Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 49-50

Turkish English Tafsir Lesson 49-50

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 49


I seek shelter in Allah from the rejected Satan. In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most Merciful. We continue with our 49th lecture of the tafsir (exegesis) of Quran. Our current topic is Ayatul Kursi. We are making discoveries on the word kursi. We shall convey some authentic hadiths. [2:255] “The kursī (seat/throne) encompassed the heavens and earth.” This part is crucial. The kursī (seat/throne) encompassed the heavens, earth, and their contents. That is divine sultanate, divine sovereignty. Managed in the kursī wahdat. Kursī wahdat is Oneness of Allah. Allah created all worlds with wahdaniyat (state of being one), and manages them as One. There are narrations (rivayat) from our Prophet regarding the virtue (fazilat) of Ayatul Kursi. In a hadith-i sharif narrated (rivayat) by Ahmad ibn Hanbali (r.a.), our Prophet says: “Whoever recites this [verse] shall be sent an angel by Allah at that hour.” We have recited this verse before, but let us recite it again and be recipients of this glad tiding together. [2:255] “allāhu lā ʾilāha ʾillā huwa l-ḥayyu l-qayyūmu lā taʾkhudhuhū sinatun wa-lā nawmun lahū mā fī s-samāwāti wa-mā fī l-ʾarḍi man dhā lladhī yashfaʿu ʿindahū ʾillā bi-ʾidhnihī yaʿlamu mā bayna ʾaydīhim wa-mā khalfahum wa-lā yuḥīṭūna bi-shayʾin min ʿilmihī ʾillā bi-mā shāʾa wasiʿa kursiyyuhu s-samāwāti wa-l-ʾarḍa wa-lā yaʾūduhū ḥifẓuhumā wa-huwa l-ʿaliyyu l-ʿaẓīm”. We have conveyed its meaning before, and now we will dwell on its virtue (fazilat). Our beloved Prophet said he/she who recites it shall be sent an angel at that hour. “That angel writes his/her good deeds up until next day, and erases the sins. May this verse be read in a house, and no shaitan (devil) may enter it for thirty days, and may no magician, male or female, may enter it for forty days.” “O, Ali (r.a.)!” Our Prophet addresses Ali here: “Teach this to your child, family, and neighbours.” “A greater verse has not been sent down,” said our Prophet. The aforementioned quotes are narrations (rivayat) from our Master, Prophet Muhammad (asw) who has always spoken the truth. “For he/she who recites Ayatul Kursi after one of the fard namāz (prayers) there is nothing that may stop him/her from entering Janna (Paradise) except death.” In other words, it is said that such a person will go directly to Janna (Paradise) when he/she dies. That is, he/she shall go to Janna (Paradise) upon his/her demise. “And only siddiq (truthful) and abid (devout) people are steadfast on it.” This is a narration from Mahmud al-Alusi.


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This narration is also narrated by al-Hindi and Umman. The following narration (rivayat) comes from al-Suyuti: “Whoever recites this [ayatul kursi] before entering bed, may be ensured by Allah to his/her self (nafs), his/her neighbour, his/her neighbour’s neighbour, and the houses around them. That is a narration (rivayat) of al-Suyuti. Our Prophet had said, “The master of days is Friday,” in another hadith. He also said, “The sayyid of sayings is Al-Quran Al-Karim”. “That is, the sayyid (master) of all sayings is Al-Quran Al-Karim. The sayyid (master) of Al-Quran Al-Karim is the Surah al-Baqarah. And the sayyid (master) of Surah al-Baqarah is Ayatul Kursi,” he said. These are narrated (rivayat) in Ramuzul Ehadis. Dearest friends! Let us delve into the contents of Ayatul Kursi, and see its virtue (fazilat). What are the contents of it? The contents of Ayatul Kursi are the qudrat (omnipotence), wahdaniyat (oneness), endless and boundless sultanate of Allah, and that Allah manages all worlds. One may attain this virtue (fazilat) when he/she understands the contents of Ayatul Kursi well, believe in it well, and abide by that belief (iman) in his actions, and do good deeds (amel-i salih). As for those who oppose to the holy meaning in Ayatul Kursi, and uphold the contrary, they shall stay devoid of this virtue (fazilat). That is why we should all understand Al-Quran Al-Karim correctly, for Almighty Allah (c.c.) should be known via Quran. We should conduct scholarly research, and carefully follow authentic âlims, benefit from them, and subject to the mujtahids. What is more, we should request from Janâb-i Haqq non-stop. That is, by working. Let us continue dwelling on the meaning and discovery of kursī (seat/throne). So, what is kursī (seat/throne)? They say it is they who bear the two feet of ‚Arsh. A narration (rivayat) says that it is the place near the two feet of the angel that is called Hamalat al-‚Arsh (throne-bearers). Kursī means, capital, sovereignty, homeland, public headquarters; the sovereignty that encompass all with the ‚Arsh, the Palace, and the Throne. In other words, Janâb-i Allah is the ruler of all things. Another narration (rivayat) says that kursī is like a [curved] shield, in which seven layers of the heaven are thrown on like coins. That is, like a curved shield on which seven coins are dropped. The last narration (rivayat) is narrated by al-Suyuti. The kursī in the ‚arsh is somewhat an iron ring dropped on a vast desert. That was another narration that came from al-Suyuti. Moreover, Fakhr al-Din al-Razi, who is a grand imam and a grand mufassir had considered kursī as a place, and ‚arsh as time. Janâb-i Haqq created time, and encompassed all times.


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Created space, and encompassed all spaces. That is why he considered kursī as place, and arsh as time. That is, it is Allah Ta’ala, who created and encompassed all times. What we derive from here is that The Almighty qudrat (Omnipotence) that created all places, times, and things encompass them as well. Another narration (rivayat) says that it is the divine sovereignty. What is meant here is that the knowledge (ilm) of the Divine encompasses all things. There is nothing that is not encompassed by the knowledge (ilm) of Allah. Also, there is nothing that Allah does not rule over. The sovereignty and rulership of Almighty Allah has encompassed all things, all worlds, azal (eternity a parte ante) and abad (eternity a parte post). They are all under the rulership of Allah, for it is Allah who created them. In another narrative it is said that it is understanding the exaltedness of Almighty Allah. That is, understanding the exaltedness and grandness of Allah. For example, Kabaa Shareef is the House of Allah, Baitullah. Al-Hajar al-Aswad or yaminullah, was made the place of kissing. Allah is free and away from all worlds, and all things. Allah is free and away from time and space. But what did Allah say? You see, Allah said that Baitullah is the House of Allah whereas all worlds and all things belong to Allah. This is a favor to the people as an offer, and as a manifestation of rahmat (mercy). Al-Hajar al-Aswad or yaminullah, was made the place of kissing. whereas Allah’s qudrat (omnipotence) is infinite, and Allah is free and away from all things. That is also a favor of Allah to the servants (qul). In the 5th verse of Surah Ta-Ha, Janâb-i Haqq said: [20:5] “ar-raḥmānu ʿalā l-ʿarshi stawā”. “The Ar-Rahman Ta’ala, settled on ʿArsh (the Throne).” That is, ʿArsh (the Throne) is under the rulership of Allah. The ʿArsh (the Throne) has encompassed the Kursī, and the Kursī has encompassed all heavens. And all of these are encompassed by Allah. Allah sustains the ʿArsh (the Throne), it is not like Allah stands over the ʿArsh (the Throne). It is Allah who maintains the ʿArsh (the Throne), the Kursī, and all heavens. And Allah is extant as a necessity of His own being (zat), by His own qudrat (power). That is because Allah is wajib al-wūjūd (necessary existent). Besides, the Creator is not in need of the creatures. The Creator does not need place, time, space or anything. That is because it is the Creator who created all that, thus the Creator is munazzah (free) from all. Allah says in the following in the 75th verse of Surah az-Zumar: [39:75] “Angels surrounding the ʿArsh.” And, “wa-qīla l-ḥamdu li-llāhi rabbi l-ʿālamīn”. “Surely, it will be said, ‘All praise (hamd) is for Allah, Rabb (Lord) of all of the worlds,’.” “Al-ḥamdu li-llāhi rabbi l-ʿālamīn,” they say. They say, “all praise, magnification, exaltation, and all divine glorification belons to Allah, Rabb (Lord) of all the worlds,”. 17th verse of Surah Haqqah says, “On that day eight angels shall bear ʿArsh (the Throne),”. Also, in the 7th verse of Surah al-Ghāfir the angels who bear the ʿArsh (the Throne) and surround it are mentioned.


