Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 13-14

Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 13-14

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 13



I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most Merciful.

[2:12] “ʾa-lā ʾinnahum humu l-mufsidūna wa-lākin lā yashʿurūn” [2:13] “wa-ʾidhā qīla lahum ʾāminū ka-mā ʾāmana n-nāsu qālū ʾa-nuʾminu ka-mā ʾāmana s-sufahāʾu ʾa-lā ʾinnahum humu s-sufahāʾu wa-lākin lā yaʿlamūna” [2:14] “wa-ʾidhā laqū lladhīna ʾāmanū qālū ʾāmannā wa-ʾidhā khalaw ʾilā shayāṭīnihim qālū ʾinnā maʿakum ʾinnamā naḥnu mustahziʾūn” [2:15] “allāhu yastahziʾu bihim wa-yamudduhum fī ṭughyānihim yaʿmahūn” [2:16] “ʾulāʾika lladhīna shtarawu ḍ-ḍalālata bi-l-hudā fa-mā rabiḥat tijāratuhum wa-mā kānū muhtadīn” Sadaqa Allah al-‚Azeem (Allah Almighty has spoken the truth) Dearest and most venerable friends! Our lesson continues with the current topics. May Janâb-i Haqq admit us among the servants who earned the eternally blissful and true life via these lessons of the life-giving light. Our sole purpose is to earn our Rabb‘s blessing, and be helpful to all people. Naturally, the prequisite of that is to understand and comprehend Allah‘s commandments well and convey these divine commandments to people properly. Hidayat, or guidance comes only from our Rabb (Lord). Now, our lesson of the life-giving light continues with the topic of the essentials of belief (iman) and the exegesis of the verses that I have read. Those who cannot find life, cannot understand the life-giver. My first duty is to find life in these lessons of the life-giver and share this blissful life with all of you. Islam is a religion where all happiness and bliss is lived collectively. That is because the contexture of Islam is ‘paradise on earth, and paradise in heavens’. In the world, we refer to this as Dar al-Islam (house/abode of Islam). In the other world, we call this as Dar es-Salaam (Palace of Peace). They are both Islam. That is why, my dearest friends, let us talk about the essentials of belief (iman). The sealed hearts may writhe, they may flutter and feel a ringing in their ears, their webbed eyes may shake. In the end, they still receive the returns of their actions. What they have earned is a great punishment. The return of disbelief (kufr) is the greatest punishment. What is return of shirk (polytheism), nifaq (discord); being a venial sinner (fasiq) or faajir (sinner by action)? That is the greatest punishment. That is why a Muslim has to incorporate belief (iman) and its articles into his frame, and be subjected to those articles, and live them. As for the circumstances of revelation, Ibn al-Abbas said the following. Radiy-Allâhu ’anhum wa ardahum ajmain. The Jewish chiefs who were tricksters in the 100th verse of Surah al-Baqarah along with the hypocrites (munafiqun) in the tribes of Banu Khazraj and Banu Aws and the stubborn disbelievers (kāfirs) who died in the Battle of Badr and people with doubts and second opinions about the religion and all people starting from the creation of man to the Last Day (Qiyamah). Al-Quran Al-Karim reads the souls of all people until the Last Day (Qiyamah).


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Al-Quran narrates the soul who believe, and the souls who do not. It also narrates the hypocrites (munafiqun) and polytheists (mushriks), venial sinners (fasiq) and those who are sinner by action (fājir). On the other hand, the Quran narrates the believers (mu‘mins) whose hearts shine with belief (iman). It narrates, the muttaqi (pious), muhsin (benevolent), saleh (pious) and siddiq (righteous), faruq (wise), wali (friend) people to you. Moreover, these truths are interpreted and explained by the Prophet. However, it is Allah who explains all that to the prophet in the first place. The path starts with holy exegesis of the Quran that we hear from the Prophet and the most venerable companions of the Prophet. After them comes the Tābi’ūn, and then the path continues and reaches us. This is the way of ahlus sunnah, and it will continue until the Last Day (Qiyamah). It is important not to go astray. You see, everyone is trying to narrate something from the Quran to you. Yet do you think all of them follow the way of ahlus sunnah? We must be cautious as regards to how they understood the Quran and how do they narrate it. Janâb-i Haqq has explained Al-Quran Al-Karim to Allah‘s habib-i kibriya, to Muhammad Mustafa. Just like I have told you before you can only make exegesis of Al-Quran Al-Karim with Al-Quran Al-Karim. You can only explain a verse with a verse. You can explain verses with hadith-i sharif‘s as well. Moreover, it can be explained with Arabic language and literature, or via the canonical sciences. However, the source of all explanations must rely on Allah‘s explanation of the Quran to Prophet Muhammad. Our Prophet explains all that to his companions (sahabah). The companions will convey it to the Tābi’ūn. Then, it will come to us from the Tābi’ūn and continue until the Last Day (Qiyamah). Yet ahlul bid‘ah, and people with deviant ideas who are out of ahlus sunnah are also trying to explain Islam. However, the creed of ahlus sunnah and Islam does not suit their own versions. So, please bear that in mind. Now, our current topic is the hypocrites (munafiqun). Now, circumstances of revelation. Abd-Allah ibn Ubayy – ibn Salul had a burning desire to be the King of Yathrib. In other words, he wanted to be the King of Madinah. Who is he? His name was Abd-Allah ibn Ubayy – ibn Salul, he was the leader of the hypocrites. Before the tribes of Banu Khazraj and Banu Aws, 12 people started following him. After a while the number increased to 72. Moreover, Islam was spreading like wildfire after the Hijra. Islam had established an overwhelming majority in Madinah. Now, the hypocrites the Jews were working together secretly. The Jewish scholars had assumed the role of underground lodges. They were working with schemes, conspiration, and deception. They looked like Muslims to the naked eye. But disbelief (kufr), and discord (nifaq) was hiding within them. Thereafter, these verses narrate the traps that the hypocrites (munafiqun) and the Jews had set. They also narrate their inner worlds, or spiritual worlds. Now, what is nafs (self)? Let us talk about that a little bit. Our lesson continues because every person has nafs (self). So, does this nafs (self) side with Allah? Does it side with belief (iman)? Does it side with lust, or desires? Does it wish to worship itself? Or, does it wish to know Allah? Or, does it side with taghuts (idols)? People must know their nafs (self) well. Nafs is the self of a thing. It means ‘self’. It also means ‘heart, or soul’. It can also be used for the power of lust and anger.


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Now, let us talk about consciousness. The true meaning of consciousness. It means that a work being ready for the soul. Now, let us understand the concepts of consciousness and nafs (self) well. We‘ll be conveying a lot more information regarding nafs (self). Well come to that later. These are preliminary notes. The consciousness. The truth about consciousness. It is the soul being able to see a work clearly. So, it means that consciousness is the soul seeing a work as ready. It means to feel with a clear feeling. It is a clear ilm (knowledge). It is the opposite of absence of mind. Those who cannot make a distinction between consciousness and vibrations due to movement, and physical feelings or impressions cannot know the secrets of the heart and the soul. We have to understand this a little bit better. That is why I will not repeat the last part. Those who cannot make a distinction between consciousness and vibrations due to movement, and physical feelings or impressions cannot know the secrets of the heart and the soul. They cannot know about the secrets of the heart and the soul. That is why if we discover and understand Allah, we’ll see that the Quran also discovers our souls. It shows us the clear path. It tells you what souls are. It clearly depicts the truth (haqq), and wrong (batil). So, what is the position of ilm (knowledge) in all this? What is ilm (knowledge)? Ilm, or knowledge is the nafs (self) attaining the meaning. Now, think of a nafs (self) that failed to reach to the meaning of the Quran. In that case there is no ilm (knowledge) in it. The nafs (self) must attain the meaning. It must be encompassed by the meaning. It must subject itself to that revelation. That nafs (self), is the nafs (self) of a Muslim. A nafs (self) that does not subject itself to the revelation nor understand it is the nafs (self) of a disbeliever (kafir). The consciousness is the highest rank of knowledge. So, it seems that ilm (knowledge) is the nafs (self) attaining the meaning. However, consciousness is the highest rank of ilm (knowledge). Now, the name for attaining the meaning completely is ‘tasavvur – realization’. When a person completely attains the true meaning we call that as ‘tasavvur – realization’. If the meaning stays in the soul, we call it as ‘hifs – memorizing’. That is the power of the mind. So, what do we call it when ilm (knowledge) stays in the soul? We call it as ‘hifs – memorizing’. We call the memorizer ‘âlim – Islamic scholar’, or ‘hafiz – keeper’. But they must attain the true meaning by then. Some people have memorized the Quran but they do not know the meaning of the verses. In that case, there is no ilm (knowledge) in that person. That is why Ali said that all of the hafizes who do not know the meaning of the Quran entirely are ignorant hafizes. A person must know the meaning of the Quran entirely in order to be a hafiz. That is what we call as the power of the mind. Memorization is the action we take for that. They find what is in their memory again and again when they wish. Also, ‘dhikr – remembrance’ is when we consciously remember Allah. So, that is what dhikr means. This ilm (knowledge) settles into the memory of a person. Thereafter if he can find that ilm. (knowledge) in his memory and his soul then this is dhikr or remembrance. The truth (haqq) shall settle in you, and you shall not forget it. You shall continue to keep it in your memory. You shall remember it with your heart and tongue. You shall continue to know and live Islam. Dhikr means to know Allah and Allah’s principles. It means to live and not forget Allah’s commands.


