Turkish English Fikhi Ekber Lesson 13

Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar – Lesson 13



Most valuable and venerable listeners, we continue to convey preliminary notes from Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar. Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar, as you know, is an invaluable work of Al-Imam Al-Azam, which shows Islamic creed along with its evidence. It manifested the science of creed that belonged to the entire humankind in the world. That evidence are Al-Qur’an Al-Karim, Sunnah al-Sharif and Ijma. Friends, whoever knows these truths that are the Islamic creed in their true meaning, and whoever believes in them with true knowledge, and whoever affirms and testifies that belief, reaches salvation. The Islam was sent down for the salvation of the whole world, it is here to save people also in terms of iman [faith]. The person who could not save his iman [faith] cannot save anything. He may believe that he has saved something until his demise. However, there is no opportunity of salvation for the one who lacks acceptable iman [faith] neither in this world, nor in the Hereafter. There is no salvation for whom lacks iman [faith]. The first phase of salvation starts with Islam and its iman [faith]. We’re only warning. It is up to them to believe or not. It is up to them to listen or not. We do not impose anyone on anything ever, we have never done that. We are not among the ones who impose, we have never been and will never be like them. Almighty Islam is here to embrace the realms with rahmat [blessing], it was sent down to embrace. It embraced the realms with its mercy, it is here to save us. It has embraced us affectionately, and came to save us. It manifested the real iman [faith], it is here for the salvation of the entire humankind from false religions, it is here to save us all. It came to save the humankind from enmity and give them peace, in other words, it came to save us. It came to establish true peace, real peace, conciliation, and harmony both in the heavens and in the world in every aspect. Islam came in order to have the true justice dominate the world, and again, to save us. If you ask why: Islam showed the obligation of having faith [iman] in the book of Almighty Allah, and having faith [iman] in His Messenger.


Friends, Islam is the religion of truth; it is a complete genuinity, a complete fact. If we tell people about this truth as long as our power allows us then we would be working for the better good of the humankind. If we withold the truths from the world and force the falsehoods upon it, then that means we are not working for the good of the humankind.


(Dakika 5:24)


Prophet Muhammad says: “The best of the humanity is those who benefit others.” We must compete in being the most beneficent. We need to save the humanity from all dangers. The greatest danger is false religions. True religion must be put forth. The Glorious Qur’an and the splendorous Islam, its grand scholars [âlims] who follow Prophet Muhammad and his companions, the Islamic scholars [âlims], they came to this day by englightening humanity; and it is a must to keep on enlightening the humanity. Al-Imam Al-Azam did one of the greatest good deeds in the world, for the world. What did he do? What did he do against the false religions by relying on Al-Qur’an Al-Karim’s knowledge, and the sunnah. He put forth the Islamic creed in a scientific manner. The world, as you know it, is filled with false philosophies. We have no word against the ones who work with true science. We always encourage and appreciate the scientific studies that serve the better good of humanity. However, no one has the right to stir people’s minds, and disrupt the humanities belief.




he Glorious Qur’an, the great eminent âlims of it who walk the path Prophet Muhammad and his companions paved, the grand âlims who shine with knowledge have come to this day by enlighening the humanity, and it is imperative to keep on enlightening the humanity. They are under the title of philosophy, some of them are called scholars of Kalam. False philosophies under the name of philosopy, they stir people’s minds. They are fortunetellers under the name of science. They are not the ones who attend to real science. The ones who do real science deserve appreciation. For that reason, friends, thanks and praises to Allah (jalla jalaluhu) Who is attributed with glorious attributes, and Who is free from imperfect attributes. Thanks and praises to Allah Who sent Prophet Muhammad as a blessing upon the realms. Thanks and praises to Allah Who sent Al-Qur’an Al-Karim down in Prophet Muhammad’s heart. Almighty Allah is owner of kamal [perfection], jalal [majesty], and jamal [beauty]. May good wishes and prayers be upon Prophet Muhammad, and his companions and we also greet the companions of the people of the sunnah who follow his path. May they never be devoid of Allah’s light and rahmat [blessing], and bounty. For the people who work for the better good of humanity are the people who are serving beneficially on the way of the people of the sunnah and community. The ones who deviate to the path of Ahlul Bid’ah are doing wrong, they are dragging humanity to falsehoods. Nevertheless, the preliminary notes that we convey from Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar is enough to enlighten this world forever in every aspect. For Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar takes nourishment from Al-Qur’an Al-Karim, and the imperial sunnah. In other words, it consists of the primary and auxillary proofs of Islam.


(Dakika: 10:00)


The Allah’s book that gathers the greatest oceans into it has eternally been the truth and the fact, and it will everlastingly be, for it takes nourishment from Allah’s kalam [utterance]. The important thing is to understand it truly, believing in it truly, and conveying its message to the world truly. For that reason, we never had another goal other than benefiting humanity, and being in service of Almighty Lord’s appreciation; so thanks and praises be upon Allah. That is due to Allah’s kindness and bounty. Allah has tevfik [assistance], hidayet [guidance], nusrat [help], favor, aid, and assistance.


