Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 192-194

Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 192-194

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 192


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Dearest friends!

It is blindingly obvious that Islam and Muslims are the allies of the world. The conscience of Islam, filled to the brim with mercy, and the conscience of the Muslims who are attributed with these qualities, with their mercy that embrace all humanity with love. It is clear that they are allies of humanity with right and reality (haqq – haqiqa). You see, Islam is the universal religion. However, there are those who are unfriendly towards it. Janâb-i Haqq has been informing us about those people. Janâb-i Haqq has been telling us to beware of those who are unfriendly, and to not take them as allies. Says that they are not friendly towards you, and do not befriend those who don’t befriend you, rather be wary of them. You are their friends, but they are not your friends, says Janâb-i Haqq. Don’t make concessions to them by respecting them, and do not get carried away. Don’t be intimate with them, and don’t fall into their traps. Janâb-i Haqq warns us about these and says the following. See, Almighty Allah both warns us about this and says the following in Surah al- Mumtahanah [60].

The 8th verse of Surah al- Mumtahanah [60] says: “Allah does not forbid you from goodness towards those who did not fight against you, and did not expel you from your homes. Allah loves the just.”

Do you see! Allah introduces friend and enemy, and says that Allah Ta’ala does not forbid you from being good towards those who don’t fight you and don’t expel you from your homes. Janâb-i Haqq says that you should be good towards them but know the friend and the enemy. Janâb-i Haqq says that Allah loves those who are just, so don’t draw away from justice. Allah says that to the Muslims. See, this is the mark of the Muslim. You need to understand Al-Quran Al-Karim correctly in order to understand the Muslim correctly. A Muslim has to live by knowing Islam in order to be a true Muslim. Assaulting Islam only because a Muslim made a mistake is straight-up cruelty, and disbelief. A Muslim is but a mere servant (qul), he may know or be oblivious, he may do wrong. What does it mean to assault Islam? That is straight-up infidelity.

Islam is the ally of the entire world. You are drawing a gun on your own friend, your own salvation, your own bliss. You are burning and destroying your home of bliss. Just so you know, you are destroying your own home. Islam came for the salvation of the entire world. Says, be just and be good towards them, and do not say, “don’t be friendly towards them,” because Muslims are friends of the world. Says, “don’t take them as allies,” because they are not friendly towards you. Theirs is not friendship; they don’t do that.

Are you looking for a sign? The signs are out there, Muslims have sheltered all nations for 14 centuries under its sovereignty, but others did not shelter anyone until 50 years ago. And so many things have been happening in the world in the last 50 years. They inculcated materialism to the world, and a moral breakdown has occurred. They have rotten humanity from the inside, except those who work for the truth and better good of humanity, along with those who work for scientific benefit. Muslims are both chiefs of the world and their allies, because Islam is Allah’s own administration. Muslims are attendants of that, and everyone has a duty as servants (qul) of Allah.


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See, Allah created mankind as Allah’s own successors (caliphs). Everyone has a duty. Allah personally appointed these duties. Are we servants (qul)? Yes, we are servants (qul) and attendants. We have to fulfil the duties and offers Allah gave us with pleasure. We have to work under the command of our Rabb, for this is where servitude begins, and this is a complete sultanate. Serving human beings slavishly is nothing but humility, abasement, and captivity. As for servitude to Allah, that is but a sultanate in the world as well.

This is where freedom lies. Allah, who created you as a free-being is the guarantor of your freedom, is there anyone else who can guarantee freedom? There is no second god to guarantee someone’s freedom. Who do you think will guarantee the freedom of the one who says he has guaranteed your freedom?

Let us understand these matters correctly. Let us have our spiritual world taste real freedom. Not by being a toy in the hands of your nafs. Not by being a toy in the hands of idols. Not by being a toy in the hands of money. Not by being a servant in the hands of the world. Rather, you shall rule over money, and you shall rule the world. However, you shall be a servant (qul) to Allah, and abide by the command you receive from Allah.

Only then this servitude is sovereignty and sultanate, and this goes for everyone. The religion of Islam does not say one man should be the sultan and the other be a slave. Islam came to make all humanity happy, and give them equal rights and remedies, to implement social justice, and to establish peace in the entire world. See, everything belongs to Allah, and you cannot discriminate between the servants (qul) of Allah. Those who discriminate between people are the tyrants or zalimun, and the ignorant people who are oblivious to the truth, the wrongdoers, and those who consume people’s rights, and blood-shedding murderers. I shall repeat. Islam does not devour anyone’s rights, and does not let anyone do it.

So, come and let us get along, let us get to know Islam well. First, let us get to know Allah Ta’ala (c.c.) via Allah’s holy attributes, holy names, books, cosmological signs, and the verses of the book. The rest is easy. Once you know Allah, you will get to know Allah’s principles and messengers. However, you should know Almighty Allah first. If you say, “Let Allah reign over the heavens and leave me alone,” then you don’t know Allah at all. Allah is the Rabb of the heavens and the earth.

Everything in the universe without a beginning (azal) or an end (abad) belongs to Allah. The command and sovereignty belong to Allah. Tasarruf belongs to Allah, that’s why there is no end of the omnipotence (qudrah) of Allah, and nothing can stand against Allah’s will. Know it like this: There cannot be an end of the omnipotence (qudrah) of Allah, and nothing can stand against the will of Allah. So, come and get your head together before you die, before Azrail comes. See, we took one breath right now, but do we have the right and authority to take another breath? Allah gives us life and that’s why we are alive, for Allah is the source. Allah gives life. We took the first breath, and life comes to an end if Janâb-i Haqq does not let us take the second breath. Come and acknowledge Allah, Islam, and the Quran before Azrail comes and your life ends. This is for your benefit; also know how much I love you; this is why I am expressing these clearly to you.


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Whether you are a lord, a general, a marshal, a judge, a shepherd in the mountains, a worker, a boss, or whatever, come and accept the Real (al-Haqq). Like I’ve said, accept before Azrail comes. So, when will Azrail come? He has a list, and you have a lifetime. He will come when you take your last breath and your life ends. This is called ajal musamma (specified term). Everyone’s specified term is in the hands of Azrail (a.s.), and the armies of Azrail are commissioned to take lives. See, there are armies of Michael, Israfil, and Azrail, and they all have their specific duties. As for us, we are servants (qul) of Allah as human beings, and our duty is to accept Allah Ta’ala and fulfil the commands, live like this, and die like this, and go to the presence of Allah with our faith (iman) shining through our heart. We have to go to the presence with tawhid iman (monotheism), with a pure heart and a pure face.

I am not among the apple-polishers. I won’t be among those who deceive people with false good tidings. As a matter of fact, I address those who deceive people and say, “If you are deceiving someone, then you have been deceived first. If you are polishing the apple for someone, then someone has already adulated you and deceived you. Either your nafs (self), or your demons deceived you. Come! You should also come to the truth, right, and reality.”

The hodja is reciting a part of the 112nd verse of Surah al-Hud [11].

“So be steadfast, the way you have been commanded,” says Janâb-i Haqq, and does not say, “Polish the apple and flatter.”

Bringer of good news (beşīr) and warner (nezīr), all based on the truth and being real. Prophet Muhammad is a bringer of good news (beşīr) and a warner (nezīr), and all Prophets are like that. Beşīr means bringer of good news, and heralds what is right and real. As for nezīr, it warns you and informs you of the dangers. Informs you about all types of dangers that are real. Where? In the news of Allah, divine revelation (wahy-i ilahi) and Al-Quran Al-Karim which were revealed to Prophet Muhammad, along with right and real sources of Islam such as the book, sunnah, ijma (consensus), and qiyas (analogy). The main and true (haqq) sources are here.

Therefore, let us not get carried away with actions, words, or starry advertisements that will deceive each other. That’s why Janâb-i Haqq says that they are not friendly towards us, everything is out there, don’t take them as allies. Now, Muslims are friendly towards the universe, but what about others? There are people unfriendly towards us, and Janâb-i Haqq informs us about them.

See the 10th verse of Surah al-Baqarah, says, “فِي قُلُوبِهِم مَّرَضٌ,” – “There is sickness in their hearts.” When a person’s heart and soul are broken, he won’t know what he is and consider what he has done right.

Come and see how Al-Quran Al-Karim narrates you yourself. See how it identifies the diagnosis correctly. See how it presents the life-giving prescription to your hands, your heart, and your reason (aql). The life-giving prescription is presented to your reason (aql), heart, and soul; the life-giving prescription that has the reality. It does not polish the apple, flatter, or deceive anyone; rather it endeavours to save those who were deceived. You may run away because there is no compulsion. The test is no longer a test when there is compulsion. There is no compulsion, rather Al-Quran Al-Karim addresses your reason (aql) and will (irada).

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Al-Quran Al-Karim presents all truths before your reason (aql), and your will (irada), and your freedom. One may accept or not, that is up to the individual.

Now, people like Ibn Ubayy… There is Abd-Allah ibn Ubayy, who was known as Ibn Ubayy. He is the chief of the hypocrites (munafiq). He would listen to the Prophet, and Al-Quran Al-Karim, but he still would not give up his hypocrisy. May Allah not make us among them. He was serving such a distorted heart and such a broken soul that he was only serving the wrong. He wasn’t using his will to straighten himself up. Nonetheless, that grand Prophet who is a mercy upon all the worlds, he still got along with them and managed them, and gave them respite and notice so that they may straighten themselves up and become Muslims. Some of them did, and some of them went straight for Jahannam (Hell).

A narration that comes from Ibn-i Abbas is about the victory of Islam against all mankind. “Islam is always victorious, and it cannot be defeated.” He said that by relying on the 52nd verse. Let this be a word of advice for everyone! Can Allah be defeated? Islam is Allah’s own principles. It is Allah’s own order, and Allah’s own laws. Islam cannot be defeated. If a Muslim is defeated then is a martyr, or a gāzī if he lives, but his conscience and soul will roam around freely. Even while his body is torn to pieces as he is martyred, his soul will fly towards the ʿarsh (the throne), and go towards the qandeels of ʿarsh (the throne). See, one qandeel is enough to encompass the seven layers of heavens, this is how big it is. One hundred thousand qandeels are mentioned, and it is mentioned that one qandeel encompasses the seven layers of heavens.