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The endless, boundless, and peerless grandness and exaltedness is narrated. This is how the verse is explained in the tafsirs (exegetes) of Kaffal and Kassaf. Allah is always alive manager of the universe. Allah is always alive, and Allah is the life-giver. The real life belongs to Allah, and it is solely Allah who gives life to others. Allah is the ever-living ruler of the universe. And there is nothing equal to Allah. Kursī is the place where absolute knowledge (ilm) and absolute sultanate shall be manifested. That is, the place in which rahmat (mercy) shall be manifested, which we call Allah-ul-Âlem. You see, the real aspect of what we said here, or rather the how/modality is only known to Janâb-i Haqq. What we conveyed so far is what we could discover, and we try to convey what we can reach. But the One who truly knows what is meant is none other than Allah. That is because Allah created all things. Therefore, it is Allah who sustains and manages all things with His qudrat (power). Creation, and the command are from Allah. Above that there is time, which includes the worlds of intellect (aql) and souls (ruh). There is the ʿArsh (the Throne) which Muqarrab Angels circle. That is an encompassment above time and space, and all places have been encompassed. You see, in Surah Ta-Ha, “ar-raḥmānu ʿalā l-ʿarshi stawā” said Allah. “The Ar-Rahman Ta’ala, settled on ʿArsh (the Throne).” That is, Allah placed the ʿArsh (the Throne) under His command. Thus, the ʿArsh (the Throne) is encompassed by Allah. This was pointed out in Surah Ghāfir as well. Thus, Allah introduces the unrivalled rulership, and Allah to us. Allah is the owner of a divine qudrat (power) that is above nature, which cannot be encompassed by human mind. That is why Allah’s magnificence is felt in the hearts. The hearts understand Allah and believe in Allah. However, there is no chance for anyone other than Allah to comprehend the true nature of the being (zat) of Allah. You cannot understand this even if you could unite all minds of all people who ever lived. All things are powerless against Allah, but Allah is without a peer and al-Qadir (all-Able). The powerless may have understand al-Qadir (all-Able) only as much as they can afford. Had your Rabb (Lord) willed, all people would have believed. Are you going to force people to believe? There are believers and disbelievers in the face of this almighty sultanate and qudrat (power). Whereas the evidence of Allah’s existence is clear, you may see that in everything in the universe. You may see clear evidence of this almighty qudrat (power) and sultanate. For it is clear that all existence is due to the Creation of Allah. For neither us nor the universe could exist without such a Creator. Allah has given intellect, sent down books with ayat (verses), and introduced Allah to us via cosmological signs (kevni ayat), but those who do not use their intellect, who do not understand the Book and the verses within it, and those who do not understand the cosmological verses properly are still venturing the wrong path.


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The straight order that Allah established in Islam, which is sirat al-mustaqim (the straight path), true belief (iman), true deeds (amel), true morals, and true order. These are present here in Islam, as all truths are present in the cosmological (kevni) signs and the verses in the Book. Allah’s laws are in effect in this universe. The ayat (verses/signs) in the Book were explained and implemented by Prophet Muhammad in the best possible way, and these have settled on earth. Thus, the divine order has settled on earth. This shall continue to be the situation until Qiyamah, as long as there are still believers. Allah shall take this universe from the hands of disbelievers and crash it down when the believers are all gone. That is what we call Qiyamah (Last Day). The disbelievers cannot live in this world even for a second after the believers are all gone. Allah preserves the heavens and the earth because of the believers. Otherwise had there not been believers in it, Allah would not let the disbelievers live in the world not even for a moment. That is, the world shall exist even if there is a single believer in it. And this realm will come down when all believers are gone, and turn into the afterlife (ākhira). What we call Qiyāmah shall occur when there is not a single believer left in the world. The polytheists (musrikun), ahlul kitab (people of the book), the Jews, Christians, and people of all religions have been living peacefully with their religions in the homeland of Islam, under the holy laws of Islam. And they may continue to live in peace. This is important, the polytheists (musrikun), ahlul kitab (people of the Book), Jews and Christians and all others may live their religion freely in the homeland of Islam, under the laws of Islam. They have lived in peace so far, and they may live in peace forever. That is why those who fear Islam are actually doing the greatest enormity to the humanity. They are the wrongdoers (zalimun). Islam gives true freedom to the entire humanity. And Islam is a complete journey of liberty that goes to Allah. The guarantor of this liberty is none other than Allah. Allah created people as free beings, and no one else may guarantee their freedom. Other liberties are merely the ones granted by the human-made systems, which is pale in comparison next to divine liberty. Besides, if they have valid aspects, they are certainly extracted from Islam. They must have imitated Islam. All truths and rights belong to Islam. And all wrongs and falsehoods are out of Islam. We are not talking about people here; Muslims are beside the point. We are talking about Allah and the order of Islam that Allah established. Muslims are people, they may do wrong. Those who return from their promise, who did they promise? They promised Allah, and those who go back from their promise shall be punished. Allah is just. Now, can you say that those who obey and those who do not, the believers and disbelievers, the innocent and the culprit, and the dutiful and the negligent are the same? That will bring about nothing but injustice. Injustice occurs when you equate belief (iman) and disbelief (kufr), for one of them does not know Allah, while the other has believed and obeyed. That does not go unpunished. Otherwise, there will not be justice.