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Janâb-i Haqq points to that issue in the 54th and 55th verses of Surah al-Qamar. So, what does Allah say? “fī maqʿadi ṣidqin ʿinda malīkin muqtadir” Indeed the Godwary will be amid gardens and streams in the abode of truthfulness with an omnipotent King. Now, please pay attention. What does Janâb-i Haqq do when a person gets promoted by attaining the true dhikr (remembrance)? Allah admits them into a worthy abode, abode of truthfulness and tawhid. That is an abode of both truthfulness and tawhid. Such a person is a proper person who is truthful. His belief (iman), and good acts/deeds are perfect. He has completely surrendered to the truth, and became a truthful person. Such a person has reached to the summits of truthfulness like Abu Bakr al-Siddiq. There are many venerable figures who are in the abode of truthfulness in the eyes of their Rabb (Lord). O, my brother! When we become a servant of Allah with every fiber of our being, we should love our Rabb (Lord) with every fiber of our being. We should embrace Allah‘s commands. We should drink plenty from the rivers of the life-giving Qur‘an. Living Islam is drinking the water of life. You see, the life-giver is Islam itself. It is Al-Quran Al-Karim itself. Now, as for the matter of consciousness, it is an open feeling that can be described as the consciousness of a conscious being. Conscience, is a clear feeling that is the consciousness of a conscious being. The depth of ilm (knowledge) and intellect comes with advancement of these syntheses. You see, the depth of ilm (knowledge) and intellect comes with advancement of these syntheses. So, if we pay attention, we see that the concepts of ilm (knowledge), consciousness, conscience nafs (self) all of these are nourished by wahy-i ilahi (divine revelation) and when we realize that these syntheses are formed. The journey of the intellect over these syntheses is called as ‘thinking’, or rather ‘thought’. The intellect should contemplate on these syntheses, think, and have opinion. The consciousnesses accompany the flow of the intellect. In other words, consciousnesses accompany the activity of the intellect. The tool we use for that activity is the intellect, and its abode is the heart. It‘s crop is thoughts. If a person fails in learning ilm (knowledge) his crop would be dreams instead of thoughts. So, he‘ll only see dreams if he cannot learn ilm (knowledge). There is no ilm (knowledge) but dreams in him. Thus, the hearts, the souls, and the dreams that are not armed with wahy-i ilahi (divine revelation) may stop. They only live in the world of dreams. They take whatever false as medicine. They call that as philosophy of the west, east etc. They go away from the truth (haqq), whereas they should go towards it. The people of sufism call what is about nothing but pleasure as ‘Hāl – Condition’. The importance of sufism âlims is quite important as well. We said ‘only pleasure’ but the pleasure of what? That is the pleasure of belief (iman), ilm (knowledge) and irfan (wisdom). That includes all of the pleasures that loving Allah makes you feel. These pleasures are the pleasures you feel in your soul due to belief (iman), and the essentials of it. That may happen with being filled to the brim with love of Allah.


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When you fill your mind with wahy-i ilahi (divine revelation) and Al-Quran Al-Karim love of Allah and these pleasures will occur in you as well. The people of sufism call what is about nothing but pleasure as ‘Hāl – Condition’. So, the state when your self loses itself in what you know is called as ‘fanā – passing away of the self’. The state when your self loses itself in what you know is ‘fanā – annihilation of the self’. The sufism âlims call that as ‘fanāfillah’. So, what does it mean? It means eluding bad habits, and to be equipped with good morals. It means ‘annihilation – passing of something’ but what is meant by that is annihilation of the evil and turning bad morals into good morals. Self-control of nafs (self) is quite important in morality. You have to control your nafs (self), inspect it. You have to call your nafs (self) to account all the time. You have to keep account of the actions of your nafs (self). Observation is quite important when it comes to ilm (knowledge). In order to attain ilm (knowledge) one has to overcome his ego. The heart should be able to be busy with observation and control of the nafs (self). The heart should be able to be busy with observation and control of the nafs (self). So, your brain is a library, but who reads from it? [2:10] “fī qulūbihim maraḍun” Now, pay attention. Your brain is a library, but who reads from it? Ask that question, and receive the answer from Al-Quran Al-Karim. You should inspect your brain, you hear, and your soul. But with what? You should inspect them with knowledge and wisdom within Al-Quran Al-Karim. Your innate nature is still intact event if a sickness has occurred in your heart. The sickness of cognizance and will is unbelief, doubt, and discord (nifaq). [2:10] “fī qulūbihim maraḍun” This verse means: “There is a sickness in their hearts.” Now, who are they? They disrupted their innate nature, character, belief, and morals. The intact innate nature has been disrupted. The sickness of cognizance and will is unbelief, doubt, and discord (nifaq). Some people are sick with those sicknesses. They doubt everything. They are keen on their pleasure, joy, and desires. There are only two things they do not like, belief (iman), and Islam. The souls and hearts whose character has been broken do not like belief (iman). You see, disbelief (kufr) does not like belief (iman) and vice versa. Their selves and pleasures are everything to them. You see, for those souls and heats that are broken, their selves and pleasures are everything. There is no Allah, no truth, no reality, no laws of Allah for them. Their selves and pleasures are everything. Some people who do not know about Islam say they want to live their lives. This is the situation of those who leave the true life-giving divine institute. They leave the divine source which has the true life-giving light. They leave the divine revelation. This is the situation of those who choose another life. They choose their pleasures as life-style. So, what did humanity do? They have chosen the other life-style. You see, the life-styles except belief (iman) and Islam are not correct life-styles. The other life-style is even lower than other creatures.


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For other creatures are created to serve a purpose. They serve with those purposes. But why were humans created for? Human is created for belief (iman), Islam, and being a servant of Allah. And that is the true life-style. Some people leave this life-style. They choose another one. They accept their selves and pleasures as everything. When you step out of Allah‘s principles you will be encompassed by conceit, ego, greed and a desire for high positions, or being a king. Yet despite all that they still live on edge, they cannot be happy. There is terror in their spiritual worlds. Their hearts are filled with terror. You see, they may call that as stress or boredom. They may suicide by jumping from the 90th floor of a building. These people cannot be happy for in order to be heart to happy. They must receive the life-giving divine values from Islam. They must have drunk from the water of life. Those people have turned their back on Islam. The life-giver is Islam. The life-giver is the Quran. Happiness is within belief (iman). Happiness is within the Quran, and Islam. There is no way of happiness. There are no ways or possibilities for that. Now, let‘s talk about other kind of happiness’s. The crows that eat corpses eat dead things. They gallop tons of microbes. Then they rub their beaks on dirt. They think they clean their beaks by doing that. These people are lower than crows. Their happiness is lower than the happiness of hyenas. That happens when they lose belief (iman), Islam, and humanitarian values. They keep a foot in both camps. They cannot be cured when evil becomes their nature. Now, there is also that aspect of it. They cannot be treated. They do not acknowledge the truth (haqq). The seal is affixed with their own evil earnings. Now, those who cannot be treated eternally are also counted as people whose hearts have been sealed. So, if their hearts have been sealed eternally that is only due to their own earnings. That is the seal of disbelief (kufr) which they earn themselves. These people have no chance of being treated. They have taken that chance from themselves, not anyone else. This is because they have decided on unbelief forever. The seal is affixed on their hearts for they have decided on unbelief for eternity. Polytheism (shirk), discord (nifaq), all sins and haram (sinful) things have been affixed on their hearts as seal. They earn unbelief as their second nature. They earn it themselves. But unbelief becomes their second nature, not first. There is no disbelief (kufr), polytheism (shirk) or discord (nifaq) in the essence of human. People are created with an innate nature (fitrah) of Islam. People have disrupted their innate nature (fitrah) themselves. They earned the other things as their second nature. As for belief (iman), it is essential. It is innate nature (fitrah). Prophet Muhammad, alaihissalatu wassalam and his companions (radiy-Allâhu ’anhum wa ardahum ajmain) had spread fazilat (virtue) to the world even when they were hungry, depressed and under stress, under oppression, or when they were wealthy. This is because people of fazilat (virtue) keep spreading it even if they are living in hardships and tough conditions. Think about the cruelties that Prophet Muhammad (saw) experienced. What they did to him, and the tortures he experienced have been done to no one else in the world. He kept spreading fazilat (virtue) even in that situation. And his companions learned the necessary lessons from him. Thus they became people of fazilat (virtue). Prophet Muhammad (saw) who is a blessing upon all worlds is the only leader and the only example for us until the Day of Judgement (Qiyamah).