We have great discoverers here, and it is not like anyone can easily uncover the things these discoverers had uncovered. Prophet Muhammad went beyond the seven layers of the heavens, and reached qāba qawsayn. Prophet Muhammad was the pioneer and leader of human development and advancement. What did he say to mankind? Said, “Always go up, and don’t go down. Always go up and forward.” Prophet Muhammad personally did this move, and set it in motion. The moment religion of Islam was born in the world, all dynamics were set into motion. All studies in the world gained pace after it. Whether some people believe or not, after Islam came to the world, it started a reform and renaissance and its movement right away. It always aims for the better. If the world discovered it well and understood it, then the world would have turned into a paradise. Nobody would be left in need, and poverty-stricken people wouldn’t be oppressed, and tyrants couldn’t sponge on poor people. Such unfruitful consciences emerged today that the world and the poor people are still being exploited. We’re not talking about those who truly serve humanity, but there are countless people who exploit the world off the backs of poor, needy, and innocent people. Is this a social world? Where is social justice and social state? Dearest friends! The hypocrites (munafiq) say the following. They mention a circle, a circle that spins. What do the hypocrites (munafiq) say? Disaster that roams all over the world. Revolution. They don’t trust the predominance of the truth (haqq), and the advancement of Islam.


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That is, the hypocrites (munafiq). Yet they seem like Muslims. They portray themselves as Muslims but live like non-Muslims. Why? Because the hypocrites (munafiq) don’t ever trust in development of Islam. They say there are disasters and revolutions that roam around the world, and they trust others, and say this will be a revolution, and say the state will be seized by others. That is, they say the state will be seized by non-Muslims, and they go after disunity and revolution. They have second thoughts about Islam, and they would not be considered gâvur (infidel) if they did not doubt it. Islam is a truth that cannot be doubted. That said, faith (iman) does not accept doubt either. There cannot be affirmation (tasdiq) where there is doubt, and there cannot be faith (iman) where there is no affirmation (tasdiq). The essential prerequisite of faith (iman) is affirmation (tasdiq), and after it comes the confirmation (iqrar) of the tongue, and implementing the religion in your life. However, true faith (iman) comes with the affirmation (tasdiq) of the heart. As the hypocrite (munafiq) lacks affirmation (tasdiq) but has doubts, what will he do? See, the hypocrites (munafiq) doubt Islam and the Prophet. Besides, it wouldn’t be like this had they didn’t doubt because they used to perform namāz behind Prophet Muhammad, and they used to listen to his waaz (sermon), admonition. They used to listen to the divine revelation (wahy-i ilahi) as well. However, they couldn’t become Muslims in any way, and they lived as gâvurs (infidels). They cooperate with non-Muslims who are not friendly towards Islam, and this is another mark of the hypocrite (munafiq). They collaborate with people who are not friendly towards Islam or Muslims. Why? Because they doubt Islam, they doubt the Prophet, and they even doubt Al-Quran Al-Karim. If the Muslims grow strong, they draw close to them and portray themselves as Muslims, but they immediately switch to the side of gâvurs (infidels) if they weaken.

See, these are some of the clear signs of hypocrisy. That said, there are many signs that give away hypocrisy. For example, the believers trust in Allah and the Messenger while the hypocrites (munafiq) collaborate with the enemies of Islam. The hypocrites (munafiq) trust the enemies of Islam. Moreover, it is not like there are only three signs of hypocrisy, those three signs are clear signs that Prophet Muhammad said. These are telling lies, betraying what is entrusted, and to break a promise. So, whoever has these bad traits have clear signs of hypocrisy. Yet these three aren’t the only signs, rather they are three important signs. Besides, if you see what is incorporated into these three bad traits, then you will see that they are important because they incorporate so many other signs as well, and this is why they come to the forefront. So, our dear friends, who will a faithful Muslim, a true believer, a true Muslim trust? He completely trusts in Allah. He also completely trusts in the Messenger and subjects to him. That said, true Muslims always rely upon each other, and they assure each other. They are assured by other Muslims, and they themselves assure others. Being a trustworthy person is mark of a Muslim. You will be a trustworthy person, trust others, and assure them. Are you a Muslim? Then you cannot betray what is entrusted to you ever, and you cannot lie, and you cannot break a promise. We have the first promise to Allah. We gave a promise to Allah, saying that we shall live according to Islam and the values of Islam.


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That is why a Muslim is a trustworthy person, and he also assures others. Let us not forget these! Some people could not study or learn Islam because they don’t know the truths, and they are part ignorant and part Muslim. People who partly do good (sawāb) things and partly commit sins should repent this situation of theirs right away, straighten-up, advance, develop, learn the things they don’t know, and listen to the life-giving lessons that narrate the Quran well throughout their lives.

If you don’t know, then listen and understand those who know. Allah had Prophet Muhammad read, and Jibril (a.s.) was an envoy. Then, Prophet Muhammad had the sahabah (companions) read it, and he had the world read it. The literate people of the world teach others how to read. We shall continue to live until the grave by teaching each other and being beneficial to each other, and we will add more knowledge to our knowledge. We won’t be like some backward bigot who entered into a mould and cannot get out. Muslims are people who always advance and develop. It is Prophet Muhammad who said, “He whose two days are equal is at a loss.” Your two days cannot ever be equal. If you gained 5 knowledge today, then it has to be 6 tomorrow, and 7 the next day. So, upgrade yourself by adding more knowledge to your knowledge. Upgrade yourself, and always try to advance. See, the verses of the Quran and Islam shall upgrade you even further. See, when you know Islam, your faith (iman) also advances, there will be development and you will receive daraja (rank/class), and you will continue to raise. There are those who know the Quran, Sunnah, ijma (consensus), and qiyas (analogy) well, and their knowledge is the true murshid (guide, teacher). True knowledge does not pass from father to son. A father may be a scholar while his son is a bigot. Do you know what some people do? They pass authority from father to son and so on.

There is competence in Islam. There is no passing authority from father to son, rather there is competence. Irshad (guidance) and murshid (guide, teacher) is where there is a competent person. If there is no competence, then a person cannot become a murshid (guide, teacher) even if he is son of an awliya, unless he has competence in irshad (guidance). Competence in Islam is in knowledge (ilm) and irshad (guidance). In Islam, a murshid (guide, teacher) has true knowledge (ilm) and reality. That said, we have such competent people such as our mujtahids and murshids (guide, teacher), we also have authentic sources and solid works.

A man comes forth, who accepts himself awliyaji, and he forgot about the Prophet, and he even forgot about Janâb-i Haqq. He also took out the Quran, and the Sunnah. That person who considers himself an awliyaji says, “Which Quran, which tafsir (exegesis), or which book?”

Editor’s note: Awliyaji refers to those who accept the awliya people, but they don’t accept the Prophets, the Quran, or even Allah.

See, every tafsir (exegesis) written in the way of Ahlus-Sunnah is perfect. It is just that some of them could discover a little more, while another did not stray far from the essence. See, it is like one of them touched his ear the short way and showed it, while another touched it the long way.

However, all of our books that were written by true Islamic scholars are intact. They ask, which book or which tafsir (exegesis), and they disincline people from the Quran. Every book, and every tafsir (exegesis), as long as they are written by competent authors, and as long as what is written by our competent âlims are out there. We have Fakhr al-Din al-Razi and other mufassirs (authors) such as Elmalılı. They are our excellent mufassirs (authors).


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What does it mean to say they are numerous, which tafsir (exegesis) should we read? That is nothing but ostracizing the Quran from the people and vice versa. Be wary of such people who claim they awliyaji. They talk like missionaries, and they are not even aware of what they are doing. They say false things.

A verse of the Quran is explained by another verse. Those who say, “which Quran, which tafsir” are people who have no knowledge regarding the Quran. They claim they are jurists but they have no idea whatsoever about law. They say they are awliyaji but they don’t even know the origin of awliya. What is the origin of awliya? They are revered figures who know and explore Al-Quran Al-Karim, the Sunnah, the ijma (consensus) very well. You see, they portray themselves as awliyaji but they don’t know the origin of awliya. Be wary of them!

A man has wrapped around his head a tight turban, and put on a thick jubbah, but there is no knowledge in him, and he can’t even make exegesis (tafsir) of half a page from the Quran, and he can’t explain the hadith-i sharifs via the understanding of Ahlus-Sunnah.

He speaks randomly, and he has no knowledge (ilm), he could not acquire it. So, do not give credit to such people. Yes, a turban should be tight, but you have to back it. Yes, a jubbah should be thick, but you need to back it with knowledge. Some people say, “We found him, never let go of him,” when they find someone with a long beard, tight turban, and thick jubbah. Why don’t you see whether he has knowledge to back it up? This is how some people see it, they look for Islam in appearance. You see, Islam is neither in nudity, nor in dye, nor in turban, nor in jubbah; rather it is in knowledge (ilm) and wisdom (irfan). Islam is in right and haqq guidance (irshad), and that is possible through knowing Islam correctly. Yet some people undress, get naked, and they think this is the way of consoling oneself. All the while some other people put on a tight and thick turban, put on a jubbah, grew a long beard, and thinks that Islam is limited to these things, that is also wrong. That said, if yet another person locked himself into a dark room and thinks he is doing something good in there, then that is also wrong.

Islam is a religion that is brighter than the sun. It is a religion that enlightens all eras, hearts, and spirits. The darkness should run away from you, why are you running away? Let ignorance run away from you, and let people get rid of ignorance, where are you running? Why don’t you enlighten those around you, for knowledge (ilm) is the light of the souls? Islam is nothing but sacred knowledge (ilm) and sacred truths. If only you knew Al-Quran Al-Karim verse by verse, you talk as if Allah couldn’t tell it properly and that’s why you don’t read the Quran. You won’t speak with the Quran, rather you chew on someone else’s words like gum, but why can’t you understand Allah’s words in the Quran?

A verse can be exegeted (tafsir) by another verse, it can also be exegeted (tafsir) by hadith-i sharifs of the Prophet. Then again, the juridical (sharʿī) sciences can make exegesis (tafsir) of verses. You cannot talk about the verses randomly, this requires knowledge (ilm) and license. That said, you have to know the meanings of the words, grammar, word structure, sentence structure etc. You can either try to study these matters as well or at least read from solid sources. But do not neglect what exists, or the Quran will ostracize you. The moment you ostracize the Quran you yourself will be ostracized. So, think about where you will find yourself. Don’t talk against the Quran or Muslims, rather bring forth the truth, and let people decide whether they will acquire it or not.


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Don’t defame Muslims. And don’t link everything to certain people because our only enemy in the world is the Shaitan and those who side with him. Islam came to save mankind. Islam is a beginningless (azali) and endless (abadi) capital of mercy for mankind. We don’t have any enemies other than those who are hostile towards Allah. Besides, we even want people who don’t accept Allah and the Book to be saved through the sacred and rescuer values of Allah Ta’ala. That is only possible through spreading (tabligh) them, and people may accept or not, but spreading (tabligh) is only possible by saying the truth.

