.” – “This We recite to you of the Ayah (signs – verses), and of the Quran that is full of wisdom (hikmat).”

Quran reads the past to you, and reads you the real Isa and the real Bible. Al-Quran Al-Karim reads you Musa, it reads you the past, and the Torah. It reads you all truths of the past, and stands against the wrongs. They have fabricated stories in the name of Musa. They have fabricated stories in the name of Isa. Whatever they fabricate in the name of Bible and Torah are rejected by Quran. Also, whoever fabricates something in the name of Quran, it is rejected right away, for Al-Quran Al-Karim holds all documents of the future until the Qiyamah. There is no chance of distorting Quran, and there will not be in the future as well.

[3:59] “inna mathala ʿīsā ʿinda llāhi ka-mathali ʾādama khalaqahū min turābin thumma qāla lahū kun fa-yakūn.”

Now, what does Janâb-i Haqq say here? “Indeed, the case of Jesus,” says Allah, “is like the case of Adam.”


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[3:59] “Indeed the case of Jesus with Allah is like the case of Adam: Allah created him from dust, then said to him, ‘Be,’ and he was.”

Did Adam have parents? No, he did not. That said, Isa has a mother at the least, but he does not have a father. So, if you were to divinise Isa, for he had no father, then what will you do about Adam? Allah created Adam out of nothing, without there being a mother and a father.

One does not worship a creature, and the Creator does not have equals or partners, and certainly does not have sons or daughters, but the Creator has servants (qul) who are created. You see, if we tell this truth to the world, we would be bidding the truth against the slanders of those who speak ill about Isa (a.s.) We would be standing against with the truths to the wrongs, and slanders of those who are against Musa or other prophets. We would be doing the most benevolent service for the humanity. We will not have fulfilled our duty unless the people are being told the truth.

The word “makr” is mentioned in the 54th verse. Makr means to give harm by hidden tricks, examples would be plotting in secret, setting traps, or assassination. They plotted against Isa (a.s.) in order to crucify him and kill him. Janâb-i Haqq prevented their plots.

The word “tawaffī” is present in the 55th verse. It means “to collect the soul”. Janâb-i Haqq made mention of “tawaffī” with regards to Isa (a.s.), and thus Isa (a.s.) was not crucified. Then, Janâb-i Haqq said that Isa (a.s.) shall die like every servant (qul).

[4:157] “wa-mā qatalūhu wa-mā ṣalabūhu wa-lākin shubbiha lahum.”

In this verse, Janâb-i Haqq protected Isa against the plotters and murderers, and says, “They did not kill him nor did they crucify him.” Allah did not let them kill him, nor did Allah let them crucify him. Though the person they killed “was made to appear like Isa to them”. You see, they killed someone, but they mistook him for Isa. So, who did they kill? They killed a spy, an enemy of Isa, an enemy of Islam, an enemy of haqq and haqiqa (right and reality). He was a spy. He was a spy amongst the Disciples. Allah made that spy appear like Isa, then they hanged him, crucified him. As for Isa (a.s.), Allah saved him. The same mindset also endeavoured to kill Muhammad. They made promises of plentiful money and riches to people to have him killed. Allah did not let them. Allah made him a manifestation of rahmat (mercy) upon the earth.


In the case of Isa there is a takdim tehir (postponement). Raf’ (raising) is first, and tawaffī (collection of the soul) is later. This is present in the exegesis’ (tafsirs) of our grand âlims such as Qatada.

That said, Janâb-i Haqq says: “ʾinnī mutawaffīka – Surely Isa, I will kill you.”

Because: [3:185] “Every soul shall taste death.”

Isa (a.s.) is a servant (qul), and a messenger of Allah. All messengers have tasted death, for they are all servants (qul) of Allah, dear and valuable servants (qul).


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Janâb-i Haqq made treacherous Yehûdâh appear like Isa, for he was the spy. “Isa has not died yet, he shall die in Barzakh, and resurrect. There are things he will do in the world.” This is a report (rivayat) by Ibn-i Abbas. This report (rivayat) is also from Al-Qurtubi, then again Hasan-i Basri, and Al-Tabari. Now, please pay close attention to this part of the lecture. “Isa has not died yet, he shall die after Barzakh, in Qiyamah, and he will be resurrected; he has duties to perform in the world.” The Christians call the sky as god. That is, the Christians call the sky Allah. As for Islam, there is no other deity (god) other than Allah, and Allah does not have equals, partners, or nāzir (overseer), therefore one cannot call the sky Allah ever.

Janâb-i Haqq said, “rāfiʿuka ʾilayya – I shall raise you to Myself.” “The soul of Isa has been raised to the spiritual samaa (sky), the fourth samaa (sky).” There are other reports (rivayat) that suggest this is the second or third heaven (samaa). That said, it is certain that he was raised to the samaa (sky).

“All prophets are alive in the grave.” Pay close attention now. This is not just about Isa or Musa, Muhammad or another prophet, this is for all of the prophets. They are alive in the grave, so are the martyrs. The spiritual Hour (ajal) of each prophet is his ummah’s Hour (ajal). Bear this in mind! The spiritual Hour (ajal) of each prophet is its people’s Hour (ajal). “The prophets whose spiritual Hour (ajal) had come are not mentioned in Al-Quran Al-Karim.” That is the spiritual Hour (ajal), bear this in mind. The prophets whose Hour (ajal) had come were not mentioned in Al-Quran Al-Karim. The truths are as plain as the day if you read the 33-34th verses of Surah Ali ‘Imran. The baqa‘ (permanency) of progeny of Ibrahim and the progeny of Imran continue in the spiritual samaa (sky). This is also important. The baqa‘ (permanency) of progeny of Ibrahim and the progeny of Imran continue in the spiritual samaa (sky). That is, in the samaa (sky), the spiritual samaa (sky). Bear this in mind! With the coming of Prophet Muhammad… Now, this is also quite important. They entered into the service of his soul after Muhammad came. Right now, all prophets are subject to the sharīʿah (law) of Prophet Muhammad. They have entered into the service of his soul. That is because all past sharīʿahs (laws) were completely renewed with Prophet Muhammad, by Allah.

Had all of the prophets come to the world at this moment, they would all be under the command of Muhammad, and they are obliged to abide by the sharīʿah (law) of Prophet Muhammad, you should know this, and do not forget. Isa (a.s.) is also under the command of Muhammad, for Janâb-i Haqq made Muhammad complete the sharīʿah (law) that Isa (a.s.) could not complete, and Allah made Islam reach perfection (kamāl) in the person of Muhammad. Allah renewed the entirety of the past. Therefore, Isa (a.s.) is also under the command of Muhammad.

At a time when the ummah (people) are frustrated… Now, this is important. The soul of Isa will emerge at a time when the ummah (people) are frustrated, and he will be under the command of Muhammad. So, Isa (a.s.) will be subject to the sharīʿah (law) of Muhammad, and what will he do in the world? He will work under the command of Muhammad.


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This is because the term (ajal) of Muhammad’s ummah (people) is until the Last Day (Qiyamah), and all nations in the world are Muhammad’s ummah (people). That is why you should bear in mind that the Qiyamah will break loose with the ending of the spiritual term (ajal) of Muhammad. Therefore, Muhammad’s spiritual existence in the world will continue to exist in the world until Qiyamah, and the reason for this is that his sharīʿah (law) is still valid.