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Prophet Muhammad is a blessing (rahmat) upon all worlds. He spreads enlightenment to all realms. Prophet Muhammad (saw) is the most virtuous. Prophet Muhammad represents the Quran, in other words Islam. My dearest brothers! You see, the life-giver is Islam itself. We share these with you because we believe that we are doing the greatest service to you by sharing with you these talks about the life-giver. May Janâb-i Haqq bestow all of us a real and blissful life. That is our endeavor. Our enemies in this world are indeed the enemies of humanity, and belief (iman). The enemies of humanity are our enemies. The enemy of Islam is the enemy of the humanity. The enemy is only friendly to disbelief (kufr), polytheism (shirk), and cruelty. Whereas belief (iman), and Islam are everyone‘s friend. On the other hand, disbelief (kufr), polytheism (shirk) and discord (nifaq) are hostile to belief (iman), and Islam. It is impossible for these opposite concepts to come together. It is impossible for them to endear one another. We have to be realistic regarding this matter. It is impossible for belief (iman) and disbelief (kufr) to come together. ‘sophism’ or There are the followers of ribbiyyūn, who are the dubious. There are also the sophists who follow sophism. They have selfishness, and are egocentric. They say one must adapt to changes in life. They say one must be ready to change at any given time. These dubious and sophists do not acknowledge the real life-style. It doesn‘t matter whether they are subject to ‘sophism’ or ‘ribbiyyūn’. You see, those who live in a dream of a selfish and egocentric life-style say they must become adaptive to changes. They say such a person has to be able to change at any given moment. If so, let us change the sun, and make darkness dominant. Let us annihilate belief (iman), and make disbelief (kufr) superior. There is also the life-style that is not subject to change. There are unchangeable values. The values of Islam are eternal values. They do not wither or get old. They are the greatest values. There are many wrong philosophies that are not acquainted with Islam, or the Islamic belief (iman). They misguide the humanity. You see, people with that mindset do not accept any kind of example. They call the people with greatest moral qualities as ‘narrow-minded’. Now, please pay attention to this part. They call the Muslims with the highest honor, highest morals and highest enlightenment, highest belief (iman) as ‘narrow-minded’. Those people embrace cheats and all worthless things. Now, this is important. They embrace what is void and worthless. They stay away from the facts and truth while they could upgrade their innate belief with Islam, and make it perfect. It is possible to make your belief (iman) perfect via your experiences and the tests you have passed. With that perfect belief a person, a believer, a Muslim becomes a kâmil (perfect). You see, reaching Allah is within Islam, and this serenity. These are the principles that are the life-giver. The life-giver is the principles of Islam. The life-giver is Al-Quran Al-Karim itself.


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That is the eternal and never-fading light of Allah. My dearest brothers! Enlightenment is here! The eternal and fadeless modernity that is ahead of the modernity we know is right here! Allah‘s eternal and fadeless light is Islam. And Islam is the Quran. That light has shone through the chest of Muhammad. And it will continue to shine eternally. You see, that is the life-giving light. Islam consists of nothing but light, from a to z. That is the life-giving light. Some people live this light. Some people were blessed with this light. They are the ones who have found the true life. That is the true life-style. The hypocrites (munafiqun) and their gimmicks! Their lights have faded away. The disbelievers (kāfirs), hypocrites (munafiqun) and polytheists (mushriks), their lights have faded away. They present what is wrong as truth. They lie. They wriggle like a flower on water. They have a condition like mange. It is like they are always itching. There is a great gap amid them and rahmat (blessing). They have no correlation whatsoever with rahmat (blessing) light of the true life-giver Al-Quran Al-Karim, belief (iman), and Islam. The light of the truth (haqq) becomes visible, and fades away occasionally. You should read the 13th verse of Surah al-Hadid. You should read the 125th verse of Surah al-Tawbah. They endeavor to make unrest. They set people against one another. They only work to disrupt things. They say they are chasteners. They say they are reformers. They say they are modern. They say they are enlightened. They say they are progressivists. Yet bigotry, fanaticism, and outdatedness are their traits. For they are the enemies of the eternal and fadeless light. They live in the darkness of disbelief (kufr). They think there is benefit in disrupting things. They seek opportunities to hurt the believers (mu’mins). Janâb-i Haqq draws attention of the humanity with the word ‘ʿelā’. So, what do the outdated bigots say to this ‘ʿelā’? They lack belief (iman). They live in darkness. Their brains are in darkness. Al-Quran Al-Karim says we should be aware of them. They are the enemies of belief (iman). They are the enemies of Islam and its eternal and fadeless light. O, the world of Islam! Pay attention! And be on your guard! Their mindset is the most outdated mindset. They attack the most enlightened people. The most enlightened person is the greatest Muslim. The life-giving light of the Quran shines from his chest eternally. O, believer (mu’min)! They lack intellect. They are fools. They are inferior. They subject themselves to their lusts. Yet they continue to attack Muslims. [4:46] ‘mina lladhīna hādū yuḥarrifūna l-kalima ʿan mawāḍiʿihī wa-yaqūlūna samiʿnā wa-ʿaṣaynā wa-smaʿ ghayra musmaʿin’ The hypocrites who look like Muslims distort the words from their proper usage. They give false meanings to the words of the Quran. They are the ones who distorted the Torah before. They are the ones who distorted the Bible. They are the hypocrites who attack the Quran and give false meanings to the Quran. They twist their tongues and attack the religion.


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They say ‘We hear and disobey’. They say, ‘Hear but be not heard’. They look like they endear Muslims and backbite them. They belittle the actual Muslims. They are such low lives! They are servants of idols. They are servants of the Iblis (Satan). They seek legal opinion (fatwa) from their nafs (self), and the Iblis (Satan). They do whatever is required by their lusts, desires and wishes. The following notes are taken from Sabuni. A hypocrite (munafiq) is a hypocrite (munafiq). in terms of belief and acts/deeds. Now, what is the situation of the hypocrites (munafiqun) in belief? These hypocrites (munafiqun) are counted among the disbelievers (kāfirs). The hypocrites by action are counted as sinners. Now, as for the matter of disbelief (kufr), the verses that were revealed in Mecca had put emphasis on disbelief (kufr). In other words, Islam had to deal with disbelief (kufr) in the period of Mecca. As for discord (nifaq), it started in the period of Madīnah. The verses that were revealed in Madinah mostly mention hypocrites (munafiqun). As for the verses that were revealed in Mecca, they mainly mention disbelief (kufr), and polytheism (shirk). These are some of the traits of the hypocrites (munafiqun). Most of them have such traits. All bad traits belong to the hypocrites (munafiqun). They lie, they cheat, they play tricks, they deceive. They are brainless, and foolish. They belittle, they are dissentious. They are ignorant. They are deviant. They are incredulous. They are always doubtful. The truth (haqq) came as one. There is only one truth (haqq). The words also came as one. As for the batil (wrong) they are plural. The truth (haqq) is one. That truth is the way of Allah. That is the path drawn by Islam. As for batil (wrong), it has all the roads except Islam. That is why batil (wrong) is numerous. Dearest friends! Friends, ‘sefeh’ means lack of intellect and foolishness. They all have those traits. Yet they see themselves perfect in the mirror. They wish to attribute the Muslims with what they have. The Muslims who have been enlightened with the Quran are the most enlightened and intellectual people. That is the situation, whether they like it or not. That is the situation whether we live or die. To live or to die, these are both blissful things to us. We believe we go to the true life when we die. But the situation of the hypocrites (munafiqun) is not like that. Let‘s see what Almighty Allah says in the 145th verse of Surah al-Nisa. [4:145] ‘ʾinna l-munāfiqīna fī d-darki l-ʾasfali mina n-nāri wa-lan tajida lahum naṣīra.’ [4:145] ‘Indeed the hypocrites will be in the lowest reach of the Fire. And you will never find any helper for them.’ [2:14] ‘wa-ʾidhā laqū lladhīna ʾāmanū.’ That was the 14th verse of Surah al-Baqarah. [2:14] ‘When they meet the faithful, they say, ‘We believe’. But when they are alone with their devil. When they are alone, they say: ‘We are with you; we were only deriding [them].’ A hypocrite will try to look like a disbeliever (kafir) when meeting them.