That is why dearest friends! Janâb-i Haqq says that the believers trust in Allah and the Messenger. However, the hypocrites (munafiq) collaborate with the enemies of Islam. Islam saves those who are hostile towards it as well, if they want salvation. However, if the other side does not want to be saved, then they are free in their choice, that is up to them. Then again, in the 11st verse of Surah al-Hashr [59], Janâb-i Haqq says: “The hypocrites said, ‘We will surely help you.’.” Allah Ta’ala says to them, “Allah bears witness that they are liars.” See, the hypocrites tell lies. They still lie even if they said, “We will help you,” to the enemies of Islam. They still lie if they said, “We will help you,” to the Muslims, for you cannot trust their word. For they don’t trust Allah, they don’t trust the Prophet, they don’t trust the Quran or the Muslims. There is no way you can trust them. You know what Allah says about them. Allah bears witness. Allah says “I bear witness that the hypocrites are lying.”

Allah (c.c.) said that. If a person is a liar, an impostor, and he can’t keep his word, and he betrays what is entrusted, then he can neither have a nation, nor a religion, nor honour, nor sacred values. They are the most dangerous creatures. They sell their homelands, their honours, and they have a mentality that betrays the sacred values. For they are liars, impostors, and they betray what is entrusted. Each and every duty is an entrustment. Every command of Allah is an entrustment for us. Serving your homeland, nation, and sacred values are entrustments. The duties that you bore are entrustments, and you have to observe them correctly. That said, being competent in entrustments is in straight-up honesty.

Moreover, we understand from the 5th verse of Surah al-Maidah [5] that whoever disbelieves in the Islamic decrees (hukm), and does not accept to believe, then all his work has failed, he is in loss and frustration, and he has ruined himself. See, the truth is out there, and Islam does not want anyone to be at a loss, and does not want anyone to be in frustration. Frustration is loss, and that means losing all values regarding everything.

Some people cheated everyone off their rights by stealing, ransacking, swearing, hitting, breaking, using his authority for evil, exploiting, consuming government property because he thinks those who don’t are foolish, and he has gained so much weight and got so swollen that he is about to explode. Do you know what happens to them later? See, at that time they will arrive in the great gathering (mahshar), and Janâb-i Haqq will be calling the right owners so that everyone may get their rights back.


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Everyone takes their rights, but the man has nothing to give, so they take the sins of the right owners and load it on him. If he had performed namāz (prayer), they take it. If he has fasted, they take it as well. They take every sawāb he has, including the sawāb of hajj (pilgrimage) or zakat (alms-giving). Yet still can’t pay what is due to the right owners, so they burden him with their sins, and drive him to Jahannam (Hell). Prophet Muhammad says, “This is the one who is bankrupt.” See, this is the one who is truly bankrupt. So, you think you can devour people’s belongings, curse at them, beat them, break them, and ruin their hearts, and break their hearts as if you break glass and get away with it? Every piece of glass that splatter from the hearts you broke will stick to you as if they were daggers.

It is not possible for you to be happy in this world either, for you cannot break their hearts. The hearts are more sacred than Kaaba Shareef. The hearts that are filled with faith (iman). See, the hearts of every human being are created for faith (iman). Yes, Kaaba is indeed very sacred, but the hearts are more sacred. Why? Because you can’t build a heart. If the Kaaba was destroyed, there are thousands of architects who can build it again, but if you break a heart who can repair it, who is its architect? Just think for a second! Islam preserves the hearts and the souls, protects them, keeps them in safety, gives them life, wants them to be happy, with all its values, with its prescription, with its ab-e-hayat (water of life), with its kibrit-i ahmars. The religion of Islam came with all types of remedies.

In Yemen, Zumar Al-Aswad al-‚Ansi claimed to be a prophet, and Fayruz al-Daylami killed him personally. Now, please note that there are false prophets in the world. There are lying theologists who speak nothing but lies, and there are impostors, be wary of them. This had happened in the Era of Bliss, but the same thing happened later. There are things like that today and there will surely be tomorrow. So, be wary of the impostors and liars. In the end, our Prophet (asw) gave news of his death as a mujizat (miracle). This Zumar Al-Aswad al-‚Ansi had claimed to be a prophet in Yemen. Our Prophet (asw) gave news of this as a miracle. He said this person will kill him on this day, and he will get the punishment he deserved, and in the end this miracle came true. In the end, Fayruz al-Daylami killed him with his hands, and our Prophet (asw) had informed this as a mujizat (miracle). Muadh ibn Jabal was the Governor of Yemen at that time, and our Prophet wrote him a letter and informed him of the situation. He informed Muadh ibn Jabal of the situation, radiyallahu anhum wa ardahum ajmain.

See, Musaylimah al-Kadhdhāb had offered our Prophet to share the world. He was another false prophet, and his name was Musaylimah al-Kadhdhāb. He was a lying person, who claimed to be a false prophet, and that is what he offered to our Prophet. He said, let us share the world, to Prophet Muhammad (asw). And our Master (asw) wrote the 128th verse of Surah al-A’raf [7] in a letter and sent it to him. Says, “From the Messenger of Allah, Muhammad, to the lying impostor Musaylimah al-Kadhdhāb,” this is how he addressed him, and then he wrote the verse. So, what does Janâb-i Haqq say in the verse of the Quran?

The hodja recites the 128th verse of Surah al-A’raf [7].

“Surely, the earth belongs to Allah just like all the worlds belong to Allah, and Almighty Allah gives its inheritance to whoever Allah wishes of Allah’s servants (qul).”


Time Stamp: 45:00


Out of whom? Says, “مِنْ عِبَادِهِ” – “of Allah’s servants.”

See, he sent this verse because the first-degree inheritors of the world are the Prophets, and then comes the saleh (pious) servants (qul). As for others, they are thieves, usurpers, and tyrants, and successorship is not their right. They may have taken possession of the situation for a moment, but then again, this is because people don’t help the saleh (pious) people. As long as there are saleh (pious) people in the world, and as long as there are people who support them, social justice, and right and reality, then the tyrants and extortionists cannot inherit the world ever. If they can, that is only because evil can muster up support, and this is the suffering of mankind, the bane of their lives, and this is people bringing disasters upon themselves with their own hands. This is because people don’t side with righteous people, and evil can muster up support.

The killer of Hamza ibn Abdul-Muttalib had killed Musaylimah al-Kadhdhāb. See, he was called Wahshi (Savage) when he had killed Hamza ibn Abdul-Muttalib in battle, and he was an idolater back then. He was a slave of Abu Jahl and Hind. This person who was a slave of Hind was an idolater, and he was the slave of idolaters. However, this person became a Muslim. Even though he had martyred Hamza in battle, he is another one who was forgiven because he became a Muslim. Do you know what Islam does a person’s past? Just erases it. When a person becomes a Muslim, all his past sins are completely forgiven. Islam erases the past and tosses it.

So, once you become a Muslim, from then on stay away from sinning and increase your faith (iman) and good deeds (amal-e-saleh), and hasten into sawāb and goodness, and win Janna (Paradise). In the end, he became a Muslim as well. Before he became a Muslim, he had killed Hamza ibn Abdul-Muttalib, radeyallahu anhum wa ardahum ajmain, in battle. What did he do to the sayyid ash-shuhada? He martyred him in battle, he had caused his martyrdom. This savage who had killed Hamza in battle had killed Musaylimah al-Kadhdhāb in battle after he became a Muslim. He had killed a major enemy of Islam, and bragged about it, which was his right. He had said, “I had caused the martyrdom of the most valuable of Muslims before I became a Muslim, and now, my Allah, I killed one of the arch-enemies of Islam, please, match this sawāb of mine with that sin of mine, and forgive me.” You see how Islam turns so many savage souls into most noble souls. It is Islam what makes humans human. Almighty Islam is what turns savage souls into civilized souls, and fills them to the brim with love When faith (iman) enters the heart, and is nourished by the Quran, and takes Prophet Muhammad (asw) as an example, then you will see the world’s most savage souls turning into the most civilized souls of the world. Would you like an example? Think about Umar for a second. Umar, before he became a Muslim, he was an idolater who buried his very dear girl alive. Do you see how violent the souls were, does not even have pity on their own children? What did Islam do to Umar when the world was such a violent place? Islam took Umar from there. Islam transformed Umar, who did not even have pity on his own girl, violent and savage Umar, into the world’s most equitable and fair person.


Time Stamp: 50:00


He obtained the epithet “farooq,” and many verses that were revealed were in accordance with the feelings Umar had felt inside him, and Janâb-i Haqq found Umar’s feelings befit the truth (haqq). Many verses were well understood through his feelings, and many verses came. Islam will take whole mankind from the most savage environment and bring them to the most civilised setting. Do you want happiness for individuals? Do you want families, congregations, nations, and states to be happy? Then implement the recipe and medicine of Islam, which has written the prescription of souls from a to z. See, Allah wrote it, and Muhammad implemented it, there is no other way of explaining it, and these life-giving values are brand-new and fresh, and they will continue to stay that way until the Last Day without being distorted.

So, the murderer or Hamza had killed this false prophet called Musaylimah al-Kadhdhāb. He had said, “I martyred the most benevolent of all people when I was a polytheist. Now, I have become a Muslim, and killed the evilest of all people.”

As for the third one, Tulayha’s lot, and for them Khalid ibn al-Walid was sent. Khalid ibn al-Walid was sent to fight him, and he was another false prophet. Tulayha was defeated and he ran away. Nobody could stand against the Islamic army for 14 centuries, for disbelief (kufr) cannot stand against faith (iman). Faith (iman) is ten times stronger than disbelief (kufr) in the least, and that is minimum. There are certain faiths (iman) that are equal to the entire world. That’s why you should always raise humanity to perfection with a perfect faith (iman). This rise of the hearts and souls is only possible with Islam. You may feed your stomach, meat, and bones with other things, but if you are not nourished according to the prescription of Islam, then even your organs and system will break.

There won’t be anything good in the souls or the hearts. Storms will brew in the souls. There will be floods, earthquakes, and depressions in the souls. You will experience a new tsunami in your inner world every day. So, implement the prescription of Islam to your heart and your soul. The nature and goal of the heart is faith (iman) of Islam. So, polish your heart with the faith (iman) of Islam, which is tawhid iman (monotheism). The faith (iman) of Islam is when Allah’s unity is predominant in all the worlds, hearts, souls, minds, and dreams. Don’t be like those who say “one” but acknowledge many gods. Some people say, “Allah is One,” but when you look at their life-styles you see that they acknowledge so many gods. That is no tawhid (monotheism). See, that is why Tulayha escaped. His heart was defeated against the army of Islam, and then he became a good Muslim.