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Allah has implemented the best and the unexampled justice so far, and shall implement it forever. The justice shall be manifested. People will serve the punishment of disbelief (kufr) and polytheism (shirk), which is eternal punishment in Jahannam (Hell) as Al-Quran Al-Karim says. As for the reward of belief (iman), and good deeds (amel-i salih), that is the eternal Janna (Paradise), says Quran. That is the Jamal (Beauty) and riza (approval) of Allah. Which is possible when someone is pleased of Allah, and Allah is pleased with him. That person has obeyed Allah by being pleased with the order and laws Allah established, thus he knew his Creator. That is, while the other does not know, burst with anger and insists on his own ideas. It is said that each outburst brings about a new pharaoh. That is why those who turn back from Islam are called murtadd. Islam is a haqiqa, a reality. Islam is the order established by Allah. Some say they do not accept this order. So, they are called murtadd when they leave Islam and then return. But of course, there is the justice of Allah in effect here. There is a punishment for this in the world, and in the hereafter. One cannot abandon Allah. The order established by Allah cannot be abandoned. Islam is a divine religion. The others, or rather whatever there is except belief (iman) of Islam is “al-kufr milletun vahidatun – disbelief (kufr) is a single nation,”. That is, disbelief (kufr) is a single nation. As for belief (iman), the believers are a single nation under the command and rulership of Allah. They are the ones who know Allah. The concepts of liberty of conscience, ahd (covenant), promise, agreements, and law are vitally important. This is important, please read carefully. The concepts of liberty of conscience, ahd (covenant), promise, agreements, and law are vitally important. Besides, there is not even amnesty to those who violate rightful dues. Janâb-i Haqq does not forgive rightful dues, which is violating people’s rights. Allah tells us to repay the rightful dues and give them their rights before we come to the presence of Allah. That right belongs to him, and I do not accept his right, says Allah. It is up to that person to forgive, or not to forgive, says Allah. In other words, law is vitally important in Islam. Free will, liberty of conscience, ahd (covenant) and agreements are also of the utmost importance. That is why, Janâb-i Haqq has given us freedom. This world is but a test, and a just test is only possible with freedom and liberty. There is no liberty or test under influence. People are created with a free-will, freedom, and liberty of conscience, thus he/she is able to do good or evil. Such an ability, or rather a property is given by Janâb-i Haqq to us. A person may use his/her free will for the better good, or for evil. This is a complete test, and for such a test freedom is requisite. As for Islam, it is complete freedom and liberty. Back then they used to ask, “Would you like freedom, or Islam?”. Actually, Islam is freedom, for a life without it is the rulership of others while Islam is the rulership of Allah, so which one is freedom? Is serving a servant freedom, or is serving Allah freedom? Let us think for a moment. That is why, non-Muslims were bid to accept Islam, or to keep their religion by paying tax.


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They are bid to accept the true (haqq) religion, the order in which Allah’s laws are in effect, and accept the rulership of Allah. Or they may keep your religion by paying tax. That is why the Christians, Jews, people of other religions, the disbelievers, and idolaters have lived under the rulership of Muslims for fourteen centuries. A covenant is made if they accept. And they cannot be forced to abandon their religion when they are defeated in combat. Muslims impose a tax in a fair manner, and they are annexed into the order. This tax is due while they live under the sovereignty of the state, for the state ensures their safety, freedom, and a life in peace. That is why they have to pay tax to the state. Jihad does not force people to convert. However, it is the actual proof of the might of the true (haqq) religion. Jihad does not force people to convert, rather, it is the actual proof of the might of the true (haqq) religion. The true (haqq) religion is holy, and jihad is the proof of this holiness. Islam is the sovereignty of Allah. There cannot be a power that may stand against Allah and say, “You cannot be the ruler, and I do not accept your order,”. Besides, jihad is the living proof of the holiness of the true (religion). Jihad is the evidence, and it is a contest in the true (haqq) way. Jihad is protecting people without forcing them. That is, making the religion that do not accept strain prevail. Islamic jihad (struggle) is against tyrants who impose. It is against tyrants who impose. It is against those who do not accept the rulership of Allah. It is against the tyrants who wish to monopolize true liberty. That is, the aim of jihad (struggle) is to establish the predominance of the religion (din) that rejects imposition. The aim of jihad is to exalt the divine kalam (utterance). That is, to announce and bid the supremacy of truth (haqq) and liberty against the enemies of truth (haqq). The duty of the Ummah of Muhammad (asw) is to ensure general peace and social state, and take this upon themselves. Their duty is to exalt the never-ending divine kalam (utterance). It is a duty of the Ummat i Muhammad to maintain the eminence of what is exalted. The humanity will turn into a mess if that does not happen. And this is the situation today. As you see, right now the justice in the world is unbalanced and totally upside down. A group of people live in the world of lords while others sleep hungry, and they are falling to pieces. What about peace and justice, where are they? Can there be a better justice than taksīm (distribution) of Allah? Now, let us see the 193rd verse of Surah al-Baqarah in order to understand. [2:193] “Fight until fitna is completely gone, and religion (din) becomes only for Allah.” Fight deniers (munkirs) and polytheists (musrikun). Besides, jihad shall continue until divine rulership is established. The fight against wrongdoers (zalimun) shall continue until they give up. It does not matter how many wrongdoers (zalimun) or deniers (munkirs) are there.


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That is, those who do not accept the sovereignty of the truth (haqq). And they are tyrannising those who accept. They wish to take the rights and freedoms of the believers. So, against them, the polytheists (musrikun), what is necessary shall be done, and fitnah shall cease to exist. That is until the religion (din) becomes solely for Allah. And the owner of the religion (din) is Allah. The religion becomes exclusive to Allah when the decrees of Allah are implemented properly, ensuring peace. Otherwise, if the deniers (munkirs), polytheists (musrikun) and wrongdoers (zalimun) rule the world; they do not believe in Allah, and they will not accept that the religion (din) is only for Allah. Today, this lies in the basis of Islamophobia. This is the mindset of those who are against Islam. However, Islam is the religion (din) that defends the rights, freedoms, and interests of all people. Islam is the sovereignty of Allah. Wiping out fitnah means proving that the religion (din) belongs entirely to Allah. Following that, if the deniers (munkirs) and polytheists (musrikun) stop being obstinate, then it is an obligation upon Muslims to stand against zalimun (wrongdoers). That is because after the deniers (munkirs) and polytheists (musrikun), the zalimun (wrongdoers) are also enemies of the entire humanity. As for Islam, it is the happiness and prosperity of all people. Let me repeat, Islam is the order and the rulership of Allah. Now, according to a hadith-i shareef that is narrated by Bukhari Muslim, which is present in Kutub al-Sittah. Our beloved Prophet Muhammad said the following. He is grand Prophet of peace and conciliation, and advancement. He is the Prophet of Mercy, who is ahead of all ages and times. He is Prophet Muhammad (asw), leader of all worlds. He said: “I was commanded to fight until people said ‘lā ʾilāha ʾillallāh’,”. “They may protect their lives and property from me when they utter this word.” The situation here clearly states that Janâb-i Haqq has given the order of jihad (struggle) to our Prophet until Allah’s rulership is established and the laws are implemented, and that order is valid as long as there is a mindset that stands in the way of “lā ʾilāha ʾillallāh” that wish to suppress this word, and annihilate the principles of it. This is written in Torah and Bible. We are talking about the true (haqq) Torah, not false ones. We are talking about the real Torah, real Musa (Moses) who is a Prophet. We are talking about the real Isa (Jesus) who is a Prophet. They have announced that Muhammad, the Jihad Prophet has come to the world with principles that save the humanity. This is present in Torah and Bible. Jihad is exclusive. There is no imposition upon the ahlul kitab (people of the book). Our Prophet (asw) told, ‘eslim’ which means ‘become a Muslim’ to someone and he answered, ‘I find myself dislike it,’. It is said that, the verse that says, ‘lā ʾikrāha fī d-dīn’ was revealed. In English, it means ‘There is no compulsion in religion (din),’. People may become Muslims by willingly accepting Islam with pleasure. Otherwise, if you force someone to believe, his belief will not be acceptable, and same goes for ibadat as well.


