Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 10-12

Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 10-12

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 10


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most Merciful.“ Most valuable and venerable friends! Our lesson of ‘life-giver’ regarding the exegesis, discovery and interpretation of .the 1-5th verses of Surah al-Baqarah continues. The life-giver is Al-Quran Al-Karim itself. It is the Islam itself. For the ‘divine revelation’ or rather ‘wahy-i ilahi’ is an exalted and divine concept. Having said that, Janâb-i Haqq has sent Islam and Al-Quran Al-Karim via Prophet Muhammad (asw). Islam is Allah’s own system that gives life to the humanity. Islam is Allah’s unique laws. We are obliged to tell the truth to people. To tell the truth to people, without adulating anyone is being a friend to the humanity which is possible through telling them nothing but the truth. If you adulate each and every philosophy out there and if you light the way for the wrong (bātil) beliefs then you are committing the greatest evil act against the humanity. We don’t bear a torch for the wrong (bātil) beliefs. We don’t flatter the wrong (bātil). That would a shame for the humanity. Those who do must be ill at ease in the presence of Allah. A person who can feel affection, fear, and shame in front of Allah must speak the truth. Therefore, the truth is Islam itself, and truth is Al-Quran Al-Karim itself. We’re all responsible with understanding this truth. We’re also responsible with conveying and living this truth correctly. This is what we’re all striving for. We wish to be friends to humanity through doing benevolent services to humanity. That is possible through working for the better good of the humanity. The contrary situation would be such a shame. Let us not ruin ourselves. Let us not assist others to destroy themselves. Let us try to contribute to everybody’s salvation. The savior is Islam, and it is up to us to convey it. And belief (iman) lies at the outset of Islam. We need to have belief (iman) which is the foundation of Islam. That is why we continue our lesson… with the last wills of Abu Hanifa who is one of the greatest mujtahids (muslim scholars) and philosophers of Islam. May Allah’s mercy be upon him, and all the others. Al-Imam Al-Azam has said the following about belief (iman): “Acknowledgement (iqrār) with the tongue, and assent (tasdiq) with the heart.” You need to assent to the entirety of Islam with your heart and affirm it with your tongue. If people only needed to affirm their belief via their tongues then all hypocrites (munafiq) would become believers (mu’mins). If knowing about Islam was enough the Ahl al-Kitāb (People of the Book) would be counted as believers (mu’mins).


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For the Christians and the Jews knew Prophet Muhammad in their books, the Bible and the Torah. They knew him just like know their own children. Those who failed to affirm their beliefs failed to become Muslims. Now, I advise you to read the 1st verse of Surah al-Munafiqun. Moreover, when you read the 146th verse of Surah al-Baqarah. We see these truths one after another. Janâb-i Haqq says the following in the 146th verse of Surah al-Baqarah: “alladhīna ʾātaynāhumu l-kitāba yaʿrifūnahū ka-mā yaʿrifūna ʾabnāʾahum.” This the meaning of the verse: “Those whom We have given the Book recognize him (the Holy Prophet) as they recognize their own sons.” So, it is clear that they knew Prophet Muhammad from the Bible, and the Torah. It is such a shame that those who didn’t affirm their beliefs couldn’t become believers (mu’min) and Muslims. Thus they have done the greatest evil act against themselves and the humanity. For Allah had informed us about him in the Bible. Isa (Jesus) Alaihissalam, and Musa (Moses) Alaihissalam had informed us about him. They have knowingly hidden Prophet Muhammad who is the greatest and the last Prophet. They kept him as a secret. They have kept him as a secret, and they didn’t announce the last Prophet of Islam to the humanity. They couldn’t become Muslims, but what is worse is that they prevented others from becoming Muslims. This very dangerous situation is still present, even today. Dear brothers! All prophets are present in the creed (amantu) of Islam. All divine scriptures are present in the creed (amantu) of Islam. In the seas of Islam and Quran, and the sharīʿah (canonical law) the entirety of all the values of the past are present. For Islam is the only religion. The religion of all prophets were Islam. Moreover, Al-Quran Al-Karim and Islamic sharīʿah (canonical law) came with Prophet Muhammad who is the greatest and the final Prophet who introduced Islam which will continue to be the sole religion of all worlds until the qiyāmah (judgement day). Islam came with the other prophets. But it continues with Prophet Muhammad to the eternity. There has never been two religions in the world. This is because we know that all of the values of the past along with the past sharīʿats (canonical laws) and their valid aspects that are not disrupted along with all values that are confirmed by Quran that are protected by Quran are all present in the structure of Islam and Al-Quran Al-Karim. On the other hand, what did Janâb-i Haqq do for they have disrupted and altered their books? Janâb-i Haqq renewed Islam with the sharīʿah (canonical law) of Muhammad. The sharīʿah (canonical law) that came with Islam and Quran is the brand new sharīʿah (canonical law) introduced by Prophet Muhammad. You need to affirm your belief with all your heart, and utter it with your tongue. I’ll repeat this part again, now if acknowledgement with tongue was enough then all of the hypocrites (munafiqs) would be believers (mu’mins). If having knowledge about the religion was enough then Ahl al-Kitāb (People of the Book) would be counted as believers (mu’mins). This is because they are Christians and Jews, they recognize Prophet Muhammad as they recognize their own sons. in the Bible and the Torah.


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That is what Allah said in the Quran. I’ve read the 146th verse of Surah al-Baqarah before. Those who failed to affirm their beliefs failed to become Muslims. There aren’t two or five religions in the world. There is only one religion in the world. The religion of Isā (Jesus), Mūsā (Moses) and the religion of all of the other prophets is only Islam. Islam started with Adam, Idris, Seth. Also with Hud, Abraham, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Ya’qub (Jacop), Yūsuf (Joseph) Mūsā (Moses), Dawud (David), Sulaiman (Solomon), Zakariya (Zachariah) Yahyā (John), Isā (Jesus), and finally arrived at Muhammad. Islam is restored with a brand new sharīʿah (canonical law) and continues until the qiyāmah (judgement day) with the Quran and the way of Muhammad. Let us not deceive humanity, but tell the truth. We wouldn’t be doing a favor to the Christians if we adulate them. We wouldn’t be doing a favor to the humanity if we butter them up. If we butter up the Jews, the atheists, the idolaters we wouldn’t be doing a favor to the humanity. We need to be benevolent people by conveying Al-Quran Al-Karim and the divine revelation which are the truths of Allah. We need to convey the divine order which Prophet Muhammad implemented to the people in a correct way. That is why Janâb-i Haqq has said: “utlu mā ʾūḥiya ʾilayka mina l-kitābi wa-ʾaqimi ṣ-ṣalāta ʾinna ṣ-ṣalāta tanhā ʿani l-faḥshāʾi wa-l-munkari wa-la-dhikru llāhi ʾakbaru wa-llāhu yaʿlamu mā taṣnaʿūn,” in the 45th verse of Surah al-‘Ankabut. Valuable friends! “Recite (O Prophet) what is revealed to you of the Book,”… So Janâb-i Haqq says that he should read Al-Quran Al-Karim. …“and establish namāz (salah).” So, what does Allah say when namāz (salah) is established properly, five times a day? Allah says, “tanhā ʿani l-faḥshāʾ – Surely Salāh restrains one from shameful acts.” And, “wa-l-munkari – [namāz (salah) also restrains one from other] evil acts.” And, “wa-la-dhikru llāhi ʾakbaru – Indeed remembrance of Allah is the greatest of all things.” And, “wa-llāhu yaʿlamu mā taṣnaʿūn – Allah knows what you do.” For Allah knows all things, without exception Now, regarding this topic, Abu Hanifa Al-Imam Al-Azam (rahmatuallahi alayh) who is a grand imam, and a great Islamic jurisprudent that venerable person says: Islam is belief (iman), assent (tasdiq), knowledge and acknowledgement (iqrār), and love. In other words, he says that belief (iman) is the incorporation of the meanings of these. The believers love Allah with a unique affection. If they asked them to slander to Allah from their hearts. They would burn in fire, but they will never say slander to Allah delightedly. So, what is a word of slander to Allah? If you say that Allah has a son, this would be the greatest slander. If you say there are two or three gods, then this is also the greatest slander. If you say that Uzair is Allah’s son, then this also is the greatest slander. Allah has no peers or comparables. Allah is the sole Creator. It is only Allah who has creatures and servants. For He is wajib al-wūjūd (necessary existent). For that reason, my valuable brothers, we need to know Allah in the way Allah has introduced Allah with Almighty Names, and Attributes, and Allah’s own Speech in Quran.


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We need to know Allah the way Prophet Muhammad (saw) expressed us. It is not Isā (Jesus) or Mūsā (Moses) who introduced the religion wrong. It is the people who deviated from their path of Isa and Musa who don’t believe in the way of Prophet Muhammad. They have deviants who have fallen into heresy. This is why Abu Hanifa explained the concept of belief (iman) in Islam. He says that belief is to bow down to Allah with submission. Tasdiq (affirmation) and iqrār (acknowledgement) are both Islam, and love. They are reflections of love of Allah. The believers love Allah with a heavenly affection. The believers love Allah with all their hearts and they never slander Allah, not even if they are burning in fire. That is why people are divided into these classes: The believers (mu’mins), the hypocrites (munafiqs), the polytheists (mushrikun) venial sinners (fāsiqs), and the rebellious people. Now, obviously tasdiq and iqrār must be based on true knowledge and true information. The truest knowledge is the divine revelation sent by Allah. The divine revelation is true and real, there is no doubt about it. Prophet Muhammad has received Al-Quran Al-Karim directly from Allah and then he conveyed this knowledge to people correctly. Prophet Muhammad has understood Al-Quran Al-Karim well and he conveyed all of details of Islam regarding jurisprudence, morals, action, and belief. Then the mujtahids (muslim scholars) have comprehended, and protected the Islam that Prophet Muhammad have conveyed and implemented. They have placed it on record, and protected it until this day. This authentic knowledge is still under protection and it will ever be under protection. We name this way as ‘ahl-e sunnat wa’l-jamaat’ which means ‘the people of the sunnah and the community’. Moreover, the name we use for the wrong (bātil) understanding of the religion as “ahlul-bid’ah (deviant innovators)” and “heresy”. Therefore, my beloved brothers we must obtain authentic and correct knowledge from the ways of people of sunnah (ahl-e sunnat) in order to have our belief (iman) attain true assent (tasdiq) and acknowledgement (iqrār). We need to know Islam through correct sources. We can’t have correct assent (tasdiq) and acknowledgement (iqrār) without having correct knowledge. Our affection will not be a correct one either. This [not having correct knowledge] will either lead to ahlul-bid’ah (deviant innovators), or polytheism (shirk). There are terribly dangerous situations where ahlul-bid’ah (deviant innovators) falls into polytheism (shirk). We must convey correct information to all nations, whether they are Muslims or not. My dearest friends! The religion consists of belief (iman), sharīʿah (canonical law), and Islam. The contexture of the religion contains belief (iman) in Islam, and the sharīʿah (canonical law). The belief (iman) in this context is obvious, and Islam is the life-style that express your belief (iman), and the sharīʿah (canonical law) is the rules of the life-style. Abu Hanifa (r.a.) had also said: “The religious is belief (iman), sharīʿah (canonical law), and Islam. There can’t be Islam without sharīʿah (canonical law) and belief (iman). There can’t be Islam without iman (belief). There can’t be sharīʿah (canonical law) without Islam.