That said, Isa (a.s.) will operate under the command of Muhammad the moment he will come to the world. That is, he will implement the sharīʿah (law) of Islam. He will be under the command of his soul. He will serve under the command of the soul of Muhammad (asw). Besides, the rūḥāniyya (spiritual being) of Isa will be under the command of the soul (rūḥ) of Muhammad. He will be subject to the sharīʿah (law) of Islam, and fulfil his duty.

This is why Isa is a strange word. The word “Isa” is a strange word. So, what does it stand for?  It stands for Allah’s oneness, announcing this to the entire world, annihilation of polytheism (shirk), being under the command of Muhammad and being subject to the Islamic sharīʿah (law), and spreading tawhid iman (monotheistic belief) to the world. That is why this word is for, and there is a strangeness in the word. It is said that this is the reason that Isa is a Word. But who said that? You see, this is a discovery, based on what is right and real.

Understand Al-Quran Al-Karim correctly, and discover it well! Those who wait for Isa, Musa, Muhammad, or Messiah should at first abide by the sharīʿah (law) of Islam and Quran.

The ones that will come will be subject to the sharīʿah (law), and operate under the command of Muhammad; they are of his rūḥāniyya (spiritual being). Isa’s soul is also under the command of Muhammad’s soul, this goes for others as well, for the new sharīʿah (law) renews the previous one and abrogates it. As Muhammad is the last prophet, the rūḥāniyya (spiritual being) of all of the prophets are under the command of Muhammad’s rūḥāniyya (spiritual being). Prophet Muhammad is the imam (leader) of all prophets, and he is the crown jewel of the awliya, he is the last prophet.

Now, there are things to bear in mind in this matter. Islam is the brand-new sharīʿah (law) brought forth by Allah. This is the matter of fact, and everyone must follow it. This is an obligation upon everyone. What would have happened had Muhammad did not follow it?  Janâb-i Haqq says this: “Had Muhammad did not follow the Islamic sharīʿah (law), had he betrayed Al-Quran Al-Karim even slightly, I would have ripped his coronary veins off, and seal his heart.”

That said, what is important here is to subject to the commands and decrees (hukm) of Allah. Those who are strictly bound are the prophets. You see, the last sharīʿah (law) is the one brought forth by Muhammad. It is Allah who made this brand-new sharīʿah (law), and it is Allah who appointed Prophet Muhammad. People should understand this correctly.

So, it means that Isa’s rūḥāniyya (spiritual being) will operate under the command of Muhammad’s rūḥāniyya (spiritual being).

Now, about the word “Isa” being a strange word. He will die before Qiyamah. That is, Isa (a.s.).

The realities (haqiqa) that is the goal of takāmul (spiritual evolution) have been gathered in Muhammad. Do not forget this! The realities (haqiqa) that is the goal of takāmul (spiritual evolution) have been gathered in Muhammad. The others are exceptions.


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All rivers, seas, and oceans of the past are in the seas of Muhammad. All documents regarding the future are present in the seas of Muhammad, for Allah Ta’ala renewed the sharīʿah (law), which was brought forth by Muhammad, and its hukm (decree) shall continue to be valid until Qiyamah. Al-Quran Al-Karim is azali and abadi kalam (word that has no beginning and no end). It is kalam (word) of Allah. From the moment Al-Quran Al-Karim came and forward, there is nothing that can abrogate it, or remove its authority. It does not matter how much time will pass, and it does not matter how advance will humanity get in terms of technique and technology. As all times and all ages are incorporated into Al-Quran Al-Karim’s civilisation, there has never been anything that could surpass Quran, and there will never be. Technology is a success of humanity within the direction of the commands of Quran that are present in the Book. This success comes completely from Allah and Islam. Why weren’t these done before Islam. Why haven’t anyone reached space? What haven’t anyone explored space? What is the meaning of that Prophet Muhammad ascended to miʿraj (the night journey) and then descended? Muhammad was saying, “O, humanity! Discover the heavens, and discover the earth.” It was Al-Quran Al-Karim that said this, and Prophet Muhammad said it. These things happen for Almighty Allah willed so, that is what Allah wants.

So, discover the ayat (verses/signs) of Al-Quran Al-Karim. Discover the ayat (signs) of the cosmos, explore space, and discover the ayat (signs) in the skies.

The entirety of the realm runs via divine laws. “Discover them,” says Allah to the humanity. So, obtain the documents of the grandeur, qudrah (infinite power), and the sublimity of the knowledge (ilm) of Allah. Exploration and discoveries are gains of people on earth, but that is if they use it for good. Science is science when it is used towards good. Science turns into something else when it is used for evil purposes, which makes it something harmful and mischievous. Science is always beneficial; it must be beneficial. Otherwise, if the humanity surrenders it to those who will use it for evil, then this is something like burning the house in which you live, this is like cutting the branch you are sitting on, and this is like committing suicide without even noticing. This is what can lay the foundations of humanity’s destruction. This is simply the greatest evil done against the humanity.

Did Janâb-i Haqq tell you to make nuclear weapons and kill the humanity in masses? Did Allah instruct you to distort the nature? Did Allah instruct you to pollute space, atmosphere, and water? Did Allah instruct you to destroy the ecosystem? Or did Allah tell you to explore the laws, and compete in beneficial sciences. Or did Allah tell you to race in science, and race in being beneficial. Islam is nothing but benefit, it is a complete rahmat (mercy). This has been the case with all of the prophets, and this shall continue will Muhammad.

Come, let go of this fascism, give up racism, and abandon these ideologies. Take the truths, and leave the wrongs! Unite the humanity in the universal spirit of Islam. Islam’s universal spirit was sent down to embrace the entire humanity. At first, let go of your enmity of Islam. Let go of your enmity of Muhammad. Let go of your enmity of Quran. Islam is your eternal friend on earth, just like Muhammad, the Prophet of Mercy. The tongues who speak ill about Muhammad are treacherous tongues. The tongues that slander Al-Quran Al-Karim are cursed. They are hostile to humanity, intentionally or unintentionally. Come, Islam is friend of humanity. Let us know Islam that is a friend, and a rahmat (mercy) upon the worlds together. Let us explore it together. Let us work for the better good of the entire humanity.


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Islam is universal peace. Islam is universal social justice. Islam does not anyone hurt a fly. Islam does not let anyone break a heart, and does not break anyone’s heart. Its main motive is to fill everyone’s heart to brim with love for all. This is what Islam sets forth. Do not ever forget that the amr hukm (mandatory provisions) that command these are in Islam.

Also, in the 253rd verse of Surah al-Baqarah, it is said that some prophets are made superior. “We gave Isa, son of Maryam,” says Allah. Please pay close attention now. “We gave Isa, son of Maryam, manifest proofs (i.e. miracles),” says Allah. Janâb-i Haqq says, “We strengthened him with the Holy Spirit (Jibril).” The nations were at variance with one another, and some disbelieved. “Had Allah willed they would not have fought each other.” “Allah (c.c.) does whatever Allah wills.”

This world is a realm of test, and the first condition of passing the test is humanity’s submission to the command of Allah. You see, Islam consists of Allah’s commands and laws. Had people accepted these laws, they would not have fought in the first place, and peace would have reigned all around the world.