In the battles of Iran, there was Majusi at that time, he was the kisra (king), and that state was the second super state of the world. Tulayha had great services against the actions taken against that state and against polytheism (shirk). Moreover, those like Fezâre, Katafan, Bani Salim, Bani Yarbu’, Seca, Kadhdhāb’s wife, Kinde, and Hutan ibn Zayd, were all destroyed by the hand of Abu Bakr. They were also people who wanted to claim false prophethood. They were people who objected to Islam.

Now, someone among the People of Kassan, Jableh, had slapped a poor person once.


Time Stamp: 55:00


Then, he had feared retaliation (qisas), and escaped to the Greek side, and he became a murtadd, and this had happened during Umar’s time. See, this was something Jableh did, and he was among those who ruined themselves.

O, humanity! You should run towards the friendship of the Real (al-Haqq). Shield yourself from the liars, and all types of impostors. Come to the true Islam, the real knowledge (ilm) of the Quran, its wisdom (irfan), true faith (iman), and the understanding of Islam that Ahlus-Sunnah understood. Pay attention to these, and run towards the friendship of the Real (al-Haqq). Creates so many things with grace, and ihsan (beneficence), and makes you reach izzat (glory) and istiqlal (liberty). Islam will make you glorious, and save you from abasement (zillah). Islam is nothing but izzat (glory), and the greatest izzat is in Islam itself. Those who become good Muslims are those who are the recipients of this honor. Islam shall rise until the ʿarsh (the throne), and until it reaches the Jamal (Beauty) of Allah. See, Janna (Paradise) is Allah’s Jamal (Beauty). If you don’t want that, then there is the opposite of it. That is, Allah’s wrath and Jahannam (Hell). See, this is where disbelief (kufr), polytheism (shirk), and evil-doings lead. In these verses, the nations who shall be of service in terms of exalting the religion of Allah are pointed out. O, Muslim! You shall be of service in order to exalt the religion of Islam. O, Muslim! You shall be of service to Islam. O, Muslim! You shall serve to Islam. O, Muslim! You shall be together with groups and nations who shall be of service to Islam. This is where history, peace, and justice lie. You need to demonstrate the deterrent power of the truth here so that tyranny may stop in the world, justice may be implemented, and mercy may encompass the entire world. There are Abu Bakr and Umar in the source of this news. It was Abu Bakr who bore all these attributes. See, Umar and Abu Bakr who bore these qualities are the pioneering revered figures who worked for exalting the religion, and for serving Islam. The Ansar are among them, and so were the people of Yemen. Besides, the four caliphs are the foremost people in that. See, Abu Bakr, Umar, Uthman, Ali, al-`Asharaa al-Mubasharûn, Ansar and Muhajireen are the foremost people in that. Then again, people of Yemen, among them there was Hakim. This is under record in Al-Mustadrak.

Our Prophet had said, “kavmi haze,” about Ebu Musa el-Eş’ari, meaning he said that his people is the one that will serve Islam. Now, Persia is the old Iran. Our Prophet tapped Salman al-Farsi’s shoulder and said the following. Well, these are all miracles one by one. He had said, “haze vezhuhü.” He told him and his friends… That is, our Prophet indicated that Iran (Persians) will become Muslim, and then Turks there will also become Muslims and be of great service to Islam. Do you know what our Prophet says in a hadith-i sharif that is present in Fayd al-Qadir?

The hodja is reciting the original text of the aforementioned hadith.

Pay close attention to this hadith-i sharif as well, even though it does not suit the desires of ignorant people, fasiq people, and jealous people. This is the truth. This is a reality that illuminates the world like sunlight.


Time Stamp: 1:00:10


Pay attention to this hadith-i sharif. Says, “If faith (iman) was in the Pleiades…” Now, Prophet Muhammad said if faith (iman) was at the Pleiades, even then certain people from ajam (non-Arabs) would probably have reach out to it and take hold of it. They would have surely taken it from the Pleiades.”

All Islamic âlims (scholars) have accepted that there was a sign of Al-Imam Al-Azam in this hadith-i sharif. The exceptions don’t break the rule. It is accepted that Al-Imam Al-Azam was pointed out with this hadith-i sharif. For he is both Persian and Turkish. See how many great Islamic scholars (âlims) emerged from among Turks and Persians. That said, both in fiqh (jurisprudence) and methodology, Al-Imam Al-Azam is the most prominent among the prominent figures. Some people are even disturbed by the word Al-Imam al-Azam, it means the great imam, why are you disturbed by it? This is the same as saying Ali is greater than Veli. This means that he was a great imam among all imams. Why are you disturbed by this?

Pay attention to this hadith-i sharif. “If the din were at the Pleiades,

Why are you unable to stand his grandness? At least two thirds of the Muslims of the world have benefited from his knowledge (ilm), and accepted him. Why are you against this? Why are you jealous? Just take a look at the Hanafi School. See the mujtahid ecole. See the ecoles of the mujtahids who were raised in that school, and discover them well. Imam Al-Shafi’i was also wrong about Imam al-Azam at first, and he used to criticize him but after that he appreciated him and held him in high esteem. Why, because his knowledge (ilm) has advanced, and he understood better. We can see two Shafi’i here, the previous one was objecting, and the later one went to the grave of Al-Imam Al-Azam and prayed to Allah for him. Dearest friends! We do not praise one and defame another. All of our âlims are grand âlims but Al-Imam Al-Azam is also a valuable scholar and an Islamic âlim, and he was a prominent figure. He was brought to the forefront by the ulama. He was accepted, and his prominence in knowledge (ilm) was accepted.

Allah gave him such intelligence. Today, the four grand mujtahids are four pedestals of knowledge (ilm) of Islam that extent towards the ninth heaven (arsh). This is a reality, whether you accept this or not. Al-Imam al-Azam, Imam al-Shafi’i, Imam al-Malik, and Imam al-Hanbali are pedestals of knowledge (ilm), and they are pedestals of knowledge (ilm) that extent towards the ninth heaven (arsh). So many mujtahids were raised in this ecole (school). This is a reality whether you accept it or not. People like Ja’far al-Sadiq and the 12 Imams are also in this ecole (school). As for truths, all truths belong to us, and for wrongs, whether we have them or someone else has them, the remedy of wrongs is the rights and we need to get rid of them through the truths. You should not act against someone with fanaticism. There is no fanaticism in Islam. Just like what we say has nothing to do with fanaticism, they are for destroying fanaticism. We need to be realistic. To whom will you ascribe this hadith of our Prophet if you will not ascribe it to the grand âlims? In that case, you have made an idol of someone in your own eyes, and you did not look at it from the perspective of knowledge. It’s like you only took one aspect of knowledge, and now you are like a one-winged bird that can’t fly. If only you could study all knowledges (ilms) and all ecoles (schools), and study the sources well… But you only read something that they imposed upon you, and you did not go out of it, you couldn’t, and you couldn’t afford going out of it, and maybe you didn’t have the chance.


Time Stamp: 1:05:15


Then why are you objecting to those who read and those who know? I mean, does this whole matter consist solely of what you know? Bear this in mind! You may have a sparrow in your hand, while another has an eagle, and yet another person has something else. So, it is not okay when you say there aren’t any other types of birds than what you have, and claim there are no bigger birds than your sparrow. We have most valuable revered figures who were raised in Islam. May Allah bestow mercy upon them forever, until they all say, “We are pleased.” Moreover, we have also other Islamic scholars (âlim) out of Ahlus-Sunnah, and aside from their wrongs, their rights are also ours. That’s why my dearest friends, they say this hadith-i sharif pointed to Al-Imam Al-Azam. We see our grand âlims commit this to paper. So, go ahead and check the studies of our grand âlims and you will see their records including this. They have accepted without doubt or second thoughts that Al-Imam Al-Azam was pointed in this hadith-i sharif.

The heroes of Qadisiyyah are also among these. You see we see that many people who shall be of service to exalting the religion are pointed in this hadith, and the hadith does not only point out to a single person. As you can see, the sign here does not say, “This is my hero, and there aren’t any heroes other than this.”

What does it say? It includes all peoples who serve Islam. But who is foremost? Well, of course, the Ansar and the Muhajireen come first. So, who comes after them? Well, Turks and Persians, and all nations that serve Islam. You cannot deny any of them. The Yemenites were also pointed, and from there Persians and Turks were pointed. Also, are you going to neglect the contribution of the Arabs who served Islam? Are you going to neglect those among Turks who served Islam? Are you going to neglect those among Persians who served Islam? Are you going to neglect other peoples who served Islam? So, you say you have your champion, and say there aren’t any other champions in the world, right? That is not possible.

This insularity is not present in Islam, and if we have it, we need to get over it as a nation. See, the following are counted: “The brave people who fought the apostates (murtadd) are considered to be in this group. As nations, Arabs, Persians, and all people who shall serve Islam until the Last Day are included. Besides, is there a brave fellow in the world who can deny that Arabs, Persians, and Turks served Islam? These are the revered people who spread Islam to the world.

May Allah bestow abundant mercy upon all people who served Allah and Islam with faith (iman), from the greatest heroes, martyrs, ghazis, and those who were of slightest service in that way. May Allah be pleased with all of them, and forgive them. Friends! We are us! We are a unity. There is no “I” in Islam, rather there is “we”. The maslahat cannot occur unless people start thinking in a united fashion instead of an individualist approach. You would not even have read the Quran, nor understood it. „I“ are turned into „we“ in the Quran.


Time Stamp: 1:10:10


Individuals became congregations and societies. Those small armies became large armies, and families became nations and major states. We are us, my friends! We need to renounce this you and me discrimination and introduce ourselves the ummah spirit, and we need to become droplets in that spirit, just like a single soul, a single heart. We need to be one first and one heart, for it is Allah who wants this unity from us, and we are trying to be interpreters because Allah wants. We are not doing anything else, for we cannot bid anything except the command of the Real (al-Haqq). We are Allah’s servants (qul), that is why we say: May Allah bestow upon abundant mercy (rahmat) and forgiveness upon those who spread Islam to the world and those who will, and let there be light upon light on their graves.

The hodja is reciting a part of the 35th verse of Surah al-Nur [24].

“Light upon light.”

May there be more, and may Janâb-i Haqq never impair it.