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Islam is surrender to Allah with the heart and the soul. Now, please pay attention. He says that the word ‘Islam’ is ‘submission to Allah’. Islam is submission to Allah with all your heart and tongue [because you have to utter your faith]. We need to surrender to Allah with ‘teslîm-i külli’ and ‘tevekkül-ü külli’ and at the same time we need to surrender to Allah, and trust in Allah. So, it is clear that the apparent form of the religion that we can see and know is nothing but Islam. The assent (tasdiq) of the heart and the soul is completely about belief (iman). For that reason, we say the religion is both belief (iman), and the sharīʿah (canonical law), and Islam. Some people are trying to hold sharīʿah (canonical law) separate from Islam. They are trying to show it as a different thing. The sharīʿah (canonical law) is actually the laws and regulations of Islam. It is belief (iman), and Islam itself. For that reason, my valuable brothers if we separate sharīʿah (canonical law) from Islam (canonical law) from Islam. You can neither separate belief (iman) from Islam nor separate the sharīʿah (canonical law) from Islam. All three of them are one within the other, they form the religion of Islam. Islam is a submission to Allah with the heart and the tongue. “Those who abandon their good acts/deeds [in Islam] heedlessly or depreciatively become kāfirs (deniers).” You can find this hadith in the books of Elmalılı Hamdi Yazır, or in other sources. You can look into the 1st Volume and 174th page of the exegesis of Elmalılı Hamdi Yazır. Friends, those who abandon their good acts/deeds [in Islam] heedlessly or depreciatively becomes a kāfir (denier) because all of the decrees and commands in Islam belong to Allah. And each and every command of Allah is invaluable. You can’t belittle any one of Allah’s commands. That is why if you abandon your good acts/deeds of Islam heedlessly or depreciatively, then you become a kāfir (denier). That is what they have said. Islam is a total of belief (iman), and acts/deeds (amel). Now, this part is important so let’s pay attention. Islam is a total of belief (iman), and acts/deeds (amel). The contexture of Islam incorporates all beliefs (iman) and all acts/deeds (amel). A muslim is not allowed to hide his belief (iman) if there isn’t an impending danger of life or if he isn’t being forced by the enemy. In other words Islam, and our beliefs (iman) isn’t something we should keep hidden in our hearts and such is not the religion we know. Islam is the authority of Allah who reigns over the worlds (ālamin). Allah ensures the domination of Islam in the universe. Are you trying to imprison Allah? It is you who is imprisoned by kufr (curse), and shirk (polytheism) and you are trying to pull Muslims into your misery. I advise you to give up this despotism, stop being an enemy of the Muslims leave Muslims alone! Let Muslims live their religion via their itiqad (faith), acts/deeds (amel), and morals. It is Allah Ta’ala who can rule over Muslims. This is because Islam is the dominion of Allah and a muslim is the person who acknowledges Allah’s dominance and enters into Allah’s service. Are you trying to imprison the Muslims? Where? You wish to chain the religion, and leave the minds within, but where? Can you say you can force the sun into a nutshell and say ‘this will be your prison’? O, you who consider himself human!


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Abandon this despotism and leave the Muslims alone! The freedom of the Muslims is the freedom of all nations. Islam is the freedom of all nations under the sovereignty of Allah. Islam is the way to freedom so stop this tyranny, and tell people the truth. But you need to know the truth in order to convey it. The truth is with Islam, the Quran, and Allah. The truth is the sharīʿah (canonical law) of Islam implemented by Prophet Muhammad. Now, stop your enmity towards the sharīʿah (canonical law) of Islam. No one is forcing you to become a muslim that is up to your own sweet will. You may or may not become a muslim no one is forcing you and there isn’t any pressure in Islam. So, no one can force you into believing in Islam. However, if you say to any muslim ‘abandon the sharīʿah (canonical law) abandon Islam, Quran, and being in the service of Allah and acknowledge my rulership,’ then no muslim will accept that. Who are you! Who do you think you are! Do you think I will accept your rulership? Please, do not ruin yourself. Do not ruin the Muslims, or the humanity, and thread lightly! The Muslims may give their wealth’s and lives for this but they will never renounce from the rulership of Allah. You may have imprisoned the Muslims for the moment being. You may have silenced them, scared them, or discouraged them but Islam has does not fear, dismay or cower. Islam continues to establish its predominance, no one can stop this. ‘Do not forget that he souls of the Muslims are roaming free even if their bodies are in chains.’ It doesn’t matter how secure the prison you throw the Muslims in is. The souls of the Muslims are roaming free for they are linked to Allah. Their souls do not worship the slaves, or fabricated idols they do not worship anyone except Allah. That is why a muslim is not allowed to hide his belief (iman) if there isn’t an impending danger of life or if he isn’t being forced by the enemy. A muslim can’t hide his or her belief (iman). However, their belief (iman) is secured in the event of a life-threatening situation. In the face of a life-threatening event ‘nefs-i feda’ is a fazeelat (virtue), and the other option is permitted. Therefore, a muslim must know Islam, and live his life abiding by it. He must have a taste of this serenity and do the greatest favor to the humanity. In other words, he must convey Islam to the world. The life-giving order is the order of Islam, which is established by Allah. You can’t prevent the Muslims from being raised with knowledge and science leave them ignorant, and then play with them by saying that they are ignorant people. It is you who declares them ‘outdated’ and it is you who slanders them. That treachery belongs only to you. This idolatry mindset that robs the Muslims as well as the humanity from Islam makes the humanity fall behind and it is a work of outdated and dark headed people. Islam is ahead of all ages. Islam is above everything and it is the salvation of the humanity. Modernity is within Islam, and advancement comes with Islam.


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The world started reading and writing after Islam came. The human rights were announced to the world the moment Islam came. The declaration of human rights were issued fourteen centuries ago. Woman rights were issued with Islam by Prophet Muhammad. In a world where woman are not counted as people and a world where great portion of the mankind was slaves and a world where idols are dominant Prophet Muhammad made the greatest revolution with Islam. Prophet Muhammad announced the world the rights of being a person. Therefore, social justice in the world without Islam is only possible in a world of dreams. One side is the liberalists they live under the command of a few rich people. And on the other side they have strangled the right to property, and freedom they have paralyzed the people. On one side there is a system of depression and on the other side is a system of impalsy. On the other hand, Islam consist of serenity and peace, happiness, and social justice. However, those who speak about Islam without having correct knowledge along with those who think that Islam is limited to the boundaries of their minds are not doing a favor to Islam. They are no doing a favor to the Muslims, or the humanity. O, he who says he is a muslim! Pull yourself together, and thread lightly! Islam is not limited to what’s in your head! Come, and see the boundless scope of the Quran and know that you are a drop of water in the ocean of Quran. Then declare your freedom within that ocean. Acknowledge that you are a drop. If you consider yourself an ocean while you are nothing but a drop of water what happens when the ask you ‘where is your sea of knowledge?’ and you fail to show it? You both lack any knowledge, and you are trying to make people believe Islam consists of the tiny drop of knowledge you have. You see, you and your knowledge is not even a drop of water in an endless ocean. Yet your knowledge may be a tiny particle which is just a single tiny atom within the contents of water. You have to understand the horizon of Islam and the Qur’an and its sea of knowledge, and the eternal bliss it contains. And of course it is not a favor to Islam to suggest your own idea as Islam by talking about Islam without checking if your knowledge is true or not. In this age we live in all Muslims have to improve themselves. First and foremost, we need to know that Islam is ahead of all ages. Islam has the greatest and most exalted degrees. The humanity can advance with Islam. The humanity may attain true serenity via Islam. We need to know these first. Islam is without a doubt the divine order, there is not something similar to it. It had no similars in the past, still has no, will never have in the future. Now, my beloved friends, the 43rd verse of Surah al-Baqarah contains the word ‘igametun’ which means ‘Iqama’. It has meanings such as to stitch to rectify, evaluation, to continue, and to be careful. It has meanings such as those. “wa-ʾaqīmū ṣ-ṣalāta – And maintain the prayer,” you see, the word ‘ʾaqīmū’ here is actually ‘iqama’.


