Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 270-279

Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 270-279

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 270


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Beloved friends!

You should recite this prayer (dua) day and night. There are so many sacred prayers (duas) with sacred and holy meanings in Al-Quran Al-Karim and the Sunnah. Everything we have is excellent, so are our prayers (duas).

Hodja recites the original text of said prayer (dua) in Arabic.

Recite this prayer (dua) often! This prayer (dua) is Jawami’ul Kalim that incorporates most sacred meanings, and it is both about the verse and the sunnah, and it is an excellent prayer (dua). Now, let’s see what it says.

The prayer (dua) says: My Allah! Make us steadfast on Your religion (din). Admit us among the servants (qul) to whom You have given bounty (nimat). Your such servants (qul) who are Prophets, the truthful (siddiq) friends, his martyrs, and his pious (saleh) friends. Admit us among them, and make us steadfast on Your religion (din). Admit us among these servants (qul), for they are such good friends, such good companions, such good allies.”

This is a prayer (dua) to be together with them, and of course, when you are steadfast on Allah’s religion, and when you persevere (sabr), then insha ‘Allah Ta’ala, you will be together with these servants (qul).

May Allah admit us among Prophet Muhammad and his friends, the truthful (siddiq), the martyrs, and the pious (saleh). May Allah admit us among those who are with Prophet Muhammad because Prophet Muhammad is the leader (imam) of all Prophets. Prophet Muhammad is the guide and crown jewel of the awliya, and that is why we should try to be with those who are with Prophet Muhammad.

See, the pathway of Ahlus-Sunnah wa’l-Jama’ah is the pathway of those who follow Prophet Muhammad. It is the pathway of Ahlus-Sunnah that the true mujtahids of Ahlus-Sunnah who know this path brought forth in a scholarly manner. Let us try to acquire the knowledge (ilm) and learning (irfan) of this path. Let us teach its lessons to our souls (nafs), and present them to humanity.

May Janâb-i Haqq treat us all with rightful guidance (tawfiq al-hidayat) and companionship (rafaqat); and make us successful with Janâb-i Haqq’s aid and assistance.


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–          The End        –

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 271


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Hodja recites the original text of the following prayer (dua) in Arabic.

“All ability and power is from You. O divine! Success is from You. O divine! Those whom you do not make successful can never succeed. Success or tawfiq is from You! You are the intimate friend (rafiq). O divine! Aid and assistance, and all kinds of help is from You. To beg You at Your gate of mercy. That is my duty as a servant (qul)  I am at Your door for eternity. O Allah! Do not ever… Do not ever send me to other doors! O Rabb! Do not send me to another door! You are my Rabb, the Rabb of all the worlds. O Rabb! Do not ever send me to anyone else’s door for in any way. O Rabb! All power and omnipotence (qudrah) is with You. Guidance (hidayat) is with You. All bounty (nimat) is from You. O Rabb of all the worlds! We are at Your door, and we wish to love you with every fibre of our being, so grace us! We wish to believe with a true iman with every fibre of our being, and we have believed! Make us attain true perfection (kamal), and make it lasting! O Rabb! Make us faith (iman) and Islam inside and outside! O Allah!

Hodja recites the original text of the following prayer (dua) in Arabic.

O Rabb! Preserve us with Islam at our feet, while sitting, sleeping, and getting up. Make everything about us Islamic. Make everything about is faith (iman), Islam, truth, and light (nūr). O Rabb! O Allah! Please, against the enemy… Against the enemies of Islam, faith (iman) and Muslims, and the enemies of truth and reality (haqq wa haqiqa); give us glory (izzah), do not give us abasement. O Rabb! O Allah! Protect us from all wrongs that will serve as a means for the enemy to rejoice. O Rabb! Give us a glory (izzah) that will make our friends rejoice, and never make the enemy smile! O Rabb, grace us with a generosity that shall make the friends rejoice forever!


Time Stamp: 5:35


Hodja recites the original text of the following prayer (dua) in Arabic.

O Rabb! Make us among Your servants (qul) who love you with every fibre of their being, who drink the wine of love. O Rabb! Make us among Your servants (qul) whom you made drink the wine of love! O Allah! Make us drink the wine of love!

See, the 21st verse of Surah al-Insan [76] says, “رَبُّهُمْ شَرَابًا طَهُورًا” – “Their Rabb will give them a pure wine do drink,” and hydrated them with this wine.

O Rabb! Make us drink the wine of love with every fibre of our being; fill us to the brim with that wine of love. O Rabb! Make us drink that wine of love! O Allah! Admit us into the group of servants (qul) whom You have given that wine of love to drink with every fibre of their being.

Hodja recites the last section of the 21st verse of Surah al-Insan [76].

Hodja recites the last section of the 88st verse of Surah al-Hud [11].

O Rabb! Make us among the servants (qul) who attain safety, whose hearts are satisfied with Your remembrance (dhikr)! Grace us safety of the soul! O Allah!

Hodja recites the following prayer (dua) in Arabic.

O Rabb! Purify our hearts from hypocrisy (nifaq)! O Allah! O Rabb! Keep all our actions distant from two facedness (riya). O Rabb! O Rabb of all the worlds! Bestow upon our tongues a complete loyalty and truthfulness. Grace us with a tongue and speech that conveys the truth (haqq), that expresses the truth (haqq)! Make us among servants (qul) who are steadfast on decency and moderacy. O Rabb! Make us among servants (qul) whose every word is true, who can express the truth, whose every action is truth and light, whose every word is truth and light! O Rabb!


Time Stamp: 10:20


Hodja continues to pray (dua) in Arabic.

Hodja recites the last section of the 88st verse of Surah al-Hud [11].

Hodja recites the last section of the 21st verse of Surah al-Insan [76].

O Rabb of all the worlds! The sultan of the Prophets! The crown jewel of all awliya, and aṣfiyā, and etkıyâ‘.

Hodja continues to pray (dua) in Arabic.

That is what the Glorious Prophet (asw), Muhammad Mustafa, the Greatest Messenger, Allah’s beloved one, the Chief of the Last Day, Muhammad Mustafa says. He is calling to didar (vision). He is inviting us to the mystery of wuslat – ultimate meeting. Didar is to get to Allah’s door of mercy, and to open your heart and soul to Allah, and request from Allah at that door. It is to be at Allah’s door of mercy for life, for eternity. It is to strive to attain Allah’s pleasure (riza). Allah is generous, and if you humbly come to the door, then you will never leave empty handed. Besides, that is not a door from which you can draw away.

From then on, you will live in the palace of mercy, the sea of mercy of the Perpetual One; Al-Ghani, Al-Mughni—the Rich, the Enricher. There is no other door to go throughout eternity or pre-eternity, there is only Allah’s door. That is why the glorious Prophet is inviting all his people to didar (vision), to the mystery of wuslat – ultimate meeting. So, what is the mystery of wuslat? It is to attain Allah’s pleasure (riza) along with endless and boundless blessings (nimat). It is to earn Allah’s pleasure (riza). You earn everything when you earn Allah’s pleasure (riza). Only then will you be complete, and you will not have anything to love. From then on, eternal happiness is yours as long as Allah says, “My servant! I am pleased with you!” You need to strive for this. See, wuslat is the name of attaining Allah’s pleasure (riza).


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–          The End        –

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 272


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

May Janâb-i Haqq make us among servants (qul) who reach the ultimate meeting – wuslat, who attain Allah’s pleasure, and are overwhelmed with the everlasting mercy, bestowal (in’am), and benevolence (ihsan).


Time Stamp: 14:52



–          The End        –

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 273


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Beloved friends, surely, there is barbarity where there is no divine justice and divine mercy (rahmat). Mercilessness is present therein. Mercilessness is observed therein, and injustice (zulm), murder, and savagery come along with it. The following is a narration on the authority of Al-Qurtubi.

One day, a man visited our magnificent Prophet. He was not smiling at all; he was in deep sorrow and sadness. See, he just became a Muslim. He was among those who just became a Muslim. Our Prophet asked him, “Why are you so sad?” He said, “O the Messenger of Allah! I had a matured and beautiful daughter before I became a Muslim. I lied to her mother; told I will visit my close relatives with her and we will take a walk. Her mother bathed her, dressed her, adorned her, and trusted her with me. We went to the desert with her where I found a well, and I decided to throw my daughter in that well. My daughter realized I was going to throw her in the well. He hugged me and begged me not to do it. No matter how much she begged, I was a savage before I became a Muslim… My daughter cried so much, and she hugged me. She said, “Don’t do it father! Don’t throw me in the well!” But no matter how much she begged, I did not take pity on my daughter. I threw her in the well when she was still alive. I killed my daughter in the well mercilessly. Then, I returned back home that merciless circumstance. I was like that before I became a Muslim, and I had committed a murder like that. O Rasūlullah! What will happen to me?