The amali murtadds, meaning those who became apostates through action are mentioned here. Some people become apostates (murtadd) through creed (itiqad) while others leave the religion through action. Now, amali murtadds are considered to be the latter type of apostates (murtadd). That’s why, just like the Jews left their chair to the Christians, and they left the chair to the Muslims… Pay attention! To whom did the Jews leave the chair? They left it to the Christians, and they left it to the Muslims. So, to whom will Muslims leave the chair? Well, at first, they need to appreciate and pay thanks, and then what will Muslims do? They will leave it to the new Muslims. So, what happens when you don’t appreciate it? Janâb-i Haqq will take the chair from you and give it to someone who knows its value. See, the Muslims will leave the chair to new Muslims who shall give thanks. You should get this right, the Muslims who don’t appreciate it will have to hand over the chair to those who will appreciate it. Why? Because they don’t perform their duties, they are lazy, idle, and they drive themselves into heedlessness and ignorance.

Can there be such a Muslim? When a Muslim doesn’t perform his duty, Allah will take that duty from him and give it to someone who will. Janâb-i Haqq mentioned these one by one in these verses of the Quran, and gave signs. This is how the course of history has been so far. Istanbul was conquered, and Islam has spread to every continent. Turks and other Muslim peoples need to get their head straight. Turks had risen, and established a universal state, and then fell into heedlessness and got spoiled. Their current situation is pretty obvious. The situation we find ourselves in is not one that suits Islam. This is not a situation that suits the maxim of the Muslim. So, the Turks and all Muslim peoples need to get their head straight. I shall say this again: O, Turks and the Muslim world! Muslim nations, get your minds straight, and appreciate the value of the holy entrustment. Hold fast to this holy entrustment from where you let go.


Time Stamp: 1:15:00


The hodja is reciting a part of the 103rd verse of Surah Ali Imran [3].

“Hold fast to it altogether.”

Does not say, “one of you should hold fast while others watch.” Says, “hold fast to it altogether.” Who says that? Almighty Allah says it. Hold fast to it altogether, and get your heads straight. Hold fast to this sacred cause, or you will lose it to others. Almighty Allah, by the abundant grace and knowledge (ilm), shall send many communities until the Last Day. Islam is exalted. Islam is always high, and does not fall down ever. Those who don’t appreciate Islam fall down, and live a life of great misery, and that’s the situation right now. This is the reason why some people are living a life of misery. Do you know what happens when good can’t muster up support while evil can? Good people will love the field and misery begins. Yes, you were the noble inheritor of the world, but tyrants and imposers will take it over, just like now. Don’t look for allies by leaving the prosperity, grace, and excellent freedom of the Real, for the true ally is Allah. True ally is the prosperity and grace of the Real (al-Haqq), and the excellent freedom that Allah has given. All of these sacred values are contents of Islam. Don’t you abandon these and start looking for something else. Who will you find when you leave Allah? Let’s say you abandoned the Most Exalted, then which dwarf will you hold fast to? Which creature will you hold fast to once you abandon the Creator? Let’s say you left the al-Baqi (Everlasting), which mortal being do you think will save you? Get your mind straight! Is it wise to serve a mortal creature while there is the al-Baqi (Everlasting)? The gates of the truth are open until the Last Day. So, advance in science and make discovery upon discovery, deduce what is unknown from things that are known. Who told you otherwise? The word, “outdated,” does not even visit the soul of a Muslim, nor can it enter his dream. Muslims are people of advancement and upgrade. How did they come up with it, and wanted to ascribe you with it? Bear this in mind! Yes, your enemy is guilty but you are guilty too if you have not worked and performed your duty. Should we not save ourselves from this guilt?

So, Ubadah ibn al-Samit says, “These are general,” while Ikrima claimed it pointed to Abu Bakr. Ubadah ibn al-Samit said, “These are general.” What did he say? He said that in these verses of the Quran people who served Islam are praised. As for Ata and Ibn-i Abbas, they claim Ali ibn Abi Talip is pointed. All of these are correct. Abu Bakr is included, and so was Ali. Then again, Abu Zar says, “One day, in Al-Masjid an-Nabawi, a beggar said, “O, my Rabb! Bear witness, I begged in the masjid of the Messenger, and nobody gave me a thing.” Noon namāz (prayer) was performed, and Ali was also praying. While praying, Ali extended the ring in his band to the beggar, and the beggar took it. Our Prophet (asw) was observing the occurrence, and in the end these verses were revealed and recited.” So, it means that Jibril (a.s.) brought the 55th verse of Surah al-Maidah [5].


Time Stamp: 1:20:00


Allah liked what Ali did. Allah is generous, and likes the generous. There is no stinginess in Islam. Muslims are the most merciful and generous people of the earth; they are the giving hand (yad al-‚ulya). Muslims are merciful, and they cannot tolerate when others are hungry. Their consciences are filled to brim with mercy. Muslim means a person filled to brim with love in every aspect. See, our Prophet read the 25th verse of Surah Ta Ha [20], after that good demeanour of Ali.

The hodja is reciting the 27th verse of Surah Ta Ha [20].

So, just like Musa wanted Aaron as his helper and successor… Just like Musa wanted Aaron, our Prophet said: “O, Rabb! Give me Ali just like you gave Aaron to Musa.” He wanted him from Janâb-i Haqq, and then he took him as a brother in religion. Each and every Muslim is brothers of each other but there are also special types of brothers, and Ali is one of them.

Moreover, the 35th verse of Surah al-Qasas goes: “We will strengthen you with your brother.” So, in this verse of the Quran, Janâb-i haqq said, “We will strengthen you with Aaron,” to Musa, and our Prophet had read this and the following verses.

He said, “My Allah! Open my breast as well,” and he recited the 25th verse of Surah Ta Ha [20]. As for Aaron, give me Ali and make him my vizier. Vizier means helper. So, Jibril (a.s.) brought the 55th verse of Surah al-Maidah [5]. Then again, Ali is Muhammad’s vizier and helper, and Allah granted Ali to Muhammad, just like Allah gave Aaron to Musa. Alaihimusselam.

Shia wanted to declare the leadership of Ali through this verse. So, they say Allah made Ali a vizier (helper) of Muhammad, so according to this verse of the Quran, Ali should be the Caliph, and he should be the leader. This is what the Shia group said, but the viziers (helpers) of Prophet Muhammad was not only Ali. Abu Bakr was also a vizier (helper). Umar was a vizier (helper) as well. Uthman was also a vizier (helper), and so was Ali. Radeyallahu anhum wa ardahum ajmain. Do you know whose bread you are buttering by segregating the ashab (companions), taking one of them and neglecting the others? Do you know who did such things? The servants of the Zion who wanted to destroy Islam from inside back then were doing this, along with the secret services that stood against Islam. There were secret agencies that were doing that, along with secret mafias. What happened in the end? What did the enemy do with the Ahlul-Bayt and Umayyad? They said “Sunni” instead of “Umayyad.” They brought forth the discrimination of Alawi and Sunni. Can you find a Sunni Muslim who doesn’t love Ali? Can you find a single Sunni Muslim who does not love Ahlul-Bayt and the 12 Imams? Do not rise to the bait, and do not be deceived. Ali is not the Ali of those who recognize him wrong. Ali is the Ali of those who understand him correctly. Radeyallahu anhu. Ali was a good Muslim. He was a good Islamic scholar (âlim). He was a good hero. He was al-Khulafāʾu ar-Rāshidūn. He is among the Ten with Glad Tidings of Paradise (al-`Asharaa al-Mubasharûn). He is the son-in-law of Muhammad. He is the father of Hasan and Huseyin. He is the husband of Fatimah.

Radeyallahu anhum wa ardahum ajmain.


Time Stamp: 1:25:00


Can you find a single Sunni Muslim who does not love Ali or Ahlul-Bayt? Yet you have such a twisted tongue, and the Jews have calibrated your tongue in such a manner, and calibrated it to such a wrong setting. We are talking about the Zion Jews, not proper Jews. Zion are the enemies of Islam. Those who wanted to destroy Islam from the inside calibrated your tongue in such a way… What did Ibn-i Saba say to Ali?

The hodja is reciting the original text of what he said.

“You are our great Rabb,” he said.

See, an enemy of Ali says to Ali: “You are our great Rabb,” and he is hostile towards Ali. Then, another poor and gullible ignorant person believed him and referred to Ali as Allah. Muellihe. They are called Muellihe. Is this not a pity? They fell or put into the same situation that those who divinize Isa (Jesus) fell. Renounce this, Ali is a valuable figure, a great individual, and a great Islamic scholar (âlim), and he is an Islamic scholar (âlim) who knows the meaning of the Quran very well. Ali even said that reciting the Quran without knowing its meaning is not a true recitation. So, what does he value here?

He values knowledge (ilm) and wisdom (irfan). Ali said that if a drop of wine dropped into a well, then he won’t give that water to his sheep, and if grass grew on that water, he would not feed that grass to his sheep. Yet you call the wine which the Quran calls haram halal, and you say you drink that in the name of Ali. That is a slander to Ali, to the Quran, to Muhammad, to the Sunnis, to Ahlul-Bayt, and to honourable and chaste Alawites. Don’t do that, and renounce this wrong. There cannot be Sunnism or Alawism without the Quran. Why did Ali swing his sword around all his life? He did that to exalt the religion, for the Quran, and for Islam. Do you think you are loving Ali by opposing to the Quran? By neglecting the Quran? See, the 12 Imams are all âlims of the Quran one by one, and they are mujtahid people, grand individuals. Yet wine drops from your mouth, and you are speaking ill about a part of the ashab (companions). Whoever committed the crime is the guilty one, not anyone else. Those who were guilty in the Battle of Siffin…


Time Stamp: 1:28:03


–          The End        –

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 193


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Whoever is guilty in the Battle of Çemen. Whoever the Kharijites fired up, along with those who were in this knowingly or unknowingly, whoever there is in it will answer for it in the gathering (mahshar). Do you think you have the judgment skills to judge that place? Do you think you have the authority to judge that place? You are to leave that place to itself. You are to look at the Quran, the Sunnah, ijma (consensus), qiyas (analogy), and the Islamic brotherhood. There is no quarrel between the Sunnis and Ahlul-Bayt. The entire Ahlul-Bayt loves the Sunnis, and so do the true Alawites. They like the Sunnis, and Sunnis love them back. But there are those who speak ill, and they need to be treated. With what? Well, knowledge (ilm) and wisdom (irfan) are the remedy of every ignorance.

That is why a poet once said, “Ignorance is an illness, whose cure is knowledge (ilm) and wisdom (irfan). What part of him who does not use this cure is human?” He says that the cure is knowledge (ilm) and wisdom (irfan). So, act with knowledge (ilm) and wisdom (irfan), and you should have sources in your hand. Don’t abandon the Quran. See Al-Quran Al-Karim. See your Prophet. See his sunnah, see the grand mujtahid ulama well!

