Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 24

Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 24

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 24


In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most Merciful. Dearest, and most venerable friends! Our lesson continues. Islam is a religion of ummah (collective religion). There are individual and collective obligations in Islam. Dar al-Islam (house/abode of Islam) is our abode. The homeland in which Allah’s rulership and decrees are in effect is Dar al-Islam (house/abode of Islam). That is why Ibn Abbas (r.a.) said those who separate from congregation (jama’ah) a tiny bit will die as an ignorant. Ummah (nation) is a unity. Al-Quran Al-Karim orders this unity. No one among this ummah (nation) has a chance of abandoning this ummah (nation). Also, there is an obligation to unite and become one under the rulership of Allah. As for ra’y (personal opinion – vote) they are bay’ah (pledging allegiance). A death without bay’ah (pledging allegiance) is death of an ignorant. Let us talk about bay’ah (pledging allegiance) a little bit. As you know, Abu Bakr was selected with shura (consultation) and there is a sign from our Prophet as well. As for Umar, he was elected with a consensus and a sign from Abu Bakr. Uthman was elected by means of election, or rather bay’ah (pledging allegiance). Ali was also elected by means of election, and bay’ah (pledging allegiance). Therefore, ra’y (personal opinion – vote) is bay’ah (pledging allegiance). Death, without having had a bay’ah (pledging allegiance) is death of jahiliyyah (death of an ignorant). You have to know to whom you will pledge allegiance. The mujtahids among the ummah (nation) has to come together and decide on the candidates who will be selected via consensus. An election (bay’ah) that will be made with a consensus of the mujtahids and the nation is the best one. If that is not possible then the bay’ah (pledging allegiance) of the majority should be taken. Our Prophet (asw) said that he fears an âlim may be wrong. A person may disregard the sharīʿah (canonical) fatwa and act according to his own mind. Our Prophet said he fears from a decree from a tyrant that will affect the ummah (nation). Now, ummah (nation) and âlims (Islamic scholars) may be wrong. They may step out of the laws and decrees of Allah. They may give false fatwa (legal opinion) to elect people who are not eligible leaders. We have to pay attention to these matters. So, it is said that ra’y (personal opinion – vote) is bay’ah (pledging allegiance). So, let us dig deeper. Do you know to whom you are handing over your religion belief (iman), nation, homeland, and holy values? Do you know to which personnel cadre you are hand these in to? What are their perspective on the decrees of Allah? Does your leader acknowledge Allah’s decrees of not? Does he acknowledge Allah’s decrees, Allah’s constitution, and the divine laws or not? Does he side with these or not? You should carefully look into these matters. Let us talk about leadership attributes in Islam. The leader has to be a Muslim. It is preferred if the candidate is a male. The commandment and narrations side with men in this context. He has to be a amenable person. Handing the authority down from father to son, or sultanate is not present in Islam. If that sultanate occurred by means of an ijtihad (reasoning), then this ijtihad is not suitable to the structure of caliphate (successorship) of man. The leader must possess ilm (knowledge) and irfan (wisdom). Justice must be the fundamental. And the leader must be an adequate, proficient person. And he must be in good health.


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But of course, one of these articles is disputed. Abu Bakr said, „Leader is from us, and vizier is from you“. So, he said, „vizier is from you“ to the ansar (helpers). He said, „leader is from us“ to the muhajirs. He is from Quraysh but that only matters when he possesses these abilities and expertise. Otherwise, not every person Quraysh possess these abilities and expertise. Besides, you cannot elect a person from Quraysh as a leader if he does not possess these abilities and expertise. Such a man cannot be a leader. That is why throughout the history there have been many things the Muslims had to pay close attention to. Moreover, it is imperative for Muslims to stay sharp today, and in the future. Now, as for appointing a leader if a group of âlims have pledged their allegiance (bay’ah) the other Muslims should follow the opinion of the âlims and the mujtahids. If that is not possible, then there has to be a mujtahid who have earned the respect of all Muslims whom they should follow. As for the sources, when you look into al-Tahawi and Ibn ‚Abidin and Kutub al-Sittah we can see the aforementioned situations. In a hadith-i sharif reported by Ahmad ibn Hanbal and al-Tirmidhī and Ibn Majah, it is narrated that our Prophet said: “Your prayers may not be accepted and punishment may befall upon you unless you unite.” That is a hadith-i sharif from our Prophet. Allah said this in Al-Quran Al-Karim. [3:103] “wa-ʿtaṣimū bi-ḥabli llāhi jamīʿan wa-lā tafarraqū” [3:103] “Hold to Allah’s cord altogether, and do not fall apart and be divided.” That is a firm order from Allah. That is why, dearest friends! Muslims must unite and become one. You see, leadership and imamship are the first obligations (fard) after belief (iman). You will see this if you study the tafsir (exegesis) of Elmalılı and other intact sources about Islam. In other words there is a second obligation for a Muslim after belief (iman). And that is establishing a state, and appointing a leader right away. This is an obligation (fard) next to belief (iman). This is among the foremost obligations. If you can’t choose your leader and establish your state and develop your nation and establish your independence and freedom based on principles of justice and social justice if you can’t establish such a state tradition then your belief will become a captive within yourself. In that case you can only be Muslim to the limit someone allows you. They will not allow you to be a Muslim as Quran commands. If you want to be a proper Muslim like what Allah and Quran commands your leader and staff must be Muslims and they must have knowledge of Islam and Allah’s decrees. Or, for the least, the taboos that stand in the way of freedom of belief in constitutions must be removed. Freedom of belief is in all constitutions but Muslims cannot live the way they believe. Will this Muslim live like what Allah ordered? Or, will that Muslim live the way someone else ordered?