So, friends let’s have a look. The science of Tawhid [monotheism]. In other words, name of the science of iman [faith] is Tawhid [monotheism]. Science of Tawhid [monotheism] is the most exaled of all science. The deeds have no use in Hereafter without having iman [faith]. The science of Tawhid [monotheism] is the most glorious of all sciences but under the condition of not leaving the boundaries of the book, namely Al-Qur’an Al-Karim, and sunnah, and ijma al-ummah. The rationalist deviants… This is important. Those deviant people who ignore the Qur’an, and the sunnah, and the divine revelation, and the knowledge that Allah manifested, and only follow their own minds, they are called “rationalist deviants”. They abandoned the street on which they followed the people of the sunnah and the community. The deviants abandoned the right path. They devaited, and they make people deviate. Hence Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar shows the Islamic creed against all falsehoods, and he says, “This is the truth.” For the duty will not be complete until a right knowledge was put against every single false knowledge. Saying that something is wrong is void. You have to show the right knowledge against it. You will show this truth for Islam. You will not put forth what you have heard from people, you will show the Qur’an and the sunnah as they are. Al-Imam Al-Azam is valuable, and eminent, but what quality made him the great imam? His profound knowledge of the Qur’an. His profound knowledge of the sunnah along with proofs. His profound knowledge in scholarly evidence, his knowledge in scholarly documents. Yes, rahmatullahi alayh wa alayhim ajmain. May Allah rest the souls of all faithful Islamic scholars [alims] who work for the better good of humanity.


Valuable friends, as it is narrated in Al-Tirmidhi and Sunan books, Muhammad (Alehis-Salatu was-Salam), our Beloved Prophet said the following. Now, I want to convey the meaning, not the original text so that we may save time. For the meaning is important, and the source. The original text of what our Beloved Prophet said is, of course, quite important, too. We keep it safe within our hearts. We will continue on keeping the precious works in our hearts, Insha Allah Ta’ala. Let’s see what our Prophet (Alehis-Salatu was-Salam) said: “Banu Israil split into seventy-one ecoles, my ummah [nation] will split into seventy-three ecoles.


(Dakika 15:03)


All of them are in Hell except one ecole,” he said, and let’s see how Ashab-i Guzin (Radeyallahu ′Anhum wa ardahum ajmain), said: “O, Rasulullah, who are they?”  So, except for that one ecole, they are all in hell. One ecole amid the seventy-three continues on the right path. “The other ecoles are in Hell,” says our Prophet. Then Ashab-i Guzin asked: “Which ecole is the one who walks on the right path?” Our Beloved Prophet answered like this: “That ecole on the right path is the ones who follow me and my companions,” he said. In other words, the ones who follow the way of the Prophet (Alehis-Salatu was-Salam) and the companions. They are one ones who follow the way of The Qur’an, sunnah, ijma, qiyas, and the Prophet’s way along with Islamic proofs, and the way of the companions, which include ijma and qiyas. The ones who follow that path are on the right path. The others are on the false path so that they deserve Hell, said our Prophet. The following was said by our Prophet according to Ahmad ibn Hanbal and Abu Dawood reported on the authority of Ashab-i Kir’am: “My nation will be divided into seventy-three ecoles, one of which will be in Paradise and seventy-two in Hell.” They are the community that consists of the majority of the nation. For according to another Hadith-i Sharif narrated from our Prophet: “Nation of Muhammad (Alehis-Salatu was-Salam) does not gather in the deviant way, nor unite in deviancy.” Yet according to another narration, our Beloved Prophet (Alehis-Salatu was-Salam) says: “Lâ tectebiû ümmeti aleddalâleti.” Which means, “My nation does not form    alliance upon deviancy.” This was reported by Ibn Majah.


Let’s see what Almighty Allah (jalla jalaluhu) commanded: “Indeed Ibrahim [Abraham] Alayhissalam was a nation [ummah] obedient to Allah, and turn towards the true religion. He was not one of the polytheists.” Ibrahim (Abraham) Alayhissalam is not a polytheist. He is a complete Muslim and a Hanif in faith. In other words, he is a Muslim in thorough Islamic faith. All Prophets are Muslims, Ibrahim (Abraham) Alayhissalam, too. See how one single person with true knowledge and iman [faith] represent an ummah, a nation.  How, does he do that? He shows them the truth. His knowledge and belief are both true. So, what will the ones who are subjected to him be? They will have learned the truth, followed the truth, and be subjected to the truth. Now, the meaning of ummah [nation] behind the Qur’anic verse is a single ummah [nation]. Look, let’s see what the poet said in this regard: “It is not impossible for Allah to gather all people into one person. For he is a rahmat [blessing] to the world whoever has the truth of knowledge, iman [faith] and science.”


(Dakika: 20:03)


That is how Prophet Muhammad became a rahmat [blessing] for all realms. For he is Almighty Lord’s Prophet; he is the real Prophet. The divine revelation; the religion of Islam was revealed to him. For that reason, dear friends, Abbas said the following a report which says: “Almighty Lord, Almight Allah (jalla jalaluhu) guaranteed that people who recite Al-Qur’an Al-Karim and do deeds in accordance with its meaning will not deviate. He also guaranteed that they will not sustain any hardships or inconviences in Hereafter.” Ibn Abbas (Radeyallahu ′Anhu)  recited the following Qur’anic verse after uttering the previous narration: “Those who follow my guidance will not go astray, nor will they be miresable.” That was Surah Ta-Ha, 123rd verse [ayah].

As you see dear friends, the guidance, the whole of Islam is guidance and assistance. It reveals itself in the person. Whoever is blessed with Islam is a recipient of that guidance. For that reason, look, the science of kalam [utterance] shields person’s mind and knowledge. That is the reason that the science of kalam is called “a science.” Which kalam [utterance] is that? That is a rationalistic science which acts with the evidence within Islam, under the command of Allah, and His revelation, and Qur’an. It is a complete science, the science of iman [faith]. The science of kalam [utterance] relies on Al-Qur’an Al-Karim, the sunnah, and the revelation. It is also called, the science of creed, which is put forth as the science of tawhid [monotheism], which is quite important.