As he narrated the events, our Prophet started crying along with everyone who was present at the time because the universe was crying. Allah came to the help of the universe as it cried. Janâb-i Haqq sent down the Prophet of Mercy. That is, Prophet Muhammad. And sent down the Quran. The savage souls at that time became as gently as a lamb, they became merciful via the Quran. The most merciful people and cadres of the planet who were icons of justice had begun to be raised. That is why, beloved friends, if you snatch away the faith (iman) of Islam, its mercy, its knowledge (ilm), its learning (irfan), and its high morals from humanity and youth, and turn people into materialists; then what were they doing in that polytheistic or taghuti order? See, they used to inflict this savagery and cruelty (zulm) even to their own children. They even inflicted this savagery to even their own families.


Time Stamp: 5:06


Humanity was crying blood tears, women were crying blood tears. The poor, wretched, destitute, and orphans were crying blood tears. The unjust were running their own show. Humanity was groaning bitterly under the tyranny of them. Then, the justice of Islam came. The bravery of Islam came. The mercy, knowledge (ilm), and learning (irfan) of Islam came. Those savage souls were transformed to the most civilized souls. The souls who mercilessly killed their daughters started crying after they became Muslims. They felt regret over regret.

Prophet Muhammad said, “If the religion (din) of Islam did not bring amnesty to the previous mistakes of a person after he became a Muslim, I would have punished you with the severest punishment. But you were not a Muslim back then. Now that you are a Muslim; Islam removes the sins that were committed before itself.”

The world was filled to the brim with such faithless people who were men of polytheism (shirk), disbelief (kufr), and injustice (zulm). That said, exceptions never break the rule. That is why friends! Souls may be filled to the brim with the faith (iman) and good deeds (amal-e-saleh) of Islam, and the love of Allah; and Allah’s mercy, goodness, and grace is present for all servants (qul). Who will benefit from destroying Islam and turning people into savages? Today, the number of people who murder their mothers started to increase. The number of those who kick their fathers out of the house started to increase. People started getting divorce one after another. There is no peace left in families, and there is no obedience between children and their parents. There is no obedience between ranks unless there is a material circumstance. Besides, about patriotism and nationalism; is it possible to find a patriotism and nationalism, or a national spirit where there is no faith (iman)? If people’s sacred feelings have been snatched away, then there won’t be anything left when expedience comes to an end. That is why we should present the faith (iman) that Almighty Allah brought forth along with Holy Islam and its rules and holy commands to humanity. Let us do everything we can in order for humanity to serve only Allah.

See, these are the results of worshipping souls (nafs), worshipping money, and worshipping false idols and taghuts. Those who mislead humanity to the hands of materialism and idolatry are doing the evillest thing to all humanity regardless of their intent. Janâb-i Haqq bestowed the faith (iman), mercy (rahmat), guidance (hidayat) of Islam to all humanity. Janâb-i Haqq had willed humanity to live happily in peace and tranquillity, and this has been manifested to humanity with Islam. We wholeheartedly supplicate to Janâb-i Haqq to make all humanity take their share of Islam, and attain guidance (hidayat).

Amin. Amin. Amin. Al-ḥamdu li-llāhi rabbi l-ʿālamīn.


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–          The End        –

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 274


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Beloved friends!

We continue our lectures with the discovery notes and lessons on the life-giving light (nūr). All bliss of the world, and whatever is necessary for it is present in it along with whatever is necessary for treatment and preventative medicine; Holy Islam is the divine preventative medicine. Surely, it is fairly easy to see that Islam is a pathway and life-style that is more guaranteed than anything else. Islam is a life-style under divine protection. The spirit (ruh) of Islam is complete submission to Allah, and it is the name of living at Allah’s command with Allah. To live in Allah’s dominion (mulk) and live away from Allah, and to deny Allah… It does not behoove a person of even slightest intellect (aql) to disacknowledge Allah while living the life that Allah has given. Islam is the manifestation of Allah’s eternal and widespread mercy (rahmat) and justice.

Astaizu billah.

Hodja recites the 19th verse of Surah al-Dhariyat [51].

Friends, let us see what Almighty Rabb has said in these sacred verses and sacred words. “And in their wealth was the right of the beggar and the poor.” Now, to whom does that right belong? Says, “لِّلسَّائِلِ – the beggar,” and “وَالْمَحْرُومِ – the poor.” Says they have a rightful share in their wealth. That is, those who beg, the poor and the needy have a rightful share in the wealth of the rich. They have a rightful share in the wealth of the rich. The rich need to understand this. Do you know who makes the rich rich? Who created the rich and the poor? Who set up the balances? Who gave the command of justice? Who is testing us here? It is Almighty Allah who is testing us, who created life and death. Allah is testing us, the rich are being tested with richness, and the poor are being tested with poverty. Unless people fulfil Allah’s command and the true justice that Allah brought forth, they will not be passing the test. Everyone has to fulfil their obligations; that is our obligation as servants (qul). The truth (haqq) is Allah. The truth is Allah’s law. That is, whatever Allah says is the truth and reality (haqq wa haqiqa) because Allah is the Real (al-Haqq). Allah is the absolute God. Surely, the absolute truth (haqq) is Allah. As for law, it is fulfilment of Allah’s commands. You are to give the rights of every right owner. Those who don’t are the unjust – zalimun who consume people’s rights. Unless the justice is manifested in the world upon all creatures, and unless this justice is manifested on foremost the humanity, the unjust or zalimun who hold justice in their hands but consume people’s rights are the biggest criminals in the eyes of Allah Ta’ala. They are savages who commit murder.


Time Stamp: 5:00


You can’t consume anyone’s rightful share, that is unallowable. Yes, it is a crime to consume someone’s rightful share, but unless those who have the rulership, chair, position, power and authority don’t establish this justice and let their rightful shares be consumed by turning a blind eye to it even though they are able to prevent it, they are the vilest wrongdoers or zalimun on the planet.

That is why, Janâb-i Haqq said that in the 19th verse of Surah al-Dhariyat [51], and also in the 24th and 252nd verses of Surah al-Ma’arij, it is said that there is a known right for the beggar and the deprived. The religion of Islam is but a complete justice, and it is true justice, the justice of the Real (al-Haqq). There is no deity besides Allah. There is no other true deity. Others are all idols, false deities (taghut). There is no deity beside Allah. Every command and law Allah brought forth is right and real (haqq wa haqiqa). As for fulfilling the divine commands, this establishes justice and ensures the predominance of justice; fulfils justice. The truth (haqq) is the laws and regulations of Allah Ta’ala; which stand upon all of creation (makhluqat).

Nobody has the right to consume someone else’s rightful share. Allah has made the best distribution, and brought forth Islam as the holiest order of justice. Those who look cross-eyed at Islam and attack it are enemies of Allah. They are enemies of truth, and foremost they are hostile towards themselves, and humanity. That is why Islam saves a person from inflicting cruelty to himself and inflicting cruelty to others. Islam came to save everyone; it is the saviour. It is the only saviour. Besides, there is no justice or saviour where there is no truth, reality, and justice. The wrongdoers (zalimun) are helping each other, and one wrongdoer claims the other saved him.

Kufr is helping kufr, and they claim they save each other while they are all people of disbelief – kufr. According to him, disbelief or kufr is the saviour. Who will save them from the justice of Allah? That is the point; the reality (haqiqa) is here. Who will save them from the justice of Allah? Who will save you as Azrail takes your live, as you enter the grave, and as Munkar and Nakir question you in the grave, as you jump from your grave and come to the great gathering (mahshar)? Who will save you in the greater court, in the judgeship of Allah Ta’ala? Who will save you as Allah passes judgment on you? Muster up your arms and cannons, and save yourself if you can!

Muster up all imperialists, and every soldier you have in your so-called organisations! Come and stand against Allah! Do not do that! O humanity, do not do this evil to yourself and humanity. Come, acknowledge Allah Ta’ala, be at Allah’s command, ensure divine justice for the truth is Allah, and the law is Allah’s laws. It is to fulfilment of justice, mercy, and social justice in the world. Establish justice in the world, and do not ostracize people saying some are with you and others are against you. All people are servants (qul) of Allah. Just establish the justice, acknowledge the Real (al-Haqq), and know the Real (al-Haqq). The truth (haqq) is manifest; the reality (haqiqa) is manifest.


Time Stamp: 10:00


Give authority to scientists and true jurists, and let them speak, and you should implement the decisions they make. Everything that relies on the Real (al-Haqq) is real. As for things that do not rely on Allah, the Messenger, the Quran, and Muhammad along with things that do not rely on science, true aql-e-saleem (sound understanding), that do not bid what is beneficial to humanity, and that do not forbid what is harmful are not haqiqa (reality) by any means. They are not real, nor are they just. That is why Holy Islam opened its mercy to universe, brought forth the truths, and embraces all humanity. Allah encompasses mankind with mercy, and this is what we call Islam.