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The matter of headscarf in Turkey is one of them, but not all. Wearing headscarf is an absolute commandment of Allah, and Quran. It has been implemented for fourteen centuries. Some people came forth, and they advocate being naked. They call the women who wear headscarf to get rid of their headscarves. In Kahramanmaraş the French attacked a Muslim woman to remove her headscarf. And Sütçü İmam had sparked the light of National Campaign right there. At that time, the French would attack this belief. So, who are attacking the belief of Muslims today? And who wants to abolish freedom of belief? Who are the murderers of democracy and social state? You should call them to the account for all this. O, Muslim! You should call them to the account while you vote. Electing a leader is nothing like shopping for eggs in a dairy market. A leader is not enough either, the staff behind him is also important. His group is also important. The leader and his staff must be eligible for reading and understanding the necessities of the age. And they must be eligible for advancement development, ilm (science), and irfan (wisdom). The leader should have an intact spiritual and physical world, and a social structure. You see, one side of Al-Quran Al-Karim covers all worlds earth and heavens, and all sciences the other side of it is Janna (Paradise) and Jahannam (Hell). And the other realm is arş-i ala (the ninth heaven), which is the ever-existent realm. One side of the Quran reaches out to pre-eternity and the other side of it reaches out to eternity. What do you think this is? Today some people say they are caliphs. You can’t simple say you are a caliph and become the leader. Or some people are trying to stand in the way of Islam. They are both doing wrong. What is right is letting humanity live their rights and freedoms freely, howsoever they believe. Islam shall become the predominant in the world but will give rights and freedom to all nations so that everyone may live as they believe. That is true laicity. You cannot bring forth a laicity by destroying freedom. Laicity has to be the assurance of all rights and freedoms. If they brought this idea forth in order to destroy Islamic belief if some people think that way then they are wrong. You will perish along with your mindset. Yet, the true laicity will live. True laicity is the field of all rights and freedoms given to the entire mankind who are in the heart of Al-Quran Al-Karim. All nations, and all people live their beliefs the way they believe. That is, with a prequisite of acknowledging the predominance of divine laws. There are all sorts of people with all sorts of beliefs around every state of the world. So, what do they do? If they acknowledged the rulership of that state, and if he can live as his belief necessitates for him then that state is a social state. This means that state is a democratic and liberal state. On the other hand, if you force people to think like you and do what you do and believe what you say and if you want to forcefully label people in order to subject them to your own taboos by force then you would first be ruining yourself. And you would have invented the terror. You would be the cause of all segregation. And it would be you who resuscitate reactionism. You cannot play games with belief of a nation. As long as you play you will get the punishment you deserve. If you won’t get it, then you’ll find it in the grave.


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You will find your punishment but why? For you would have prompted people, who live by the law, to illegal organizations. You have to pave the way to freedoms. Almighty Allah, while creating all nations created people free as individuals and free as communities. A person is born as a free individual. But you force people on what you say. So, what if my religion does not let me be like what you say? Should I side with Allah, or should I side with you then? Let us make a make an analysis here. You may not believe, and that is okay. We don’t ask, “Why you do not believe?” to anyone anyway. There is no strain in Islam. But why do you enforce upon the believers? You want Allah to obey you. You say you will not abide by Quran, and that it should abide by you, and you enforce this ill thought. Mister! I am sorry but it does not matter who you are. People are obliged to do servitude to Allah, not you. That goes for all people. And you shall give an account of these acts of yours tomorrow. Before that happens, I advise you to remove these enforcements and taboos that block people. Mankind may accept dying. Man may die for the cause they believe is true. But they never make any compromises. There is no greater evil act against man then to deprive a nation from their holy and divine beliefs, and to put them under suppression. Why do you think Abu Jahl was fighting Prophet Muhammad? They said Muhammad divided them, and spoke ill about their false idols. They tried to kill Muhammad for that. Today, if someone is punishing people because they believe in true Quran and Islam and the commandments of Allah then this is unconscionable by all means. This does not fit in democracy or freedom. This does not fit in any constitution. This does not fit in any law anyway. As for the divine order, such acts have no place in it. That is why we should understand Al-Quran Al-Karim sunnah (customs), ijma (consensus), and qiyas (deductive analogy). Islam is ahead and above all ages. Islam incorporates all ages as if they were flowers that shall blossom. So, come and let us understand Allah’s book Quran together. Let us work for the better good of humanity together. We should point out the wrongs of one another, if we have any. If something is not right, let us say that to one another. Let us exchange ideas and let us exchange scholarly ideas. Let us be beneficial, and look for what is beneficial. Allah manifested what is beneficial, so let us discover this well. That is why dearest friends, this is the duty of all ummah (nation). The word “min – some” here is used as singular. When it is used as tecriti, and teb-izi, it generally means helping the society. So, ruling the society via Quran and sunnah (customs) becomes a fard (obligation) upon them. Let us invite people to Islam, and what is good. Friends, Islam commands subjection to Allah. And prohibits objecting to Allah. That is the order of Islam, and its contents. In other words, let us see the 105th verse of Surah Ali Imran. Allah says there is a great punishment for segregation. Muslims cannot be divided into sects. You should also read the 104th verse of Surah Ali Imran. You should understand these verses well. If you see something wrong then fix it, make opposition but do not get divided.