Otherwise, Abu Yusuf says the following for those who ignore the revelation, Qur’an, sunnah, and act solely upon their own minds: “The one who searches knowledge in [someone’s] utterance becomes atheistic.” He is referring to the philosophic deviants who go astray by following their minds without discovering the laws of the science of universe’s laws, the Qur’an and the sunnah. Imam al-Shafi’i had also said similar words, he said the necessary things against the fanatics who favoured the science of kalam which the followers of bid’ah and deviants clinged onto. These are philosophical acts that are put forth without relying on the Qur’an, sunnah, or divine revelation, these are put forth by the ones who deviated to false ways, these are wrong philosophies. Otherwise, if they used the science of kalam as means for protecting scholarly faiths, then no mujtahid would object to that. Now, let’s have a look at Al-Imam Al-Azam, he had manifested the Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar by basing it on the Qur’anic verses, sunnah and the Islamic creed. Since fourteen centuries the world has been benefiting from Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar, in terms of acquiring true knowledge, and understanding Islam truly.


(Dakika: 25:00)


From this point forward we need to divide the kalamists in two. We must not confuse the kalamists who rely on diviant phiolosophies, and the kalamists who work to protect the Islamic faith and Islamic aqidah [creed] by relying on sunnah. The same goes for phiolosophies, discoveries, and scientific studies, too. We must know the distinction between the ones who attend to real science, and the ones who hide behind science and do fortune-telling, and the ones who stir people’s minds, and deviate people. For example, Charles Darwin’s saying, “humans descended from monkeys,” is the greatest malice that has ever been done to the world and its name is not science. He degrades humanity to the level of apes. Whereas humans are the most noble of the creatures. Adam and Hawwa were created as human beings, they were created from nothing, and the humanity came up to this day as their descendants. Furthermore, Adam and Hawwah were created in Paradise and tested by angels. They were sent to this world after winning the test against angels, then Adam Alayhissalam who knew the science of all things, became the father of humankind, and our mother Hawwa became the humankind’s mother. Thus, the humanity lived in the civilization of Paradise, then sent down to the world in consequence of a test. Then the humankind were submitted to a test in order to rise again. The only way to pass that test is to elude false religions, and having iman [faith] of Islam. That is the universal iman [faith] of all rophets. Every prophet and divine book resides within Islamic creed [amantu]. Allah’s oneness, His almighty attributes, His almighty names, and the almighty values that He manifested are all in Islamic creed. Islam is not the values that some person manifested. Islam is the divine laws that Allah Ta’ala manifested. For that reason, my brother, Islam embraces you, but you’re avoiding it. Islam has embraced all realms with its mercy and rahmat [blessing], but you’re avoiding Islam. They introduced Islam to you in a wrong way. You have either heard wrong, or did not learn Islam. You need to learn Al-Qur’an AL-Karim, Islam and Sunnah from their own sources. You should at least start this work in mujtahid’s level; sign up to this ecole [school]. Islamic university, is a divine and supernatural university that sieges all realms. Register to this school. We study in this school and we work to announce this knowledge to the world. Come, and register to this school. Whensoever the times comes when Azrael Alayhissalam arrived and said, “Give your life,” everyone will die; study in this school until that day. Do not ever say, “I have graduated from that school,” or such things. You can graduate from this school only by studying in it until Azrael Alayhissalam will come. We will study until our demise. We will study Islam, and righteous sciences, and laws of the book, and laws regarding universe, and then we will make discoveries. Look, our lectures consist of discovery [preliminary] notes, therefore, you will have reached discovery if you comprehend the truths and reveal them.


(Dakika: 30:00)


The important thing is to comprehend the truth. For there are numerous things just laying there waiting for discovery, but they are not being discovered. Do all Muslims throughly know Al-Qur’an Al-Karim? They do not. Yet is not that neccessary for all of them to know it, study it, and continously improve in science and wisdom? It is a necessity. Then why are they not doing those things? They have ignorance, unwariness, and laziness. The uneducated people shall continue on benefiting from the educated people, in other words, the grand Islamic âlims [scholars]. The realm of humankind, we are presenting these services to you because we love you so much. These truths that we present are manifested by Almighty Allah in His book. They are Islamic truths, and discovery notes. We are servants under Allah’s comand. We are servants of Islam, which is the true religion. Islam is the Truth’s religion that embraces all humankind. Islam is universal, eternal and everlasting, it is the religion that is sent down for all nations and all times. Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar is the explanation of its amantu [fundamentals]. We are giving Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar as discovery [preliminary] notes. It is up to your brains skills of deduction to deduce the known from the unknown.


After comprehending these truths, your heart, soul, mind, will, and brain will process these and rise continuously as long as you seize the truths and abandon falsehoods. No truth can be found within falsehood. This is what we strive for. We strive for all mankind to be saved from false religions and start their work by having true iman [faith]. For that reason, dear friends, we continue to convey the truths with our humbleness. The entire humankind is Allah’s slaves. We are all Allah’s slaves. Let’s be beneficial to one another. Let’s respond to false things with truths. How can you be beneficial to the one who harms people. If you respond by the truth when that person puts the false forth, that is being beneficial to whom hurts people. That goes for every issue but true iman [faith] is the foremost. You can’t succeed without having true iman [faith] and true belief. For that reason, dear friends, let’s see what Jalaluddin al-Suyuti said against those who lead people to falsehoods in science of philosophy by referring to some of them. He says that they need to be wary of the following: He says that it is haram [sinful] to study the wrong science by mistaking it for the true science. That goes for the pious âlims [scholars], too.


Now, there is a perverted philosophy on one side, and on the other side there are the true philosophies. Now, it is haram [sinful] to go after the deviant, who deviates others, and stir people’s minds, and lead them to falsehoods. Hele de yanlışı doğrudan, doğruyu yanlıştan seçemeyecek kadar bir bilgi sahibi değilse. The science of kalam is an assistance to the science of tawhid [monotheism] to become prominent. And what kalam [utterance] would that be? We must seperate the science of kalam which relies on Al-Qur’an Al-Karim and Sunnah from the science of kalam which relies on deviated philosophies. The science of kalam is an auxiliary for the science of tawhid [monotheism] to become prominentIt has this aspect, too.