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They also try to look like Muslims when they meet the Muslims. The hypocrites accept themselves as the advanced class, or rather first class. But how does Janâb-i Haqq acknowledge them? Let us see what Almighty Allah means when Allah says ka-mā. In 2:13, the word ka-mā is mentioned. Which means Janâb-i Haqq does not consider them as humans. This is because the word ‘ma’ is a particle used for the witless. Janâb-i Haqq advises them to become humans in the first place. For Janâb-i Haqq does not consider them as humans. They have no correlation whatsoever with ilm (knowledge). Ilm (knowledge) is a work for the yaqeen (certainty). So, what does yaqeen (certainty) mean? Yaqeen (certainty) is the name for having absolute belief in the truth. They have neither ilm (knowledge) nor yaqeen (certainty). For ilm (knowledge) is a work of yaqeen (certainty). Do not forget that. If they lack belief (iman), their ilm (knowledge) is not even at the level of the knowledge of a parrot. Their work is malice, deceit, and hypocrisy. In those days Abd-Allah ibn Ubayy was their leader. You should pay attention to the ibn Ubayy’s of your time until the Last Day (Qiyamah). Beware of the modern ibn Ubayy’s. Beware of the modern disbelievers (kāfirs). Beware of the modern hypocrites (munafiqun). Almighty Allah draws attentions by saying ‘ala’. The ummah (nation) is being warned. O! Ummah (nation) of Muhammad! At first, take the Quran, and look at yourself. Inspect yourself first. Moreover, if someone has tesrik-i mesai beware of them as well. Beware of those who show signs of hypocrisy. Beware of those who show signs of disbelief (kufr). You should convey the truth (haqq) to them. You should shield yourself from their evil. For Allah warns us by saying ‘ala’. Janâb-i Haqq enlightens the believers with the light of the Quran so that they may see what is going on the world and see the masons, the rabbinists, and the secret sources. Janâb-i Haqq says: O, Muslim! Beware of the secret services, and secret sources. Beware of their rabbinists. Beware of their masons! Allah enlightens the believers with the light of the Quran so that they may see what is going on the world. Who enlightened us? Almighty Allah gives us life. O, ummah (nation) of Muhammad (asw), be awake! That is how Allah warns us. A Muslim who cannot be awaken via the Quran cannot be saved from being a servant of this vile mindset. A Muslim should be a proper Muslim. A Muslim cannot become a servant of a hypocrite (munafiq). He cannot be a servant of a denier (munkir), or a polytheist (mushrik). He cannot be a servant of batil (wrong) mindsets. A Muslim is always under the command of the truth (haqq). That is a must. Dearest friends! The name ‘shaitan’ is mentioned in these verses. Let us talk about ‘shaitan’ a little bit. The name ‘shaitan’ is mentioned in these verses. It is a common noun. A shaitan can be a djinn, a human, or an animal. So, it means that a human can be a shaitan as well as a djinn and an animal. I advise you to pay attention especially to the shaitans of people. The name of their leader is Iblis. So, it means the shaitans have a leader as well. Their leader is the Iblis. In Persian Iblis is called as ‘div’. In the west the Iblis is called as ‘div’ or ‘divev’. It comes from the root ‘shatan’. According to the measure of ‘fey’al’ it means ‘ba’it – distant’.


Time Stamp: 50:02


In other words, he is distant from the truth (haqq). You should keep your distance from him as well. When it is derived from the root š-ṭ-n, according to measure of fulān it is a common noun that means wrong and batil. They made Umar ride a horse in Damascus. The horse then started to behave strangely. Then he immediately got off the horse, and said, ‘You made me ride a shaitan’. So, it means there are shaitans of animals just like there are shaitans of people and the djinn. You see, the Quran draws attention with the word ‘ala’. Janâb-i Haqq says, ‘ala – beware!’. O, the nation (ummah) of Muhammad (asw)! O, humanity! You see, the entire humanity is the nation (ummah) of Muhammad. That includes both believes and disbelievers. The disbelievers are invited to the nation (ummah). The others (believers) are already in the nation (ummah). O, believer (mu’min)! At first, open your eyes! Now, primarily, a believer (mu’min) has to be vigilant all the time. You should open your eyes and perform your jihad (struggle) in the best possible way. You should keep hold of the divine order and the commandments. Do not leave them to the shaitans. So, what does Allah say? Allah tells you to open your eyes and perform your jihad (struggle) in the best possible way. Now, about the divine order… What is it? That is Islam, and the orderly laws of Islam. You should keep hold of the divine order and its laws. And then implement Islam, and make Islam a reality. Islam is Allah‘s rulership. Islam must dominate Muslims, and all worlds. You have to keep hold of the rulership, and hold it tight. You have to keep hold of the rulership with patience, tranquility, and your highest morals. Keep hold of Islam with highest spiritual indulgence. That is for Islam to continue for eternity. That is so that the children of the believers (mu’mins) may become Muslims. You have to keep hold of the rulership in order to be saved from the evil of the hypocrites (munafiqun), and the shaitans. You have to keep hold of the rulership so that the evil forces may be defeated. If you leave the rulership to the evil forces then you’ll suffer, just like you suffer now. A hypocrite (munafiq) acts like a sufferer when they meet Muslims. They are in the lowest level of Jahannam (Hell). The doors of Janna (Paradise) will open and close for them due to their actions. They used to ridicule and belittle the believers (mu’mins). That is why they will be treated this way. The word ‘istihza’ means to ‘ridicule or belittle’ They wear a gilded paper on their chest. The paper says هزأ (haza) which means ‘vile’. They only see the gilded paper. Yet they refuse to look at the writ that says they are vile people. These people are هزأ (haza) which means ‘vile’. Yet they do not know about this. They were deceived by the gilded paper. They wear it on their chests. That is how Allah makes a fool of hypocrites (munafiqun). Allah Ta‘ala (c.c.) is not a mocker. Allah Ta‘ala (c.c.) is the One who gives the punishment of the mocker that is due. Please, pay attention now! The hypocrites (munafiqun) say they are Muslims. They look like Muslims. Now, the word ‘mas̠al’ means ‘a similar and weird event’.


Time Stamp: 55:02


The word ‘bektash’ means equal and peer. Now, let us explain the word ‘mas̠al’. We gave you information regarding the hypocrites (munafiqun), and shaitan. Now, the word ‘mas̠al’ has meanings such as ‘similar’, ‘a weird occurrence’, ‘peer’ and ‘fellow’. There is also ‘darb-i mas̠al’ which means proposition, proverb, story, tale, proverbial. It also certain aspects that mean comparison, metaphor, truth, metaphor. The word ‘ma’ is used for the mindless. The word ‘ma’ denotes people who are like animals’ intellect-wise. Their lights have faded. They say ‘ʾāmannā – we believe’ but belief does not enter their hearts. The word ‘ma – mindless’ shows us the situation of the hypocrites (munafiqun). The word ‘man – people’ is used for people with intellect. Their lights have not faded. If the word ‘man – people’ is used in a verse you‘ll know that their lights have not faded. This is because the word ‘man – people’ is used for humans. On the other hand, the word ‘ma – mindless’ is used for the others. There is also the word ṣayyibin (صَيِّبٍ – a rainstorm) in these verses. It means the sky, raised up ceiling, a rainstorm. The heavens and all worlds are encompassed by the Divine. Various punishments only wait for Allah’s order ‘kun – be’ for those who deserve it. As for the salvation, it is only possible via belief (iman), and servitude. In other words, salvation comes with living Islam. You should acknowledge Islam and live it with pleasure. The shield of lightning in order to be protected is acknowledging Allah, Allah‘s rules, and laws. It doesn‘t matter how well you are protected. If Janâb-i Haqq has decided to punish you for your crimes the punishment will find you wherever you go. You‘ll receive that punishment no matter what. That is why the shield of thunderbolt is acknowledging Allah, Allah’s commandments and laws. That is the only way of attaining Allah’s rahmat (blessing). You can be saved from Allah’s wrath and Allah’s lightnings only via that way. Do not close your ears! Open them, and listen to the truth (haqq). You cannot protect yourself from the lightning by closing your ears. Beware! Listen to the truth (haqq). You will not be saved when you close your ears. The moment a lightning strikes it reaches its destination. However, the sound of it comes later. It can be heard 5 or 10 seconds later, according to distance. The skies and the clouds tremble with the force which strikes them. There is an attendant of Allah appointed with trembling the skies. There is an attendant of Allah who manages all that. That attendant is an angel. A rumbling noise, fire, and sparks occur. A lightning occurs. The sound of it comes later. If you hear it‘s sound, then you are fine. It means you are safe from that lightning. This is because the speed of light is faster than the speed of sound. You see ‘raʿdun wa-barqun’ means tumbling noise, lightning and thunderbolt. The Nabī Ummī (Muhammad) conveyed us about this fourteen centuries ago. Al-Quran Al-Karim informed us about this fourteen centuries ago. Now, go ahead and study the news given by the Nabī Ummī (Muhammad).


Time Stamp: 1:00:03


Consider today‘s scientific studies and discoveries. Today the speed of sound and light have been confirmed. So, what does Al-Quran Al-Karim say? What does the science of this day which is conducted with authentic discovery say? The Glorious Quran, and Prophet Muhammad have established what today‘s science confirmed. They did that fourteen centuries ago. You see, the Prophet of the Muslims had informed us about this fourteen centuries ago. Science would eventually confirm and authenticate that. You can detect noise that comes after a lightning. Those who hear the sound of it should be thankful. The earth and the heavens glorify Allah. You cannot dissociate Allah from Allah‘s property. For it is under the command of Allah‘s creating, and rulership. Now, we‘ll move on to the religious explanations of all these. Insha‘ Allah, in or upcoming lessons we‘ll continue to convey you a vast amount of life-giving knowledge. May Allah admit us into the group of servants who lives the true life.