That said, Allah says, “I shall bring you to your term (ajal), and raise you up toward Myself.” “Azrâil will take his life before Qiyamah.” The one addressed by Allah here is Isa (a.s.), so please pay attention now. “Azrâil will take his life before Qiyamah, and I shall make you sleep.” The last quote is a report (rivayat) on the authority of Hasen and Rebî. They are rooted grand figures of Islam; they are scientists of Islam. These people are also mufassirs, and explorers. “I shall take you with your body and your soul,” this was included as well. There is also a weak report (rivayat) that say Isa will stay dead until he is raised to heavens (samaa), or that say Allah made him dead for seven hours. But these are weak reports (rivayat).

Now, let us talk about ahlul tawhid (people of monotheism). Muhammad’s ummah (nation) comes to mind when one says ahlul tawhid. So, they are Muhammad’s ummah (nation). The Christians who are Muslims are also in this class. They shall be set above the Jews who have attribute of kufr (disbelief), in terms of arms and proofs. Now, who are we referring by “they”? This is important. We are talking about all Muslims who adopted the monotheistic belief (tawhid iman), including all Christians and Jews who accept monotheistic belief (tawhid iman). All people who are in this monotheistic belief (tawhid iman) are Muslims.

The Jews attributed with kufr (disbelief), and all others who have kufr (disbelief) shall be surpassed in terms of arms and proofs. “Until when?” you may ask: “l-qiyāmati – until Qiyamah”. The superiority will be in monotheistic belief (tawhid iman) until then. People who side with monotheistic belief (tawhid iman) in all matters are Muslims.

As for monotheistic belief (tawhid iman): “lā ʾilāha ʾillallāh,” – “There is no god but Allah,” – “Muḥammad rasūlu llāh,” – “Muhammad is servant (qul) and Messenger of Allah.”

He is the last Prophet. He is the universal Prophet. He is the Prophet of all the worlds. That is, he is the Prophet of all nations until Qiyamah. The fundamentals (amantu), or rather the fundamentals (amantu) of the sharīʿah (law) encompasses all prophets and all divine books and scriptures. It contains all of the proofs regarding the future. This is where superiority lies. On the other hand, if you say you have believed in all this and do netflix and chill, then what will this power of arms do? The humanity will be harmed if kufr (disbelief) takes hold of this tangible power. The humanity should not let this happen, ever. Ahlul iman (faithful lot) will be on duty. The people of monotheistic belief (tawhid iman) will be on duty.


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Iman will work harder than kufr. Iman is such a hero, and an insuperable power. Iman does not accept captivity. Iman holds all values in itself. Iman is a complete trust, and a complete safety.

You see, we have tried to share with you what we could understand from Al-Quran Al-Karim in the matter of Isa. We have incorporated the discoveries of those who explore these verses, and our own discoveries, and our dirayat (comprehension).

We have tried to share these truths with you, and we see that the real and all-around superiority is in this monotheistic belief (tawhid iman) of Islam. The iman (belief) of all prophets is monotheistic belief (tawhid iman).

In the belief of Isa, there was nothing similar to salisu-selâse (third of the trinity). Isa did not believe that there are two or three gods. Musa did not have such a belief, nor did any of the prophets have such a belief. Besides, Muhammad removed all wrongs of the past, and brought forth all that is real (haqq) and true, and by that he made a complete revolution on earth, and he made a complete reform.

Following this reform of Prophet Muhammad, reforms and renaissances started in various countries around the world. Benevolent moves, that are moves of      people were made after the revolution of Islam. Islam tumbled the idols, tumbled polytheism (shirk), tumbled disbelief (kufr), and tumbled zulm (tyranny). Islam planted social justice against zulm (tyranny). Islam planted monotheistic belief (tawhid iman) against polytheism (shirk). Islam planted science, scientific knowledge (ilm) and scholarship against ignorance. Islam brought forth the antidote for all microbes, and manifested its chemistry, and the best possible cure for all microbes. Islam, on its own, is preventive medicine from a to z. Islam, on its own, is the preventive medicine for the humanity, and the nature. Now, let me give you an example. It cleanses the sullage in people, which is polytheism (shirk). It is nothing but dirt and filth. It is slander to Allah. Islam purifies you of polytheism (shirk), disbelief (kufr), and nifaq. Islam removes venial sinning (fāsiq), evil doing (faajir) from your inner world. Islam removes evil morality, filth, rust, and germs from your inner world. Islam takes you, the humanity, the ecosystem, the universe, and the nature under protection, for Islam is the laws of Allah. Allah’s laws came to protect the entire humanity, and to save them. They also came to protect the nature, and the universe. The nature itself is also Allah’s own mulk (property). It runs by the laws of Allah, and operates. Islam is the laws of Allah. That is why you should study what Islam is, what this universe is, and who is the owner of this mulk (property), and who is the real ruler, and why humanity is created! All worlds were created for humans. People were created as caliphs (successors) of Allah on earth, and to implement the divine laws on earth. Humans were created so that they may know sovereignty of Allah. So, if you say you will not acknowledge Allah while living in the mulk (property) of Allah, then you will answer for this to the One and All-Able Ruler, who is Allah. So, you will answer to the armies of Allah, and right now, the armies of Allah are keeping the realm under siege.


Time Stamp: 40:00


Allah’s qudrah (power) encompasses all things. Allah’s rahmat (mercy) encompasses all things. Allah’s torment, severity, wrath, and severe punishment encompasses all things. People are encompassed by whatever they are deserving. There is no escape from Allah. Allah is your Creator, the Life-Giver. Allah will make you die, then raise you, and bring you to mahshar; whether you believe this or not is up to you. I love you people, that is why I am sharing these truths and realities with you. If you do not have the same love, then it is up to you. I love my Rabb. I love all creatures my Rabb creates. Why not love the creatures of our Rabb? Is there a reason for not loving the creatures of our Rabb?

Now, there is one thing that I dislike. So, what is that? That is the people whom Allah dislike, those who disbelief (kufr), practice polytheism (shirk), nifaq, and cruelty (zulm). We dislike these things, we cannot like them, and we prefer death to liking these things.

Therefore, against the tyrants who try to impose these things upon us there has always been a conflict, and there will always be one. There has always been a conflict, and there will always be one. I am obliged to work for the benefit of the humanity, and I am obliged to fulfil the command of Allah. I am not obliged to believe in the impositions of the tyrants. There will always be a conflict against them. The world needs to unite in benefit, and in the good (khayr), which is for the benefit of the humanity. They must unite in what is beneficial. There will not be cruelty (zulm) or terror once that is established. They rob people off their rights, and exploit them. They bleed people dry, and then live in the world of lords. They multiply their capital by piling up funds after funds. They stack capital over capital. They devour people’s rights, and they will not return the rightful dues. They will not establish the balances. They will not ensure equality and justice. Do you think you can prevent terror in the world by doing these? O, you unwary! O, you ignorant! The people whom you have exploited have become a veil drawn over your eyes. Just like when the blood spatters to the eye of the murderer, and it blocks the murderer from seeing. Just like that, the methods you use to exploit people and bleed them dry became a veil drawn over your eyes.

The things those people do become a veil drawn over their eyes, and in order to remove these veils one should first accept the realities brought forth by Allah. It does not mater whose robe you wear, and it does not matter what rank you have on your shoulder. Your position/chair does not matter, and certainly the capital you manage is completely irrelevant here.