Moreover, where does science of kalam lead you when you accept the false knowledge rather than the truth without having true evidence, and true documents? That point onward, some people go astray. Which science of kalam is that which we have just referred to? The ones which rely on philosophies without the Quran or Sunnah. Many great individuals such as Imam al-Ghazali, Imam al-Shafi’i, Imam al-Malik, Imam al-Muhammad, Imam al-Ahmad ibn Hanbal, and Sufyan al-Thawri said these deviant phiolophies are not right sciences and reading them are haram [sinful]. In a Hadith-i Sharif that was narrated from our Beloved Prophet by al-Muslim on the authority of Abu Dawood, our Beloved Prophet said the following: “Helekel mütenattiun,” which means, “Those who delved into the depths of the topic by exceeding their authority, and who could not escape from the pits that they have fallen into have perished thereIf someone deviates you from the truth, and gets you stuck in falsehoods, and carries you away from truths, those people have perished, says our Prophet. You will see in the upcoming videos of our lectures. Some of today’s philosophers have attempted to break their teeth, they hit their skull to the walls, and why? For they delved in could not muddle through. If they could act with true iman [faith], and true documents, they would not fall into this danger, with Allah’s mercy and grace. That danger arises when you act by keeping the mind that Allah gave you away from His commands, divine commands, and the Qur’an and. That danger arises when you keep the intelligence that which Allah gave you away from Qur’an, Allah’s commands, divine commands. Who gave you intelligence? Allah gave you. You shall use your mind in Allah’s commands. You have given it to under command of your nafs [self], and ego, and Satan. He delved into the issue, too. You dived into it but you could not get out. What happened? You followed Satan’s desires and ruined yourself. You should start your work by true iman [faith], true documents, and true knowledge. The real discoverers of the world are the ones who act like that. They are the scientist on the true path. The true ones amid them, who protected their iman [faith], real and Islamic iman [faith] have always been helpful to the humanity. Yet unfortunately their fakes, who deviated to the false ways have both ruined themselves and others. They have deviated and made others deviate, too. Now, other harms of the wrong phiolophy: spreading doubt, shaking beliefs, shaking people’s faiths in opinions regarding absolute judgments, keeping faiths away from sincerity, just like these, many harms of the fake phiolophies have been seen. Moreover, the ones who delved into philosophy without studying the true knowledge have fallen into a much dangerous environment.


(Dakika: 40:10)


Now, dear friends, not many people have been seen who said that they have found benefit in philosophy except for the proper, true sciences. For they are false phisolophies. The path to attain the truth of knowledge by means of philosophy is shut. Many philoshophers say that, so many of them. The people who deal with philosophy sets a barrier on you in understanding the fundamentals of Islam. False philosophies keep you away from Islam, they even do not let you learn Islam. Friends, they make you deal with fruitless endeavors. Because Islam an absolute truth, it does not get on well with falsehoods. True sciences rise from the heart of Islam because Islam is the absolute truth, and it is Allah’s knowledge. All sciences, true sciences rise from Islam’s heart and it is Islam itself what encourages people to research true knowledge in the skies. If you think of a religion of the east or west, or an Arabic or Turkic religion when someone says Islam, that is too wrong. Islam is Allah’s knowledge which sieges the realm, and Allah’s laws, both universal and worldly. What do you understand when someone said Islam? What do you understand when someone said Islamic fundamentals [amantu]. What is the first article of faith [iman]? It is believing in Allah. Firstly, you have to meet Allah. You have to get to know Allah by His almighty attributes, and almighty names. You will get to know Allah as He introduced Himself in Al-Qur’an Al-Karim. You will combine your mind with Allah’s book in order to get to know Allah. The iman starts by taking an oath in these fundamentals. Islam is knowing Allah, and entering into His service. You are surrendering to Him. Iman [faith], is knowing him by His almighty attributes. You are getting to know Him by His oneness, almighty attributes, personal [zati] and inherent [subuti], and true attributes, and His almighty names. Your heart is affirming, and your tongue is testifying. Your heart is affirming the entirety of the values which Allah Ta’ala put forth, and your tongue is testifying it. Be careful in Islam’s fundamentals [amantu]. The almighty values which are eternal and everlasting pass through Muslim’s heart, they pass through affirmation and testification. There can be no iman [faith] without affirmation and testification. Be careful about what to testify, too. You shall affirm Al-Haqq, and what Al-Haqq put forth. You must affirm Allah and what He put forth without a doubt or hesitation, and your tongue must testify. If you feel doubt, then, there cannot be iman [faith] in you. You cannot doubt Al-Qur’an Al-Karim. You cannot doubt Allah. You cannot doubt the Prophet. You cannot doubt the the values that the Qur’an put forth, mutawatir [well-known] reports, and what the Prophet had put forth. For the duty is given to the Prophet by Allah. Allah sent Al-Qur’an Al-Karim. That is His book. Can one doubt that? There cannot be iman [faith] in where there is doubt, denial, and refutation. Valuable friends! The realm of humankind! First and foremost, the nation of Muhammad! Learn Islamic fundamentals [amantu], and announce it to the world. Work for the better good of humanity. May Allah profusely assist the ones who work for the good, may He be pleased with them. May Allah be pleased with all of our brothers who announce Al-Haqq, and work for the better good of the humanity with their iman [faith], and jihad.


(Dakika: 45:20)

For our work for the good of humanity is a necessity of us being human, and Allah’s servant, and Muhammad’s nation.  In other words, it is a necessity of Islam. Islam has to be understood correctly, and conveyed correctly.