Time Stamp: 1:01:42


–          The End        –

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 14


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most Merciful. [2:17] “Their situation is like that of a man who kindles a fire and when it illuminates everything around him Allah takes away their lights and leaves them in layers of darkness so that they see nothing.” [2:18] “Deaf, dumb, and blind, they will not come back.” [2:19] “Or that of a rainstorm from the sky wherein is darkness, thunder, and lightning: They put their fingers in their ears due to the thunderclaps, apprehensive of death. And Allah besieges the faithless.” [2:20] “The lightning almost snatches away their sight: Whenever it shines for them, they walk in it and when the darkness falls upon them, they stand. Had Allah willed, Allah would have taken away their hearing and their sight. Indeed Allah has power over all things.” [2:20] “O mankind! Worship your Rabb (Lord), who created you and those who were before you, so that you may be Godwary.” [2:20] “Allah made the earth a place of repose for you, and the sky a canopy and Allah sends down water from the sky and with it Allah brings forth crops for your sustenance. So do not set up equals to Allah, while you know.” “Sadaqa Allaah al-‚Azeem (Allah Almighty has spoken the truth).” Dearest friends, and valuable listeners! We will give their meanings at first, and after that we will make tafsir (exegesis) of them word by word. We will try to discover, interpret them. We will try to narrate you the wisdom behind them. Let us give their meanings first and then we‘ll move on to their discovery and tafsir (exegesis). [2:17] “The situation of the hypocrites (munafiqun) is like that of a man who kindles a fire in a dark night. The moment it illuminates everything around him, Allah takes away their lights. And Allah and leaves them in layers of darkness so that they see nothing.” [2:18] “They are deaf, dumb and blind. That is the reason that they shall not return.” [2:19] “Or (it is) like a rainstorm from the sky bringing darkness, thunder and lightning. – That is what their situation is like. – Those hypocrites (munafiqun) thrust their fingers in their ears against the thunderclaps. for fear of death. Whereas Allah has encompassed the disbelievers (kāfirs).” [2:20] “It is as if the lightning were about to snatch away their sight. Whenever lightning strikes and illuminates their surroundings, they walk in its light but when darkness covers them, they stand still. Had Allah willed, Allah could have taken away their hearing and sight. Surely Allah is Most Capable of everything.” [2:21] “O people! Worship your Rabb (Lord) who created you and those before you so that you may become God-fearing [and be saved from Allah’s wrath].” [2:21] “Allah is the One who made the earth a bed for you, and the sky a roof and sent down water from the sky and then brought forth with it fruits, as a provision for you. So do not attribute to Allah equals while you know [that there is nothing similar to Allah].” [2:22] “alladhī jaʿala lakumu l-ʾarḍa firāshan wa-s-samāʾa bināʾan wa-ʾanzala mina s-samāʾi māʾan fa-ʾakhraja bihī mina th-thamarāti rizqan lakum fa-lā tajʿalū li-llāhi ʾandādan wa-ʾantum taʿlamūna” [2:23] “wa-ʾin kuntum fī raybin mimmā nazzalnā ʿalā ʿabdinā fa-ʾtū bi-sūratin min mithlihī wa-dʿū shuhadāʾakum min dūni llāhi ʾin kuntum ṣādiqīn” [2:23] “And if you are in doubt concerning what We have sent down to Our servant then bring a surah like it.


Time Stamp: 5:03


And invoke your helpers besides Allah, if you are truthful in your claims.” [2:24] “fa-ʾin lam tafʿalū wa-lan tafʿalū fa-ttaqū n-nāra llatī waqūduhā n-nāsu wa-l-ḥijāratu ʾuʿiddat li-l-kāfirīn” [2:24] “And if you do not, and you will not then beware the Fire whose fuel will be humans and stones. For that Fire is prepared for the faithless.” May Janâb-i Haqq protect us from disbelief (kufr) and polytheism, discord (nifaq) and bad morals. Dearest friends! Now, we‘ll now try to give you discovery notes regarding the verses that I have read. Our current lesson will be about these verses. Now, a religious explanation would be that Allah has a force, or an angel that relocates and manages the clouds to where it will rain in accordance with Allah‘s will. Its name is ‘r-raʿdu’ or in other words the Thunder. That angel is also called as “melek-ür raʿd”. That angel is unlike the angels of wind. Their management is unlike the allocation of the wind which resembles a rock rolling down. Theirs’s is like the soul managing the body. Theirs’s is a dynamic and spiritual influence that affects things from within. The angel shouts out, and strikes when it is necessary. That is called as tasbih (glorification), and takbir (praising). That angels sheds fire like fury. The angel makes whips of fire out of light. The thunderbolts are these whips. The thunderbolt is the stroke of that fire. It destroys wherever it lands. And all that consists of a stroke of an angel. They do not act on their own. Let us read the 13th verse of Surah al-Ra’d and see what Almighty Allah said. [13:13] “wa-yusabbiḥu r-raʿdu bi-ḥamdihī wa-l-malāʾikatu min khīfatihī wa-yursilu ṣ-ṣawāʿiqa fa-yuṣību bihā man yashāʾu wa-hum yujādilūna fī llāhi wa-huwa shadīdu l-miḥāli” “Sadaqa Allaah al-‚Azeem (Allah Almighty has spoken the truth).” The Thunder celebrates Allah‘s praise [with thankfulness] and the angels [too praise Allah], in awe of Allah and Allah releases the thunderbolts and strikes with them whomever Allah wishes. Yet they dispute concerning Allah, though Allah is great in might. Dearest friends! Allah is the One whose punishment is too severe. So, when we take a quick look. We see that angels are appointed here. There are many appointed servants in the universe and in the nature that can be seen or unseen. They all work under the command of Allah. Except for people, all of them have fixed duties. They all have innate duties. On the other hand, people are free even though they were created with an innate nature (fitrah) of Islam. However, they are subject to a test. That is why in this verse of the Quran the duties of angels are narrated to us. Moreover, scientific explanations have not contradicted these. The mindset of those who know nothing but brute force could not find this. Ibn Sina did not like the philosophical explanations.


Time Stamp: 10:05


He has considered the opinions of the philosophy as unstable. The philosophy explained it as collusion of clouds, friction, and contact. Now, philosophy of the age we are in put forth the electrical occurrences. Ibn Abbas (r.a.) had written a letter to Abu’l Huld. *inaudible* Ibn Abbas (r.a.) said that raʿd is an angel. Electrification properties have been found in all objects. After the discovery of heat, sound, light, tension and electrification; dynamic electricity have been found. We have made jewelry via gold, silver, gilding, melting and casting. We have made various machines and devices such as telegram, phone, lighting devices and various treatment devices. However, the nature of electricity, and what it actually is could not be understood then. They thought it was fire or light, these were assumptions. Some said it was fire, and some said it was light. They were both nothing but assumptions. In the end it was discovered that things are made of their smallest particles which are atoms. The heat due to the special movement of the atoms or the movement of the matter between them. They attached more importance to this theory. The theory that all forces turn into motional energy became the strongest opinion of the sciences. I‘ll repeat this part due to its importance. The theory that all forces turn into motional energy became the strongest opinion of the sciences. Electricity is the most important force of science. It is separated into two varieties such as positive and negative. Now, this is from the Surah Ya-Sin. [36:36] “subḥāna lladhī khalaqa l-ʾazwāja kullahā mimmā tunbitu l-ʾarḍu wa-min ʾanfusihim wa-mimmā lā yaʿlamūn” [36:36] “Immaculate is Allah who has created all the kinds of what the earth grows and of themselves, and of what they do not know.” Janâb-i Haqq announces the truth here. It is Allah who creates all pairs. Same poles push, separate poles pull and unite. So, objects may charge and discharge via these. You see, Al-Quran Al-Karim is the essence and foundation of every science. As for sciences, they try to solve these laws. Now, let us talk about the explanation of a thunderbolt. A thunderbolt may occur via two different types of cloud that carry electricity. The electricity within the clouds, or within the earth and the cloud then overrides the air. That is the moment when two different type of electricity comes together and an electrical discharge occurs. Ibn-Sina and today‘s science say that thunderbolt and its sound occurs at the same time. Now, this is important. Thunderbolt and its sound occurs at the same time. You see, that is about the speed of sound and light.