You are doing the greatest wrongdoing to yourself by gathering a few people around yourself and deceiving them for unearned income. Actually, you are inflicting incalculable damage to yourself, along with those poor fellows. So, renounce this as well. If you say you won’t, then that is your decision. We will not impose upon you. We only spread the word (tabligh), and talk to you in a brotherly manner. We only have knowledge (ilm) and obedience (taat), so let us benefit from each other. If you know something well, then, as there cannot be a greater book than the Quran, and if you say, “You don’t know the Quran but I do,” then come to me and we will study the pages and verses together and get this done. I am addressing everyone here. Wrongs are wrongs, and rights are rights. Let us eliminate the wrongs via the rights, this is the point of the matter, and this is the cure.

Moreover, Shia wanted to establish the leadership of Ali through this verse, which is the 55th verse. However, the content of the verse is not only about Ali but also Abu Bakr. Are you going to neglect Abu Bakr? We have the deepest respect for Ali. I personally love him more than my life, but can you not love Abu Bakr? Is he not an ashab (companion) of our Prophet? His grandness was accepted by Ahlus-Sunnah wa’l-Jama’ah, right? Yes, Ali and others are referred to in this verse of the Quran, but it also includes so many other people. Yes, our Prophet said something good about Ali here, but he also said so many great things about Abu Bakr elsewhere. He also said great things about Umar and other sahabah (companions).

See, many peoples and nations who shall serve Islam are referred to here. So, let us not distort the Islamic brotherhood and unity, and let not be mischief-makers, and let us not harm the integrity! Let us see the unity of Islam. Let us see the brotherhood of Islam. See, Islam is the peace and tranquillity of the world. Let us not divide it. Let us not tear it apart. Let us be brothers.

The hodja recites the 10th verse of Surah al-Hujurat.

“The faithful are indeed brothers.”

So, if you believe, then we need to be brothers. The true faith (iman) that is brought forth by Islam is obvious. So, there is nothing to discuss here.

Now, factions are mentioned here. Shiatullahi – Followers of Allah. Ansarullahi – Helpers of Allah. Awliyaullahi – Friends of Allah.



Time Stamp: 5:00



They are the party of Allah, who? That is, everyone who says they are faithful Muslims. Everyone is on the side of Allah doing as much as they can. If they have faith (iman) of Islam, then they are all in this group. See, some people shine like the biggest stars, and some shine only slightly. Not every star shines the same, and just like that not everyone has the same knowledge (ilm), action (amal), morals (akhlaq), or traits. This does not happen, so every person is a separate value. Everyone is Muslim as much as they can manage. We will not judge anyone because someone does this less or more, as long as he does not object to the truth. So, everyone should know their inability. Everyone should know their inability, ignorance, heedlessness, and that they are only passengers. Everyone should dynamically endeavour to advance in knowledge (ilm), that is what Islam commands. Otherwise, it is not like you are right and everyone else is wrong. The wrong is in your head. You have to know real knowledge and wisdom in order to truly know whether something is right or wrong.

At first, you need to know the Quran from a to z along with the sunnah (customs), ijma (consensus), and qiyas (analogy). If you speak without knowing, then those wrongs in your head are only your ignorance. We will not talk about ourselves, the rights and realities (haqq – haqiqa) shall talk. Allah shall talk, and the Messenger. When you say “religion,” then the Quran shall speak, sunnah (customs) shall speak, ijma (consensus) shall speak, and the mujtahids shall speak. This is it when you talk about “religion,” and people will benefit from these and try to learn. The uneducated shall try to learn from the educated. Those who don’t know shall ask those who know. They shall read and learn. The learning shall continue from the cradle to the grave. This is a word of our Prophet. If someone says that is no word of the Prophet, then let us see! Janâb-i Haqq’s first verse was “اقْرَأْ” – “iqraʾ – read”, was it not? So, have your soul (nafs) read. At first, offer (tabligh) the truth (haqq) to yourself. See, offer it to yourself and then spread (tabligh) it to your family and humanity. But first, offer (tabligh) it to yourself. Let the meaning encompass your heart and your soul (nafs). Besides, you can’t say anything to anyone before you take your share of it.

That is why the hypocrite (munafiq) disbelievers (kāfir) are pointed such as Rifâa b. Zeyd and Suveyd ibn Haris. See, there are      renegades in Islam as well. That is, there are people who always spread fasād (dissent), there are hypocrites (munafiq). And they always work for disorder and subversion. They work to make mischief. They were also pointed out in the verses of the Quran. Pay attention to this as well! It is said that you should pay attention to hypocrites (munafiq) and renegade disbelievers (kāfir) such as Rifâa b. Zeyd and Suveyd ibn Haris who spread fasād (dissent).

The cause may be special but the decree is general. The case may be for individuals but the decree is for the public. Bear this in mind! Janâb-i Haqq sometimes mentions certain people but refers to a general. That is why it is said that this is the situation here. The cause is special but the decree is general.


Says, “Just like those who listen to meaningless bells but won’t listen to the azan that has sacred meaning. Bear this in mind as well. Ali says this. He rejects polytheism (shirk) and trinity when he hears the bells. What does he say? He says Allah is One. He says, “Haqq Subḥānallāh.” He says, “Haqq.” He says, “Subḥānallāh.” He says, “al-Samad.” He said that this is what the bells say. See, there are people who know the meaning of every sound in the universe, such as Ali (r.a.).



Time Stamp: 10:00



Ali is one of those people. Umar is also one of them, and there are also other revered figures who understand them. See, regardless of where, when a leaf moves and makes a sound, it has meaning. Janâb-i Haqq creates so many meanings in things. That is why the universe always speaks. The entire universe does dhikr (remembrance) of Allah. That is, if you can hear and understand!

That said, the call to prayer (azan) is pretty obvious with its every aspect, as a true and sacred call. What does it say? It shouts out to the heavens saying, “Allah-u Akbar,” in a way that everyone will understand. Says, “Allah is the greatest, and there is nothing greater. Allah is unique in greatness.” Says, “Allah is the greatest, the unique and absolute ruler.” Janâb-i Haqq announces Janâb-i Haqq’s greatness in five times of prayer (namāz). Announces that at least 30 times in the call to prayer (azan). At least 30 times a day. That is, 4 times at the beginning of the call, and 2 times at the end. The muazzin shouts out from the heavens, saying “Allah-u Akbar.” This sacred sound rises to the ninth heaven (arsh), and then descends to the earth. See, it rises to the ninth heaven (arsh) from here, goes to azal (a parte ante) and abad (a parte post). This is the voice of the Real (al-Haqq). It is the truth (haqq), and real. Shouts out “Allah-u Akbar.”

Next to Allah’s name, the name of Muhammad Rasulullah is being shouted out so many times a day. Says, “Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah. He is the Last Prophet. He is the Prophet who renewed the entire past and all past sharias (laws). He is the Prophet of shirʿa (code) and minhāj (way) until the Last Day. He is the Islamic Prophet. He is the Prophet of all nations, and all eras.” This is being shouted out from the heavens.

Says, “Come to namāz, come to salvation and happiness.” The muazzin shouts out in the mornings, saying, “Namāz is better than sleep.” The muazzin says, “O, those who sleep, wake up! Allah is calling you to the presence.” Says, “Allah is calling all servants (qul) to the presence five times a day. And it is Allah who calls you.” The muazzin informs you of that and he uses sacred words at the same time.

Allah is calling you but you are sleeping. Allah is calling you, and are you saying you won’t go? Well, if you do, then who are you speaking to while saying you won’t go? You won’t say I won’t go when a soldier or police officer enters through the door, why is that? Someone says, “I will give you five or ten pennies if you come to work,” then you get up and go. The number of such people is not less. On the other hand, Allah gave you everything but you won’t go to Allah’s call.

But of course, we are addressing those who don’t go. Go, my brother! Allah created you. Allah is calling you, so go to the presence. Allah created you. You came from Allah. You will return to Allah and answer for everything. Azrail will take you to Allah whether you want or not. Allah’s armies will take you whether you want or not. Go, my brother! Go by obeying and with pleasure. Don’t get caught like a running thief. Don’t be caught by Azrail while escaping like a bandit. Don’t be among those whose lives are taken from them by being pulled out violently! Say you are going to your Rabb with pleasure. Say you belong to your Rabb in the world, in the grave, and in the great gathering (mahshar). So, go with pleasure my brother! Allah is our Rabb. Why are you running away from Allah? Do you think you can escape by running away? Is Allah not present where you escape? Are the armies of Azrail not present where you go? If only you knew how much I love you. That is why I am telling you all this. But of course, we love all people for Allah.


Time Stamp: 15:00



We have to love for Allah. The origin of love is love of Allah. If you love for Allah, then that love will not end. However, if you love due to another reason, then love will end when that reason no longer exists. That love is not love. Love for Allah is love. There is only one type of love, and that is love of Allah, which is the everlasting capital. Love of Allah is more than enough for loving everything. That is why the call to prayer (azan) is a string of words that shout out the real (al-Haqq). It incorporates sacred meanings. The mindset that does not like this sacred meaning and call to prayer (azan) is one that has sickness in heart. Their mindset is one that has sickness in their souls, and they are truly sick. There is no other possible treatment method other than the prescription of Islam. Allah’s guidance is a must for them. That said, there is a prerequisite in the beginning of the prescription, and that is Allah’s guidance. In order to be a recipient of that guidance you shall use all your power and ability for faith (iman) in Allah. And then, know that Allah’s mercy and guidance will reach you. The call to prayer (azan) is legitimate, and it is pointed in the verses of the Quran that it is disbelief (kufr) to mock or belittle the call to prayer (azan). See, the call to prayer (azan) is something legitimate in Islam, and there is a clear sign in the verse of the Quran that says those who belittle it or mock it will fall into disbelief (kufr). It is reminded to people that it is disbelief (kufr) to belittle or mock the call to prayer (azan). Don’t anyone ever belittle or mock the sacred values of the Quran or the call to prayer (azan). There is nothing ‘little’ or ‘rubbish’ in Islam. Islam is nothing but sacred and holy. Get your head straight! Not even a monkey wants to be belittled or mocked. Even a child has a personality and you cannot mock him. A child has a childish personality, but you cannot mock him. If he asks something then you need to properly answer him as if you are replying to the most competent philosopher but on the level that he will understand. If you belittle him because he is a child then that is due to your own paltriness.