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You may oppose to what is wrong with what is right. But you should never abandon the ummah (nation). We have no chance of being divided. Allah orders unity and integrity. So, you shall adhere to the truths of Almighty Allah via ilm (knowledge), Quran, and sunnah (customs). You should advocate what is truer. But with what? You see, what is truer is the commandments of Allah. What is opposition? If you can make opposition with what is truer, then opposition if beneficial. For opposition turns into rahmat (blessing) in that event. That is why we say that the disputes between mujtahids and âlims are rahmat (blessing). As for tussling over, and acting blindly, these will bring no benefit. In the end, we wish to protect the unity with Quran and sunnah (customs) and not harm the congregations (jama’ah). Dearest friends! You see that we try to understand and discover the holy verses of the holy book of our holy Rabb (Lord). [5:48] “fa-ḥkum baynahum bi-mā ʾanzala llāhu” What does Janâb-i Haqq say in the 48th verse of Surah al-Maidah? Allah says, rule and judge. But, by what? Allah says, “Judge between them by what Allah has sent down.” [5:48] “wa-lā tattabiʿ ʾahwāʾahum” [5:48] “And do not follow their delusive desires.” [5:48] “ʿammā jāʾaka mina l-ḥaqqi” [5:48] “Now that the truth that has come to you you cannot follow anyone’s nafs (self) or desire.” [5:48] “li-kullin jaʿalnā minkum” [5:48] “For each of you…” What does Janâb-i Haqq say here? [5:48] “For each of you we appointed a ‘shirʿatan – sharīʿah, code, law’. For each of you we appointed a ‘wa- minhā jāʾa – a wide and luminous way of life’.” Allah says that a ‘minhāj – approach’ was appointed for them. Janâb-i Haqq incorporated all past sharīʿah (canonical) laws in Islam which is minhāj – approach. Allah removed the ones that were to be removed. Allah cleared the decrees that need to be removed. Also, Allah renewed the necessary ones. In then, Allah created a brand new ‘shirʿai minhāj – code and path’. Islam is a brand new order established by Allah. In Islamic sharīʿah (canonical law), Sharī (Law-Maker) is Allah Ta’ala. The order established by the Sharī (Law-Maker) is sharīʿah (canonical law). You see, Islamic order is an order of sharīʿah (canonical law). And vice versa. You cannot make an order, or a sharīʿah (canonical law) out of fabrications, fortune-telling, and lies. It is only Allah who can manifest a sharīʿah (canonical law). Prophets cannot make sharīʿah (canonical law) either. No one can create a religion. The Prophet was commissioned for implementing the religion and religious commandments that Allah created. In other words, Prophet Muhammad was commissioned to implement the Islamic sharīʿah (canonical law). He is Allah’s rasūl (messenger), nábi (prophet), and beloved. That is why when we read the 48th verse of Surah al-Maidah we see these truths. [24:63] “lā tajʿalū duʿāʾa r-rasūli baynakum ka-duʿāʾi baʿḍikum baʿḍan” Now, what does Janâb-i Haqq say here? Do not act around the Prophet in a rude manner like you summon each other by shouting about. And obey Allah, Prophet, and all laws and rules of Islam properly. Show decency, and well-mannered. Be virtuous. You should listen to ilm (knowledge) decrees, commandments, and prohibitions well. You see, one should give ear to ilm (knowledge) divine decrees, commandments and prohibitions in a proper manner. You should also give in with your heart and do what is necessary. So, worship and obedience is to do what is necessary for the divine commandments and to personally implement them into your life.


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Worship, and obedience is to know the divine commandments and implement them properly. „Kema tekünu yüvella aleyküm.“ It is narrated that Prophet Muhammad said: “You are led the way you are.” For once, it is clear that if a nation amends its leaders will be good people as well. For leaders come from within the ummah (nation). The ummah (nation) shall raise valuable figures and well-educated staff so that the government may be good. It is a duty upon the ummah (nation) to listen. Unzurnā – ‘wait for us’ incorporates people from all ages and times. This is important. Muslims have to subject to the imam and leader immediately. That is the first commandment to the right after belief (iman), do not forget this. Now, the commandment is clear. Muslims must subject to imam and leader immediately. That is the first commandment to the right after belief (iman), do not forget this. In the creed (aqidah) it is a collective obligation (fard al-kifayah) to follow the imam and leader. The ummah (nation) collectively abandons what is obligatory (fard) when they do not do this. You should give ear to the tale of Ibrahim Alaihissalam. Obedience to the imam, or leader who is the head of state, who rules on behalf of Allah is ordered. For a government that is in this way that order is valid until the Last Day (Qiyamah). Obedience to the imam, leader, or head of state that rules with what Allah sent down is ordered. That obedience is a must, an obligation (fard) but you should be mindful about whom you obey. To whom should you obey? You should obey to the leader who rules with what Allah sent down. You should never obey to a leader if he does not know Allah or if he does not rule with the commandments of Allah, or if he does not even give a chance to Islamic life and its rights and freedoms. So, think about what you will experience if you give authority to those who wage war against Islam, Quran, Allah‘s commandments the divine order, and the Islamic sharīʿah. What did Yahud do? In other words, the Jews. They do not accept ‘nesih – removal, renewal’. They say Islam and Christianity are not Allah’s religions. They do not accept neither Bible nor Quran. After the Christians, Protestants and Catholics joined in the denial of ‘nesih – removal, renewal’. Whereas Bible had removed certain decrees of Torah. Now, what does nesih mean? The new book removes some of the decrees of the book in the past or renews them by placing new decrees. As for Al-Quran Al-Karim, it removed all past decrees except for certain exceptions. And a brand new sharīʿah was brought forth. That is why Islam is both the witness of the entire past and the reformer of the entire past. Besides, Islam incorporates the entire past and all divine books and prophets into its structure. And Islam does not let anyone speak ill about prophets either. [10:64] “lā tabdīla li-kalimāti llāhi” They wanted to show the 64th verse of Surah Jonah as evidence. It is possible to show evidence against Allah? It is Allah Ta’ala who renews. It is Allah Ta’ala who does nesih – removal, renewal. It is Allah Ta’ala who sent the new book and the new Prophet and renewed what is old.