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Now, let’s see what Janâb-i Haqq has said: “And establish prayer,” which means “They perform their namāz properly.” Allah orders namāz (salah) here. Namaz (salah), and jihad (struggling) is right next to belief (iman). For belief, namāz (salah), and jihad (struggling) all come with knowledge and science. It is pretty obvious that without scientific jihad (struggling) none of these would happen. In the aforementioned verse Janâb-i Haqq says that Muslims maintain the namāz (salah) properly. Our Prophet said ‘esselatu imadüddîn. – The pillars of the religion is namāz (salah). That is what our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (saw) said. The foundation of the religion is belief (iman), its pillars is namāz (salah) and the other concepts are the other parts of the structure of the building. The architect of the building is Allah Ta’ala. Allah introduced its principles, and ordered namāz (salah). That is only Allah Ta’ala. The foundation of the religion, along with the stories of the building are indeed of divine nature, for they are commanded by Allah. Now, it is clear that if Islam was a building its architect would be Allah Ta’ala its master-builder would be Prophet Muhammad salla Allahu ‚alayhi wa sallam. So, who are the workers of this building? The workers are the Nation of Muhammad, alaihissalatu wassalam. And greeting upon the nation! So, what is the construction materials of this building? These are the laws of the sharīʿah (canonical law). The construction materials of this building are nothing but the laws of the Islamic sharīʿah (canonical law) which is ‘Şerîat-ı Garra-i Ahmediyye. It means, the radiant and shining sharīʿah brought by Prophet Muhammad’. They are the Islamic congregations (jama’ah). Namaz (salah) can be performed individually or with a congregation (jama’ah). The pillars are set up in this way. Now, forming a congregation (jama’ah). means abiding by the Quran and the Sunna in a collective fashion. It means forming a unity. O, brother! Did you understand this? O, muslim? Did you understand this? Do you know what forming a congregation (jama’ah) mean? Insha’Allah you do know. It means, abiding by the Quran and the Sunna in a united fashion. It is not abiding the command of a landlord or a despot. You have to listen to what Allah says. It is not possible in a congregation (jama’ah) to say to say my leaders says this, the other says that or my master says that, but another person says this A true congregation (jama’ah) can only be formed through abiding by the Quran and the Sunna in a united fashion. It means, forming a unity and becoming one. Some people think they can divide the humanity and speak of lords and kings and abide by the command of this or that person and think that they know Al-Quran Al-Karim from a to z and they say they know the sunnah from start to finish. They don’t know about the Quran or the Sunna they are only following the commands of leaders, masters, kings and etc. They are trying to shred Islam to pieces and they say that they are a congregation (jama’ah) while doing that. That is not how it works brother! Forming a congregation (jama’ah) requires abiding by the Quran and the Sunna in a united fashion. The entire nation (ummah) must form a unity and become one. I’ll repeat this part due to its importance. We must form a single unity. Aren’t our creeds (amantu) all the same? Do we not have the same qibla? Do we not worship the same Rabb (Lord)? Do we not have the same Prophet? Do we not hold the same book in our hands? The disputes among our mujtahids, aren’t they all blessings (rahmat)? Can you please tell me where this multi-headed and divided understanding of Islam is coming from?


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Ask this, ask this to those who divide and dismantle us. Why are they dividing us, why are they tearing us apart? Polytheism (shirk) is trying to unite. Disbelief (kufr) is trying to unite and the idols are uniting as well. The true unity and integrity should be in Islam and Muslims. But why are they being torn apart? Ask this question. The reason for that separation is obvious. It is because people are not abiding by the Quran and the sunnah (customs) of the Prophet. Certain laws and understandings introduced by certain people have replaced the Quran in these days. What will happen to everyone if you replace Allah with someone else and if you replace the Quran with the utterance of someone and replace the customs of the prophet with another person? Everyone will become a slave to yet another slave whether voluntarily or involuntarily. There are people who are deliberately trying to divine and separate the nation along with some other people who have good intentions and they are not even aware. I am calling out to all of them! It is an obligation of the nation (ummah) to abide by the Quran and the sunnah (customs) of the prophet. It is an obligation to be united. We have to perform namāz (salāh) with congregation (jama’ah) which unites all of us with the Quran and the sunnah (customs) of the prophet. Performing namāz (salāh) alone can be preparatory in other words it does not mean abandoning the congregation (jama’ah) one can perform namāz (salāh) alone when he can’t go to the congregation. Now, let’s see the 45th verse of Surah al-‘Ankabut. Let’s see what Janâb-i Haqq is saying here. Now, this is the 45th verse of Surah al-‘Ankabut. “Indeed remembrance of Allah [namāz] is the greatest of all things.” The namāz (salāh) that does not restrain one from shameful and evil acts is just weight on your shoulders, and it will not help you in As-Sirāt. It is just weight on your shoulders, and it will not help you in As-Sirāt. Dearest friends, let us pay attention to this part. Janâb-i Haqq tells us to recite Al-Quran Al-Karim. Allah orders us to form a congregation (jama’ah), establish namāz (salāh) and form a unity and become one; these are absolute commands. Thus, it seems there is a little chance for us to attain victory unless we accommodate ourselves to Al-Quran Al-Karim. It seems it is not possible yet. The structure of namāz (salāh) incorporates hygiene and the strength of heart belief (iman), order, social formations and the rise of the spiritual freedom miʿraj (the night journey) as well as the ladder that leads to the ninth heaven and a space journey to what is beyond space and coming back to this world (ālam) with belief (iman), blessing, and bounty. I advise you to have a glance at what namāz (salāh) is about it is not just sitting and standing. It is not just a sportive type of worship. The structure of namāz (salāh) incorporates hygiene, the strength of heart belief (iman), order, social formations, rise of the spiritual freedom miʿraj (the night journey), the ladder that leads to the ninth heaven a space journey to what is beyond space and coming back to this world (ālam) with belief (iman), blessing, and bounty. Do you realize that you are ascending to miʿraj (the night journey) when you stand before Allah while performing namāz (salāh) and when you straighten your rows and close the gaps and when you turn to Kaaba Shareef?


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You are in the presence of the Divine, you are at attention. With your deepest respect, and with every fiber of your being and with all your affection, and belief (iman), you are in Allah’s presence. You see, that is the rise of the spiritual freedom. It is within servitude to Allah. Namāz is miʿraj (the night journey). It is the ladder that leads to the ninth heaven. It is a journey to what is beyond space. Mankind have tried to go to space but no one has discovered the first layer of heaven. No one could go beyond it. They have been trying though yet success has certain prequisites. Insha ‘Allah we’ll announce the prequisites of that success when we come to our lesson regarding it. Imān is returning to this world with lutf-u ihsan (an excellent favor). Allah has you into miʿraj (the night journey) in Allah’s presence. So, what happens next? Allah sends you back to this world via lutf-u ihsan (an excellent favor) so that you may live. A man meets with the favor of Allah, with all of Allah’s favors and then comes back to life. He wents to miʿraj (the night journey), and comes back to life. These are indeed excellent favors and blessings. The word ‘salāh or namāz’ is a prayer. Namāz is the name of perfect worship that is done in an orderly fashion with the heart, tongue, and body. Its name in the Qur’an is Salāh. There is also this word: ‘assalhu’. That word is actually a Jewish greeting. It is an action of showing reverence. They would either bow their heads slightly, or move their hips and turn it sideways towards their groin. That action is called as showing reverence, or Jewish greeting. It is important not to confuse these. The work of a Muslim is always in accordance with the Islamic rules. Now, everyone should know well that the divine rules that Muslims live with are exceptional rules. They have no chance of being similar to any other in the world. For there is no need to compare them to anything. The greatest quality has been manifested by Allah with Islam. The entirety of this morality has been manifested with Islam. That is why Muslims cannot imitate the Jews or the Nasrani’s (Christians), the west, the east, or no one. They cannot become like anyone else. They implement the complete Islamic model which is manifested eligible to the wishes of Allah. Islam is an establishment that has no peers. Islam is the religion of all mankind. People may or may not acknowledge it, that is a decision for every soul. The religions in this world, such as the religion of the Jews, the Christians and all of the others are indeed deviations from Islam. Islam is the religion of the mankind. It is the only religion from the pre-eternity to the infinite future. Islam is the religion of all prophets. All divine books are books of Islam. And they are all present in the seas of knowledge that belong to the Qur’an and Islam. Islam has removed or renewed the ones that need to be removed or changed.


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The laws of all the books of the past that Qur’an affirmed confirmed and protected are still valid today. They are all present within Qur’an. However, there is one condition. It must have been affirmed by the Qur’an or Prophet Muhammad. We could never affirm them ourselves for there is no divinization of people in Islam. And it was not present in the religion of Isā (Jesus) Mūsā (Moses). They fabricated those things later. They have divinized their popes and priests. They have divinized them, they considered them as divine people. Isā (Jesus) is a servant of Allah. He is son of Maryam, and he is a glorious prophet. He is not the son of Allah, for Allah does not have sons. Allah has servants. For that reason, Prophet Muhammad is also a servant of Allah not a son, and Muhammad is the greatest Prophet. Same goes for Mūsā (Moses) and Abraham as well. Peace be upon them. They are servants of Allah. They are prophets sent by Allah. Indeed the creed (amantu) of Islam is the real creed (amantu). The creed (amantu) of Islam is the same with the creed of Isā (Jesus), Mūsā (Moses), Abraham, and Noah. It has not changed, and will never change. The creed (amantu) of those who change it is not a correct creed (amantu). Theirs’s is a fabricated and batil (wrong) belief. That is why, my dearest friends a true friend always speaks the truth. You may feel like the truth is a little bit harsh but indeed the sweetest and the most favorable is the truth. The greatest act of benevolence you can do for all nations is to tell them the truth. Those who do not serve the humanity do not tell them the truth. They are not doing any favors to humanity. That is why, my dearest friends there are certain grammatical particles in verses of the Qur’an. For example, ‘ma’ is a particle used for objects and things while ‘men’ is used for the living things that have intellect. These are some of the grammatical particles used in the sentences within the verses of the Qur’an. The sustenance (rizq) is what Allah Ta’ala bestowed upon the living so that they may benefit from them or take pleasure in them. If you ask, ‘What is sustenance (rizq)?’ a short definition would be this: The sustenance (rizq) is what Allah Ta’ala (c.c.) bestowed upon the living so that they may benefit from them or take pleasure in them. Another term would be infak (aid) which means alms-giving and giving away your goods. There are knowledge-wise, financial, and moral worships. There are concepts such as fards (obligations) wajib (duties), and favored things. Zakat (alms-giving) comes first. In other words, when we say Infak the first thing that should come to mind is zakat (alms-giving). Our Beloved Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (salla Allahu ‚alayhi wa sallam) the sultan of all prophets, the leader of all awliya and Rasul-i Kibriya Muhammad Mustafa and Sherif of Ruz-i Cezâ (the Last Day) has said: “Zakat (alms-giving) is a bridge of Islam.” The source of this hadith is present in Kashf-ul-Hafā. So, it means that zakat (alms-giving) is a bridge of Islam. So, where does it start and end? We need a bridge in order to pass from Dar al-Islam (house/abode of Islam) to Dar es-Salaam (Palace of Peace). In other words, it is the bridge that leads from Islam to the Janna (Paradise). You must pass this bridge in order to reach from Dar al-Islam (house/abode of Islam) to Dar es-Salaam (Palace of Peace).