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This applies to all Muslims, only the ibadat that are sincerely and willingly done are actually valid. Otherwise, they are not considered ibadat. If a child performs namāz (prayer) for his/her parents force him/her then his/her ibadat is not valid until it settles in him/her. Only after it settles in him his/her action is considered ibadat. However, the ibadat he/she has done by believing is valid. That is, when he/she does that willingly. But there is ignorance, laziness, and unwariness. True (haqq) knowledge and good advice should always be given against these. Besides, that is an obligation upon all Muslims. Now, in the 193rd verse of Surah al-Baqarah, Allah says: “Fight until fitnah ceases to exist, and the religion (din) becomes solely for Allah, and if they give up, there is no reprisal except against the wrongdoers (zalimun).” And the wrongdoers (zalimun) are always the bane of people’s lives. To stand against them is a necessity of haqq and haqiqa (truth) of Islam. Islam deals with the wrongdoers (zalimun) at the beginning. Islam establishes and supports the order that shall implement Allah’s justice upon all people. That is, the sovereignty of Allah. The servant (qul) is incumbent here; each and every Muslim is a duty holder. Each and every person is a duty holder here. We shall work for the better good of the humanity and implement the divine commands. And in order to do that we are going to have a mastery of knowledge (ilm), wisdom (irfan), and science. We shall use our intellect in the way of science, and we shall comprehend the divine revelation (wahy-i ilahi) well. The understanding of Islam brought forth by narrow-minded people harms Islam. Islam should be known, and Al-Quran Al-Karim should be discovered from a to z, and all mujtahids should unite, and the decisions should be made in the council of mujtahids. The better good of the humanity is there. There are conditions of times, and as times change, as conditions change, the brand-new rules that are required are all present in Islam. The ahlul ilm (people of science), ahlul irfan (people of wisdom), and people of science knows this, and they are able to fulfil. In Islam, if you give authority to ignorant people, you will lose Islam altogether. And on top of that humanity will be harmed. If you leave the authority to tyrants, exploiters, and those who bleed the nation dry, then the humanity will be harmed. Islam came to call to bid what is beneficial and to defy what is harmful. Islam came to establish rahmat (mercy), goodness, and happiness. In other words, Islam is the manifestation of the rahmat (mercy) of Allah. Islam is the manifestation of the mercy, knowledge, and wisdom of Allah. And the cadre who had their share of all that knowledge (ilm) and wisdom (irfan) is commissioned to manage the world. And everyone has to help them in that. The entire humanity should raise this cadre. Islam gives this duty to the entire humanity, and foremost Ummat-i Muhammad. And the audience Islam addresses is the entire humanity. Islam came as a rahmat (mercy) and hidayat (guidance) to the entire humanity. Prophet Muhammad is the Prophet of all nations; therefore, everyone is commissioned. Islam, and all Muslims should unanimously work for the manifestation of divine justice against the wrongdoers (zalimun), polytheism (shirk), disbelief (kufr), those who do not know law, freedom or liberty, those who do not recognize human rights which are inviolable, those who do not know namus, belief (iman), and inviolable rights, and those who violate the rights of people.


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This is the key for iʻlā‐i kalimatullah (to exalt the religion of Allah). Now, let us talk about Dar al-Harb and abode of kufr. Dar al-Harb, and abode of disbelief (kufr) is a place of imposition. Think of a country where a Muslim cannot live as he believes, and he cannot implement the laws of Allah the way Allah wanted. So, if there are authorities who block Muslims from implementing the laws of Allah in a country, that is the abode of disbelief (kufr) and imposition. That is because they do not give you right to live the way you believe. There are some impositions in divine matters in Turkey and elsewhere, there are obstacles in the way of Islam. Those who impose are wish to bring out reactionism. To create reactionism; creating is exclusive to Allah. Now, they work to bring out reactionism so that they may have an excuse to fight Muslims and destroy Islam. Those tyrants are trying to destroy themselves, and they do not know. You see, abode of disbelief (kufr) is where they impose upon the believers who believe in the sovereignty and laws of Allah. A person should be able to live as he believes. Only then he will not have an excuse to rebel, for he will say that he can live the way he believes. And the homeland and the nation will be saved from danger. The tyrants who enforce and impose upon people are the main enemies of the homeland, they are the dividers. Do you think you will be able to detach people from Allah, the Prophet, and Quran in a country where 99% of the population is Muslim? Lions may stay silent, but you will end up badly if they roar. You will end up badly if the flood starts. You will end up badly if belief (iman) roars. The iman (belief) in Gallipoli was this iman (belief). You will end up badly if Gallipoli rears up and roars again. You will end up badly if Badr starts all over again. You will end up badly if Istanbul starts all over again, with a rumbling noise. You will end up badly when belief (iman) rears up and remains standing. O, ahlul kufr (disbelievers)! O, ahlul zalim (wrongdoers)! Do not stand oppose Allah! Do not oppose laws of Allah, and do not impose them. You should lend a hand so that everyone may live freely. Lend a hand so that everyone may live comfortably. May there not be separatism or reactionism. It is you who provoke reactionism by factionalising people. It is you who start the fight that divide people. Give up, and let people live the way they believe. Those who know Quran shall unite so that the believers may live the way they believe. They are the ones who have a say about Quran. Denial pours from your mouth. You are spreading denial, and you do not even know a proper word from Quran, but you make judgements without hesitation. That is unacceptable. Your tyranny is your weapon, but what if the other side arms themselves as well? What will happen then? Is it not you the one who turned the world into a battlefield due to this tyranny of yours? Give up this tyranny, it is not just you who have weapons. That weapon may be in your hands today, but tomorrow it may switch hands. Besides, let us work for the better good of the humanity together. Islam is a rahmat (mercy) for the better good of everyone.


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Islam is the rahmat (mercy) of Allah, so do not impose it. Let this nation live their belief comfortably, the way Al-Quran Al-Karim and Prophet Muhammad (asw) said. Present them the truths, if you see them doing the contrary. Object to the wrongdoer with the truth. Present those who know Quran well to those who do not. And wrongs may be righted with truth, that way you may eliminate wrongs. However, do not force people to believe, for Quran rejects forcing people. Do you think they can prison the Quran to shelves? Do they think they can read it, but do not let people implement the decrees in it? If so, it means that you wish to prison belief (iman), Quran and Islam into hearts. Islam is the religion (din) of this universe, and the hearts and souls. People’s spiritual and physical lives are both Islam. And Allah has brought forth the measures of this. It is one of the branches of the religion (din) to remove something in the way of people that harm them. It is one of the branches of belief (iman) to remove that evil. That is just like performing namāz (prayer), which is a fard (religious obligation) of Islam. It is an order of Allah that people should conform their spiritual and physical lives to Islam. And people have right to live the laws of Allah. Liberty of belief and conscience is written in constitutions, right? Then why won’t you give people their constitutional right? And you use another law of the constitution to block the one that grants rights and freedoms. Is the mindset that use one article to remove the other a correct one? Are they doing the right thing? And are they forcing people or not? Let us contemplate on this together, and come to a conclusion. Peace may be ensured then. You see, abode of disbelief (kufr) is abode of tyrants, compulsion, and enforcement. There is imposition where people cannot live the rules of their religion from a to z, the way they believe. There are those who force people so that the divine order may not be established. They aim to demolish the divine order if it is established. They have various rationalisations. Some liken the religion to Iran, or Algeria, and others liken it to other countries and cultures, whereas Islam does not resemble anything. Islam does not resemble the east nor the west. Islam is the order that Allah established, and Allah has no comparables or partners. Allah has no partners, nor viziers. The order Allah established is Islam. That is unlike the eastern model or the western model. The order Allah established is the model of Allah. Islam does not have comparables or peers, and Islam is the prosperity of all people. The world knows that during the caliphate of Umar, a non-Muslim came to Madinah with his camel train and settled on an empty land and Umar personally guarded the camel train at nights so that they may not be harmed. Islam has been protecting dhimmīs (non-Muslim) nations who lived under it no matter what. The leader and example of this is Prophet Muhammad. And for fourteen centuries there has not been a similar order, for this is the manifestation of divine justice. That is why we say that if there have been tyrants who did not implement Islam correctly, this is not due to Islam but those tyrants. It is his imposition and tyranny if someone worn the robe of caliphate and failed to perform his duty correctly.