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They try to show the word of Allah as evidence against Allah Ta’ala. Their actions only cause them to deny themselves and they are not even aware. For there were other sharīʿah laws before them. Torah removed some of the decrees of the past sharīʿah laws before it. There were other sharīʿah laws before Torah as well. So, what did Torah do? It renewed the past. So, what did Bible do? It renewed Torah. As for Al-Quran Al-Karim, it renewed them all. Quran completely renewed Bible, and the entire past. For the last book and the last Prophet came with the last sharīʿah law until the Last Day (Qiyamah). Islam started with Adam. Allah renews Islam as the conditions of the time chances. No one may make a reform in the religion. It is Allah who renews the religion. A holy book, which is Al-Quran Al-Karim came and renewed the entire past with advancements and reforms that are ahead of all ages. And Al-Quran Al-Karim is the witness of the entire past. Bible had removed certain decrees of Torah as well. But Al-Quran Al-Karim had removed all past decrees. As for the Islam, which is the sharīʿah law of Quran will not be removed. For there will not be a book or a prophet after Quran. A new book removes the decrees of the previous book. As Al-Quran Al-Karim is the last book, it removed and renewed all past books. For it is the last book, the last religion, and the last Prophet. All belong to Islam. Islam is the religion of all man of all ages until the Last Day (Qiyamah). It does not matter if people believe or not. The truth cannot be altered. That is the truth. Now, about 101st verse of Surah al-Nahl. In this verse ‘nesih – removal, renewal’ is used as renewal. And in the 52nd verse of Surah al-Hajj ‘nesih – removal, renewal’ is used as removal. So, in the first one old decrees are renewed into new decrees. But in the latter the decrees are cancelled and removed. Now, there is no ‘nesih – removal, renewal’ in the following matters. In other words, the following decrees cannot be removed until Last Day (Qiyamah). That is, the matter of belief. Prophet Muhammad’s belief (iman) is the same as the belief (iman) of Adam, Noah, Musa, and Isa. Islamic belief (iman) is the same in all prophets. Also, in the itiqad (creed) there cannot be a ‘nesih – removal, renewal’ in the news that denote eternity. There is no ‘nesih – removal, renewal’ in such things. So, who makes the ‘nesih – removal, renewal’ of Al-Quran Al-Karim? Allah does. So, no one else may make ‘nesih – removal, renewal’. However, as ages go by and conditions of time change new decrees and ijtihads may be developed with Al-Quran Al-Karim. And that is the duty of the mujtahids who know Islam well. Not everyone can perform ijtihad. People may speak with a loud mouth but not everyone may be proficient in Islamic sciences. The mujtahids who have enough knowledge perform ijtihad (reasoning). Al-Quran Al-Karim had brought a perfect sharīʿah that incorporates decrees and legislations that are applicable for all times. You should never forget that. You should bequeath this to all your offspring and lineage. Islam is not outdated, but ahead of all ages. Islamic sharīʿah law is not outdated but ahead of ages. Islamic sharīʿah is eternal and pre-eternal. It had no comparables in the past. And it will not have any comparables in the future as well.