Time Stamp: 15:01


The speed of sound in a second is about 337-340 meters. Whereas the speed of light is 308.000 kilometers. You can hear and see a thunderbolt simultaneously if it occurs nearby. So, it means that a thunderbolt and its sound occurs together. As for the sound of it, you may hear it five or ten seconds after. You can also measure its distance. You can start a chronometer when a lightning occurs. You‘ll hear its noise a few seconds after. Now, multiply the result with 340. For example, let‘s say you heard the noise 7 seconds after. Let‘s say the sound came to you after 7 seconds. When you multiply 7 with 340 that would mean the distance of the lightning from your position is 2380 meters. Now, the light travels that distance almost instantly. The light travels that distance in about 1/125 of a second. A lightning may strike from sky to earth. But it may also strike from earth to sky. It mainly strikes the power transmitting objects. As you know, there are many power transmitting objects on earth. That is why it generally strikes from sky to earth. When the cloud is charged with negative electric and the earth is charged with positive electric the lightning strikes from the ground to the sky. It has properties of striking or pulling lightnings from the power transmitting objects in which electricity flows. It is seen that lightning strikes trees, buildings or metallic objects. In a stormy weather the standing under trees is dangerous. Trees like pine and pistachio tree are relatively possible. Lightning rods are safety equipments that protect things from lightnings. You see, that is the law of Allah. All of these are laws of Allah. These are protective measures that must be taken before a lightning occurs. These are valid if your time has not come yet. They are still valid measures even if your time has come. This is because taking protective measures is the duty of a servant. It doesn‘t matter whether your time has come or not. A servant must take protective measures for it is his duty. A lightning melt whatever is in its way as it lands on earth. A fork like body or mass occurs that is shaped like pitchfork that is about 10 meters long, which is mixed with glass marbling. That is called as a lightning rod. If that rod is magnetized, it changes the poles. It is accepted that in windy weather the clouds are charged with electricity. They are charged with positive electricity in a clear weather. That is subject to change according to time of the day. It also changes increasingly after an altitude of thirty meters. The reason behind those changes is unknown. Today‘s science could not solve the reason behind that yet. That charge is less or close to non-existent in sites with buildings and trees. In the city squares there is positive electricity even though it is not big.


Time Stamp: 20:00


Positive electricity intensifies 2 hours before midday. It decreases 1 hour before sunset. It starts to intensify 2 hours after sunset. The intensity is more in Winter, compared to Summer. When water and clouds touch each other, an electrical current occurs. With the vaporization of an alkaline fluid the vapor is charged with positive and negative electric. The earth is considered as a great device of galvanism. Negative electricity is charged to it via a chemical influence. A windy air touches the ground and gets charged with positive electricity. The result is that a movement occurs. The movement occurs in the mass of the object, and its atoms. The origin of the movement is called prime mover. In the context of the religion this force is called as an angel. The existence of a living soul is discovered here. The view of the supernatural force suggests that the force that makes the positive to negative is an angel. That is abiding by the command that is true (haqq). In the verse ẓ-ẓulumātun (darknesses), and ṣ-ṣawāʿiqi (thunderbolts) are plural. However, the words wa-raʿdun (thunder) and wa-barqun (lightning) are singular. This is noteworthy. You see, thunderbolts come in plural numbers. However, wa-raʿdun (thunder) and wa-barqun (lightning) come as singular. That is noteworthy. Al-Qadr is a substantial force, it is towards all directions. However, a force can be towards one direction. Now, this is important. Al-Qadr is a substantial force, it is towards all directions. However, a force can be towards one direction. A rolling rock has a force. It moves towards a single direction. It cannot go to the opposite direction. The kudrah (all-able power) is omnidirectional. It encompasses everything. That is a unique and complete kudrah (all-able power). You see, that is the kudrah (all-able power) of Allah. So, what does a ‘thing’ mean? It means ‘present – existent’. That is a term about all things that are created, and willed by Allah. You cannot call Allah as a ‘thing’. You can, however, call Allah as, ‘şâî – the One who wills’ . A creature cannot become a creator. Allah Oneness is eternal. In these verses Islam is likened to the immortal life. Also, in these verses disbelief (kufr) is likened to darkness. Please, listen carefully. Islam is likened to the immortal life. That is because Islam gives life. Islam shows you the way of achieving the eternal life. How, how does one earn the eternal life? You see, Islam points out the ways of earning this eternal life. Disbelief (kufr) is likened to darkness. A life without belief (iman) and Islam is the life of a disbeliever. Islam‘s promise of punishment (vaîd), which is frightening is likened to a thunder. You see, there is both promise of punishment (vaîd) and promise of good (va’d). Disasters that denote disbelief (kufr), and punishments are likened to thunders.


Time Stamp: 25:12


It is clear that those who are out of Islam will not be able to save themselves. So, you should pay attention to this part. You should pay attention to Al-Quran Al-Karim. You should pay attention to the words of Allah. We are giving discovery notes from the glorious Quran. There are people whose hearts have been sealed. They are close to our announcements but we continue regardless. You see, we continue to do this, we continue to announce with our helplessness. We are ordered to announce, whether people believe or not is up to them. Their hearts may have been sealed or not. Announcing the truth (haqq) is our duty. That is the ongoing rahmat (blessing) of Allah. For Islam consists of nothing but rahmat (blessing). Islam presents the truth (haqq) to people. Islam shows the way to rahmat (blessing), happiness, and salvation. Yet people are escaping from the serenity, and their eternally blissful life. They do not acknowledge their Rabb (Lord), and the commandment which is Islam. Those who do not acknowledge the commands of Islam are those who deny Allah. Allah has introduced Allah‘s laws via Islam. Ibadat (worship), and servitude is required for that. You must perform ibadat (worship) so that you may be thankful that you are created. Our Rabb (Lord) has created us. We can show our gratitude to Allah via our servitude. However, you cannot be a perfect servant. You should not be sure about every result just because you are devout. For no one can do perfect servitude to Almighty Allah. So, why is that? That is because humans are helpless, ignorant, and unwary. Humans have weak in terms of learning the religion perfectly or perform the requirements perfectly and sincerely. This endeavor is weak in humans. That is why people have to worship their Rabb (Lord) with every fiber of their beings. However, they should never think that they are worshipping perfectly, and in the best possible way. Insan-i Kamil means the summit of humanity. The sultan of all prophets is Prophet Muhammad. There are other prophets as well. There are also awliya, what did they all do? They were the most superior people, or rather Insan-i Kamil. Yet they still bowed down helplessly. They said they could not worship Allah properly. They all admitted their helplessness. You see, dearest friends! There are people who admit their helplessness and use their power in the way of Allah. They are the ones who try to perform their duty as a servant. Some people who do lots faulty, and flawed actions may think they have done everything perfectly. Those are ignorant people. That is why you should keep up your servitude. You should hope. You should live with hope. However, you should never abandon hope. For the door of rahmat (blessing) is not a door from which you can abandon hope. That is a door from which you should eternally be hopeful. However, you cannot be sure that you will not be punished. You shall live between hope and fear. Now, an example is given here. There is Napoleon Bonaparte who is proud, and conceited. When he came to Egypt, he considered his success miraculous. Prophet Muhammad was a commander just like me.


Time Stamp: 30:01


I like him, but I am greater, he said. That pride was torn to pieces in the Siege of Acre. Then it faded away. This is because Prophet Muhammad is also a commander. He is the peerless commander of the world. However, he is also the greatest prophet. Besides, Prophet Muhammad is the prophet of rahmat (blessing) upon all worlds. He only spoke the truth (haqq). He lived the truth (haqq). Every word of his was true and authentic. He is a venerable figure who obtained whatever he has from Allah. He is the Sultan al-Anbiyā (master of prophets). He is the Sertaç al-Awliya (master of all awliya). He is the master of ruz-i ceza (the Last Day). A Napoleon could not even be an enlisted man under his command. Napoleon could only be among his ummah (nation) if he had belief (iman). He did not declare belief (iman), he lost that chance as well. The French could not finish dressing the wounds he inflicted. You see, pride and conceit destroy a person. Arrogance against the truth (haqq), and reality cannot be accepted ever. Conceit against the truth (haqq), and reality is disbelief (kufr). That is why the history suffered quite a lot from this type of proud and arrogant people. Frauds have all faded away. The arrogant and conceited people have all been broken. Napoleon had also faded away. He took his lesson from the Muslims in the Siege of Akka. The Crusader Army, and Napoleon had perished in the face of a handful of Muslims. So, what is the reason of their failure? The reason is relying on batil (wrong) things. And not relying on the truth (haqq). They were arrogant and conceited against the truth (haqq). Al-Quran Al-Karim is a unique miracle. It is an eternal miracle. The prophethood of Prophet Muhammad is eternal. The eternal laws that Prophet Muhammad and his prophethood brought forth is the religion of Islam. For Prophet Muhammad came with eternal laws. His prophethood and the Islamic laws and rules he brought are everlasting. That is the everlasting constitution. This is the divine book. This is Al-Quran Al-Karim, and it is the constitution of Allah. With the word ‘التحدّي’ which to challenge; a competition and race is announced. You should embrace ilm (knowledge). The wonders are special aids from Allah. Miracles (mujizat), and karamats (wonders) are special favors of Janâb-i Haqq. They have drawn countless weapons. They have shed so many bloods. The world became a mess. They have gone to great lengths. They have spent quite a lot of resources. Yet they could not stand against Islam. They could not accomplish their goals no matter how hard they have tried. They will eternally fail. They will not be able to accomplish their goals. The greatest armies of idolaters, the mindset of crusaders and the imperialists have united against Al-Quran Al-Karim. Throughout the history they attacked Islam, and the Muslims. Their power was never enough. However, those who died with disbelief (kufr) became nothing but fuel in Jahannam (Hell). They became nothing but wood coal. They brought shame upon themselves. You cannot stand against Islam. No one can afford standing against Islam. Islam is the name of the order that Allah established. You see, Islam belongs to Allah. Islam is the rulership of Allah. Islam is not man-made. You see, the people who say they are servants of Allah and who say that Allah created them must acknowledge and bow down before the rulership of Allah. So, what happens if you do not bow down?