Dearest friends, those who hinder understanding Islamic fundamentals; they are another group that strives for fake philosophies, and meaningless endeavors. We have never said anything against the ones who work for true sciences nor we will. Look, Imam al-Ghazali narrated Imam Abu Yusuf said the following about the issue: He says, “Even those the ones who have deviant phiolosophies, in other words, deviant kalamists, speak the truth, it is still not permissible [jaiz] to perform namâz behind them for they are deviant innovators [bid’ah].” He says that do not perform namâz behind the minds which lacks the Qur’an, the Sunnah, and which contradists Al-Qur’an Al-Karim, creed of the people of the sunnah and the community, science, reality, and the absolute truth. Zahidi says the following: “Al-Imam Al-Azam Abu Hanifa would not approve debates on the true way, he would find that offensive.” For Islamic evidences are present, there is no need for quarrel about Islam. Al-Imam Al-Azam is strongly against that. Al-Qur’an Al-Karim is clear, Islamic evidences are clear, too. Then what are you debating on? Let’s see what he said about this. Let’s see what Abu Yusuf said in this regard. He narrated the following anectode from Al-Imam Al-Azam: “We were sitting in Abu Hanifa’s class. Two people and their entourage entered inside. In other words, a community who had two man in the front. They came to Al-Imam Al-Azam. Amid the community, one person said: “One of these men say that Al-Qur’an Al-Karim is created.” In other words, he says that Al-Qur’an Al-Karim is a creature, never! “The other debated him, and said “Al-Qur’an Al-Karim is not created.” Al-Imam Al-Azam (rahmatullahi alayh] said: “You should not perform namâz behind both.” That’s what Al-Imam Al-Azam said. He said, “Do not perform namâz behind both.” Then they said that they understood the situation of the one who said that the Qur’an is created. “We should not perform namâz behind him. But what do you say about the other?” Al-Imam Al-Azam said the following regarding the issue: “These are both in a quarrel in religion. To debate in religion is a deviant innovation [bid’ah].” As you see, the religion is clear, it is there as the truth. The religion does not accept debate. Now, the Qur’an’s verse is clear. Do you have a chance to say the otherwise? No, you do not. The judgment of the ayah [verse] is solid, and clear. What the ayah [verse] said is Allah Ta’ala’s will, and His divine utterance is clear, and solid. That does not accept any kind of quarrel. It is what it is. For that reason, the Islamic nation should accept this word of Al-Imam Al-Azam a word of advice for their hearts, not their ears.


(Dakika: 50:00)


Al-Imam Al-Azam said, “Both of them are in a debate about religion, debating about religion is a deviant innovation [bid’ah].” There, dear friens, this issue was recorded like this in the book named Miftâhu’s-sa’âde. There are also similar kind of warnings that came from Imam al-Shafi’i. Imam al-Shafi’i says, “When you see a person,” he says, “who says that the name is the same with the owner, know that he is a kalamist [philoshopher]. Therefore, he has no religion.” He says that about the truly deviated. He says, “When you see a person who say the name is the same with the owner.” Look, this is a scholarly issue. Almighty Allah has names, exalted names. The best names belong to Allah. Let’s see what Imam al-Shafi’i said: “When you see someone saying that the name is the same with the owner, know that he is a kalamists, in other words, a deviant innovator [bid’ah],” “He has no religion.” The deviant philoshophies and deviant innovaions are in this group together. However, people’s degree is to their imperfections extent.  In other words, the scale only shows as much as the fault of everyone. Friends, no one will undertake more punishment than their own faults extent. They are guilty only to their faults extent. They are acknowledged as deviants for they have left the creed of the Ashab-i Kir’am, Ashab-i Guzin, and the Tabi’un. Now, these false, fake kalamists. They have deviated from Al-Qur’an Al-Karim. There are fake deviated kalamists who had left the way of the Sunnah, Al-Qur’an Al-Karim, and the people of the sunnah. Amongst today’s kalamists there are the ones who deal with the science of kalam and there are who deal with true science. It is said that they are busy with the science of kalam to establish the faith of the Companions and the Tabi’un. One group works to deviate from the way of the people of the sunnah, the other works for the people to be on the way of the people of the sunnah. Yet both of them are called kalamists. Now, can you hold both of them in the same way, and guilt both of them. There are also fanatical people who speak randomly without knowing what they are doing. They hate all kalamists, and all philosophers. Their way of thinking is false and they are obsessed with fanaticism. You must beware of them. It is said that today’s kalamists are dealing with the science of kalam to establish the belief of the Companions and the Tabi’un. How can one slander them? We have no word against them. Howsoever many realist kalamists and realist philosophers are there, those who side with true science are always appreciated. For the center and fountain of these are Al-Qur’an Al-Karim, Mighty Islam, Prophet Muhammad and the truths which he put forth. The Islam cannot contradict science, that is not even imaginable. Islam as a whole is a science that is over all sciences. Islam is a supernatural science. Islam itself is a science that exceeds the universe. It is not possible for Islam to contradit with true science, that is imposible.


(Dakika: 55:04)