They claim some camels are bahira and call it haram. They say you can’t ride it, nor can you milk it. See, the idolaters back in the jahiliyyah period used to call some camels bahira. They used to claim you can’t touch it or milk it. They used to call some camels saibah. They were camels devoted to idols, and they claimed it was haram to ride them or milk them. See those who are devoted to idols, bahiras and saibahs of this era. There are contemporary bahiras and saibahs.

What are they? They are using wealth to the detriment of humanity. They are using authorities to the detriment of humanity. A part of the world is burning money recklessly and making unnecessary investments while the other part of the world is poor, and there are so many people in need, and the world is filled to the brim with the deprived. See, there is knowledge (ilm) in the era we live in, but there is no justice or halal. There are scientific studies, but there is still no justice. True justice has not been established yet. Why? Because all reckless expenses are the idolatry of this era. That is contemporary idolatry. You cannot use anything to the detriment of humanity, and you cannot make wrong investments. All wheels that turn must turn for the better good of humanity.

That said, Janâb-i Haqq declared (hukm) that nobody has the chance to call something haram or call something halal in the 103rd verse of Surah al-Maidah [5]. Whatever Allah (c.c.) calls haram is haram, and whatever Allah (c.c.) calls halal is halal.

Besides, Allah has no equals, no comparables. See, the command of Allah Ta’ala is what halal and haram, benefit and harm, good and bad rely on. Just take a look at Allah’s command. Unless something is present among Allah’s commands, and unless it is based on Allah’s command, nobody has the chance to call something haram.

Nobody has the chance to call what Allah has called haram halal. You say you have, and it is okay? You will be reckoned in regards to that when Azrail takes your life, brings you to Allah, and Allah implements the justice. You will see whether you will get away with it or not.

Hodja recites a part of the 47th verse of Surah Ibrahim.

Allah will take revenge.


Time Stamp: 15:00


Allah is possessor of revenge. Allah’s revenge is justice. Allah (c.c.) has endless and boundless graces (lutf) and mercy upon those who believe and obey Allah. As for those who disacknowledge Allah’s mercy (rahmat) and justice, and get incur Allah’s wrath and rage, will certainly be struck by Allah’s justice.

That is why, beloved friends, let us have a look at takhrīj (authentication), tenkîh (reduction); and see whether manats are based on revelation (wahy) or not. What relies on revelation (wahy) is but a complete truth and reality (haqq wa haqiqa). Messengers are Prophets of Revelation. They receive revelation (wahy) from Allah. As for Prophet Muhammad, Islam and Al-Quran Al-Karim were commanded to him through revelation (wahy) from Allah. They were revealed (wahy) to him, and Janâb-i Haqq assigned Prophet Muhammad to Islam, and sent him upon all humanity as the Universal Prophet. Islam is but a complete divine revelation (wahy-i ilahi), and it belongs to Allah (c.c.).

That said, see the 3rd verse of Surah al-Maidah [5] about harams. Some of the absolute harams were narrated to you therein. We are reminding it to those who forgot.

Now, liver, spleen, and the blood left in veins after slaughter are exceptions, they are edible. However, running blood can’t be eaten. That said, liver and spleen are edible, and the blood left in veins after slaughter is an exception, these can be eaten. What we mean here is that if some blood is left in the veins after slaughter, then the meat can be eaten, but the blood that is drained can’t be eaten. We continue our lecture by pointing these out because we mentioned them in our previous lectures. As for a general description of what Holy Islam has forbidden, see the following verse.

The 157th verse of Surah al-A’raf [7], which hodja is reciting right now.

Allah has made all vicious things, and whatever there is bad, harmful, and heinous haram. Allah does not withhold anything good and beneficial. Only says, “Do not be extravagant. Eat, drink, but do not be wasteful.” See, whatever there is good, pure, and beneficial is called halal. Holy Islam has stated that. The number of harams are less, while the halals are endless and boundless. That is why Allah calls everything heinous that is harmful, evil, dirty, detrimental, and heinous haram. The point of all these prohibitions is to prevent them from harming mankind, and that they are based on Allah’s command and they contain many hidden causes (hikmat). Now, why did Allah call swine haram? Allah calls it straight-up dirty. Science may discover some of the reasons, but not all. They need to have as much knowledge as Allah and be a creator in order to discover it all. For one thing, there is no deity besides Allah, nor is there another creator. As for the knowledge (ilm) of Allah Ta’ala, it has no equals, partners, or rivals.


Time Stamp: 20:03


It would have been less than the water a sparrow can drink from an ocean next to Allah’s knowledge (ilm) even if you gathered the knowledge (ilm) of the whole creation. Such examples were given by people of knowledge.

That is why, beloved friends, Janâb-i Haqq also mentions the maṭ’ūmāt, which are edible and drinkable things, let us pay attention to this as well. Even though they are few in numbers, Janâb-i Haqq has certain prohibitions of edibles and drinkables. One should never eat or drink anything that is haram. Wine is among the foremost haram drinks. Alcoholic beverages are also included, and they are also rij’s – dirty. They are rij’s according to Al-Quran Al-Karim, and the word rij’s means impure and dirty and that is both materialistically and spiritually. They have been made haram. Nobody knows the hidden causes (hikmat) behind that other than Janâb-i Haqq. That is why Almighty Allah has prohibited alcoholic beverages, especially wine. Janâb-i Haqq refers to all intoxicating alcoholic beverages that harm human mind (aql) and intoxicate humans as rij’s – dirty. Animals slaughtered by mentioning someone else’s name are also prohibited because Allah has created the whole creation. The animals that Allah told us to eat can be slaughtered by mentioning Allah’s name over them. Allah’s name is valid in regards to everything halal, but you cannot recite the basmalah over haram. That is because when you recite the basmala over a haram you make it halal, and you use Allah’s name a for a haram; so, think about what will befall on you because of that!

You can’t recite the basmala over a haram, nor can you eat something haram, and the animals that are to be slaughtered are slaughtered by mentioning Allah’s name. You can never mention someone else’s name. Allah has no equals and no partners, and there is no second deity whose name you can mention! That is why animals slaughtered in someone else’s name cannot be eaten. We see the truths when we read the 121st verse of Surah al-An’am [6].

Hodja recites a part of the 120st verse of Surah al-An’am [6].

Janâb-i Haqq says, “Abstain from sin, be it either open or secret.” See, Allah says you should not commit sin, be it either open or secret. Is there something concealed to Allah? No, there isn’t. You sin in places where people don’t see you, but does Allah not see? You are committing a sin in the presence of Allah, knowing Allah is seeing you. Others may not see, but can there be a place where Allah can’t or won’t see? Get your mind straight! Live in Allah’s presence.

Due to the self-existence of the Real (al-Haqq); those who spend insignificant amounts with personal intentions for truth and charity are improper and void expenses imposed by polytheistic provisions (shirk hukm), and they are nothing but improper consumption.


Time Stamp: 25:00


What is meant here is that expenses should be in the way of Allah, and used for charity and good because all bounties or nimat belong to Allah. We are servants (qul) of Allah, and we have no right to misuse Allah’s bounties or nimat. If we use them properly, then we will benefit, and we will fulfil the command and pleasure (riza) of the Rabb. Allah has offered us to use them in a properly fashion, and has given a duty, and told us to eat and drink but use everything as is due. As for void expenses that are not in the way of Allah nor are beneficial to mankind or creation; and expenses that are not for their better good, they are all illegitimate consumption. Void and unnecessary expenses imposed by polytheistic provisions (shirk hukm) are nothing but consumption. What people need to do is to spend and consume in the way of Allah in accordance with Allah’s pleasure (riza).

Due to the self-existence of the Real (al-Haqq); those who spend insignificant amounts with personal intentions for truth and charity are improper and void expenses imposed by polytheistic provisions (shirk hukm), and they are nothing but improper consumption. That is why all bounty and wealth on the planet should be earned for Allah, consumed and spent in the way of Allah in a just manner, and every expense should be done properly. Otherwise, you will answer for extravagancy and the expenses you made in the way of polytheism one by one; you will answer to Allah.

Rather, do them in the way of Allah and for the better good of humanity. Islam is nothing but benefit. It is a benefit that embraces all humanity. It is beneficial, and embraces all people. Islam is but a complete conscience. It incorporates the consciences of all people, and it is the conscience that embraces them. The faith (iman) of Islam is the true belief that incorporates the hearts of all people. That is why polytheism (shirk), disbelief (kufr), hypocrisy (nifaq), and everything that contradicts what is right cannot stand next to the truth. They cannot get on well with the truth. There are no wrongs (batil) where truth (haqq) is present. Besides, they do not give a chance to truth (haqq) where wrongs (batil) are present. That is why the predominance of wrongs (batil) is the frustration of mankind. As for the predominance of the truth (haqq), it is the bliss of mankind, and all people attaining what they have wished. Islam is the order and life-style brought forth by Allah that prepares people to an eternal bliss, and that is according to the world if they are in the world, according to the grave, according to barzakh, and according to the great gathering (mahshar) if they are there. The expenses on polytheism that ruin, destroy, and smash life and morals. The cause of crises and calamities and economical miseries is that expense; and all their earnings will drop like flies for the sake of polytheism (shirk). Beware! The world is suffering due to that! The expenses on polytheism that ruin, destroy, and smash life and morals. The cause of crises and calamities and economical miseries is that expense; and all their earnings will drop like flies for the sake of polytheism (shirk).