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And your ticket is zakat (alms-giving). You see, Islam will repair the damage that liberalism has done. The first and foremost establishment within Islam is zakat (alms-giving). So, what is zakat (alms-giving)? Briefly, Allah Ta’ala says the following while giving them goods and properties: “O, rich person! I have given you this sustenance, this wealth and these goods and properties but the poor and the needy has a right to a portion of all that. You must return the rights of the poor and the needy along with those who are in need as well as the orphans.” Allah gives them wealth by saying that. It is a fact without a doubt that the poor has a right to receive a certain amount from the rich. A rich person who has forty million dollars must give one million dollars to the poor. That goes for money, gold, silver, and certain wealth. As for certain possessions you only need to give 10% of what you have. As for some others, you must give 5% of what you have. For certain things you must give monthly, or yearly. In other words Janâb-i Haqq tells us to take from the rich and return it to the poor and that is zakat (almsgiving). Islam wants the rich to help the poor. This is what establishes balance and resolve unbalance. This actually removes the idea of being an enemy of property, or an enemy of labor. There is no enmity towards labor or wealth in Islam. “Return the right of a laborer before the sweat on his cheek dries,” that is what Prophet Muhammad said. That is the religion of Islam. In other words neither Karl Marx, nor Lenin, nor Stalin first introduced the labor rights. Fourteen centuries ago, all of the values of Islam, and the facts it introduced has established the social order, and the social justice and implemented them. Such days had come that those who lack 2 dirhams had gained 200.000 dirhams. I advise you to take a look into today’s distribution of national incomes. Is there any country in the world that has managed what Islam managed? Islam had a short period of time like 8 years for before that was the periods of Irshad (guidance) and announcement. It was a total of 23 years, and in 8 years Islam had reached beyond the Arabian Peninsula. Islam has encompassed the Arabian Peninsula. It has chastened the most underdeveloped, most savage and most primitive societies and made them civilized. Such days had come that those who lack 2 dirhams had gained 200.000 dirhams in a period of 8 years. Please, study the period of the Rashidun Caliphate. The religion of Islam that was established and implemented in the time of our Prophet (saw) was not in a poor situation in the period of the period of the Rashidun Caliphs. In the lands of Islam people have started to give zakat (alms-giving) to the non-Muslims. Besides, Islam is already a social-state. It does not allow anyone to exploit anyone. There are no quarters for cruel people. Islam does not allow a few rich people to exploit the rights of the poor. Islam also does not allow being enemy of labor, or wealth. Everyone has to have a conscience, be merciful and logical because everything in Islam comes from the Divine. Allah’s commands and sovereignty is in effect. In Islam nothing is done to please a servant, everything is done for Allah. Showing mercy and affection towards other servants of Allah is also done for Allah. As for justice, it is a necessity of Allah’s own laws. Dearest friends!


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If only humanity could understand Islam from a to z. If only they could study the sources of Islam rather than people. And study Islamic jurists, and grand philosophers such as Al-Imam Al-Azam and Imam al-Malik, Imam al-Shafi’i, Imam al-Hanbali. If only they could compare the age we live in and the age they lived in. That way everyone could see that Islam is ahead of all ages. They could see that Islam has responded and will respond to the needs of all ages. The ages are similar to rose petals that blooms within Al-Quran Al-Karim or they are like a book whose pages have not been turned yet. The ages are rolled up in Al-Quran Al-Karim. As the world lives those ages the related pages will open and the Qur’an gives the answers needed. It answers to the needs one by one. Ijtihad (independent reasoning) is utilized according to that. The unknown decrees will be deduced from known (primary) decrees .and they reply easily to the needs of the age. And as new conditions develop, new decrees will be manifested by Islam itself. That is why zakat (alms-giving) is a bridge from Dar al-Islam (house/abode of Islam) to Dar es-Salaam (Palace of Peace) and that bridge is quite important. Dar es-Salaam is Janna (Paradise). It consist of nothing but peace. You see, the domination of Islam in the world means that peace, serenity, brotherhood, justice respect will be dominant in the world. That is the sovereignty of Allah. The laws of the Islamic sharīʿah (canonical law) are all laws of Allah. In order to be a citizen within Dar es-Salaam you should invest in it. In other words, work for Dar es-Salaam. Use this world as a worksite and become the hardest working person on the earth. But invest in Dar es-Salaam. Know what Dar es-Salaam means. There is a passage from Dar al-Islam to Dar es-Salaam. If you’re saying that you will not die in this world but stay forever then know that there is no such life for world is the homeland of death. They have all died in the world, and you will too. I will die too; we’ll prepare for the journey to Dar es-Salaam (Palace of Peace) together. The rich and the poor are both preparing for Dar es-Salaam (Palace of Peace). Can these people exploit anyone? Can they be an enemy of labor? Can they be an enemy of wealth? Can they exploit anyone? Those who exploit people are worse than pigs for even a pig has a purpose when it is created. That creature is dirty exactly as it is created. They eat dirty things, and is filled with trichinosis. It is a dirty creature, but there is a wisdom behind the way it is created, for it has a duty in the nature. The worms and all insects have duties as well. Every living thing has a duty. They all have duties whether they are created in this world or in the heavens. They have all been created to serve a purpose, but do not forget this! Everything is created for people, to serve people. And why did Allah create people? In order to be servants to Allah. They are created so that they may acknowledge Allah’s Lordship and implement Allah’s order in the earth. They are created so that they may move from Dar al-Islam (house/abode of Islam) to Dar es-Salaam (Palace of Peace) and to be recipients of Allah’s endless rahmat (blessing) and Allah’s endless bounties and favors in Dar es-Salaam (Palace of Peace). Allah has created this universe in the pre-eternity with Rahmat al-Rahman (blessing of the Most Gracious). And with Rahmat al-Rahim (blessing of the Most Merciful) Allah sustains the bounties and rewards in the Janna (Paradise).


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Rahmat al-Rahim is only for those who deserve, or earn Janna (Paradise). You see, Islam is the way to earn it. You may earn Janna (Paradise) by means of being a good Muslim. So, be a good Muslim and Rahmat al-Rahman and Rahmat al-Rahim will be yours. Zakat (alms-giving), or infak (aid) of any nature closes the deep gap between the rich and the poor. It ensures compassion and brotherhood. Allah Ta’ala (c.c.) aids the poor with the hand of the rich. The infak (aid) here is done by Allah, by means of the hand of the rich. If there is a rich person who says he will not listen or abide by Allah Ta’ala he should think about what will happen to him. He should think what will happen to him in this world, and the afterlife (ākhira) and in the Day of Judgement. O, rich people! Do you think wealth and prosperity can save you? Do not forget what happened to Korah! Remember what happened to Korah! O, those who object to Allah’s decrees, the divine justice and the order of Islam, and the Islamic sharīʿah (canonical law)! O, those who think they are lords! Don’t you remember what happened to the pharaohs? The same will happen to you as well. The armies of Azrâil will come and take you and you will answer to Allah! Whether you believe, or not. Islam, and the Glorious Quran, keeps conveying the truths and we continue to tabligh (to make known) it with our helplessness. Zakat (alms-giving) is the bridge, or mail for the divine deputation. Now, please listen carefully. Allah aids the poor via the hand of the rich. In a way posts the money and the goods that are given. So, where is this aid being posted to? You see, it is the bridge, or mail for the divine deputation. The reward (thawāb) of the rich is being posted from Dar al-Islam to Dar es-Salaam and they are being written into his deed book. Tomorrow, in the Great Gathering (Mahshar) and in the Scale (mizan), these will appear in front of you. And they will be present in the reward (thawāb) side of the Scale. People are khalifs of Allah on earth. All people the entirety of all people are khalifs of Allah on earth. So, what is a khalif? It means acknowledging Allah’s Lordship and implementing the decrees of Allah on earth. A khalif lives on earth abiding by Allah’s laws under Allah’s Lordship. Those who refuse Allah’s Lordship and refuse being a khalif are those who became like the Pharaoh. This is because every person, in this context, is a khalif of Allah. They all must know Allah, and implement Allah’s decrees. That is the meaning of being a khalif. It is when they refuse to know Allah and Allah’s decrees that they lashed themselves into a fury  and following every fury a pharaoh have derived. Then, people entered into the service of the pharaohs. Those who refuse to be servants of Allah have groaned under the influence of the pharaohs. Now, have a glance at the state of the world right now. Those who refuse the divine order are either slaves to their own nafs (self), or slaves to the Iblis (the Devil). Or they are the slaves of the pharaohs that burst in rage, or false idols. That is the end for the enemies of the truth (haqq). For the enemies of the truth (haqq) have chosen being slaves to slaves. And the friends of the truth (haqq) are under the command of Allah. Dearest friends!


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“Namāz (salāh) and zakat (alms-giving) is the essence of worship,” this should not be forgotten. The principles of belief (iman) are within believing in the unseen (ghaib). This is because Al-Qur’an Al-Karim has introduced the evidence of the unseen (ghaib). The unseen (ghaib) that has proofs, and principles regarding it are present in Al-Quran Al-Karim. That is why the principles of belief (iman) re within believing in the unseen (ghaib). Islam is the witness to the monotheistic religions. However, there is only one monotheistic religion and that is Islam but there have been different prophets. There have been different prophets but the sharīʿah laws brought by those prophets were in accordance with the conditions of those ages. The sharīʿah laws were placed according to those conditions. Yet the origin of the religion is still Islam. That prophet may have been sent to a tribe, a city, a village or a nation or a state. But the religion of all prophets have been Islam. But there have been different types of decrees placed under different conditions. But Allah has renewed all of the past sharīʿah laws. In the end, Islam is still the same religion. There are sharīʿah (canonical) laws within Islam that Allah has renewed. That is why Prophet Muhammad was sent to all worlds and the entirety of all people and the djinn as prophet. He has renewed all of the past sharīʿah laws and incorporated the valid aspects of them into the Islamic sharīʿah. The rivers of the past, all of the seas that have flown to this day have mixed into the ocean of Prophet Muhammad which is the Islamic sharīʿah (canonical law). And until the Day of Judgement (Qiyamah) the Islamic sharīʿah (canonical law), and the Islamic order has renewed the entire past and removed certain decrees of the past sharīʿah laws and instated new laws as necessary and manifested a brand new sharīʿah (canonical law). Thus and so, all ages, and all innovations are within the structure of Islam, and the Qur’an. That is why m’arifat (merit) is knowing the truth (haqq) and the revelation (wahiy) that comes from Allah. Now that is Islam. M’arifat (merit) is knowing the truth (haqq) and the revelation (wahiy) that comes from Allah. That is the brand new sharīʿah (canonical law) and the m’arifat (merit), and the truth. That knowing the truth (haqq) is a duty of every person or they have to abide by those who know it. The heart of a person is his center. The knowledge that reside in the outer worlds come down from the heavens into the center, the heart. Now, let’s delve into this discourse a little bit more. “The heart of a person is his center.” The knowledge that reside in the outer worlds come down from the heavens into the center, the heart. Then the knowledge rises and spreads around. The knowledge that came into the heart of Prophet Muhammad (asw) did belong to the world of the angels. They are the sending down and abridgment of a revelation, and a substantial influence. Al-Qur’an Al-Karim was placed into the heart of Prophet Muhammad. The actual abode of Qur’an on the earth is the hearts. Not dusty shelves or libraries. The text and meaning of Al-Quran Al-Karim resides in the hearts of the people. You see, the universal heart, and the universal soul is the soul of Prophet Muhammad (asw). That is why Prophet Muhammad was sent to the worlds as prophet of rahmat (blessing).