The veils drawn on your eyes block you from seeing haqq and haqiqa (right and reality), but one day you will be taken by Azrail and delivered to a place. You have veils drawn over your eyes, and your heart is sealed, it does not accept haqiqa (reality), and it does not accept iman (belief), it does not draw away from kufr (disbelief), it does not draw away from shirk (polytheism). You will give your life to Azrail while worshipping your own desire. You will give your live to Azrail, so will I, and so will all people. Every soul shall taste death. Humans, jinn, and creation (makhluq) will come to the presence of Allah for account. We are obliged to share the truths, and speak the truths. He/she who conceal the truth from you is not your friend. Let us disclose the truths, speak clearly. Those around you, who conceal the truth, who butter up you, kiss your feet, and fawn over you, are not your friends.


Time Stamp: 44:42


They cursed Isa (a.s.) throughout the history, whereas Isa is an honourable prophet, and he is a servant (qul) of Allah, and he is son of Maryam. Their curse (kufr) became their attributes. What did the Jews, or rather Zion Jews who have cursed Isa throughout history do? They wanted to crucify Isa (a.s.). They murdered Zechariah, Yahyā, and many prophets. In the end, kufr  became their attribute, and the Jews who adopted kufr as an attribute, could not overcome the Christians. They have been struck by the wrath of people like Titus, Buhtnassar, Pharaohs, Hitler, and the Spanish. Now, this is the case of the Jews, but let us talk about the Christians now. The Christians practiced shirk (polytheism) and kufr (disbelief) against Allah to worship Isa, so they will not be able to escape from punishment of kufr neither in the world nor in the afterlife (ākhira). So, what is the kufr of the Christians against Isa? They practiced polytheism (shirk) instead of adopting iman (belief). That is, they said that Isa is son of Allah, and they called Isa a god. They have sinked into polytheism (shirk). Thus, they became stuck in kufr (disbelief). That is why Christians will not be able to escape from punishment, neither in this world nor in the next. That is except those who believe in the tawhid iman (monotheistic faith) brought by Isa, Musa, and Muhammad. Now, you should not ever forget that iman (belief) is always superior to kufr (disbelief). Iman (belief) is always superior. As for dishonour, derogation and endless abasement, they are with kufr (disbelief), and iman (belief) is superior to kufr (disbelief). As for iman (belief), it is superior to kufr (disbelief). Tawhid (monotheism) is superior to polytheism (shirk) and disunity. Now, this is important. Tawhid (monotheism) is superior to polytheism (shirk) and disunity. Righteousness is superior to cheat. Justice is superior to zulm (tyranny). Allah (c.c.) is superior to masivallah (all things except Allah). It is said that Anything other than Allah is called masivallah. So, Allah is superior to anything other than Allah.  Allah is al-Hakīm (Ever-Wise), and superiority belongs completely to Allah. Allah has the complete authority, and superiority, and this is azali and abadi (without beginning or end).

[3:54] “wa-llāhu khayru l-mākirīn” – “Allah is the best of those who nullify plots.”.

That said, when we look at the 124th verse of Surah al-Baqarah, we are able to see and acknowledge many truths, for each word, each sentence, and each ayah (verse/sign) of Al-Quran Al-Karim express us a holy reality (haqiqa).

Now, the zoology scholars, who study animals, preferred view of these scholars is that the life in the nuṭfa (semen), or rather sperm is like that of a plant. This is what zoology scientists say. That is, they say that the life within nuṭfa (semen) is like that of a plant.

An-nasnās, or Nasnas, is given names such as half man, half gorilla, chimpanzee, orangutan, etc. They attributed these meanings to Nasnas.


Time Stamp: 50:00


Now, after talking about Allah’s (c.c.) creation of human beings, after explaining how Allah creates us; let me say that Almighty Allah is the Creator, and Rabb of Isa (a.s.) as well as every human being.

Now, Allah (c.c.) created all human beings, and Isa is no exception here, that is why Allah (c.c.) is the Creator, and Rabb of Isa (a.s.), and he is son of Maryam, not son of Allah (c.c.). Allah forbid! Isa is not son of Yūsuf. Now, there are people who say things like Yūsuf was Maryam’s fiancée or something like that, however it is said that there is no such thing.

That said he is a tawhid (monotheism) proof who has high qualities. That is, the creation of Isa is a proof of tawhid (monotheism). Now, what does this mean? This means that Janâb-i Haqq assigned him as a Messenger. Allah created him as a servant (qul), and assigned him to announce the Oneness of Allah to the humanity. Isa has a tawhid iman (monotheistic faith) and high qualities, therefore he is a proof of tawhid (monotheism). Therefore, the reason Isa is called kalimah (word) is due to kalimat al-tawheed (lit. word of divine oneness).

Torah says Adam was created from earth. So, Torah says the same thing, it says that Adam (a.s.) was created from earth. Holy Books speak the truths as long as they are not distorted. What would be find in them had they not distorted Torah, and had they not distorted Bible. There was correct information within these Books, that is why they distorted them, and that is why Allah renewed them all with Al-Quran Al-Karim.

Allah Ta’ala’s law of creation is such that Allah knows all methods of creating, and Allah may create all types of creatures however Allah decides, for Allah is al-Qadir (All-Able).

Now, mutashabih (unclear) verses may be exegeted by reduction of a law or by an exemplification that suits them. So, what should one do with mutashabih (unclear) verses? You can either explain them with muhkam (clear) verses, or you can leave their meanings to Allah, or you can submit a part of them to the rasih ulama. The mutashabih (unclear) verses may be explained by a suitable exemplification, or reduction of a law. So, what do we mean by “law” here?  We are talking about explaining a verse by means of other verses. An ayah (verse/sign) of Al-Quran Al-Karim is a law. So, what do we do by other laws? Something like a holy verse can only be interpreted by another holy verse. You cannot interpret Quran at everyone’s sweet will.

Istikhara is the law of inductive reasoning. Istintaq is law of drawing conclusion. Tumel is the law of kulli (universal). Istiklal is the law of reasoning with evidence.

Now, in life sciences, monomer, these are the living ones. Bear this in mind. The monamers are the living ones. As for the Diamer, they only have the mother, or have both mother and father. Now, a Diamer person has a mother but may not have a father, just like Isa (a.s.). Or a Diamer person may have a father and a mother. Huveym refers to small creatures that cannot be seen. Now, the Diamer is important! In Diamer there are ones that only have mother, and there are those with both mother and father. As for the situation about Adam, his is a different case, for he was created out of nothing. His situation is a complete creation from the state of non-existence into existence.


Time Stamp: 55:00


The word “Adam” means “non-existent”, and he was created from nothing. Now, let us have a look at the contents of Diamer, and the contents of the other laws. It is Allah who makes the laws. That said, it is Allah who created all things from nothing. Allah is the One who made all of the laws. The qudrah (power) that made all these laws, and rules over all these laws belong to Allah, for Allah is the Law-Maker, and Allah is the Creator. Those who cannot create things cannot make laws.

If you visited those who brag, saying they have created this or that, and ask them to create a single fly, they will fail because no one can create even an ant or a fly. Yet they say they have created this and that. They should say they have achieved this or that by the favor of Janâb-i Haqq, via the skill, ability and power given by Janâb-i Allah. The servant (qul) earns and Allah creates. The servant (qul) uses the power given by Allah, and Allah Ta’ala will create what he does. The servant (qul) is not a creator, he/she may use the power and ability given by Allah, but he/she is not a creator. The servant (qul) is not a creator, he/she may use the power and ability given by Allah, but cannot create a matter, rather he/she explores the creatures. A servant (qul) can never be a creator. This is because there is no creator other than Allah.