Time Stamp: 30:11


Do you know what happens what happens to a world in despair, humanity under the reign of polytheism (shirk) and injustice (zulm)? They are pushed to manifold desperation, and they are exploited therein. See, terror emerges from there, and evil starts boiling and residing therein. Therefore, due to that reason Allah’s punishment will come. The humanity and the unjust will not be short of the punishment of Allah.

That is earthquakes will happen, and things will come down from the sky. There will be tsunamis, hurricanes, and so much more. Bombs will explode inside the brains of people. Those microbes; every wrongdoing will explode like a bomb in your brain as a result of injustice! Every sin is a bomb that explodes inside the heart, or it is much worse. Whoever attacks Allah and disacknowledge Allah’s justice will answer for it. They will reckoned, and they will answer to Allah. The reasons for that is evil, mischief, aggression, transgression, and haram! Pay attention! Some of the reasons that something is haram is the following: It is rij’s – dirty. It incorporates evil, aggression, transgression, or if we are to use one word, it incorporates harm. That is why it is said that there is no abrogation (naskh) in the provision (hukm) of the 145th verse of Surah al-An’am [6]. Our mufassirs (authors) say it an abrogation (naskh) is out of the question.


Time Stamp: 32:51


–          The End        –

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 275


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Beloved friends, everything in Islam is based on truth (haqq), original (asl), and real (haqiqa). Takhreej al-manât, tanqeeh al-manât, and tahqeeq al-manât; this is the circumstance of something being based the original (asl). Islam is completely divine. It relies on Allah and the commands of Allah. As for Prophet Muhammad, he is the Prophet whom Allah has assigned. Al-Quran Al-Karim is the Book that has been sent down to Prophet Muhammad by Allah.

Islam is the religion (din) of all people until eternity. Islam, by all accounts, relies on original (asl), reality (haqiqa), and truth (haqq). That is why one needs to study whether something is halal or halal well in Islam. May Allah bestow much peace upon them, and may their graves be pure light. Islamic mujtahids and faqihs of ours have done a pretty good work, and the understood and explained the religion (din) of Islam very well.

The whole world needs to appreciate what came from the way of Ahlus-Sunnah. The whole world, and all Muslims and non-Muslim should give thanks to Almighty Allah a lot. They should recite salat and salaam to the Messenger of Allah. They should pray for the ulama and Islamic scholars or âlims who came from the way of Ahlus-Sunnah. Now, the word ẓuhūr is mentioned in Al-Quran Al-Karim. The word ẓuhūr means all animals having an undivided hoof except sheep and ox.

Then again, all predators, filthy bugs, poisonous creatures etc. Now, about being predatory, all poisonous creatures and bugs that live in nasty and filthy environments are included in the predatory class. Then again, the word ẓufur means hoof. In general meaning, the hafir refers to single-hoofed, zilf refers to cloven-hoofed, and huf refers to camel’s toes, and mihlet refers to the claws of predators.

Grand âlims like Fakhr al-Din al-Razi have said that dhī ẓufurin includes predators and clawed animals and birds. That is, he accepted the phrase dhī ẓufurin as “clawed predators.” That is, whether they are bird species or other animal species. As for those like Ibn-i Abbas and Mujahid along with Ibn-i Zubayr, Qatada, and Suddī claim it includes animals like camels, ostriches, and geese, animals whose fingers are not separated; Zajjāj is also among them.

According to Ibn Zayd, it included camel. As for Zahhak, it included ostrich and wild mounts. As for Kalbī, it included all predatory birds and animals that have grinder teeth and cloven hoof and claws. Then again, swine, predators, single-hoofed animals, camels and birds have been forbidden to the Jews except sheep and ox.


Time Stamp: 5:04


See what happens to those who nourish themselves with quail meat, why did that happen? The reason of that is Allah takes bounty away from people as they transgress more. The primary reasons that they become destitute are their transgression, aggression, killing, that they devour usury, they hinder the truth, they consume haram, they call haram halal, they call halal haram, and that they produce such wrong views. One can’t call harams halal, nor can one call halals haram ever.

See, deprivation had begun due to their such crimes. Then people are left face-to-face with a material deprivation. There is also the earnings of the heart, and storms emerge in their inner worlds. Whatever the heart earns, it experiences the breezes of that life. If the earnings of the heart are in accord with divine will, and there are halal earnings, then bliss will fill that heart. Breezes will emerge in the form of bliss, and these are called jamali manifestations.

If the earnings of the heart and the inner world of spirit are evil, and there is an earning oriented at haram, sin, disbelief (kufr), or polytheism (shirk), then depression, troubles, calamities, sadness, and sorrow will start blustering in one’s inner world. If you want to live in divine safety and divine peace inside and outside, then first thing you should do is to hold fast to the commands of Allah with Islam, and surrender to Allah! Surrender to every command of Islam. You will be under the protection of Allah Ta’ala when you submit Allah by Islam. You will be in complete safety.

Friends, we understand these from the 160th verse of Surah al-Nisa [4]. The halals were snatched away from the Jews due to their denial and that they eat haram, and punishment has been prepared. See, what is the requital of wrongdoing or haram? It is punishment.

Except camel meat and milk, every halal was halal for them as well. As for harams, they are haram to everyone. However, the reason that valuable bounty is taken away from people is that they consume harams, they deny, they transgress; the result of which is that halals are taken away from their hands, and they are punished.

Janâb-i Haqq’s mercy is vaster than the rage, and it comes before. Allah’s mercy or rahmat is endless and boundless. Allah’s mercy is vaster than Allah’s rage, and it comes before. So, those who incur Allah’s wrath by abandoning all this rahmat, and abandoning the endless, boundless, and infinite mercy, are those who plot against themselves by their own hands.


Time Stamp: 9:58


The word “taat” is to obey the command, meaning it is obeying to Allah. It is to do what is necessary to fulfil the command. As for sin, it is to object to Allah’s command, and rebel against Allah. For one thing, you should be able to distinguish between obedience and rebellion, and know what is obedient and what is rebellious. Every sawāb fulfils the divine commands and is obedience to Allah so long as obligations (fards), necessities (wajib), and sunnah are in the front along with faith (iman), knowledge (ilm), learning (irfan), and struggle (jihad). It is rebellion against Allah when you do not fulfil these commands and do the opposite of them. Is there a power that can stand against Allah? No, there is not. Is there someone equal to Allah? Does Allah have a partner? No. Then, even if you mustered up all the armies on the planet, would it be enough to stand against a single soldier of Allah? No, it will not be enough. So, why are you rebelling against Allah? Why don’t you use your intellect! Why are you being deceived? You are deceived by your guns and cannons, right? You say you have guns, cannons, and have lots of troops, and you have your position and chair. Some claim they are lords; they say they are rich. They say they are rulers, and some say they are wrestlers. Others say Allah knows what… No matter what you are, we are all servants (qul) of Allah. Those who obey Allah shall be saved. Azrail (a.s.) will take the lives of the poor, the rich, those who have arms and those who have no arms. What do you think? Will they give their lives to Azrail (a.s.) or not? Is Azrail (a.s.) breathing down on your neck, or not? Will you die? Or, will you not die? O pasha! O fellow! Tell me, is Azrail (a.s.) breathing down on your neck; with a list in his hand a clock that he checks. The moment your hour (ajal) comes to an end, he will take your life. Has there ever been a brave fellow who resisted? No. Do not be deceived, no matter how great you become, let your faith (iman) be great that much. Adhere to Allah well. Be a servant (qul) of Allah, not anyone else. That is friendship, let us tell each other the truths. You should also tell me and I will appreciate you for every truth you speak. Why? Because truth is truth; it is real, and haqiqa. That is friendship, and benefit. Their free conduct is created as the servant (qul) wishes. Pay attention! Allah has given free conduct to us servants (qul), gave us freedom, and created us as free beings. Their free conduct is ordained when the servant wishes; meaning Allah creates what the servant (qul) wishes. Also, the divine will is tied to the servant’s will; and there are qada‘ and qadar, and there is no compulsion in these. See, as there is freedom the wishes of the servant (qul) are created whether they are good or evil; there is freedom here. There is no imposition, no compulsion; this is a trial. In this world, life and death are for trial to see who will obey Allah and who will disobey. Janâb-i Haqq has willed the life like this so that people themselves should see this as well, and created everything like this, and left people free. The ordainment of the crime is not divine consent. That is, Janâb-i Haqq does not ordain or force the servant (qul) to commit a crime, does not use force. Allah does not take away his freedom. Allah does not take away his liberty so that the servant (qul) may commit a crime.