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Does Allah have a comparable? Al-Quran Al-Karim had brought a perfect sharīʿah that incorporates decrees and legislations that are applicable for all times. The concepts of ījād (existentiation) and insha (to create) which concern the world of creation, are sifāts (attributes) that belong to Allah. Please pay close attention to this statement. The concepts of ījād (existentiation) and insha (to create) which concern the world of creation are sifāts (attributes) that belong to Allah. So, it is Allah Ta’ala who creates. All creatures are created by Allah. There are no other creators except Allah. These laws cannot be abolished by the will of a servant. The servants cannot abolish any law that belong to Islam. That is still impossible even if more than a few worlds similar to this one has gathered. Not possible even the jinn had helped. A person can remove these laws only from their heart. If a person does not believe, it means he has removed these laws from his own belief (iman), which would ruin him. He would be ruining the ones he deceived as well. You see, there is no enforcement upon people’s will either. People have free will. They may believe or refuse to believe, that is up to them. That is why dearest friends you should never forget that all things that are created are created by Allah. The laws of nature, and canonical laws cannot be abolished by will of people. An example would the laws of nature. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Can someone come up and say he will change this law? Can he say that he will make the sun rise in the west and set in the east. Can the world unite and do this? This is a law of nature. It is Allah who makes the laws of nature. It is Allah who manages the nature. It is Allah who created the nature out of nothing. And it is Allah who established this order. You can neither distort the kevni (physical) verses (laws – signs) nor can you distort the verses of the Quran. The power of man and jinn is not enough for this. Yet, you may oppress people, or torture them. You may throw them into cells and sentence them to severe punishments. You may hang them from gallows, but that would be your cruelty. You may do these, and you already did. And do. Death is predestination. Suffering in the way of Allah is a great rank. Allah has taken revenge on the tyrants, and will continue to do so. [3:4] “wa-llāhu ʿazīzun dhū ntiqām” [3:4] “Allah is the Almighty Avenger.” The revenge of the one who is sided with Allah shall be taken. And it is Allah who gets revenge. A Muslim may only implement the justice of Allah. A Muslim cannot overstep the boundaries, or go too far. A Muslim cannot go beyond retaliation. Ifrat (exaggeration) and tafrit (underdoing) are not valid concepts in Islam. Islam is the measure of justice, which is bound to the measures of Allah. A Muslim is obliged to implement this justice. And in order to implement this you need to become a grand discoverer of Islam and Quran just like these grand figures who discovered Al-Quran Al-Karim which are Al-Imam Al-Azam, Imam al-Malik, Imam al-Shafi’i, Imam al-Hanbali. These are grand Islamic jurists. Those who undervalue Islamic law, and prefer law of someone else have announced themselves as contemporary people. Some people have declared that Allah, and Allah’s laws are outdated. You will answer for this to Allah. O, that outdated mindset! You will answer for this to Allah. That is why the servants are allowed to resort to tasarruf (influence) but it is Allah who created their tasarruf (influence).


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Everyone has their own tasarruf (influence), work, and skills. But know that the tasarruf (influence) of all servants is possible by Allah’s creation. The servant wishes and Allah creates. If a servant decided on what he will direct his will to then what he wants will be created. Moreover, in the light of Allah’s verses and proofs knowledge, according to their limit, is also a tasarruf (influence). The world, the universe, and all rulership belongs to Allah. Authority, aid, property, and judgement (ahkam) all belong to Allah. So, it means that there are no other omnipotent rulers of all these worlds except Allah. Therefore, you cannot stay in Allah’s property while revolting against Allah. You think you can not acknowledge Allah, and the laws and decrees of Allah and live in Allah’s property. If you refuse to acknowledge Allah, then get out of Allah’s property. You may go wherever you want. Go, and create your own property. Or find another creator for yourself. As it is clear these are not possible as there are no possibilities for these kinds of things to happen you should obey Allah, know Allah, and meet Allah. Janâb-i Haqq always wants to meet with the servants by means of the kevni (physical – universe related) signs and the verses in the Quran. Allah narrates Allah to you. Allah narrates the qudrah (power) of Allah. And Allah narrates yourself to you. Allah says Allah has created you. Janâb-i Haqq says Allah has written the recipe for all your spiritual, innate, worldly, and ethereal developments. This formula is the formula of advancement. This is the recipe of eternal happiness. You see, the life-giving recipe is Islam itself. And it is Allah Ta’ala wa Taqaddas (c.c.) who created Islam. It is Allah who introduced Islam to us. It is Allah who commissioned Prophet Muhammad. That is why the state, the universe, and the rulership belongs to Allah. All authority, aid, property, and ahkam (judgement) is from Allah. All aid is from Allah. If you try to see who sends you the sustenance, rather than who brings it you will see that the creator of all is Allah. If you try to see the cause of all things you will see that Allah is the first reason of all things. You will see that it is Allah who creates all reasons. It is seen that with the laws of maturation, selection istıfâ (cleansing self from evil and sin), and discipline, the better ones are manifested. It is seen that with the laws of maturation selection, istıfâ (cleansing self from evil and sin), and discipline the better ones are manifested. It is Janâb-i Haqq who created all these as well. Life consist entirely of development and maturation. The law of maturation is completely in effect in the life. You see, everyone wants to attain maturity. People who do not distort their fitrah (innate nature) want to attain maturity. So, who are those who reverse their fitrah (innate nature). They are those who act contrary to the divine fitrah (innate nature) and divine law. These people either want to distort their fitrah (innate nature) or they already distorted it. Islamic sharīʿah (canonical law) is applicable to all places, all times, all ages, and conditions of all environs. Islamic sharīʿah (canonical law) is ahead of all ages. I advise you to write this into your heart, so that you may not forget. Islamic sharīʿah has removed the previous ones. Please, pay close attention now. Islamic sharīʿah is ahead of all ages. And it is applicable to all places, all times, all ages.