Huveym, there are small living creatures that we cannot see. So, for example we know there are so many varieties of small living things, and millions of living creatures may live in an area as large as the tip of a pencil. Can you see them? No, you can’t see them. You may see them via microscopes, and there are other tools that make it possible to see them, but there still some that cannot be observed. Bear this in mind!

There is also buzeir it is accepted that buzeir is a grain of seed. They refer to it as a grain of seed. So, if everything came to existence due to a seed, then who created the seed? We still need a creator. That is the creative power, which belongs to none other than Allah. The owner of such power is none other than Allah.

[75:37] “ʾa-lam yaku nuṭfatan min maniyyin yumnā.”

What does Allah say here? Allah clearly says that humans are created from a sperm. So, in the 37th verse of Surah al-Qiyamah, Janâb-i Haqq says: “Was he not a drop of emitted semen?”

O, humanity! Allah is speaking to you, and me. What does Allah say? “Was he not a drop of emitted semen?” says Allah. Bear this in mind! Use your cognizance, intellect, and mind together with your iman (belief).

Your iman (belief), your aql (intellect), and all other powers that belong to you should take inspiration from Al-Quran Al-Karim which is wahy-i ilahi (divine revelation). Taking the truth lessons from Quran means you are learning from Allah. Learning the true lesson from the Qur’an means learning from Allah. This means knowing the sunnah, knowing Quran, and studying in the school of Prophet Muhammad. The lectures of this school came directly from Allah, from the ninth heaven (arş-ı âlâ), and from al-Lawh al-Mahfuz (the Sacred Tablet). Al-Quran Al-Karim is not a book written by a lord, a pasha, or a scientist. It is the holy kalam (utterance) sent by Almighty Allah.

Idraq (perception) and understanding may translate mechanic, corpuscular, and chemical movement. Bear this in mind! Idraq (perception) and understanding may translate mechanic, corpuscular, and chemical movement. An army may start marching with a command. This is important. You see, an army may start marching with a command.


Time Stamp: 1:00:05


It is Allah who gives the command with regards to driving force is Allah. This is an example, a simile. Allah gives the worlds the command that instigate the movement. Allah has the driving power, and has qudrah. Allah has the command that instigate the movement.

Now, words are guiding lights, and signs, therefore they are called ayat (verse/sign). We have already talked about the meaning behind that Isa is called kalimah (word). If the words are exegeted well, then there will not be any reason for aberrancy. The words are guiding lights, signs, and ayat. That is why Isa (a.s.) came to Bani Isra’il to instil tawhid iman (monotheistic faith) to them, and to remove polytheism (shirk) and disbelief (kufr), and to show them the right way. So, the kalimah (words) show the way; they are signs, and they are ayat. Isa is a kalimah (word), the afore meanings are present in this.

The Najrani’s (Christians) failed to interpret the [3:45] “bi-kalimatin minhu – He is a Word from Allah”. This “word” refers to Isa. Allah said that Isa is a Word from Allah, and they filed to understand this. However, the religion (din) of Islam, and Prophet Muhammad, explained the tawhid iman (monotheistic faith) to people correctly.

That “Word” is not a fragment of Allah. This is important, that “Word” is not a fragment of Allah. Isa (a.s.) is a Word, but he is not a fragment of Allah. He is a servant (qul) of Allah. Nothing is a fragment of Allah’s Being. Janâb-i Haqq, with the qudrah, with the perfect (kamal) sifats (attributes), is attributed with all holy names. Ittihad (unity), imtizaj (coalescence), reduction or expansion are unthinkable about Allah. As for hulul (incarnation) and tanasuh (reincarnation) are also unthinkable about Allah. People who think these about Allah have these fall into polytheism (shirk). So, those who listen and understand all of our lessons from start to finish learn about the core meanings in Al-Quran Al-Karim, and they acquire its exegesis, and they shall find life via the life-giving lessons of Quran by Allah’s favor and generosity, and the guidance, and success given by Allah.

So, we are striving so that we may find life altogether. Isa (a.s.) is a servant (qul) of Allah. Bear this in mind! Isa is a Word from Allah, but he is not a particle from Allah. Isa is a Word of Allah, and a servant (qul) of Allah, and a Messenger of Allah. He is also son of Maryam. This is also important, Isa (a.s.) is son of Maryam, servant (qul) of Allah, and a Messenger. However, he is not a particle from Allah, rather he is only a Word, and we have elaborated on the meaning of “a word” before. So, what is a “word”. It is a guide, a sign, and ayat.

As you see, there are superior miracles with each prophet, and each one of the miracles have been described as an ayah (sign). All of the sentences in Al-Quran Al-Karim, the sentences that are composed by words, and after them the surahs and ayat (verses); all of these are Words of Allah. They are all kalam (utterance) and ayat (signs) of Allah.


Time Stamp: 1:05:00


There are kevni ayat (cosmological sings) in the universe, yet if you pay close attention, the universe consists of creatures (makhluq). As for Isa (a.s.) he is another servant (qul) that Allah created, and he is a creature. There cannot be any creators other than Allah, and Muhammad is no exception, and Isa, Musa, cannot be creators. Ibrahim is not a creator either, and no one can be a creator, for these are servants (qul) of Allah. They are the superior and utmost honourable servants (qul).

That is why we need to understand these matters well in order to not fall into polytheism, for he/she who divinize a servant (qul) falls into polytheism. This is such a pitiful situation for them and those who have been deviated by them. Any person, or Muslim, should adopt the right monotheistic (tawhid) belief, and they should conduce towards the guidance of others, he/she should not deviate, go astray, and he/she should not cause other people to deviate.

O, Christians! Understand this well. Understand Isa (a.s.) correctly, and this call is made to everyone. Those who were mistaken about Isa (a.s.), for example, the Christians. Then again, they were wrong about Uzair. And the Jews were wrong about Torah and Musa. Some people amongst Muslims divinize others even though they have monotheistic faith. They set their leaders’ ideas before Quran. There are some amongst Muslims who do not acknowledge the laws of the divine order, the Islamic sharīʿah (law), the laws of Allah. If, amongst Muslims, there are people who divinize their leaders, divinize their masters, who have gone astray from tawhid (monotheism), whose mindset contradict that of tawhid (monotheism), then what they are doing is wrong, no matter who they are. However, there are no wrongs in Islam, so understand this well! Muslims, or people who call themselves Muslims, may have these wrongs, and Christians and Jews may have these wrongs too. So, what does Islam, Al-Quran Al-Karim, and the laws of Allah in regards to tawhid (monotheism) do? They remove all wrongs, and set forth the tawhid iman (monotheistic belief). People may accept this or not, that is up to them but we are obliged to tell the truth, for we all will give account in the grand court in the presence of Allah Ta’ala. Each and every word that is not true will cause trouble to the humanity. We will bear our sins when we get to the grand court. We will be wearing our sins and our sawāb on our necks when we go to the grand court. Let us be on the right path, and understand the truth and reality, and tell each other the truths, and be beneficial. Let us not wrong each other. Let us not harm each other with wrong things, this is the whole point. We are the servants (qul) of Allah, and we have to be beneficial to each other.

That said, our Master (asw) Prophet Muhammad said the following to the Najrani people. The Christians of Najran told something to Prophet Muhammad, and our Prophet replied: “You are lying,” he said. “You said Allah has begot a son,” he said.