Time Stamp: 15:04


That is why the ordainment of the crime is not divine consent, it is due to the consent of the criminal himself. That is, the ordainment of the crime has been created because the criminal himself wanted it. The servant (qul) wants it, and commits the crime using his free will. Understand this part well, the ordainment of the crime is not divine consent, rather it is due to the will of the criminal. The criminal has wanted to commit the crime by his own will, and he is able to commit it because he is free. Had he wanted, he could have done a good deed or a sawāb instead because he is able to do these or do the other things.

People’s free will is able to do good deeds and sawāb, and to commit sin. It would not be a test if it wasn’t like that. That is why the ordainment of the crime is not divine consent, rather it is the criminal’s consent. That is the criminal’s own consent, and that he committed the crime by his own free-will. Allah (c.c.) the Most Merciful (ar-Rahim) is not pleased with sin. Allah is not pleased with sin, but left the servants (qul) free. Allah admonished the servant (qul) to abstain from sin, and brought forth the rules, but left the servant (qul) free.

Now, you are doing what Almighty Allah is not pleased with, or I am doing it, but we are doing it with our own consent. We know that Allah is not pleased with it, and that is sin. Allah has given the ability to understand and synthesis, is that right? Yes. See, the ability to understand and synthesis have been given to people, meaning intellect and will have been given along with thought, cognizance and contemplation. Allah has sent a Prophet, right? Yes. Allah has sent down a book, right? Yes. Has Allah brought forth intellect (aql) and wisdom (hikmat)? Yes, Allah has given us intellect (aql), and filled the world to the brim with wisdom (hikmat). Who is to blame when you neglect all that, neglect what have been given to you, and misuse what have been given to you, and when you disobey Allah? The criminal is to blame. That is why nobody can commit a sin and say “that is my destiny.” Are you saying it is your destiny because Allah made you commit that sin? Understand fate or qadar well! There are two types of fate or qadar, one is muallaq (revocable), the other is mubram (irrevocable).

Muallaq qadar (revocable fate) is one that is written according to servant’s will. As for mubram qadar (irrevocable fate), the servant (qul) has no influence in it, meaning the servant’s will has no effect on it whatsoever. That is mubram qadar (irrevocable fate). So, let’s give an example. Did Allah consult you before creating you? No, Allah did not. That is mubram qadar (irrevocable fate). You will die the moment your hour comes, that is also mubram qadar (irrevocable fate). You will raise from the grave and you will be reckoned; that is also mubram (irrevocable).

So, whatever there is similar to these that exceeds the servant’s own free-will is mubram qadar. Whatever the servant (qul) does by his own will is called muallaq qadar, which is the qadar or fate that is written according to the servant’s will. Allah already knows what the servants (qul) will do. That is why Janâb-i Haqq has written the fate or qadar because Allah knows what every servant (qul) will do. Allah knows what every servant (qul) will do by their own free-will.

Now, think of a person who calculated that there will be an eclipse of the moon. Now, that man has calculated the eclipse of the moon a year in advance, but does that have any affect on the eclipse of the moon? No, it does not. See, just like that having knowledge of what will happen in advance has no effect whatsoever in regards to the occurrence of that event in a good or bad way.


Time Stamp: 20:20


Yes, Janâb-i Haqq knows what everything in advance. But that does not mean a person does what he does under compulsion. Rather, it is due to the fact that Allah’s knowledge (ilm) encompasses all eternity (azal wa abad). There is no compulsion over a person’s free-will.

Now, it is said that the opposite of mercy or rahmat is surely punishment. See, the opposite of mercy (rahmat) is surely punishment. One should look for the signs of the pleasure (riza) in commands and prohibitions. Now, Janâb-i Haqq’s mercy (rahmat) is ample, and has abundant bounties (lutf), but what does Allah do as a necessity of Allah’s justice? Allah gives rewards as requital of good deeds, and gives punishment as requital of evil deeds to the extent of people’s earnings. These are muqaddar or predestined.

You will find goodness as requital of good deeds, and find evil as requital of mischief. That is a truth and reality, and nobody can chance this because it is a true law. That is why the 35th verse of Surah al-Nahl [16] is about slandering the truth, pay attention to it! One must not slander Allah. Those who misunderstand fate (qadar) and do not believe in fate (qadar) correctly are those who slander Allah. Pay attention to this as well! There is also         spreading (tabligh), pay attention to this as well! Almighty Allah has been spreading (tabligh) the reality of Islam with Prophets, the Book, all commands of Islam, and first and foremost competent Prophets and Islamic scholars (âlims). Do not turn a deaf ear, do not shut your eyes, do not turn your back on the truths! Rather, give all your heart to understand the truth and reality (haqq wa haqiqa). Set your heart and ears in motion. Open your heart’s eyes as well. Listen well to the Real (al-Haqq), and understand with all your abilities. These are manifest signs that Al-Quran Al-Karim is divine revelation (wahy-i ilahi). Just take a look, every command of Al-Quran Al-Karim is a manifest sign that it came from Allah. Will the truth abide by the soul, or will the soul abide by the truth? Do not forget that the souls are to abide by the truths and follow them. If you want the truths to follow you, then it means you are worshipping your soul because it is idolatry and sultanate of the soul. Souls are to believe in Allah, and do what? They shall abide by the truths. The souls that want the truth to follow them because they will not follow the truths become like the pharaoh, and they will burst in rage, go astray and go mad. See, this is the point of origin of pharaohship. That is why when we see the 147th verse of Surah al-An’am [6], we see that Allah’s punishment will not be averted from the guilty lot.


Time Stamp: 25:00


If a lot is committing crimes, then they will get the punishment they deserved one day. Nobody can avert that punishment, and they have no chance of resisting it. Try to employ all powers of the world as Janâb-i Haqq shakes a place with earthquakes. Do they have the chance to stop the earthquake? No, they don’t. Let’s say Janâb-i Haqq has created an illness in your brain, and the illness attacked major points in your brain and spread well. May it be a doctor or someone else, who will save you? Nobody can resist what comes from Allah. That is why Allah’s punishment is not averted from the guilty lot, nobody can avert it, and crime necessitates calamity.

That said, Janâb-i Haqq has given us servants (qul) the ability to choose what we wish. Allah has informed us of the things we should or shouldn’t do. Allah has set us free, and told us to do certain things, and avoid certain things. That is, the Almighty Rabb. Besides, Allah is a Being who is deserving of our obedience. Allah is the True Deity, and we are the servants (qul) of Allah, and we are in a test field. We have to pass the test, and we have to follow the command. That said, every command and wisdom of Allah benefits us, and we should also know that the prohibitions of Allah have hidden causes (hikmat) that are oriented at saving us from harm and loss.

Then again, Janâb-i Haqq mentioned insights or basirat in the 104th verse of Surah al-An’am [6] which we mentioned in previous lectures. See, insights (basirat) have been given to us, we remind you so that our previous lectures may not be forgotten.

As the 149th verse says, ḥujjatu l-bāligha or conclusive evidence; it is said that all conclusive evidence from Allah are ḥujjatu l-bāligha. They encompass, they are true evidence. Every command of Islam is ḥujjatu l-bāligha, they are conclusive evidence because they are of divine origin.

Then again, in the 173rd verse of Surah al-Baqarah we have been informed of exigencies. Permits have been given to us servants in exigencies. Islam is the religion of remedies; desperation has no place in Islam. Every remedy and bliss is present in Islam because Islam is the order of truth and reality (haqq wa haqiqa). Allah has willed guidance for those who want guidance, and misguidance for those who want misguidance.

Misguidance and enormities do not suit Allah’s pleasure (riza), pay attention! Allah gives guidance to those who want guidance and misguidance to those who want misguidance because this is a test and there is freedom. Allah has not limited anyone’s freedom. A complete test field. The religion of Islam is a complete freedom. It is a complete way of freedom, and it is a complete freedom. So, who passes the test here? Who passes the test in the field of freedom?

He who is devoted to Allah and free from everyone else has passed it. That is, being devoted to Allah with utter submission. Can there be freedom by disacknowledging and denying and rebelling against Allah? Besides, the guarantor of freedom is Allah. Is a freedom not guaranteed by Allah real freedom, or is it delusion? Everything has a fake, and the freedoms that Allah does not guarantee are all fake. As for the freedom that Allah guarantees, it relies on truth and reality (haqq wa haqiqa).