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Islam can be implemented to situation and condition of all locations. If there is someone who says the contrary, he either does not know Islam or he does not want to know. Or he does not believe in Islam. Al-Quran Al-Karim removed all past sharīʿah laws. There has only been one religion since the beginning of the world. Janâb-i Haqq created the religion of Islam. And Janâb-i Haqq sent prophets and divine books in order to renew the religion. And in the end, Allah removed the entire past with the last book that was sent to Prophet Muhammad. Thus, a brand new divine order has been established, and Islam is its name. Let us see the 109th verse of Surah al-Baqarah. Many of them are eager for you to become bigots, have disbelief (kufr) and polytheism (shirk), and corruption (nifaq). Do you see? Diverting a person from Islam means wanting him to be a bigot. That means wanting disbelief (kufr) and polytheism (shirk) for him. For Islam is belief (iman), and Islam is advancement. Islam is more advanced then all ages. For Islam denies disbelief (kufr). Islam denies polytheism (shirk). Islam announces the tawhid iman (monotheistic belief). Islam denies corruption (nifaq). Islam says your actions have to reflect what is inside you, and vice versa. A Muslim has to wear his heart upon his sleeve. The inner and outer worlds of hypocrites (munafiqun) and ahlul nifaq (people of dissent) are different. They may look like a Muslim, but his inner world may be different. Islam denies all this. So, what does diverting the mankind from Islam, and blocking them mean? That is wishing for bigotry, ignorance, disbelief (kufr) polytheism (shirk), corruption (nifaq). That will be the end result. When you take Islam away from a nation and when they deviate to other ways some will be stuck in polytheism (shirk) others will be stuck in corruption (nifaq). And some will become Buddhists etc. Some of the will become naturists, and atheists. It is you who induced all this. You have snatched the belief (iman) and good morals from a nation then you made them rob banks, and you stood there and watched those robbers will bring you down tomorrow, and they will rob you as well and you have snatched the chastity of the nation and paved the way for the unchaste people. Those unchaste people will come and rape your chastity as well. A man without a homeland will never understand the concept of it. A man without chastity will never understand the concept of chastity. A man without honor will never understand the concept of honor. The concept of justice that is not based on belief (iman) that does not rely on Allah Ta’ala, that has no roots, is not really justice. What will be the basis of that justice? Do you think I will fear you and not do some things because of you? Allah is present where you are not. But you are not everywhere. We may see you deal justly in regarding a certain matter. But how will we know whether you are implementing justice regarding other matters? I already see some aspects of yours that you do not deal justly. That is why we say that justice that is not based on the truth (haqq), reality (haqiqa), and the Divine is not justice. Such justice is like a tree without roots that sits on a mountain of ashes. It has no roots, for there is no earth but ash. When the wind blows the ashes will go one way, and the tree will go the other. The principles you hold are similar to this tree. Or it even resembles a weak spider web. Allah gives this example in Surah Ankabūt.


Time Stamp: 50:01


The principles you hold resemble spider web. You think you can take the belief of a nation, deprive them of Allah the Prophet, and the Book, and talk about patriotism. In that case, it is clear that you want to be someone else. It is clear that you want to be like someone else. It is clear that you are imitating someone else. If only you had emulated Islam. In that case you would have known that Allah showed Prophet Muhammad as an exemplary leader. Had you emulated belief (iman), Quran and Islam, you would not have inflicted this cruelty upon the Muslim nation. We shall be brought to account in the presence of Allah, you and me. Tomorrow, in the Great Gathering (Mahshar), in the Great Court all judges shall be brought to account in the presence of Allah. All generals will be brought to account. All heads of states, all bureaucrats, rich and the poor, everyone will be brough to account. This goes for people, and the jinn. I will see you when that time comes. Yet in this world you have established your own courts and you sentence Muslims due to their belief. You see, the real court will be tomorrow in the presence of Allah Ta’ala, and Al-Quran Al-Karim. We will be judged by Allah’s decree which is Al-Quran Al-Karim. We will be judged by Al-Quran Al-Karim in Ruz-i Cezâ (the Last Day) and the realm of spirits (bezm-i âlem). You see, in the grand court (mahkeme-i kûbra) Allah will bring you and me into account. We shall both prepare for that account. Do you think you will be able to escape from that court by denying? You say it is impossible for a man to rise after he dies. “Can a dead man attend the Great Gathering (Mahshar)?” you say. Are you blind to see that you were created out of nothing? You were created out of nothing. Can the One who created you out of nothing not resurrect you after you die? Are you deaf? Don’t you have an intellect in that brain? You see, a friend tell you what is bitter, but always tells you the truth. Jewish rabbis used to call people to abandon Islam by using Battle of Uhud as an excuse. There are also people who advocate that today. So what did they say? They said the westerners are rich, this or that people are rich. Islamic world is poor, so abandon Islam. You should gravitate towards something else, they said. There were even lots of missionaries. There were lots of agents and secret services. They endeavored to divert people from their religion in a time when Islam was weak. The situation was that in the past, and it is the same today. It may be the same tomorrow. Islam is a reality. Those who know Islam well cannot be diverted. But some may deceive the ignorant people who do not know it well. That is a lack of guidance (hidayat). But if that person is devoid of guidance for Allah does not guide him, that is a different story. They used to say, “These people have lost their bearings,” to the true Muslims. The rabbis of that time used to say that to the Muslims. It is true that Muslims were disrupted for a period of time in Battle of Uhud. But they became victorious anyway. They had become careless for a limited time. They said these things by pointing out to the weakness of the Muslims at that time. They disregarded Islam itself. They only pointed out the weakness of the Muslim. Islam is a reality. A Muslim may be wrong, he may fall into carelessness, he may make mistakes for he is human. But, on the other hand, Islam is perfect. For Islam is the order established by Allah. You should not forget the following statements. Whatever you do is hidden in the depts of your soul. Whatever you do is hidden in the depts of your soul, it is present in your soul. Your soul, nafs (self), and the things you say are in a book about you that belongs to Janâb-i Haqq.