The Christians visited our Prophet, they were people from Najran, and they wanted to present themselves as righteous. Our Prophet told them, “You are lying, you said that Allah begot a child, and you are eating swine, and prostrate to cross, these things prevent you from becoming Muslims,” he said. “As long as you do these you cannot become Muslims,” he said. Then our Prophet said, “If you know you are right come.” Our Prophet said, “Let us call down Allah’s curse upon the liars.” See the 61st verse of Surah Ali ‘Imran. They feared and averted upon our Prophet’s challenge. He said, “Who is the liar? Who is the righteous? Come and let us call down Allah’s curse upon the liars.”. Upon hearing that they feared and averted, for they were seeing Muhammad, whom they knew in Bible just like they knew their sons, but they cannot just believe in him.


Time Stamp: 1:10:50


They knew Muhammad in Torah just like they knew their own sons, and Muhammad stood before them as the Last Prophet, this was written in Torah, this was written in Bible as well, for Isa gave the good news of him. There were people who believeth, but just like them there were people who could not believe. So, have a brief look at the masses of people in the world who cannot become Muslims. In the end, they feared and abstained from calling down the curse of Allah, and they were fine with paying jizya, which is a tax on the non-Muslims. This meant that they accepted the sovereignty of Islam. Muhammad said, “Become Muslims,” to the people from Najran, and they said, “We were Muslims before you,”. Our Prophet replied, “You are lying,” he said. Muhammad told them that they slandered Allah, that they said Isa is son of Allah, that they eat swine, that they worship the cross. Muhammad brought forth their polytheism (shirk), and that they have many wrongs, and as they escaped from calling down Allah’s curse upon the liars, and they accepted paying tax. You see, the wrong escapes from the right. The right does not run away from anything, for what is true is haqq and haqiqa (right and reality), and Islam is the embodiment of all truths. Islam is the witness of the past, and all of the documents in regards to the future are present in Islam.

That said, our greatest scholars such as Al-Qurtubi and Vahidi reported that our Prophet told them to “become Muslims,” and this narration is present in their records. Then again, this is present in the reports (rivayat) of Muslim. This is also present in el-Bahru’l-Muhît.

Our Prophet told them to become Muslims, or pay jizya (tax), or choose war. This is what our Master (asw) offered, and they accepted paying jizya (tax), and then they entered into the service of the Islamic state.

Janâb-i Haqq made Yahuza the Traitor to Isa (a.s.). He was the spy amid the Disciples. The name of that spy is Yahuza but there is another report (rivayat) that say his name was something else. So, it is not Isa who was crucified but Yahuza. Janâb-i Haqq made Yahuza look like Isa due to his treachery and spying, and they crucified him. The Zion Jews crucified their own man, and thought they crucified Isa.

They worship Isa and Uzair. Now, look, Israel say Uzair is son of Allah and they worship him, they consider him a god, which is so wrong, and such a pity. This is just like the Christians who worship Isa, they consider him a god. Servants (qul) are worshipping yet another servant (qul), whereas the prophets had strictly forbidden people from worshipping them, and all prophets called people to Allah. What they brought is the Islamic sharīʿah (law) that Allah brought forth. Can a prophet ever allow people worship him? Besides, a normal person cannot do that. One must have lost his mind before doing such a thing, or he/she must be a complete idolater. Allah forbid!

That is why dearest friends! Isa spoke the truth, and Musa spoke the truth as well. The prophets of the past have always spoke the truth. As for Prophet Muhammad and Al-Quran Al-Karim, they confirmed the truths and protected them. Islam is also a protector. Islam protects Isa, Musa, and all of the prophets. Islam protects them completely, and it is the acknowledger of truth (musadiq) and it is ever-watchful (muhaymin). That is why the religion (din) of Islam protects all values of the past, for it has all of the documents.


Time Stamp: 1:16:26


Now, let us have a look at the 64th verse. “Unity of conscience, unity of belief,” bear this in mind. The unity of conscience is unity of belief. The religious developments are at the integrity of the conscience, and its profundity. The religious developments are at the integrity of the conscience, and its profundity. Without there being a unity of iman and conscience, and before the consciences develop, the holiness of the religion (din) and its profundity cannot be comprehended by people. Narrow consciences cannot comprehend Islam, the religion (din) of endless and boundless rahmat (mercy). That why people need to unite in the totality of the religion (din), and the unity of consciences, and when these come together with iman (belief), what will happen? People will continue to develop themselves.

Now, if the consciences and beliefs come together and unite, we will see a development and a profundity. Otherwise, they will be segregation and disjunction. So, if there is no unity of iman (belief), and there is segregation and disjunction, and if the consciences became narrower, then there will be no development, no profundity, and no advancement there. So, if the world wants a complete development, advancement, profundity, and progress, then the world must adopt the religion (din) of peace, the world must form the unity of conscience, and the unity of iman (belief). Islam encompasses all consciences and embraces all people and all souls with its universal spirit of Islam, and the sovereignty of peace and tawhid iman (monotheistic faith) in the world must be ensured.

You see, unity of Islam is actually a unity of consciences, and unity of iman (belief). Prophet Muhammad (asw) said, “Do you not obey the words of popes and the others only because they are their words,” to ahlul kitab who believeth. They said, “Yes.”. Our Prophet said, “What you do is making them your Rabb (Lord).”. This is important, this a lesson for Muslims, this is a lesson for the Christians, this is also a lesson for the Jews, and people of other nations. So, bear this in mind. Prophet Muhammad said this to the ahlul kitab (people of the book), the Muslims who believeth. “You,” he said. “Do you not obey the words of popes and the others only because they are their words,” he said.


Time Stamp: 1:20:00


He said, by doing that you have adopted them as Rabb. O, Muslim! Bear this word of our Prophet in mind now! If you have substitute someone’s word for Quran, and if you have left the Word of Allah, then the ones whose word you have adopted instead of the word of Quran, and Word of Allah, then they are your Rabb (Lord); and Allah is not your Rabb (Lord).

Even if you say “Allah is our Rabb”, your situation will not be different than the Christians who become Muslims. You will have to confess this when you achieve tawhid (monotheism). You should not let this go that far. Do not waste any time; do not choose someone else’s command instead of the commands of Allah! You should never prefer something from someone instead of the laws of Allah! You may say they are your leader, or chief. They may be this or that for you, doesn’t matter.

You should break these idols and tabus between you and Allah. You should acknowledge the sovereignty and law of Allah to the core, without condition. You should never choose prefer someone’s command over Allah’s command. If you are careful with these, then you will not adopt anyone but Allah as Rabb (Lord). In that case, we pray to Janâb-i Haqq to make tawhid iman (monotheistic faith) settle into everyone’s heart. May Allah settle this to the hearts of all people, and all souls. This is our prayer of hidayat (guidance), and our wish. Hidayat (guidance) comes from Allah, but it falls on us to bid. Us, and all servants (qul) of Allah who has the chance to do so should bid Islam to the world.

The people of the book distorted the Word. Now, who are we referring to? We are referring to the Christians and Jews. They distorted the word. They drifted apart from monotheism (tawhid). Such a pity. They ruined themselves. How can one distort the word?

Now, what is the “word” here? Isa (a.s.) was a Word of Allah. He brought forth kalimat al-tawheed (lit. word of divine unity), which is the Oneness of Allah. And what did they do to this word? They tore it to pieces, and transformed it to polytheism (shirk). The said that Allah is three. They drifted apart from the Oneness of Allah.