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Your neck, and your back will be broken by the armies of Azrail. The return of the disbelief (kufr) in the world is trouble. You‘ll get the trouble you deserve. You‘ll enter your grave. The tightening of the grave begins. Then they will throw you into mahshar (the Gathering). Following that the punishment in Jahannam (Hell) begins). That is why the religion of Islam informs humanity about everything beforehand. O, humanity! There is salvation, there is life! There is a divine scale that gives life. There is a divine order, a divine system. That is Islam. That is the Quran. Come to the life-giving light. Come to serenity. You see, we wish these talks of ours to be life-giving talks. We wish to be helpful to the humanity. That is why we continue our talks. That is why we continue these lessons. The fuel in Jahannam (Hell) consists of rocks, sculptures, idols, and idolaters. The fuel in Jahannam (Hell) is rocks. There are rocks named ‘hijare’. They smell worse than a rotting corpse. These are the fuel of Jahannam (Hell). The sculptures, rocks (hijare), idols and idolaters ae all fuels of Jahannam (Hell). That is clearly reported in these verses. Moreover, what we do here is to discover them. We make the tafsir (exegesis), tevil (glossary) and narration. ‘Salihat’ is the good acts/deeds done with the heart and body. The name of that is ‘amel-i salih – good deed’. The name of that is ‘ʿamilū ṣ-ṣāliḥāt – good deed’. You see, good deeds, which is written in the Quran as ‘ʿamilū ṣ-ṣāliḥāt’ is the good acts/deeds done with the heart and body, and goods. You see, dearest friends! Mâlâ aynun raet velâ hüzünün semiat vela hatara alâ kalbi beşer. Now, that hadith-i sharif refers to Janna (Paradise), and gives news about it. Janna (Paradise) is the abode of reward (thawāb). Janna (Paradise) is the return of good deeds and belief (iman). Allah has bestowed Janna (Paradise) due to Allah‘s favor. Allah has accepted belief (iman), and good deeds as reasons for bestowing Janna (Paradise). Otherwise, no one may enter Janna (Paradise) with his own endeavors. Janâb-i Haqq accepted belief (iman), and Islam, and good deeds as prequisites. That is why Allah has bestowed and promised Janna (Paradise) to the believers (mu‘mins). That is due to Allah‘s favor. Janna (Paradise) is the abode of reward (thawāb). The realm of Janna (Paradise) is a garden covered with tangled trees. The Janna (Paradise) in the unseen (ghaib), and what is inside it is grown via belief (iman), and good acts/deeds. This is important, please listen carefully. The Janna (Paradise) in the unseen (ghaib), and what is inside it is grown via belief (iman), and good acts/deeds. So, your Janna (Paradise) is created according to the good/acts deeds that you perform in this world. So, if you say ‘Subhānallāh – Glorified is Allah’ in this world then a tree that suits your Janna (Paradise) is planted into your Paradise. You see, palaces made out of gold and silver are being built in return of your good acts/deeds in this world. As you work in this world, the returns of your acts/deeds are used for building Janna (Paradise). I‘ll repeat the last part so that you may not forget it. The Janna (Paradise) in the unseen (ghaib), and what is inside it is grown via belief (iman), and good acts/deeds.


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One attains Ridván (Paradise) by that. One attains the divine consent by that. One reaches the pleasure of Haqq-ul-yaqeen (the final level of certainty gained through experience) by that. One travels from Dar al-Islam (house/abode of Islam) to Dar es-Salaam (Palace of Peace) by that. You see, it is a completely safe environment of trust which is everlasting. That is abode of peace, prosperity, salvation and sustenance. Janna (Paradise) is the abode of complete peace. That is how one earns Dar es-Salaam (Palace of Peace). They experience the pleasure of Haqq-ul-yaqeen (final level of certainty). Al-Quran Al-Karim preferred ascertainable expressions. However, Al-Quran Al-Karim did not abandon feelings either. There is Janna (Paradise) in return of Islam. You see, the Dar es-Salaam (Palace of Peace). The religion of peace here is the religion of Islam. A Muslim lives Islam in Dar al-Islam (house/abode of Islam). Then he enters Dar es-Salaam (Palace of Peace), in other words Janna (Paradise). There cannot be a Janna (Paradise) without Islam. You see, Al-Quran Al-Karim did not even abandon feelings. However, Al-Quran Al-Karim has spoken to the intellects of people. [10:2] “li-lladhīna ʾaḥsanū l-ḥusnā wa-ziyādatun…” That was the beginning of the 26th verse of Surah Jonah. [10:2] “Those who are virtuous shall receive the best reward and an enhancement.” You see, the enhancement is Allah‘s jamal (beauty). That means you‘ll attain Janna (Paradise), and you‘ll see the jamal (beauty). As for the truth (haqq), that is what the intellect cannot deny. The intellect cannot deny the truth (haqq). A person must be devoid of intellect in order to deny the truth (haqq). That is because the earth and the heavens were created with the truth (haqq). A complete order has been established. Allah‘s existence can be seen clearly through the earth and the heavens. All creatures show the token of their creator at first. That is why the truth (haqq) is the undeniable truth, and reality. The truth (haqq), and reality is One. They are separated nominally. Its plural is ‘hakâik’. If the truth (haqq), and law is in favor, that means fixed and obligatory (wajib). If it is not in favor, it is a duty. The truth (haqq) is the occurrence that ideas and words abide by. Almighty Allah (c.c.) creates the wishes of the servants in order not to force them to anything. Allah creates what the servant wishes because otherwise Allah would have to take the freedom and will of the servant. Allah creates guidance, and deviancy both. Had Allah not created one of them, Allah would be forcing people on the other. That would not be a test. Allah creates the wishes of the servants and that is due to the glory, divinity, and lordship of Allah. In fiqh (jurisprudence) the thing that disrupts the whole is denied. That is a law, a rule, and a pedestal in fiqh (jurisprudence). So, what is it? The thing that disrupts the whole is denied. So, had Allah created one of them, or rather had Allah created guidance but did not create deviancy, then Allah would have forced people to one thing. Then, there would not be free-will, freedom, or freedom of choice. That would not be a test. So, what is fisq? Fisq means to go out of something. You can also call a rat that gets out of its hole as fasiq). Fasq means getting out of the shari (canonical) rules. So, the religious meaning of fisq here, is to step out of the shari (canonical) rules. It can be explained by dividing it into three parts.


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Those who commit sins occasionally are also venial sinners (fāsiq). Those who commit sins continuously are venial sinner (fāsiq) as well. There are also those who commit sins and refuse that they are doing something abominable, and this is disbelief (kufr). Now, the third expression is important. The one who commits a sin and refuses that it is a sin becomes a disbeliever (kafir). So, it means that fisq consists of three parts but the third venial sinner (fāsiq) is counted as a disbeliever (kafir). That happens when you call what is haram (sinful) as halal (lawful). It also happens when you call what is halal (lawful) as haram (sinful). It is disbelief (kufr), when you do not like one of the absolute commandments of Islam and Allah. It is disbelief (kufr) when you call what Allah called bad as good. In other words, when you call a haram (sinful) thing as halal (lawful) that is disbelief (kufr). Whosoever has this disbelief (kufr) is a disbeliever (kafir). Except for lives, chastity, and honor. Now, friends listen carefully. Essentially everything that does not affect lives, chastity, and honor is ibaha (neutral). So, what does ibaha (neutral) mean? Whatever there is on earth and in sky is ibaha (neutral) except for certain haram (sinful) things, and predetermined essential rights. In other words, Janâb-i Haqq has made the servants free as regards to everything that they may benefit. The number of the prohibitions are quite few. They are prohibited because they are too harmful to the servant. There is also this, the haram (sinful) things are a means for test. The essential rights and freedoms are untouchable, and cannot be violated. However, Janâb-i Haqq has rendered everything except those as halal (lawful). You see, essentially everything except essential rights is ibaha (neutral). Everything on earth and in sky is created for our benefit. Unless there is a special type of proof that proves something is haram, we may consider them as mubah (acceptable). In other words, everything is free to use if there is not an evidence that proves it is haram (sinful). However, if a commandment of Almighty Allah that says something is haram (sinful) is found, then you cannot do or use that thing ever. Thus and so, that haram (sinful) things is not considered among essential rights. The earth and the skies are for people. However, people are not created for people. People are not created to serve people. They are created as free beings. The entire earth and the skies are created for people. However, a person does not have a right to kill oneself or sell his chastity and honor. You cannot touch or violate anyone‘s right of life and religion, intellect, freedom, acts/deeds, goods or properties. These are counted among the essential rights that cannot be violated. These are the essential rights given by Allah. Violating the essential rights given by Allah is not acceptable. They are untouchable rights. It is haram (sinful) to violate them. In other words, they cannot be violated for violating them is haram. You should beware of these rights. As you see, Al-Quran Al-Karim, the religion of Islam, and Prophet Muhammad has announced, and introduced the fundamental rights and freedoms to the world fourteen centuries. ago. That is why people are not created to serve other people. Everything is created for people but people are created for believing in Allah, obedience, and servitude. People do not have a right to kill themselves or sell their chastity and honor. People cannot interfere with other people‘s right of life and religion, intellect, freedom, acts/deeds, goods and properties. Now, please consider today‘s laws. They have taken these freedoms away from the believers (mu‘mins) Now, Al-Quran Al-Karim commands something then someone‘s tyrannical laws come forth and they stand against the command of the Quran. Then they butcher the constitution law they made even though they themselves had also placed the freedom of belief into their constitution.