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Prophet Muhammad is the Prophet of all humanity and all worlds including the djinn. This is how the divine revelation was sent into Prophet Muhammad’s heart from the ninth heaven (arş-i âlâ). Islam is a universal religion. Islam is the religion of all universe, all humanity, and all worlds. Many do not know this. You cannot convey helpful information to the humanity before learning this truth (haqq), this fact, and this reality. I’ll repeat the last part due to its importance. Islam is universal, and general. The religion of the universe, and the humanity is Islam. It respects all divine revelations. It is the witness of the Bible, the Torah, the scriptures, all prophets. It is the witness of all past ages. It is also the last religion of the future ages, and it is eternal. So, please listen carefully! We’re talking about the authentic Bible not the disrupted versions of it. We’re not talking about the altered and changed Bible. We’re talking about the authentic Torah, not the disrupted and changed Torah. The same goes for the scriptures as well. Islam is the witness of all prophets and all past ages. It is the last religion of the future ages, and it is eternal. That is why whatever is expected from Islam resides within Islam abundantly. They have been talking about the meeting of the civilizations. Is there any other civilization in the world that has such a universal spirit other than Islam? Is there another religion that can keep in with the universal spirit of Islam and be friendly with it? What dialogue are you speaking of before the destructions of idols and the establishment of monotheistic belief, and wahdat (unity). You must speak the truth to the humanity at first. To all humanity. The Vatican must speak the truth to the humanity. The Anglican must speak the truth. The west and the east must speak the truth. True philosophies must say stop the deviant philosophies. Only then we may unite in the universal soul of the Islam which consist of nothing but the truth (haqq). That is a must. The peace, brotherhood, and social justice is here. This is the order of Allah. This is Allah’s rulership, not the rulership of the servants. For once, as long as you divinize people it means you have not acknowledged Allah. If you are divinizing people it means you do not know about the true divinity then to whom do you believe? Which divine entity are you speaking of? There is no other divinity other than Allah. Judaism and Christianism have not let anyone else reside in their lands until recently the history is a witness to that. There are no hidden aspects regarding that too. But why? This is because some people have divinized themselves in order to establish their sultanate. They wanted to establish their rulership. This is because they have disrupted the religion Isa (Jesus) and Musa (Moses) had introduced. So, what did they do after they have deviated from the true (haqq) path? They did not let anyone live in their lands until recently. That is why they could not reign over anyone. So, what happened now? The situation is worse now. They are not friends with those who reside in their lands. Islam is the friend of everyone. Today, after the French revolution they started to reign over other nations under the name of liberalism and secularism, and humanity.


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They have deviated from the religious path. So, what did they do this time? They have dragged humanity to irreligion. The misery of the people continues increasingly. They have been swinging from one mistake to the other from polytheism to the other disbelief (kufr). They have done when their way from deviation to complete denial. Then they first confronted the true (haqq) religion Islam with the mindset of the crusaders and then with the mindset of the Zion. The mindset that has been trying to destroy Islam the facts, the truth (haqq) has manifested itself with denial this time. They have confronted Warsaw, and after Warsaw they have confronted Islam. And right now, the greatest enmity and malice towards humanity is just that. The greatest evil act against the humanity is being an enemy of the truth (haqq). Islam is a fact, and a reality. It is the order Allah established. All of the verses in the Qur’an are words of Allah. The Qur’an consists of Allah’s words and those words are kalamullah (speech of Allah). The salvation lies within the sovereignty of the truth (haqq) over humanity. So, where does peace and salvation lie within? It also is within the sovereignty of the truth (haqq) over humanity. “Lordship of a slave over humanity is being a slave to a slave.” “The sovereignty of the truth (haqq) over humanity is being servants of Allah.” Those who wish to overcome the truth (haqq) have been destroying each other in misery. You see, can anyone overcome the truth (haqq)? Saying you wish to destroy Islam means you wish to overcome Allah. “Never! Never in ever!” Those who wish to overcome the truth (haqq); please listen carefully. They continue destroying each other in misery. The salvation lies with embracing Islam which the rulership of the truth (haqq). The salvation is embracing Islam. Now, I’ll repeat this part due to its importance. Islam is not the religion of the Arabs, and Turks only! Islam is a value for all humanity and it is the religion of humanity, and it is universal. Prophet Muhammad is not exclusively the prophet of the Turks or Arabs. He is the Prophet of all humanity. That is the wisdom behind the fact that he was sent as a rahmat (blessing) upon all worlds. The grand conscience, and the grand belief (iman) is the heart of Islam. Do not forget that. The grand conscience, and the grand belief (iman) is the heart of Islam. But why? All of the values of the past, all prophets are within the creed (amantu) of Islam. And all of the divine books are present in the creed (amantu) of Islam. Islam is the religion of all humanity. That is why the grand belief (iman), and grand conscience is the heart of Islam. Islam is for all humanity, in other words, Islam has opened its heart to all people. It is calling us to the truth (haqq), which is Islam. I’ll repeat so that you may not forget! Islam has opened its heart to all people and the truth (haqq) is calling us to Islam. Islam, with all of its commands is calling us to Allah. Islam holds everyone equal with one condition and that is complying with the truth (haqq) in some degree. You see, Islam holds everyone free, but with one condition. You must comply with the truth (haqq) in some degree. Islam does not tell you to comply with the batil (wrong) things. It says that you must comply with the truth (haqq) in some degree and then everyone is free. Islam is the truth (haqq), and it is a fact. Allah’s Lordship is a truth (haqq), and a fact. Islam grants you complete freedom with a condition of complying with the truth (haqq) more or less. That is why throughout history Islam has incorporated every nation into its structure.


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It has reigned over all nations. Throughout four-teen centuries it has reigned over the world and every nation and it has protected their rights as if they were its own. If there has been a mistake then it is not due to Islam, they are only personal mistakes; for there cannot be any mistakes in Islam. Dearest friends! Now, let us talk about the word ‘wa-l-ʾākhiratu – the afterlife, or ākhira’. As you know the word afterlife (ākhira) is present in certain verses. In Islam absolute belief in the afterlife (ākhira) is a required. Another prequisite of being a muttaqi (pious) person is a yaqeen (certain) belief to the afterlife (ākhira). The life in the afterlife (ākhira) is the most perfect form of life. The most accurate knowledge regarding the afterlife (ākhira) are the reports from Islam and Prophet Muhammad. These are the documents of the life in the afterlife (ākhira). Resurrection after death, al-Hashr (the Exile), sual (query), reckoning the Mizan (Scale), Sirat (the Bridge). Janna (Paradise) and Jahannam (Hell), Reward (Thawāb), Ikab (Punishment) Riza (Consent), Jamal (Beauty), Ridvan al-Akbar (Paradise of The Greatest) Shafa’ah (Intercession), eternal life and undreamed bounties. The life in the afterlife (ākhira) is a real life without pain or sadness. Now, that is the life in the afterlife (ākhira). The human intellect and science is not enough for encompassing it. Only the reports of divine revelations (wahiy) may describe it. Now, regarding the afterlife (ākhira) we can say that we know it via the reports that came with hard evidence that are conveyed by Al-Quran Al-Karim from the unseen (ghaib). Human intellect or science is not enough for encompassing it. We absolutely believe in it via the reports of divine revelation (wahy). These are all facts. Unless we believe in the last book and the last prophet our belief (iman) cannot be a correct belief suitable with the truth (haqq). Can there be belief (iman) by denying Allah and the Qur’an and Prophet Muhammad (saw)? Unless we believe in the last book, and the last prophet which are Al-Quran Al-Karim and Prophet Muhammad this belief (iman) is not suitable to the truth (haqq)… and it is not an absolute belief (iman). Correct belief (iman) comes with putting absolute belief in the facts conveyed by Islam for the belief (iman) of Islam is the belief (iman) of all prophets.


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–          The End        –

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 11


The belief (iman) of Islam is the belief (iman) of all prophets. It is the belief (iman) introduced by all divine books. When you refuse the Islamic belief (iman) you are rejecting the belief (iman) of Isa (Jesus) and Musa (Moses). You see, the belief (iman) of all prophets are the same. Islam is an incorporation of all prophets and all divine books. Al-Qur’an Al-Karim is the last book, and Prophet Muhammad is the last prophet. So unless one believes in these fundamentals, he cannot have a correct type of belief (iman). The belief (iman) of Prophet Muhammad, and Isa (Jesus) is not different anyway. The belief (iman) of Musa (Moses) and Isa (Jesus), Muhammad, Abraham and Dawood, Suleiman, Noah, Adam, are the same, they are not different. They all have one belief (iman). Allah was One then, and Allah is still One, and will always be One. Those who say ‘two’ are slandering Isa (Jesus), Musa (Moses) the same goes for triple deity fans as well. Allah is One. Al-Qur’an Al-Karim is Allah’s book. The words in it are Allah’s words (kalam). Prophet Muhammad does not have a single word in it. It is not word of angels nor djinn; it consists completely of Allah’s utterances (kalam). Dearest friends! Some people, who think they are Ahl al-Kitāb (People of the Book) say ‘no one except us may enter Janna (Paradise)’. They say that in the 80th and 111th verses of Surah al-Baqarah. Now, they say there will be no fire except for a few days. These are nothing but their wishful thinking, and nothing but fabrications. There isn’t a nonsense like that neither in the Qur’an nor in the Torah, nor in the Bible. Those who lose their belief (iman), and those who die without belief (iman) are in Jahannam (Hell), no matter who they are. Those who die with belief (iman) and those who had performed good deeds are all in Janna (Paradise). And the belief (iman) we speak of here is the Islamic belief (iman). Islamic belief (iman) is the belief (iman) of all prophets. The belief (iman) of all prophets is also the Islamic belief (iman). The belief (iman) of all divine books are the Islamic belief (iman). It is a unity, it has never changed, and will never change. Belief (iman) is amongst the unchanging decrees. As for philosophy, there is the law of ittirat which suggests that what is bound to happen will happen. The laws such as the principle of harmony, principle of rhythm, causality and principle of causality, first and last genesis, sleep, awakening and the regeneration of cells in body and the fact that they are always created continuously and similar laws are observable and perceptible laws. For Allah Ta’ala creates things continuously. The life is continuously renewed via the creation of Allah. People may be aware of that, or not. That is why there is the law of ittirat in philosophy and what is bound to happen will happen. The laws such as the principle of harmony, principle of rhythm, causality and principle of causality, first and last genesis, sleep, awakening and the regeneration of cells in body and he fact that they are always created continuously and similar laws are observable and perceptible laws. Inattention and ignorance may have been a curtain over these laws some people may not see them. However, it is a fact that the life is renewed continuously. Dearest friends! It is narrated that Prophet Muhammad (asw) said the following: “To be surprised. To be surprised by all that.