That said, in the 124th verse of Surah al-Baqarah, we see that Ibrahim (a.s.) was tested. So, let us have a look into this verse. Allah tested Ibrahim (a.s.) with Nimrod. Nimrod threw him into fire. However, he did not make compromise to Nimrod. He did not compromise his tawhid iman (monotheistic belief). Ibrahim (a.s.) was a complete hanif (believer). He is a ulu’l azm prophet who shined with tawhid iman (monotheistic faith).

Ibrahim was made imam (leader). That was after Ibrahim (a.s.) passed the tests. What did Allah do with him? Allah made him imam (leader). Now, what does imam mean? Imam means leader, prophethood, leadership. Upon that Ibrahim said, “from among my descendants too,”. To which Janâb-i Haqq said: “I will not give imamship (leadership) to unjust (zalimun).”. You should bear this in mind too! Muhammad came from the progeny of Ibrahim, and the progeny of Ismail. Who came from the progeny of Ishak (Isaac)? Many prophets came from the progeny of Ishak (Isaac) until Isa (a.s.). On the other hand, Muhammad came from the progeny of Ismail. Now, why did the prophethood leap to Muhammad? He is from the progeny of Ibrahim, so what did the others do? They deviated from the way of the prophets. Will Allah give prophethood to the unjust (zalimun)? Janâb-i Haqq, who is All-Knowing took imamship from them. Allah took prophethood from them, and gave it to Muhammad until Qiyamah.


Time Stamp: 1:24:54


A rivayat (report) suggests that there are one thousand years between Ibrahim (a.s.) and Musa (a.s.). It is also said that between Musa and Isa there are two thousand years. Now, let us have a look at this, there are two thousand years between Musa and Isa, and there is one thousand years between Ibrahim and Musa. There are also reports (rivayat) that suggest there are five hundred and seventy years between Isa and Muhammad.

[3:68] “wa-llāhu waliyyu l-muʾminīn – Allah is the friend of the believers.”. So, the real friend, the real helper is first and foremost Janâb-i Haqq.

It is like they worship Uzair (a.s.) and Isa (a.s.). Our Master (asw) asked them, “Did they not make certain things haram, and certain things halal for you?”. That is, he said this to the Jews and Christians who are practicing polytheism (shirk). He asked them, “Did the rabbis and priests not make somethings halal for you?”. You see, they distorted their own religion (din) themselves. They made certain things halal, and certain things haram whereas what Allah says halal is halal, and what Allah says haram is haram. Besides, no one has the authority to make something haram, or make something halal other than Allah, but this is what rabbis and priests did. They called what they liked halal, and called what they disliked haram. This is what our Prophet told them. “Did they not make certain things halal, and certain things haram for you?” he said. “Those priests and rabbis, you have followed their words, and this is worshipping (ibādāt) them, this is adopting them as gods.” They impose certain systems unto people, and want them they will do their bidding. They consider themselves gods, and impose upon people their own law. They are trying to destroy the divine sharīʿah (law). This is imposition, and Islam and all of its believers are against these impositions. Islam incorporates all consciences, unites them, and objects to impositions, and tyrants.


Time Stamp: 1:28:18

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 80


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most Merciful.

The Islamic world, and all creatures (makhluqat) have only one Allah. So, if someone is telling people to abandon that Allah and do what they say, then no one who has tawhid iman (monotheistic faith) will do what you tell them. But, why though? He/she will do what his/her Rabb (Lord) says, for he is obliged to, for he/she is a servant (qul) of Allah, and this is the reality (haqiqa).


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Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 81


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most Merciful.

[3:60] “al-ḥaqqu min rabbika fa-lā takun mina l-mumtarīn.”


[3:61] “fa-man ḥājjaka fīhi min baʿdi mā jāʾaka mina l-ʿilmi fa-qul taʿālaw nadʿu ʾabnāʾanā wa-ʾabnāʾakum wa-nisāʾanā wa-nisāʾakum wa-ʾanfusanā wa-ʾanfusakum thumma nabtahil fa-najʿal laʿnata llāhi ʿalā l-kādhibīn.”


Now, let us discover the meaning of the holy ayat (verses) of our Almighty Rabb (Lord). “This haqq (truth) is from your Rabb (Lord).” Whatever haqq (true) and haqiqa (real) out there have been brought forth by Islam and Quran. “So, do not be of those who doubt.”


“After the necessary knowledge came to you, to whoever disputes with you on this matter, say, ‘Come, let us call our sons and your sons, and our women and your women, and ourselves and yourselves and sincerely invoke the curse of Allah upon the liars.” Let us supplicate to make Allah’s curse befall upon the liars.


Now, can a Prophet lie? No, he can’t. Does Quran lie? No, it does not. So, what did they do? Those who distorted Bible and Torah, filling it with lies, have abstained from becoming Muslims. They feared from calling down Allah’s curse, and ran. They were fine with paying jizya (tax).


[3:62] “ʾinna hādhā la-huwa l-qaṣaṣu l-ḥaqqu wa-mā min ʾilāhin ʾillā llāhu wa-ʾinna llāha la-huwa l-ʿazīzu l-ḥakīm.”


This is the true story that is told [in the name of Isa]. There is no god other than Allah. Indeed, Allah is immensely powerful, and has hikmat (wisdom).”


No one may become a god. There is only Allah. There exists no deity but Allah. Indeed, Allah is All-Mighty, and All-Wise. That is, Allah is al-Hakīm, al-ʿAzīz.



[3:63] “fa-ʾin tawallaw fa-ʾinna llāha ʿalīmun bi-l-mufsidīn.”


“If they turn away [from the truth], surely Allah best knows the mischievous.” Allah is giver of whatever people deserve, and Allah is free from zulm (cruelty).


[3:64] “qul yā-ʾahla l-kitābi taʿālaw ʾilā kalimatin sawāʾin baynanā wa-baynakum ʾallā naʿbuda ʾillā llāha wa-lā nushrika bihī shayʾan wa-lā yattakhidha baʿḍunā baʿḍan ʾarbāban min dūni llāhi fa-ʾin tawallaw fa-qūlū shhadū bi-ʾannā muslimūn.”


This verse is important, so the Christian world, the Jewish world, and all people who drifted apart from tawhid (monotheism), and all who consider themselves Muslims but deviated from tawhid (monotheism), those false Muslims should read this verse rather carefully.


“Say, ‘O, ahlul kitab (people of the book)! Come to a word that is equitable between us and between you, that we worship none but Allah, that we associate nothing with Him and that some of us do not divinize others by abandoning Allah.”


Bear this in mind! Some of us do not divinize others by abandoning Allah. Amongst Muslims, some people came between Allah and the servant (qul), and the man cannot praise Allah, but instead he goes and praises others. He is obsessed with his leader. He is obsessed with his sheikh, but he can’t praise Allah no matter what, and he can’t get to tawhid (monotheism).



Time Stamp: 5:00



Now, this is the mistake the Christian world does. This is the mistake the Jewish world does. Islam is clear and is blindingly obvious. They could not understand and comprehend Islam. This is the same mistake the false Muslims fall into. The ulama of Ahlus-Sunnah wa’l-Jama’ah, and all of our mujtahids, have brought forth the real tawhid (monotheism) belief of Islam with regards to ʿaqīdah (creed), kalam, and tawhid. They have shed tears throughout centuries, and martyrs gave their lives in this way, and they shed blood. That is why the Muslims must be aware with regards to this matter.