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His failure is not due to Islam. There are those who did right in the sultanate, and if there are people who did wrong, then their imposition is their tyranny. They are also guilty if they tyrannised people. That is why when you know Islam and what kind of an entity Allah is, and when you know Allah, there will not be a problem left. Islam is the manifestation of the divine grace, divine rahmat (mercy), and divine justice that embrace all people. Advocating the contrary means not knowing Islam. Besides, the truth (haqq) shall surely be manifested when you implement this correctly. Iman is not a synonym of kufr, belief is iman and disbelief is kufr. Iman does not accept the sovereignty of kufr. It does not matter if you impose, enforce, or kill. Iman does not accept the sovereignty of kufr. Iman does not accept the rulership of tyranny. Iman, tawhid iman (monotheistic belief), does not accept polytheism. If only you knew the number of gods of those who deny Allah. Those who deny Allah have so many gods, and they do not know themselves. They would not have fallen to that situation had they knew. Those who refuse Islam are bred in captivity, and they consider themselves free. They consider themselves just, they think they have social states. If only they knew, only then they would have seen their wrongs. That is not possible before knowing Islam and Allah. All verses should be discovered. It is only a sportive activity to have people perform namāz (prayer) in mosques and then send them home. The congregation (jama’ah), the imam, the mufti, sheikh, and those who call themselves murshid (teacher) shall discover the verses and words of Al-Quran Al-Karim one by one. Thus, they shall discover the ayat (verses) of Quran, and ayat (signs) of the universe. Two discoveries are requisite when it comes to the universe. There are ayat (signs) of the laws of the universe. You see, we have electricity. The phones, telegrams, and similar advancements, what are they? These are the discoveries of the laws in the universe. You may find the entirety of this in Al-Quran Al-Karim. The discovery of the universe be easier once you discover Quran. And you will get closer to understanding Quran correctly if you understand the universe. For the two allow us to interpret and discover one another. Quran discovers the universe, and the universe reads Quran. The humanity has to know the two. You cannot get anywhere with materialism. They are obsessed with matter; they lack meaning and soul. There are people who seek happiness in dead bodies. Matter without a meaning is not useful for anything other than meddling with corpses. You shall use the matter suitably and know its chemistry and physic. There is also a spiritual and heavenly aspect of the matter, which you shall comprehend as well. Now, let us see what Fakhrur Razi said. “There shall not be fitnah. Your allegiance shall not fall into decay.” That is, your subjecthood should stay intact, people are what they are. “Fitnah shall cease to exist.”


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There is no compulsion in the religion, if there is no fitnah. There are people who carry books like philosophers. They only carry the Book, they did not believe in its contents, or failed to discover the meanings within. What do their situation resemble? They carry the Quran with them, but they do not believe it. They have no knowledge regarding its contents. Allah resembled them to a donkey loaded with books in Al-Quran Al-Karim’s Surah al-Jumuʿah. You may see this when you read Surah al- al-Jumuʿah. And what did Janâb-i Haqq resemble those who adulate taghuts (false idols) and collaborate with them in order to gain an economical rent, chair or rank? Allah resembled them to a dog breathing with tongue out. These are not my analogies. These are the analogies of Almighty Allah. Let us have a look into the 23rd verse of Surah al-Jathiyah. Allah says, “Who may guide them?” for those who divinize their own fancy and desire, who refuse the order Allah established, who seek other deities other than Allah, whose eyes have been veiled by Allah, who do not see the truth (haqq)? Allah says, “Have you seen those who has taken their lust and desire as god, and Allah let them go astray knowingly, and sealed their hearts and ears, and veiled their eyes? Who may guide (hidayat) them other than Allah?” We speak the truth, announce it, for that is our duty. However, our duty here is tabligh (to bid), as for guidance (hidayat) we cannot guide, that belongs completely to Allah. Let me tell you what repentance from disbelief (kufr) is, it is to deny other deities except Allah, absolute rejection of taghuts (idols), and to deny all taghuts (idols). People should know that their belief (iman) will not be sahih (authentic) before they denied all taghuts (idols). Do they think they can say they believe in Allah and acknowledge taghuts (idols) at the same time? There is no such belief (iman) in Al-Quran Al-Karim. You have to reject and deny all taghuts (false deities) before you have known Allah’s sovereignty, law and order. And who says that? Is it Ali, Wali, Hassan, or Hussain, or some other person? No, Janâb-i Haqq says that. [2:256] “fa-man yakfur bi-ṭ-ṭāghūti wa-yuʾmin bi-llāhi fa-qadi stamsaka bi-l-ʿurwati l-wuthqā lā nfiṣāma lahā wa-llāhu samīʿun ʿalīm” Almighty Allah says that. [2:256] “Who denied taghuts (idols), and believed in Allah has held fast to a firm handle that shall not break,” says Allah. Dearest friends! Think of a Muslim under the rule of a taghut (idol) who do not know Allah or the order and laws of Allah. And he says that he has believed in Allah. Do they think they can acknowledge taghuts (idols), and say they have believed in Allah at the same time? There is no such belief (iman) in Islam. Allah says that you shall first deny the taghuts (idols) in order to be a believer (mu’min). The truth is out there, so study our modern mufassirs, and the perfect âlims of the past. You should study Al-Quran Al-Karim, and understand and discover it accurately. This truth is out there, and evident.


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[24:35] “allāhu nūru s-samāwāti wa-l-ʾarḍi”. [24:35] “Allah is the light of the heavens and the earth,”. That is, it is Allah who lights the heavens and the earth. [24:35] “yahdī llāhu li-nūrihī man yashāʾu”. [24:35] “Allah guides to Allah’s light whosoever Allah wants,”. [24:35] “Allah guides to Allah’s light whosoever Allah wants,”. One cannot do without guidance (hidayat) of Allah. Allah’s guidance, Quran, has come. Those who do not accept Quran are the deniers of guidance (hidayat). Those who accept Quran are the pious believers (muttaqi mu’mins). Al-Quran Al-Karim incorporated all values of the past in Islam. All values of the past and future, along with the signs and proofs are within Al-Quran Al-Karim. Prophet Muhammad introduced, settled, and implemented this true (haqq) order. “Belief (iman), Islam, Quran, and Prophet Muhammad (asw), are the manifestations of the Divine Light (Nur al-Ilahi), and the divine order.” Let us inscribe this on our hearts so that we may not forget.  “Belief (iman), Islam, Quran, and Prophet Muhammad (asw), are the manifestations of the Divine Light (Nur al-Ilahi), and the divine order.” You see, this is the life-giving order. You may find life there. Some say they shall live their lives. They should learn, believe, and live this life. This is the life-giving order, and you may find life in it. Can there be another life-giver other than Allah? Allah established the life-giving order. But some people do not want to live a proper life. They say they do not want to live like a Muslim, the way Allah commanded. Those people say they shall live the way their desires and self (nafs) say, and also the way the Easterners or the Westerners tell them. There is no such order. That would only cause you to bow down to your desire and nafs (self). Why was a nafs (self) was given to you? You were given a personality. You were given a soul, which has contents. Your soul has intellect, will, idea, and dhikr (remembrance). And you shall obey Allah, know Allah, and bow down to Allah with all of the contents of your soul, your heart, and your nafs (self). You shall study in the Islamic ecole (school) that Allah established. You shall chasten your nafs (self), and purify your soul from all dirt and rust. A clean heart, a heart filled with belief (iman), and with all your love and every fibre of your being you shall love Allah, for it is Allah who created us. We are servants (qul) of Allah, our beings belong to Allah. We have to confess that we cannot love Allah the way Allah deserves even if we put in all of our effort and every fibre of our being. We have to confess that we cannot do servitude the way Allah deserves. We have to confess our inability, helplessness, ignorance, and unwariness, right? Allah is so Almighty, so it is impossible for powerless humans to do servitude the way Allah deserves? Allah did a favor, and graced us. Allah manifested with rahmat (mercy), and established such an order for us, and created us. And you are to deny and not know Allah, right? Fine, if that is your decision, you will bear the consequences. Azrail (a.s.) watches you and waits for your time. Ajal (term) is the hour at which your life ends. Azrail will ram you down, and take you to Allah for accounting, and you will answer to Allah in the grave and in the Great Gathering (Mahshar). Come to your senses! Azrail has a list and is currently waiting for your time to come.