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They themselves play havoc with the constitution. You cannot touch those rights for they are inviolable rights. So, let‘s see what it says. A person does not have a right to kill himself, or sell his chastity. So, what about the right to live, or right of religion? That is the right to live according to his belief, deeds, morals and all commandments of his religion freely. You cannot forcefully prevent a citizen from living his religion freely, due to this or that excuse. If you do, then you are clearly standing against Allah. You are clearly standing against the Quran. That means you are butchering the freedom of religion and conscience. That is a clear violation of the constitution. That is if what they have is a constitution. No one can interfere with your intellectual freedom or actual freedom, your acts/deeds, your goods and property. Islam has introduced a complete concept of freedom rights and human rights. As for the rights given by Allah (c.c.), they are primary rights. These primary rights cannot be violated. Violating them is not acceptable. They are untouchable, and it is haram (sinful) to violate them. You see, a person cannot violate any of the rights that are counted among those. It is not acceptable to violate them. They are untouchable rights. It is haram (sinful) to violate them. You would be committing a sin the moment you violate those rights. Moreover, these rights, and how a person may use those rights have been established in the measures of the sharīʿah (canonical law) of Allah Ta‘ala. The measure of the sharīʿah (canonical law) of Allah have been established by Allah‘s laws. Now, there are great Islamic jurists such as Al-Imam Al-Azam and Imam al-Malik, Imam al-Shafi‘i and Imam al-Hanbali. These are the greatest philosophers and jurists of Islam. They understood Almighty Allah‘s laws and rules beautifully via the Quran, the sunna, ijma and qiyas. Moreover, they have committed all that on paper. The entire ahlus sunnah (people of sunnah) thought that the understanding of religion that they introduced is a proper one. That is why the way of ahlul sunnah (people of sunnah) continue with their understanding. You see, there are people who are close to their understanding. There are also people who are far from their understanding. They are ahlul bid‘ah (deviant innovators), and deviant people. That is why we say that Islam is the manifestation of essential rights and freedoms and the guarantor of all that is Islam itself. That is why lives, chastity and honor are incorporated into the structure of fundamental rights and freedoms and they come first and foremost. There is a right to live. Unless one appeals to the justice and the laws introduced by Almighty Allah, no one has a right to punish no one. In other words, a person may be punished for their acts/deeds (amel) but the laws of Allah who is their creator. That is why lives, chastity, and honor are among the fundamental rights and freedoms. I‘ll repeat the last part so that you may not forget. What is more, killing yourself, or rather suicide is counted as murder in Islam. To sell one‘s own chastity and honor is cuckolding and prostitution. Chastity, and honor is a fundamental in Islam. No one may sell their chastity and honor. They may, however, get lawfully married. They have a right to legitimately get married as they see fit. However, they cannot sell their chastity and honor. They have no such right. So, no one may interfere with the right to live, right to live a religion and intellectual freedom, normal freedom, freedom of acts/deeds (amel) and freedom of goods and property.


Time Stamp: 55:16


The rights given by Allah are the essential rights. It is not acceptable to violate essential rights. They are untouchable. It is haram (sinful) to violate them. You should listen, and understand this well. They have declared the universal declaration of human rights. about 40 or 50 years ago. The world must know that the original law human rights and freedom was declared fourteen centuries ago by Islam. The world must understand that Islam consists of divine justice and they should announce this to those who do not know. Human is the greater creature. They make use of the skies as well, and they should. For the skies are also created for people. Then Prophet Muhammad exceeded the seven layers of the sky and reached miʿraj (the night journey), or rather ‘qāba qawsayn’. So, what did Islam show via this? Islam showed us the advancement, and that Prophet Muhammad is an exemplary leader whose every act is for advancement. That is why all values that will ascent to the skies that will be ahead of all ages are present in Islam. The astronomy could not ye calculate the gravitational change between two celestial bodies. Thābit ibn Qurra has explained the theory of gravitation. The souls are candidates for ascension. Janâb-i Haqq has said that the souls that has belief (iman) ascent until they reach a’la-yı illiyyin (the highest degree). Janna (Paradise) is above, and Jahannam (Hell) is below. As for disbelief (kufr), polytheism (shirk) and standing against Islam will lead the person, and his soul down. Whereas the souls are candidates of ascension. The humanity should conduct research on earth and in skies. The humanity should be steadfast. They should attach importance to ilm (knowledge), and irfan (wisdom). The following opinions are also present. An opinion suggests that all things we know are in the first layer of the sky. [37:6] “ʾinnā zayyannā s-samāʾa d-dunyā bi-zīnatin-i l-kawākib” [37:6] “Indeed We have adorned the lowest heaven1 with the finery of the stars.” The first opinion that I‘ll convey suggests that the seven layers of the sky consist of the following. It starts on earth, and goes to Venus. And from Venus, it goes to Mercury. And from Mercury, it goes to the Sun. From the Sun it goes to Mars. From Mars, it goes to Jupiter. From Jupiter it goes to Saturn. After Saturn comes Uranus. And Neptune was discovered recently. Philosopher Thābit ibn Qurra has explained the theory of gravitation. So, the first opinion about it is this. Another opinion says that these stars, planets, the sun and all that are present in the first layer of the sky. You see, there are two opinions as we have conveyed. The first says that it starts from Earth, and goes to Venus. From Venus it goes to Mercury. From Mercury, it goes to the Sun. From the Sun it goes to Mars. From Mars it goes to Jupiter. From Jupiter it goes to Saturn. From Saturn, it goes to Uranus. So, what is beyond Saturn is narrated in the second opinion. Uranus and Neptune was discovered recently. If you ask “What is a sin?” We say that sins are not essential. They are works of external inculcations. As for reward (thawāb), it is essential.


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Such a shame that humanity abandoned what is essential. Then, they constituted the sin. They used the means given by Janâb-i Haqq for sinful things. The idea of ancestral sin that Christians put forth is also wrong. The Pastor‘s idea regarding earth‘s age of fire and the opinion that says the earth is formed on its own without there being a Master must be rectified. This is because there also falsehoods in these views as well. Al-Quran Al-Karim is the book that rectifies all falsehoods. Everything originated from Allah‘s creation which is above all laws. That is why in the eyes of science it is clear that the earth was created later. The view of the modern philosophy is also the same. As humanity advances in science they will understand Islam better. Many people have started to understand that. The law of inheritance should not be considered based on heredity but based on caliphs (successors). So, what happens when you consider it based of caliphs (successors). Being a caliph means being a successor. It is transferred from father to son. Human reproduction. The fact that all of these occur via Allah‘s creation is reminded to the people of ilm (knowledge). Now, what did Allah Ta‘ala do upon creating the earth, the heavens, and all worlds? Allah created humans as caliphs (successors). In other words, Allah said to humanity: “I have established these worlds for you. You shall rule them with My laws.” Allah appointed humanity o earth by saying that. A caliph (successor) is the one Allah has given authority. You see, the authority belongs to Allah. They must rule with the laws and decrees of Allah. They will be representatives of Allah and implement the commandments and laws of Allah. Those who follow the representatives are the caliphs (successors) who will perform the same duty. The anecdote that we conveyed is the summary of the exegesis of the ashab (companions) and the Tābi’ūn. That anecdote is conveyed to us by Ashab-i Gûzin, and the Tābi’ūn. Thus, it became the summary of all exegesis. You see, that is why we convey this summary to you. In the 39th verse of Surah al-Fatir, Janâb-i Haqq says…


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–          The End        –


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