Especially if you mock the sacred commands of Islam, then your brain is filled to brim with nonsense. At first, you yourself is worthless, so save yourself from that because Islam does not let anyone mock itself. See, it does not let anyone mock itself. Says, “Whoever belittles or mocks any verse of Al-Quran Al-Karim is a disbeliever (kāfir). Do you have anything to say? Al-Quran Al-Karim is not your father’s book, it is Allah’s book. Who are you to mock Allah’s book? Al-Quran Al-Karim came from the heavens as a mercy (rahmat), light (nūr), and guidance (hidayat) to call you to the endless mercy and Paradise (Janna) of Allah, and you are mocking it, right? You are ruining yourself, which is a pity. Don’t do that. Don’t you ever do that! Compliance with the call to prayer (azan) is necessary (wajib). These are mentioned in the verses of the Quran as we saw.

When they got up for namāz (prayer), the Jews would say, “They got up again,” in a condescending manner. See, in the time of our Prophet, some Jews would say, “The Muslims not up again, I wish they never got up.” These are not the honourable and chaste Jews who knew the Torah well, and they all became Muslims.



Time Stamp: 20:00



Insha ‘Allah more people will become Muslims. The Christians are like that as well, those who knew the Bible well became Muslims. Insha’Allah more people will become Muslims.

They were saying that, and they were belittling and laughing at Muslims. There was a Christian in Madinah. Do you know what he said when the muazzin recited, “اَشْهَدُ اَنَّ مُحَمَّدُ الرَّسُولُ اللهْ”? The muazzin was saying, “I bear witness that Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah,” the Christian was saying, “ahraqallahul qâziba.”  It means, “May Allah burn he who lies.” He would always say this because this Christian did not believe that Muhammad was the Messenger of Allah. Whenever the muazzin recited the azan, he would say, “ahraqallahul qâziba.” He was saying, “May Allah burn he who lies.” See how Allah burned this Christian. He had a servant, he lighted up the house of the Christian while he was asleep. He and his whole family burned completely. The Christian was not aware that he was saying baddua for himself.

Moreover, do you know how Abu Jahl prayed (dua) while going to the Battle of Badr? Abu Jahl said the following.

The hodja recites the original text of the following quote.

Abu Jahl was saying, “My Allah, help the most upright of these two armies.” He was saying, “Help the greater of these two armies.” See, was the greater Abu Jahl or was it the army of Prophet Muhammad? Who did Abu Jahl pray against here? He was thinking that he prayed against Prophet Muhammad while he was going to the Battle of Badr, but what happened there? He was struck by the smack of the Real (al-Haqq). He ate the sword of Islam, and died. They all filled the Wells of Badr, and they were sent to Jahannam (Hell).

He had a powerful army, and what was he saying about the Islamic army? He was saying, “el-cezur,” or “eklühüt cezur,” which meant tiny and puny. He was saying, “only a spoonful.” In his eyes the army of Islam was nothing. However, when he was the aid and support they took from Allah, along with the power and omnipotence of the Real (al-Haqq), and the power of faith (iman), he understood that Islam is an invincible force, he also understood how mighty it is, but he understood only after he died.

His son became a Muslim. See, he was such a fierce enemy of Islam but his wife and sister became Muslims. This also explains it all. The relatives of Abu Jahl became Muslim. Look at Abu Jahl, and then look at the mercy of Islam.

Do you think Islam would have left his lineage alive if Islam sought revenge while he was such a fierce enemy of Islam? Islam is but a mercy (rahmat) that embraces the universe. It did not come to kill people. It stood against those who wanted to destroy the truth and murder humanity. It brought the truth (haqq), and it presents the truth (haqq) and Janna (Paradise). It calls to Allah and Janna (Paradise). It says, “Let the world be a paradise. Let your grave be a paradise.” What do you want more?

That is why, our dearest friends! If everyone gets their heads straight and seeks guidance (hidayat) of Allah, then Allah’s guidance (hidayat) is ample, and Allah’s mercy (rahmat) is infinite. Allah encompasses everything with mercy (rahmat).



Time Stamp: 25:10



That is why unjust, fasiq, and bigoted people don’t like the truths. The truth is what Allah calls true, and wrong is what Allah calls wrong. Now, for us the truth is what Almighty Allah calls truth, and that is Al-Quran Al-Karim and the contents of Islam that Prophet Muhammad brought forth. Islam consists of nothing but an embodiment of truth, for it is the divine laws. However, unjust, fasiq, and bigoted people don’t like the truths. They also dislike Muslims who have strong faith (iman). Among them there are those who didn’t understand the Bible well, and those who didn’t understand the Torah well; and majority of the ahlul kitab who slander Isa (Jesus) and Musa (Moses) are like that.

They consider themselves as ahlul kitab (people of the book), and the hypocrites (munafiq) among Muslims are also like that. The entirety of the enemies of truth (haqq) are like that. That is, the enemies of right (haqq) and real (haqiqa). They don’t act upon science, faith (iman), right (haqq), or real (haqiqa). They don’t have aql-e-saleem (sound understanding), rather they have aql-e-maas (basic intellect). They became servants of evil, and they use their intellect and reason (aql) for evil. Abu Jahl was really intelligent, but he used it for evil. Pharaoh was also intelligent, and he used it for evil. Now, Nimrod was also intelligent, and so was Shaddad, but they used their intellect for evil.

The real intellect (aql) is one that is under the command of Allah. This is what happens to an intellect (aql) that is not fed with divine revelation (wahy-i ilah) and that does not act upon it. What is divine revelation (wahy-i ilahi)? That’s Al-Quran Al-Karim and the values of Islam, which are divine because they came from Allah. They are also fresh and brand-new for it has renewed the past. It will always be fresh until the Last Day, it does not get old.

“We believe in all Prophets and what was sent down to them.” See the 136th verse of Surah al-Baqarah [2]. Says, “قُولُواْ آمَنَّا بِاللّهِ”. Muslims should pay attention to this verse of the Quran. Says, “قُولُواْ آمَنَّا بِاللّهِ”. That is, all Prophets and what was sent down to them, bear this in mind!

“We believe in what was sent down to them.”

Al-Quran Al-Karim commands this. Muslims believe in all Prophets, and all Holy Books, because they were all renewed by Al-Quran Al-Karim and Islam. See, the values of the past that are confirmed by Al-Quran Al-Karim and Prophet Muhammad are ours as well. For the documents that incorporate all documents regarding the past and future are in Al-Quran Al-Karim and Islam. That is why the faith (iman) of Islam is universal. You cannot simply take one Prophet and deny the others. You cannot deny them, you don’t have that option. If you do, then your faith (iman) is no true faith. This goes for holy books as well, and this is what is commanded because Muslims are obliged to believe in all of them. True faith (iman) is this faith. There can’t be true faith (iman) by neglecting the Quran and neglecting Prophet Muhammad. Our friends should know this as well as those who are not friendly towards us, but we are friendly towards everyone.

Let’s see what Jews said after hearing about Isa (Jesus) in Islam. Al-Quran Al-Karim does not let anyone speak ill about Isa (Jesus) or Musa (Moses). It does not let anyone speak ill about the previous Prophets. The Jews do not accept Isa (Jesus) at all. They wanted to crucify him and kill him. For example, the Jews of that time said the following when they heard about Isa (Jesus) in Islam.



Time Stamp: 30:00



“We do not know a religion worse than yours.” Never, never in ever! Who are they addressing? They said this to the Muslims for they accepted Isa (Jesus) as a Prophet. Only because they called Isa (Jesus) a Prophet. What were they calling Isa (Jesus)? According to them he was a walad-zina (child out of wedlock). Never, never in ever! Isa (Jesus) is a true Prophet. He was the son of Maryam. He was a servant (qul) of Allah. This is the expression of Al-Quran Al-Karim, which is right and real. He is not the son of Allah, nor is he a divinity. This view of the Christians is wrong, polytheism (shirk), and disbelief (kufr). We mentioned this in our previous lectures, and the previous verses. Those who say Isa (Jesus) is a god, he is Allah, and Allah is a trinity, third person of a trinity… Allah and Al-Quran Al-Karim said those who say these things are disbelievers (kāfir).

Isa is Allah’s servant (qul) of Allah and a Messenger. He is not Allah, nor is he son of Allah. Nobody can be that because Allah does not have sons! Everyone is servants (qul) of Allah. Muhammad was a servant (qul) of Allah as well, so was Musa (Moses), and other Prophets.

All creatures are created by creation of Allah, and they are but servants (qul). That is why the Jews said that the moment they heard about Isa (Jesus). They are hostile towards Isa (Jesus). They said, “We don’t know a religion that is worse than yours.” They considered their ill state a religion whereas they themselves were completely submerged in the wrong (batil). They were prophet-killers. We are, of course, referring to those who did that evil, not those who did not.

Now, Janâb-i Haqq sent down the 60th verse of al-Maidah [5] about them. Sent down the 60th verse for those Jews. What is said here? “We turned some of them into apes and swine.” See, Allah says that Allah has turned the same mentality to apes and swine in history. It is said that these apes were young people of Israel and People of the Shabbat. It is said they were transformed into apes. That means, the young people of Israel who carried that mentality back then were turned into apes. As for the old, it is said that they were turned into swine. That is called, “khanāzīr.” They were turned into swine. What is meant here is their image being transformed into an ugly form, which they entered. Allah gave them such a form. Then again, it is narrated that, feast friends of Isa (Jesus) were turned into swine. Who are the feast friends of Isa (Jesus)? See, they wanted a feast from Allah. Janâb-i Haqq replied, “I shall send down a feast, but I will give you a punishment which I gave nobody before.”

There is also this narration (riwayat) here. There is a narration that says friends of Isa (Jesus) on the feast were turned into swine. Then again, Janâb-i Haqq said, “كُونُواْ قِرَدَةً خَاسِئِينَ” in the 65th verse of Surah al-Baqarah which meant, “Be you humiliated apes.”

Also, see the 60th verse of Surah al-Maidah [5].

“In this, People of the Sabbath, meaning Israel. Spiritual messiah, moral breakdown, this is called spiritual messiah. Moral breakdown. Apparent and spiritual. Mesuh, true messiah. Transforming into animal form. Change. Reproduction. It is said that incarnation does not happen.”

It is said that they were condemned to misery and extinction. That is, their generation stopped producing. This verse of the Quran denies those who say human beings were born from apes. Humans did not come from apes.