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Azrail will not care whether you are a landlord, a general, or a ruler. It does not matter even if you say you are a judge of supreme court. It does not matter whether you are the president of the court of cassation, council of state president, or a general. It does not matter whether you are a rich man of the world of lords, or a theologist. It does not matter whether you are a mujtahid, an âlim. It does not matter if you know Quran. Allah will ask you about your belief (iman) and good deeds (amel-i salih). It does not matter who you are. Allah wants belief (iman) in your heart, and you shall go to Allah with a saleem (good) heart that is filled with belief (iman). You shall go to Allah with a heart full of belief (iman), and good deeds (amel-i salih). Otherwise, you shall bear the consequences. The justice there is one that does not accept friend at court, and that justice does not have an ideology either. That is the justice of Allah. Haqq (truth) is Allah, and the haqiqa (reality) is the commands of Allah. Allah is the Being whose Qādir (Power) is absolute. Allah is the All-Capable Being, and what Allah says the truth. The ideologies that contradict what Allah says shall cause you trouble. There is no God but Allah, so which ideology you side with? You should look for ways to earn the riza (approval) of Allah, for you are a servant (qul) of Allah. So, what ideology are you talking about? There are tons of ideologies around, and they are all against one another. So, what is the truth in all these? The truth is the point where all aql-e-saleem (pure intellects) unite, which is sirat al-mustaqim (the straight path). Sirat al-mustaqim (the straight path) is in the light of monotheism (tawhid) where all aql-e-saleem (pure intellects) unite. That is the Oneness of Allah, and the order Allah established. As for zulm (wrongdoing), disbelief (kufr), polytheism (shirk), and nifaq, these are darkness. That is, the darkness of disbelief (kufr), polytheism (shirk), and nifaq). There is evil morality, doubt, misgiving, deviancy, ignorance, openly committing sins (fasiq), desire, bad manners, and ingratitude. All of the aforementioned things are darkness, and taghuti (idolatric) orders. For the light is the order established by Allah. [24:35] “nūrun ʿalā nūrin” Islam is but light and rahmat (mercy) from a to z. Islam is the mercy and grace of Allah from a to z. Islam is the light, and haqq and haqiqa (truth). And against Islam there is zulumāt (wrongdoing). As for zulumāt (wrongdoing), disbelief (kufr), polytheism (shirk), nifaq, evil morality, doubt, misgiving, deviancy, ignorance, openly committing sins (fasiq), desire, and bad manners are all considered darkness and taghuti (idolatric) orders. What is right is always with us, and we are with them but what is wrong is always out of Islam. Wrongs side with other wrongs, and the same goes for disbelief (kufr) as well. And belief (iman) always sides with belief (iman). There is qiyās al-tamsili. And there is qiyās al-istikraî. It means inductive reasoning. Qiyās al-tamsili means analogy. And qiyās al-istikraî is science of inductive analogy. Majority of the ashab (companions) said Uzair a.s.), Uzair ibn Sehriya was Hidr (a.s.). And some of them said Armiya (a.s.) was Hidr (a.s.). Some say it is Şâyâ. This figure they referred is the one who got resurrected one hundred years later. He died with food and his mount, and he was resurrected one hundred years later. Insha ‚Allah we shall continue to discover these verses and topics.


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And we shall try to speak of the life-giving hikmat (wisdom) behind them. May Janâb-i Haqq make us servants (qul) who understand the life-giving divine order well. May Allah bestow upon us and the entire humanity the eternally blissful life.