As long as that science is a true science, a true knowledge. The sciences that benefit humanity, the ecosystem, humankind. The sciences which do not harm the fundamentals of Islam, our deeds, our morals, and justice. These sciencentific studies are always worthy of appreciation. For Islam is the religion of science. The ink of the âlim (Islamic schoalar) is heavier than the blood of the martyred. The religion of Islam itself said that it is heavier. Look how Islam holds science in high esteem. Science, science, science. Islam is completely science, dear friends. Islam is the truth, the absolute truth. For that reason, Imam al-Malik says: “The testimony of those who follow their own desires or the followers of bid’ah.” As you see, our mujtahids among the people of the sunnah are realist people. They have always endeavored to seek the truth, absolute truth, and the right. Philosophy leads one to doubt and second thoughts, these are false philosophies. The person may become a zındık (disbeliever) when he was a siddiq (wali) upon deviating to the wrong. May Allah protect us. Moreover, Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal says: “The scholars of kalam,” namely, the philosophers, “are denying the truth, and if they are also leading people to falsehoods, then they are truly disbelievers. That was the opinion of Ahmad ibn Hanbal on the followers of bid’ah, and wrong philosophies. Therafter, they also said the following: “What does Satan do if he wanted to destroy someone’s iman [faith]?” Pay attention to this part. “If Satan wanted to destroy someone’s iman [faith] he can only do that by means of making false beliefs enter one’s heart.” He cannot do that otherwise. He fuels the falsehoods, and the false beliefs. For that reason, you should know the truth in order to escape the false. You should learn Islamic fundamentals through Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar. You should learn Islamic fundamentals along with Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar’s scholarly proofs. You should be equipped with the truth. Then, with Allah’s permission, no one can hurt you. You can read everything, that brings no harm but do not waste your time. You should be busy with the truth, the true sciences. Moreover, another harm of philosophy is abandoning learning Islamic verdicts. Now, some people act solely on their own minds, they do not go near what Allah put forth. Now, Islam is the values that Allah put forth. Islam itself is exalted sciences that exceeds all sciences. They do not go near there. Then, what happened to them? They got stuck in bid’ah [deviant innovations], and harm. They have ruined themselves.


Dear friends, the book, in other words the Glorious Qur’an and without a doubt the Sunnah shows the evidence regarding assumptions, let’s have a look there. Almighty Lord says the following in His Al-Qur’an Al-Karim: “This book is enough for mankind,” he says, “Is it not sufficient for them that We have sent down to you the Book that is being recited to them?” says Allah Ta’ala. These are both verses of the Qur’an. The first is Surah Ibrahim 52nd, and the second is Surah Al-Ankabut 51th Qur’anic verse.


(Dakika: 1:00:00)


For that reason, the philosopies which neglect Almighty Allah and the values he put forth are not truley philosophies, such kalamists are not true kalamists either, they are ahlul bid’ah [followers of deviant innovations]. Ibn Rushd al-Hafid (Averroes) is one of the people who has profound knowledge of the ecole of the philosophers, and their words, he says the following in his “The Incoherence of the Incoherence”. He is a philosopher who knows the philosophers well. Let’s see what he said: “I dont know any philosopher who said something worthy of note about theology.” In other words, he says that the philosophers do not have solid knowledge in theology. You see, you should learn about the philosophers from the true philosopher.


Moreover, dear friends, Sayf al-Din al-Amidi and al-Ghazali are also among the ones who said that. “The end result,” he says, “have been pause, and astonishment.” They have turned their attention towards the Prophet Muhammad’s Hadith-i Sharifs. Who have? Imam al-Gazhali is one of them. He had formerly dealt with philosophy, then what happened? He placed the Quran, the Sunnah, and Sahih Bukhari into his heart. He would study them day and night. Al-Ghazali is amongst grand âlims, and discoverers. Sayf al-Din al-Amidi also has the same opinion. Fakhr al-Din al-Razi was a similar philosopher, too. Fakhr al-Din al-Razi is a grand âlim of Islam. Hence, in the end, he turned towards Isla, Al-Qur’an Al-Karim, and Islamic sciences. Let’s see what he said: “Our souls are afraid of our bodies,” he says. “The souls of the philosophers who can’t find the truth are afraid of their bodies,” he says. Who says that? Fakhr al-Din al-Razi (rahmatullahi alayh wa alayhim ajmain). He also says: “I have thought of the issues of kalam and philosophy. I did not see that they have the power to heal a wound, or satisfy thirst. Thereafter I have embraced Al-Qur’an Al-Karim. I have seen the way of the Qur’an,” he says. He says that he has found the solution in embracing Allah’s approval, beauty, everlasting mercy and grace, in other words, Al-Qur’an Al-Karim, to reach Allah. For that reason, Fakhr al-Din al-Razi says that he has read the Qur’anic verses quite often. Let’s see what Şeyhistani said. He is one of those who understand the philosophy profoundly, too. He could not find any other end result than regret and astonishment. In the end, he says the following: “I have wandered all universities.” Şeyhistani says that. “What have I seen? Other than astonishment,” he says. “I have not seen anyone other than the philosophers holding their jaws in their hands or who break their teeth due to regret.” In short, he says they are going mad. The ones who make people draw away from the truth, they go mad. Abul Maali al-Juwayni, look, he and his peers. He also says, “I have dived into immense seas.” Look, Abul Maali says that while he was dying: “I have dived into immense seas. I have been devoid of Islamic âlims and their knowledge, to deal with philosophy.” He says “I have been vacant, I could not learn Islam.” Then he adds, “If Almighty Allah does not save me with His mercy, then ibn Juwayni will be ruined.” In short, he says, “Now, I am dying.” “Now, I am dying upon my mother’s creed,” or he says “Now, I am dying upon the creed of elderly woman of Nishapur.” He says, “I do not know of Islam.” “My whole life passed with philosophy.” That was what Abul Maali al-Juwayni said. He is one of the grand psilosophers. Moreover, dear friends, Husrevsahi said the following. He is also one of the senior students of Fakhr al-Din al-Razi. They said, “What do you believe in.” Some people visited him, and said, “What do you believe in?” Look, Husrevsahi replied, “The things Muslims believe in.” Thereafter, the following conversation took place amid them. They asked, “Do you humbly and firmly believe in the things Muslim believe in.” He replied, “Yes, and I thank Allah for this blessing. Yet, in truth, I can’t know what I shall believe in,” and sobbed. He acknowledged believing like the Muslims do but he does not know Islam. Who is this? This is a grand philosopher, too. Dear friends, he was also crying in bed as he was about die, and his tears running from his eyes wetted his beard. The ones who waste their lives with void things, woe is to them. Hunci says near his demise: “I am dying, and I know nothing.” He is a philosopher, too. He says in deathbed, “I am dying, and I know nothing. I am dying without learning Islam.” He was too late.