Time Stamp: 30:18


It is based on truth. The bliss of all mankind has been willed here. Therefore, you have no chance to guarantee someone else’s freedom. Who can give freedom to him? Let’s say someone is guaranteeing your freedom, who will guarantee his freedom? A slave cannot guarantee the freedom of another slave. Nobody has freedom besides Allah, nor is there another guarantor. If mankind has been left free, then Allah has left them free. Freedom given by someone else is not freedom. You may go to certain places where certain are free and certain things are prohibited. You have no true freedom therein. You may go to another place where some other things are free to do but some are prohibited. See, what they call freedom is actually the opposite of it, and neither of them are freedom. Freedom is the name of being subjected to Allah and being free of everything other than Allah. The principles of divine justice are valid here. The field of truth is free, and the field of loss is forbidden in the order that Allah established. The field of truth and benefit is free in every regard.

As for being harmed or harming others in the end, it is prohibited. These are designated by the divine commands that are true. If you designate them by someone else’s command, then some people command something while others command something else. Those are not commands, nor are they truths. You will have lots of false deities (taghuts) and idols! When you abandon Allah and rely on someone else, idolatry arises and the number of idols will increase, and there won’t be freedom. See the freedom of a shepherd who lives in the mountains, and the freedom of those who drink at bars, and those in whorehouses, and those who siphon off banks, and those who exploit the rights of people!


Time Stamp: 33:27


–          The End        –

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 276


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Beloved friends, in a narration from Ibn-i Abbas, radeyallahu anhum wa ardahum ajmain, it is said that these were are not abrogated in the holy books, and they are muhkam or clear. These are, as you know, among the holy commands that rely on the manifest signs of divine commands. They were not abrogated (naskh) in the Torah, and they are among muhkam ayat (manifest signs). See the 7th verse of Surah Ali Imran about the muhkam ayat or manifest signs. It is also said that it consists of ten commandments. For example, they are present at the beginning of the Torah. They are mentioned as al-alwah al-jawhar. Janâb-i Haqq says, “Do not associate partners with Me,” in the Bible, in the Torah, in the Psalms, and in the Scriptures. Just like Allah said, “Do not associate partners wit Me,” in all previous holy books and scriptures, Al-Quran Al-Karim is also a holy and live witness that incorporates all documents of the future and the witnessing of the past. That is, Islam itself, Prophet Muhammad, and Al-Quran Al-Karim. What do they say? They say, “Do not ascribe partners with Allah. Do not lie. Obey parents. Do not do wrong to parents. Do not murder. Do not take people’s lives! Do not kill people unjustly and wrongfully. Do not commit zinā. Do not steal. Do not slander. Do not take a lying oath! See, lying oaths also incorporate rightful dues, so not violate anyone’s right! As for the sabbath, the Torah commanded the Jews to respect the Saturday, but they did not fulfil most of these duties. Those who did not were punished with severe punishments.

As for many divine commands such as these continue to exist until eternity in Al-Quran Al-Karim. Also, people should not forget this principle! In usul’ if a principle obligates something, it’s opposite becomes prohibited. So, when Janâb-i Haqq tells you to do something, and then its opposite would be you not doing it, and that becomes haram or prohibited. It is like that if not making the opposite haram would remove the intention of the command. If not, then it necessitates karahat or detestation. For example, the decree that commands being good to parents brings forth not harming them ever. That is, harming them is haram and you can only be good to them. You cannot rebel against them, nor can you harm them. The verse says do not even chide them, and speak to them best words. See the 15th verse of Surah Luqman [31] and other verses of the Quran which explain and explore these matters for us. See the 140th verse of Surah al-An’am [6], in which the light-shedding reality is brought forth before us.


Time Stamp: 5:03


It also encompasses abortion. For example, it is said that you shouldn’t kill people, and this encompasses abortion as well because abortion kills a human. As for fornication (zinā), homosexuality, all kinds of prostitution, brothels, illicit cohabitation, etc., and things that lead to them are also haram. If something leads to fornication (zinā), then it is forbidden. It has been forbidden. If something causes fornication (zinā), or it causes any sin, then the causes and ways that lead to it are also haram. That is because the 32nd verse of Surah al-Isra [17] says, “Do not approach fornication (zinā)” – “وَلاَ تَقْرَبُواْ الزِّنَى”. Then again, in the 120th verse of Surah al-An’am [6], “And leave sin, be it either open or secret,” and do not commit any kind of it. Both open and secret sins are forbidden. Just think about the children born of fornication! They are always face-to-face with danger and death because the society knows that they are children of fornication but those children are actually innocent, those who made them children by fornication are guilty. Those children feel a great disturbance in public. The following has been said in a narration from our beloved Prophet (asw) narrated by Muslim, Ibn-i Majah, Ahmad ibn Hanbali. Our Master says, “zâlikel ve’dül hafiyyü” – “That is a secret killing, and is like burying someone alive.”

See, pay attention! Now, he says that this is a secret killing, and burying someone alive. Is there death penalty in Islam? Now, a body cannot find peace unless the cancerous cells in the organs and system to which cancer has spread are removed. Islam is the embodiment of true life in this world, and it is real and lightful life, it is the true and happy life, that is why it has brought forth truth with true laws that remove whatever is threatening the life of mankind.

Hodja recites the hadith-i sharif mentioned below.

In this hadith-i sharif narrated by Al-Bukhari, Al-Muslim, Abu Dawood, Al-Tirmidhi, and others, abjuration of religion or kufr, fornication and adultery (zinā), and killing someone unjustly is forbidden. Besides, Muslim has a point here. Muslim says that no non-Muslims can be killed unjustly based on the 32nd and 33rd verses of Surah al-Maidah [5], and he said that in the context of the aforementioned verses. So, Janâb-i Haqq brought death penalty for whoever has killed a person unjustly. Allah brought forth divine justice against the unjust or zalimun, who threaten the world and its people, who destroy trust, who destroy peace and safety. Beware! That is necessary for ensuring the peace and security of mankind, and ensuring the truly blissful life.


Time Stamp: 10:45


The religion of Islam placed death penalty for apostates or murtadd, adultery and fornication (zinā), and killing someone unjustly; however, there are pre-requisites of this penalty which are to be observed by Islamic jurists. True jurists may impose penalty, and nobody else can pose as a judge in the name of anyone. For a proper manifestation of justice, these provisions are carried out by real jurists, thus ensuring justice. That is why non-Muslims are also encompassed by this verse of the Quran. “You can’t kill anyone unjustly.” What is essential in killing is that it is haram, meaning people have a right to security of life and right to life, and they have inviolability in this regard. With the exception of crimes and punishments Almighty Allah brought forth exceptionally, mankind’s right to life must be ensured, and the right to life is an inviolable right.

Everybody has this right, including all mankind. That is why when justice is fully implemented, people’s lives, safety of life, and right to life are among the foremost rights, and they must be preserved properly. That is, both in safety and peace. There are courts in the world that are about the universal declaration of human rights. So, why are they killing people in masses every day? Where is justice? There are great powers in the world, where are they? For whom is that justice? That is, did they made that declaration to protect themselves? Others have no right to life, but did they are entitled to right to life. This tyrannous and zalim understanding is not justice. The justice that protects all people’s rights is justice. People are being killed in masses via this or that excuse, and those who have the power and authority are not giving an account of this in the courts. Where is justice? Is justice in power? Or, is power the custodian of justice? Power is to be at the command of justice, be the custodian of justice. A power that interferes with justice from above is tyrannical and zalim power.

Our Prophet (asw) drew a line after saying the aforementioned verse of the Quran, and he said, “This is the right way (rushd),” by drawing a line. “This is the right way (rushd),” which is the only right path that comes from Allah and leads to Allah. “That is Islam,” he said. He drew many other lines left and right, and said that a shaitan or devil sits on every single one of them, and calls you to these ways. See, he drew many lines to the left and right of this right path. He said that a shaitan or devil sits on every single one of them, and these shaitans or devils call people to their own wrong or batil ways. See, the way that comes from Allah, and leads to Allah. This way came with Prophets and Holy Books, and lastly it was brought forth through Al-Quran Al-Karim and Prophet Muhammad. That is the way of all Prophets. The last leader of this way until Last Day is Prophet Muhammad, and its guide is Al-Quran Al-Karim.


Time Stamp: 16:13


–          The End        –

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 277


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Then again, in a hadith-i sharif of our beloved Prophet narrated by Ibn-i Masud: “The right path (rushd) is one.” That is, he says that the right way that Allah brought forth is one. However, the ways of the Shaitan (Devil) are various. Each of them has a shaitan (devil). That said, this hadith-i sharif has been narrated by Bukhari Sharif and others as well. This is the religion (din) of Islam, the right path that Allah brought forth, and it embraces all humanity.


Time Stamp: 0:58


–          The End        –

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 278


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

This the monotheistic – tawhid way that do not deceive anyone, rather it is the way of truth, reality, and justice that embraces all humanity, unites them, and does not deceive them. The Real (al-Haqq) is surely One. Allah is One, and there are no two right paths. For one thing, let this be a lesson! O people who seek the truth and reality! Allah is One. There are no two ways of Allah who is One. Thus, there is only a single path that is right, and Allah lastly assigned Prophet Muhammad to it.