Time Stamp: 1:15:27


–          The End        –

Al-Quran Al-Kareem – Tafsir (Exegesis) Lesson 50


Bismillahirrahmanirrahim. Dearest friends! We continue our life-giving lessons, and this is our 50th lesson. Astaizu Billah. [24:35] “allāhu nūru s-samāwāti wa-l-ʾarḍi” [2:257] “allāhu waliyyu lladhīna ʾāmanū yukhrijuhum mina ẓ-ẓulumāti ʾilā n-nūri wa-lladhīna kafarū ʾawliyāʾuhumu ṭ-ṭāghūtu yukhrijūnahum mina n-nūri ʾilā ẓ-ẓulumāti ʾulāʾika ʾaṣḥābu n-nāri hum fīhā khālidūn” [2:258] “ʾa-lam tara ʾilā lladhī ḥājja ʾibrāhīma fī rabbihī ʾan ʾātāhu llāhu l-mulka ʾidh qāla ʾibrāhīmu rabbiya lladhī yuḥyī wa-yumītu qāla ʾana ʾuḥyī wa-ʾumītu qāla ʾibrāhīmu fa-ʾinna llāha yaʾtī bi-sh-shamsi mina l-mashriqi fa-ʾti bihā mina l-maghribi fa-buhita lladhī kafara wa-llāhu lā yahdī l-qawma ẓ-ẓālimīn” Dearest friends! Let us see what our Rabb (Lord) tells us in these verses. Let us see the holy meanings and life that springs from them. [2:257] “Allah (c.c.) is the Walî of the believers,” says Allah. So, what is Walî? Allah is the owner, friend and helper of the believers, Allah is the Walî. We see that Allah is the Walî of the believers. [2:257] “Allah brings them out of darkness into light.” Islam is a total illumination. Islamic belief (iman) is the light that shines through the chest; eternal light of haqiqa (truth). [2:257] “And the walî of the deniers is the taghut. They bring them out from the light into darkness. They are the people of Jahannam (Hell).” We mentioned what a taghut is in our previous lesson, it means false idols, false deities etc. So, what do taghuts do? [2:257] “They bring them out from the light into darkness.” They wish to annihilate Islam and belief (iman). They do not accept the divine sovereignty. They do not accept the divine order, and wish for all people to become faithless. You see, they wish to put out Islamic belief (iman) and bring about darkness of disbelief (kufr) in the hearts. [2:257] “They are the people of Jahannam, in which they shall remain forever.” [2:258] “Have you not seen him who disputed with Ibrahim (Abraham) about his Rabb (Lord), for Allah had given him rulership?” In this verse, Janâb-i Haqq adduces Nimrod who objected to Ibrahim (Abraham) Alaihissalam. He is one of the taghut. [2:258] “When Ibrahim said to Nimrod: ‘My Rabb (Lord) is the One Who gives life and death,’. Nimrod said: ‘I too give life and death,’. When Ibrahim (a.s.) said: ‘Allah brings (rises) the sun out from the East then go ahead and bring it out from the West,’ the man who disbelieved was thunderstruck.” He became speechless. [2:258] “And Allah does not guide the wrongdoing (zalimun) lot to the right path.” That man has declared war on Allah in his mind. That is just like a fly declaring war on the sun. My dearest friend! What happens if a fly declares war on lions, the moon, or the sun? Even if it could manage to get close to sun it would burn away. And standing against Allah and the order of Islam is a far worse scenario than flies standing against the sun. Flies may die and disappear, but people will go to Jahannam. And there is no death in Jahannam. Would this not be a pity for people? That is why Janâb-i Haqq gave various examples in Al-Quran Al-Karim. Allah put forth all kinds of haqiqa (truth). And given various examples to people so that they may derive a lesson, an advice. Allah shows the true path to the servant (qul) with Al-Quran Al-Karim. That is so that they may believe and be happy forever. Allah created the servant (qul), and for him Allah created the universe as rahmat (mercy). Then, Allah established an order with rahmat (mercy) that we call Quran and Islam, so that the servant (qul) may be happy. Allah manifested with Allah’s rahmat (mercy). And Allah sent the world a Prophet of Mercy. You see, he objected to Allah and the Prophet for Allah granted kingdom to someone. Those who opposed Ibrahim that day opposed Musa later. Then they opposed Isa, and then they opposed Muhammad. And there are still people who oppose to Allah, the Prophet, Quran, and Islam against the believing lot. Those minds shall go wherever they go. The armies of Azrail have sieged all places. They evacuate the souls whose hour of ajal (term) and hour of death comes. They sever their souls from their bodies, pulling them from the bodies. And their bodies are left to bugs. They carry the soul to Jahannam while the bugs eat the body. Is this not a pity? Do you think Azrail ceases to exist when you do not believe, and say Azrail does not exist? Do you think Allah disappears when you deny Allah? Never! By denying you only ruin yourself. Do you think the sun will disappear if you deny it, close your eyes and shout, saying it does not exist? Check yourself; if you exist, that is because you were created from nothing. Before you and this universe there was Allah. The Haqq Being; Who is wajib al-wūjūd (necessary existent), azali and abadi. Come brother, come to your senses! We are all servants (qul) of Allah, and offspring of Adam. Why do you think we narrate these with all our effort? Let us be saved together! Let us take our share from the rahmat (mercy) of Allah together. We are forever in need of Allah, and we are forever grateful. We eat and drink the blessings (nimet) of Allah. We live the life Allah gave us. Allah is an Entity to whom you should be grateful forever. Can you rebel against the Being who created you and me? You see, we love you, and all people! But why? That is because Allah created all of us. We tell you these for we love you, and we have to tell. This duty is given by Allah. We are trying to be helpful as best as we can with our powerlessness, ignorance, and unawareness. And if someone is helpful to me, then I thank him or her very much. I will pray so much for him. And if someone warns me if I am wrong, I will even kiss that person’s hand if he wanted. But why? This is because haqq and haqiqa ilm (correct knowledge) is the lost property of people. They collect it wherever they find it, and be happy. We love the truth, no matter who has it. We have to love haqq (truth). No matter with whom haqq and haqiqa (truth) resides, he is with us and we are with him. And it is an obligation upon all of us to get rid of wrongs no matter where it resides. That is why, dearest friends! Our Almighty Rabb (Lord) gives an example. A noteworthy example. [2:259] “ʾaw ka-lladhī marra ʿalā qaryatin wa-hiya khāwiyatun ʿalā ʿurūshihā wāla ʾannā yuḥyī hādhihi llāhu baʿda mawtihā fa-ʾamātahu llāhu miʾata ʿāmin thumma baʿathahū qāla kam labithta qāla labithtu yawman ʾaw baʿḍa yawmin qāla bal labithta miʾata ʿāmin fa-nẓur ʾilā ṭaʿāmika wa-sharābika lam yatasannah wa-nẓur ʾilā ḥimārika wa-li-najʿalaka āyatan li-n-nāsi wa-nẓur ʾilā l-ʿiẓāmi kayfa nunshizuhā thumma naksūhā laḥman fa-lammā tabayyana lahū qāla ʾaʿlamu ʾanna llāha ʿalā kulli shayʾin qadīr” [2:260] “wa-ʾidh qāla ʾibrāhīmu rabbi ʾarinī kayfa tuḥyi l-mawtā qāla ʾa-wa-lam tuʾmin qāla balā wa-lākin li-yaṭmaʾinna qalbī qāla fa-khudh ʾarbaʿatan mina ṭ-ṭayri fa-ṣurhunna ʾilayka thumma jʿal ʿalā kulli jabalin minhunna juzʾan thumma dʿuhunna yaʾtīnaka saʿyan wa-ʿlam ʾanna llāha ʿazīzun ḥakīm” [2:259] “Or,” says Janâb-i Haqq, “Did you not see someone like he who visited a town, that had collapsed on its roofs, deserted.” In other words, he visited a town that is in ruins, burned. It is narrated (rivayat) that this is Uzair Alaihissalam. It is also said that this is Hidr Alaihissalam. There are other narrations (rivayat) as well. [2:259] “He said, ‘How will Allah resurrect this town after it is dead,’.” In other words, he said that this is a town in ruins and how will Allah built it, and restore it. This person got a thought like that. [2:259] “After that, Allah made him death for one hundred years, and then resurrected him. Allah asked him, ‘How long have you stayed (dead)?’