Dear brothers and sisters, we are continuing conveying preliminary notes to the world, under the name of notes of irshad which are from the whole of Islam, Qur’an Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar, Tasawwuf, and Hadith-i Sharifs. The world, and humanity. Humankind is the most honourable creature. Humankind is the most valuable and the noblest creature. Come, honour your honour with Islam, and exalt it. Without Islam you will go down; that going down is not only in terms of degree, but also rank, that would be a shame. We are telling you. Islam is the name of the religion that Almighty Allah placed within humankind’s innate nature while creating. Islam is present in everyone’s innate nature [fitrah]. Every person has that, no matter their nationality or race whether they are western or eastern. Each and every person are created with Islamic innate nature [fitrah].


(Dakika: 1:10:07)


If you did not understand Islam correctly, if they did not narrate it to you correctly, and if you did not listen to the ones who narrate it correctly, if you did not approach true sources, this guilt is both yours and mine. I am guilty if I did not narrate you the truth, and if I did not do my duty. If you are not understanding, are not listening, are not researching the truth, are not seeking the truth, then guilt is yours. Yes friends, in the end, the ones who see the truth beg like that. Their beseeching is Prophet Muhammad’s prayer. Look, the ones who has seen the truth have started to beg, by following Prophet Muhammad’s prayer: “O, my Allah who turns (changes) the hearts. Render my heart solid upon your religion (Islam). My Allah Who created the heavens and the earth! My Allah Who knows everything, both hidden and open. Show me the correct way in the point of truth where they are arguing with your permission. Indeed, You guide whom You wish should find the correct way. “Lā hawla wa lā quwwata illā billāh ‘aleeul azeem.” “There is no might nor power except in Allah,” there are people who beg like this.


In the subject of fiqh [jurisprudence] and sharia [law], it is bid’ah and deviance to give a ruling by abstract mind and opinion. In fiqh, the Qur’an and the Sunnah, their evidence, ijma and qiyas is needed. In the subject of Sharia, the ruling must rely on the Qur’an and the Sunnah. In short, the ruling must be based on the book, the sunnah, the ijma along with comparison of experts in fiqh. Otherwise, it is bid’ah and deviance to give ruling via mind. The religion is there, when a religious issue was put forth, you have to know either the Qur’an, or the Sunnah, or Ijma, or Qiyas. No one has the chance to talk about religion without knowing these. You can neither interpret the Qur’an or the Sunnah for your own pleasure. You have to act with mujtahid âlims. You have to know both the Qur’an and the science behind it. You have to know the Sunnah, Qiyas, and Ijma. You can only speak in the name of religion knowing primary and auxiliary evidence. “My father said this and that or my master said this, my leader said that etc,” you cannot explain religion in that way. If so, then everyone has a mother, a father, a midwife, a grandfather, and a leader. Imagine how many religions would reveal in the world. In fact, there are many religions now. Allah’s religion is one. Look, and see how many belief systems there are in the world. Where did they come from? You see, they are made up by people. It is a much greater bid’ah and deviance to give ruling solely with mind in sciences of tawhid [monotheism] and attribute. There are people who talk about the sciences of tawhid [monotheism] and attribute, solely by their minds. They do not know the Qur’an, they have no attitude which comply with the Qur’an or the Sunnah. Now, it is a much greater bid’ah and deviance to give ruling about the sciences of tawhid [monotheism] and attribute, solely by mind. You should beware of these.


We are continuing to convey discovery notes about Al-Imam Al-Azam’s Al-Fiqh Al-Akbar. Friends, a habit that is not based on the sharia is neither acceptable nor permissible. Now, they immediately object to it when someone says, “sharia”. The sharia is the laws of the Law-Maker (Shari). The Law-Maker (Shari) is Allah. The name of the Islamic laws is sharia.


(Dakika: 1:15:00)


Almighty Allah (jalla jalaluhu) who manifested Islam. Therefore, Allah manifested the sharia. For that reason, a habit that is not based on the sharia is not acceptable or permissible. In short, the evidence of the sharia is there. What are they? The Qur’an, Sunnah, ijma al-ummah, qiyas al-fuqaha, these are the primary evidence. There is also auxiliary evidence but we are only conveying discovery notes. There have been people who turn from the verses and delve into philosophy. These people have gone mad. Therefore, what did the philosophers who have gone against the Qur’an along with true sciences, scientific and real studies do? Some of them broke their teeth, and some bashed their heads to walls. We just listened the situation of philosophers. What was it? That was the situation of who delved into philosophy by turning away from the verses. Let’s see what Almighty Allah commands in the Qur’anic verse which is Surah al-An’am 68th: “When you see those who gossip impiously about Our signs, avoid them, do not sit near them, until they engage in some other discourse other than Qur’an.” Now, Almighty Lord commanded in this Qur’anic verse, let’s see what He says: “When you see those who gossip impiously about Our signs, avoid them, do not sit near them, until they engage in some other discourse other than Qur’an.” Look, it not even permissible (jaiz) to sit with who talks false. You will either correct his fault or leave. Dear friends, Almighty Lord, again, commands in the 26th verse of Surah al-Baqarah: “Indeed, Allah does not feel shy in citing any parable, be it that of a gnat or of something above it (in meanness).”


Allah presents many examples that are filled with guidance and assistance. You will either understand that or not. That is up to you. This is the continuation of the afore verse: “Now, as for those who believe, they know it (that parable) is the truth from their Lord; while those who disbelieve say, “What could Allah have meant by this parable?” Is it possible to object to Allah? “Almighty Allah lets many go astray by this parable, any by this He makes many find guidance to true way.” There can be no chance of finding the truth for a person who has bad assumptions about Allah Ta’ala. At first, you should recognize Allah as Allah (jalla jalaluhu). Learn His utterances, his ayat [verses]. It is our duty to do what is necessary to profoundly understand and comprehend. It is our duty to surrender to Allah by believing in Almighty Allah, being committed to His orders with our heart’s affirmation and tongue’s testification. O, dear friend we are His slaves!