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In other words, a person says he is surprised by them. He sees the people Allah created. They fall into doubt about Allah. He say he is surprised by them. They acknowledge the first genesis, but refuses the last one. He says he is surprised by them. Every day and every night, people die and be born. But they reject the Resurrection and Qiyamah. They believe in the Janna (Paradise), and its bounties. But still they work for worldly endeavors. ‘I am surprised by these,’ he says. They know their life began with a single sperm and they know their end is vile and dirty but they still put on airs and try to confront Allah, they try to confront Islam. He says, “I am surprised by these.” This narration is reported by Fahrur Razi. The life is sustained by continuous creation of Allah. If a person has the slightest hint of intellect and comprehension, and belief (iman) or if he wishes to see the truth, he should observe life. The life is sustained by continuous creation of Allah. The life is continuously renewed. Dearest friends! There is also the word ‘yaqeen – certainty’ within these verses. It means ‘to know for certain’, ‘to have no doubts about it’, and ‘to be vigilant’. Yaqeen means o believe for certain. So, what does it mean to have yaqeen? It is the name of steadfast and indubitable belief (iman) in which there is no doubt. In other words, if there is doubt, then it is not belief (iman). Yaqeen is steadfast, absolute, and indubitable belief (iman) and there is no doubt regarding it. When a person believes in Allah, the afterlife (ākhira) and the values introduced by Islam without doubt or without having second thoughts .then it is safe to say that his belief (iman) is close to the rank of yaqeen – certainty. The true (haqq) ilm (knowledge) is the resolution of the heart and what is seen, what is experienced and true istiklal that is bound with tawatur. Mathematics, physics, and chemistry is also like that. The evidence introduced by Islam is hard evidence. Besides these, true (haqq) and real ilm (knowledge) consists of the resolution of the heart, what is seen, what is experienced and true istiklal that is bound with tawatur. These are absolutely correct knowledge, in other words yaqeen knowledge. Mathematics, physics, and chemistry is also like that. The ilm (knowledge) that belong to Allah are wahiy (revelation). They are also yaqeen – certain knowledge. The divine revelations in Al-Quran Al-Karim that belongs to Allah have been conveyed to us via Prophet Muhammad and the other prophets. These are yaqeen – certain revelations. You should never forget the word ‘yaqeen – certain’. It is the name of the knowledge without doubt or second thoughts. It is the name of absolute belief (iman) with no doubts. And that is Al-Quran Al-Karim itself. There is also scientifically observable seen and experienced knowledge that is conclusive. The knowledge that is bound with tawatur, and the true istiklals are also like that. Mathematics is calculating something in a conclusive way. That knowledge is also certain. If physics and chemistry have procured absolutely correct knowledge then they are also absolutely correct. The ilm (knowledge) that belong to Allah are wahiy (revelation). They are also yaqeen – certain knowledge. The knowledge regarding life, or medicine is not yet counted amongst the yaqeen – certain sciences. These and similar sciences could not earn certainty yet. There still resultless treatments that are being implemented. In other words, it could not earn certainty yet.


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That is why there are many diseases and sicknesses that are cureless. The treatment methods are also not yet completely certain; except for the exceptions. “We may make a plane, but we cannot make grass, a bug, or a feather.” Now, please listen carefully. “We may make a plane but we cannot make grass, a bug, or a feather.” We cannot create something alive. However, we may make use of what Allah created. It is not creation to use what Allah created. That could only be discovering what is already created. Thus, servants cannot be creators. The sole creator is Allah. ‘To create’ means ‘to create something out of nothing’. As we know that no one can create something out of nothing it is safe to say that people can only discover what is already created. And that is only possible via the means and tools Allah provided us. Our power and strength and everything comes from Allah. If Allah wishes Allah may create things via our hands. We are still not creators here. It is still Allah who creates via our hands. Now, let us read the 110th verse of Surah al-Maidah. So, what does Allah say here? “ʾidh qāla llāhu yā-ʿīsā bna maryama dhkur niʿmatī ʿalayka wa-ʿalā wālidatika…” The verse continues. “when I supported you with the Holy Spirit [Gabriel]. You spoke to people while you were still in the cradle and when you grew to middle age.” Janâb-i Haqq says that to Isa (Jesus). “when I supported you with the Holy Spirit [Gabriel].” This is because Isa (Jesus) is a servant of Allah, and he is a prophet. He is a servant of Allah. “You spoke to people while you were still in the cradle and when you grew to middle age. I taught you the Book and the Wisdom, the Torah and the Injīl.” “You created from clay something in the shape of a bird then you blew on it, and it became a bird by My leave.” It was Allah who created that bird via the hand of Isa (Jesus). Isa (Jesus) is a servant, he cannot create anything. Neither Musa (Moses), nor Isa (Jesus), nor Muhammad, nor anyone else is a creator. The sole creator is Allah. “You cured those born blind and lepers by My leave. You raised the dead by My leave. I kept the children of Isrā’īl away from you when you came to them with clear signs.” Allah says that all of that was possible by Allah‘s leave. In other words, it is only Allah Ta’ala who created all those miracles. All of the miracles of Prophet Muhammad and the miracles of all prophets including Musa (Moses), Isa (Jesus) and the miracles occured in other prophets are created by Allah. Karamat (supernatural wonders) is also created by Allah, not by the awliya. “The disbelievers among them said, ‘This is nothing but a clear magic.’” So, Isa (Jesus) demonstrated many clear signs, and what did the disbelievers say? They said, “This is nothing but a clear magic,” and they did not believe. Dearest friends! Only Allah can make a person believe if he insists on not believing. The hidayat (guidance) comes only from Allah. It is not our duty to guide people, never! Our duty is to announce. They may or may not believe, that is up to them. Hidayat (guidance), making people believe or not depends on Allah’s own wisdom. Allah knows best to whom Allah will give guidance or not. That is why what is up to us is to announce in the best possible way. That is why we may make a plane but we cannot create grass, a bug, or a feather. In other words, we cannot create things, no one can. The word ‘creativity’ demonstrates the unwariness, ignorance and carelessness of humanity. Those who use it do not know what ‘creativity’ mean. If there are people who use it metaphorically, they are using it erroneously as well. They should say ‘we have made this or that with the permission of Allah’ or ‘we have discovered this or that’.


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They should say Janâb-i Haqq made us successful in this or that matter but they should not say ‘we’ve created’. Allah may create something via our hands if Allah wishes. You see, what did Allah create via the hand of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad? For example, the splitting of the moon. Also, there have been many miracles like the one where water started pouring out of our Prophet’s fingers and his army performed ablution (abdast) with that water. There are many miracles of Prophet Muhammad which we cannot count. You see, we cannot count them all for the life of Muhammad is filled with miracles. If you consider what happened in the Battle of Badr those are nothing but miracles from a to z. That is why it is safe to say that miracles occur in prophets. But it is Allah who creates those miracles via the hand of the prophets. It is not the prophets who creates those miracles. The sciences of the nature support and strengthen belief (iman). We must advance in sciences within their own boundaries. We should not strange ilm (knowledge) and sciences while trying to advance. Ilm (knowledge), and science means discovering the laws of Allah in the nature. People should compete in a contest in science and all kinds of services and all kinds of contests that assist humanity in a sincere way under the command of Almighty Allah. That contest must be a contest in being the most benevolent it should not disrupt the nature. People should not try to disrupt the order that Allah established. You see these disturbances that affect the living things, air, water, land, sea, fruits, and vegetables. The troublemakers who disrupt the nature are thinking that they are doing a favor to the nature and the humanity, and all living creatures but they are actually doing evil. There are countless bad people like them. No one has a right to harm humanity under the name of science either. Science means complete beneficence, only what is helpful and useful should be done. Everything happens with the permission of Allah but Allah is always sided with beneficial and favorable things. Allah creates the malice of those who wish evil, in order not to limit the freedom. Allah also creates good things for those who wish them. But Allah has consent to good things, not evil things. This world we live in is a world of test. That is why Allah did not constrain us but made us free. Allah did not constrain us but let us be free. But the way Allah created and calibrated our innate nature (fitrah) is towards the good. The calibration of the innate nature (fitrah) towards the good is disrupted by people. Yes, Allah lets us be free but Allah did not tell us to use our will for evil acts. Allah told us to do good acts. Yet whatever the servant may have done, he is still a servant. Not a creator. You see, this is the important message here. All means and capabilities belong to Allah’s kudrah (infinite power). Prophet Muhammad Mustafa, salla Allahu ‚alayhi wa sallam was sent to us and all worlds to teach absolute belief (iman) and all good acts/deeds. That is why those who follow him will not regret. O humanity! I vouch for Allah that Prophet Muhammad was sent to us and all worlds in order to teach complete belief (iman), and all goodness to us all. Those who believe in Allah will not be sorry. Come and believe in the truth (haqq), the reality and the Islamic order that Allah established in the world via the hand of Prophet Muhammad, and believe in Allah’s laws. You will not regret this! In these verses there is also the word ‘falāḥ.