That path is the way of monotheism or tawhid that does not deceive, unites, and consolidates. The Real (al-Haqq) is surely One, and the provision (hukm) of the Real (al-Haqq) is one. That said, the number of wrongs (batil) are a lot. Now, the sole, true, and real path is the one that Prophet Muhammad and Al-Quran Al-Karim brought forth. Allah invited all humanity to this path with Muhammad and the Quran. Allah’s way is one that our Prophet followed, so we should follow him. The way of Allah is the one that the Prophet followed, and there is no other way because Allah assigns the Prophets.

That is why subjecting to that Prophet means listening to Allah’s commands and being bound to Allah. If you refuse to accept that Prophet’s way, and not subject to him, then you will have denied Allah and rebelled, and you will bear the consequences! See, alliance and unity is a divine power. O the Muslims of the world! O humanity! Alliance and unity are divine powers, it is to unite in the truth. Do not unite in wrong or batil ever! You should not unite in wrong, rather unite in truth and reality (haqq wa haqiqa). That is why alliance and unity are divine powers. Allah’s help keeps coming to those who unite in the truth. As for the unity of wrong, it is to get lost quickly. The wrong or batil also has a unity, but it disappears quickly, and has no power. That is why the foremost obligation of mankind is to be on the right path, and unite in the truth. It is to establish a unity of truth because unity of wrong is not a unity for the better good of mankind. That said, the way of tawhid (monotheism), the unity of tawhid (monotheism), the unity of truth and reality (haqq wa haqiqa) that embraces, gathers, and unites all humanity, and it does not deceive anyone. There is surely one such way, and the provision (hukm) of Allah is also one. That is, the provisions (hukm) of Allah who is One. As for the number of wrongs or batil, it is a lot. May Janâb-i Haqq make us among servants (qul) who adhere to the truth and reality, who are at the command of the truth, who live the blissful and true life, who know Islam, who live Islam, who spread (tabligh) Islam to humanity. May Janâb-i Haqq make us among servants (qul) who attain the pleasure (riza) of Almighty Allah, who attain the ultimate meeting (wuslat), whose wishes have been fulfilled for eternity, who have been happy.


Time Stamp: 5:02


–          The End        –

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 279

On the 154th to 160th verses of Surah al-An’am [6].


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful.

Hodja recites the 154th verse of Surah al-An’am [6].

“Then, We gave Musa the Book to complete our favour (nimat) upon those who do good, and explaining all things in detail, and a mercy and guidance, so that they may believe in meeting with their Rabb.”

Everybody will come to the presence of Allah. Everyone will answer to Allah. They will see the outcome of the trial in the world there. O humanity! Understand that the world is a test field in the real sense, and in order to pass the test you should devote every breath you take and all your abilities to the pleasure (riza) and command of Allah. Pass the test, and then come to the presence of the Divine. Otherwise, there are souls who fail the test, some fail for eternity. There are also those who pass it for eternity. The way of passing it eternally is faith (iman), Islam, and the Quran. That is the Islam with the leadership of Muhammad. Tariq al-mustaqim, the path that comes from Allah and leads to Allah. In order to be a passenger on that path, then endeavour to be a real Muslim in the way of Ahlus-Sunnah wa’l-Jama’ah, the way Allah wanted and Muhammad implemented and shown in the real sense, at least have true and real faith (iman) of Islam, and at least do its good deeds (amal-e-saleh). Let us pass the test, not fail it.

Hodja recites the 155th verse of Surah al-An’am [6].

“This is the Quran.” The glorious Quran, exalted in glory and honour. Al-Quran Al-Karim is the greatest miracle. That is, the glorious Quran. So, what is this Quran? Janâb-i Haqq says it is a blessed Book. It is the greatest of all holy books in history, the greatest, the holiest; and every book of Allah is holy. That said, Al-Quran Al-Karim renewed the past, and abrogated and removed their invalid sections, and it witnesses the past, and incorporates the signs of the future in itself. It is the last book, and as it is a universal book that covers the universe, other holy books are like chapters next to Al-Quran Al-Karim. Al-Quran Al-Karim is the whole (qulliyah), and others are like chapters next to it, they are of juz’iyah. They have been limited to their respective time-periods. However, Al-Quran Al-Karim is the Book of eternity (abad), it is the book of pre-eternity (azal), and what did it do? It brought forth a new sharia (law) of Islam. It renewed the past. Janâb-i Haqq says the following about the glorious Quran: “We have sent it down,” – “أَنزَلْنَاهُ”. Says, “We have sent it down,” and adds, “So, follow it and fear Allah so that you may receive mercy from Allah.”


Time Stamp: 5:20


Every Muslim needs to follow this blessed book, the sharia (law) of Islam and the Quran; the way Prophet Muhammad narrated, implemented, and exegeted (tafsir). The way he implemented the Quran in life. That is, to follow the real Islam that our Prophet brought forth in a proper manner without playing. The grand âlims of Islam and our mujtahids have brought the reality to us up until this day with the way of Ahlus-Sunnah. We should also convey it to the next generations well and soundly. We have all been entrusted with it right now, it is our duty to preserve it. We have to preserve it, and those who betray the entrustment will pay the price of this betrayal.

Hodja recites the 156th verse of Surah al-An’am [6].

“We sent it down to you, lest you say, ‘The Book was sent down only to two lots before us – it was sent to the Jews and the Christians – and we were indeed unaware of their reading,” that is they claim they can’t read those books because they didn’t know their tongue.

This is one of the hidden causes (hikmat), and there so many others that explain why the Quran has been sent down. There is endless and boundless wisdom (hikmat) and reasons behind its coming.

Hodja recites the 157th verse of Surah al-An’am [6].

In these glorious verses, our Almighty Rabb said, “Or lest you say, ‘If the Book was revealed to us, surely, we would have been better guided than them.’.”

We have sent down a universal book which is the Quran.

“So, verily clear proofs have come to you from your Rabb, and guidance and mercy.”

Al-Quran Al-Karim is but a clear proof, and it is the divine and conclusive proof because it is kalamullah (lit. word of the divine). A guidance and a mercy came with Al-Quran Al-Karim because it is the guide that leads to the right path, and it is a complete mercy. Islam is the manifestation of this mercy upon all humanity, all creation. It is Almighty Allah’s manifestation of this mercy with Islam, the Quran, and Prophet Muhammad.

“Then who is more unjust than he who denies the ayat (verses/signs) of Allah, and turns away from them?” That is what Almighty Allah says.

See, who is more unjust than he who denies the ayat (verses/signs)? Those who deny the written verses and cosmological signs and deny the verses in Al-Quran Al-Karim and the signs in nature should know that all laws and signs belong to Allah.


Time Stamp: 10:02


It is performed by Allah’s creation and decree. Everything moves by Allah’s command. All laws in nature are divine laws, meaning they are cosmological laws. Those who do not accept them as signs of Allah are those who deny those signs and the Book. That is why Janâb-i Haqq says, “We will punish those who turn away from our signs (ayat) with the severest punishment because they used to turn away.” What does Janâb-i Haqq say? Says, “سُوءَ الْعَذَابِ” which is the worst punishment. May Janâb-i Haqq not make anyone among those who fall into that situation. Rather, may Janâb-i Haqq make us all among servants (qul) who try not to forget even for a second that they are in the presence of Allah, whose heart shines with faith (iman), good deeds (amal-e-saleh), and the deepest respect.

O he who says he has intellect! Allah’s first creation is intellect (aql), and Allah presented the Quran before it. The intellect (aql) is at the command of revelation in order to understand it. That is, it is at Allah’s command. Do not give your intellect (aql) to the command of your soul, false deities (taghuts), and shaitans (devils) because you cannot go to Allah with that intellect (aql) in your possession. Do not misuse your intellect (aql)! Use your will, freedom, and all physical and spiritual abilities you have been given in the way of Allah, for the pleasure (riza) of Allah. Knowledge (ilm) is here. Learning (irfan) is here. Discoveries are here. True science is also here. Otherwise, one says something is good, the other says it is evil. Some people do fortune-telling about science. That is just like those who hide behind the Quran and do fortune-telling in the name of religion. Yes, they are to blame, and so are those who hide behind science and do fortune-telling. Science is for the better good of humanity, and it is what emerges as the truth and reality.

Friends, we are nearing the last verses of Surah al-An’am [6]. We are trying to present Al-Quran Al-Karim to you in order because Al-Quran Al-Karim’s wholeness is Islam’s wholeness. And Islam’s wholeness is the eternal wholeness of life. The prescription of the life-giving light (nūr), from which nothing has been omitted is Islam. Do you want a complete and eternally blissful life? Then, you should believe in the entire Islam and the Quran and live them to the extent of your ability. That is why we are presenting Al-Quran Al-Karim to you from beginning to end in order. For one thing, we are trying to convey the discovery notes of Al-Quran Al-Karim and lessons of the life-giving light (nūr). We are addressing our own souls (nafs) first, and we are sharing this reality together. The light (nūr) of this truth and reality (haqq wa haqiqa), and the lessons of the life-giving light (nūr) are embodiment of life, and that is Islam.