Time Stamp: 55:04


This Book contains whatsoever is in and out of you. And you will be brough to account into the presence of Allah. And you will give an account. You, and whatsoever is in you will be brought to the Great Gathering (Mahshar). So, what was in you? What philosophy did you have? Which acts/deeds (amel) did you do? Which attributes did you possess, or did not possess? What was your perspective on Islam? That is why, my dearest friends, you should listen closely. Everyone will come to the presence of Allah as a book of Allah. A person is a book, with his acts/deeds (amel), sins and reward (thawāb). If you have belief or disbelief your book will contain it. Everyone will be brought to the presence of Allah as a book of Allah that contains all of their own attainments. That goes for a shepherd on a mountain and the president of the court of cassation, and the council of state president. This or that hodja, teacher or âlim will be there as well. The theologists will be there as well. The head of state will be there too. Privates and officers, and generals of armies will also be there. Everyone will give an account to Allah. Everyone must tread lightly as regards to this. Being a general, a poor or a rich person or a peasant or poor-fellow will not help. You must attend with your belief (iman) obedience to Allah, and what you can afford. You will be brought to give an account. Everyone will attend with what they can afford. Is there an obstacle in the way of belief (iman)? Is there an obstacle in the way of your heart that blocks you from believing? For the least, there are no obstacles in the way of the heart. It is our duty to obtain true information, and to have true belief (iman). We have to have a real and correct belief (iman) and live by amel-i salih (good deeds) which are a necessity of that belief, that is an obligation on us and we have to fulfil this as best as we can. There are the books that are written by the hands of angels. And there are many similar books of amel (acts/deeds) these are the books that are written by Kiraman Katibin angels that write the sins and reward (thawāb). You see, all of these are under record in the divine book. in Lawh Mahfuz (the Sacred Tablet). For Allah knows everything from the infinite past and infinite future. The scale of good and evil is in the hands of Haqq. Listen closely! The scale of good and evil is in the hands of Allah. Your soul knows when a needle pricks you. As for Allah, Allah is aware of all things about you. You see, Allah is aware of all things just like your soul knows when someone touches, or pricks you with a needle. For it is Allah who created all souls. It is Allah who encompasses all souls. Allah Ta’ala wa Taqaddas is closer to you than yourself. When you come into the presence of Allah you should be honest, and without blame. Being honest, and without blame, and a clean heart is linked to being a good Muslim. A heart that consist of Quran. A man of heart, soul, and Quran, and Islam. A man whose inner world is belief (iman) and Islam. A man who is equipped with the light of belief (iman) and the good morals and culture of Islam. A man in whom merit and virtue of Islam has established. You see, the most modern people are the ones who have been raised by the life-style of the true life-giving religion of Islam. They know that this life-style is the truly life-giving Islamic life-style. Face of a person is the most honorable part of man. Face is the most noticeable part of man. That is why faces come first and foremost in all settings.


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That is why we say that you should be honest and you should be without sin and guilt. And you should try to come to the presence of Allah with an immaculate heart (kalb-i sâlim) that is filled to brim with belief (iman). [26:88] “yawma lā yanfaʿu mālun wa-lā banūn” [27:89] “ʾillā man ʾatā llāha bi-qalbin salīm” [26:88] “On that day neither wealth nor offspring wil be of any use.” [27:89] “Whoever comes before Allah with kalb-i salīm (clean heart) will be saved,” said Allah. The word Islam means “surrender and submission” according to the “bina” of the “if’al bab”. Surrender to whom? That is a complete submission (teslim-i külli) to Allah, that is Islam. Islam means “surrendering to Allah with a complete submission” according to the “bina” of the “if’al bab”. That is bowing down before Allah. It has lexical meanings such as salīm (undamaged) unsullied, selamet (salvation), and peace. Being salīm means being intellectual and having true belief, having true knowledge (ilm) good morals, and amel ( good acts/deeds). So, what is kalb-i salīm? The name of a heart that shines with the light of tawhid (monotheism) which is devoid of polytheism (shirk), disbelief (kufr) corruption (nifaq), and bad morals is kalb-i salīm. A salīm intellect can explained in the same manner as well. Unsullied, but in what way? Unsullied means that polytheism (shirk) is not mixed into your tawhid belief (monotheistic belief). That is, with favor and guidance of Allah. So, what is selamet (salvation)? The owner of that heart is on the way to salvation. A complete salvation is in the reach of the owner of this heart. This selamet (salvation) is with the person who lives Islam. As for peace, Islam is peace. The only true religion that shall bring peace to the entire world is Islam. Peace comes with the Islamic truth, and the Quranic truth. As for Prophet Muhammad he turned such savage and feral hearts into brothers, with the guidance of Allah (c.c.). That is why we say that the religion of Islam is peace but when will we accomplish peace? Peace will occur when Islam is predominant over hearts, souls ‚alam al anfus (the spiritual realm), and ‚alam al afaq (the physical realm). They try to remove Islam from this world, and look for peace at the same time. That is such a deep and foolish error. Destroying Islam means destroying peace, justice; and it means nurturing cruelty. That means inventing terror. Destroying Islam means bringing about terror and this means corruption and disorder. Islam is surrender to Allah. A person who abides by the Islamic principles of justice cannot ever step out of the boundaries of peace. He does not even waste a single leaf for pleasure. He does not even waste a single piece of herb, or hurt a single ant. And he knows the value of man which is ashraf-ul mahlukat (the most honorable creature), better. For Janâb-i Haqq has created worlds for man. And created man so that they may know Allah enter into the service of Allah, and be a servant to Allah. Now, let us talk about the result. That is subjecting yourself to Allah with belief (iman), and ikhlas (sincerity). If a person does that in an unsullied and beautiful way the end result is Janna (Paradise). You see, the end of Dar al-Islam (house/abode of Islam) is Dar es-Salaam (Palace of Peace). Dar al-Islam (house/abode of Islam) and Dar es-Salaam (Palace of Peace). In other words, the place where Islam leads you is absolutely Janna (Paradise). This is because this is the order Allah established.