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Now, let’s delve into the discovery, and exegesis of the word ‘falāḥ. These are the blissed people who have attained eternal salvation who eluded incurring wrath, and deviancy and who attained endless bounties. Falah belongs to the hidayat (guidance), and hidayat (guidance) belongs to taqwa (piety). The salvation of those who lack good deeds is not sunnat llāh. If there is an extraordinary event which makes their salvation possible, that is fine. In other words, the situation of those who do not have good deeds is conveyed here. The salvation of those who lack good deeds is not sunnat llāh for one can only enter Janna (Paradise) with belief (iman) and good deeds. If there is an extraordinary situation which makes their salvation possible, they are lucky. Dearest friends! The particles of belief (iman) does not die away. There may be weakness in belief (iman). But it refuses to be split into pieces. You see, the small seeds within a flower are still its seed the egg of a bird is its egg and a giant egg that belongs to an ostrich is also an egg; they are all eggs. Yet they stop being eggs when you crack them open. Belief (iman) refuses being split up into pieces. Belief (iman) is a whole, it will still exist even if there is a small particle of it is out there. Now, our lesson about disbelief (kufr), and muhurluler will continue insha ‘Allah. We’ll continue our topic in our next lessons. May Janâb-i Haqq admit us among the servants who are blissful in both realms who received their lesson blissfulness from the lessons of ‘the hayat veren nur – the life-giving light’.


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–          The End        –

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 12


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most Merciful.

Dearest and most venerable friends!

Let us continue our talks about the life-giving divine values that Almighty Allah had introduced. Let us continue our talks about the life-giver. As you know, the life-giver is Al-Quran Al-Karim, and Islam. Moreover, Prophet Muhammad (asw) has implemented this life-style on earth. Now, after the exegesis of Fatihah al-Sharif, our lesson continues with the verses of Surah al-Baqarah. We had performed the tafsir (exegesis) of the first five verses of Surah al-Baqarah after completing Surah al-Fatihah. And now, our following lessons (13-14-15) will be about the meanings of these verses after we complete their tafsir (exegesis) and then we’ll move on to the other verses. Al-Quran Al-Karim reads the souls and hearts of all people eternally and it presents the life-giving divine values inside it to all hearts. The hearts that acknowledge hose will live blissfully forever. Almighty Allah had sent Prophet Muhammad as a prophet of rahmat (blessing) to all words along with the glorious Qur’an and Islam; for Allah wanted the servants to be happy. Bismillahir rahmanir rahim. “Alif, Lām, Mīm.” “dhālika l-kitābu lā rayba fīhi hudan li-l-muttaqīn” “Alif, Lām, Mīm.” This is the Book, in which there is no doubt. Indeed it is a guidance to the Godwary.” You see, for muttaqi (pious) people this book is a complete guidance. “alladhīna yuʾminūna bi-l-ghaybi wa-yuqīmūna ṣ-ṣalāta wa-mimmā razaqnāhum yunfiqūn” Janâb-i Haqq says that, “they [the muttaqi – pious people] believe in the unseen (ghaib), and perform honest namāz (salāh). They spend out of what We have provided for them as rizq (sustenance).” “wa-lladhīna yuʾminūna bi-mā ʾunzila ʾilayka wa-mā ʾunzila min qablika a wa-bi-l-ʾākhirati hum yūqinūna” “ʾulāʾika ʿalā hudan min rabbihim wa-ʾulāʾika humu l-mufliḥūn” “They believe in what has been sent down to you and what was sent down before you and are certain of the afterlife (ākhira).” It is the who attain belief. “They [properly] believe in what has been sent down to you  and they attain the certain belief of the afterlife (ākhira).” In other words, the muttaqi (pious) people believe in the afterlife for certain. “They follow their Rabb’s guidance and it is they who are the felicitous.” They are truly saved. Those who are truly saved are these muttaqi (pious) people. You see, this is the definition of muttaqi (pious). That is an epithet given by Almighty Allah to a person who has belief (iman). A Muslim person is counted amongst Ahlul Taqwa (Pious People) and his epithet is muttaqi. Now, regarding the muttaqi (pious) people Janâb-i Haqq informed us that they must first have these attributes. You see, the first prequisite of being a muttaqi is to have belief (iman).


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That is believing in Islam entirely, and performing namāz (salāh). Zakat (alms-giving), charity and good deeds in the way of Allah. It is also said that believing in the previous revelations is present in Islam. In other words, Islam orders us to believe in the prophets. and the divine books that were sent down before Islam, Qur’an, and Prophet Muhammad. This is because the belief (iman) in Islam is a complete belief that encompasses all past and future times. That is why those who attain salvation absolutely believe in the afterlife (ākhira) in a yaqeen – certain way. You see, they are the ones who are guided by their Rabb (Lord). They are the ones who attain salvation. Moreover, it is they who are the felicitous. Dearest friends! “ʾinna lladhīna kafarū sawāʾun ʿalayhim ʾa-ʾandhartahum ʾam lam tundhirhum lā yuʾminūn” And there are those who do not have belief (iman). There are hearts and souls whose hearts have been sealed, and they have only disbelief (kufr). They have disbelief (kufr). They did not accept belief (iman), and they chose disbelief (kufr). You see, these verses mention ahlul kufr (people of disbelief) and those whose hearts have been sealed. [2:7] “khatama llāhu ʿalā qulūbihim wa-ʿalā samʿihim wa-ʿalā ʾabṣārihim ghishāwatun wa-lahum ʿadhābun ʿaẓīm” [2:8] “wa-mina n-nāsi man yaqūlu ʾāmannā bi-llāhi wa-bi-l-yawmi l-ʾākhiri wa-mā hum bi-muʾminīn” [2:9] “yukhādiʿūna llāha wa-lladhīna ʾāmanū wa-mā yakhdaʿūna ʾillā ʾanfusahum wa-mā yashʿurūna” [2:10] “fī qulūbihim maraḍun fa-zādahumu llāhu maraḍan wa-lahum ʿadhābun ʾalīmun bi-mā kānū yakdhibūn” [2:11] “wa-ʾidhā qīla lahum lā tufsidū fī l-ʾarḍi qālū ʾinnamā naḥnu muṣliḥūn” [2:12] “ʾa-lā ʾinnahum humu l-mufsidūna wa-lākin lā yashʿurūn” Sadaqa Allah al-‚Azem (Allah Almighty has spoken the truth). My dearest friends! The verses narrate us disbelief (kufr), people with sealed hearts and the hypocrites (munafiqun). In other words, Al-Quran Al-Karim reads the soul of every person. It introduces the true belief (iman) for all sick souls, and implements its treatment method. There may be people who refuse this, and indeed those people who came with their hearts sealed due to their disbelief (kufr) and polytheism (shirk), and hypocrisy (nifaq) will have to pay the consequences of their actions. As for those who got stuck in disbelief (kufr) they are the same whether you warn them or not. They will not come to believe. [2:7] “Allah has set a seal on their hearts and their hearing. And there is a blindfold on their sight. And there is a great punishment for them.” [2:8] “And among the people are those who say. ‘We have faith in Allah and the Last Day,’ but they have no faith.” [2:9] “They seek to deceive Allah and those who have faith yet they deceive no one but themselves, but they are not aware.” [2:10] “There is a sickness in their hearts then Allah increased their sickness and there is a painful punishment for them because of the lies they used to tell.” [2:11] “When they are told: ‘Do not cause corruption on the earth,’ they say ‘We are only reformers and chasteners!’” [2:12] “Look! They are themselves the agents of corruption but they are not aware, for they lack conscience.” They are outright hellraisers, they consider themselves enlightened.


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They are themselves are backward minded. [2:13] “And when they are told, ‘Believe like the people who have believed,’ they say, ‘Shall we believe like the fools who have believed?’ Look! They are themselves the fools, but they do not know.” [2:14] “When they meet the faithful, they say, ‘We believe,’ but when they are alone with their devils they say, ‘We are with you; we were only deriding [them].’” [2:15] “It is Allah who derides them and leaves them bewildered in their rebellion.” [2:15] “These are the people who have bought error at the price of guidance. So their trade has brought no gain. Nor have they reached the right Path.” Most venerable and dearest friends! You see, in these verses Janâb-i Haqq introduces us to ahlul kufr (people of kufr) the hypocrites (munafiqun), and people with sealed hearts. Janâb-i Haqq warns humanity and says do not be like them. Now, let us do the discovery and tafsir (exegesis) of the word ‘kufr – disbelief’. In Arabic, ‘kufr’ means ungratefulness, ingratitude, and hiding the blessing. There is also the word ‘kefr’ which absolutely means hiding the blessing. The word ‘kufr’ has lexical meanings such as those, for it also means ‘to hide’. The word ‘kafur’ means seed of a fruit, and the word ‘kafire’ means hip meat. The word ‘kefir’ means an all-purpose coverlet. You see, the word has lexical meanings such as those but what is ‘kufr’ and ‘kafir’ as regards to the religion? You see, the meaning it has within the religion is ‘the opposite of belief (iman)’ , which is ‘disbelief’ . That is why every Muslim has to know the meaning of this word in the religion. You see, actually insulting, mocking belittling, toying, ridiculing and disrupting the sacred values that are to be believed in, and similar actions are considered as heinous kufr (disbelief). You see, the owner of kufr (disbelief) is a kafir (disbeliever). In the 37th verse of Surah al-Nahl, Janâb-i Haqq says: If you are keen for their guidance, then, (remember that) Allah does not lead those to the right path whom Allah lets go astray and for them there are no helpers. [16:37] “ʾin taḥriṣ ʿalā hudāhum fa-ʾinna llāha lā yahdī man yuḍillu wa-mā lahum min nāṣirīn” That is what Janâb-i Haqq said. Actual denial is denying, rejecting and considering something as a lie via your actions. It means performing the actions that has no chance of coming together with belief (iman). If your actions are completely dissimilar with belief (iman) and if they have no chance of coming together with belief (iman) then that is also denial. You would actually be contradicting your own values. That is actual denial. It is necessary to understand this part a little bit better. If a person is performing a physical action that has no chance of coming together with belief (iman) then that action of his is denial in an actual manner.