Time Stamp: 35:08



But certain people turned into apes. There were some who were turned into apes. Humans did not come from apes, but if a human loses his humanity, then he becomes like an ape or pig. See, this is what the verse of the Quran narrates. Brings forth the lie of Darwin. Darwin is a liar. That is Darwin being an ape. For Darwin himself is also a Jew. We are not saying anything about good and honourable Jews, but we need to explain what Al-Quran Al-Karim says against those who object to the truth (haqq) and reality (haqiqa).

In the end, they became mal’un (cursed). They were visited by the wrath of the divine, torment, and sadness! See, once they object to the truth (haqq) it does not matter whether they are Jews, Muslims, Arabs, Turks, or non-Arabs, or whoever it may be. Are you standing against the truth (haqq), then think about what will happen to you! See, this mentality became mal’un (cursed). They were visited by the wrath of the divine, torment, and sadness, and they became apes and swine that eats all kinds of filth. See the 60th verse of Surah al-Maidah [5]. See, we just gave their meanings, and we are not dwelling on their discovery and exegesis (tafsir). We are giving discovery notes and exegesis notes.

Worshipping false deities (taghut) is a hated and vile act, do you know what it is called? Now, in the 256th verse of Surah al-Baqarah they are referred to as, “بِالطَّاغُوتِ”. “Those who worship false deities (taghut). See, when you don’t worship Allah you will surely worship someone else and that is your false deity (taghut) that you think is a god. As long as you don’t accept Almighty Allah with Allah’s perfect attribute (sifāt), and as long you don’t worship Allah, then whoever you are serving is your false deity (taghut). There are visible false deities (taghut), and there are stone altar idols, there are live and inanimate false deities (taghut). See, there is also unseen Iblis among the taghuts.

Behind the curtains, above the false deities (taghut) there is Iblis. Those who go after the wrongs should know they are worshipping Iblis. See, the Satanists are not just a faction. There are so many Satanists who are not aware that they are Satanists. They distorted the morals (akhlaq) of the society with abominable politics. The scholars, leaders, and politicians did not do their duties. They did not abstain from haram and lying, nor did they forbid people from it. So, what happened then? They decayed, turned into apes and swine.

This is the result no matter which nation commits these evil. Prophet Muhammad also informed about those among Muslims who will be turned into apes or swine. Do you think you are any different from them when you commit the same sin? Why does Janâb-i Haqq narrate these to us? Narrates us so that the world may derive lessons. Do you know why Prophet Muhammad informs of these news and miracles? He did so that his ummah (people) may tread lightly. Humanity is the ummah (people) of Prophet Muhammad. The entire mankind, including those who believe and disbelieve. He narrated all that so that they may all tread lightly.

Ibn- al-Mubarak said, “Those who distort the religion most are men in charge and scholars.” Which men in charge? That is, men in charge who use their authority for evil, and the scholars who don’t abide by knowledge (ilm). Ibn al-Mubarak said these two are those who distort the religion most. Don’t forget that Ibn al-Mubarak is among the greatest figures. Ibn al-Mubarak said, ““Those who distort the religion most are men in charge who use authority for evil, and scholars who don’t act upon their knowledge (ilm).”

May Janâb-i Haqq make us among the servants (qul) who try to earn the pleasure (riza) of Allah through knowledge (ilm), and that is their only goal.


Time Stamp: 40:51


–          The End        –


Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 194


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Dearest audience!

Knowledge (ilm) is light, but when it is acted upon. Knowledge (ilm) always polish you, enlighten you, and faith (iman) will take you to Allah when it is acted upon. Otherwise, knowledge (ilm) that is not believed (iman) and acted upon is the bane of one’s life. The 29th verse of Surah al-Isra [17] says: “Do not keep your hand chained to your neck.” Always do legitimate deeds, and renounce wrongs, and don’t be stingy. And again, Ibn-i Abbas and others, such as Fin Hasbin Azura and his companions.

Then again, in the 181st verse of Surah Ali Imran [3], the Jews who said, “Allah is poor and we are rich,” are mentioned. See, some of the Jews say the following in this verse of the Quran. They say, “Allah is poor, we are rich.” They are all cursed. They are people who have been visited by a curse.

The following is pointed out in the 64th verse of Surah al-Maidah [5]: Allah’s hand of jamal (beauty) and hand of jalal (majesty), and Allah’s hands of jalal and jamal are open. Allah is indeed al-Qadir (All-Powerful) and ar-Razzaq (The Sustainer).

See, Al-Quran Al-Karim gives correct answers to all wrongs. It rectifies the wrongs here, what does it say? Says, “Allah’s yad of jamal (beauty) and yad of jalal (majesty), and Allah’s hands of jalal and jamal are open.”

Now, the word “yad” means “hand”, and it is said by our kalam âlims that what is meant by Allah’s hand is the omnipotence (qudrah) and mercy (rahmat). Otherwise, Allah does not resemble the creation (makhluqat) at all.

The hodja is reciting a part of the 11st verse of Surah al-Shura [42].

“Allah does not resemble anything, there is no example or equal of Allah.”

That is why it is necessary to understand these verses of Al-Quran Al-Karim correctly. That said, you shall submit the ones you don’t understand to Allah, and not give them false meanings.

“The believer is always above the disbeliever.”

That is what Janâb-i Haqq says in the 212th verse of Surah al-Baqarah [2].

Says, “وَالَّذِينَ اتَّقَواْ فَوْقَهُمْ يَوْمَ الْقِيَامَةِ”.

The believer is always above the disbeliever in this world and in the next, as long as they are true believers. Moreover, Janâb-i Haqq says this in the 26th and 27th verses of Surah Ali Imran [3]: “You give sustenance (rizq) to whom You will without measure,” and this verse is filled to the brim with wisdom (hikmat). Also, it is said in Surah al-Nur [24] that if the sustenance (rizq) given without measure is spent in the way of Allah, then it becomes mercy (rahmat) and fazilat for you. However, if you don’t spend it in the way of Allah then it will be nothing but trouble and Fire for you. What does Janâb-i Haqq say in so many verses of the Quran such as al-Shu’ara [26], al-Talaq [65], al-Dhariyat [51], and al-Fath [48]? Says, “I have placed a measure into everything, and created it with a taqdīr. Says, “لِكُلِّ شَيْءٍ قَدْرًا” – “There is a measure and a taqdīr in whatever Allah created in the heavens or in the earth.” Taqdīr means making something according to measure. See, Allah created water and placed a measure in it, there is a chemical formula of water, and if you distort that measure then it is no longer water. There is a measure of high-quality soil for example, just like there is a normal measure of air, and there is a measure in everything. The creation of the Sun, and that it is placed into a balance, and that it rises from the east and sets in the west, these have measure. Everything in the universe is in motion with a taqdīr (granting of agency). First motion (muharriq) is also a command of Allah, and everything moves by Allah’s leave. Everything is in motion with a complete measure, shape, disposition, and order. Allah informs of these, and Allah is the All-Able (al-Muqtadir) and unique ruler of all the worlds.


Time Stamp: 5:25


The primary objective of a Muslim is to know Allah right. That is the primary objective of all humanity. It is Al-Quran Al-Karim and Allah’s names and qualities of Allah that which introduces Allah right. That is, Allah introduces Allah by Allah’s Book, and Allah’s Messengers. As for wrong information, if you are introduced to Allah wrongly, then you will deviate to polytheism (shirk) and disbelief (kufr). You may know or not, that is not my problem.

The hodja recites the original text of the following hadith: “Allah’s hand is with the society.” See, Allah’s help and mercy (rahmat) is with the society. There is Allah’s continuous help and mercy on a benevolent society. See, the word, “يَدُ اللَّهِ” means Allah’s hand, but what does that mean? It means Allah’s encompassing omnipotence (qudrah), and mercy that embraces everything. It is said that Allah’s blessing and help is with the society that is in the way of Allah.

Now, the 75th verse of Surah Sad [38] says: “What keeps you from prostrating (sajdah) before what I have created with my own two hands, my qudrah,” to the Iblis. So, what did the Iblis do about Adam? Janâb-i Haqq gave Adam the law and duty of caliphate, and commanded them to prostrate before him for respect, not worship. Iblis did not accept to prostrate (sajdah) and did not fulfil Allah’s command; thus, he was driven out.

So, it is said here, “With my two hands…” “What keeps you from prostrating (sajdah) before that which I have created with my omnipotence (qudrah).” So, our kalam âlims have said that what is meant by the two hands is omnipotence (qudrah).

The hodja recites the original text of following hadith.

It is narrated by Muslim that our Prophet said the following in a hadith-i sharif: “Allah’s both hands are right.”

So, omnipotence (qudrah) and mercy (rahmat) are pointed here. Otherwise, there is no intention of saying Allah has a hand like humans and resembles the creatures (makhluqat). One should never deviate to such a wrong idea! Our ulama says that the word “hands” is used and it is plural so omnipotence (qudrah) is referred to here. That said, we submit the true nature of that to the knowledge (ilm) of our Rabb.

Says, “لَيْسَ كَمِثْلِهِ شَيْءٌ” in the 11st verse of Surah al-Shura [42]


“Nothing resembles Allah’s person (dhāt).” There is nothing like Allah. That is why we need to get this right. It is said that we submit these to the knowledge (ilm) of Allah. The salaf ulama (predecessor Islamic scholars) said that we submit the meanings of these and what Allah meant by them to the knowledge (ilm) of Allah.

As for the kalam âlims, they said, “An explanation that suits the maqam is permissible (jaiz).” So, an explanation that suits Allah’s glory is permissible (jaiz). What is meant by them is omnipotence (qudrah), power, kingdom (mulk), help, and bounty (nimat).

This word of Abū al-Ḥasan Al-Ashʿarī says, “That is a sifāt (attribute) which exists in Allah’s person (dhat). He says that it is a sifāt (attribute) other than omnipotence (qudrah).

This word of Abū al-Ḥasan Al-Ashʿarī and what the salaf (predecessors) said are in accord and they make something beautiful. Al-Imam Al-Azam also said the same thing, along with all elders.


Time Stamp: 10:04


You may say that which suits Allah’s glory, but still, you will submit it to the knowledge (ilm) of Allah.

“The dual exaggeration is for emphasis, and both jamal (beauty) and jalal (majesty) should be understood.”

“The actional guidance of Al-Quran Al-Karim is for the pious (muttaqi) and believers (mu’min).” That is actional guidance, what is it? It is when a believer becomes a believer, and incorporates faith (iman). It is when a person is physically present as a pious (muttaqi) servant, and physically worships Allah. See, this is the actional guidance of the Quran. See, guidance and mercy came to all the worlds but nobody but the believers are benefiting from it. Why? Because the others don’t believe. Mercy embraces them, but they run away. The choice is theirs.


Time Stamp: 11:09


–          The End        –








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