. He said, ‘I stayed for one day, or less than one day,’. Allah (c.c.) said, ‘No, you stayed for one hundred years. Look at your food and drink, they have not gone bad yet. And look at your donkey. And these are to make you a sign of Our qudrat (power) for people. Look at those bones, how We raise them together, and how We dress them with flesh later,’. Thus, when the truth became clear for him, he said, ‘Now, I know that Allah is al-Qadir (All-Powerful) over everything,’.” And that person raised after one hundred years. He realized that Allah Ta’ala resurrected him, and that he has been staying dead for one hundred years. Then, he went to Jerusalem, only to see a brand-new city that has been rebuilt. Thus, Janâb-i Haqq showed the worlds how Allah gave life to the dead in his person. This is yet a simple example. This universe was created from nothing. Resurrection of a single person is nothing but an atom compared to the universe. Janâb-i Haqq created greater things, and gave their examples. What Allah created from nothing so far is the document of what Allah shall create. [2:260] “And once upon a time Ibrahim (a.s.) said, ‘O, Rabb (Lord)! Show me how You give life to the dead!’. Allah (c.c.) said, ‘Is it that you did not believe?’. Ibrahim (a.s.), ‘I believed, but I want just to put my heart at ease’. Allah said, ‘Then take four birds, and tame them, and once they know your calling well, slaughter them and place a piece of them on every hill. Then call them. They shall come to you with great eagerness, and know that Allah is indeed too Mighty, and owner of Hukm and Hikmat.” Allah created all worlds out of nothing. Allah created all these creatures, gave them life. Allah instructed him to slaughter four birds and intermingle them, then place them on hills and call them to see those birds fly towards him. This is easier for Allah. Besides, nothing is hard for Allah. Allah created the ʿArsh (the Throne), the Kursī, the heavens, and galaxies. Allah created the kurra-e-arz (terrestrial globe), meadows, the living and lifeless things, the seas and what is in all of these. Allah rolled up all times into human. Allah created a human from the physical and spiritual realms. And Allah placed all worlds inside that human. Think about your organs, and the systems in your body. Think about your cells, and tissue. Think about your soul, and its contents. Then contemplate about your mind, which is given to you. You will clearly see that the qudrat (power) of Allah is al-Qadir (All-Powerful) for everything. Thus, Janâb-i Haqq introduces Himself (Allah) to us. Allah created us, and now introduced Himself (Allah) to us. Allah loved us, and created us via rahmat (mercy). Rahmat (mercy) is a result of Allah’s love. That is a result of Allah’s mercy and generosity. That is why the essence of life that overwhelms us in this rahmat (mercy) is love, for Allah created this world and decorated it with blessings (nimet), all this for Allah loved us. Allah loved us, and overwhelmed us with rahmat (mercy) for Allah loved us. The essence of life is love. Love is the eye of the heart and the essence of life. That is, Janâb-i Haqq loved us and created us. And Allah sent Prophet Muhammad, the beloved of the beloved, to the worlds as the Prophet of Mercy. After that, for Allah loved the creatures, Allah manifested to the world via the Prophet of Mercy, who is Beloved Muhammad, as a rahmat (mercy) upon the worlds. Allah manifested rahmat (mercy) and hidayat (guidance) by Al-Quran Al-Karim. Allah shined the light of Quran and Islam through the chest of Muhammad. Allah gave him a soul that encompass all souls. The universal spirit is the spirit of Islam, Quran, and Prophet Muhammad. This is the universal spirit, that embraced the entire humanity. That is why Muhammad became a rahmat (mercy) upon all worlds. That is why Muslims, and the entire humanity should know and love their Rabb (Lord). Allah loved you, and created you. Love Allah with every fibre of your being, for we belong to Allah. Beg Allah with every fibre of your being, day and night. “My Allah! Let me love you with every fibre of my being!” There is a dua (prayer) of Prophet Muhammad. You know, the beloved of Allah. He who loved Allah, al-Insān al-Kāmil (the complete person). You know, the imam (leader) of all prophets, he said: “Allahummecalnî uhubbike bi kalbî kullih.” “My Allah! Let me be a servant (qul) of Yours who love You wholeheartedly,” he said. Allah loved him, and he loved Allah. And what did he say? He said, “Allahummecalnî uhubbike bi kalbî küllih ve urdî bi cehdî küllih,”. “Let me be a servant (qul) of Yours who works with all his effort and work to earn Your riza (approval).” I am pleased with everything, all of your commands, the order You established, the qadar (fate) You have written, and all your taqdeer (divine decree), and hukm. He begs to Allah, asking Allah to succeed him in his wish. So, what is our duty? After all, even the Beloved of Allah begs? We too shall beg. Let us want from the door of rahmat (mercy) of Allah. Let us turn towards Allah, and the door of rahmat (mercy) of Allah with every fibre of our being, and ask from Allah. Allah is generous, likes to give. And the rahmat (mercy) of Allah increases as Allah gives. Allah may give you millions, and create trillions or quadrillion while doing so. There is no end to the rahmat (mercy) of Allah. That is why Allah commands us generosity, and says: Bismillahir rahmanir rahim. [2:261] “mathalu lladhīna yunfiqūna ʾamwālahum fī sabīli llāhi ka-mathali ḥabbatin ʾanbatat sabʿa sanābila fī kulli sunbulatin miʾatu ḥabbatin wa-llāhu yuḍāʿifu li-man yashāʾu wa-llāhu wāsiʿun ʿalīm” So, what does Janâb-i Haqq say here? [2:261] “The case of those who spend their goods in the way of Allah, is just like a grain that produced seven ears, each ear having a hundred grains. And Allah multiples more for whom Allah wills. The rahmat (mercy) of Allah is vast. Allah knows everything.” [2:262] “alladhīna yunfiqūna ʾamwālahum fī sabīli llāhi thumma lā yutbiʿūna mā ʾanfaqū mannan wa-lā ʾadhan lahum ʾajruhum ʿinda rabbihim wa-lā khawfun ʿalayhim wa-lā hum yaḥzanūn” Those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah, and find it unsuitable to boast about the favour, or break hearts, they have a reward with their Rabb (Lord). There is no fear for them, and they shall not grieve. [2:263] “qawlun maʿrūfun wa-maghfiratun khayrun min ṣadaqatin yatbaʿuhā ʾadhan wa-llāhu ghaniyyun ḥalīm” [2:263] “A kind word and forgiving faults is better than a sadaqa (charity) after which harm and heartbreak comes. Allah is not in need of anything, ever. Allah is al-Halīm, The Oft Forbearing.” [2:264] “yā-ʾayyuhā lladhīna ʾāmanū lā tubṭilū ṣadaqātikum bi-l-manni wa-l-ʾadhā ka-lladhī yunfiqu mālahū riʾāʾa n-nāsi wa-lā yuʾminu bi-llāhi wa-l-yawmi l-ʾākhiri fa-mathaluhū ka-mathali ṣafwānin ʿalayhi turābun fa-ʾaṣābahū wābilun fa-tarakahū ṣaldan lā yaqdirūna ʿalā shayʾin mimmā kasabū wa-llāhu lā yahdī l-qawma l-kāfirīn” [2:264] “O, believers! Do not nullify your sadaqa (charity) by reproach and breaking people’s hearts – like the man who donates his wealth only to show off to people, and he believes neither in Allah nor in the Last Day. Hence his situation resembles that of a rock, on which there was some soil, and a heavy rain landed on it, leaving it a smooth and bare stone.” Leaving it completely naked, everything on it was gone. [2:264] “Such people cannot produce anything out of what they have earned. Allah does not guide the community of kāfirs (disbelievers) to the right path.” [2:265] “wa-mathalu lladhīna yunfiqūna ʾamwālahumu btighāʾa marḍāti llāhi wa-tathbītan min ʾanfusihim ka-mathali jannatin bi-rabwatin ʾaṣābahā wābilun fa-ʾātat ʾukulahā ḍiʿfayni fa-ʾin lam yuṣibhā wābilun fa-ṭallun wa-llāhu bi-mā taʿmalūna baṣīr” As for the situation of those who spend their wealth in the way of Allah to make themselves or a part of themselves firm in the way of Allah, it is like a beautiful garden on a hill, a heavy rain falls on it, and gave it twofold of its crop. Even if no rain falls on such a garden, there is surely a drizzle. Allah sees that which you do. [2:266] “ʾa-yawaddu ʾaḥadukum ʾan takūna lahū jannatun min nakhīlin wa-ʾaʿnābin tajrī min taḥtihā l-ʾanhāru lahū fīhā min kulli th-thamarāti wa-ʾaṣābahu l-kibaru wa-lahū dhurriyyatun ḍuʿafāʾu fa-ʾaṣābahā ʾiʿṣārun fīhi nārun fa-ḥtaraqat ka-dhālika yubayyinu llāhu lakumu l-ʾāyāti laʿallakum tatafakkarūn”. Would any one of you want to have a garden of date palms and grapes, under which rivers flow, in which there are all types of produce…


–          The End        –


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