Time Stamp: 15:18


Moreover, denying in an actual manner means abandoning good acts/deeds. When you do not do the absolutely obligatory commandments that must be performed, that is also counted as refutation in an actual manner. That matte is disputed. There is a difference between refutation and lack of action. There is a difference between lack of action and actual refutation. The difference is like the difference between a person who do not perform namāz (prayer) and a person who worships the cross. The one who worships the cross becomes a disbeliever (kafir) obviously. The same goes for throwing the book into a dirty environment and worshipping the sun, wearing a zunnar and spreading disbelief (kufr). These are actions of disbelief (kufr). Now, as for the situation of the liars whose disbelief (kufr) is proved via evidence it is said that they will become disbelievers (kāfirs) if they were not under the influence of a compulsion while committing their actions. There are two ways of abandoning good acts/deeds. The first one is cuz-i terk which means that a person abandons the obligatory worships occasionally. There is also kulli terk, which is abandoning them completely. Cuz-i terk means ‘to abandon occasionally’. It is said that it may not be disbelief (kufr). Yet they cannot say it will not be disbelief (kufr) for sure. They say that occasionally abandoning them may not be disbelief (kufr). They can‘t say it will not be disbelief (kufr). On the other hand, in the case of kulli terk a person completely abandons obligatory worships. In that case, he has made a habit out of abandoning worship. They do not remember performing worships of good acts/deeds. They do not perform namāz (salāh), and they endeavor not to perform it. Can you call these people as ahlul kiblah? Well, they do. Can you call these people as ahlul kiblah? Can you call these people as Muslims? They do. Dearest friends! That is why Muslims should abstain from all instances of desertion, denial and refutation. A Muslim should abstain from all kinds of disbelief (kufr), and actual refutation. He should abstain from actual refutation as well. A Muslim should also abstain from abandoning good acts/deeds, and cuz-i terk, kulli terk. A Muslim should perform his obligations and worships with pleasure. For there is an immense amount of danger here. If there is a danger of falling into disbelief (kufr) in something then a Muslim should keenly abstain from that. Now, let us talk about the matter of belief (iman). It means believing in the things that are to be believed in the contexture of tawhid (monotheism) with a unitary commitment, and not denying even a single one of them. Now, belief (iman) is an integrated concept, it is considered as a whole. Islam as a whole is a divine religion, including all of the divine commandments. You cannot even deny a single decree in Islam. They are all obligatory to believe. You have to acknowledge and testify all of them. Belief (iman) requires unity. It is disbelief (kufr) to deny a single commandment. As for disbelief (kufr), it is the opposite of belief (iman). You cannot sum up the two. You cannot hold them together. There is not even a relation between them. A person is either a believer (mu’min), or he is a disbeliever (kafir). There are also fasiq (venial sinner) people. Allah has rights. And people have rights as well. You must introduce yourself to Allah, and all servants as a believer (mu’min). You see, a person cannot be a believer (mu’min) and a disbeliever (kafir) at the same time. He is either a believer (mu’min) or a disbeliever (kafir).


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If a person has belief (iman), and he believes in all values that are to be believed without having doubt then he is clearly a believer (mu’min). If he has denial of any sort, then it is clear that. there is disbelief (kufr) in denial. There cannot be belief (iman) where disbelief (kufr) is present. It is also disbelief (kufr) to swear or curse to the religion or belief (iman). Now, let us say that a person has cursed to a Muslim’s religion. Actually, you cannot swear to the religion of anyone for there is only one religion, and that is Islam. That is valid even if you swear to the religion of a rock. It doesn’t matter from which nation a person is .if you swear to his religion, you would be swearing to Islam for there are no other religions. That is why you would be swearing to Islam if you swear to the religion of anyone. Now, it is clear that it is disbelief (kufr) to swear to the religion, and the belief (iman). That leads a person to disbelief (kufr) and those who fall into disbelief (kufr) becomes a disbeliever (kafir). You see, the matters of belief (iman), and denial are explained here. Inzāl, is to give notice about danger, and show the truth So, have a look into these verses, and notice inzāl, what did Janâb-i Haqq say? Whether you warn them or not, whether you give notice about dangers or not or whether you show the true path or not, those with sealed hearts would not have come to believe. The benefit of the message and the advice is for those with unsealed hearts. Yet we still present the truth (haqq) to all people and it is up to them to acknowledge or not. We leave whether their hearts are sealed or not to our Rabb (Lord). The word ‘khatam’ is also present in the verses we have read. In other words, ‘khatama llāhu’ said Janâb-i Haqq: Allah has set a seal [on their hearts]. It is like a mark, and affix a seal. Now, some hearts are sealed, those people do not come to believe. If a person‘s heart has been sealed it is understood that he will not have belief (iman). Now, what is the heart? What is the seal on the heart? The heart incorporates the essence of spiritual hear, love, imaginate, figure, shape, nerve and muscle tissue. It is like a pump that operates on its own. It operates on its own, and the soul starts with it. That is the essence of a human. The essential truth is in this heart. It is me who understands, and what is understood is within me. The relation of the spiritual heart is also linked to the physical heart. The importance of the perception of the heart in believing in the unseen (ghaib) and acknowledging Allah is quite great. There are people who hear everything with this heart, but unaware of it. In other words, they are unaware of the shape of existence, and the heart. Those who cannot think all that are the ones whose hearts have been sealed such as the idolaters. The spiritual heart incorporates the concepts of consciousness and intellect, will, inwit, sense, perception, thinking skill, and others. They only worship what their physical eyes can see. They do not believe in what their heart sees, for their hearts have been sealed.


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People with sealed hearts only believe in what their eyes can see. Yet they do not believe in what their heart sees for their hearts have been sealed. So, who seals their hearts? Now, let us pay attention to this matter. The importance of the heart in believing in the unseen (ghaib) and acknowledging Allah is quite great. The idolaters who are unaware of the existence of this heart cannot think properly, for their hearts have been sealed. They acknowledge worshipping idols as a duty. Such a shame that all conscience, intellect, will, inwit, and senses, and perception lies within the heart. You see, such factors cannot work properly for their hearts have been sealed. They cannot perform their actual duties. Therefore, the elements such as thinking skill and the others that lie within the heart of the deniers cannot work properly for, they are within their spiritual heart which is sealed. Their will serves the wrong, their intellect serves the wrong. Their conscience takes pleasure in doing wrong things. Their senses and perception is different now. They only see and feel the apparent things. Their thinking skill and other skills lie within their spiritual hearts which is sealed; therefore all of those values have been overturned. Let’s have a look into the tafsir (exegesis) and tawil (interpretation) of this situation. Their hearts have lost the first innate nature that was given to them in creation. They have earned a second habit that covers their nature with bad habits. Allah has created the returns of their earnings. You see, the returns of whatever people earn is given to them. A person who chooses to earn disbelief (kufr) has made Allah seal his heart with that disbelief (kufr). Moreover, a person who chooses belief (iman) is the reason that his heart shines with belief (iman). That is because he has endeavored to earn that belief (iman). Yet the other has earned disbelief (kufr). Thus, his disbelief (kufr) became the seal on his heart. They do not consider anything other than their wishes and desires. In other words, the heart of the person with sealed heart will not work. But his carnal part will work. For his heart has been sealed with the enormities he committed and disbelief (kufr), polytheism, and hypocrisy. His own earnings has caused the seal to be affixed on his heart. Otherwise, that seal is not affixed for something other than his earnings. He has chosen all that with his own free will. That is only due to his own earnings. “wa-hum yaṣṭarikhūna fīhā…” – the verse continues. That is the 37th verse of Surah al-Fatir. “They shall cry therein for help: ‘Our Rabb (Lord)! Bring us out, so that we may act righteously!’” That is an example of the cries of the deniers of the world in Jahannam (Hell). Yet the damage is done. Disbelief (kufr) has been their second innate nature. Their original innate nature was a clean one. It was the innate nature (fitrah) of Islam. They have disrupted it. They have earned disbelief (kufr). Disbelief (kufr) has been their earnings. Carelessness, lust, malice and selfishness have been a curtain on their eyes, they cannot see. They go after a piece of bread when they get hungry. Yet they cannot comprehend the concept of hunger. Yet a person who can get hungry should be able to comprehend the concept of hunger. So, who gave you this order, this system? Who established this realm? Who gave you your soul? Who gave you this form that consist of a body and a soul? The heart and the intellect are intact senses so they are devoid of that three reasons of knowledge.


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In the religion, the way of hearing is one. That is the conveyed evidence or divine revelation. It points to the prophethood. In other words, you will calibrate all your senses, all your strength your intellect and your intact senses to hearting this wahiy – divine revelation. To hear the wahiy – divine revelation means to hear and understand what comes from Allah. There is only one way in the religion to hear that which is divine revelation, which points to the prophethood. In other words, only prophets receive wahiy – divine revelation. So, listen to your prophet well, and understand what comes to your prophet. You see the relation between Al-Quran Al-Karim and Prophet Muhammad. The wahy-i ilahi (divine revelation) was sent down into the heart of Prophet Muhammad. Moreover, from there it shined through the universe. There are many hearts and eyes that may see and acknowledge it but the ear that can hear the revelation came as one. The hearts are like envelopes filled with ilm (knowledge). Dearest friends! You should try to understand the revelation came from Allah, which is Islam, with every fiber of your being. You should listen to Islam and understand it. So, what is the duty of the heart, the intellect, and the senses? If you did not understand and comprehend Islam and did not do your duty, then what are you speaking of? The ear is like the door of ilms (knowledge). The seal on the hearts is like the seal on envelopes. The seal on an ear is like a seal on a door. There is also a cue to this in the 14th verse of Surah al-Mutaffifin. “kallā bal rāna ʿalā qulūbihim mā kānū yaksibūn” “No! But that which they used to commit has covered their hearts with rust.” Why is their hearts covered with dust? That is because of what they earned. They earned haram (sinful), and sin. Each sin rusts the heart, disbelief (kufr) destroys the belief (iman) and the sins rust the heart. There is a hadith-i sharif that says that with each sin a black dot of rust emerges in the heart. The evil acts/deeds will become a habit as you commit them. It becomes an inextricable, and becomes a habit. A person disrupts his innate nature via the seal he earns; and that seal is all evil acts. A servant does what he wants and Allah creates his actions without forcing him, or influencing him. The returns of his earnings has been given to him. Allah knows what he will do, but that does not mean forcing him to do all that. Allah knows all things, in the infinite past, and in the infinite future.


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–          The End        –


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