Hodja recites the 158th verse of Surah al-An’am [6].


Time Stamp: 15:00


Almighty Rabb has created us. The Creator of all the worlds. The absolute ruler, Allah (c.c.) says, “They are waiting for nothing less than that the angels should come to them, or your Rabb, or some signs of your Rabb should come to believe? The day some signs of [punishment] your Rabb will come, the believing of a person shall be of no use to him who had never believed before, or had not earned some good through his faith. Say, “Wait. Of course, we are waiting.”

They do not believe in the true and real verses of Allah, rather they go after nonsensical things. They bring no logical justification of their action because there is none. They object to the verses of Almighty Allah with a crippled logic. They do not wish to believe and they stand against the Prophet. What is being narrated here is how big of a disaster are those who try to adopt faith after an affliction from Allah befalls them. Almighty Allah is threatening them. Says, “If you do not believe, then wait. There is a respite we established for you. There is a respite, a fixed period of time. We are waiting for it to end. Wait for what will befall on you once that respite comes to an end.” Nobody can escape the justice of Allah Ta’ala. Nobody can escape from Allah’s wrath and rage.  You cannot plant kufr and harvest iman, nor can you wait for mercy after you rebelled against Allah. So, what will you do? Repent from your disbelief (kufr), polytheism (shirk) and rebellion; come to faith (iman), and become a Muslim. Then, do not abandon hope from the endless and boundless mercy of Allah for eternity, but also do not ever be sure of Allah’s punishment, but do not abandon hope. Rather, endeavour to be an honest and righteous servant (qul), which is our duty.

Janâb-i Haqq says the following.

Hodja recites the 159th verse of Surah al-An’am [6].

“Indeed, those who divide their religion…” The world’s Muslims should pay close attention! “Those who divide their religion and become groups, you are not with them in anything.” That is, as long as a person follows the truth, and follows the way of Allah; those who do right will not be harmed by those who do wrong. But do not help those who divide their religion into groups. Do not enter their mindset, and do not be deceived because nobody has the right to divide the religion into groups! There is either ignorance nor betrayal here! The religion is manifest, and the reality of the religion is brighter than the brightest sun. There is an Al-Quran Al-Karim, and a Prophet has been sent. He brought forth this religion. There are the mujtahids of Ahlus-Sunnah wa’l-Jama’ah who know this matter well. If you abandon those who know, and follow the desires and wishes of who do not know and deviate to a path where you follow your own desires, then you are among the groups who divide their religion to pieces.


Time Stamp: 20:12


Can there be an Islam without the Quran and Muhammad? The answer is no. The religious groups that act without the book, sunnah, ijma al-ummah (consensus), qiyas al-fuqaha (analogy of faqihs), and these essential (asl-i) signs are not on the right path. They are not in the way of Allah, nor are they in the way of Islam. That is, the book, sunnah, ijma al-ummah, and qiyas al-fuqaha… And mujtahids are afront in this regard, but who comes before the mujtahids? Well, that would be the companions or sahabah. And before the sahabah there is Prophet Muhammad. But who is before him? That is Jibril (a.s.) and the divine revelations (wahy-i ilahi) and commands that come from Allah, which are completely divine. The truth and reality is manifested this way. Those who give meaning to Al-Quran Al-Karim and comment on it are fools that try to surpass the mujtahids and Ahlus-Sunnah, and they are out of the way of Ahlus-Sunnah wa’l-Jama’ah, they deviated to the path of misguidance (dalalah) and ahlul bid’ah (wrong), and the Jews were separated into 71 groups. A single group will be able to enter janna (paradise), and they are those who believed in the Torah and Musa (Moses) and did not deviate from their path, and it is said that the other 70 groups are all in jahannam (hell). Today, the Jews broke their religion into pieces with their own hands. Right now, they are fighting Musa (Moses), they are fighting the Torah. Torah says, “Do not shed blood,” but they are the ones who shed most blood in the world today. They are doing what Hitler used to do. The Zion mindset has been shedding blood in Palestine for 50 years. What does that have to do with the Torah? What does that have to do with Musa (Moses)? What does that have to do with Muhammad, Isa (Jesus), the Bible, or any other truth? Their actions have nothing to do with any truth. It is said that the Jews have done that. And our Prophet says the Christians became 72 groups. Among them, a single group who believed in the Bible and Isa (Jesus) correctly before Islam will enter janna (paradise). He says that others are in jahannam (hell). Now, let us see what Prophet Muhammad said about Muslims. About those who say they are Muslims among his people or ummah, “There will be 73 groups among my ummah, and one of them will enter janna (paradise), and others are in jahannam (hell).” Now, pay attention! Islam does not flatter anyone. It neither flatters Muslims, nor polishes the apple for them. Islam does no such thing. Flattering does not happen in Islam. Islam does not flatter the Jews, Christians, others, Atheists, the Magians, or zindiqs. Rather, it tells the truth. Only Islam brings forth the truths for the better good of humanity. If only people knew Islam, it embraces all people with goodness, and removes evil. Islam came to save all people from loss. Islam is such an eternal (azali wa abadi) friend from whom they turned away, and became hostile to it. They are fighting Islam. This is a fight in which they destroy themselves because nobody can afford standing against Allah, nor can anyone afford standing against Islam.


Time Stamp: 25:00


Islam is of divine origin, and it is the order and law of Allah. Those who stand against Islam are standing against Allah. Why even bother? Nobody can afford standing against Allah. Janâb-i Haqq will either send various disasters upon you and destroy you, or the armies of Azrail (a.s.) will take you away when your hour (ajal) comes. Just think for a second! O he who is created from a droplet! Do not rise against Allah! You are but a droplet that came down from your father’s loin, and turned into a zygote in your mother’s womb. You turned into a clot of blood from a droplet of sperm. Then, you turned into a small piece of meat, and Allah placed a skeleton and a           soul in it. Allah made you a human, and you are standing against Allah.

You became a child, born from a droplet, and then you became a young man in the world. Then, you got old, and you died. Do you know how a corpse smells when it is left alone? Your body will become a corpse that smells bad. You are standing against Allah with that corpse of yours, right? Be a man! Do not stand against Allah! Do not deny! Do you know what Janâb-i Haqq transform you into from your smelling corpse? Allah wants to give you a brand-new body, and wants to admit you into the janna (paradise). Allah wants to bring you together with immortal life.

However, one needs to transcend from Dar al-Islam to Dar es-Salaam, because the prerequisites of entering janna (paradise) are faith (iman), good deeds (amal-e-saleh), and Islam because Islam prepares people to janna (paradise). The other belief systems are not accepted. These are not my words, rather the open and clear words of Al-Quran Al-Karim. See our previous lectures, and pay close attention to our upcoming lectures as well. Pay attention and see what Al-Quran Al-Karim says. We are not conveying the words of lords as if it is the Quran. We are not conveying anyone’s words to you.

The Quran itself, and the discovery of the explorer who explores and the light (nūr) that emerges and enlightens you, me, and the universe. It brings forth an absolute and perfect life-style, and this encompasses eternal happiness and immortal life. The lessons of the Quran are lessons of immortal life. That is why Janâb-i Haqq said, “Those who break up their religion into pieces, you have nothing to do with them. Their affair is only with Allah. Allah will inform them of what they used to do.”

Everyone will be judged in the court. Only the possessor of true faith (iman) and good deeds (amal-e-saleh) will be saved, and these are minimum requirements. So many other prerequisites are present in these two prerequisites.

Hodja recites the 160th verse of Surah al-An’am [6].

“Whoever comes with a good deed shall have ten times as much.”

See, Janâb-i Haqq increases your good deeds ten times as much. That is as long as your faith (iman) and good deeds (amal-e-saleh) are sincere and for Allah. Allah immediately increases a sawāb ten times as much.

“Whoever brings an evil deed, he will not be recompensed by anything but its equal.”

That is, one sin is not written as two sins. Yet the sawābs were increased at least ten times as much, and some are increased 700 times as much in accord with the sawāb, and some are given even more than that. There is no end to Allah’s grace (lutf). There is no end to Allah’s bounty, bestowment (ihsan), and generosity (karam). Allah is infinitely generous, and likes to give. However, Allah does not write two sins for one sin. If you have 100 sins, then it is 100 sins. It will not be increased to 101 sins, and if it is 1.000.000, then it will not become 1.000.001.

“And they shall not be wronged,” because Allah implements justice. Allah gives punishment for every crime only as much as the crime necessitates. Allah will only punish souls with whatever they deserve.


Time Stamp: 31:04


–          The End        –

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