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But some people think Islam consists of what their shallow minds may comprehend. It is like they only see the sun and the moon and think the entire universe consist of it. These are ignorant, unwary, narrow-minded bigots who are not doing a favor to Islam. We are talking about an entire ocean here and we are like small droplets compared to it. A single droplet in an ocean will continue to exist in that ocean. But if you take it out it will dry away. That is why a Muslim is nourished within the Islamic ocean within the eternal rahmat (blessing) of Allah. A Muslim is a man of irfan (learning) who continuously enlightens. For Islam is the truth (haqiqa). And every truth (haqiqa) is sharīʿah. And every sharīʿah is the truth (haqiqa). All verses of Al-Quran Al-Karim are the truth (haqq) and reality. All verses of Al-Quran Al-Karim are ilm (knowledge), irfan (wisdom). These verses are the superior ilm (knowledge). These are sciences beyond intellect, and nature. Because, it all came from Allah. There is also ihsan (excellence). Al-Quran Al-Karim mentions ihsan (excellence) as well. Ihsan (excellence) is presenting your inner and outer beauty. Moreover, we should pay close attention to this hadith-i sharif. El ihsânü en tağbudallâhe keenneke terâhû feinlem tekün terâhû feinnehü yerâke. So, what does Janâb-i Haqq say? „El ihsânu ihsân.“ „Worshipping Allah Ta’ala,“ but how? „Keenneke terâhû,“ as if you are seeing Allah. „Feinlem tekün terâhu,‘ even if you cannot see Allah. „Feinnehü yerâke,“ Allah sees you. There is nothing to discuss as long as Allah sees you. We cannot see Allah due to our inability. I do not possess the power to see Allah. Allah has kibriyā (grandeur). Allah is the owner of all grandeur. Allah has all grandeur but I am only a created servant who is helpless. I can see as far as Allah lets me. I only know as much as Allah lets me. I only hear as much as Allah makes me hear. Is it possible for a helpless servant to see Al-Qadir (all-Powerful) as if he is seeing this or that person? Allah is the owner of infinite Qudrah (Power, Ability). As people we cannot even directly look at the sun, which is a creature. Yet we cannot even look at it. We cannot even see behind a cardboard. You will not be able to see behind a cardboard box had they placed it over your head. But how do you think you will be able to see this Almighty Qudrah (Power) with your physical and inadequate eyes. Allah’s existence is obvious. It is clear that Allah’s existence is more obvious than anything. But why? Allah’s works, books, and Qudrah (Power) is out there. People may see they do not see. So, if we are both in a dark room together and we know that we are both in the same room can we disregard one another? You see, that darkness is due to our helplessness. These are curtains of inability. Allah has kibriyā (grandeur). But we have veils of inability. But insha ’Allah, Allah will show us Allah’s jamal (beauty) in Janna (Paradise). Those who look at the jamal (beauty) of their Rabb (Lord) may see if Allah wills. This is valid in Islamic tasawwuf. This is bound to the will of Allah. We have eyes in our hearts and souls. If Allah wills, and gives the ability to your eye in your heart and soul Allah will allow you to see the jamal (beauty) of Allah as much as Allah wills.


Time Stamp: 1:10:05


These are warnings to the Islamic nation. My dearest friends, insha ’Allah our lessons will continue. May Janâb-i Mevlâ aid us for we only want salvation for all people we only want good things for people. That is why we continue on our talks about the life-giver. We only wish for happiness for all people, nothing more. We are not forcing anyone either. We only announce. Guidance (hidayat), tawfiq (success), prosperity, friendship (refik) and mutual help (avni muamelet) is from Allah. If Allah guides, everything will be good. If Allah does not guide, then there is a wisdom/knowledge (hikmat) behind this. Allah may guide some, and may not guide some others, Allah knows best. However, we are all obliged to pray for Allah’s blessings and want guidance from Allah by with our hearts. May Janâb-i Haqq admit us into the eternally blissful servants.


Time Stamp: 1:11:13


–          The End        –


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