Time Stamp: 5:57



–          The End        –



Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 82


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most Merciful.

So, Janâb-i Haqq said, “Some of you should not divinise some of you by leaving Allah.” After that Allah said, “Then, should they turn back, say, ‘Bear witness that we are Muslims.’.”

Janâb-i Haqq says: “Announce to the world that you are Muslims whether some believe or not.”  Say, “We are Muslims”. Say, “lā ʾilāha ʾillallāh, Muḥammad rasūlu llāh,” for this is haqq (true), and haqiqa (real). It is treason if you conceal this. Is it right to hide what is haqq and haqiqa (right and reality)? However, one may practice taqiyyah (prudence) in face of death. That is a ruhsat (permit), not azimat (firmness), not fazeelat (virtue), but ruhsat (permit).

[3:65] “yā-ʾahla l-kitābi li-ma tuḥājjūna fī ʾibrāhīma wa-mā ʾunzilati t-tawrātu wa-l-ʾinjīlu ʾillā min baʿdihī ʾa-fa-lā taʿqilūn.”

[3:66] “hā-ʾantum hāʾulāʾi ḥājajtum fī-mā lakum bihī ʿilmun fa-li-ma tuḥājjūna fī-mā laysa lakum bihī ʿilmun wa-llāhu yaʿlamu wa-ʾantum lā taʿlamūn.”

Janâb-i Haqq: “O, ahlul kitab (people of the book)!” Janâb-i Haqq is addressing the Christians and the Jews. “Why do you argue about Ibrahim, while the Torah and the Bible were not revealed until after him? Don’t you think at all?”

“That is what you are. You have already argued about which you have knowledge. Why then do you argue about matters of which you have no knowledge? Allah knows, but you do not know.”

That is what Almighty Allah says. Allah said these to ahlul kitab.

[3:67] “mā kāna ʾibrāhīmu yahūdiyyan wa-lā naṣrāniyyan wa-lākin kāna ḥanīfan musliman wa-mā kāna mina l-mushrikīn.”

[3:68] “ʾinna ʾawlā n-nāsi bi-ʾibrāhīma la-lladhīna ttabaʿūhu wa-hādhā n-nabiyyu wa-lladhīna ʾāmanū wa-llāhu waliyyu l-muʾminīn.”

Ibrahim is neither a Jew nor a Christian, but he is an hanīf (honest) Muslim who knew Allah as One. He is not amongst the polytheists (musrikun). You see, this is how Almighty Allah introduced Ibrahim (a.s.). Ibrahim (a.s.) is neither a Jew nor a Nasrani. He is not a Christian, and he is not a Jew. He is not a Nasrani. Then what is he? He is an hanīf (honest) Muslim who knew Allah as One. He is not amongst the polytheists (mushrikun) either. So, after introducing Ibrahim in the 67th verse, Allah says, “The truth is that the nearest of all people to Ibrahim are those who follow him, and this prophet and those who have iman (belief), and Allah is the friend of the mu’minun (believers).”


You see, Ibrahim (a.s.) was a prophet who had the tawhid iman (monotheistic faith) that Muhammad brought, and every prophet is Muslim, for they are assigned with the religion (din) of Islam.


[3:69] “waddat ṭāʾifatun min ʾahli l-kitābi law yuḍillūnakum wa-mā yuḍillūna ʾillā ʾanfusahum wa-mā yashʿurūn.”


“A group of the ahlul kitab (people of the book) wanted to lead you astray; whereas they are only leading themselves astray, and they are not aware.” Janâb-i Haqq is revealing the truth also in this verse of Quran.


[3:70] “yā-ʾahla l-kitābi li-ma takfurūna bi-ʾāyāti llāhi wa-ʾantum tashhadūn.”


“O, ahlul kitab (people of the book).” That is, the Jews and the Christians. “Why do you deny the ayat (signs/verses) of Allah even though you see [the truth]?”



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[3:71] “yā-ʾahla l-kitābi li-ma talbisūna l-ḥaqqa bi-l-bāṭili wa-taktumūna l-ḥaqqa wa-ʾantum taʿlamūn.”


“O, ahlul kitab (people of the book)! Why do you mix haqq (truth) with batil (falsehood), and conceal the truth while you know it?” These are the words of Janâb-i Haqq. Almighty Allah says these.


[3:72] “wa-qālat ṭāʾifatun min ʾahli l-kitābi ʾāminū bi-lladhī ʾunzila ʿalā lladhīna ʾāmanū wajha n-nahāri wa-kfurū ʾākhirahū laʿallahum yarjiʿūn.”


A group of the People of the Book say, ‘Believe in what has been sent down to the faithful at the beginning of the day, and disbelieve at its end, and maybe they will also turn back.’.”


They attempted such a betrayal in order to make people abandon the religion (din), faith (iman), and Islam. That is, they were trying to make people turn back from the religion (din) and faith (iman). They said, “Look like a Muslim at daytime, and deny at the evening.” So, in this verse Janâb-i Haqq announced their betrayal.


[3:73] “wa-lā tuʾminū ʾillā li-man tabiʿa dīnakum qul ʾinna l-hudā hudā llāhi ʾan yuʾtā ʾaḥadun mithla mā ʾūtītum ʾaw yuḥājjūkum ʿinda rabbikum qul ʾinna l-faḍla bi-yadi llāhi yuʾtīhi man yashāʾu wa-llāhu wāsiʿun ʿalīm.”


Janâb-i Haqq said the following in this verse of Quran: “Do not believe in anyone other than those who follow your religion (din).” Now, please pay attention. They are plotting against the nation in order to prevent people from becoming Muslims. “Say, ‘Indeed the right way is the way of Allah, which is Islam. (They said amongst themselves): Do not believe that someone is given what is similar to that which you have been given, and do not believe that they will bring you evidence against you in the presence of your Rabb (Lord). Say, ‘The bounty (lutf) is in the hands of Allah. Allah gives it to whom Allah wills. Allah’s rahmat (mercy) is abundant, and Allah is All-Knowing.


Therefore, they could not put up with the fact that prophethood was given to Muhammad. That is something Allah would know. Allah bestowed upon him a great bounty (lutf). It is Allah who appointed Prophet Muhammad. They also said the following.


[3:74] “yakhtaṣṣu bi-raḥmatihī man yashāʾu wa-llāhu dhū l-faḍli l-ʿaẓīm.”


Allah chooses for the rahmat (mercy) whom Allah wills. You see, Allah has chosen Muhammad for this grand rahmat (mercy). So, what did Janâb-i Haqq say about the rahmat (mercy) that shall manifest itself to all humanity? Allah said that Allah will chose for it whom Allah wills, and Allah gave this divine duty to Muhammad. Allah has grand bounty (lutf), and generosity (kerem). Prophet Muhammad is the Prophet of Mercy for all the worlds. The rahmat (mercy) that Allah gave him, that Allah assigned him, is the rahmat (mercy) that has been manifested to all the worlds in the person of Muhammad. However, it is such a pity that the believers deprived themselves of this rahmat (mercy), and tried to stop people, and make them turn back from the way of Allah to prevent them from becoming Muslims. We see here that they attempted to major acts of betrayal. These wrongs, these betrayals, and this deprivation still continues.



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