“We send down the Quran as a healing and mercy for the believers, but it only increases the wrongdoers in loss.” You see? The wrongdoer does not want to believe. He lays bad assumptions against Al-Qur’an Al-Karim. That is a cruel. He increases in deviance. This verse of the Qur’an is Surah al-Isra 82nd verse.


(Dakika: 1:20:10)


Dear friends, “But no, by your Lord, they will never be ‘true’ believers until they accept you ‘O Prophet’ as the judge in their disputes, and find no resistance within themselves against your decision and submit wholeheartedly. My brother, “They will not be truly believers until they have submitted to Allah and Allah’s orders, Prophet and Prophet’s ruling without any resistance within themselves,” says Almighty Allah. This verse is this? This is Surah An-Nisa 65th verse. Now, let me read you its glorious text.


“You will not be a true believer until you accept wholeheartedly, and submit to Allah, His Messenger, and all the values Allah revealed to His Messenger, and that Prophet’s rulings without feeling a resistance within your inner word,” He says. Who says that? Almighty Allah. You will surrender to Allah Ta’ala: you will submit to His command with pleasure. You can be a servant to a slave, and butter up to anyone with servility when it comes to being a servant of a slave; but you will not surrender to Allah, is that it? We will answer for that. Whoever has these wrongdoings will answer for them. Everyone will have to bear the consequence. The receipt of being a servant of a slave is too heavy. What is the receipt of being Allah’s slave for eternity? That is to be the recipient of Allah’s beauty, consent, and Paradise. That is being the recipient of both His Paradise, and His beauty, and His consent, and His contentment. Get your mind together. The hypocrites would like to accept others as referee. For the hypocrites do not acknowledge Allah’s and His Prophet’s ruling. Nevertheless, they say they are Muslims when someone asks them. If you ask the hypocrites, that is the answer you will get. As a matter of fact, the âlims who are members of kalam, philosophy, and other sciences say that, too. They say that they only want to unite the words of the Prophet and the philosophers’ together. The followers of bid’ah [deviant innovations] who devote to worship say that, too. They say that their sole purpose is to reach the degree of Ihsan [perfection] by means of uniting the iman [faith] and the ikan [profound knowledge], the Tawfik [ability to achieve success] and the sharia [law], and the religious order and the truth. They hide the incarnation which is the appetite of false madhabs, and false groups. You should pay attention to this part. They hide that incarnation, ittihad (unity), intisal (obedience), intizac , the issue of absolute existence and whole of the creatures are the same with the Lord. There is a hidden polytheism (lesser shirk) here. What is hidden in such words? Look, they hide the meaning that incarnation, ittihad (unity) and intisal (obedience), issue of absolute existence, and all of the creatures and the Lord are the same. Today, many idols have been fabricated under the name of reincarnation, and people have stuck in polytheism. Are there people who are working to have people stuck in polytheism, or not? Have a brief look at the world. You see, they hide this and they imagine that they are in the position of unifier with their way of thinking.


(Dakika: 1:25:42)


Whereas they are in the situation of the disbelievers who try to separate people. You see, dear friends, all of the dangers which does not suit Islamic monotheistic faith are pointed out. What did our famous Islamic scholars (âlims) do with these truths. They have pointed out all the dangers.


Look, our Almighty Lord says the following in the 42nd verse of Surah al-Baqarah: “And do not confound truth with falsehoods, and do not hide truth when you know.” They are blending the truth and false. Then they are trying to hide the truth. Almighty Allah is giving warning also in this matter. He is warning all who do this error, whether they are Muslim, Jew, or Christian, whosoever that wrongdoer may be. Prophet Muhammad’s Sunnah is the way of the Sahabah, the Tabi’un, and the Mujtahids who came after the Tabi’un, the elders of mufassirs, and the grand muhaddiths. Together with first mutasawwif scholars such as Dawud Tai, Al-Muhasibi, Sirri Saqti, Maruf Karkhi, and Junayd of Baghdad, the other mutasawwif scholars such as Abu ’n-Najib as-Suhrawardi, and others who have high positions in marifatallah such as Abdul Qadir Gilani, Abu al-Qasim al-Qushayri, and Shah Naqshband are principal individuals to trust for all mutasawwif people who came later. The group of the fortunate who follow the Prophet’s (Alehis-Salatu was-Salam) Sunnah, and the way of the Sahabah and the Tabi’un are Ahlus-Sunnah wa’l-Jama’ah which means the people of the sunnah and the community. The ecole of Al-Imam Al-Azam Abu Hanifa, together with ecole of Imam al-Malik, and ecoles of Imam al-Shafi’i and Hanbali are the great stars of knowledge of Islam who follow the way of Ahlus-Sunnah wa’l-Jama’ah, and the way of the Prophet, and the Sahabah by relying on the Qur’an and the Sunnah together with scholarly documents and proofs. The following prayers are for the leaders of the mentioned true groups and true ecoles (schools) and all of the ones who are members of them, or study them.


May Almighty Allah turn the faith of all mankind to Islam, and may He make the path of all mankind the path of Islam that is sirat al-mustaqim. Friends, we are wishing from Almighty Allah to grant us guidance and assistance for the humanity to understand the Islam’s peace and resolution of Islam, and Islam’s universal mercy, and its universal aura; and for the humanity to bear the almighty values. How happy is he who is owner of true iman and true good deeds. In fact, the true iman and true good deeds done sincerely are the iman and good deeds which Islam brought forth. May Almighty Allah grant success.


(Dakika 1:30:21)


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